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calendar   Saturday - March 30, 2013

One Up, One Down

Life In The Smooth Lane

On the one hand ...

Brazilian Bikini Waxes Make Crab Lice Endangered Species

Pubic lice, the crab-shaped insects that have dwelled in human groins since the beginning of history, are disappearing. Doctors say bikini waxing may be the reason.

“It used to be extremely common; it’s now rarely seen,” said Basil Donovan, head of sexual health at the University of New South Wales’s Kirby Institute and a physician at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. “Without doubt, it’s better grooming.”

The trend suggests an alternative way of stemming one of the globe’s most contagious sexually transmitted infections. Pubic lice are usually treated with topical insecticides, which once included toxic ones developed before and during World War 2. While they aren’t known to spread disease, itchy skin reactions and subsequent infections make pubic lice a hazardous pest.

And yet, on the other hand ...

Bikini waxes and Brazilians ‘behind rise in STI warts’

Shaving the pubic region causes ‘micro-trauma’ of the skin, boosting the chance of a pox virus called Molluscum contagiosum, say the French experts.

The virus causes water warts, small pink bubbles which can break out over the body. These warts are relatively common in children as the virus can be spread by normal skin-on-skin contact.

However, it is also passed on during sexual activity, and over the last decade the incidence of this type of infection has been on the rise.

French doctors wanted to know if this rise was linked to the growing fashion for ‘Brazilians’ and other forms of pubic hair removal.

They looked through records of visits to a private skin clinic in Nice from January 2011 to March 2012, and identified 30 cases of water warts infection. All but two of the 30 patients had undergone pubic hair removal. Twenty of the 28 had been shaved, five clipped and three waxed.

In four cases the warts had spread to the abdomen and in one they had spread to the thighs.

Writing in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, they warned: “Hair removal (especially shaving) could favour its acquisition, propagation and transmission by micro-traumatisms.”

They said the reason for opting for pubic hair removal remained “unclear”, “but may be linked with internet-based pornography”.

“Another reason cited is an increased sexual sensation. There may also be psychological reasons, as an unconscious desire to simulate an infantile look or a desire to distance ourselves from our animal nature.”


The trend, they noted, was “also growing among men”. In fact, 24 of the 30 cases were in men.

On the third hand, it could be because French men have discovered manscaping but have not yet discovered soap.
On the fourth hand, it’s generally the under 35 set doing all this trimming and waxing, and they’re the ones having all the sex anyway. And if smooth is the style, Harry Balszac won’t be getting much, so he won’t be impacting the stats too much.
On the fifth hand, basing a medical opinion on a survey of less than 3 dozen Nice smoothies isn’t too smart.
6th hand says: 2/3 of the infected had shaved? Hey Jacques, clean your damn razor!


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calendar   Wednesday - March 27, 2013

Nothing to CLAP about

We’re so screwed now ...

CDC: 19.7 Million NEW Cases of VD In USA

110 Million STIs Total

Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Grads

According to new data released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19.7 million new venereal infections in the United States in 2008, bringing the total number of existing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. at that time to 110,197,000.

The 19.7 million new STIs in 2008 vastly outpaced the new jobs and college graduates created in the United States that year or any other year on record, according to government data. The competition was not close.

The STI study referenced by the CDC estimated that 50 percent of the new infections in 2008 occurred among people in the 15-to-24 age bracket. In fact, of the 19,738,800 total new STIs in the United States in 2008, 9,782,650 were among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket.

The study focused on estimating the incidences of sexual transmission of particular diseases as opposed to other forms of transmission. For example, it did not include HIV infections that were not sexually transmitted. It also counted the number of infections rather than the number of people infected.

“When calculating the number of prevalent and incident infections, only those infections that were sexually transmitted were counted,” said the CDC fact sheet. “In general, CDC estimated the total number of infections in the calendar year, rather than the number of individuals with infection, since one person can have more than one STI at a given time (e.g., HPV and chlamydia) or more than one episode of a single STI (e.g., repeat chlamydia infection).”

The most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States in 2008 was human papillomavirus (HPV) [genital warts], which caused 14,100,000 estimated infections that year.

After HPV, in order of magnitude, according to the study, new STIs in the U.S. in 2008 included 2,860,000 new Chlamydia infections; 1,090,000 new Trichomoniasis infections; 820,000 new Gonorrhea infections; 776,000 new Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2) infections; 55,400 new syphilis infections; 41,400 new HIV infections; and 19,000 new Hepatitis B infections.

Trichomoniasis? Crivens, I’d never even heard of that one; had to look it up. Hootchie bugs!

And I’m thinking, hey isn’t it STDs not STIs? No, because this study counted instances. How many times you had the whatever. Which could be lots if you keep getting reinfected somehow. Yeah, somehow.

Damn, people. Use those condoms.


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calendar   Monday - January 14, 2013

How do you strip a dead knight of the honor? Award another 1 and take that 1 away. say what?

Once upon a time, there was this really weird looking guy named Jimmy Savile.  He was a major act here in the UK once upon a time. Very major.
He died last year an old man and almost immediately, stories began to surface about his abuse of and sexual attacks upon youngsters of both sexes, as well as teens and a few women too.  There have been people now coming forward from 30 and 40 years ago who claim to have been abused by him. The numbers grow day by day.

It has been written that his influence was such, that even though there were some who were aware, they said nothing.  Police have been accused of not listening to the few who did tell stories of abuse, but either were not believed, or were told to “belt up” as nobody would believe your story.

Savile apparently was a law unto himself, or so the story now being told goes.

As more and more people come forward to claim victimhood, the police have shifted into high gear and have been arresting all sorts of former big name entertainers who are “suspected” of sexual harassment.  That could be nothing more than a grope or pat on the bottom, unwelcome as that may be.  Almost anyone who may have worked with Savile or might have been a friend or a friend of an acquaintance 100 times removed, is under suspicion and arrest and bailed.
Please note dear reader, NONE of those pulled in so far have actually been found to be guilty of anything as yet.  In other words, the continuing investigation of Jimmy Savile has spread the net wide and is snaring all sorts of everyman.

One poor fellow, a weatherman, was off on holiday with family.  Somehow his name came up and the kops in several cars like something out of Hollywood, went to his house at 6:30 one fine morning, and battered down the front door.  Ooops. Nobody home.

Savile had done a lot of charitable work and raised millions for various causes.  No doubt he had his own agenda, if even half of what’s being published is true.
He had very popular TV shows back in his heyday, and so naturally youngsters were attracted to him and his fame.  One of his shows was aimed at the young in fact, and the format called for some lucky kid to appear with him to have a problem fixed. That show was called, “Jim’ll Fix It” and ran on the BBC from 1975 to 94. And here’s where things really get interesting.  You see ….

Some of the abuse is supposed to have taken place on BBC premises.  Did any of the management know what he was doing?  Did anyone suspect and keep quiet?

Do any of you hear the footfall of the gathering lawyers?  I thought you might.

A year ago when he died the nation was almost in a state of national mourning, with tributes and remembrances.  But then, then some voices were heard.  Faint at first. Only the odd one or two and then three.  Soon the number grew and there were a dozen as the storm gathered strength. And then more and then more yet until, the numbers grew to a hundred – two hundred – and before we knew it there were 450 reported cases of sex abuse carried out by the fallen hero who it is now claimed, used his work as a volunteer celeb in a children’s hospital to have access to the vulnerable. And this went on for 50 years, many claim. Ah yes. the claims.

His estate is valued at something like 4 plus million pounds.  In American dollars that’d be about $6,435,657.  You will not be surprised to learn that the estate funds have been frozen pending possible payouts for lawsuits.  You also will not be surprised to know that the numbers of accusers continues to grow.

Once upon a time, Jimmy Savile was knighted. Oh yes. A very big man indeed. SIR, Jimmy Savile.
And now things get totally bizarre and totally stupid but then I must remember where I am these days.

The powers that be want him stripped of his knighthood. Should be easy enough. Ya think?

