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one (of many) brit villages want migrants moved out …. a case of spitting into the wind

While the attitude of the villagers is understandable, and not a surprise, I wonder why it took em this long to gripe in this way.
Well, better late than not at all I suppose.
Now the question is .... will anyone respond or do as the villagers wish?

Or .... will the village be hauled into a court and accused of raaaaacism and fined ?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Meanwhile ....

The hard copy headline read as follows.


Angry villagers campaign to evict 70 asylum-seekers from hotel after becoming fed up with a constant stream of arrivals since July

Angry villagers want 70 asylum-seekers staying in a Wigan hotel evicted
People from Somalia, Syria and Iraq have been staying there since July
Waiting to have applications processed but locals growing tired of delays
They have set up Facebook petition group with more than 2,000 members

By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline

Angry villagers are campaigning to evict some 70 asylum-seekers from a hotel after becoming fed up with a constant stream of arrivals since July.

Hundreds of people from Somalia, Syria and Iraq have been brought to the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, over the past four months, waiting for government officials to process their applications.

But it appears locals have grown tired of the delays after creating a Facebook group titled ‘No More Economic Migrants in Britannia Hotel’. It has more than 2,000 members.

Some of the group’s members claim that petty crime and theft has increased in the area since the asylum-seekers’ arrival, an accusation that has been dismissed by police.

Residents have also set up an online petition demanding that the Home Office move the asylum-seekers, who have been staying in a separate section of the hotel to other paying guests.

Though their Facebook group is titled ‘No More Economic Migrants in Britannia Hotel’, those staying there are said to be genuine asylum-seekers.

That means they are entitled to a room to stay in if they have nowhere else to live and £37 a week to live on. However, asylum-seekers cannot choose where in Britain they are housed, and are unable to work or claim benefits.

If their application is granted by the Home Office they become refugees, meaning they can initially stay in the UK for five years, work and claim benefits but not automatically be given housing.

The hotel, where rooms can cost up to £100 a night, has a billiards room, cocktail bar, health club with an indoor heated pool, hot tub and a fitness centre.

The Facebook group’s founder, Ian Adamczyk, 35, said: ‘There are generations who have used their time to make this village safe and secure for their children and grandchildren yet no one in authority has consulted them as to what is going to happen or how they feel about this situation.

‘If people are genuinely fleeing their countries with their family and children, Britain would hold its hands out to them - but there seems to be too many people exploiting our country and just coming here for a better life. Nearly all the people in the hotel are young men.

‘I think there are people in this country that need the help more or at least just as much. We are never going to be able to help every poor person in the whole world.’

On Thursday, in the space of two hours, three minibuses dropped off dozens of men at the back entrance to the hotel.

When approached for a comment, the majority of the men could not speak English, but one woman confirmed she was staying with her husband and young child and the nationalities of residents were ‘Iranian, Syrian, Pakistani and Iraqi.’

Retired industrial engineer David Lowton, 71, who lives next to the hotel, said: ‘I object to them being there. They are in the rooms at the back with their windows constantly open overlooking my house. I imagine some of the older residents don’t feel safe as most of the asylum seekers are young lads.

‘It annoys me that they are here at taxpayers’ expense. They have the windows wide open all of the time and they must have the heating on too - I can’t afford to have the heating on all day.

‘There used to be two or three coach loads of holidaymakers visiting the hotel each week but you wouldn’t see them now.’

Joseph Murphy, 64, who also lives nearby, added: ‘There is a lot of resentment from a lot of people in Standish who think they aren’t a part of the community, they don’t speak our language and they don’t integrate.

continued at source


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there is always … always …. one delusional idiot … can’t be the red head. can it? nah.



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Rapist not named but brit tax payer foots his cost to travel cos he has ‘rights’

Never mind name the creep.  Britain can’t even (apparently) deport the scum.
It’s the very same old story told yet again, but with a different cast.  The crime the same, the victims all generally the same, and the response of courts is …. same old same old. 
Their legal hands are tied by the agreement EU member states signed up to with regard to human rights.  Nothing said of course about little things like, protecting the public, responsibility, punishment.

