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kill and torture for the fun and a 7th century religion of peace. isis atrocities

I have no doubt it may be bad guys vs other bad guys.  However .... something tells me that one of em is far worse and even more dangerous on an international level.  Might I have that right?  For certain though, Isis appears a cut above the usual murderous jihadist sadists.
Heard a radio report on this group as well as the stuff in papers.  What I thought originally were a bunch of rag tag kill for fun, run of the mill muzzies , are anything but.  Seems they have good organization and lots of money and are battle hardened bastards.
They seem to view their atrocities as sport. 
So now, and about time, Washington has sent in the bombs and is doing something about it. The question now of course is, will we leave the job half done?
I heard an American general tonight say we had to kill them, they don’t understand anything else.  And the reports we get daily about their murderous treatment of Christians, who are fleeing in the thousands, is eclipsed only by their treatment of their own fellow muslims.  In short ,,, the word for all is ... join us and convert to islam, or die. 

Lined up and executed, their severed heads put on display as a warning to others: Horrific new photographs of ISIS atrocities

Sunni tribesmen marched into desert, made to kneel and shot in the head
Tribe made deal with Islamic State to be left alone but agreement collapsed
Shocking close-up photos of splattered brains and severed heads also released

By Tom Wyke

The latest victims of the Islamic State campaign of terror in Syria and Iraq have been revealed in a shocking new set of photos published online by the jihadist group’s media arm.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Sunni tribesmen were from Shaitat, near Deir ez Zor, which has long been considered a key strategic target for the Islamic State owing to the eastern province’s considerable oil revenue.

Rounded up and marched into the desert, they are made to kneel on the dusty grouind before being systematically shot in the head.

Others aren’t so lucky. One image shows a jihadist fighter gleefully carving off a prisoner’s head as the victim screams in agony.


The consequences for betraying the Islamic State is clear, even for Sunni Muslims, who are accused of ‘banditry and treachery’ and described as ‘corrupt hyenas’ by the militant group.

‘The punishment of those who fight Allah and his Messenger and spread mischief on earth is to kill or crucify or cut off their hands and feet,’ the group declared.

The tribe had previously made a deal with the Islamic State to remain neutral but the agreement collapsed after the locals became disillusioned by the Islamic State’s interference.

Fighting broke out in the province when the Sunni Shaitat tribe rose up in defiance against the Islamic State, burning down their headquarters and forcing the fighters to withdraw from the villages of Abu Hamam, Kashkiyeh and Ghranj.

A swift and powerful counter attack was launched by the Islamic State and a large number of rebellious tribesmen were taken prisoner.

Fighting for the Islamic State, the British jihadist, Reyaad Khan, known by the nom de guerre Abu Dujana, wrote on Twitter: ‘lol those cow-hugging tribesmen forget who dawlah are… The moustache men in Deir [ez Zour] need to realise that we are not afraid to slaughter all of Deir to its ground and turn it red if required…’

The 20-year-old, previously schooled in Cardiff, predicted that the Islamic State would not allow the Shaitat tribe to escape unpunished and that the prisoners were to expect torture and death.


Photos were released yesterday showing prisoners being forced to march through the desert by masked Islamic State fighters.

Bent double and bare footed, their hands are bound behind their backs with rope.

Some of them can be seen holding the t-shirt of the prisoner in front of them with their teeth to keep up with the line.

Their tormentors push and force the prisoners to bow their heads.

None of the prisoners appear to be wearing any form of military insignia. They are all wearing civilian clothes, including one man wearing a faded Inter Milan shirt.

They are then lined up and ordered to kneel down on the dusty ground.

Around 20 Islamic State fighters stand behind the line of men and the squad of jihadists begin to gun down the line of prisoners.

Thick brown dust billows up as the bullets of their AK-47s strike the prisoners.

more to read and video at source

President carries out his threat to use force to save thousands of non-Muslims trapped by fanatics

a lot more, see maps


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calendar   Sunday - August 03, 2014

gratitude, muzzie style

H/T to Joyce, my friend and former neighbor in the desert.

I frankly did not believe this when it arrived in my inbox.  Sure, I’m always ready to believe the worst of those vermin, but I just thought there was something wrong here and so researched it and found it is TRUE. 

By Dr. Arieh Eldad an M.D. at Hadassah Hospital in Israel

A true story of gratitude!


I was instrumental in establishing the “Israeli National Skin Bank”, which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for every day needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations.

This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital in Jerusalem where I was the Chairman of plastic surgery.

This is how I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza, who was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, after her family burned her.  Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair.

We supplied all the needed Homografts for her treatment.  She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg and discharged to return to Gaza.

She was invited for regular follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic in Beersheva.

One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt.  She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life.  It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her.

