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calendar   Friday - February 12, 2016

On This Day In History: February 11

1534: On what would be February 11th by the current calendar, An egotistical tyrant, murderer, lecher, and glory hound removes the right of Christian priests to appeal his decisions to Rome, effectively breaking with the Papacy and declaring himself head of the Church of England. God in Heaven, I am Protestant and I despise writing about that inflated bloodbag. The best I can say is that many of his successors exercised their powers far more responsibly than trying to stamp their names on any surface they could get their hands on. Another reason why I basically hate all the Tudors except for Elizabeth.....

1812:  The Gerrymander was born. This species of monster has been one of the great banes of liberty to have originated in the US since the fall of Britain’s military occupation over the Atlantic Seaboard. Long after North America basically tamed most of the animals that were hostile to human existence on the continent, this thing has not only remained strong but has if anything grown stronger and been exported off the continent. Bad mathematics and cartography helps to enable bad representation, which makes it a lot easier for things that are even worse to come to the fore. But whil a lot of people have heard of this term and a fair number of people know the name of the man who provided half the word Gerrymander, not many people know the detailed story behind it. Which I think is a shame, because I think knowing that story helps us understand how this mess- and other abuses- come to be. As well as how new, novel ones will be invented. These are threats to any free republic, constitution, or democracy just like the headhackers are, so I think it is worth discussing it.

The reason this day stands as the commemoration date one is because it is the anniversary of when Governor Elbridge Gerry (G’s pronounced like “G-uh") put his signature to a proposal for redistricting the state’s electoral districts to bring them into compliance with the US Constitution. That much was a fair and necessary objective for a new state in a new Republic. But as it turns out, the proposal was drafted by Gerry’s political allies (and cronies) in the Massachusetts state legislature. And- tell me if you’ve heard this before- in a few weeks the people of Massachusetts came to learn that compliance with the Constitution was not the only motive behind this particular bit of mapping. But the full story behind it, the political climate that saw it arise, and the man who penned his John Hancock to it go back years.

Gerry was one of the truly original Founding Fathers, serving on virtually every Patriot committee you could name in the Commonwealth years before the outbreak of the Revolution. He has the distinction of sending the colonial militia’s weapons stockpiles to Concord, and having the Redcoats march past him when they tried to confiscate them there. Throughout the Revolutionary War he became known for being one of the most prominent and honest suppliers of the Continental cause’s armed forces (and trust me when I say that supply was probably THE great struggle of the Revolution), but also one of the more statist for his early support of price controls. He served in the Second Continental Congress throughout the war, and was probably one of the key unsung figures in pushing the Declaration of Independence into approval.far more people know the name of this than they know the story of how it came around. Chances are, even those who know the basic story of what this strategy is and its’ first use do not know either the specifics of it, or about the man whose name forms the root of it. Governor Elbridge Gerry appended his signature to a proposal drafted by his political allies (and cronies) Massachusetts state. After the war he entered into state politics back home, and was called back for the Constitutional Convention.


Ironically given his most visible linguistic legacy, he spent most of his career suspicious of partisan politics and political parties- not unlike most of the Founders-. However, he was even more suspicious of the power of central government vis-ai-vis the local and state levels. Which is why he was one of the few delegates to reject the final draft of the Constitution, and as the party lines deepened he turned against the Hamiltonian Federalists in favor of Jefferson’s budding Democratic-Republicans. But this is also what led him to his role in this mess. Throughout the final years of the 18th century Massachusetts politics followed those of the nation at large in dividing between the two camps just as Elbridge was climbing the rungs of state politics before eventually getting into the Federal House of Representatives. But the final straw came not domestically, but overseas. He was one of the several sent as part of a commission to France, where they ran right into the infamous Talleyrand, who followed the finest traditions of the Ancien Regime by trying to make a bribe shakedown. Everybody refused as talks stalemated, but Talleyrand believed Gerry was the most pliable- or weakest- of the American mission. So he basically isolated Gerry for talks and froze out the rest. While his compatriots left for home, Gerry was kept there under threat of a war declaration if he left. Across the ocean it had already come to something like that; the correspondence of Gerry’s co-workers and continued French attacks on American shipping led to a Quasi-War, equaled by only a few similar conflicts in American history.

