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calendar   Tuesday - February 10, 2009

Police force invites young schoolchildren to write essays on homosexuality.

I read something like this and usually ask, what next? But not this time. This time I wanna ask,

W H Y ?


A police force is asking young schoolchildren to write an essay offering their thoughts on homosexuality and transsexuality.

By Nick Britten
Last Updated: 5:34PM GMT 10 Feb 2009


Kent Police, which recently shot up the ranks as one of the most ”gay oddball-friendly employers in Britain”, said it was organising the essay competition to increase awareness about diversity.

The force, which is taking part in the annual month-long celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, is inviting under 14s to write the essay entitled “All different, same respect”.

Pupils will be asked what the slogan of the LGBT’s history month “means to them”.

Winners of the essay prize will be awarded a £25 book token and a Kent police shield.

The essay writing competition also has a 15 to 17 category and an 18-plus section.

There is also a category for Kent Police staff.

Ann Widdecombe, Conservative MP for Maidstone and the Weald, said: “I would have thought the police had other things to worry about, like catching burglars.

“Why don’t they get kids to write an essay on combating crime. It strikes me as an extraordinary waste of police resources.”

A spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness said she felt “police can get a bit obsessed about this sort of thing.”

She said: “It’s all part of a bigger picture and we wouldn’t say anything if there was just, for instance, one event a month.

“But a whole lot together is a bit much. You have to ask, what effective good does this sort of thing actually do?”

Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive at the TaxPayers Alliance said: “While this initiative is no doubt well-intentioned, the job of the police is to fight crime, not run essay competitions or organise dances with a politically correct agenda.

“It is a question of spending priorities, and all available resources should be put into frontline policing.”

Kent County Council is backing the celebration and is putting on an exhibition at county hall along with a seminar to explain the history of the LGBT movement, a quiz and dinner dance.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “We are holding a series of events throughout February including an essay writing competition which has four categories. It’s not just for kids, it is for adults as well.”

The force has been recognised as one of the most gay queer-friendly employers in Britain, according to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2009, which researches attitudes towards sexuality. This year it ranked fourth, up 22 places from last year.

Psst. Hey, kid.


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calendar   Monday - December 29, 2008

It’s not too late ladies

Ladies, did you find yourself out of ideas for your conservative man this Christmas? Has he got all the socks, ties, and power tools he’ll ever need? A closest bursting with firearms? Well, don’t despair. Don’t write this holiday off just yet with a “I’ll try harder next year”. All you really need ... is a present you’ll both enjoy!

Say it with me

“Kazuo Kawasaki 704 C.34 SP-51”

That’s Kah-Zoo-Oh Kah-Wah-Sah-Key Seven-Oh-Four See-Thirty-Four Ess-Pee-Fifty-One.

The bangs, the bun, the outfits I leave up to you. A few minutes on YouTube and you’ll have the accent down pat. Uh oh, momma wants a fresh reindeer steak, you betcha!



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calendar   Thursday - December 11, 2008

This could be bad

Oh yeah, this could be really really bad ...

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - November 25, 2008


Well once again I’ve had to go through an article and strike the word ‘gay’ and replace it with the more accurate and truer meaning.  And believe me it is a bother to do that, but I am not gonna stop.  Damn it I want our language back.  Grumble.

Anyway ... this article from The Mail reminds me of the mantra of the homosexual community from some years ago when they were chanting,
“We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” Interesting that they were using a more descriptive term for their behavior then.  And the public has gotten used to it. Some have.  The media certainly has and as I’ve said to the point of boredom, as long as they and the general public go along with the hijacking of the language and forcing people to get used to having it in public places as described in this story, then nothing will ever improve.  In fact, it’s a certain bet that things will only get worse.  How could they not? 

Mother and teenage daughter who stumbled on open air gay homosexual sex told to ‘use a different path’ by police

By James Tozer
Last updated at 7:46 AM on 25th November 2008

A mother shocked by seeing two half-naked men having sex while out walking the dogs with her daughter was told by police to take a different route in future.

Marie Cragg, 44, spoke of her disgust at the officers’ reaction and said she feared the woodland beauty spot would be turned into a no-go area for ordinary members of the public.

The men seen by Miss Cragg and her 18-year-old daughter Jessica were stripped from the waist down and carried on with their activities even after they knew they had been spotted.

‘I called the police and never heard anything back,’ Miss Cragg said.

‘Then later I was talking to the community officers, and they said they knew what goes on and I should change our walk.

‘You should not have to see that, should you? They can go into the woods and go wherever they want - it’s sick.

‘They saw me and didn’t care and just carried on. I could have been a childminder with kids. I would rather go past a gang of hoodies - they are making the place seedy.’

