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calendar   Friday - May 28, 2010

This Time I Was Nice

I just got another phone call from the RNC. They wanted to thank me for my unflagging support and wanted to tell me all about the great things they were doing in DC and wouldn’t I consider contribu ...

And I cut the guy off. I told him that, while I was a card carrying Republican, I was far more in the Tea Party camp these days. That I believed in smaller government, lower taxes, much lower spending, personal responsibility, freedom, and rules and regulations that encouraged job growth in the USA, including manufacturing. Things that the Republican Party once stood for but not anymore. I told him that I was sick and tired of seeing John McCain as the face of the GOP because I consider him a Democrat. That Steele ought to step down over his “can’t find a reason for black folks to vote GOP” remark. I told the guy on the phone that I would save him some time, because they weren’t getting a cent from me until they could show me several senators and congressmen with backbone, leadership, and actual fiscal restraint who would not cave or pander. That when they could move the party, it’s chairman, and it’s elected members back towards their Radical Republican roots, back to what the party was supposed to stand for, as espoused online by Michael Zak and on radio and TV by Glen Beck every single day, then out would come my checkbook. Until then don’t bother me.

He was trying to tell me how much so and so was against Obamacare. I cut him off, asking why the whole darn bunch of them hadn’t torn the bill to shreds both in the legislature and in the press, pointing out it’s blatant unconstitutional and Socialist aspects. Why hadn’t they pushed their alternate plan, or fought to table the whole bill until a bipartisan agreement could be reached that even said what the problems were? And to heck with Obamacare, where were they when McCain-Feingold was drafted? How could they NOT have immediately proposed a new constitutional amendment when the awful Kelo decision was handed down? Don’t give me one issue, I told the guy, give me a platform that I can believe in and steady, daily evidence that your members stand squarely on it. In the mean time don’t waste my time: the current bunch are all Democrats. They only look conservative because the present crop of Democrats are all Communists.

He suggested that I look into Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann, do my research, and I might be able to get behind her. I said I would when I could, that I took it as a positive sign that I never heard a word about her on the MFM. And then I wished him good luck and hung up.

The last time they called me 2 years ago I gave them both barrels, with enough salty language to pickle a barrel full of herring. My politics haven’t changed a jot. I’ve just given up on the GOP.


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calendar   Thursday - April 22, 2010

Christie Leading The Charge

Here’s Some Change You Can Hope For

After a resounding defeat of school budgets across the state, New Jersey’s new Conservative Governor Chris Christie goes on the offensive to cut spending and taxes even more.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie pushes property tax cap, public benefits changes after schools vote

Claiming the school budget defeat as a validation of his shrinking government plan, Gov. Chris Christie today pushed the next reforms on his agenda: A 2.5 percent constitutional cap on property taxes, and reforms to public worker pensions, benefits and the collective bargaining process.

Christie said New Jerseyans sent “an extraordinarily clear signal,” and the Democrat-controlled Legislature and local elected officials “ignore these results at their own political peril.”

For an example of the school budget voting, see my area here. The township mailed out an info sheet a week or so before the election, on which they showed a whole bunch of numbers that tried to make it look like almost $2 million was being cut from the budget to run the 2 local high schools. Except that $1.7 million “cut” was reflecting the one time expense they had last year when they had to replace the boiler in the one school. Ok, they cut a couple positions, but the executives still got a raise, the maintenance crew got a 10% boost, and the overall benefits package was up 22%. It was a con job, and everyone saw through it. Best comment on the vote: “No one is willing to pay another dollar after being gutted for years in this state by taxes.” The only town that passed it’s budget was Tewksbury, where everyone is rich to begin with. Seriously, the town oozes money. Tewksbury’s budget passed by 1 vote.

“People in public life don’t ignore election results. They absorb them,” he said, adding, “This is going to be a watershed moment for New Jersey because I believe it’s going to unite all of us to say these reforms need to be done, the people need to be listened to.”

The governor urged municipal governing bodies, school boards and local teachers’ unions to work together to implement a one-year wage freeze.

“It’s not too late to reopen those contracts. It’s not too late to agree to a freeze.”

Today, Christie called for legislative approval of a package of reforms, including a constitutional amendment limiting annual property take hikes, benefits cuts for current public workers and changes in the collective bargaining process to give towns and school boards more control.

It’s not going to be an easy fight ... and some entrenched Dems just don’t get it:

Senate president Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) said the governor did a “masterful job” of tapping into people’s “anger over the government right now,” but misled voters about the real impact of a one-year wage freeze.