But “Weak link” or not, Gerry never gave in or broke when across the table with the most powerful diplomat in the world. Eventually, the French government got wind of what Talleyrand had done and called him to task for it, and once Napoleon took the reigns of power a peace was hashed out for the bitter naval war. Gerry went home unbowed, and claiming credit as the reason why there was never any declared state of war between the French and US governments through the bloody months of naval skirmishing and marine landings. He only found out when he got home that he was being branded a quisling or collaborator, mostly by the Federalists. He was accused of having been a tool of Talleyrand and was quite literally burned in effigy. Ultimately his own correspondence was published which cleared his name, but it would not clear the air. Understandably enraged at being labeled a traitor, Gerry openly declared himself for the Democratic-Republicans and the newly partisan grievances he had paved the way for the Gerrymander’s birth.

Gerry had a bit of bad luck; as the 19th century began and a Jeffersonian tide started to wash the Federalists away across the Union he had the bad luck of being resident to one fo the few states where the Federalists were actually gaining ground. Federalists dominated the governorship and legislature for the first decade of the new century, the Democratic-Republicans in the state were so divided Gerry could only count on the support of some of them, and just as the political troubles were mounting his brother’s financial malfeasance meant that Gerry had to guarantee a loan. It would wind up ruining him financially for the rest of his life, and so he stood out of politics. But then in 1810, he stood for election as Governor against the sitting Federalist. After a bitter and nasty fight that aired old laundry and personal accusations, he triumphed. For the first term in office, Gerry ruled as Governor with a Federalist state legislature and judiciary. So he kept his head down and charted a moderate course. But when he faced a rematch for the Governor’s seat the next year, he won again and saw a legislature dominated by fellow Dem-Reps be sworn in. Now he had a far freer hand, and he decided to use it in a way that we are still paying for.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Wednesday - February 10, 2016

On This Day In History: February 10

1163: On what would be February 17th by modern reckoning, King Baldwin the Third of Jerusalem- the conqueror of Ascalon- dies childless at the age of 33, among suspicions that he was poisoned by a Syrian Orthodox Christian who was acting as his doctor. A long eight day funeral procession marked by open grief caries him from the place of his death at Beirut to his kingdom’s capitol and place of his tomb at Jerusalem. He started off his reign on a very unpromising start, which among other things featured a civil war against his own mother and going up against none other than Nur-ad-Din, Salah-al-Din (Saladin)’s mentor, including a failure to take Damascus. But that soon changed. He forged an alliance with the Eastern Romans and fought Nur-ad-Din to a standstill, but his real victories were in the South against the Fatmid Caliphate in the South.


His crowning achievement by far was the siege of the city of Ascalon in 1153. Conventional wisdom of the time in siege warfare was that you needed to block absolutely all routes of supply for the area under siege, have superior numbers to the defenders, and only conduct an assault if you had overwhelming odds. Baldwin had exactly none of these advantages, but managed to siege and storm one of the most fortified cities in the world while outnumbered.  It turned Ascalon into a bulwark of the Christian states in the Levant while serving as a springboard for attacks into Egypt, and the seal of doom for the Fatmid Caliphs and seemed to foreshadow great things.


But within a decade of that triumph, he was dead at a young age (even for then) and control of the Kingdom of Jerusalem passed to his brother, who spent his reign raiding futilely into Egypt, using manpower that the Crusaders simply did not have. Then he died and bequeathed the crown to his only son, the heroic Leper-King Baldwin the Fourth, who saved Jerusalem from Saladin but could not save his dynasty from lack of heirs. After his death the Kingdom fell victim to ugly infighting and worse leadership, which led to shattering defeat at Hattin to Saladin’s Jihadis. Saladin went on to reconquer and destroy the entire city of Ascalon to prevent it from being a Crusader defensive position, and within three decades of Baldwin III’s funeral the Crusaders were dependent on foreign leaders- most famously the kings of England and France- to avoid destruction. And which slowly led to a death spiral for the Crusader Kingdoms of the Orient, and ultimately Christianity in much of the Levant.