Here’s the headline from today’s paper. And the story.

Revealed: Bizarre plan to give Jimmy Savile a second knighthood so he can be stripped of it publicly

· An OBE or knighthood expires when a person dies but title ‘Sir’ is still used

· Honours Forfeiture Committee may award Savile another knighthood so he can be stripped of it publicly

By Tara Brady

Sir Jimmy Savile could be awarded a posthumous knighthood – so he can then be stripped of it.
The bizarre plan is being considered by the Honours Forfeiture Committee because knighthoods cannot be removed from people who have died.
Those given a knighthood are awarded lifetime membership to a ‘living order’ and the title no longer exists when the holder dies.

A Whitehall source told The Sunday Times: ‘The forfeiture committee is certainly looking at the issue.’
The TV host, who died last year aged 84, was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 1990 - an award which followed the OBE he was given for services to charity and broadcasting in 1971.

The Queen has the power to remove honours after they have been recommended by the forfeiture committee.

A report published this week by Scotland Yard and NSPCC said he DJ spent ‘every waking minute’ thinking about abusing children and used his celebrity status to that end. Eighteen girls and ten boys aged under ten were abused – the youngest being a boy of eight targeted at his school.
Allegations of sexual assault have been made by 450 individuals, aged up to 47, and some have yet to be interviewed.
The 214 confirmed offences included 34 rapes and stretch across 28 police force areas. The most recent was in 2009 but they date back as far as 1955.
Lawyers for the victims have already instigated compensation claims against the BBC, NHS and education authorities for failing to stop the serial predator. The payouts could run into millions of pounds.
Victims said it was shocking it had taken so long to expose the DJ’s predatory behaviour.
They said senior managers who missed opportunities to stop him should be named and shamed.



Hang on there. If they give him another one and take it away, would that not still leave the original? So his dead body would still be?
A dead knight?

OK, by this time you might think that’s all there is. And probably so, for now.
But read this take.  And Mr. Glover is I think, quite right. With all that’s come out, guilt isn’t in question but … here. 

Forgive me asking, but how do the police know Savile spent ‘every waking minute’ planning abuse?



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calendar   Sunday - December 23, 2012

Too Sexual?

While getting some last minute things at the grocery store, I saw this week’s issue of People magazine for sale. The cover features a montage of all the little children and the teachers killed in the Newtown massacre. Frankly I was grossed out by it. Leave these people alone. Stop trying to make either sales or political capital from this horror. The magazines and the networks can cry “nation in mourning” all they want. It’s BS. They’re using it to make a buck and to push their agendas. And that’s disgusting.

So in a small fit of pique I turned the top issue around in the rack. Let everybody look at the back cover instead.

And I damn near had a heart attack.



‘Tis the season for perfume ads, and they’re always over the top. But this one is just so far ... beyond ... it leaves the others in the dust. I’m no prude, but in my opinion this is nearly pornographic. Every picture tells a story, and this one says Mr. Hunky just got done screwing young Blondie stupid, and now he’s ready for you. Either that, or he’ll be back on her the moment you look away. Hot? Not? Scary? Not sure how I’m reacting, but I almost feel like an intruder. Oh, and of course the symbolism in the background, just in case we couldn’t pick up on the overtly sexual message. Little Miss Mons and her almost-toe, nearly flashing her smoothie as she tries to catch her breath. Uh huh. Yeah, I’d spend $90 for 3 and a half ounces of that. Sure I would.

It isn’t even a new picture. David Gandy (Mr. Hunky) and Anna Jagodzinska (Smoothie screwed stupid) did the photos back in 2010.

But ... damn. DAMN!!

What ads did you see this season that were just ... beyond blatant? Is that hot, or not? Is it necessary, to cut through the sexual clutter that’s out there these days? And if it is necessary, what comes next?

Eh, what’s that you say? More David Gandy? Sure thing. Coming right up!

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Saturday - November 24, 2012

drunken sex in the back of taxi? in Dubai?  what were they thinking? oh right.

oops. naughty, naughty.

Wouldn’t you think that they would think. Where am I?

Sorry about the scan photo. Quality could be better but only if I had the software. Which I don’t. And what I do have, I don’t know how to use to the fullest. That’s cos instructions seem always to be writ for folks what has already got geek smarts.
Heck, this photo says enough as it is.  And btw, this isn’t the first time Westerners have gotten them selves into trouble over there, for doing exactly this. Or being accused of it anyway.  And they almost always seem to blame their excess drinking. Gotta wonder bout them.
Anyway, to be quite truthful here, I also liked the picture.  Hey, a real female. Not stick thin and made up to the nines. Not perfect but so damn pleasing to these old eyes anyway.

British woman faces jail for having sex in back of taxi in Dubai

A British woman was sentenced to three months in jail and then deportation after being convicted of having drunken sex in the back of taxi in Dubai.

By Richard Alleyne


Rebecca Blake, 29, and Irish man Conor McRedmond, 28, who had only met that day, were said to have stripped naked and indulged in sexual intercourse after a 10 hour drinking session.

The pair claimed they were just hugging and that the taxi driver had only reported them because they had caught him taking them a long way home.
But the Dubai Misdemeanours Court found them guilty after the driver and a police man insisted they were being rather more intimate.

The pair have been released on bail pending an appeal hearing which could see the sentence suspended in January but they will have to spend Christmas in Dubai as their passports have been taken away.

Their lawyer Shaker Al Shammary said: “They are not guilty on the sex charges and will not go to jail.”

Blake, a recruitment consultant from Dorking in Surrey, and McRedmond, a welder from Tullamore in County Offaly, were arrested on May 4 after meeting just hours earlier in a hotel bar.

The pair had been knocking back glasses of white wine and vodka at a drink-all-you-like £35-a-head brunch in the Rotana Hotel.
When the brunch finished at 4pm, the pair moved on to the happy hour at the hotel bar before carrying on drinking at the Irish Village pub nearby.

Blake, who admitted drinking four glasses of vodka and five glasses of wine, caught a taxi at 10.30pm outside the bar with McRedmond, who had guzzled “six or seven” vodka drinks.
The Pakistani taxi driver Qaiser Khan, 29, told the court in a written statement that the couple seemed confused and repeatedly changed their minds about where they were going while McRedmond swigged from a bottle.

He said: “I told him it was not allowed to have alcohol inside the taxi but he drank it and threw the bottle out of the window.
“The next thing, I looked in the mirror and saw the woman sitting on the man’s thighs.

“She was naked, moving up and down and making sounds.”
Mr Khan said Blake moaned for two minutes while writhing on top of McRedmond.
He pulled over when he spotted a police patrol car and called officer Abdullah Obaid Khamis over by beeping his horn and saying: “Come and see what they are doing.”

In his witness statement, Mr Khamis said he found the pair still having sex and interrupted them by tapping on the window.
He said: “They kept having sex for four minutes and then I knocked on the glass so they stopped and got dressed.
“The man’s shirt was open, his trousers were down to his knees and the woman was not wearing any underwear.”

The taxi driver claimed Blake offered him “a lot of money” to tell prosecutors the couple were kissing rather than having sex but he refused.
In the couple’s defence, Mr Al Shammary said at the last hearing that there were gaping inconsistencies in the witness accounts. Neither witness gave evidence in the trial, although their statements were submitted to judges in the misdemeanours court.

The lawyer said the pair could not have been having sex because Blake was on her period at the time, adding: “This is Dubai, not a mosque. Everyone drinks.”
The pair pleaded not guilty to charges of having consensual sex and indecency, which related to stripping off in public, but were convicted on both counts.
They are the latest Britons to fall foul of the United Arab Emirates’ strict Islamic laws preventing drunkenness in public and sex outside marriage.

In 2008, Vince Acors, 38, and Michelle Palmer, 40, were convicted of indecency and jailed for three months after being caught having sex on a beach. The sentence was suspended on appeal.
In 2009 Charlotte Adams and Ayman Najafi spent a month behind bars after an Emirati woman complained they were kissing in public.



