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Here’s a link to a great little web page about spiral staircases around the world. Awesome pictures.

Need more? Another page has more modern designs, including stairs you can go up in a wheelchair, and a staircase with a slide on the side for the kids. Which is the most totally awesome idea ever!!!

Still looking to step up? 18 more here. I think the suspension stairs at “Godzilla House” are gorgeous, and the triangular ones at that house in New Zealand are nearly as impressive. Triangular tubing should make for a very sturdy stair, but I’d recommend end caps for them unless you want the birds and the bees nesting inside.

This is a post for Peiper, who had his own fun little adventure with spiral stairs, just to let him know that the video came out fine and that I’ve IDed the building.


Grove Place in Nursling, UK. Naughty Pieper sneaks up the forbidden tower stairs. Film at 11.


Lunch is served in the dining hall restaurant.

Sucks to have a castle, don’t it?

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/26/2011 at 03:30 PM   
  1. Nice place, but I like the Oakley Court in Berkshire.. It’s where many Hammer films (and the Rocky Horror Picture Show) were filmed. It’s a hotel now!
    I’m a fan of Gothic Horror (and a fan of RHPS), so it’s where I would go!

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   01/27/2011  at  01:37 AM  
  2. Hi Doc ...

    Nursling was built as a manor house starting in late 1500s and completed in 1600s.

    The bldg Drew posted is now the admin. bldg for a retirement complex on the grounds.
    Nice area still somewhat country. I took a climb up the stairs in one of those towers but couldn’t get to the top due to obstruction I think. I wasn’t supposed to go there but did anyway and the stairs were original cept of course for some repairs.

    The inside wouldn’t scare anyone but the restoration was very well done and original things from 15 and 1600s still well in place. The flooring in billiard room is original as are the small doors and paneling.

    The one scary thought as I went down the longish corridor to the billiard room was, gee.
    Imagine if for whatever reason you had to walk through there in those years with a candle for light, and there was a storm outside and hard rain pelting the windows and the shadow cast by the candle. And it would not have been a warm walk either.
    In the movies we often see a gazillion candles lighting up rooms or a few in a hallway.
    But the things candles were made of was very expensive even for the wealthy. And then there was always the threat of fire. So that corridor wouldn’t have been blazing with light on a dark winter night.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/27/2011  at  02:46 PM  
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