This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel.  It is not a territorial conflict.  This is a civilization conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism.

Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not.

I have never written before asking everyone to please forward onwards so that as many as possible can understand radical Islam and what awaits the world if it is not stopped.

Dr Arieh Eldad

A valuable lesson that should not have taken so long to learn.
DO NOT post things no matter the source, if ill and feeling like s***.

There is no excuse for stupid however … and my thanks to Vilmar for emailing me and pointing out the errors in this post. And my apologies to BMEWS readers.

I said I researched this and I did but, the truth is, I only half did so as I was struggling against some discomfort and in a hurry to get off the puter and into bed.
Which I did.

Well, I have hauled myself out of bed and with a pain killer or two and a beer (or two)
I came downstairs to boot this thing and correct this post and share Vilmar’s info.
Which I would have read for myself had I gone further.

I was trying to find a link for the story you sent and found an article at Snopes saying it is a point.  It happened before 2005 and the woman was burned as a result of a cooking gas canister blowing up.  The actual attempt she made was in 2005.

Obongo was not president at that time so the last sentence is not part of the story, either.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.


Vilmar is correct, O. was not part of this story but ....  I believe this to be true.  Netanyahu gets it, Obama does not.  And based on what I hear on the radio every day and every night .... most western countries do not “get it” either. Nor do the weepy eyed hand wringers.
I heard a well known historian on the radio last night being interviewed and asked her opinion.
She said that all the weapons Israel uses they get from America. 
So I guess Americans are, in her view, as responsible as the Israelis for the deaths among the pals.  Screw the facts of things over there.

Jews?  Guilty.

Muzzies?  Innocent babes in the woods.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 16, 2014

1914, Germany takes Belgium, UK declares war,1939Germany takes Poland, uk declares war, 2014

This is a 5 minute 40 second video on what is going on in Brussels/Belgium with the Muslims:

Friend in California sent this to me.  I have been aware of problems there for awhile. Also know someone there who has written about the trouble with the rop.
I had a sync problem with the video in that the speech did not match the lip movement of speakers. Does not detract from the scary message though.

In 1914, England declared war on Germany because that country violated Belgium territory and England was a guarantor of Belgium neutrality and territory.
In 1939, England declared war on Germany because that country violated Polish territory, and England was a guarantor of Polish territorial integrity.
Never mind that Germany invaded Poland to regain the German city of Danzig.
Here it is 2014 and .... another invasion of Belgium of a different kind, hasn’t been in the news though, so maybe it isn’t dangerous. Maybe if everybody just keeps their heads down .... okay ... continues to keep their heads down .... ?

Interesting to see the changes in a mere 100 years.


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checkout worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was Ramadan

Do you sometimes get the odd feeling, that these life forms intentionally bring on the reaction to their anti social behavior, so that they can then scream about ill treatment of muslims.
It’s beyond outrageous that a store like Tesco would be so accommodating. And there’s the problem all in one word. Accommodate. Business does it and the state mostly does also, aided of course by the useful idiots of the left, who are entirely responsible I believe, for the sorry damn state ... the state is in.

Tesco apologises after Muslim checkout worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was Ramadan

Mother-of-three tried to buy items during shopping trip in north London
Employee said he couldn’t sell them as he was fasting for religious festival
The customer was instead forced to use the self-service checkouts
She told worker he should be serving people not turning them away
Firm apologises to customer but refuses to condemn worker’s actions

By Richard Spillett

Tesco has issued an apology after a Muslim worker refused to sell a customer ham and wine because of Ramadan.

Mother-of-three Julie Cottle went into her local store to stock up, but was left stunned when a checkout employee insisted he couldn’t serve her.

Muslims worldwide are currently fasting for Ramadan - the holy ninth month of the Islamic calendar where devotees abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

Ms Cottle was forced to use the self-service checkout in the Tesco Express in Neasden, north-west London, after the worker reportedly ‘walked off’.

She said: ‘He pointed at the ham and wine in my basket and said “I can’t serve you that because I’m fasting”.

‘When I told him he should be serving customers not turning them away he still refused telling me to go to the self-service. I was furious.’

In a statement, a spokesman for Tesco said: ‘We don’t have a specific policy and take a pragmatic approach if a colleague raises concerns about a job they have been asked to do.

‘We apologise to our customer for any inconvenience on this occasion.’

The supermarket giant confirmed ‘the colleague would be spoken to’ but refused to say if any further action would be taken.