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calendar   Thursday - October 11, 2012

maid in france or made in france?  ooh lala. a loverly sex scandal? the horny left?

There’s hardly anything more prurient, more interesting, maybe erotic even, then a nice political sex scandal. Or even the rumour of one will do.
But … when it’s Made in France, or should it be Maid in France?  Well.
OOh- lala.

Seems France’s newest first lady has been hot stuff, high drive in more ways then one the paper says.  Not that there’s anything untoward recently, but the past of the pretty 47 year old Valerie Trierweiler is not just all over the press in France.  It’s news here too. Of course it is. Why shouldn’t it be?  Look at that nice leg in the photo.

The hard copy headline read, but wait. You can see it for yourselves.


See?  Now isn’t that so … so ….?  Ah. So French. Gotta love it.
Bit unfair of the Mail however to suggest a 6 way thing, as if she was in bed with a group all at the same time.  Which she wasn’t, unless I misunderstand the term, ‘ménage.’
Anyway .... I just think the whole thing is a gas. As in, it’s funny.  My twisted sense of humor I guess but darn it, it is a laff.

So here’s the entire story about the lady of the leg the French people refer to as, “ The Rottweiler.” She isn’t a popular lady in La Belle France.
But who cares?  So long as it isn’t Jane Fonda, piss be upon her, I like looking at pretty women with nice legs.  And they do not have to be young ones either. Although I don’t care for her politics, heck, Helen Mirren looked good at 60.

btw … France doesn’t actually have a “First Lady” in the American sense although it’s often written that way.

France’s First Lady three-timed husband with the President and married right-winger (and the rival politicians KNEW they were sharing a mistress)


· France’s First Lady had affair with arch right-winger Patrick Devedjian
· After he refused to leave his wife for her, she concentrated on Mr Hollande
· Both politicians knew they were sleeping with the same mistress
· Details revealed in unauthorised biography of Miss Trierweiler

By Peter Allen
They have always been seen as a nation of lovers, happy to give in to their passions and turn a blind eye to the indiscretions of others.
But the latest revelations about the sexual goings-on at the top of their political establishment have shattered the usual French sangfroid.
It emerged yesterday that the First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler, had been at the centre of an astonishing ‘menage a six’.

Miss Trierweiler, it was revealed, had been the shared mistress of Francois Hollande, now the country’s Socialist president, and a married conservative minister, Patrick Devedjian.
Not only that, but she was still married to her husband at the time.
And more controversially still, Mr Hollande was at the time living with Segolene Royal, the mother of his four children and a senior Socialist politician in her own right.
This is the first time that details of 47-year-old Miss Trierweiler’s passionate affair with Right-winger Mr Devedjian, now 68, have been made public.
She was sleeping with Mr Devedjian at the same time as seeing Left-winger Mr Hollande, now 58.
Miss Trierweiler frequently asked Mr Devedjian, who is still a senior member of the opposition UMP coalition, to leave his wife of more than 30 years for her, and when he refused she concentrated her affections on Mr Hollande.

ncredibly, Mr Devedjian and Mr Hollande both knew they were sleeping with the same mistress, and developed ‘a great respect for each other’.
Details of the complicated affairs are contained in La Frondeuse (The Rebellious One), an unauthorised biography of Miss Trierweiler by the French political writers Christophe Jakubyszyn and Alix Bouilhaguet, which comes out today.
They were also publicised across France yesterday, with respected newspapers including Le Figaro and broadcasters carrying the story.

In an interview with French magazine Point Of View, Mr Jakubyszyn said Mr Devedjian and Miss Trierweiler enjoyed ‘an intimate relationship which lasted a number of years. At the time, both of them were married. They hesitated in making the big jump, to change their life.

‘Patrick Devedjian dilly-dallied so much that Valerie Trierweiler was left to be seduced by a second man from another political side – Francois Hollande.’
Mr Jakubyszyn, who also presents a political programme on French television, said that ‘little by little, the relationship with Hollande took over the other one’.


In 2003 Miss Trierweiler gave Mr Devedjian ‘an ultimatum’ to leave his wife, Sophie, an army general’s daughter with whom he has four children. But Mr Devedjian ‘would not give in’ and leave Sophie, whom he had married in 1969, said Mr Jakubyszyn.

Miss Trierweiler was at the time married to her second husband, her fellow Paris Match magazine journalist Denis Trierweiler, with whom she has three sons.
The Trierweiler divorce was not applied for until 2007, before being sealed in 2010, meaning Miss Trierweiler would effectively have been seeing at least three men at one stage.

Mr Jakubyszyn said that Mr Hollande and Mr Devedjian – who he said ‘maintained a great respect for each other’ – were at one stage general secretaries of their respective parties.

Miss Trierweiler, who was a political affairs reporter while sleeping with the two men, would have accordingly been party to some intriguing pillow talk from across the political spectrum.

Mr Hollande did not ‘officially’ break up with Miss Royal until after she unsuccessfully ran for the presidency in 2007.
The pair regularly paraded themselves as a couple up until this year, but it is now clear that Mr Hollande had taken Miss Trierweiler as a mistress many years before.
Mr Devedjian is a close personal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, the conservative UMP president who was defeated by Mr Hollande in the May presidential election.
Since then, Miss Trierweiler – nicknamed ‘Valerie Rottweiler’ and ‘First Concubine’ by the French media – has become one of the most unpopular first ladies in recent history.

have fun.  see more read more


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calendar   Monday - August 27, 2012

what my caption for this?  sex?  guess so. wish I’d found something funnier

I’m not too sure if this is funny. What I do know is, it’s in tomorrows paper which is on line now. It’s about the weirdest thing I ever heard of, and in fact I never heard of this before.
Hesitated before posting it here then thought hey. Why not?  Might get some discussion going. Or more likely a few pithy comments.

Speaking of which, take a look at the on line comments to this story.  Many of them are very funny.  I don’t understand why anyone would make it public though. Kinda personal don’t you think?

This is a good a story to end my day with as any.  So here.

Woman who has up to 100 orgasms a DAY left in agony as even doing housework can trigger a climax

Kim Ramsey, 44, has incurable Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
Orgasms brought on by slightest pelvic movement

By Nick Enoch

Some people fake them, others ache for them but for one woman, the big ‘O’ is the bane of her life… as she has to endure up to 100 orgasms a day.

Kim Ramsey, 44, has a medical condition which makes her feel constantly aroused.

Even the slightest pelvic movement - on a train, in a car, doing domestic chores - can trigger a climax, but the sheer volume has left her tired, in pain and unable to have a normal relationship.

Ms Ramsey, a nurse originally from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD).

Doctors believe the incurable syndrome was caused by an accident in 2001 when she fell down some stairs.

This may have led to a Tarlov cyst on her spine, at the point where a woman’s orgasm originates.

‘Other women wonder how to have an orgasm - I wonder how to stop mine,’ she told The Sun.

Ms Ramsey, who has since moved to Montclair, New Jersey, first noticed the problem in 2008 after having sex with a new boyfriend.

She said: ‘I had constant orgasms for four days. I thought I was going mad.

‘We tried everything to make it stop. Squats, deep breathing, I even sat on frozen peas but the orgasms and sexual arousal continued for 36 hours - I must have had around 200 orgasms during that period. The pain and exhaustion was excruciating.’

Ms Ramsey said she now finds it hard to go about her daily life as she is worried she will not be able to control the sexual arousal.

She said she no longer feels like she has control over her own body: ‘Imagine feeling aroused for no reason other than you got up that day.

‘I’ve even had one in public. I was travelling home on the train and it was a bit of a bumpy ride.

‘Every jerk of the train or vibration made me more aroused and it was a 40-minute journey so there was nothing I could do.

‘I just had to bite my lip and sit on my hands and hope no one noticed.’

Although the sensations experienced during PGAD may seem like arousal, they are not actually based in any sexual desire, thoughts or behaviour, and it is unconnected to libido.