“He used the wage free to say, ‘Look, we don’t really have to go up in taxes,’ but that wasn’t true. Taxes would have gone up anyway,” Sweeney said. “But it was good theater.”

Sweeney said he agrees with Christie that “we need to do some things to make it easier for governments to control their costs,” and is willing to work with him on some of the reforms. But Democrats also want the governor to reinstate an income tax surcharge on the wealthy, Sweeney said.

Oh, and just in case you might be thinking that NJ is heartless towards it’s children’s education, know that NJ spends about 60% more per student each year than the national average. I swear the schools are gold plated inside. Seriously. The regular ones, not just the “special” Abbot District schools which get super funded. A year or so ago there was a referendum here to raise money so that the local school could have an equestrian team. Climate controlled stables, the works. And 2 dozen horses, with grooms and trainers. And they also wanted a coach so they could have a junior varsity girl’s water polo team. The referendum failed.

But they keep asking. This year’s “bare bones” budget to run the 2 high schools was $56 million. I doubt that both schools together have 1500 students.

So school budgets went down in flames all across the state. Is it a mandate? Maybe. If nothing else, it’s a start. And now Governor Christie is taking it to the next level, and is taking on the unions.

Woo hoo!!!!

There are 700,000 more Democrats than Republicans in New Jersey, [total population about 8 million] but in November Christie flattened the Democratic incumbent, Jon Corzine. Christie is built like a burly baseball catcher, and since his inauguration just 13 weeks ago, he has earned the name of the local minor-league team—the Trenton Thunder.

He inherited a $2.2 billion deficit, and next year’s projected deficit of $10.7 billion is, relative to the state’s $29.3 billion budget, the nation’s worst. Democrats, with the verbal tic—“Tax the rich!”—that passes for progressive thinking, demanded that he reinstate the “millionaire’s tax,” which hit “millionaires” earning $400,000 until it expired Dec. 31. Instead, Christie noted that between 2004 and 2008 there was a net outflow of $70 billion in wealth as “the rich,” including small businesses, fled. And he said previous administrations had “raised taxes 115 times in the last eight years alone.”

Government employees’ health benefits are, he says, “41 percent more expensive” than those of the average Fortune 500 company. Without changes in current law, “spending will have increased 322 percent in 20 years—over 16 percent a year.” There is, he says, a connection between the state’s being No. 1 in total tax burden and being No. 1 in the proportion of college students who, after graduating, leave the state.

Partly to pay for teachers’ benefits—most contribute nothing to pay for their health insurance—property taxes have increased 70 percent in 10 years, to an average annual cost to homeowners of $7,281. Christie proposes a 2.5 percent cap on annual increases.

Challenging teachers unions to live up to their cloying “it’s really about the kids” rhetoric, he has told them to choose between a pay freeze and job cuts. Validating his criticism by their response to it, some Bergen County teachers encouraged students to cut classes and go to the football field to protest his policies, and a Bridgewater high school teacher showed students a union-made video critical of him. Christie notes that the $550,000 salary of the executive director of the teachers union is larger than the total cuts proposed for 190 of the state’s 605 school districts.

New Jersey’s governors are the nation’s strongest—American Caesars, really—who can veto line items and even rewrite legislative language. Christie is using his power to remind New Jersey that wealth goes where it is welcome and stays where it is well-treated. Prosperous states are practicing, at the expense of slow learners like New Jersey, “entrepreneurial federalism”—competing to have the most enticing business climate.

Christie’s predecessor [Jon ”seatbelts” Corzine]addressed a huge unionized rally of public employees, vowing to “fight for a fair contract.” Who was he going to fight? The negotiator across the table would be . . . himself.

Saying “subtlety is not going to win this fight,” Christie notes that New Jersey’s police officers, the nation’s highest paid, can retire after 25 years at 65 percent of their highest salary. In the state that has the nation’s fourth-highest percentage (66) of public employees who are unionized, he has joined the struggle that will dominate the nation’s domestic policymaking in this decade—to break the ruinous collaboration between elected officials and unionized state and local workers whose affections the officials purchase with taxpayers’ money.

It’s no wonder they’re all pissed off at him. The union folks are even wishing him dead. Funny thing though ... here in Blue Jersey, land of the libs ... his popularity gets better every day.

Christie’s entire term will be a slap in the face to the White House. And when it’s shown that cutting spending, reducing the deficit, lowering taxes, easing business regulations, and shrinking the government and the gold-plated school system turn the state around in an economic miracle ... the left won’t have a leg to stand on. Godspeed governor, you’re the nearest thing we’ve got to Ronald Reagan right now.