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calendar   Saturday - June 21, 2014

Suicide Bomber

This is what a suicide bomber looks like after completing his mission. Very graphic. Posted below the fold. If you lose your breakfast/lunch/dinner you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - May 21, 2014

America puts one away …. after a 15 year delay thanks to slobbering rights lawyers


That it took America to jail Hamza, damns our politicians, police and MI5

Hamza used London as a ‘safe haven’ in which to use ‘poisonous rhetoric’
Britain showed ‘failure to act’ in the late Nineties when he came to attention of authorities
Hundreds of young British Muslims since lured to their deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya

By Deborah Davies

So the Americans have finally done what the British intelligence services, police, courts and successive governments failed to do in 15 years — they’ve incarcerated Abu Hamza for good.

You can draw a direct line from Britain’s failure to act in the late Nineties, when he first came to the attention of the authorities, through to 52 deaths and more than 700 injuries in the London bombings in 2005.

In addition, hundreds of young British Muslims have been lured to their deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria by the warped, poisonous rhetoric of Hamza and others, who used London as a safe haven in which to preach, recruit and raise money.

It’s a shameful catalogue of inefficient policing, political blindness, legal weakness and limited intelligence — in every sense of that phrase.

Our security services appeared neither sharp enough to see what was going on nor willing to share what little they did glean.

Why on earth didn’t the police and intelligence agents simply open their ears and eyes to what was happening all over this country?


Britain’s shameful incompetence: Hook’s family CONTINUE to live off the State and have cost taxpayer £3m in upmarket housing and benefits… and we can’t expel his sidekick because of human rights laws

The hook-handed cleric is expected to die behind bars
Federal court in New York found him guilty of aiding the taking of hostages
Three Britons died in the Yemen attack 16 years ago
Hamza delivered sermons outside Finsbury Park mosque during the 1990s
Ex-DPP Lord Ken Macdonald said action should have been taken sooner

By James Slack

David Cameron and other politicians welcomed the fact that – 16 years after three Britons died in the Yemen attack – the hate-preacher had finally been brought to justice.

for more on the subject


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calendar   Saturday - April 26, 2014

Muslim war propaganda that only fools and appeasers take at face value

It was 5 in the morning, frankly I have not been exactly at the top of my game, if you will allow me that rather overblown expression.  A bit of ill health (no sympathy please) has me up at five in the morning, the double take of sleeping pills and double dose of wine and then something stronger having no effect. So naturally I came downstairs for a third attempt at something to induce sleep and mask pain, and decided to boot and see what I could find at this hour of the morning.  I find having done so the effort has been worthwhile. Not for sleep but what I found, and anyway the discomfort is now manageable.

As is usual, I have not posted the entire article but leave it to you the reader to follow the link to all of it.

We all know the cure for this world wide disease.  I think we also know we will never see it come about. So while you can, say goodbye and kiss Western ideals and civilization goodbye.  I say that because I see no evidence of mass demonstrations or actions against our enemies, who are, after many years of practice, so much better organized and funded and willing to cause mayhem and on occasion resort to behavior our side seems hesitant to match. 
Beyond that, our side has never that I am aware, targeted the American 5th column and those traitors who aid and make possible the advance of those who would turn the Western world into something it was never meant to be.

My time in your world could be short due to age and health, so I won’t see it or be here long enough to see if I’ve been right or wrong.
But you will. And I wish you luck. 

Syndicated News

Islam’s Religious War With Everyone

By Daniel Greenfield
Frontpage Magazine
Posted 2014-04-22 22:01 GMT

Few divides are as impossible to bridge as those of religion. You either believe or you don’t.


When it comes to Islam, non-Muslims are expected to take its goodwill on faith. If you believe your eyes and ears, Islam and violence go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you believe Muslims and their spin doctors with academic degrees, Muslims are the victims of other religions.

If Muslims fighting Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are the victims of non-Muslims, what are we to make of Muslims fighting other Muslims in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq? Religious civil wars make it hard to believe that Muslims are the victims of other religions instead of the authors of their own violence.

Religions have a long history of not getting along with one another, but there is only one religion that has never gotten along with any other religion, is engaging in a religious war with every religion that exists, with atheists who have no religion, and even with its own co-religionists.

Is all this violence someone else’s fault? Or is it Islam’s fault?

Muslim hostility to Christians and Jews is not a phenomenon that began with the modern State of Israel or American foreign policy.

Muslims have warred with Christians and Jews as minorities and persecuted them as majorities. Academic apologists claim that Muslim hostility toward Christians derived from an ongoing conflict, but at no time during the history of Islam until the twentieth century did the Jews have a functioning state.

Israel has conveniently become the focus and explanation for Muslim hostility toward Jews, but that fails to explain over a thousand years of Muslim hatred and persecution ... long before Herzl or the IDF.

Why did Muslims persecute and kill Jews long before Zionism was even a word? For the same reason that they killed Christians.

