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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and he mentioned that Hillsdale College is running their second annual Intro to the Constitution web course:

On September 15, in observance and celebration of Constitution Day, Hillsdale College will hold our second annual Constitution Day Celebration, this year featuring Congressman Paul Ryan, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, members of the Hillsdale College faculty, and other distinguished guests.  Once you register for this event – it’s free – you’ll be able to watch all of these speeches and panels live from your home or office. Even if you are unable to watch on the day of the event, we will make all of the videos available to view in the weeks following.

Then, for the next five weeks after our Constitution Day Celebration, we invite you back to this site for a special lecture series we are calling the “Introduction to the Constitution.” Included in what we will discuss is:

What the framers of the Constitution understood about the document they were writing, especially its fundamental principles true of human beings at all times and in all places;
Why the fundamental features of the American Constitution are representation and separation of powers;
Why the key to a republican form of government is the vibrancy, size and independence of this private society.

This program will serve as the basis for future educational programs on Constitution and related topics, including a more complete Online Constitution Class, of which this series will serve as a basis. We will be asking for your participation and feedback along the way to help us improve our efforts.

If you have not already, please take a few minutes to register for this program, the Constitution Day Celebration and the “Introduction to the Constitution” series. And please share this information with others – your friends, family, and colleagues who, like you, understand the vital need for restoring an understanding and love of the Constitution in our great nation.

We look forward to your partnership in this important work.

Best regards,

Dr. Larry Arnn
President, Hillsdale College

If you are interested, visit Rush For Hillsdale to sign up.

It’s free (yes, you will be asked for a donation), but I’d hurry. I signed up as soon as Rush mentioned it. While testing the link, I’ve found that the Hillsdale servers are overwhelmed.

Posted by Christopher    United States   on 09/07/2011 at 06:56 PM   
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