Now this brief article is important for me not due to the crime itself.
This is one criminal act among many, but the response dear reader is symptomatic of what I always refer to as, the west’s inability to defend itself.

Whether it’s against mass illegal immigration or crime on the streets,
Britain like the rest of Europe seem helpless against the laws in place that make it near impossible to deport killers and rapists, because they have “Rights” don’t ya know. 

As a citizen, your rights are to absorb the kicks and the stabs and the rapes and everything including fractured eye sockets and even your death. 

I have seen the headline here written a different way more than once but no answers that make sense are forthcoming.


I found an interesting quote from Piers Morgan a few weeks ago.  It says a lot about how things are done and always have been.  Whether the subject is mass migration or violent crime and punishment, nothing has changed.  He was referring to his once stint as a talent judge on TV.
He said it’s a lot like being Prime Minister. 

The great British public would bring back hanging tomorrow if we let them.
Their collective opinion must be always respected,
but stoically resisted.

the following is from Platell’s People at the Daily Mail

Why can’t we name this rapist asylum seeker? 

By Amanda Platell

On the surface, it’s the kind of everyday tale of human rights lunacy to which we’ve become almost inured.
An Iranian man illegally entered the UK 11 years ago and his asylum request was rejected three months later. He appealed and that, too, was rejected. But he just stayed on.

In September 2009 he was convicted of rape and jailed for five years. Still no attempt to remove him, despite his clear danger to the public. He went on to father a child, was in prison again when the baby was born and separated from its mother shortly afterwards. And still he remained in Britain.

Now a High Court judge has ruled that, under Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention, we must pay his fortnightly travel costs to visit his child, as refusing to do so is a breach of his ‘right to a family life’.

This, of course, in addition to the tens of thousands of pounds he has cost us in legal fees.

But this case raises even more troubling questions. An estimated three million more migrants will reach the EU by the end of next year. Of the 750,000 who have arrived so far this year, half a million have claimed asylum.

And while the numbers are smaller for the UK, there is no doubt that many among this tide of desperation will end up here. It’s a mass migration on an unprecedented scale and cases like the Iranian rapist sap the very compassion out of the British people.

For I fear it is the most deserving and desperate asylum seekers who will suffer the inevitable backlash as pressure on housing and public services mounts.

And if we can’t even remove a rapist who has twice had his claim for asylum rejected, what hope is there?
Cases like this shake our confidence in a system that is clearly failing.

Look at the figures. Of the 314,000 asylum seekers whose applications were rejected in the seven years up to 2004, only 75,000 were removed.
Home Secretary Theresa May is making heroic strides trying to tighten the system, but is thwarted at every turn by the courts and the Human Rights Act, something David Cameron vowed to replace.

Perhaps most worrying of all is that we are not even allowed to know the Iranian rapist’s name. In court he was referred to as MG, no doubt to protect him and his child

What about the protection of the British public? Isn’t the whole point of the sex offenders’ register that we should be allowed to know the identity of the monsters in our midst?

Terrifyingly, he is just one of the 400 foreign murderers, rapists and paedophiles to successfully challenge their deportation orders in the past 12 months on human rights grounds.

To cap it all, he is challenging his asylum claim rejection for a third time.

It’s enough to make you want to leave the country.


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calendar   Thursday - November 05, 2015

migrant demands not met so … they set fire to a few tents and threaten suicide. oh if only.

Interesting video of clash, and the attempt of one invader who was , he would have us believe, in the process of trying to hang himself in protest over their detention.
Soft hearted but totally misguided police stopped the would be hanging. Damn. I was looking forward to that. 

feel free to fill in the rest.