Islam hated Judaism and Christianity from the start. The Koran urges Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians (Koran 5:51) speaks of “enmity and hatred” with Christians (Koran 5:15) and the Jews (Koran 5:65) who are also to be cursed. The Jews are accused of “creating disorder” (Koran 5:65) and Christians are accused of worshiping their priests (Koran 9:31). The Jews and Christians believe in evil things (Koran 4:52) and Allah’s curse will be upon them (Koran 9:30).

Muslims don’t hate and kill Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because it is Jewish.

September 11 was part of an ongoing war against Christians dating back over a thousand years.

The real reason why a Muslim carries out a terrorist attack in New York or Boston is the same reason why a church gets burned in Egypt or bombed in Syria. It’s the same reason why teenage British girls get raped and why the Christian population of the Middle East has shrunk from a quarter to a tenth.

Everything else is just Muslim war propaganda that only fools and appeasers take at face value.

When Muslims run out of non-Muslims to persecute continue


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calendar   Monday - April 21, 2014

muzzies hard at work ripping the heart out of western civilization

Well bloody hell.
This is what you get in a liberally diverse and multi-cultural islam loving, muslim excusing society.

Reading this article you might be excused if you believe anyone woke up. OK, one or two. But what next?

How about this one?

One of the schools being investigated over extremist infiltration cancelled its annual visit from Father Christmas last year.

Teacher Vicky Hubble, who organised the event at the secular Ladypool Primary School, was allegedly told to cancel it by the new Muslim headmaster, Huda Aslam.

He is said to have told her there would be no presents and ‘no mention’ of Jesus being the son of God.

According to a fellow teacher, Mr Aslam wanted to reduce festivities to little more than sing-alongs to songs such as Jingle Bells, but was forced to reinstate the Christmas assembly by Birmingham Council. However, Santa remained banned.

So this should be no surprise. In fact, the story has been getting coverage for more than a week now. But in time, things will settle down because it’s very difficult giving away your country when other nonsense gets in the way.  Once this is no longer news, the enemy will be at work on something else with the aid
of useful pandering idiots.
Last one out .....

Islamic school hardliners ‘confiscated Easter eggs from pupils’ as head of Ofsted takes charge of inquiry into ‘Muslim Trojan Horse plot’

Schools being investigated over plot to introduce radical Islamic teaching
Birmingham schools allegedly targeted by Muslim hardliners
‘Morality squads’ of older students allegedly smashed pupil’s Easter eggs
Mother of student claims talk of Christmas and non-Muslim festivals ‘banned’
Ofsted expected to place five schools in special measures after failings found
Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector, will now take charge of the probe
Tahir Alam, governor allegedly at centre of plot, could be removed from post

By Chris Pleasance and Laura Clark, Education Correspondent

Pupils who took Easter eggs to class allegedly had them confiscated by ‘Muslim morality squads’ patrolling a school at the centre of a probe into claims Islamic hardliners are attempting to infiltrate and run secular state schools.

A mother of one of the pupils, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, claimed groups of pupils were confiscating toys and chocolate from younger children and accused teachers of turning a blind eye to it.

The revelation comes as Ofsted announced Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw will personally oversee inspections into a number of Birmingham schools allegedly targeted in an attempt to bring hardline Islamic teaching into classrooms in a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot.

According to the Daily Express, the mother said: ‘Older boys are going round in these morality squads telling off girls if they do not wear veils.

‘My daughter tried to bring in an Easter egg for a friend and one boy grabbed it and smashed it against a wall.

‘All talk of Christmas and other non-Muslim festivals is banned. The teachers turn a blind eye to it.’



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calendar   Friday - April 18, 2014

suppressing individual dissent while maintaining the appearance of democracy

The British historian Roland Huntford warned in his 1971 book The New Totalitarians that Sweden has perfected the methods of suppressing individual dissent while maintaining the outward workings of a democratic system. He feared that similar methods might be adopted elsewhere in the Western world.
That time—the early 1970s—was just before the wave of non-European immigration hit Scandinavia. Huntford’s book therefore does not deal directly with this issue. But he does pinpoint the serious repression of dissent in Sweden and its dangerous lack of intellectual defenses. Perhaps that is the nation’s most damaging flaw. He also noted the extensive Socialist indoctrination, the all-intrusive bureaucracy and the fact that after generations of Social Democratic dominance, the country seems to view itself as an ideological state. It is not hard to see how these factors could become very toxic when combined with mass immigration.

It’s just a 40 minute drive by car across the Øresund Bridge from the troubled town of Malmo in southern Sweden to Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. Sweden shares a land border with Finland in the north plus a longer sea border across the Baltic Sea. Norway and Sweden share a 1,630-kilometer long land border which happens to be one of the least protected national borders in the world.

Sweden is now becoming so repressive, and the problems related to rampant mass immigration so big, that the country could represent a future security threat to neighboring nations.

H/T Front Page

The above was how the article ended.

