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calendar   Monday - January 31, 2005

BMEWS:  Fair And Balanced

I admit to falling for the hype of the Iraqi election.  I may have even jumped the gun on some participation percentages.  So in an effort to be fair and balanced I offer this up for your review.  There is much to be said about what is written in this piece.  Time will tell but until then, digest these snippets and then go read it all here.

while the turnout is officially estimated at 60%, the real figure will probably turn out to be quite a bit lower, no more than 40-45%

In Basra, Iraq’s second largest town, the turnout was 32-35%, although Iraqi election officials claimed 90%.

Polling booths were not installed in the Sunni, Turkomen and Assyrian neighborhoods of the northern town of Mosul. Assyrian Christians staged large demonstrations to protest their loss of voting right and representation in the national assembly, but were given no alternative means of balloting; nor did they rate media attention.

Kurdish troops and intelligence are alleged to have trucked in tens of thousands of armed Kurds from across the province to commandeer the polling stations. Cautious estimates put the figure of imported voters at 50,000.

For more info, read Vox Day’s most recent column here.


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calendar   Saturday - January 29, 2005

Fine Words

"Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.”

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant: It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

“Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.”

“I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandment’s would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.”

“The taxpayer: That’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.”

“Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”

“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

“The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program.”

“I’ve laid down the law, though, to everyone from now on about anything that happens: no matter what time it is, wake me, even if it’s in the middle of a Cabinet meeting.”

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession; I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

“Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.”

“No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. “



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calendar   Friday - January 28, 2005

Do We Go For Three In A Row?

Do We Go For Three In A Row?

Back a few days ago I asked you to go snooping for me to confirm whether a certain individual was of a certain political persuasion.

You did and he was.

Yesterday I asked again.

You did and he was.

Today I want to go for three in a row.  Honestly, I do not research these and then post them (guaranteeing a perfect score and skewing the results.) I go through these exercises as a matter of personal research to prove the bias in the media and to display how it is often cloaked such that most people never catch on.

The most recent leaves unsaid through the article the person’s political persuasions.  But given the fact that it is NOT mentioned and given that the request is so bloody stupid and reflects nothing more than a politician sticking the nose of government “further under the tent”, I will go out on a limb and guess he is a democrat.

Wanna bet?  Go read it. Bascially he wants gloves on cocks.  It’s incredible.  I can’t make this up!


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calendar   Thursday - January 27, 2005

Who Will Check This For Me?

I’m heading off to the range to sight in my SKS and to test fire my CZ-52.  Time is short but I found this that just HAD to be posted.

A guy in St Loius is threatening to kill himself because he is depressed.  He ran for mayor and lost.  He’s running again.  (who the hell would ever vote for anyone who is on the order of self-elimination?)

So, the mission is this:  who wants to check what his party affiliation is?

I say he’s a democrat.

Why?  He’s whining like a girly-man.  If he wants to end it, then DAMN IT!  END IT!  Don’t drag us into his own little personal hell.  He has multiple degrees from Ivy League schools and instructor at a college.  He’s also been a sex colunmist while a school board member (yep, just the right qualities I’d want in a school board member!)

So, who’s up to it?


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calendar   Wednesday - January 26, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Yes, election day, November 2008 will truly be a joyous day when Jerome Corsi, of SWIFTVETS fame, defeats John F**king Kerry (you remember him, right?  The loser, French looking bastard who served in Vietnam and recently went overseas to criticize our government?  Yep, that’s him!)

I contributed to John Thune’s campaign in order to help him defeated Dash-hole.  I think I see some money going Corsi’s way soon.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 25, 2005

Iraqi News

I got the following from an AF friend in Iraq

This is one pissed off Lt. Colonel!!

He is angry as hell at media coverage about what is going on in Iraq.

Particularly disturbing is this snippet which reflects the true nature of our media:

“I have had my staff aggressively pursue media coverage for all sorts of events that tell the other side of the story only to have them turned down or ignored by the press in Baghdad. Strangely, I found it much easier to lure the Arab media to a “non-lethal” event than the western outlets. Open a renovated school or a youth center and I could always count on Al-Iraqia or even Al-Jazeera to show up, but no western media ever showed up - ever.”

