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It’s been a very stressful 2 days for us here. Had to get the MIL down to Sloan Kettering in New York City for cancer testing. Getting the logistics squared away was a real hassle, but we managed, although Easter celebration got tossed aside this year. I had to sleep in her mostly finished attic Sunday night, somehow both sweating and freezing at the same time all night long. Almost no sleep. Up before dawn to get out the door, cram 5 people into the car, including both worried daughters, and get onto the highway. All I can say is Thank God for Easter Monday, a “holiday” I didn’t even know existed, but which kept half a million or so cars from commuting in this morning. So the drive wasn’t too bad at all. Made mid-town on time. $50 to park for 7 hours. Horry clap. Sat in 5 different waiting rooms drinking hospital coffee all day, going from doctor to doctor. Got her in front of a bunch of top doctors, got some proper tests run, have to go to another one of their centers next Thursday for more of this. Maybe SIL can take that trip, and we’ll take the one after that.

The good news is that this is pretty much the best cancer diagnostic center on earth, so if she has it, they’ll find it and devise a plan. And if they tell her she’s clean, then she’s clean and can stop worrying. And then they’ll send her to one of their other diagnostic centers to find out what’s actually wrong with her. And perhaps she’ll listen this time, because these doctors can’t really be gainsaid, unlike others we’ve dealt with. We’ve been on the hospital and testing merry-go-round for several months with her, and have been through a whole lot of stupid crap and poor medical opinions. Deal with the best, and forget the rest.

I am very tired, but this had to be done. This is just another chunk of ice off the old iceberg; caring for senior parents can get pretty demanding, and I know that many have it much worse than we do.

And next I’ll be fixing her damn shower, which is 3/4 dead, tends to scald the unwary, and doesn’t drain hardly at all. I spent the day sticky and slightly whiff because the shower was so bad I couldn’t even get a good rinse in. Or maybe I needed to shower for more than the 3 minutes I got this morning. And her water smells like satanic dog farts. WTH?? Sulfur + roadkill. Eww! That’s another thing we’ll have to look into for her. Maybe a filter or softener might be needed, maybe the water company can come and do something. At the very least she needs one of those hand held shower wand things put in. One with an On/Off valve right on the wand. Probably a new shower head, but I’ll try and keep the diverter valve assembly. Hoo boy, another project at her house. Just what I wanted.

Time for a scotch, a shower, and some sleep.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 04/25/2011 at 11:50 PM   
  1. Horry Clap indeed. And $50 for parking? What? They aren’t making enough already?

    And that’s quite a story.  Wish you all well. By the sound of it, looks like you’ve been put through the mill as saying goes.  Lucky though that ur in your own country, and at least close to Sloan. Yeah, I imagine traffic there on a normal day would be living hell, as it is in the LA area. And sometimes I used to bitch about piddly traffic in the desert. Talk about the need for a reality check.

    Take some time off Drew, if possible. Things covered here. I need you in perfect health to be in shape to answer dumb tech questions, the answers of which I’ll barely understand at first and second readings anyway. lol.


    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   04/26/2011  at  09:03 AM  
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