Any pressure on the genitals can result in increased intensity - and also bring on the urge to urinate.

Due to shame, guilt and fear of rejection, it is not clear how many people have the condition, as some patients may suffer in silence.

Ms Ramsey added: ‘Both women and men just don’t seem to get it - they seem to think it’s a great thing and, believe me, it’s really not.’

Despite going to several specialists about her condition, doctors remain unable to help.

The condition is very rare and there has so far been very little research into it.

Ms Ramsey only received an official diagnosis, in Pennsylvania, in June and will travel to London next month to see a PGAD expert.

She said: ‘At the moment I am able to work. But without the correct treatment this condition can limit my ability to work. I don’t want that. It’s already destroyed my chance of having a relationship.’

Here’s a few examples from Mail readers.

Does she have a ciggie after each one???!!!

- RobD, Meerkovo, 27/8/2012 16:12

I bet there’s 100’s of women throwing themselves downstairs right now!!!

- Keith, Kettering, 27/8/2012 16:02

Poor woman she makes a myth of the old sayings’ dont begin without me’ !!!!!!!!!!!!and ‘it only hurts when I laugh’!!!!!!!!!

- minnie, east midlands, 27/8/2012 13:25

My wife suffers from a form of this,only with her she orgasms when she sneezes and leaves her totally weak. When her sister asked her what do you take for it she replied… pepper!

- Sid Custard, Cobbletree court, 27/8/2012



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calendar   Tuesday - August 21, 2012

When Girls Gone Wild Grow Up

Newswoman wins lawsuit against Hustler over photo of her naked in bar

Because anything can happen in a courtroom. This one doesn’t sound proper to me in the least.

CLEVELAND – An Ohio TV newswoman has won a lawsuit against Hustler over publication of a photograph showing her dancing naked in a wet T-shirt contest.

The Plain Dealer newspaper reports a federal jury Thursday sided with Catherine Bosley and her husband over an image taken at a Florida bar in 2003. The jury awarded them $135,000 plus attorney fees.

Bosley and her husband gained rights to her contest photos after a photographer posted them online. She resigned from WKBN-TV in Youngstown and now works at WOIO-TV in Cleveland.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine printed one of the photos in 2006. The 2008 lawsuit claimed the publication failed to get Bosley’s permission to print the photo. Hustler’s attorneys argued they didn’t need permission.

It’s unclear if Hustler Inc. will appeal the decision.

This is just one of the many pictures of her in the process of getting naked - fully 100% starkers, smoothie and implants showing, AND LOVING IT in front of a crowd - in this so-called competition that can be found in milliseconds online. [ OOPS SORRY, PICTURE REDACTED UNDER THREAT OF LAWSUIT. ] ( WTF, get your hoo-hoo out for the world to see and to photograph, then go lawyer happy when everyone actually looks. Digitally. Give me a break. She didn’t look naked to me in the picture. Trashed, low class, mostly showing, but not your actual naked. And now the prude routine? Please.)

And she wasn’t underage when she did it, or even just 19 or in college. From what I’ve seen, the contest looks like some MILFy thing and she and the other women involved were in their mid 30s at least.  So what gives?

Somebody took pictures, then posted them online where they remain today ... then she “acquired” the rights to them ... after they were released into the public domain ... and then she sued a skin mag and won when they got published? EXCUSE ME. Nuh uh. Talk to the hand. Puh Leez. Once it’s out in the PD, you CAN"T own it. Sor-ree.

Hell, I think I should own the words “the” and “is”. Cuz I feel like it. Now everytime anyone says or writes those words, they owe me $1. Each. Oh hella yeah. Where is that jury???

If she wants to be suing someone, she should be suing her former employer that saw fit to fire her over this fully legal activity she took part in on her own time while not on the job. Personally, I think it’s about time the whole damn country learns to STEP OFF and STFU about a bit of skin. We all have some, down under the clothes. And lots of folks let lots of it ... sometimes all of it ... sometimes all of it in the most personal ways imaginable ... be seen in public. Or for profit. And you know what? It ain’t none of your damn business. None.

So the TV network firing her? The schools canning the pretty young teachers who flashed some titty online or in a sext message ... whether when they were employed as a teacher or not ... AIN’T NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. People have their bodies and their sexuality and they have the right to express and exercise them however they feel like. As long as it isn’t illegal, and wasn’t forced ... then MYOB. It’s called freedom. And no one in this country should ever be punished for exercising freedom of any kind.

There, another fairly quick post with a debatable issue. You go Drew.


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her instrument needed tuning

Except for movie star eye candy, BMEWS doesn’t pay much if any attention to Hollywood happenings. Dates and divorces and affairs are better left to the blogs and TV programs that cater to stardom and star-watching.

Having said all that, I read part of a longish article this morning on the coming divorce of Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes.
There was one part, just a couple of lines, that caught my interest.  It was bound to cos it was bound up in sex and who can resist that topic?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: marriage impossible?

Did a long-running conflict over which religious upbringing was best for their daughter lead to the breakdown of Hollywood’s most curious relationship?

By Philip Sherwell

Even by the standards of celebrity effusiveness, it was a cringingly embarrassing on-air declaration of love.
In an impressive imitation of a hyperactive child, Tom Cruise jumped up and down on the famous sofa of talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and professed his devotion for his new girlfriend, Katie Holmes.

That was seven years and countless red carpets and glossy magazine covers ago – a lifetime in showbusiness circles, and also, it turns out, for the marriage of Hollywood’s most curious couple sometimes known as “TomKat” for short.

For on Friday came the news that Holmes had filed for divorce – the final act for a union that had been as widely mocked as it was obsessively monitored.
At the time, Holmes’s husband was 2,600 miles away, working in Iceland on a new film called Oblivion. And he was apparently oblivious to her plans until shortly before her lawyers lodged the paperwork in New York.

( I might be a bit unfair here but, now perhaps he has some idea how Nicole Kidman felt learning second hand that he was divorcing her.  That’s what we all read anyway, and nobody seemed to be denying it. )

It was an unwanted early birthday present for Cruise, who turns 50 on Tuesday. The couple have not been seen together for months, prompting speculation about the marriage. His refusal to leave the remote film set to celebrate his milestone birthday with his family was said to have been the final straw for his 33-year-old wife, with whom he has a six-year-old daughter, Suri.

An underlying cause of the split seems to have been a crisis of faith for Holmes, over her husband’s devotion to Scientology.

But she is said to have clashed with him over whether their daughter would be raised a Scientologist. Indeed, Holmes has reportedly applied for “primary residential custody” of the six year-old.

Prior to the couple’s lavish 2006 wedding, in an Italian castle with a star-studded guestlist that included David and Victoria Beckham, critics of Scientology ran a “Free Katie” campaign, with slogans including “Run, Katie, Run!”

Their domestic arrangements are further complicated by Tom’s sister, Cass Mapother, living in the couple’s Beverly Hills home, along with her three sons, and Tom’s adopted children Conor, 17, and 19-year-old Isabella, from his second marriage, to actress Nicole Kidman. Holmes was said to feel excluded and lonely. Her close friendship with Victoria Beckham, which emerged soon after David signed to LA Galaxy, ended when it became apparent that the Beckhams would not sign up to Scientology.

Okay .... this was the fun part.  Tom’s first wife sure has a way with words. Woo-Hoo. Take a look.

His first marriage, to actress and fellow Scientologist Mimi Rogers, had ended after two years, in 1990.


Rogers later bemoaned that Cruise acted like a monk in the bedroom.

“He thought that he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument,

but my instrument needed tuning and we had to split,” she said.



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calendar   Thursday - June 21, 2012

white girls groomed for sex … update as guilty vermin ring the race bell.

This is a sickening update on an earlier story that has to do with a gang grooming and using young white girls for prostitution as well as their own perverted needs.
If I seem to be stressing white girls I’ll be plain and direct.