I love his take on comparing war to the manufacturing sector:

“I’ve read that in the world of manufacturing, you can have only two of the following three qualities when developing a product - cheap, fast or good. You can produce something cheap and fast, but it won’t be good; good and fast, but it won’t be cheap; good and cheap, but it won’t be fast. In this case, we want the result to be good and we want it at the lowest cost in human lives. Given this set of conditions, one can expect this war is to take a while, and rightfully so.”

In other news, you may soon be hearing from our media and their sycophants about how the voting in Iraq will disenfranchise millions of Iraqis.  This, of course, will be fueled by the leftists in our government and others not in government who hate the US.  What you won’t hear is that many of those people will be Sunnis.

Now, if you’ve not been following what’s going on in internal Iraqi politics and do not know who used to be in power during Saddam’s regime nor which, the Sunnis or Shiites, were a majority, I do not have time to discuss it here.  But if you read this article, you will get a pretty decent understanding of exactly WHO is not showing up for the elections and why.

Additionally, try and understand that what may happen on January 30th will be a purposeful action by those within Iraq who are not happy at the role reversal about to take place and that what the media may be trying to tell you will be a lie.  Those that do not vote chose not to.  They were not forced to stay home neither were they disenfranchised.  They did it to themselves.  A great piece that discusses this is found here.

Now let them bear ther consequences of their actions.

****Don’t forget to vote in our survey.  (Click here.)


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calendar   Monday - January 24, 2005

Why Social Security Reform Will Fail

Why Social Security Reform Will Fail

Unless there is a concerted effort to undo decades of government brainwashing by campaigning to convince people their future belongs to them, any effort to privatize social security is doomed to failure.

We can start with a VERY short letter to all our congress-critters:  “I demand the right to determine where my social security contributions go.  It is MY money and I want to take ownership of it.” Simple as that. 

But, as Neal Boortz points out at his site today, there are too many people who love the nanny state and really want nothing to do with the “freedom” that taking responsibility for their own actions will mean to them.

Since his page changes daily but the address is the same, I’ve copied it here for you to read.  He started out with a discussion of President Bush’s inauguration speech focusing on freedom and continued thusly:

What is the problem with freedom?  I think that the biggest problem is that people realize that along with personal freedom comes personal responsibility.  To be sure, Americans will say nice things about freedom ... right up until the time that personal responsibility rears its ugly head.  Freedom of speech?  Sure, that takes no real effort.  Freedom of religion?  No problem there.  It doesn’t really require you to actually do anything.  Introduce responsibility and consequences for irresponsibility, and the love of freedom suddenly wanes.

I saw a good example of the limited American love affair with freedom yesterday on CNN.  Three women from three generations were being interviewed; grandmother, mother and daughter.  They were being questioned on President Bush’s privatization plans for Social Security.  The grandmother was against it.  She said that this would be like the government teaching people to gamble.  She equates investing in the stock market to gambling, and has decided that it is wrong.  Let the government take your money, and then dole it out to you later.  Now that’s just fine.

The daughter was particularly troubling.  On the one hand she said that she had no confidence at all that there were going to be any Social Security benefits for her when she reached retirement age, whatever that retirement age might be.  On the other hand she said that she wasn’t in favor of privatization because she didn’t want to have to go to the trouble of making decisions on how her retirement money should be invested.  She would just rather have the government do it for her.

More examples?  They’re not difficult to fine.  Just go to the basic levels of our society.  Should you be free to negotiate with an employer on the basis of salary?  No ... we need a minimum wage.  Should you be free to buy a health insurance policy that doesn’t include pregnancy benefits?  No .. the government stands in the way.  Should you be free to chose who is going to come into your home and tell you what drapery fabric would look good with your throw pillows?  No.  The government tells you who you can and can’t hire for that job.  Do people complain?  Do they protest?  Not a bit.  Just accept the government controls and regulations and move on.