The encounter happened on a public footpath where Miss Cragg was walking the family dogs, Molly and Ruby, near their home in Penwortham, near Preston, last week.

It follows a briefing last month by the deputy chief constable of Lancashire,
Mike Cunningham, in which he called for police to turn a blind eye to outdoor sexual activity.

Under the Sexual Offences Act anyone who takes part in ‘dogging’, where couples meet for sex in car parks, and cottaging, where men meet for sex in public lavatories, face arrest for outraging public decency, voyeurism and exposure.

But Mr Cunningham, who is also a spokesman on homosexual issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, argues that offenders should only be prosecuted as a last resort because of the potential impact on their lives of making their activities public.

Miss Cragg, who also has a 21-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son with her partner, said police already seemed too tolerant.

It is the second time this year she has caught a pair of gay queer men having sex in the area, which is near a primary school.

‘When it happened again I just said to Jessica, ‘Oh my God!’,’ she added.

‘I’ve got nothing against gay homosexual men, but why can’t they do it in the privacy of their own homes?

This is the path on which dog walker Marie Cragg saw two semi-naked men having sex. After reporting the incident, she was left stunned when police told her to ‘use a different path in future’

‘The park belongs to everyone and it’s just not right to say people going for a walk and enjoying the countryside should stay away.

‘Something needs to be done so law-abiding people can go there without having to see things like that.’

The area, known as Cheggy Hollows after the local term for the conkers collected there by generations of children, has a network of paths which has become a magnet for gay queer men seeking open-air sex.

Miss Cragg, a site supervisor at a primary school, said of the police presence: ‘They put signs up saying ‘police patrolling’ but you never see them.’

Lancashire Police insisted officers had attempted to trace the men but confirmed Miss Cragg had been advised to take another route.

Chief Inspector Jon Bullas said: ‘What this lady and her daughter had to endure is shocking to say the least. I am aware that police officers were at the location within 20 minutes but could not find the two men described.

‘We are continuing to patrol this area and need to make clear that this sort of activity will not be tolerated.

‘The lady was given advice by an officer to use a different route but I would like to emphasise that the path is not a no-go area.

‘If people are concerned for their own safety, we would recommend that they take a less isolated route, particularly if alone.’

(Has nothing to do with “safety” and all to do with decency and decorum.  What the heck ever happened to DECORUM?)


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calendar   Sunday - October 26, 2008

A NEW QUIZ FOR FIVE YEAR OLDS?  (NAME THAT BODY PART) couldn’t make it up folks.

Alright it isn’t really a quiz but heck .... it is bizarre.

Some short while ago I posted this subject and then forgot about it with so much else going on.
Well, apparently the powers that be haven’t forgotten and so we re-visit the subject with a mom who also writes for the Telegraph.

She makes legitimate points.  Even as a non parent, I’m certain I would not be too comfortable with this if I were.
She’s right.  There really is something ‘creepy’ about this.

Must they know about sex at five?

By Jenny McCartney
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 26/10/2008

One thing stumps me about the news that the Government is to provide compulsory “sex and relationships” lessons for children from the age of five: how much can there really be to say?

On the subject of relationships, obviously, one could go on forever, recommending lengthy homework on everything from Jane Austen to Leonard Cohen lyrics. On sex, I would have thought there was rather less to discuss: one could surely exhaust the topics of contraception, pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases in a matter of weeks at the age of 11, perhaps with a brief refresher course at 13. After that, in what precise style young people proceed with sex in later life is surely a matter for them: there must be some areas to which even the omnipresent hand of the nanny state does not reach.

The news that there will now be a “naming of parts” session for five-year-olds, however - in which they learn the correct words for genitals and the differences between the sexes - gives me the creeps. By the age of five, many children have their own names for their private parts, often of a friendly, silly variety that will do them perfectly well until they are older. Is there really any point in school insisting on teaching them otherwise?

If a friend or relative suddenly insisted on lecturing your five-year-old about the official name for their genitals, apropos of nothing, I imagine they would be asked to shut up pretty sharpish. I am at something of a loss as to why this interference should be thought preferable coming from a primary teacher. And yet a sex education comic - Let’s Grow With Nisha and Joe - is already being promoted to primary schools. We learned to read with Dick and Dora: I shudder to think what they would do with that pair today.

The great irony in the Government setting itself up as the supreme educator on sexual and emotional matters is that, when it is given the task of actually looking after confused and vulnerable children all by itself, it is the worst parent imaginable. Girls who have grown up in care are sexually active earlier than other teenagers, and are 2.5 times more likely to become pregnant. A quarter of girls leaving care are already mothers or pregnant.