When I can and these days somewhat less, I look at foreign news and wonder if folks in my much missed home in the US, have time to read the press from other places outside the USA. 

Anyway …. the following is how this article started and I have cut large parts out for space and time.  I’d recommend folks read all of it unedited. Makes for quite a read, as do the comments that follow.

Not surprisingly of course, one or two comments deal with the serious threat to peace and stability the those darn Jews represent.  And we can all understand that, being as how Jews have committed themselves to suicide bombings all over the world, and have insisted that everyone must accept Judaism as the one true faith, have flown planes into buildings and more recently kidnapped as many as 100 young girls from a school in .....

Oh wait. I think that might be another group.  This obviously requires some serious research. 

On April 4 2014, in Malmö District Court in Sweden, the provocative artist Dan Park was sentenced to three months in jail for hate speech (“hets mot folkgrupp”) for his works of art. The prosecutor even wanted the artist examined for mental illness, similar to the way Communist dictatorships have treated dissidents. The court did not support this suggestion, however. Park and his defense lawyer have indicated that they will appeal the verdict.

Ingrid Carlqvist, the editor of the newspaper Dispatch International, commented that the verdict essentially amounts to a ban on satire in Sweden, at least if the satire involves ideologically protected immigrant groups.

At the same time, and with a heavy heart, Carlqvist announced her own decision to leave her native Sweden. The repressive and totalitarian atmosphere in the country has simply become intolerable, especially if you happen to be a critic of Islamization, Multiculturalism or mass immigration.
Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city. It is set to become the first Scandinavian town with a Muslim majority population. In recent years, it has achieved a certain notoriety for its crime problems.

The wave of robberies the city has witnessed is part of a “war against Swedes.” This was the explanation given by young robbers with immigrant background for why they are robbing native Swedes. The sociologist Petra Åkesson interviewed boys between 15 and 17 years old, both individually and in groups. “When we are in the city and robbing, we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.”

This argument was repeated several times. “Power for me means that Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” The boys explained, laughingly, that “We rob every single day, as much as we want to, whenever we want to.”

Yet suggesting that the ongoing rise in violent crime might have something to do with mass immigration of alien and aggressive cultures is quite literally banned by law continue


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calendar   Tuesday - April 15, 2014

Mac on… Hardline Muslims.

Mac on… Hardline Muslims said to be infiltrating school governing boards
By Mac


Taken from the morning issue of, The Daily Mail.

Political illustrators ( I was told not to call em cartoonists but isn’t this the same?) seem always (almost always) to nail the issue with a pic and a few words. Sometimes they do it with no words at all.

In case any here missed a previous posting on the topic ....

The British Government has ordered inspections of 15 schools in Birmingham after allegations they are being taken over by Islamic hardliners. A row has been brewing in the UK’s second largest city for weeks since the local council received an anonymous letter alleging a plot to force a change of leadership at four state-run schools.
The aim was apparently to impose a conservative religious agenda, turning parents against head teachers by telling them the school is corrupting their children with sex education, promotion of homosexuality and making them take part in Christian prayers.
Unnamed school staff have since made accusations about gender segregation and the bullying of non-Muslim staff.
The central English city has one the highest Muslim populations in the country. The 2011 census found 22 per cent of residents were Muslim, compared to 4.8 per cent nationwide.


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calendar   Friday - April 11, 2014

Wonder What They Aren’t Telling Us Here?

UK: Hammer Attack Mauls 3

Gun control. Knife control. Now what, hammer control?
This is one of those news stories from the UK where the criminals seem to have more rights to privacy than the victims, so maybe you’ve got to read between the lines carefully.

[ Monday, The Cumberland Hotel, Mayfair district of London, right outside of Hyde Park. One of the very toniest corners of town ] A woman is critically ill and two others suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries after an intruder attacked them with a hammer at a London hotel.

The three women, all in their 30s and from the United Arab Emirates, suffered head and facial injuries during the attack at the Cumberland hotel in Mayfair early on Sunday, the Metropolitan police said. They are treating it as attempted murder.

Officers were called at 1.50am. They believe a man entered a guest bedroom on the seventh floor of the building where the three women and three children were sleeping in adjoining rooms.

It is understood that the three women, who are all from the United Arab Emirates, had deliberately left their door unlocked because they were staying in the hotel as part of a large family group.  They were sleeping with three children, who were unharmed, in two adjoining rooms.

The wealthy family, who had come to London for shopping and sightseeing, arrived in the UK between April 3 and 5 and the women had visited large West End stores on Saturday. No keys were stolen from the hotel and police said there had been no breach of security at the venue. Detectives are scouring CCTV to establish the movements of both the women and their attacker earlier in the day.  The Cumberland Hotel is near Europe’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street, and has 1,000 rooms including a Jimi Hendrix suite.