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calendar   Thursday - March 04, 2010

stop playing the petty politics of yesterday

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) speaking to the council of mayors, at the NJ League of Municipalities meeting, using the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid analogy:

We need to understand we are all in this together. And you know, all of you know in your heart, what I am saying is true. You all know that these raises that are being given to public employees of all stripes, we cannot afford. You all know the state cannot continue to spend money it does not have. And you all know that the appetite for tax increases among our constituents has come to an end.

And so the path to reform and success is clear. We know what it is. We just have to have the courage to go there. What we are doing is showing people that government can work again for them, not for us. Government has worked for the political class for much too long.

There’s no time left. We have no room left to borrow. We have no room left to tax. So we merely have room left now, to do this. We are all reaching the edge of a cliff. And it reminds me a bit of that part of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where the had a seminal decision to make. So what did they do? They held hands and they jumped off the cliff.

We have to hold hands at every level of government, state county, municipal, school board. We have to hold hands and jump off the cliff.

I firmly believe we will land and we will be fine. It does not mean it will not be a scary ride on the way down. And it does not mean there won’t be moments of fear and moments of apprehension.

But for certain, the troops of the decades of overspending and overborrowing and overtaxing have gained on us. And they are armed and they are ready to get us. So the ruination of New Jersey’s economy, and of the quality of life we want all our citizens to have, is certain if we don’t take this course. So I hope that makes the decision for all of you a lot easier.

It’s time for us to hold hands and jump off the cliff. It’s time for us to do the difficult things that need to be done and to stop playing the petty politics of yesterday, of pitting us against each other, of setting up false choices, of lying to people and telling them they can have what they want and do not have to pay for it because someone else will. Someone who’s smarter or richer or more successful, or telling them that this is just the price you have to pay to live in this state.

We are going to make the leap because that’s what people elected me to do. We are going to make the leap because it is the responsible thing to do. We are going to make the leap and we are going to do it together because that is what leadership demands for us. That is what the responsibility of the offices we hold requires of us.

Forget about the next election. Forget about the next editorial in the newspaper, and forget about the next angry letter or phone call you are going to get from someone who wants something for nothing.

He did the whole thing without a teleprompter too. Not even notes written on his hand. Not much emotion, no grand physical gestures, no mighty soaring rhetoric. Just the truth.

Now let’s see him swing that axe, and start chopping. And keep chopping. Let the chips and the blood fall where they may.

When I went into the treasurer’s office in the first two weeks of my term, there were no happy meetings. They presented me with 378 possible freezes and lapses to be able to balance the budget. I accepted 375 of them.

My God, I think we elected a Conservative. And Christie was the middle of the road guy during the Republican primary! Steve Lonegan made him look like Casper Milquetoast.

A partial transcript can be found at Mish’s, and the video, all but the last 20 seconds of it, can be found here at NJN Online.

NRO thinks he’s been drinking the truth serum.

Ace agrees too. Gosh.

Moe Lane notes that Christie is carrying a 52% approval rating in this blue to the bone state, and seems to think this guy could actually be from Texas.

Texas? Cha. How do youse freakin say “yee freakin ha” wid a freakin Texas accend? Maybe we should loin how.


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calendar   Monday - February 08, 2010


SOME COMMENTS ON PALIN by people who don’t know the USA and wouldn’t learn if given the chance. 

A Molly wrote:

I do believe everyone in life gets what they if Palin is what America wants, so be it. I am not going to lose any sleep over it.

All I can do from here is hope that Europe will never again be fooled by the lies that have come out of America in the past and will never lead our troops into another 8 years of war on their behalf.

Let the cowboys fight their own battles in the future.

If it’s in Palin you trust, well good luck to you!

Ellie Light wrote:

Sarah Palin is a proven quitter, with little experience and even lower inate intelligence (I can see Russia). Her only accomplishment is that she can reproduce, but even that she did not do properly. She is not even a good mother, raising a daughter that breeds an illegitimate grandchild. She is a joke. Her only supporters are gap toothed inbreds from Appalachia.

And that’s about as kind as it gets here among the comments from ppl foreign and domestic with regard to Americans (who they take to be war loving, ignorant, inbred hillbillys) who led them into an 8 year war ongoing.  The suggestion is also made that America should fight it’s own battles and not drag others into our quarrels.  Some see Palin as “Bush in a wig.”
Tell the truth, the comments section is more interesting then the article but also more aggravating because they also show how little they know us, and how mean spirited some folks can be with regard to the USA.