These girls are subjected to the same sex education at school as everyone else: I would be extremely surprised if any of them did not know in theory how to avoid having a baby. The real point, surely, is that they do not greatly want to avoid it. The emotional isolation they experience during their period in the unfeeling British care system means that they gravitate towards men as a source of affection and attention. The prospect of motherhood then offers them both an acknowledged social status and perhaps a reason for continued financial support from the state. Their early pregnancy is entirely logical, for any state that cares to read its own shortcomings written in the logic.

This, to a lesser degree, holds true for very many teenage girls who “accidentally” find themselves pregnant. The phenomenon is not helped by the fact that at the moment there is a wealth of information on what it means to have sex and very little on what it means to be in sole charge of a small baby that cries round the clock.

I believe in the good sense of basic sex education at school for older children, even if my own was pretty much confined to a terrifying film of a woman giving birth, and a hilarious, crackling 1960s film about male puberty called From Boy to Man. (We never got to see From Girl to Woman, despite being primed for yet more helpless laughter: the projector broke.)

There is a danger, however, that any philosophy that mainly concentrates on the somewhat deceptive notion of “safe sex” and the judicious use of contraception is in fact misleading. If a teenager doesn’t think that he or she is ready for the life-changing complications that might arise from sex - and few are - then the best advice is not to do it at all. Otherwise, they should be warned that contraception is very far from infallible, and they would be advised to double up on their methods.

I yearn for the day when “sex and relationships” lessons actually do something to make teenage behaviour wiser, and when lessons include: “Just because he sleeps with you doesn’t mean he loves you” and “New mum Mary can’t go out for two years. It’s 3am and the baby’s screaming with colic.” Sadly, the glum news that Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, has decided instead to start badgering the nation’s five-year-olds into naming their private parts doesn’t lead me to think that will happen any time soon.

for more:


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calendar   Tuesday - October 21, 2008

Girl, 13, has sex ‘rewarded’ by mother with cigarettes.  (Could this be a new age trend?)


This is NOT what I thought was going to be my first post of the new day. In fact, I have something almost worse lined up from the department of illogic. (DOL)
They love initials here and never pass an excuse to use em.
Anyway ... this really does defy any sort of logical, rational parental behavior.  Even I know that and I have never been a parent.  But, well,,, what do I know?
I guess you will have to read the story.  Maybe we should feel sorry for mom?  Like, she felt she couldn’t control things and so gave up?  How’d the kid get to be this way to begin with? How do any? 

Girl, 13, who smokes drinks and has sex ‘rewarded’ by mother with cigarettes
A 13-year-old girl who has had four sexual partners, smokes dope, drinks beer and has been excluded from school 40 times is considered “sweet” by her mother and given cigarettes as rewards for good behaviour.

By Aislinn Simpson
Last Updated: 7:28AM BST 21 Oct 2008

Tracy Holt, 43, says there are a “lot worse things” her daughter Sam could be doing than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and believes that because she herself hasn’t yet suffered from cancer, “she’ll probably be alright anyway”.

(My kid brother died age 46 from lung cancer. He was six years my junior. I smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes for 38 years before I quit.  I have no lung problem. Or I didn’t then and feel ok now.  But this lady is nuts to believe her daughter might not get smoker’s cancer because mom doesn’t have it now. Why chance it?  And my arteries on one side are not too good. Part diet sure, but part old smokers damage I think.  Nobody told me that. It’s just a feeling I have and might be groundless.  But I sure as heck wouldn’t encourage a kid to start as I did at 13.  Back then, way back then, we didn’t all make the connection. It is NOT an easy way to go either. Oh boy, if she has one, this little girl has a long life ahead of her.  What’s it gonna be like for her? Scary thought.)

She knows her daughter hangs out with friends in the street, drinking cans of lager and smoking pot, but says she is simply glad Sam is not “a proper drunk” and has not graduated to harder drugs.

“I don’t see the point in punishing her. If I ground her, I’m just punishing myself because I have to put up with her in the house,” she said.

“Instead, I reward her good behaviour by giving her cigarettes. If she’s bad, she goes without.

“She’s a little comedian. I let her get away with a lot of cheek. It’s sweet.”

Mrs Holt, a jobless single mother with two other grown-up children who smokes 20 cigarettes a day herself, said giving them out as a reward “works”.

She said: “There are a lot worse things she could be doing. We’ve all got to die sometime. I haven’t got cancer from smoking so she’ll probably be all right anyway.”

Sam agrees that she will do more around the family home, in Gosport, Hampshire, when bribed.

“If Mum tells me to tidy my room, I ignore her but if she offers me a fag, I do it,” she said.

She admits to having had four sexual partners in less than a year, but told Closer magazine: “I only sleep with boyfriends. I worry about getting pregnant because I don’t want kids until I’m married so I always use condoms.”