[ Wednesday ] Police investigating a hammer attack on three female tourists in an upmarket London hotel arrested four people last night.

The women - all from the United Arab Emirates - were attacked at the four-star Cumberland Hotel yards from Oxford Street on Sunday night.

The assault in the 1,000-bedroom hotel has left Khalood Al Muhairi, 36, fighting for her life. She is said to be in an induced coma.

Her sisters Fatimah Al Muhairi, 31, and 34-year-old Ohoud Al Muhairi are recovering at a London hospital.

Police investigating the attack arrested three men aged 56, 34 and 32 in Islington, north London, on suspicion of attempted murder and a 31-year-old woman on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

[ Thursday ] A fifth person was arrested on Thursday by detectives investigating the hammer attack on three Emirati sisters in their London hotel room.

Jaffar Nasser Al Najjar, the 70-year-old father of the three women, spoke to The National earlier this week saying he had been left devastated. “My heart is broken to a million pieces and I can’t do anything except to pray that they return safely,” he said.

The British ambassador to the UAE Dominic Jermey said: “After such an appalling incident, our hearts go out to the victims and their families. This is a terrible time for them and I know that all of us from the British community here in the UAE are deeply saddened at the injuries they have suffered.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - March 21, 2014

doctor and another man charged with female genital mutilation.

I know this is not America, but still, the rules should still apply.  A person in another part of the world wants a better life, and seeks out a new home.  The contract should be that in exchange for allowing others to join in and become a citizen, that that person adopt his new home and abide by its rules, its culture, its laws, and its norms.  They accept the history of his or her new home, and pitch in to become one with that new home, and contribute to make that new home a better place, so it will continue to prosper.  (Very much as outlined by Teddy Roosevelt’s speech)

But instead, the newcomer gets ALL of the benefits he or she sought out, but wants to give NOTHING in return.  They do not want to participate in the way that is acceptable by that host’s standards.  They want all the rules changed to suit them, they want the culture that offends them halted, and they want any history that offends them wiped away.  These new people want all the benefits, but want to give nothing in return.  As if somehow, their mere presence in the new country is all they owe.  BS!!!.  I say, no country no longer allow ANYONE to benefit or come to their country unless that person agrees to abide by certain standards and rules, and become a full participating member and ultimately, a citizen if possible.  Otherwise, what the hell is in it for the host country, beside of course, expense, and hassle?  And make that person agree to do these things, and if they fail, they go back.  No court rulings...nothing.  It’s all in the contract.  Like a full payment due on demand clause if a person fails to pay their mortgage.  That person is scooped up, and shipped back to whatever dunghill they came from.  If they liked the rules there so much, instead of trying to change their new home, they should simply stay put. 
Do this a few times, and I bet the caliber of immigrant and those seeking benefits from other countries will improve greatly.
We need to nip this crap in the bud now, or will be destroyed by this nonsense.

Posted by sdkar 03/19/2014 at 01:38 PM

Above was posted in comments here at bmews.  At the time I read it, I had just seen the story I am posting below and thought, how fitting.
In another post, Sdkar made ref. to America, which could easily apply to the UK if anyone was serious about saving this country.  All of what he wrote makes sense to many of us, but the many of us are not the ones making the decisions and enforcing political correctness.
In the case here, there have been arrests.  Will the vermin who did this be deported?  Not if he has wife and family here because you see, one of his many human rights, is the right to a family life.  Is that English law? Don’t think so but not sure. I am sure however, that it is a ruling handed down by the ECOHR, which is, The European Court of Human Rights.  I don’t believe the men involved in this story are at all human. But hey ... that’s me.

The kind of life forms that believe in this sort of thing, truly believe they are doing good, and just would never be able to understand anyone who believed otherwise. They live in another time and place and yet .... it’s the west that MUST be ‘understanding’ and compassionate.  We are not allowed to voice disgust out loud to these people, except in polite and civil ways and then it’s in the press.  But if you come face to face with one of these dark age brainless twits and tell em what you think, you’re islamophobic and a racist and a number of other things that aren’t compliments. And ... you could also end up in court if you should “hurt their feelings”.

Doctor at NHS hospital and another man become first ever to be charged with carrying out female genital mutilation

· Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena works at Whittington Hospital in north London

· It is alleged he carried out the procedure helped by Hasan Mohamed

· The charges are first ever brought under the Female Genital Mutilation Act
· Prosecutors have dropped four other cases due to insufficient evidence
· FGM criminalised in 1985 and is thought to have happened to 66,000 in UK
By Dan Bloom
The first charges in British history over female genital mutilation have been brought against two men - one of whom is a doctor.
Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena from the Whittington Hospital in north London, and Hasan Mohamed, who is not a medic, will face charges under the Female Genital Mutilation Act.
It is claimed the doctor carried out the procedure on a woman who had given birth in November 2012, and that Mohamed encouraged and helped him, prosecutors said.