There is another troubling aspect of our lost love for freedom.  When freedom isn’t cherished people are opposed to paying a price to make freedom secure.  The United States is trying to introduce freedom into the heart of the tyrannical Arab World.  As in the past, people are dying in the effort.  Now we have people saying that it’s peace, not freedom that matters.  That might sound good until you realize that by “peace” they simply mean the absence of armed conflict.  Tyranny?  Fine.  Not even the most basic of freedoms?  No problem ... as long as there’s peace.  Today an astounding number of people, principally on the left, believe that peace without freedom is just fine, thank you very much.


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calendar   Thursday - January 20, 2005

More On Social Security

If you think we pay too much for taxes and social security, read this article on the trials and tribulations the socialists in Germany are going through.

It’s finally dawned on them that they MUST change their welfare system, unemployment compensation system and social security system.

After all, when one of your citizens starts taking unemployment, moves to another country, claims it is more expensive to live there, demands more money, and gets it---then something REALLY is wrong!  TRUE STORY as you will soon see when you click on the above link.  No shit.  He actually pulled it off.  Got fired (or quit) moved to Florida and then compained saying he wasn’t getting enough.  The German government sent him more money!!!!

As a side note, pay particular attention to the paragraphs dealing with their social security system.

Want to know the true cost of social security? Read this.

But it does not really matter since the socialists in this country, incapable of taking care of themselves and wanting a mommy government whose tit they can suck off of and who can wipe their shitty behinds because they’ve not yet learned to control the shit that spews from their asses and their mouths, won’t pay attention.

As many intelligent readers at this site know, the true issue is this:  IT IS OUR FUCKING MONEY AND WE WANT CONTROL OF IT!!
I will also tell you that I would line up and eagerly volunteer to shoot anyone who decides to privatize their own contributions and because of greed or stupidity loses it all and then goes crying to government for assistance. 

Pay really close attention to what the author is trying to say relative to how money increases and decreases in value as you slide the bar of “Father Time” across its face.

Here’s a taste:

The second reason $3.7 trillion is misleading is that it leaves the public with the impression that the federal government will only have to come up with $3.7 trillion over the next 75 years to keep the system solvent. Yet as the quote from the 2004 Report notes, that $3.7 trillion is the “present value.”

You smart ones will see it and understand.  The dumb ones will argue with me.  Sorry, I don’t “do” stupid.  I won’t respond.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 19, 2005

The Tyrannical State Rears Its Ugly Head

Imagine going on the internet to make a purchase.  A week or so later you get a letter from your city’s finance department telling you that your actions in not paying any state taxes for that purchase will now result in your being fined $200 for every one of those items.  No questions asked.  No mercy.  No quarter.  No extenuating circumstances. No pleas.  No bargaining.  Pay up or go to jail, basically.

Sounds like a Russian tactic or something done by a dictator, right?


It’s New York.

What I want to know is how it is constitutionally legal for them to get those records of sales.  I know what the article states but still......this is one hell of an invasion of privacy.  Where will it stop?  Will the state soon have access to all our purchases?  I really do not think it is any of their business that I purchase guns and ammo through the internet.  Or adult sex toys.  Or porn.  Or various insecticides and herbicides.  Or anything else for that matter. (disclaimer for any FBI or NSA types “monitoring” this blog: the mere mention of the former examples does not infer or imply the author of this post engages in any of those purchases!  They are meant to be illustrative only. )

Oh, and where’s the Hildebeast in all this?  How is she planning on helping out her constituents?


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An Interesting Perspective

Read what Richard Baehr at American Thinker has to say about the correlation of psychologists per 100,000 in states that voted for Bush as opposed to states that voted for Kerry.

The ten states (including the District of Columbia ) with the highest ratio of psychologists per 100,000 residents, were, with the exception of Colorado, all blue states which supported John Kerry (D.C, Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, in rank order from one to ten).  The ten states with the lowest ratio of psychologists per 100,000 residents, all were red states supporting Bush (Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Indiana). Louisiana with the lowest ratio is listed first.

I guess if you’re a democrat you tend to need more counseling as you are incapable of fighting off the demons running around in your head. Remember what the root word of socialism is:  social.  To me, it signifies a characteristic where people are incapable of independent thought and action and must rely upon others.  Then remember that most democrats/liberals are socialists. The rest is easy.