It would be every single bit as rotten if they were not.  This is a miserable and disgusting story about a like group who happened to target white girls specifically.
There is some outrage but so far there is no evidence of any white ppl burning cars or raiding and looting stores and nobody has so far tried to burn down the muslim part the city these vermin lived in.  Now if the girls were either black or muslim, oh then you’d see the whites out rioting along side their muzzie friends, carrying red and green flags and banners. 

Last time there was any sort of update, we weren’t made aware of just who the gang leader was. That has just appeared today. His name couldn’t be released until today.

There has always been crime and there certainly has been child abuse and all that attends it. But I can not shake the feeling that the UK has imported these gremlins.  Like it isn’t bad enough there are plenty of home grown SOBs walking around free looking for their next victim.

Yeah, we all recognize that in too many cases young girls bring much grief upon themselves.  Maybe their parents aren’t parenting. Who knows.
But this sort of thing is a deliberate and planned assault on naive and foolish youngsters, who at that age really don’t know which end is up. (NO pun)

For those of you new to the site, see the link below for photos.

Ringleader of Rochdale sex grooming gang is finally unmasked as he is found guilty of another 30 counts of child rape

Shabir Ahmed, 59, led child sex exploitation ring of nine men who targeted vulnerable young girls in Rochdale and Oldham
He was jailed for 19 years last month following an 11-week trial
Ahmed - known to his victims by the nickname ‘Daddy’ - could not be named as he was awaiting trial on separate child rape charges



The ringleader of a gang of Asian men who groomed young white girls for sex can finally be unmasked after he was found guilty of 30 child rape charges.

Shabir Ahmed, 59, led a child sex exploitation ring of nine men who targeted vulnerable young girls in the Rochdale and Oldham areas of Greater Manchester.

He was jailed for 19 years last month following an 11-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

But Ahmed - known to his victims by the nickname ‘Daddy’ - could not be named as he was awaiting trial on separate child rape charges.

Today he was convicted of 30 charges of rape by a jury at Manchester Crown Court and Judge Mushtaq Khokhar lifted reporting restrictions, which means he can be identified for the first time.

The court heard that he raped and sexually abused a young Asian girl over many years.

He treated her as a ‘possession’ which he used for his own sexual gratification, the court was told.

Ahmed, formerly of Oldham, wearing a black Lonsdale tracksuit top, smirked as the jury returned the unanimous verdicts.

Judge Gerald Clifton, who sentenced Ahmed in Liverpool, said the gang treated their victims ‘as though they were worthless and beyond any respect’.

Ahmed was violent and dominated his victim, a jury of six men and six women was told in his latest trial.

Rachel Smith, opening the case for the prosecution, said Ahmed repeatedly raped the victim for more than a decade.

Miss Smith said: ‘She tried to make him stop, but it was to no avail.’

She said the victim was eventually forced to submit to him and the abuse happened on an almost weekly basis.

‘The defendant was a violent and controlling man,’ said Miss Smith, adding that he dominated his victim and would subject her to extreme violence.

The judge said some of the men claimed their arrest ‘was triggered by race’.

But, he added: ‘That is nonsense. What triggered this prosecution was your lust and greed.’

Ahmed and the nine other men were convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16.

He was also convicted of two counts of rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault and a count of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation.

He was previously banned from the court for his sentencing hearing because of his threatening behaviour and for calling the Judge Clifton a ‘racist bastard’.

Judge Clifton called the defendant an ‘unpleasant and hypocritical bully’.

In his latest trial, Ahmed rounded on the jury, police, the prosecutor, the media, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and made personal comments about a Crown Prosecution Service case worker.

He claimed in court that the case against him was a racist conspiracy.



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calendar   Friday - February 24, 2012

when rape isn’t rape but only sexual assault

This is going to take a wee bit of doing.  I started out on Feb. 6.

I came across this story while searching for something totally unrelated. In fact, it’s been a few weeks since I discovered it, and I’ve been trying to get more info and figure out if a story that’s at least three yrs old is worth posting. I discovered while searching that while the story isn’t new, there’s still quite a bit of interest in it. 

Either rape was committed or it wasn’t.  Do we assume it didn’t happen because the guys were not found guilty of rape?  Wasn’t there any DNA testing, assuming the girl reported it quickly enough?  Why isn’t sexual assault, with the emphasis on the word ‘assault,’ seen as seriously as rape itself?  Surely the intent is there even if the act of rape did not happen.  But there’s some evidence it did, depending on who you read perhaps.  One thing seems clear though.
Sports are very important in the great state of Texas and especially in the town this sorry story takes place in. Because reading all I have read and there are million links it seems, rape takes a back seat to sports and a lesson for girls in Tx.  Don’t go accusing sports heroes of sexual assault.

The story in a nutshell is, a cheerleader refused to cheer on a player who she claimed raped her. She was 16 at the time.  So she was thrown off the cheer squad, of which she was captain.  Her alleged rapist admitted sexual assault but not rape, at least that was how it ended.  The girl’s parents now must pay out $45,000 as you will read.  The courts say her dad brought frivolous claims.
I suppose not many men get raped often enough to impress law courts.

Wouldn’t you think that the school authorities could have used some common sense and shown a bit of humanity (gasp) toward the young lady and allowed her to remain silent rather then cheer the sub human who assaulted her?  There were four, we are told but only one rape with the others holding and or groping.  Two are unnamed due to their tender age.

It was reported that she was seen kissing someone and that she’d been drinking.
If we choose to accept that she was a bit high, and I doubt it but then that’s just me, is it any less rape?  Is it okay to assault a woman if she’s drunk? 
Of course it isn’t.  Well, unless you’re a high profile athlete.  Then rape is downgraded to assault.  ????

This article is one of very many.  I first found the story while surfing and landed on a newspaper web site. The story wasn’t a long one but what I read lead to much more. In fact, I got in touch with the writer of the article which dated to last year, and have found more since he wrote of the episode.

The town the girl lives in has turned against her in the most frightful fashion. I could hardly believe what I was reading. She’s been verbally abused and those who have come forward to defend her, have themselves been abused. You can read all of it but I’m just venting here. And I repeat, there is evidence of rape.

In between reading the above and reading the local papers here in the UK, I came across a story of a 13 year old rape victim. Not a case of he said she said at all. In fact, her 14 year old rapist bastard was free after doing the same to another girl only recently.  But the girl was horribly bullied on line by people who for whatever reason, seemed to believe the damned rapist was the victim. Or they wanted to.  The girl’s mom had to drive her to school, and the car was pelted with,, I forget what it was. Threats were made to attack the home etc. Names called, you can imagine. Girl gets raped so she becomes the slut.
What a rotten totally empty headed and cruel place this advanced planet has become.

Oh, and in yet another rape case here in the UK, a rapist was finally deported back to the land of monkeys and apes, and it only took NINE YEARS! Ah. Progress.

Forced to Cheer for Her Attacker

A Texas girl accused her school’s star athlete of rape—and was kicked off her squad for refusing to cheer for him. Jessica Bennett reports from a town still divided three years later.

She was blonde and blue-eyed, captain of her high-school cheer squad, headstrong, but shy at times, too: she made a point not to call undue attention to herself. He was tall and strapping, an outgoing African-American kid, a church-going boy with the swagger of a star athlete. Their paths crossed mostly on the football field where she rooted for him every week, but that changed one night in October 2008 when, Hillaire says, Rakheem Bolton raped her.


The accusation dropped like a bomb in Silsbee, Texas. Rumors flew that Hillaire made up the story, ashamed of a consensual act because Rakheem was black. The footballer insisted the sex was consensual and was cleared of rape—only to plead guilty to simple assault. His lawyer suggested that Hillaire (whose name Newsweek and The Daily Beast has published with her parents’ permission) had been “asking for it.” Hillaire was kicked off the cheer squad for refusing to cheer for Rakheem on the field. A petition was started in her favor, and former NFL cheerleaders spoke out.

The small town became a cauldron of racial and sexual hysteria.