There was a column recently from America reporting on the trend Obama seems to be setting, that the writer feels is somewhat isolationist.  Which he doesn’t believe to be a good thing.  Being something of an isolationist myself, I wondered if that’s a bad thing.  Is Barry doing something right?  Nah. In my dreams.  But I’ll be honest no matter how bad it might make me look.  I wish we could be isolationist and circle the wagons and tell the world to go to hell.
Americans have enough home grown problems to deal with.  Serious problems that I don’t see being resolved no matter who’s in office.  We mostly aren’t getting along very well with each other, who needs the additional headache of arguments with people outside our own country?

Back to Mrs. Palin for a moment.

She was paid a hefty sum it’s been reported, to address the Tea Party folks in Nashville recently.  As I understand it and if I don’t I know BMEWS will correct me, she also accepted a second speaking date with the TP.  BUT ... she has also appeared FREE on behalf of Republicians who have different views then that of the Tea Party Congress.  She has also agreed to speak on behalf of Sen, McCain.  Why?  He surely isn’t running for anything. Is he?

Sometimes I get to feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Here’s part of the article and as always the rest is at the link below.

Sarah Palin has her sights on the White House not Tea Party movement

Giles Whittell in Washington
The Times

Sarah Palin has given the clearest indication yet that her ambition is to become President of the United States, rather than merely the leader of the radical grassroots Tea Party movement that adores her.

The day after her return to national politics with a barnstorming attack on President Obama in a speech in Nashville, Mrs Palin was shown a poll yesterday ranking her the top Republican candidate for 2012 and asked if she would run.

“I would,” she said without hesitation. “I would, if I believed that that was the right thing to do for my country and for my family.”

In an interview with Fox News, for which she is also a paid analyst, Mrs Palin said that it would be “absurd not to consider what it is that I can potentially do to help our country”. She said that she would not “close a door that could perhaps be open to me in the future” and acknowledged that she had started receiving daily political and economic briefings by e-mail from a panel of Washington experts.

In oblique reference to a disastrous pre-election interview with CBS in 2008, she added: “I sure as heck better be more astute on these national issues than I was two years ago.”



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calendar   Wednesday - January 20, 2010

Here’s Fred on Everything. Topic today, Affirmative Action

I read this guy a lot. In fact, I get his newsletter. He is one heck of a good writer and even at the odd time I question something he says, he says it so damn well I keep reading. 

He has it right on this subject and I know that from some very personal experience. 

I just guess the problem is no less back in the states then it is here.  Wimps in position of authority seem to rule because other wimps just follow along out of fear or maybe not wanting to get themselves involved.  And they are everywhere.  I suppose in the world we inhabit these days, I understand it even as I dislike the idea.

Toward a Gilded Peasantry

Fred Reed

On the website of WLOX 13, “The Station for Southern Mississippi,” I find the story of Gabe Stabler, eight years old. Because he came home crying from the first grade every day, his parents put a tape recorder in his back pack to see what really went on in class. From the tape we learn much about his teacher, a Ms. Williams, and about affirmative action, and about the United States today:

Gabe: “I don’t know what to do on this.”

Ms. Williams: “Well, you’d better find out. It’s not hard. Nobody else didn’t have to ask no questions bout it. You know what to do, you just want somebody to just sit there and pet you about it, but I ain’t gonna do it. You know how to go in that lunch room and tear that food up every day. Ain’t nothing hard bout that sheet.”

Following this Miltonian eructation, we have:

Ms. Williams: “No, do your work. She ain’t goin to be sittin up in here wanting somebody to help her every time she, cause she don’t wanna apply herself to her work. You know how to go in that cafeteria and enjoy that lunch and breakfast every morning.”

Then, waxing ever more lyrical, even Ciceronian,

Ms. Williams: “Where this go?”

Child: “I colored that yesterday.”

Ms. Williams: “It shouldn’t of got changed at all, that ain’t nothing to be proud of.”

Ms. Williams clearly is barely literate, and should be in the first grade instead of teaching it. Gabe speaks better English than she does. In a country not sliding into degradation, a restraining order would keep her from coming within a hundred yards of a school.

Why do we permit this sort of thing? Ms. Williams is black. The story carefully doesn’t say so, but it doesn’t have to. Only the black uneducated speak as she does.

The proper response from parents would be fury. The discovery that this creature is attempting to turn their children into the equivalent of farm animals ought to result in the lynching of the school board of Mississippi. A civilized people with backbone will not allow their their offspring to be made into gurbling iPodded peasants. But we are not such a civilization.