Chaos in Cyprus as migrants threaten suicide, burn tents and clash with police as they complain about their treatment after arriving at British military base

· The 114 refugees came ashore at the British Sovereign base on Cyprus last month

· Videos show their growing frustration with staying at the UK base

· One man is shown trying to hang himself, another climbing wire fence

· It is down to Cyprus to handle asylum, but process has only just started

By Michael Theodoulou For The Daily Mail


Police armed with Tasers had to quell disturbances involving migrants at a British military camp in Cyprus after tents were set on fire.

Some of the migrants – who are angry they are being forced to remain on the Mediterranean island and want permission to come directly to Britain – likened their detention to Guantanamo Bay.  ‘We are people, not animals,’ one shouted.

NO you filthy lice infested rat bastard.  You are certainly NOT human. You are an unwanted and uninvited plague. An infestation.  A boil on the culture you are trying to infect.  Die soon please.

A line of British police, some carrying Tasers and handcuffs, tried to block the path of one man who scaled a fence at Dhekelia, which is the temporary home of 114 migrants who landed at another UK base on the island, RAF Akrotiri, in two boats a fortnight ago.

The migrants told the Mail that if the UK will not let them in, they should be permitted to go to Greece, their original destination, or another mainland European country.

The migrants, living in a fenced-off camp in Dhekelia, insist they do not want to remain in Cyprus and say they should be brought to the UK as they are on British soil.

Ibrahim Marouf, 37, a Palestinian from Lebanon who was speaking on behalf of the group, urged Prime Minister David Cameron to show humanity.
‘We are in his hands. If he’s a real human, so are we,’ he said. ‘He’s afraid if we go to the UK, others will too. Don’t make a lesson of us.’

Mr Marouf said the two boats had arrived at Akrotiri by accident.
‘We didn’t want to come here. We were going to Greece. None of us wants to be here… we should go to England.
‘We told them we want to go to England, but they told us, “no”. Now we’re in a British prison.’

A video of the disturbances shows British police officers forced to calm an increasingly tense scene as one migrant threatened to hang himself with a makeshift noose made from cotton sheets.

At least five officers are seen forcing their way past other migrants to reach him. Another man is shown bloodied after self-harming.

The base is already home to migrants from a group of 75 refugees who arrived by chance in a ramshackle boat at Akrotiri in 1998.

Seventeen years later, 21 of the original group are still there. With children born there and family members who joined them, they now number about 70.

And just so bmews readers know, that group has been on welfare benefits for most of that time.  Can’t understand why the Brits couldn’t have deported them years ago, if they weren’t going to shoot them.
There’s more to read and video link at top of page.


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calendar   Monday - November 02, 2015

Once Upon A Time

Warning: trigger words ahead!! Danger, danger danger!!! May contain peanuts and gluten too!!

Once upon a time, men sang like men, about manly things.

This is an ancient marching tune, whether in standard or double time. It’s only in the last 300 years that it’s been in English. Come on, when you’re singing about repelling the Saxon foe, you know you’re doing it OLD school.

This set of lyrics is very close to the most modern version, which has been kicking around 50 years or so now.

You just might recall the song from a war movie so old that Michael Caine had hair in it. Dark hair. His own.


No, I have no idea how I got to this one. I was reading about the Mets. But you click on a link in a comment, go there and click on another link ... and pretty soon ...


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calendar   Monday - October 26, 2015


What else would you expect from the schmucks at the EU?
And so far, due to their membership, this country now has to convince the mucky-mucks at the EU, that this tax isn’t right.  Lots of luck with that.
There are any number of things that in the view of the EU, are essential but apparently tampons are thought to be a luxury.
Any guess as to how many women were available at the EU to vote this tax in?
Actually, it is in but the argument is, the EU notified the UK that it was not complying with their tax law and must increase the ( VAT ) tax to what they believe it should be.  Being as how tampons are after all, a luxury denied to men. 

Tory Eurosceptics Are Uniting With Labour Against The Tampon Tax

“This is yet another reason why we should vote to leave the EU,” Tory MP Steve Baker told BuzzFeed News.
posted on Oct. 26, 2015, at 2:21 p.m.