Baldwin III’s a rather forgotten figure in history, including that of the Crusades and Jihads, which is ironic because at the time of his death he stood among the giants of his era. He was well read in everything from history to law, eloquent, intelligent, approachable by those he ruled over, and chivalrous *almost*- almost- to a fault; a strong King who was able to fund a war on multiple fronts against far more numerous enemies without even taxing Church property and was lauded by virtually everyone, including those enemies. At the time of his death well below the expectancy of an adult male for the period, it looked like he was developing into someone who might have qualified as a Christian equal of Saladin himself. We can only imagine what might have happened had he lived, or if he would have continued to improve. But his greatest enemy Nur said

“The Franks (Read: Western Catholic Christians) have lost such a prince that the world has not now his like.”

I am inclined to believe him. And so this post is dedicated to you, King Baldwin. Rest with God.
See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Tuesday - February 02, 2016

Blog Wear For Primaries


get yours now before they’re all gone!

Meanwhile, in Iowa ...

A Coin Flip? Are You Kidding Me??

Literally a toss-up: Coin tosses helped give Clinton edge in tight Iowa race

After tens of millions of dollars poured into the feverish Iowa campaign, it came down to roughly a half-dozen coin tosses: And Hillary Clinton had luck on her side.

The former secretary of state declared victory overnight in the contest against Bernie Sanders, and the party – without officially declaring her the winner—showed Clinton had an insurmountable lead over the Vermont senator. 

But several reports emerged that in the closest precincts, stray local delegates were decided in a simple coin toss. According to the Des Moines Register, local reports showed unassigned delegates were decided with a coin toss in as many as six precincts – and Clinton won every time.

The newspaper described one such incident in Ames, where dozens of caucus participants reportedly disappeared in the count – this left one of the delegates unassigned, and party officials recommended the dispute be settled with the flip of a coin. According to the Des Moines Register, a Clinton backer called “heads” and won, giving her campaign the extra delegate.

As of early Tuesday, Clinton had been awarded 699 state delegate equivalents, while Sanders had been awarded 695 state delegate equivalents. It does not appear Sanders can make up the difference.


Ok, who wants to make the first joke? Because you know it was a special Bill Clinton quarter, right Monica?

On the Stupid Party front, Cruz edged out Trump by 4 points, with Rubio right behind him, only 1 point down from Teh Donald.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 09, 2015

dump trump?  Front page brit paper. why is it their business anyway?

I really don’t much care for this.


I’d ignore it in a paper from the USA. Doesn’t bother me one way or another.
One of our morning papers has a brief list of Trumps quotes that are derided.  Interesting that they print just part of a statement that I heard him make, but they leave out part and present their vision and understanding of what they already believe.

As you can imagine, the left here as well as back home in the USA, have their panties in a twist and even conservative papers have jumped on the latest politically correct bandwagon. 

Frankly, in truth I can’t imagine how Mr. Trump’s idea can work.  And what about the home grown blue eyed fair skin whites who will go unnoticed?
For Trump’s plan to work in the unlikely event he would become president, he’d have to utterly destroy the 5th column and the rights industry.  I’m not sure he’d be successful in that.  Another take on a Trump victory I hadn’t thought about, was that his election would mean, so I have heard on the news, that fewer Republicans would be elected. In other words, no coattails. It wasn’t explained why but perhaps it’s those checks and balances.

Trump has certainly added drama and comedy to what I have seen so far from this vantage point, has been the usual and generally boring speeches and promises by the yawn factories running for office. 

Off topic for a moment. I have read in today’s papers that the USA is giving something like 127 million dollars in aid to the Ukraine.
It didn’t say what exactly we were buying for that much money. And lets face it, we have to be buying something.  Don’t we?  Or maybe it’s done just to piss off Putin?


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calendar   Friday - November 06, 2015

Fake But Inaccurate?

Ben Carson Fibbed About West Point?

Please, you knew it was only a matter of time.