Much has been said about P.E.S.T. and we’ve even covered it here at BMEWS (here and here) but you have to wonder about the characteristics and psychological make-up of such dependency-prone people who leave the country when they can’t their way. How typical.  No balls to stay and fight in what they believe in.

Did we have Republicans doing the same or running to counselors when Clinton won?

I rest my case.


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calendar   Friday - January 14, 2005

A Million Here .. A Million There ..

.... pretty soon you’re talking real money. I think it was Vanderbilt who said that. He was dead right. We just threw $350 million at an ungrateful country (Indonesia) who now wants us to just give them the money and get the f**k out of their country. Lousy, eh? Maybe not as lousy as the huge amounts of money our government wastes every freaking day. I got a tip on this story from the Association For Computing Machinery (a professional organization for computer geeks that I belong to). It caught my eye because I worked for SAIC on a long government contract at the NASA Stennis Space Center several years back. I’m sure their asses are puckered up at SAIC’s headquarters in San Diego after this story broke ....

New FBI Software May Be Unusable

WASHINGTON — A new FBI computer program designed to help agents share information to ward off terrorist attacks may have to be scrapped, the agency has concluded, forcing a further delay in a four-year, half-billion-dollar overhaul of its antiquated computer system.

The bureau is so convinced that the software, known as Virtual Case File, will not work as planned that it has taken steps to begin soliciting proposals from outside contractors for new software, officials said.

The overhaul of the decrepit computer system was identified as a priority both by the independent commission that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks and by members of Congress, who found that the FBI’s old system prevented agents from sharing information that could have headed off the attacks.

Since the attacks, Congress has given the FBI a blank check, allocating billions of dollars in additional funding. So far the overhaul has cost $581 million, and the software problems are expected to set off a debate over how well the bureau has been spending those dollars.

The bureau recently commissioned a series of independent studies to determine whether any part of the Virtual Case File software could be salvaged. Any decision to proceed with new software would add tens of millions of dollars to the development costs and render worthless much of a current $170-million contract.


A prototype of the Virtual Case File was delivered to the FBI last month by Science Applications International Corp. of San Diego. But bureau officials consider it inadequate and already outdated, and are using it mainly on a trial basis to glean information from users that will be incorporated in a new design.

Science Applications has received about $170 million from the FBI for its work on the project. Sources said about $100 million of that would be essentially lost if the FBI were to scrap the software.

Folks, this is what we pay our taxes for. Our hard-earned dollars are being pissed away by government contractors. I know because I used to be one. I can’t tell you how often stories like this happen but I can tell you that according to OMB estimates approximately 80% of the software bought by the Department of Defense is useless and discarded. Now you know ....


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calendar   Thursday - January 13, 2005

Lest We Forget

Time flies and now it appears Sandy Burglar of “oops, I accidentally dropped secret documents into my underwear” fame will now go before a grand jury.

Who wants to bet he’ll get off scott-free?


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calendar   Tuesday - January 11, 2005


Where’s Jesse Jackson and all his race-baiting buddies?  Where’s the ACLU and NAACP?  Where’s the outrage from Democrats for all the REAL, LIVE, LEGITIMATE, LAW-ABIDING voters who were TRULY “disenfranchised” by this fraudulent election in Washington?

Probably still in Florida and Ohio inciting the “coloreds” into thinking they’ve been ripped off.

This one will piss you off.

This one should give you hope.


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calendar   Friday - January 07, 2005

Democrats Conspiring To Steal Elections

It’s bad enough to read what’s been going on in Washington state’s gubernatorial race but now votes seem to be materializing out of nowhere.  Recent investigations indicate consistent over voting in large counties (theoretically favoring Democrats who are predisposed to double vote and vote from the dead.)

It turns out the Dummycraps are also up to their tricks in North Carolina. Their actions are so blatant that even the liberal newspapers are screaming about it.  Now THAT’S got to be a first!

You should no longer wonder why I hate all things “democrat” and have so little respect for those who chose that party.


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