Emily Ashton
BuzzFeed News Reporter, UK

Tory Eurosceptic MPs are using a campaign to abolish the “tampon tax” to push for Britain to leave the EU.
Eleven backbenchers have put their names to a Labour amendment in the House of Commons that would force the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the tax.

VAT is currently charged on women’s sanitary products because they are categorised as “non-essential, luxury” items. The 5% rate is the lowest possible under EU law.

But campaigners say the rate should be zero – and a petition to “stop taxing periods” has so far been signed by more than 250,000 people.
Labour MP Paula Sherriff has tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill – set to be debated on Monday evening – demanding that chancellor George Osborne negotiates a zero rate with the EU.

The Conservative rebels hope that by joining forces with Labour, they will pile pressure on David Cameron and convince more voters to support leaving the EU in the upcoming referendum.

BuzzFeed News understands that Tory whips were desperately ringing round backbenchers on Monday morning to convince them not to back the amendment.

In an attempt to ward off an embarrassing rebellion, the Treasury is expected to declare in Monday’s debate that the “tampon tax” is wrong and should go, acknowledge that the UK parliament can’t do anything about it, and pledge to talk to the European Commission and other member states about the issue.

read all of it here

And from the Daily Mail

Ministers facing revolt over EU’s ‘tampon tax’: Tory MPs to vote with Labour against VAT rules imposed by Brussels

Politicians joining forces to make PM renegotiate so-called tampon tax
Eurosceptic Tories teaming up with Scottish Nationalists and Lib Dems
Women pay 5% levy on tampons because EU says they are ‘luxury item’
Campaigners say average woman spends £492/year on sanitary products

By Gerri Peev and Claire Duffin For The Daily Mail


Luxury items ranging from ostrich meat and alcoholic jellies to boats and even helicopters are exempt from VAT.

But sanitary products qualify for the tax because they are said to be ‘non-essential, luxury’ goods.

There are three VAT rates in the UK: the 20 per cent standard rate, which applies to most goods and services; a reduced rate of 5 per cent; and zero-rated, which includes food and drink.

In 2000 the rate on sanitary items was dropped from the old top level of 17.5 per cent to 5 per cent following a campaign by Labour MP Dawn Primarolo.

But the Government has said it cannot go any lower because of EU rules which forbid scrapping VAT once it has been imposed or introducing new zero-rated items.

Five per cent is the lowest rate allowed under Britain’s agreements with European partners.

A wealth of luxury groceries fall among zero-rated items because all food and drink is exempt.

They include candied peel, herbal tea, exotic meat such as horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo, and ready meals.

Also on the zero VAT list are slimming meal replacement products, savoury snacks and alcoholic dessert jellies.

Helicopters and aircraft used for passenger and freight transport – but not private use – and boats also qualify, although vessels used for recreation or pleasure do not.

Other 5 per cent items include products to help people stop smoking.



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calendar   Sunday - October 25, 2015

china, golf and nuke reactor

I don’t play or follow golf, although we once lived in places right on the course.
Nice setting and housing assoc. took care of yearly painting if necessary and all the gardening.  Good life while it lasted and in all those years, which in truth weren’t too many and far short of what I’d have liked, only one ball came through a window.  Which was repaired by the assoc.  OK, so we did through our monthly contract with said assoc.

So generally, I skip over golfing news.  Don’t much care who wins what, but do understand that it takes a bit of skill to play well.
I like riding in the golf carts however.  In Palm Desert, lots of folks abandon their cars and do grocery shopping in their carts.  The super markets even have spaces just for golf carts.  Unfortunately, the markets back home aren’t as advanced as those here in the UK where, you can get home delivery and even the dairy still delivers if you want it.  But off the subject.
This is what I want to share.  Take a look, as Chinese buy up another bit of the island. Between them and the Arabs, there won’t be much left for the new immigrants. No worries.  They can always join the squatters and occupy whatever they want to, as a few of them already have.