Today prosecutors said they had also looked at four other cases - one of which was new and three that were reconsidered after decisions to take no further action - and found there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.
One of the old cases involved a man calling an FGM helpline, intended for victims, to ask for the procedure to be carried out on his two daughters.
The new case involved two parents accused of taking their daughter abroad to have FGM.
The CPS would not give details of the other two cases.
The pair who have been charged will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on April 15.
Those found guilty under the Act can face a maximum of 14 years in jail.
It is notoriously difficult to bring charges under FGM laws because victims are afraid to give evidence.
‘It is a very difficult injury to talk about,’ she said. ‘It is an abuse of their body and it is not a part of the body that people want to talk about in public.’


The tradition originated in ethnic groups spread throughout 28 African countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, and spread across the world as groups emigrated.
The circumcision or ‘cutting’ is carried out for cultural reasons, often because it shows a girl’s virginity on her wedding night.
FGM is defined as any partial or full removal of a woman’s outer sexual organs. It can also involve sewing up the vagina.
In cultures where the tradition is common, ‘uncut’ girls can be thought more likely to be promiscuous, unhygienic, and prone to diseases such as HIV/Aids.
The procedure is traditionally carried out by an older woman with no medical training and without any anaesthetic or antiseptics, risking infection.
Their basic tools include knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass or razor blades. Iodine or a mixture of herbs is placed on the wound to tighten the vagina and stop the bleeding.
Prosecutors in today’s case have not specified what type of procedure is alleged to have been carried out.
It is thought as many as 66,000 women in the UK have suffered FGM with 24,000 girls under 11 also at risk.
Source: MailOnline / Forward UK



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/21/2014 at 09:30 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - March 19, 2014

When Democracy and Multi-Culturalism Collide… the West will almost always back down

I don’t think she is saying anything most didn’t know.  There are lots of very articulate people who write well, who say pretty much the same thing.  Question is, is anyone listening?
I think I need to rephrase that. Is anyone listening who is in a position to stop the slide into hell?

H/T Algemeiner

When Democracy and Multi-Culturalism Collide

The Algemeiner
By Abigail R. Esman

Imagine: You receive an e-mail from the friend of a friend, asking if he might stay with you for a week or so while visiting your town on business. “Of course,” you say, but caution him that your home can be a bit hectic: you have two children and two dogs. Your friend’s friend says he understands, and is grateful for your hospitality.

Now imagine your guest arrives and within days, informs you that his religion precludes him from living with dogs: you will have to remove yours from your home, at least for the duration of his stay. What do you do?

If you’re like most people, most likely you will suggest that he might more comfortable at a hotel. You may offer to ask other friends of yours if he might stay with them. What you are not likely to do is take the dogs to a kennel, or, should he extend his visit, give them away.

On the other hand, you might think, you do not know this man very well. What if he should become violent if you refuse his request? What if he were to hurt the dogs? What would you do then?

This is not entirely a hypothetical situation. Rather, it illustrates the conditions Western countries increasingly confront in the face of growing Muslim immigration, and the pressures democracies face in balancing their ideals of equal rights with often-undemocratic demands of Islamic culture.

In January, a student taking an online course at Toronto’s York University asked to be excused from the on-campus requirement, claiming, according to the New York Times, that “his religious beliefs did not permit casual contact with women.” While the professor denied the request, the university did not, on the grounds that “students who lived overseas and took online courses were not required to attend on-campus sessions.” Oddly, despite his so-called religious convictions, in the end, the student appeared for class, after all.

Who was right? The answers may prove critical to Canada’s future, and for the understanding of “democracy” in the face of growing multiculturalism in the West. For his part, the York professor argued that refusal to share a classroom with women implied that women were “second class citizens,” a concept incompatible with democratic views on gender equality. The school itself, however, pointed to the fact that others were also excused from the requirement, albeit for different reasons. In a democratic society, fair is fair; if one person doesn’t have to attend class, not everyone should be so required. And besides, democratic principles repudiate religious discrimination: the school, indeed Canada itself, would have to adapt. (The fact that Saudi and other Arab men frequently study at U.S. and other Western universities without complaint seems strangely never to have entered the discussion. It should have.)

Canada is hardly alone. Over the past decade or so, several Western governments and communities have agreed to enact changes demanded by their Muslim populations, not in the interest of equality so much as for fear of “insulting” Muslims, or even of the the possibility of violence.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/19/2014 at 07:47 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 08, 2014

muslim takeover of uk schools? hoax or for real?  Read this space.