Why is it happening? “Affirmative action.” Since Ms. Williams does not speak the language of the country, the only possible reason for hiring her is that she is black. She is not just slightly unqualified, allowing an expectation that she might catch up—this being the founding fantasy of “affirmative action”—but absolutely unqualified.

The pattern repeats endlessly. Today I have read that the Chicago police contemplate eliminating their entrance examination on the grounds that not enough blacks pass it. Firemen of my acquaintance tell of women too weak to handle a hose, of female paramedics who can’t carry a stretcher. While I was on the police beat at the Washington Times, I encountered a tiny policewoman who never had to drive the paddy wagon because her feet didn’t reach the pedals.

On intercity buses there once were signs, and probably still are, saying, “Seating is without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.” Today everything seems to be with regard to nothing else. Anything, everything, must be done to keep the affirmative-action classes happy.

This rush to degradation is not new. In 1981 in Harper’s I wrote, in a piece on race in education, “The bald, statistically verifiable truth is that the teachers’ colleges, probably on ideological grounds, have produced an incredible proportion of incompetent black teachers. Evidence of this appears periodically, as, for example, in the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level. Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.”

If you think it desirable to have black teachers, as I do believe it desirable, then get those who are fit to do the job. Plenty of blacks speak English. If you can’t find enough, then do without. The same applies to women who can’t carry stretchers. Fat chance, though.

What price do we pay for this total abnegation of responsibility, civilizational self-respect, reason? One price is a quiet contempt for blacks, and hostility toward them. Competent blacks are no problem, but “If he doan be eatin dis sangwidge…” doesn’t cut it. Women make perfectly good paramedics, but what is anyone, fellow crewman or patient, supposed to think when she can’t lift the stretcher? (Answer: Scorn, anger.) What does a patient think on seeing a black doctor come his way? “Oh god….” The doctor may have gotten through medical school on ability but, given affirmative action, you figure he probably didn’t. Blacks know this of course, and resent it. Knowing that they are despised, they say the hell with it, and content themselves with just getting by. This is useful?

The suspicion of affirmative action pervades American life. After Katrina, a friend in federal employ visited FEMA. It was, he said, very heavily black, on which fact he blamed the disastrous performance of the agency in New Orleans. Was he right? I don’t know. In the absence of affirmative action, the question would not be asked.

Thus the defining principle of American politics arises: If you don’t think in racial terms, if you look only to ability, you are a racist. Count me in.

This leads to another question, seldom asked and never answered: how much does affirmative action really cost the country? If you hire someone to do a job who can’t do it very well, it doesn’t get done very well. This doesn’t strike me as a profound thought, but it seems to elude many people. In the case of Ms. Williams, the damage is great and clear. It isn’t always so stark. When you regularly pass over the first 135 people, all white, on a test for promotion to sergeant in a police department, so as to get to the blacks and Latinos, what kind of police department do you get? If you hire reasonably good female engineers because they are female, instead of very good males, the consequences are less obvious, but there.

And when it becomes a firing offense to notice, the result is a permanent, irremediable drop in the quality of the work force. I don’t suppose it really matters though. The only serious economic competitors the US faces are, oh, Japan, Korea, China, India, Taiwan, Brazil, and the European Union. Piece of cake.



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H/T THEO SPARK.  Naturally.


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A Fresh Start In NJ

New NJ Governor Christie (R) Nominates Schundler to head state DOE

Schundler favors charter schools, vouchers, and school choice

Keep that snowball rolling!

New Jersey Gov.-elect Christopher J. Christie nominated school-choice advocate Bret Schundler yesterday to head his education department, sending his strongest policy and political message yet with a Cabinet appointment.

The former Jersey City mayor has long-supported alternative education programs such as vouchers and school choice, as well as the less controversial charter schools.

Yesterday, Schundler struck a note of cooperation with potential adversaries, saying, “We have political leaders on both sides of the aisle willing to make changes that will make a difference in the lives of our students.”

Schundler has run for governor twice on a firm conservative platform, citing the success of charter schools in Jersey City. As mayor, he gained a national reputation for cutting taxes and unemployment in the Hudson River city.

Unions are wetting their britches, but trying to do some CYA.

The NJEA argues that increased government support of charter schools and other alternatives would divert funds from public schools, weakening them. It ran television ads and sent literature attacking Christie’s positions during the campaign, which he referenced yesterday.

When asked at a Statehouse news conference what sort of message the Schundler selection sent to the teachers union, Christie said, “I don’t think the appointment of Bret Schundler sends any signal to the NJEA. The election of Chris Christie sends a message to the NJEA.”