By Chris Green

The historic club, regarded as the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, will charge existing members £100,000 to carry on playing.

Nestling in the Surrey countryside, its exquisitely manicured greens and fairways have long played host to elite golfers from all over the world, as well as a steady stream of millionaires – and billionaires – with a passion for the sport. Now, Wentworth is about to get even more exclusive.


New members of the historic club, which was founded in 1926 and is commonly regarded as the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, will now have to pay £125,000 for the privilege of playing on its hallowed courses under a shake-up ordered by its Chinese owners.
Wentworth’s existing members have also been told that they will have to pay £100,000 or face losing the right to play at the club, which was purchased for £135m by the Beijing-based Reignwood Group in September last year. Currently, the club’s 4,000 members pay a comparatively modest £8,000 a year plus a £15,000 joining fee.
Golfers who attended a meeting at the club on Tuesday evening were said to be “completely shocked” by the price hike, which will take effect from April 2017. Wentworth’s annual membership fee will also double to £16,000 as its owners set about upgrading its facilities, investing £20m over two years.
James Wyatt, one of the club’s current members, said there was confusion over whether the £100,000 fee was a one-off payment or a debenture which could be resold. “There was some doubt as to whether we’re looking at what we all think a debenture to be, or if it is really just a payment to the owners to fund their purchase and improvements in the club,” he told the BBC.

According to some reports, the new fees are an attempt by the club’s owners to reduce the number of existing members, allowing an influx of even wealthier individuals who can afford to pay six figure sums to play at Wentworth. Sir Michael Parkinson, a long time member of the club, has previously described the “barmy” policy as a “cull”.
Peter Alliss, the BBC golf commentator and honorary Wentworth member, said the debenture plan was “an extraordinary step”, adding: “there are very few people who have £100,000 to piddle away on their pleasures”.

complete version continued

But wait …. there’s just one more tiny item to share, no link and no long intro.
I thought you might find of interest that, according to the news, the present government has signed a deal with the Chinese.


Their investment is to be a third and will cost them $7b.  The French are involved too, but I can’t remember who the third party is.

I wonder who has the Alka Seltzer concession ... plop,plop fizz-fizz

Cheers All


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calendar   Saturday - October 17, 2015

muslim trust takes over three non religious schools

Don’t much care what the Dept. of Ed claims.  Not too sure I’d trust them or the folks they are defending here.

Sorry no link, trouble coming up with it but it comes from the Daily Mail and so screen shot is all I have.

So here’s something else for some parents to worry about.  Oh, but that might be another one of those dreaded “isms”, mightn’t it?



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Well now this is quite a story.
It came to my attention along with the rest of the country a couple of days ago.
This is also the same politically correct firebrand who led demands that a statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed from Oxford because it was racist.

Theirs is no question but that she is smart and a natural organizer and rabble- rouser, though I’d hardly describe her as “brilliant”. 
But then, so was Stalin and Trotsky and Hitler and Mao and Robespierre.  The list is endless.  Different color and race but she reminds me more of Robespierre than the others.  Can’t explain why tho. Anyway ...

Over time she has caused much trouble for many an innocent, and no kidding, some fear even among a few of her followers.

Though she is now known as Annie, she was born Arafat
Oluwatoyosi Teriba, in the London borough of Waltham Forest.
Little is known about her upbringing, but given what we know about her militant feminism, it is intriguing to note that her father, Olukorede, is not thought to live with her mother any more.

Off topic so forgive the detour but …. why are folks with names like these allowed into a western country without a name change.  It was done in the USA in the early days by immigration officials in some cases, and it seems to have worked.  Of course, in the early 20th and before, many immigrants were anxious to “fit in”, and so changed alphabet soup names on their own initiative. 