I heard this on the radio last night for the first time.
This story is new but the activity of the members of the rop is not. And they have been doing this for awhile.  I’ve been banging on for years about 5th columns and people hiding behind screens and infiltrating, yadda,yadda and blah, blah.  But this reportage really is new if not surprising to anyone here. But it’s damned dangerous and can not be left unchecked.
Wanna bet tho .... it will.  These bastards will think of something. They always do. Meanwhile, Britain’s borders remain pretty much open, in spite of how hard some are working to keep out the undesirables.
Take a look at this, then visit the source link.

Revealed: Islamist plot dubbed ‘Trojan Horse’ to replace teachers in Birmingham schools with radicals

Birmingham city council has warned of an alleged dirty tricks campaign
It has documents purporting that non-Muslim teachers are being targeted
Islamic fundamentalists allegedly want to replace them with radicals
Called Trojan Horse, the operation has reportedly succeeded in places
The documents reveal a plan for the operation to target other cities

By Laura Clark and Lucy Osborne

Muslim fundamentalists are plotting to take over state schools, according to leaked documents.

Activists have launched a campaign to oust headteachers using dirty tricks such as spreading false allegations and packing governing bodies with their supporters.

The plot, which ringleaders have named Operation Trojan Horse, has emerged in documents drawn up by the group and leaked to a local newspaper.

The dossier names several schools in the Birmingham area as targets of alleged plots.

The authors of the documents discuss extending the ‘jihad’ operation to Bradford and Manchester – cities with rapidly growing Muslim populations.

‘Recruit parents, turn them against the head, then target other cities’

The Trojan Horse documents appear to be correspondence between a Birmingham-based Muslim fundamentalist and an acquaintance in Bradford.

They outline a five-point guide for taking over a school and encourage expanding the operation to Bradford and then Manchester.

The recipient is first urged to identify any Salafi parents – Muslim fundamentalists – sending pupils to the school.

‘They are always the most committed to the faith and are hardliners in that regard and once charged up they keep going for longer,’ the documents say.

‘When the parents have been identified, we start to turn them against the headteacher and leadership team.

‘The only way to do this is to tell each parent that the school is corrupting their children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children pray Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sport.

‘If you can get them to be very vocal in the playground as they drop off or pick up their children that will stir up other parents.

‘The parents MUST be given direction and told not to discuss this with anyone, you only need a maximum of four parents to disrupt the whole school, to send in complaints to question their child’s education and to contact their MP and local authority.’

Further steps are to ‘parachute in’ Muslim governors to ‘drip-feed our ideal for a Muslim school’ and galvanise staff to urge the council to investigate the school.

The document stresses the importance of having ‘an English face among the staff group to make it more believable’.

Anonymous letters should then be circulated to MPs, press and ministers.

The documents state: ‘All these things will work toward wearing the head down, removing their resolve and weakening their mindset so they eventually give up.’

The documents state: ‘Operation Trojan Horse has been very carefully thought through and is tried and tested within Birmingham, implementing it in Bradford will not be difficult for you.’

The operation, the papers say, has been fine-tuned so that it is ‘totally invisible to the naked eye and allows us to operate under the radar’.

They go on: ‘I have detailed the plan we have in Birmingham and how well it has worked and you will see how easy the whole process is to get the headteacher out and our own person in.’

State schools with poor Ofsted reports and with large Muslim pupil populations should be targeted for takeover, the writer says: ‘The poor performing schools are easy to disrupt, the better performing with strong head teachers are much harder and so we have to manufacture a strong enough reason, but rest assured we have not failed yet, no matter how difficult removing the head teacher may be.

‘You just have to be clever and find the most appropriate way to deal with the school.’

The documents add: ‘This is all about causing the maximum amount of organised chaos and we have fine-tuned this as part of operation Trojan Horse. You must identify what the heads’ strengths are and build a case of disruption around that.’

Salafi Islam is a strong fundamentalist version of the faith that seeks to rid itself of modern-day ‘impurities’. Followers believe in strict adherence to the Koran.

They argue worshipers have lost touch with the true nature of the religion and want to revert to the ancient form of Islam. Salafi comes from the root word ‘ancestors’.

See the entire article at the DAILY MAIL

If all the above is true and it is not a hoax of some kind, the one place in the article that had me look 2wice was the use of the word, “whilst”.  That word is so Brit in origin, it leads me to believe whoever wrote it is a hoaxer or, most probably, a home grown jihadist.

Even if it turns out to be true, for awhile there will be a lot of very loud noise which as always will fade, and they will go about their business which of course is, their war against the west and modernity.  They will do so with the connivance as always, of the far left and anarchists of every stripe.
Because, should you ask, those are the rats the west is infected with and those are the ones calling the shots in today’s world. If that were not true, you would not be living in a world of the politically correct. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/08/2014 at 11:49 AM   
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