Sam lost her virginity when she was 12, and told her mother shortly afterwards. Miss Holt said she was shocked at first but hid her feelings well.

“I thought it was a joke, so I laughed,” she said. “I was disappointed. No mother wants to know her 12-year-old is having sex but I’m glad she told me.

“I didn’t show I was angry and just kept it to myself.”

She went on: “It wasn’t a one-night stand. She had been dating the guy for a couple of weeks. I took her to the doctor’s the next day to get her on the Pill. I’ve told her to use condoms.”

Sam’s track record at school leaves a lot to be desired, and she has been excluded for bad behaviour more than 40 times.

“Sam got suspended for the first time after she climbed on to the school roof,” she said.

“I shouted at her and then explained she shouldn’t climb on roofs because she could fall off. I didn’t know what else to do.”

She believes her daughter’s behaviour is down to the teachers at her school who were “too soft” with her.

“Now she is at a special school where there are fewer kids in each class,” she said.

“Hopefully these teachers will be stricter and she will finally get the discipline that’s needed.”

* The full interview with Sam and Tracy Holt appears in Closer magazine. this link is for the Telegraph.


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calendar   Monday - September 29, 2008

56 reasons to have sex?

This post is neither about nor from Europe. Europeans are welcome to participate though.

Does anyone need 56 reasons to have sex?

It’s not just for tickling your taco. Getting it on is good for the whole enchilada Do the nasty. Knock boots. Bump uglies. Shag. Schtupp. Boff. Boink. For every silly nickname we use for sex, there’s a totally legit reason why you should be having more of it.

Bear in mind that this is an article for women. (Don’t women ever think about anything else?) So these reasons are from her point of view. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

1. Shag your guy’s ticker into shape. According to a study at Queens University in Belfast, men who have sex three or more times a week can cut their risk of heart attack in half.

So guys, if you’re not getting any, be worried. Check for recent changes to the life insurance policy.

2. According to that same study, regular romps will also halve your man’s chances of suffering a stroke.


And sex is good for . . . dental health?

9. Protect your pearly whites by stepping up to the mic. Semen contains zinc, calcium, and other minerals proven to fight tooth decay. (Only trace amounts, but who’s counting?)

Does that mean what I think it means?

The article only has 20 reasons listed. It’s taken from a Women’s Health article. Maybe someone can find it so we can read the other 36 reasons.


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calendar   Tuesday - September 16, 2008

Primary schools ‘should celebrate homosexuality’ And They Are!  Surprised?  Thought not.

So the subject of abnormal behavior can only be celebrated. What next?  I don’t think I wanna know.
This is no longer a sane world ppl.

Primary school classrooms should be a place where “queer sexualities are affirmed and celebrated” in order to stop homophobic bullying, educational researchers have said.

By Urmee Khan
Last Updated: 9:49AM BST 16 Sep 2008

In a seminar at Exeter University this week, researchers from the No Outsiders project will discuss “pleasure and desire in educational contexts”.

No Outsiders is a taxpayer-funded organisation which aims to stop bullying and prejudice aimed at homosexuals. The project currently operates in 14 primary schools.

In documents prepared for the seminar, project leaders have set themselves a goal of “creating primary classrooms where queer sexualities are affirmed and celebrated”.

“The team is concerned to interrogate the desexualisation of children’s bodies, the negation of pleasure and desire in educational contexts, and the tendency to shy away from discussion of (sexual) bodily activity in No Outsiders project work.

“The danger of accusations of the corruption of innocent children has led team members to make repeated claims that this project is not about sex or desire - and that it is therefore not about bodies.

“Yet, at a very significant level, that is exactly what it is about and to deny this may have significant negative implications for children and young people.”

During the project, the seminar paper says, its members have “challenged each other to go beyond imagined possibilities into queer practice”.

The seminar will “question the taken-for-granted of the supposedly sexless, bodiless and desire-less primary classroom’ and examine ‘the place of the research team members’ own bodies, desires and pleasures in this research”.

Section 28, the law which banned the promotion of homosexuality in state schools, was repealed five years ago. Current guidance on sex education says it should not promote sexual orientation or sexual activity.

The No Outsiders project is led by researchers from Sunderland University and is backed with £600,000 of public money provided by the Economic and Social Research Council.

The group uses books, puppet shows and plays to teach children about same-sex relationships.

(well heck. why stop there? why not show the full monty and have porn movies. hey, how about live theater for the kids. these folks are plain stupid and maybe crazy as well. learn to “celebrate” queer and abnormal behavior?)

Project leader Dr Elizabeth Atkinson said the seminar had no connection with No Outsiders work in classrooms. “The seminar is part of a long-standing academic debate and has nothing to do with schools,” she said. “It has no connection with sex education.”