Brought down by the politically correct dogma she preached: The very modern morality tale of the brilliant Oxford gay rights activist who apologised for ‘non consensual’ sex with another girl

· Annie Teriba is third-year history and politics student at Wadham College

· The 20-year-old activist was darling of Oxford University Student Union

· But she quit after she admitted sexually assaulting another woman

· She also confessed to another incident where she touched someone in a sexual manner without their consent during her first year at university
By Richard Price for the Daily Mail


Even if they didn’t know her name before this week, there are few students at Oxford University who would not recognise her on sight.

With luxurious braids hanging halfway down her back, chunky nose ring prominently thrust through her septum and loudhailer in hand, she has dedicated her life at the ancient seat of learning to making her voice heard.

Whether leading a sit-in protest outside the elite Oxford Union debating society or heading up a march demanding that a statue of the Victorian African adventurer Cecil Rhodes be torn down because it’s racist, Annie Teriba’s strident tones have proudly rung out.

Even for those with no interest in militant activism, the 20-year-old history and politics student was a familiar figure thanks to the raucous weekly dance parties she organised in Oxford.

Now, Miss Teriba has become familiar with a wider audience after she sensationally admitted sexually assaulting another woman, then resigned from all the prominent positions she had carved out for herself.

The specifics of the incident, which took place at a National Union of Students conference in May, remain shrouded in mystery. Yet Miss Teriba confessed online to a sexual liaison which the other woman involved subsequently complained had not been consensual.

Since she published her lengthy mea culpa this week — which has been given widespread media coverage — several of her erstwhile comrades at Oxford have turned their fire on her as a sex attacker.

She was elected as the Wadham College student union’s ‘people of colour and racial equality officer’.

Radical: Miss Teriba was editor of No HeterOx, a Left-wing magazine which courted controversy by purging white gay men


( Well, so much for racial equality. )

Miss Teriba had been a darling of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) — a separate body to the Union debating society — which oversees student issues for the university.

She spoke for OUSU with considerable vigour as Oxford’s ‘lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual women’s representative’ at a countrywide level during meetings of the National Union of Students.

One of the issues she spoke most passionately about was the problem of sexual aggression against women. Indeed, she had unflinchingly asserted the wildly controversial (and utterly unproven) statistic that ‘one woman in four’ at Oxford can expect to be raped.

Establishing herself as a star pupil, she became involved with Debate Mate, an organisation which uses debating skills as a way of overcoming educational disadvantage in some of the country’s most deprived communities.

She became a poster girl for the organisation and was publicly congratulated by the founder, Margaret McCabe, when she secured her place at Oxford.

Within a year of arriving as a Fresher, through sheer force of personality she had carved out a role for herself as the undisputed voice of the university’s black, ‘queer and trans’ [transsexual] communities, to use her own fastidious terminology.

She secured a place on the National Union of Students black students’ committee, and a leading role in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. She gave interviews to newspapers and appeared on Channel 4 News, giving her forthright views on equality.

‘She hates the Oxford Union [debating society] and everything it stands for — which is basically white privilege, in her mind. So you’ll rarely see her here. More often, she’s outside leading a demonstration with a megaphone.’



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calendar   Wednesday - October 14, 2015

what hailey knew in 1962

This is the best intro to the subject matter I can think of.  And look when it was published.

“Canada was still a promised land for many, and likely to remain so; therefore any government must handle its population inlet valves with extreme caution.  Too many immigrants from one source, too few from another, could be sufficient to change the balance of power within a generation.

Some people in the country wanted more immigration, others less.  The ‘more’ group
included idealists who would fling the doors wide open to all comers, and employers,
who favored a bigger labour force.”