Christie campaigned saying he supported charter schools, as well as allowing students in failing public school districts to attend public schools in districts open to them. Haddonfield, for example, accepts tuition-paying students from Camden.

Christie ran to the right in the Republican primary, where he faced unexpectedly strong opposition from Steve Lonegan, who is more conservative than Schundler.

Political scientist Joseph Marbach at Seton Hall University said that with the Schundler choice, “Christie’s living up to his promise that he was going to shake things up in Trenton.”

And that was just one appointment. Within hours of being sworn in, the new governor stopped Trenton cold for 3 months, put a collar on the unions, and outed outgoing governor Corzine’s sneaky back door money transfer scheme and his lie about the state’s revenue flow.

In his first news conference as governor, Chris Christie signed eight executive orders which ranged from making pay to play rules apply to unions and suspending for 90 days new state rules and regulations.  He also disclosed that the Corzine administration had figures showing the state’s anticipated cash flow is $1 billion less that what Corzine publicly acknowledged. And that, he told my colleague Mike Symons, means the state could be unable to make payroll even sooner than the March date previously discussed. All of this, Christie said, will be taken up with his advisors tomorrow. Christie said Corzine’s treasurer, David Rousseau — “the latest member of the Mercer County Tax Board” — stalled turning over the figures despite repeated requests. The governor also said the Corzine crowd moved the $121 million to the so-called distressed cities via wire transfer before Christie took the oath of office so he couldn’t stop it.

Give ‘em hell ‘guv. The party is just beginning.

Republican Chris Christie was sworn in Tuesday as New Jersey’s 55th governor, vowing to deliver the far-reaching change he said voters elected him to bring about.

“You voted loudly and clearly for change, and you have entrusted us with what may be our last, best hope for a stronger New Jersey — the New Jersey of our youth, full of hope and opportunity,” Christie said in his inaugural address. “New Jersey, you voted for change and today change has arrived.”

Christie takes over a state plagued by the nation’s highest taxes, a deficit that could hit $10 billion by July and unemployment near 10 percent.

His swearing in marked a reminder of President Barack Obama’s vulnerability on the same day another Northeastern election threatened to derail parts of his agenda.
He seized on the dual themes of voter discontent and change in his 33-minute inaugural address.

“Rarely in New Jersey’s history have we faced the challenges we face today,” Christie said. “There is fear and uncertainty. But fear and uncertainty are not necessary and do not have to be permanent. We have the tools for a brighter future, if we change direction.”
Christie will sign his first executive orders Wednesday that increase the state’s fiscal transparency.
[newly elected lieutenant governor] Guadagno praised Christie for selecting her as a running mate and noted that there were now two former federal corruption prosecutors running the state.

“Chris Christie has made us believe again,” she said, then joked: “Heck, look — the Jets are in the playoffs!”

Now ... that last one would take a real miracle!


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calendar   Wednesday - January 13, 2010

Oh Great

Ladies’ Choice?

I put up a little post on Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown (R) the other day. Just being a tad snarky I mentioned that he also has good hair.

What I didn’t know then was that ... that remark seems to apply everywhere! (link is 100% SFW)

So, is this going to hurt his chances, or make him seem a bit less stuffy than the stereotypical Republican? Will it help his popularity? This is the 21st century after all. Sure, sure, content and character. But didn’t we see him in one of those Axe Body Wash ads last year?

Original article has larger picture. The gossip pages haven’t cottoned to this one yet. I dug through the top 4 sites, and while I learned that Donald Goerke, the guy who invented Spaghetti-O’s has died at 83, and that J. Love Hewitt went on TV to tell the world that she Bedazzles her ‘jayjay, not a word on this bit of “breaking news” at those places. Media bias - it’s everywhere!!


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calendar   Sunday - August 16, 2009

Nothing I Can Add To This


Except this:



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calendar   Friday - July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin To Resign

Palin Resigning As Governor of Alaska

what the heck is going on?

Palin Quits as Alaska Governor

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday that she is stepping down at the end of the month, setting up a potential run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

[Ok, maybe. But is that wishful thinking or what?]

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin shocked the political word Friday by announcing that she will step down at the end of the month and transfer power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell.

Palin made the announcement from her home in Wasilla, flanked by her husband, Todd, and family and state commissioners.

The announcement came on the same week that one of her top public health officials says she was forced out of office because Palin felt she wasn’t in step on social issues.

Palin’s decision now allows her to avoid the difficult task of running for president while serving as governor.

Todd Palin told FOX News that his wife will concentrate on “doing the things for Alaska and the country” that she is passionate about and can not do as governor with the limitation and constant opposition she deals with within the state.