However, the proposed seminar has attracted criticism. Patricia Morgan, author of studies of family life and gay adoption, said: “The proposal is that primary school classrooms should be turned into gay saunas. This is about homosexual practice in junior schools. The idiots who repealed Section 28 should consider that this is where it has got them.”


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calendar   Monday - July 21, 2008

policeman ‘victimised’ over opposition to homosexual event

Please allow me to state at the top as it were, that I do not personally have anything against these folks except the following.
Certainly not all but a very vocal and perhaps large group want me and apparently this cop, to accept their queer (as in very odd) behavior as normal.

Well okay.  I will concede that perhaps for some this is very normal.  For them however.  For nobody else.  But not only do they expect, no they demand that this be accepted as normal, they go further.  They want everyone else to celebrate their abnormality.  The police dept. in this case also want their officers to wear a pink ribbon.  How utterly absurd and totally STUPID!

I am not religious. However, I fail to understand how quoting a biblical phrase and believing it is somehow “homophobic.”
Why is it homophobic of me to think that there’s something not quite right in the world if a guy would rather kiss me (GAK) then say Kate Moss. That’s not homophobic.  That’s the norm.

I do not have a problem with people who just happen to have a lifestyle that really is at odds with nature.  And it by golly is.  But I don’t hate anyone because they’re homosexual.  I don’t even dislike them for that reason.  But I have a hell of a problem with all this homosexual pride crap.  And damn it give me back that word you hijacked.  Gay is NOT queer damn it!  You are.  Get used to it. 

It also occurs to me that very many homosexuals (not all of course) are perhaps somewhat ashamed or embarrassed by their proclivities. If they weren’t, they would not go to such lengths to make the rest of us buy into their self delusions.  They wouldn’t need parades nor would they insist that we are never to be critical and if we are, there should be laws against it.  A police department should NOT insist that cops wear any kind of anything to promote anybody’s lifestyle whether homosexual or heterosexual. 

The homosexual community must deep down be rather a sad lot if what it take to make em happy is a pink ribbon worn by cops to prove what?

I just can’t wait to see what comes next. Hey, some folks are attracted to little kids.  The majority of us think that is sick beyond measure but hey wait.  For some ppl it’s ... just normal behavior.  How long will it be before they want parades and ribbons also?

Christian policeman ‘victimised’ over opposition to gay queer pride event
By David Thomas
Last Updated: 8:31PM BST 20/07/2008

A Christian policeman is taking his own force to an employment tribunal over claims that it “harassed” him because of his religious opposition to homosexuality.

Graham Cogman, a constable with 15 years experience, is taking action against Norfolk Police as he claims he was victimised for refusing to wear a pink ribbon on his uniform to mark a ”gay homosexual pride” event, and for questioning the force’s stance towards gay queer acting men and lesbians.

The 49-year churchgoer, who circulated emails to officers quoting the biblical stance on homosexuality being a sin, claims he is being singled out because of his beliefs. The force has responded by saying it will not tolerate any “homophobic behaviour”.

His case echoes that of London registrar Lillian Ladele, who recently won a tribunal after refusing to officiate at same-sex civil partnerships because of her religious views.

PC Cogman, a father of two, said reconciling his religious beliefs with his job was becoming more difficult because the force’s stance on homosexuality was at odds with his religious views.

“The blatant support for homosexual rights in Norfolk Police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult,” he said.

“I am not undertaking this action lightly but I have to make a stand when things become so blatantly biased against me just because I hold a faith.”

His complaint stems from a circular email sent to officers in early 2005 encouraging staff to wear a pink ribbon on their uniforms during Gay History Month.

After receiving the email, PC Cogman sent a reply to his fellow officers featuring biblical quotations about homosexuality being a sin. He objected again the following year when a similar email was again sent to officers.

He was subjected to a disciplinary tribunal and fined 13 days’ pay.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police yesterday said that PC Cogman’s behaviour “fell well below the standard which we expect”.

“Whilst the force fully respects the officer has strong beliefs, it is only correct that he respects the beliefs and wishes of others,” he said.

“The force will not tolerate any form of homophobic behaviour.”

At the beginning of July, Islington registrar and devout Christian Lillian Ladele won an employment tribunal after claiming she was bullied and treated as a “pariah” for refusing to officiate over same-sex civil partnerships.


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calendar   Saturday - July 05, 2008

sex education from age four, And it’s gonna be compulsory.

Age four?  I know kids are sharper and more advanced then my age group in our younger days.  But FOUR?  How can a four year old relate to this stuff?
How would a teacher approach the subject?

Children ‘to be given compulsory sex education from age four’
By Sarah Harris
Last updated at 12:40 AM on 05th July 2008

Children as young as four are set to be given compulsory sex education in primary school.