From the book:  ‘In High Places’, by Arthur Hailey.
First published in,


Welcome to Britain 2015

Britain will need to build three cities the size of Birmingham by 2020 unless action is taken to tackle migrant crisis

· Experts have warned UK’s population could increase by 3million by 2020
· Current immigration would require building of 3 Birmingham-sized cities
· Prediction will heap pressure on David Cameron to take control of borders
· His pledge to cut net migration to tens of thousands has been left in tatters
By Ian Drury, Home Affairs Correspondent for the Daily Mail

How’s that for a compromise?  Cut migration to “tens of thousands”.
And where ya gonna put those 10s of 1,000s?
Easy.  Destroy more Green Belt property for, oh lets say 2500 homes in a crowded cathedral city like Winchester.  Pave over all that useless green stuff.

Britain will be forced to build three cities the size of Birmingham within five years to cope with current levels of immigration, experts warned last night.
Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of think-tank MigrationWatch UK, said the population could increase by a staggering 3million by 2020 – adding strain to the country’s creaking public services.

The prediction will heap pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to take control of the borders as part of his renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the EU.

Immigration now tops the list of voters’ concerns in recent polls – with nearly 6 in 10 saying tackling immigration is among the most crucial issues facing the UK.

But his pledge to cut net migration to the tens of thousands has been left in tatters after the number soared to a record 330,000 in the year to March – a rise of 40 per cent in one year.



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it’s migrants that make a country prosper and grow.  send more. the island can handle it. uh huh

I guess it’s true. It hasta be cos it’s in the paper.

Anyway ... this is what was on the porch early this morning.

If you want the article, it’s here.

I won’t post the whole story as the photo says a lot.  If you listen to some of the panel shows on radio, or listen to news and the people being interviewed on the subject of immigration, you’d come away thinking that all the migrants were helpless women and young innocent children and old folks.  Sure, there are those too. No denying that.  But the live news coverage shows an awful lot of healthy looking and well fed males, even among many of the older ones.


The young and helpless fleeing war.  Yeah. Right. And as I was telling Elvis only this morning over tea ..


Residents in Longford, near Heathrow, say they are ‘overwhelmed’ with migrants who have turned their village into a transit camp. 


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calendar   Saturday - October 10, 2015

ex gitmo prisoner skips town a million richer, joins isis in syria

At the current rate of exchange, one million British pounds (£) is worth ($) 1,532,649,999.99 USD. 1,534,043.82 USD

HUGE thanks to Grayjohn who spotted my huge error.  Not a billion obviously but got by a sleeping me.

That’s the award to a former Guantanamo prisoner paid by the Brit taxpayer and there will be more. Oh boy there will for sure.
Why?  Because it’s charged that Brit agents turned them over to our CIA for torture.  Not only that, the Brits in some cases provided the nasty torture loving Americans the questions to ask their prisoners.  Brits can’t do torture ya see.  Never.  Against the law.

Hey gang.  Brits have recently jailed a Brit soldier for the killing of a wounded Taliban fighter.  I won’t go into it here, you can research the recent story and I hope you do.  It’s an interesting one.

So the Brits were witness to the questioning and the torture so he claims, and the evil Americans arrested the guy and took him to Guantanamo.
After two years, he was released.

And has since joined ISIS.

I guess the question could be, as the left will no doubt claim.  Did he turn that way due to wrong and mistaken arrest and treatment?
Or was he a jihadist from the get go?

Well anyway .... he got his cash if I understand this article correctly, and skipped a million bucks richer.

UK gave freed Guantanamo inmate £1million in compensation… now he’s fled to Syria and joined ISIS

Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith was caught in Afghanistan in March 2002
He was sent to the notorious Cuban camp, but was freed two years later
Launched claim against Britain saying agents knew about mistreatment
It is now revealed he escaped UK 18 months ago to join ISIS in Syria

By Ian Drury and Emily Davies for the Daily Mail


A terror suspect given £1million compensation by Britain after he was freed from Guantanamo Bay has fled to join Islamic State.

Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith was awarded the payout after being released from the US military jail in 2004.

The suspected Taliban sympathiser was flown to the notorious camp in Cuba and locked up after being captured in Afghanistan by US troops in March 2002.