Maybe she’s just sick of it all. Let’s face it, who needs the bullshit? 8 months after the election CNN and MSNBC are still running hit pieces on her. I ran across one last night. W. T. F. people, WTF?

Maybe she is gearing up for a Presidential campaign. I guess Wait & See is the only thing we can do.

Lots of speculation over at Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and The Anchoress, to name but a few.

“I know when it’s time to pass the ball for victory,” soon-to-be-former Governor Sarah Palin says at a press conference with her family, standing before a picturesque river and seaplane.

She says she’s looking forward to the swearing in of Lt. Governor Sean Parnell. “All I can ask is that you trust me with this decision,” she says. “I cannot millions of dollars and time go to waste just so I can remain as governor of Alaska.

“This decision has been in the works for a while. It comes after a great deal of prayer and deliberation.”

She said when she put the decision to her family, the vote was four “yes"es and one ‘Hell yeah.’ She mentions the family’s reaction to the mockery of Trig.

She said her decision was “fortified during her visit to the troops in Kosovo.”

“It hurts to make this choice, but I’ve given my reasons.  I’m reminded of a sign on my parents’ refrigerator, ‘Don’t explain; your friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.’”

Read the rest here, including The Official Announcement:

Governor Sarah Palin announced today that she will not seek a second term as Governor of the State of Alaska and will relegate the power of governor to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell in order to serve Alaska’s best interests.  Lieutenant General Craig Campbell will move into Parnell’s current role.

“People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska,” said Governor Palin.  “Serving her people is the greatest honor I could imagine.”

Standing outside her home in Wasilla, Alaska, Governor Palin reflected upon some of the administration’s accomplishments for Alaska as she approaches her final year in office.

“I am determined to take the right path for Alaska even though it is not the easiest path,” said Governor Palin after the announcement.  “Once I decided not to run for re-election, I also felt that to embrace the conventional ‘Lame Duck’ status in this particular climate would just be another dose of ‘politics as usual,’ something I campaigned against and will always oppose.  It is my duty to always protect our great state.  With that in mind, my family and I determined that it is best to make a difference this summer, and I am willing to change things, so that this administration, with its positive agenda, its accomplishments, and its successful road to an incredible future, can continue without interruption and with great administrative and legislative success.  I look forward to helping others – to fight for our state and our country, and campaign for those who believe in smaller government, free enterprise, strong national security, support for our troops, and energy independence.”


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calendar   Tuesday - April 14, 2009

A Bad Time To Call

So I’m sitting here at the computer, with half a dozen .pdf forms open, trying to get my taxes done, hoping that I can get my bottom line small enough so that the check I mail in won’t bounce.

And the phone rings. It’s this guy from the Republican Party, who wants me to send them some money. “Oooh, now we’ve got Michael Steele and how much they need my support what with the crazy budgets the Democrats have rammed through and ... “

I cut the mother off at the knees. Bad time to call dude.

I gave him both barrels, and told him everything that was wrong with the GOP going all the way back to Nixon. All the broken promises, from Reagan getting rid of the Department of Education, to the failed Contract With America (anybody remember term limits?) right up to weak foreign policy and through the greed, corruption, and pork barrel spending of the current crop. How today’s Republicans aren’t Conservatives by any stretch, and shut up already with the abortion issue you’re never going to overturn Roe, how they’re all actually Democrats who only appear conservative because all the Democrats are now Socialists. And so on and so on. I apologized to the guy, because he’s just doing a job, but I let him know that if the ‘pubs wanted another dime out of me that they’d better man up and git ‘er done. And then I told him just what “‘er” meant, from border security to lower taxes to a greatly smaller federal government that stayed within it’s constitutional bounds to overturning Kelo to thinning out the crazy amount of stupid laws to better tax policy to responsible spending and accounting practices to keeping the damn Democrats the hell out of our primaries, which is what gave us Juan Fucking McAmnesty (yes, I said exactly that) who isn’t even a Republican much less a Conservative, oooh, I’m a Maverick!, sure I’m proud of his military service but that was a long time ago and I won’t forget how he sold Sarah Palin down the river and ran the most limp dick campaign since Bob Dole. And, yippity fuckin yahoo, we’ve got Michael Steele, a black guy. Why is it that he’s almost the only black guy in the party, when it was the Republicans who were founded to eliminate slavery, it was the Republicans who got the 14th and 15th Amendment passed when every last Democrat voted against them, it was the Republicans who forced through the Civil Rights Act etc etc, right up to Bush and his No Child Left Behind which should have raised the education standards all over the country even in the ghettos but all we ever heard was that he didn’t fund it, even though he did even though funding education is none of the federal government’s damn business and the wishy washy GOP has allowed themselves to be demagogued as the party that only cares about big business and doesn’t like black people, hell it was said they even sabotaged the levies in the 9th Ward so they’d all drown, and not one of them had the guts to say what a crock that statement was?