They will be taught the names of body parts and basic ideas about different relationships.
Government advisers claim that ‘gradual education’ from such a young age would help to stop children from rushing into sex when they are older.

They argue that the sex education that children receive in science classes does not go far enough.

But the recommendations caused a storm of protest yesterday, with family campaigners claiming that the views of parents and teachers are being ignored.

Norman Wells, director of the pressure group Family and Youth Concern, said: ‘What this is really all about is the sex education establishment trying to force schools to do something many parents - and many teachers - are uncomfortable with.’

At present, primary heads and governors decide whether or not to provide sex education and what it should involve beyond the compulsory science requirements laid down by the national curriculum.

They must have a policy on whether or not they provide sex education. If they do provide it, usually in personal, social and health education (PSHE) classes, parents have the right to withdraw their children.

But the fpa - formerly the Family Planning Association - the sexual health advice service Brook and the Sex Education Forum are recommending the introduction of compulsory lessons. They are taking part in a Government review of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) in primary and secondary schools.

The charities sit on a panel, which is currently examining ‘the right age to begin teaching what the key messages are and content that young people should receive at each key stage’.

They have pre-empted publication of their final report later this month and publicly announced their recommendation for statutory sex education from primary school onwards. This would bring sex and relationship education on to the curriculum alongside other compulsory subjects such as maths and English.

Brook chief executive Simon Blake said: ‘All the evidence shows that if you start sex and relationships education early - before children start puberty, before they feel sexual attraction - they start having sex later.

‘They are much more likely to use contraception and practise safe sex.’

Anna Martinez, head of the Sex Education Forum, confirmed they are recommending making PSHE statutory to give it ‘the high status it deserves as an essential part of all children’s education’.

As the mother of a 12-year-old girl, I feel helpless rage at morally bankrupt ‘sex education’ that just encourages under-age flings

But Mr Wells said there is no evidence to suggest that starting sex education at the age of four would reduce sexually transmitted infections and abortion rates among teenagers.

He added: ‘It’s quite extraordinary that the fpa and Brook should be calling on the Government to impose something on every child in every school that has no proven benefit whatsoever.

‘Schools already have to have a sex education policy, but that policy must be developed in close consultation with parents, and schools must be sensitive to the wishes of parents.

‘But the fpa want to take parents out of the equation and remove discretion from schools.

‘It’s vital that parents’ views should continue to be respected and that schools should remain sensitive to parental concerns on such a controversial issue.’

A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families insisted that no final decision has been made by ministers on the subject yet.

He said: ‘Effective sex and relationships education is essential for young people to make safe and healthy choices about their lives and prevent early pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

‘That is why Government is currently reviewing the delivery of SRE in schools to improve the quality and consistency of provision to young people.

‘The steering group, jointly chaired by Schools Minister Jim Knight and a member of the UK Youth Parliament, will make recommendations to Government later this month.’


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calendar   Thursday - April 17, 2008

Click clack, stretch snap

High Speed Condom Applicator Named Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2007


Design Indaba update: a condom applicator designed to help AIDS prevention has been named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey.Bey, who was in Cape Town to speak at the Design Indaba conference last week, selected the product from a shortlist of 15 products at the Design Indaba Expo.

The applicator, invented by Willem van Rensburg and designed by industrial designer Roelf Mulder of South Africa’s XYZ Design, allows a condom to be put on easily and rapidly.

The user holds the device with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, pulling the condom down over the penis in a single rapid movement.

See video demonstrations of the product here, in what might be a 10 second TV commercial. It’s cute and smart.

It is hoped the design will encourage the use of condoms, thereby helping reduce the spread of AIDS.  The applicator, which was selected for the SAFE exhibition at MoMA in New York two years ago and is in the museum’s permanent collection is now being marketed and sold under the Pronto brand.

“Pronto Condoms ... the best way to get it on”. No, I am NOT making this up!

Let’s face it, using an ordinary condom is a real pain in the butt. First, you have to tear the pack open, often using your teeth. Then you have to take the condom out of the pack – this is a slippery business at the best of times. Next, you have to figure out which is the right side up, before you can unroll it. By the time the condom’s on, the mood is halfway out the window…

Fortunately, those days are over. Introducing PRONTO, the condom for the new millennium. The PRONTO condom can be applied in a few seconds. And it’s a lot more convenient to use, compared to an ordinary condom. You simply crack the pack open and unroll the condom directly onto the penis. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself, by clicking on the demo

yeah, I found this over at C&S. It took a whole year to get there. 


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calendar   Monday - March 24, 2008

Here we go again!

Detroit Mayor Charged With Perjury After Denying Affair With Assistant


Gosh, does any of this sound in the least bit familiar? We will be hearing about cigars by this time next week? Good grief, what is wrong with politicians?