Three years on, the case remains unresolved, the wounds not yet cauterized, the bitterness still palpable. Yes, most of the protagonists have moved on: Rakheem to a local college, according to his lawyer; the school principal out of the district; Hillaire, now 19 and living at home, no longer speaking to the press. (She spoke only through her parents for this article.) Her mother, Christena Soignet, continues to work—albeit somewhat awkwardly, as a teacher in the school district that her family has now sued.

Craig Soignet has not moved on. Hillaire’s father has filed a seemingly endless raft of lawsuits, some of which have been dismissed as “frivilous” actions. He’s even appealed the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court. He seeks justice, vindication, peace of mind. But there will be no harmony in Silsbee—population 6,600—anytime soon.

It all began on a cool weekend night in October 2008, when, police documents state, 16-year-old Hillaire got drunk at a house party with some classmates—buzzed on Bud Light and vodka shots. According to police reports, Hillaire had kissed a different boy that night, and had been captured on a cellphone camera kissing another girl. Sometime in the early morning hours, records state, she ended up in a dark room with four boys: Bolton, a 17-year-old running back, his wide-receiver teammate, and two minors. The minors told police they fondled Hillaire while she kissed Bolton. They claim she helped them take off her clothes.

From outside the door, a friend heard Hillaire yell “stop!” and “no!” With the help of two others, he kicked in the locked door, finding Hillaire curled up under a pool table crying, naked from the waist down. Police documents state there was a condom wrapper on the floor, and a broken window: three of the four boys had fled, one leaving behind his pants and cellphone. “They raped me,” Hillaire cried, as the owner of the house—the mother of a student--called 911. Hillaire had never had sex before.

But the most humiliating moment for the teen came not on the night of the alleged assault, or even on her first day back to school, where shrieks of “slut!” ricocheted in the halls. It came four months later, as she stood on the sidelines of a tournament basketball game, clutching a pompon in each hand.

Rakheem Bolton, charged with sexual assault after the attack but no-billed by a grand jury, headed to the free-throw line—he was a two-sport athlete. The cheer squad began its usual chant: “Two, four, six-eight-ten!” they yelled, bouncing in maroon and white. “Come on, Rakheem, put it in!” Hillaire winced, and stepped quietly out of the cheer line. She couldn’t bring herself to cheer for the person she regarded as her attacker. “As a team, I cheered for them as a whole,” she said later. But “when he stepped up to the line, it didn’t feel right.”

At half time, her coach berated her, and a shouting match erupted. She was told she had to cheer “for everyone,” or go home. She chose the latter. The following Monday, she was kicked off the squad. An irate Craig Soignet appealed to the superintendent; 11 days later, she was reinstated. But a war had begun.

The boys, though, dispute that Hillaire went through anything. They say it was she who pursued Bolton; that he and his friends fled out the window because they were scared—“the only blacks,” as Bolton’s lawyer puts it, “in a house of all whites.” When Bolton returned that night to retrieve his clothes, police documents say, he shouted that, “I didn’t rape no white girl!”

Hillaire spent the early morning hours of that night at a clinic with her mother, having a rape kit administered. The nurse who treated Hillaire, Brenda Garrison, says she found trauma to the vaginal area and bruising to the girl’s hymen—all consistent, according to Silsbee Chief of Police David Allen, with sexual assault. Hillaire’s mother says a bruise in the shape of a handprint would later form on the girl’s upper thigh.

Even so, when Hillaire returned to school the following Tuesday—determined to keep her life as normal as possible—it was amid whispers that she “didn’t look like a girl who’d been raped.” “He could have any girl he wanted,” one commenter wrote of Bolton on a local blog. “He didn’t need to rape no white girl.” Craig Soignet says the school told Hillaire to “keep a low profile,” and she spent more time at home than usual. She went to see a rape counselor weekly.

Under Texas law, a minor can’t legally consent to sex—nor can a person who is intoxicated. But for a jury to believe that, says David Barlow, the special prosecutor on the case, a woman “practically has to be unconscious.” According to police reports, Hillaire was sober enough to recount to officers what she said had happened, and Rakheem was within two years of her age. He would later tell the local press the whole thing was a big “misunderstanding.” He has not spoken publicly since then, and did not respond to requests for comment.


The Cheerleader Rape Case Ends Horribly in Texas

A high school student who refused to cheer on her “rapist” has been ordered to pay $45,000 for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit. Where’s the justice in this?
By Cord Jefferson
Posted: 05/05/2011 02:54 PM EDT

The story begins in 2008, when a 16-year-old high school cheerleader called only “HS” was gang-raped at a party. Three young men ended up arrested for the assault, one of whom was Rakheem Bolton. Bolton ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault, for which he was given two years probation and a fine, avoiding jail time.


Because the felony charges were dropped, Bolton was able to return to school and participate in all the regular school activities, including varsity basketball. As if the awkwardness of seeing her attacker at school everyday wasn’t bad enough, HS was a cheerleader, meaning that when Bolton played basketball, she was expected to cheer for him. One day, HS had had enough.

“I didn’t want to have to say his name and I didn’t want to cheer for him,” she told reporters in 2009. “I just didn’t want to encourage anything he was doing.”

To that end, HS refused to cheer for Bolton when he stepped up to take some free throws during a game in January 2009, four months after he had pleaded guilty to the attack. When she folded her arms and stood silently, however, her school’s superintendent, Richard Bain, ordered her outside and told her she had to cheer for Bolton. When she refused again, HS was kicked off the cheerleading squad.


Here’s something to munch on.

From another link.


The girl says she was pushed into a room and sexually assaulted while the door was locked.
“I believe they’re innocent,” Morrison told KFDM News, in reference to Bolton and Rountree. “I believe they’re not guilty of sexually assaulting the young lady. I don’t believe it occurred the way I heard it on the news.

Fine. Then why was she found cowering under a pool table half dressed while others heard her screams and had to break into the room.

Whereupon the three guys jumped out a window, and Bolton minus any cloths, swearing and threatening the home owner with violence if she didn’t toss his cloths out to him.

And will someone please tell me why sexual assault is treated so lightly? If it wasn’t rape but short of it, and rape wasn’t intended, and come on people.

Take a good look at this girl. Gonna tell me intent wasn’t there? Uh huh.  And another thing.

If Mr. Morrison believes those guys were innocent, well that is his right and opinion.  But I have thoughts and opinions and rights as well.  And here’s my raaaaacist thought on the subject.

I can not bring myself to believe that this beautiful young girl, tipsy or not tipsy, would have been tempted to kiss JUMBO LIPS. In his dreams maybe. But not hers. No way. 

Oh, and then of course the naacp had to get in on the act with a fat spokesman who could barely speak English.  Take a look at this.

Rakheem Bolton’s great uncle.  The video of the Reverend’s criticism of the indictment ends with appeals to God and Jesus.

I can’t embed the video but take a look at this and let me know if you can make out most if any of what he’s saying. I didn’t know they still spoke like this.
I mean, I thought since forced integration and all, they’d have learned a little more by now. Many have but apparently some were left in the trees.


And there is this edited bit which you can read in full

Did Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield do a good job there?  The victim and her parents thought not.  Neither do I.  Neither should you.  The victim was told that preliminary results from the rape kit showed some DNA evidence that could inculpate the defendants.  Yet the victim kept hearing that due to case backlogs, the full rape kit analysis results wouldn’t be ready for four months, five months, one year – depends which report you read.  There is an appearance that the can kept getting kicked down the road for the date the victim was being given for when the rape kit results would be ready.  The victim now says she wants to study forensic science, motivated in part by the delay in the processing of her rape kit.
Does it sound right, that a community taking in $35K, $40K per home game football match can’t get a rape kit processed any faster than that?  I called the public information department of the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory DNA Section.  I asked “Is it possible for somebody to get expedited rape kit results from the DNA Section of your Crime Lab?” They told me “Yes.  If a prosecutor or investigator says they have a case coming up and need results promptly, we can have the complete rape kit results for them within three weeks.”