He was laughing his ass off on the other end of the phone. I apologized again, and told him he was going to have an awful lot of responses like mine. He said that part of his job was to pass comments along. So I told him that when the Republican party got over being Upper East Side Gentlemen and started fighting fire with fire against the Democrats - who lie, cheat, steal, rig elections, plus the whole corrupt ACORN mess, AND the financial breakdown that is heavily their fault and thieves like Dodd are getting away with it scot-free, and they have brainwashed generations of technically savvy young people into mindless leftist minions - THEN maybe I’d think about it. But only after I saw some REAL PROGRESS against some of my outlined issues. And I’m not seeing any progress at all on any of them, AND I didn’t see any of it when Bush was in the White House, EVEN WHEN the GOP had control of the House and the Senate. Find me a stand up guy who can talk the talk and walk the walk and get things done, hey maybe Bobby Jindal?, then they’d see some money from me. Until then, save yourselves the cost of a phone call and don’t bother me.

Well, I feel better now.

Remember, Buy A Gun Day is tomorrow. If you can find one to buy. My wife did her taxes and can rationalize buying a nice piece. All I have left in my bank account is some of Obama’s loose Change.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 17, 2009

GOP Critique

Yeah, What He Said

On Michael Steele:

He says the Republicans have given African-Americans “nothing.” THE PARTY THAT ENDED SLAVERY, that was instrumental in giving African Americans the vote in spite of everything Democrats could do to stop it? (Remember the schoolhouse door, Mr. Steele? Remember Bull Connor and his dogs?  Remember Robert Byrd THE DEMOCRATIC KLAN RECRUITER and his Senate filibuster of the Voting Rights Act?) The party that INVENTED affirmative action under Nixon?  THAT Republican party?  It wasn’t the Republicans’ ‘New Deal’ that destroyed an entire generation of black small businessmen and farmers, Mr. Steele. The National Recovery Administration that blacks in the Depression called ‘Negroes Robbed Again’ wasn’t a GOP invention.  If you’re going to lead this party, you should know these things.

What are we paying these people for?

Go read the rest.


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calendar   Monday - February 23, 2009

GOP Anniversary

The Republican National Committee is 153 years old today. Nearly as old as Senator Arlen Spectre (Idiot-PA) and Senator Robert C. Byrd (IV Dynasty Mummy - WV).

Republicans from many state parties held their first national organizational meeting in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856.

Hooray. Woo hoo. Now get back to work and put the country back on track, you blighters.


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calendar   Friday - February 06, 2009

Taking A Tip From Trump

Steele to RNC: You’re Fired

Steele Cleans House at Republican National Committee
Newly-elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has requested mass resignations at the institution, which has about 100 staff members.

Michael Steele, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, has asked the entire staff to resign, FOX News has confirmed. The move signals Steele’s plan to reshape the party, which was trounced at the polls in 2006 and 2008.

As a black man from Maryland, a traditionally Democratic state, Steele has already brought a new face to the party. The RNC has about 100 staff members, many of whom have been told that their last day on the job will be Feb. 15, a Republican source told Politico, which reported the story Thursday morning.

Some aides may stay on, the source said, but several senior aides who were expecting the changes voluntarily submitted their resignations soon after Steele’s election last week.

President Obama’s new team made a similar request at the Democratic National Committee.

Steele, a former Maryland lieutenant governor, won the chairmanship last Friday. In his first speech as chairman, he pledged to bring change in an effort to re-establish the GOP presence in the Northeast and win elections in regions across the country.

“It’s time for something completely different, and we’re gonna bring it to them,” he said in his acceptance speech. “Get ready, baby. It’s time to turn it on.”

Ok fine, I get it, he’s black already. As far as I am concerned that is his least important aspect. I wouldn’t even call it a consideration, much less a qualification. So stop mentioning it.

So does this mean there are job openings? Hire me. I already have a slogan you can use. Take back the Right. Nifty, what what? It’s a play on that mostly worthless annual campus awareness raising festival of mock-feminism “Take back the night”. Plus it has a built in double meaning: return the party to it’s roots AND give the citizens back the America we’re supposed to have. See? I’m inventive, full of ideas, and have a proven grassroots track record as a Conservative Blogger. Hire me.


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