DETROIT — Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a one-time rising star and Detroit’s youngest elected leader, was charged Monday with perjury and other counts after sexually explicit text messages contradicted his sworn denials of an affair with a top aide.
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy also charged the popular yet polarizing 37-year-old mayor — who adopted the nickname the “Hip-Hop mayor” given to him by comedian Chris Rock — with obstruction of justice and misconduct in office.
Kilpatrick, a Democrat, was to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon and could face up to 15 years in prison and be expelled from office if convicted.
“Some have suggested that the issues in this case are personal or private,” Worthy said. “Our investigation has clearly shown that public dollars were used, people’s lives were ruined, the justice system severely mocked and the public trust trampled on. ... This case is about as far from being a private matter as one can get.”

Kilpatrick defiantly declared his innocence just an hour after the charges were announced.

“This has been a very flawed process from the beginning,” said Kilpatrick at a press conference Monday. “I look forward to complete exoneration.”

Last week, the Detroit City Council voted seven to one to ask Kilpatrick to resign, a city clerk said. The vote was non-binding and Kilpatrick has continued on the job.

Kilpatrick offered an abject apology to his constituents January 30, but remained adamant he would not resign.

“I truly apologize to each and every one of you, individually and to the whole city,” Kilpatrick said in a sometimes emotional televised statement.

Sitting next to his wife, Carlita, he also apologized to “my entire family, and specifically to the four people I love most in this world”—his wife and his sons, 12-year-old twins Jelani and Jalil and 6-year-old Jonas.

This mess started breaking nationally on March 11, just a day or so after the Sptizer fiasco in NY. I didn’t run with that story then, even though Kilpatrick seemed to playing the Race Card as hard as he possibly could. That wasn’t even two weeks ago, and the story seemed to fade away quickly, especially in light of Client #9 and all those shennanigans. But it’s been big news in Detroit for months now. Funny how the biggest scandal in a major city just didn’t get any airplay for most of this time. I guess I just missed it, seeing as I hardly ever watch or read the news. Riiiight.

I think the new NY governor, Patterson, made the best play: take the oath of office, step off the podium, and tell the press that you’ve screwed around on your wife.

Of course, the best best play would be if we had politicians that could keep their pants on. I think it’s something psychological. Do all male married hetero high ranking politicians cheat on their wives? Or just the Democrat ones? Oh look, I’m the leader, I’m the big Alpha Male, I make the law so I’m above the law, I’ve spent my whole elected career making promises I have no intention of keeping - I’m a habitual liar with no respect for the truth and my word is worthless - so why should some promise made in some church be any better? Besides, did you see how she looks when she bends over in that blue dress?

Politicians are pigs.


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Sign of the times

Who Da Baby Daddy?

Sheez. I’m trying to keep this blog light and interesting, but sometimes the “light” part is a real challenge. Get a load of this one:

At-Home Paternity Tests Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

Who needs Maury Povich when paternity tests are now available at Rite Aid, Meijer and other pharmacies for just $29.99?

The Identigene DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit was first rolled out in Washington State, Oregon and California in November last year, according to Rite Aid spokeswoman Ashley Flower. The company continues to evaluate whether it should expand the kits to other states, she said.

According to the Identigene’s Web site, the tests compare genetic information obtained from cheek swabs collected from both the child and the father. The swabs are then sent to the company’s laboratory along with a $119 lab fee. The results are mailed within five business days.

While the tests are believed to be accurate (the company’s Web site says they’re 99 percent accurate), there are some reasons why women and couples may want to consult a professional laboratory for paternity tests
some people, especially married couples, may find the results of paternity tests traumatic.

Gosh, no, really?

Fogg said 60 percent of Identigene’s clients are females. Some users are looking to confirm their own paternity. Almost 30 percent of purchasers buy the test for someone other than themselves, according to the company’s own surveys.

The tests are sold in 1,000 pharmacies nationwide, Fogg said. He said all pharmacies have reported sales and the company is pleased with the interest. The tests are also marketed online and through resellers.

I’m trying so hard not to be an old fart about this. I’m trying really hard to be even handed and not be sexist. But this looks like the Sexual Revolution of the 60s has gone so far that the only thing left is the crows feasting on the eyes of the dead left behind on the battlefield.

Sure, on the one hand it’s really cool that genetic science has progressed to the point that a DNA collection kit can be sold over the counter and a simple test can be quickly and accurately run. The next step would be an “instant” test that would do the job right then and there, without mailing the Qtips in to a lab. Give it a couple years, it’ll happen.