Ignoring Sheffield’s warning that retaliation against the victim could result in felony prosecutions, the Silsbee schools community started retaliating against the victim for daring to make an accusation against a football hero.  If there was any effort to educate the school community about Retaliation, how serious it is, and how it would not be tolerated, there is no documentation of such an effort available online.  Online, in fact, you can find the most outrageous, vicious and ugly gossip, spread by members of the Silsbee community against the victim, seeking in every possible way to undermine her account of the crime, to drag her name through the mud.  Much of that gossip centered on how drunk she allegedly had been.  The vicious gossips should remember to send D.A. David Sheffield a tip at Christmasfor tacitly authorizing them to demean the victim on that basis.  At the school, fellow students would yell “Slut!” and “Bitch!” at her, but nobody would report them to school administration.  She was repeatedly harassed in the school cafeteria — but instead of disciplining those who were retaliating against her, the school administration told her to stay away from the cafeteria.  For good measure, they told her not to attend homecoming.  (She had apparently received threats saying that if she attended the homecoming, she would be shot with a gun).  This is to say, the school administration itself retaliated against her but was never held legally accountable, despite that previous statement from David Sheffield, the prize-winning District Attorney who didn’t bother to get an expedited rape kit result.  Various students claim Bolton threatened to shoot them.  The implication is that if they as witnesses said anything to incriminate him, they would be killed.  Silsbee schools never investigated these allegations.


Above and below I should warn bmews readers are from liberal blogs. But that doesn’t mean their arguments are not valid in this case.

Hillaire is no longer the carefree livewire she was once was. She is still harassed by some in town, including students who recently threw ice at her car as she dropped her younger sister off at school. She went from A/B grades to barely passing high school. She received counseling until her therapist passed away from breast cancer last year. In remembrance, she got a tattoo on her right hip of two ribbons–one for sexual-assault prevention and the other for breast-cancer awareness–along with a Bible quotation she heard from her therapist: “Perfect love casts out fear.”
“She’s broken,” says her father.  “I think she’s still fighting on some levels, but I don’t think she has the determination that she used to have. Just don’t see that fire, that ambition in her anymore.”
Craig lost his refinery job last year and spends his time building the family business and working on the case. Larry Watts is working pro bono on the case because Craig can no longer able to afford legal fees. Nonetheless, Craig insists that the case “hasn’t destroyed our business, It hasn’t destroyed the family. We’ve gotten closer as a family.”
The family is divided about whether to leave Silsbee, but, despite everything, Craig and Hillaire both want to stay.

read more


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Screw Up In Hants

The country of England is divided into a confusing array of local areas, some of which have a level of government. These are called counties, although some are quite small. There are 83 metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties, and there are 48 ceremonial counties, and there are 4 official divisions, and there are 9 regions, and each category covers the same area as the others. It’s confusing, but it’s England, and that’s what they are there for. Have you ever tried to read an English postal address? Good luck. West of London is a county, a zone, that might actually comprise two counties, Hampshire and Southhampton.  This is Peiper’s corner of the land, and, it being England, both areas are called Hants.  And this makes sense if you’re English. And the Nanny State is alive and well there, full speed ahead.

Hants Girls Get The Stick

13 year old schoolgirls given birth control implants by the schools, parents not informed

“I did it because I felt like having sex” says one just-bloomed moppet

The procedure was carried out in Southampton, Hants, as part of a government initiative to drive down teenage pregnancies. As many as nine secondary schools in the city are thought to have been involved. But it has caused a backlash from parents who weren’t aware that their daughters had been fitted with the 4cm device, which sits under the skin. It is currently unknown exactly how many youngsters have taken part in the scheme.

Health chiefs have defended sexual health services going into schools, saying teenage pregnancies had dropped by 22 per cent as a result.

But campaigners from the Family Education Trust say the implant fuels the flames of promiscuity by giving girls licence to have underage sex. Norman Wells, director of the trust, has urged health chiefs to look at ways of discouraging sexual activity amongst children in the first place.

He said: “Schemes like these inevitably lead to boys putting pressure on girls to have sex. “They can now tell their girlfriends: ‘You can get the school clinic to give you an implant, so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.’ “They’ll tell them they don’t have to face the embarrassment of going to see their doctor, and it’s all confidential so their mum doesn’t need to know a thing. “Parents send their children to school to receive a good education, not to be undermined by health workers who give their children contraceptives behind their backs.”

A 13-year-old girl who had a contraceptive implant fitted at school without her mother’s knowledge said she wanted the procedure because she “felt like having sex”.

The teenager is one of 33 schoolgirls who have been fitted with the device in Southampton, Hants, as part of a controversial government initiative to drive down teenage pregnancies.

Now she has broken her silence to defend her actions, saying she believes she acted responsibly by taking measures to stop herself getting pregnant.

And her mother insisted she was “proud” of her daughter, although she claimed performing a minor surgical procedure at school without parental consent was “morally wrong”.

Emotionless detached promiscuity is one of the main tools in the Red Handbook for destroying a civilization. An amoral culture with no family values, no sense of nationalism, and a ruined economy is little more than a baying mob, ripe for takeover. But that’s a side issue, a root cause. Back to the story.

HORRY CLAP ARE THERE NO PARENTS IN BLOODY ENGLAND ANY LONGER???? What do they do, drop the babies out of the womb and deliver them to the council creche for raising, feeding, and indoctrination???

Yeah, I know, 13 is a tough age for girls. They’re both stupid and rebellious, generally going around in a state of near depression all the time, hating everything for every reason, embarrassed by everything, and all desperately mad to fit in. Isn’t this why the English invented horses? The pony club? Give the girls something to do to keep them out of trouble, something they can be responsible for and care about, something they can do in small groups of other girls while talking about the near future and trying to deal with the sudden hormonal soup of their bodies, something that doesn’t abandon them instantly to the predatory world? I’m not a dad, or an expert on little girls, but I was pretty sure the natural progression was years of pink, then horses, then sport, then boys. Not from Pink directly to I’m sotted, shag me arse in this alley, no worries!” in one go.

What happened to parenting? Morals? Self-respect? Maybe they really do need Sharia law. Or isolated boarding schools with really tall spiky iron fences and warders.

And the schools. Oh my, the schools. Nerve much, or are they acting in utter desperation because they have to? If the parents have given up or never bothered, and the big bowls of free condoms in the hallways aren’t doing the job, and no one else will do a thing to try and keep little children from having littler children, are they stepping up as batsmen to defend this sticky wicket? Or are they one of the main driving powers of Marxist based anarchy, forcing sexualization on the nation’s youth, like it or not?

13 is far too young an age to be sexually active, even in a country where the general age of consent is just 16. Not that this is only England’s problem, or one that belongs only to the 21st century. Not that I didn’t know a bevy of girls back in my day (1975) who had rounded their heels at that age or even earlier, and were defiantly proud of it, no matter how many abortions they had had. I knew of at least a dozen of them, and as far as I know, they all grew up to be trash.

Far more info at the above links, with links to many more similar articles.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 02/10/2012 at 06:10 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - February 05, 2012

Pimping for Paul – Nevada brothels back the libertarian contender

Snow last night and almost gone this morning. Cold but no freeze so far. Lucky in this part of the country.

I found this in a paper yesterday and thought it was funny.  In a way. Just not certain what way but hey, it is interesting. When was the last time a candidate had the backing of this potentially large group. lol.  Sorry guys but it is amusing.  I just haven’t figured out exactly why that’s so.  One does find if one looks, some interesting things in liberal papers. Not always the maddening stuff.  Anyway, I forgive myself for this on the grounds that at least it isn’t The Guardian. Which for Americans reading here I should explain. Guardian .... Karl Marx .... Trotsky ..... the same family by blood ties.

Pimping for Paul – Nevada brothels back the libertarian contender

In a state built on rugged individualism, Ron Paul is a major Republican player


Forget Newt Gingrich’s “Winning our Future” or Mitt Romney’s “Believe in America”. The snappiest campaign slogan so far this Republican election season greets visitors who step across the threshold of an establishment called the Moonlite Bunny Ranch a few miles outside Carson City, Nevada.

