Someone wrote a letter to the editor of a magazine I read today, just bugged the hell oughta me. I let these things bother me.  It isn’t the criticism. When it’s fair. But I’m bothered by the mindless stupidity.

Under the heading of “America, here I come!” was the following.

“I’m not a fan of the American way of life, and its brutal sink – or – swim attitude to success.”

The idiot never tells us what personal experience he has had with our way of life, or what exactly is it he knows. Has he ever lived for any length of time in America?  Probably not. And as for sink or swim, what else is there should you find yourself in the drink?  And if you’ve a goal of any sort, isn’t success the goal? 

He goes on to say, and I don’t think he’s serious or I hope he isn’t serious, that he is

“seriously contemplating moving to the US because it (US) gets everything first.”

Gee, isn’t it nice to know our way of life has something this jerk approves.

He is referring to things tech. He says he “loves gadgets and the web” but apparently the problem is, many hi tech gadgets and toys for which he has a passion, are harder to get due to the fact that they seem to appear first in the USA and it then take a year and sometimes two years, for the newest must haves to appear on this side of the Atlantic.  And that bothers him no end. 
He asks for example, when the new Kindle Fire will arrive here?  He wants it NOW!

“Not in two years, when the Americans have mastered it.”

He wants the UK to be more technology innovative,

“so we don’t have to watch enviously as some cocky New Yorker gets to grips with a new product ages before we do.”

It’s signed, Pete Murphy.

Well you stupid fuck wad, first of all you learn to swim a hell of a lot harder and a lot faster then your competition.  But of course that’d be cruel and brutal by the lights of your home grown brake on success in the form of some unions.  Or maybe it’s simply your own personal work ethic.
And Please … whatever you do Mr. Murphy …. stay the hell away from our country.
Enjoy what you have now and what you’ll get even if it is late, with the compliments of ;



Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/15/2011 at 09:31 AM   
  1. If he really feels that first access to tech toys is his main reason for living in any given country, he should move to Japan. They get the red hot motorcycles too, the wild ones that don’t get imported to the USA.

    Too bad that he’d probably never get hired there, have to deal with some major cultural prejudices against him, and that the high cost of everything would bankrupt him in a couple of months. Plus the language barrier. Not to mention the hurdles they throw up to discourage immigration.

    But their cell phones are usually way ahead of ours. Because that’s all that matters in life.

    What a dope.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/15/2011  at  03:46 PM  
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