But after intense campaigning by Tony Blair’s government, British citizen al-Harith – who had pleaded his innocence – was let out two years later.

He launched a compensation claim on the grounds British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment and was handed up to £1million of taxpayers’ money to stay silent.

But last night it emerged that, despite security services being fully aware of his previous detention, al-Harith was able to escape the UK 18 months ago to fight with IS in Syria. His journey has been revealed following an escape from IS-controlled Syria last month by British mother Shukee Begum and her five children.

Channel 4 News disclosed that Miss Begum, 33, is married to al-Harith, and had flown to the war-torn country to try to persuade the fanatic to return to the UK.

However, her attempts failed, and she endured a ten-month ordeal being passed between hostages and rebel groups as she tried to escape.

She reached safety last month when she was rescued by Al Qaeda-linked group Al Nusra.

Last night questions were raised as to how al-Harith was able to leave the UK to join IS and how his wife was able to follow him, placing doubt on the Government’s ability to effectively monitor terror suspects. It is not known if any limits were placed on al-Harith’s travel. Fresh questions were also raised about the preparations put in place by the security services ahead of the return of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guantanamo.

The father-of-four, 48, is set to be freed by the end of the month but his release has been delayed for at least eight years amid allegations the US is concerned about Britain’s ability to monitor terror suspects.

He claimed the Taliban locked him up and accused him of being a British spy. A few months later he was found in a Taliban jail by US special forces and transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

US authorities considered that he was ‘probably involved in a former terrorist attack against the US’. He was assessed as being an Al Qaeda fighter and considered a ‘high threat to the US’.

When al-Harith was released in 2004, he was repatriated to England and released without charge. That year it was reported he and three other detainees launched a legal action against the US government, each demanding $10million – £5.4million at the time. Mr Aamer, whose family lives in south London, will be released after a campaign by the Mail, which argued that although he had questions to answer about his presence in Afghanistan, it was an affront to justice to detain him without charge or trial.



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calendar   Thursday - September 10, 2015

hip hip hurrah

Yay Queen!!


Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest-reigning monarch
on a day of characteristic modesty Queen makes only a passing reference to her historic achievement as she thanks well-wishers for their kind words during an official engagement in Scotland

UK - She accepted it was a “special day” as she became our longest-reigning monarch, but the Queen was, as ever, the very embodiment of understatement.

Appearing rather bashful about the attention being lavished on her as she made history, Her Majesty made only a passing reference to her entry in the record books, insisting: “It is not one to which I have ever aspired.”

While everyone around her was, quite rightly, paying homage to her remarkable achievement, the Queen made it clear that, as far as she was concerned, all she had done was to stay alive and healthy.

“Inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones,” she said. “My own is no exception. But I thank you all and the many others at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness.”

All well and good that’s she beat out old Queen Victoria’s 63. Now set your goals on Ramses II, who ruled for 66 years, or even the 94 years achieved by the Old Kingdom pharaoh Pepi II.



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calendar   Thursday - August 20, 2015

Myself, I’d have been over teh moon

Epic FAIL Pic


Nothing says happiness more than a small child surrounded by tons of high explosive artillery shells.

Bring your kids to

EXPLOSION!! The Museum of Naval Firepower

today, and they’ll have a grand time learning all about the long history of using giant weaponry to splatter sailors into burning small bloody chunks before leaving them to drown in the remorseless icy ocean.  And hey, we’ve got mines and missiles too, even an old atomic bomb that somebody found out behind the dust bins. It’s not ticking at all, we’re almost completely sure of that!

Plus, now you can rent our halls for your own big events! Start your married life with a bang!

Explosion! traces the development of naval armaments from gunpowder to the Exocet missile...but the museum is not just about big bangs!

Nor are the human, social and moral consequences of warfare forgotten - visitors will be provoked as well as educated and entertained.

Because their precious childhoods are just incomplete without recurring nightmares that will take years of therapy to get past. So come on down today!!


read more


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