Connect The Dots?

Polar bears eating their young, blame Glowball Worming!

BBC Caught Faking Polar Bear Climate Change Photos

Kind of makes me wonder.

Meanwhile, ClimateGate II continues, but I’m so sick of that nonsense I’m not even going to link to it. Ok, I’ll only link it generically, but the whole thing is a crap sandwich with more layers than you can stomach. Canada pulling out of Kyoto, Climate Change blamed for the continued desertification of the Sahel, instead of the goat based economy and the slash ‘n burn practices of the natives AND in direct opposition to the pile of reports over the past 20 years saying the area is getting greener, more data fakery from teh rubber thermometer squad, etc. The only real news from that whole darn genre is the two guys who quit their jobs as hurricane predictors because they realized they had been dead wrong every year for ages, and that the much vaunted models simply don’t work.

I’m sure that Climate Chaos™ will soon be blamed for lions, fish, scorpions, barn cats, sea birds, insects, and all other species who eat their young and always have too. Desperate idiots. Take their keyboards away, they’re a danger to the rest of us.

On the other hand, there may actually be some good news hiding in there somewhere regarding the cannibalism bit, and I think Global Werming should take the blame.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/14/2011 at 03:11 PM   
  1. The only thing these lying liars don’t FAKE is their rabid desire to destroy the US Constitution and FREEDOM!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/15/2011  at  02:53 PM  
  2. Things are getting worse.  The DOJ is cooperating with the UK police to serve search and seizure warrants on bloggers who are exposing the IPCC scandal.

    Tallbloke towers raided: many computers taken

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   12/15/2011  at  03:55 PM  
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