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Cos that will help you get a grip while reading this nonsense.
Here I thought I was gonna get to my first coffee this morning, but when I saw the headline, I headed for the computer instead of the kitchen.


Myleene Klass warned by police after scaring off intruders with knife

Myleene Klass, the broadcaster and model, brandished a knife at youths who broke into her garden – but has been warned by police that she may have acted illegally.

By Roya Nikkhah

Miss Klass, a model for Marks & Spencer and a former singer with the pop group Hear’Say, was in her kitchen in the early hours of Friday when she saw two teenagers behaving suspiciously in her garden.

The youths approached the kitchen window, before attempting to break into her garden shed, prompting Miss Klass to wave a kitchen knife to scare them away.

Miss Klass, 31, who was alone in her house in Potters Bar, Herts, with her two-year-old daughter, Ava, called the police. When they arrived at her house they informed her that she should not have used a knife to scare off the youths because carrying an “offensive weapon” – even in her own home – was illegal.


Jonathan Shalit, Miss Klass’s agent, said that had been “shaken and utterly terrified” by the incident and was stepping up security at the house she shares with her fiancé, Graham Quinn, who was away on business at the time.

He said: “Myleene was aghast when she was told that the law did not allow her to defend herself in her own home. All she did was scream loudly and wave the knife to try and frighten them off.

“She is not looking to be a vigilante, and has the utmost respect for the law, but when the police explained to her that even if you’re at home alone and you have an intruder, you are not allowed to protect yourself, she was bemused.

“Her questions going forward are: what are my rights, and what are you actually allowed to do to defend yourself in your own house?”

The Sunday Telegraph’s Right to Defend Yourself campaign is seeking a change in the law to provide greater rights and immunity from prosecution for householders in dealing with intruders.

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, said: “This incident just shows why things are still very confused on this issue and why we need a change in the law.”

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police said: “We got a call at 12.45am on Saturday to reports of the owner of the property hearing noises outside their address.

“Officers were in attendance and checked the property.

“There was no one around although they could see footprints in the snow. No property had been taken and there were no intruders. It was treated as a trespass incident.

“Words of advice were given in relation to ensuring suspicious behaviour is reported immediately.”


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 01/10/2010 at 09:38 AM   
  1. Peiper, get the deuce out of the UK now! Go somewhere where you can defend yourself.

    Posted by BlueStateSaint    United States   01/10/2010  at  11:37 AM  
  2. Time to change the laws, Brits.... it really IS as simple as that.
    If you don’t stand up for yourselves, you’ve already lost to the hoard.

    Posted by TimO    United States   01/10/2010  at  01:51 PM  
  3. Can’t shoot here catman. NO GUNS!

    Blue Saint:  We’re trying,gonna be awhile yet. Tied to house now ... too long a story but things get worse then this. By which I mean, I’m working on my next very bizarre post.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/10/2010  at  02:31 PM  
  4. Lyndon might know as he’s very current on laws of his country. Chris Edwards also I think.
    At a guess, and it’s only that, I get the feeling it’s equal. They do make a big deal out of having guns.  Apparently only the gremlins have them but it isn’t expected of the ‘law abiding.’ sarcasm there but couldn’t help it. This place is absolutely - positively


    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/10/2010  at  03:50 PM  
  5. Some carry now I think. Was a time and it seems like ancient history these days, when even the bad guys normally didn’t carry because the laws and the punishment was severe and swift.
    But not anymore. Now, the gremlins have “rights.” Of all kinds.

    Cops really had no need in those days of a more homogeneous society, a smaller population and especially no where near the immigrant problem they have now. They have also imported a newer kind of criminal and drugs are a much bigger problem then it was in old days. Not to say it wasn’t ever a problem.  But it seems like things now are even harder to control.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   01/10/2010  at  07:38 PM  
  6. Gun control in the UK is complex issue. Part of this is because since 1945 most governments have been social democrat or socialist. These people favour strict gun controls. However it was probably 1968 when laws were significantly tightened.

    The bottom line is provided you are not a lunatic or criminal you can own a shotgun. You can own a high powered rifle provided you have somewhere to shoot it. You can own a long barreled pistol with the same proviso since this is classed as a rifle. You can’t however own a pistol/revolver with a normal length barrel and you can’t use them for self defence. In theory. However I know personally of two cases where people have used firearms to defend themselves. You don’t hear these stories in the press because they don’t fit the “police/crown prosecution service are stupid” agenda and it doesn’t fit the “guns are evil” agenda followed by liberals like the BBC.

    If you have a shotgun without a license like Tony Martin
    and you lay in wait to shoot some thieving gypsy bastards, aka pikeys you will probably end up in jail. However if you are legally entitled to posses the gun and use it to defend yourself you probably wont. As it happens the Conservatives should they be elected plan to overhaul the law to allow people to defend themselves.

    Posted by LyndonB    Canada   01/11/2010  at  03:57 AM  
  7. Ah, you are seeing this wrong - now that knives are illegal for defense - they will go to the next ‘weapon’ of choice. THE STATE must defend itself - education and self-defense are the two keys to a strong, independent population.

    While here in America too many think that the education has been won - they are wrong - too many people still use the religious schools and homeschooling is on the rise - and there are still a number of school districts (particularly out of the city hands) that are productive and not kow-towing to the stupid agenda and turning out solid citizens. But it is the people’s job to keep it so.

    And as for defense - it is also the people’s job to fight back again and again to keep that right. What people are not presenting well to the politicos is that gun bans/laws restrict the rights of law abiding citizens and do nothing toward the criminals (check your local arrests - when was the last time you saw a robber, murderer, etc chargedwith unlawful possession of a gun?!? - Oh yeah - an idiot was - Plexico Burris!!!) And therein lies the problem - We The People are threatened and taken to court simply for defending ourselves and the criminals get a pass (most of them right into Congressional seats!?!)

    It would be funny, if it weren’t heralding the end of Western civilization.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/11/2010  at  11:59 AM  
  8. And here I was going to post that it should be easy to storm parliament with box cutters and demand they fly into the thames river on this cold day in january. Oh well,another neocon plot shot to hell.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/11/2010  at  07:26 PM  
  9. And THAT is why I will never return to the UK. As beautiful as where I was stationed in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire was, as close to taking a job with both Constabularies would have paid, the bloody politik was already going bad when I retired and left.

    At that, I wonder if I should have gone elsewhere when I came back stateside in 94.

    Posted by cmblake6    United States   01/11/2010  at  11:33 PM  
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