Bloody Druids

a Quantum Mess at Solstice

Earth loving pagans sacrifice Environmental Responsibility at Stonehenge. It figures.

Stonehenge left littered with rubbish after 36,500 revellers descend on ancient site for summer solstice

Stonehenge was littered with rubbish this morning after record numbers of people descended on the site for the summer solstice.

Around 36,500 people enjoyed the carnival atmosphere at the ancient stone circle on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire - but pagan worshippers were left disappointed after fellow revellers left the site strewn with rubbish.

Druid Jim Saunders, 33, from Reading, is a member of the Aes Dana Grove order.

‘It is nice to see a lot of people here because there is no better place to learn about our culture and history.

‘But it is upsetting to see so much litter, and some people can be disrespectful.’


Earth Firsters treated Mother Gaea like a garbage bag


Is Solstice a great way to jump start a modeling career, or what?

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 06/22/2009 at 11:58 AM   
  1. Pretty much looks like downtown Louisville KY after the “Thunder over Louisville” huge fireworks show in April.  Seriously, they budget for a big crew to clean up after that because it looks worse than the pictures here.

    Large gatherings mean large trash left behind.

    However, it would have been nice if the “earth-friendly” types weren’t such damned hypocrites.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   06/22/2009  at  07:46 PM  
  2. Not only hypocrites but historically very stupid.

    Hardly anything really solid is actually known about Druids.  The gatherings at Stonehenge didn’t really get started until 1912 or thereabouts. AND ... in the days of Stonehenge, THERE WERE NO DRUIDS! Not a one!

    But ppl with little or no personal life and the lost and lonely suddenly gather and make up out of whole cloth, rituals and chants and prayers etc.  It is ALL of it, so freekin phony.

    The litter I see here is an outrage. Of course the greens will call for further restrictions on plastic grocery bags.

    I’m glad I saw this place before the idiots took over. Wife and I were brought here some 25 or more years ago on a chilly overcast day and there were hardly any other ppl there at the time.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   06/23/2009  at  04:21 AM  
  3. Peiper you mean sort of like Kwanzaa and being forced to wear a hajib? Both are from the 1970s - not ancient, sacred traditions/cultural rituals.

    But todays yoots are too damn stupid to know the difference. Or care. And as you said - so freekin phony.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/23/2009  at  05:20 AM  
  4. When I visited Stonehenge it was bordered with steel cable and no one could get closer than about 10 yards.  I wanted to touch it but couldn’t.  So why are these hypocrite phonies with their jive ass pseudo religion allowed to defile it like that?  I smell bullshit.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   06/24/2009  at  07:29 AM  
  5. jive assed pseudo religion is exactly right. These airheads make it up as they go along and to make things even worse, a few gain some sort of recognition as “leaders” and are accorded the trappings of legitimacy.  It enough to make one very sick, seeing the stupidity rewarded as it is.
    And Wardmom ... worse yet with regard to yoots are their elders who really should know better.  There’s a goodly number of older and middle aged wankers who go right along with this nonsense.

    I don’t have problems with folks doing a pageant and dressing up for fun or just making believe for some event.  But these gas bags want us to take this crap seriously.
    Never mind that history doesn’t back them up in any way.  In fact, someone over here has written a book setting the facts straight re. historical data. Won’t matter to the folks here at Stonhenge of course as many prolly can’t read anyway.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   06/24/2009  at  10:09 AM  
  6. I was reminded of Dan’s Bake Sale.

    Some 65,000-70,000 conservatives attended Dan’s Bake Sale back then. I’m told by my sister, who still lives there, that at no time have so many left such a small footprint. Apparently conservatives don’t rely on somebody picking up after them. Not much litter for the government-peons to pick up.

    So here we have an image of liberal druids trashing the environment, expecting someone to pick up after them. I’m offended. This is Stonehenge, arguably the oldest, and largest, Neolithic site in the world.

    And they just trash it.

    Anybody on BMEWS wanna bet that these ‘druids’ are also global-warming alarmists? They expect ‘someone else’ to do something about it?

    Posted by Christopher    United States   06/25/2009  at  12:58 PM  
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