Gonna get me some

Huh? The rest of the planet goes to the beach. In NJ, you go down the shore. Where you have to buy a beach pass to get onto the sand. Only place on earth that does that AFAIK. 

NJ Wildlife Team Captures Big Black Bear In Suburbia
This is the 7th time this bear has been tranquilized and removed in 18 months

The New Jersey joke is that the bear has been doped so many times he’s developed a drug habit

Bear in search of romance shot out of tree with tranquilliser for SIXTH time as he wanders into yet another town

The lengths that some will go to for love.

A bear, known as number 6131, was finally captured by wildlife officials after leading them across an entire state in his search for a mate.

The team finally caught up with the male, black bear up a tree in a front garden in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He was brought down with a tranquilliser dart and fell into a net held by Department of Environmental Protection staff.

He has already been found in six towns in the past year and each time released back into a state wildlife park.

Kim Tinnes, a wildlife expert who helped capture the bear, said: ‘Probably in the course of a week he’s travelling over 100 miles.

‘I’ve got 30 years with the state and I don’t think we’ve ever trapped the same bear so many times in so many urban situations.’

Like, wow man. Stoner bear contemplates nirvana as the dope takes effect again

h/t to Peiper, because the story is running in the UK Daily Mail !

Ok, it’s in the NJ papers too. On about page 300.

EAST BRUNSWICK — It’s a bear developing a monthly habit. Two months ago it was in Hightstown, Mercer County, and last month near Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township.

Today, the same bear was tranquilized and captured on Tompkins Road in East Brunswick, the sixth time in less than 18 months wildlife officials have been called out for the animal.

What’s the Jersey solution?

“Take him for a ride.”

What, like to the Meadowlands, and dump his body like the mafia does?

“No! Eh, whaddaru, stupit? Wassamadda witchu? Take him down the shore!

The last time he was captured, the bear was taken to a wildlife area in Upper Freehold. This time, he’ll go farther away.

“We’re going to try to find a different location for him, so he won’t come back,” Burgess said.

Officials decided that this time, the bear will go to a wildlife management area in New Egypt, which is in Ocean County.

Actually, New Egypt is where Fort Dix and McGuire AFB are, down in the Pine Barrens, so let the military deal with now if they have to. But the ocean is within a day’s walk for this fellow if he wants.

I think they should take him up north to Butler, which is just swimming with bears. Then maybe he can find himself a lady bear. My bet is that he’ll be back up there in a couple weeks anyway. This bear is a regular New Jersey commuter. Maybe they should have hooked him up with E-ZPass instead of a tracking collar.

Oh, and East Brunswick is where Rutgers University is. It’s not even close to rural. It’s about as built up as non-urban NJ gets.

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