There, in a dimly-lit world of red satin and inexpensive perfume, a cigar-chomping entrepreneur with a bald head and a smile as wide as the desert sky politely informs visitors that he and his employees intend to spend the coming months: “Pimpin’ for Paul”.

The entrepreneur is Dennis Hof, a reality TV star who achieved fame in Cathouse, an HBO fly-on-the-wall series which for the past decade has followed proceedings at the Bunny Ranch, one of five legal brothels that he owns in Nevada. The Paul he is pimping for is of course Ron Paul, the ultra-libertarian Congressman from Texas currently seeking the Republican nomination.

In Nevada, which holds caucuses this morning, Mr Paul is a major player. And Mr Hof is one of his best-known donors and most prolific advocates. Sitting at his desk, with a noisy Pomeranian called Gucci at his feet and a blonde who calls him “Daddy” rubbing moisturising lotion into his head, Mr Hof noted that he’d recently endorsed the Congressman on all three of America’s major news networks: MSNBC, Fox News and CNN.

“Ron Paul fits perfectly with the ethos of the Bunny Ranch,” he said. “He doesn’t want to tell you how to live, who to sleep with, and what to do. He might not approve of prostitution, but he believes individual states have the right to choose whether to accept it. That makes him my kind of guy.”

Mr Hof argues, with some justification, that legalisation prevents abuse and disease within the sex industry. He also says it provides valuable revenue to communities. All 500 of the prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch declare their earnings to the taxman. The licence fee provides $500,000 a year to the local authority. “It’s legal. It’s sex for sale, and it works,” he says. “It eliminates the problems with prostitution. And we put millions and millions of dollars back into society.”

Inside the Bunny Ranch’s front door, in the reception area is a glass Perspex box, stuffed with banknotes destined for Mr Paul’s coffers. Next to it is a pile of “Ron Paul 2012” leaflets. In the car park sit limousines which will provide free lifts to the caucus this morning.

Members of Mr Hof’s harem work as independent contractors, setting their own fees and paying the house a 50 per cent commission. Several are currently putting all of the tips they receive from clients into the Perspex kitty.

“He is the only candidate who supports our right to do what we want with our bodies in our own lives,” said Cami Parker, a Hustler magazine centrefold. She also likes Mr Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy platform. “We should bring our troops home. I’m about making love, not war.”

Other colleagues offered eloquent endorsements of Mr Paul’s policy. The venue’s general manager, who gave her name as “Madam Suzette,” waxed lyrical about his support for the rights of states over the federal government: “because that’s what keeps us in business”.

Jayla Conrad, 21, said she was backing Paul as “an animal lover”. He is the only Republican candidate to oppose a recent federal law legalising the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Beyond the pink brothel walls, the existence of “Pimpin’ for Paul” highlights an important factor playing into today’s caucus: Ron Paul’s libertarian platform speaks directly to the ethos of Nevada, a quirky desert state which from the days of the Gold Rush was built on rugged individualism. Nevada has no income tax, no state income tax, and no laws to prevent you losing your shirt at the casino, while smoking. It’s the only state in the US where brothels are legal. Ron Paul came second here in 2008, picking up 14 per cent of the vote to Mitt Romney’s 51 per cent, and has been doggedly courting local voters ever since. He launched his economic policy in Nevada several months ago, and was in Las Vegas this week speaking to the large Latino community.

Supporters, who note that Mr Paul tends to over-perform in caucuses admit they face an uphill struggle to achieve an upset victory: Mr Romney enjoys huge support from Nevada’s Mormon community, who are expected to make up around 30 per cent of voters and last time backed him by a majority of more than nine to one.

But after a string of disappointing performances, including a hammering in Florida this week, Nevada provides Ron Paul with a valuable chance to reinsert himself into the conversation.



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calendar   Friday - December 09, 2011

oh the poor dear boy. pity,pity. he’s 17 and his date looks like this.

BMEWS readers can be hard to read sometimes. I’m never quite certain if what interests me and gets posted, is what many of you have any interest in.
The posts that appear to generate the greatest amount of reader comments here, are usually guns, weapons of all types Gun Porn is a favorite. Oh yeah. And girls with guns so long as they aren’t pointed at us.  Even eye candy doesn’t usually get many comments from you, although there must be interest because that column on the right always seems to increase with lurkers.  So it is you might say, pot luck. 

My post at the moment is closer to eye candy then it is gun porn. In fact, guns do not even enter into it.  Sorry.

This is all about (to my way of thinking) how little most women (or at least Ms.Moir) actually know about males and male sexuality. And clearly nothing at all about a healthy, straight 17 year young man who she describes as, “a child.”
Well please forgive what may seem crude and unseemly on my part but.
Women like Moir and feminists in general know little and do not care to understand, what it’s like to be a 17 year old male with an erection.  Of course not. 

The crime here I guess is …. the young man is apparently dating this bit of super fluff. And she’s 32.  Gasp. But he’s just a child. Well lucky babe.

Now please indulge me.  Here’s Moir’s lead story in the Mail this morning.

Boys beware. Predatory women (like Caroline Flack) are on the prowl


No doubt about it. Caroline Flack is a babe. Lots of men are attracted to her. Particularly when she poses in her leopard-print body-stocking and opaque tights, like Miss January in a bargain basement Rank starlet calendar from 1962.

Luvvly jubbly. As they no doubt say.

In reality, she is a seasoned presenter of the fluffiest of fluff shows. At the moment, she co-hosts ITV2’s The Xtra Factor.

She is also dating a pop star. Well, why not? Caroline meets pop stars all day, every day.

She practically has to wade through a thicket of the blighters to get to work. So she knows the terrain well. 

A previous relationship, with the Holloways’ drummer, Dave Danger, ended after three years. Indeed, Prince Harry was one of those said to have comforted Caroline after the break up. She has no shortage of well-placed admirers.

So well done, Harry. Good to know that HRH’s caring doesn’t stop with his charity work. Or should that be his charity doesn’t stop with his caring? We digress.

The important thing is Caroline has dried her tears and moved on to fresh romantic pastures. With the emphasis on fresh.

For her current beau happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction. Yes, that Harry. In the dolly mixtures boyband line up, wee Harry — with his mop of chocolate curls and his river deep dimples — just happens to be the dolliest of the lot.

He’s adorable. He’s so cute. He looks like he should be wearing green velvet and scampering next to Santa in a Christmas grotto, feeding carrots to the reindeer.

However, there is one slight problem with the Caroline/Harry burgeoning relationship. One teensy hitch. And that is their ages. For Caroline is 32, while Harry is only 17. Basically, he is still a child.

No wonder people find their liaison inappropriate. Even slightly creepy.

more to see and read here

And something else she seems to ignore. Perhaps not intentionally but it’s good to keep in mind.  The subject male here is after all, a band member. Does she imagine he might be a virgin?  Females of different ages tend to throw themselves at bands. We read about it all the time.  And there are stories I could share of a personal nature from my years as a DJ and MC of country shows on weekends with major acts. Ladies are not always very lady like in the Jane Austen sense of, ladylike.  And mommy dear should be happy that in this day and age, Harry hasn’t asked for a gender change or confessed that his true love is named Steve.

Here’s a right on comment from someone at the Mail.  You may or may not agree.

What annoys me most about this story (and I’ve said this before) is the ‘outrage’ by mumsie type do gooders on young Harry’s behalf. LISTEN to me, the kid is living the dream, no one’s taking advantage of him, stop being so b***dy patronising. I’ll tell you this, any man who is not jealous of wee Harry is a liar !!! If you don’t believe me go and ask your other half, ask him to look you in the eye and tell you this wasn’t the ultimate fantasy when they were 17 ? Once you realise I’m right you can move on and keep your beaks out of other peoples business !
- Iain, Glasgow


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/09/2011 at 10:29 AM   
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