But on the other hand, what does it say about us that such a product exists and is selling so well? Is it the prime example of what Hawthorne would cynically call a “red letter day”? I mean, come on, it was bad enough when Maury and Jerry and all the other sleazebag talk show hosts would drag a bunch of losers out of the hood or the trailer park and subject them to this - oh, plus a makeover - for our beyond-jaded entertainment. But these kits are selling well nationwide. We can no longer sit back in the righteous comfort of our own homes and look down our noses on the human trash on TV. This is everywhere. This is everyone, or it could be. Morality and fidelity are a thing of the past, if they ever really existed at all. “I see it, I want it, I deserve it, I got it”. Actions without consequences, not even thinking about the future until it is far too late.

In a crueller world, picking one of these kits off the store shelf would set off flashing lights and a SLUT ALERT siren. But what’s the point of that anymore, when you’ve got hundreds of thousands of women running to the tattoo parlor to get “tramp stamps” emblazoned on their lower backs, to show off in public, and to give their nameless anonymous mounters (not lovers; there’s no love involved) something to look at while they get it from behind?

We’ve got birth control available in a patch these days. You don’t put the thing on discretely. Hell no, you wear it where it can be seen! You advertise that you’re a free spirited easy lay open to random sexual adventure! It’s cool!! And then one morning you find yourself peeing on a plastic stick and looking for the pink line. And then you decide to be “moral” and have the baby. But still, no worries, you’ve can pick up a little kit in the drug store that will show you who impregnated you. That is, if you can even remember who you’ve been having sex with. If you even knew their names in the first place. And it’s definitely “names”. Plural. You don’t need this kit if you have been fucked by only one guy within the time of your last menstrual cycle. And if you’re going through the boys that fast it isn’t “making love” either. Not by a long shot. My God, the audacity of society, having the nerve to think you would be “true” to just one penis for an entire month. OMFG!!!1! Good thing these kits are available in stores everywhere, right off the shelf. Ooh, I wonder if there’s a coupon in today’s paper? Are they having a Buy One, Get One sale?

We have failed. Utterly. We have raised generations of our daughters without the smallest amount of self respect. No wonder you can’t watch TV for an hour without seeing ads for anti-depression drugs.



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calendar   Tuesday - May 08, 2007

Sex Scandal In DC? I’m Shocked!

There’s nothing like a good politician/prostitute sex scandal in Washington to get the summer started off right ... especially when the “businesswoman” involved runs a high-priced call-girl operation and is cute as a button with little pouty, lipstick-tinted lips, a great figure and good clean looks. Oh ... and if 10,000 politicians in DC are involved that’s just going to give rise to all sorts of foreplay before a criminal trial gets underway ... so to speak.

So lets all settle back and enjoy the ride over the next few weeks as this story plays out. It promises to be a real hoot. Besides, Democrats in Congress need something to distract everyone from the fact that even though they’re now in power in Congress they haven’t managed to accomplish a damn thing due to infighting among themselves and a combative attitude toward the White House.

Politicians and prostitutes. Some things never change. Either way we’re screwed ...

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant (CN)

Alleged DC Madame Threatens To Name Names
(INSIDE EDITION) - April 30, 2007

imageimageDeborah Jeane Palfrey is behind the biggest sex scandal to hit Washington D.C. in years. Palfrey, now more commonly known as the DC Madame, says she is naming names in order to clear her own. “I do not have sufficient monies to undertake this extraordinarily expensive task on my own,” Palfrey said outside a federal court Monday.

Palfrey says she plans to reach into her little black book and call on prominent clients to testify in her defense. Palfrey says she can’t afford the investigation on her own and is turning over her extensive phone records to the media to help identify clients.

Palfrey also apologized to Randall Tobias, former Deputy Secretary of State, who abruptly resigned on Friday after admitting that he called the service. “Allow me to say how genuinely sorry I am for Mr. Tobias, his family and friends. I unfortunately know first hand the impact such a revelation can have on ones life.”

65-year-old Tobias, who is married, denied having sex with any of girls working for Palfrey.  Tobias says he called the service to have the girls come to his swanky condo in the heart of DC and give him massages. Ironically Tobias once worked in a government job promoting abstinence and opposing prostitution to stop the spread of HIV in third world countries.

“Friday’s admission by Mr. Tobias that he engaged in a legal activity while a customer of my firm supports my position all along.  I operated a sexual, albeit legal, business for thirteen years,” Palfrey said.

Palfrey claims her former operation known as Pamela Martin and Associates legally provided sexual fantasy acts but not the illegal prostitution she is charged with.  Palfrey has now turned over 13 years of phone records to ABC News so the media organization can find powerful names to support her claims.

With more than 10,000 names buried within 46 pounds of palfrey’s phone records - all of Washington DC is now waiting to hear the next high profile name to be identified. 


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