Now I’ll snag a link or two as well

I found these links while reading today’s favorite blogger Snoop.

The first post over at InstaPunk is called The Old Guys Perspective where he gives the GRD a good kick in the pants and utters the oh-so-forbidden truth we all dance around with our eyes tightly closed.

But the color-blind society has not been achieved. What’s more, we are constantly told—lectured, hectored, propagandized—that this state of affairs is our fault. We tend to accept the charge because the truth is we don’t spend all our time thinking about race, and so we defer to those who think about nothing else because, well, we almost never get up in the morning thinking about how privileged we are to be white, which we’ve come to accept as yet another of our endless insensitivities about race.

The second post there, OldPunk Responds To Individual Commenters is a follow-on to the first, and deals with some of the reaction he’s received. Well, duh, you figured that out from the title I hope.

To all the commenters who looked in, saw the N-Word, and waved their wands in a superior way: BOO! If you’re black and never heard a white person mention this word, you’ve never had an honest philosophical conversation with a white person who wasn’t a race whore. And if you’re white and never heard this word used by anyone, you’ve never ventured far enough outside your social clique to recognize that at the university you attend(ed), all the black people are being systematically taught that you are irrevocable racists even as they are being induced to segregate themselves and fail at every real world test of success. Breaking through the propaganda to a non-politically correct discussion would be your only chance of having a real relationship with a person of color. But this you will never have.

And don’t miss his link to The Way of Harry, a sermon of a sort in 32 short chapters, that will give you pause. Because it might be utterly true. Or it might be the most racist thing you’ve ever read. Or both. Or neither. Just read it.

Damn, I wish I could write this well.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 03/31/2008 at 04:03 PM   
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