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson has been forced to admit that part of central plank in his personal narrative—that the top U.S. general in the Vietnam War had guaranteed him admission and a scholarship to West Point—was fabricated.

In fact, West Point officials, responding to a report published Friday in POLITICO, confirmed that there is no record of Carson ever applying to the elite military academy, much less gaining entrance or a scholarship offer.

But in Carson’s 1996 memoir “Gifted Hands,” he tells a different story: that the young Carson, a 17-year-old top ROTC officer from Detroit, had dined with Gen. William Westmoreland, who was a fresh out of his command in Vietnam, in 1969. He said Westmoreland later offered him a full scholarship. He has said in the retelling of the story that that he turned down the supposed offer because he wanted to be a doctor. He later graduated from Yale University in 1973.

A West Point spokesperson told POLITICO that that it was “certainly possible” that Carson spoke with the general, and the four-star may have even encouraged the teenager to apply, but the school has a rigorous entry process that would not have allowed Westmoreland to guarantee anyone entry. Furthermore, there are no “full scholarships” to the academy.

... then again, maybe not. Put things in civvie speak and the split hairs maybe get a bit thicker ...

Carson’s campaign responded Friday, saying Carson did meet with Westmoreland, and West Point officials told him he could get in based on his high school grades and performance in the ROTC. But in the end, he did not seek the application.

“There are “Service Connected” nominations for stellar High School ROTC appointments,” said campaign manager Barry Bennett. “Again he was the top ROTC student in Detroit.  I would argue strongly that an Appointment is indeed an amazing full scholarship. Having ran several Congressional Offices I am very familiar with the Nomination process.”

“Again though his Senior Commander was in touch with West Point and told Dr. Carson he could get in, Dr. Carson did not seek admission.”

Now watch all the MSM run with this “one of the candidates LIED, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!” story 24-7.

Hillary? Benghazi? Emails? Clinton Foundation? Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Willi -




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calendar   Sunday - October 25, 2015

So this banana walks into a republic, see, and says to the bartender …

Funny Business? I Show You Some Funny Business!!

Comedian favored to win Guatemalan presidency with politicians in disrepute

A former TV comedian with no experience in government is poised to win Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday after a corruption scandal toppled the country’s last leader and fueled voter outrage with the political establishment.

Playing up his outsider status and promising clean government, 46-year-old Jimmy Morales has surged in opinion polls since a probe into a multi-million dollar customs racket led to the resignation and arrest of President Otto Perez.

Voter surveys show Morales is set to easily win Sunday’s run-off vote against former first lady Sandra Torres, who also vows to tackle corruption but is seen by many voters as part of the old political order.

As polling stations opened, many voters said they saw in the comedian an opportunity for a fresh start, and an end to the tainted political dealings that sparked nationwide protests and the eventual ouster of Perez last month.

“We’re tired of Guatemala’s old-style politics ... the wholesale robbery of Guatemala,” said 47-year-old small business owner Alejandro Cruz, after casting his vote in Guatemala City. “I voted for Jimmy Morales. I do think he will be victorious, and that today will be a historic day.”

Guess they’d better brush up on their banana (republic) jokes.



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calendar   Saturday - September 05, 2015

And Now The Fall Guy Steps Up

Clinton family reportedly personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private server

Crivens, do you even want to read the BS article? You knew this was going to happen, right?

And now everything will be blamed on him. Everything. And she’ll skate.

Once again.

I guess old Bill had a bit of spare Teflon to lend her.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and her family reportedly paid a State Department staffer to maintain the private email server she used during her tenure as secretary of state.

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed campaign official, reports the arrangement helped Clinton maintain her personal control over the server that she used to conduct public and private business. The official also said it also ensured that taxpayers weren’t paying for the upkeep of the server that was shared by Clinton, her husband, the former president, and their daughter as well as former aides, the Post reports.

The State Department staffer in question, Bryan Pagliano, told a congressional committee that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights instead of testifying about the private server. A congressional source told Fox News on Friday that investigators on the Benghazi Select Committee hoped to question Pagliano, a former IT specialist, over possible destruction of evidence.

Pagliano served as Clinton’s IT director of her 2008 campaign committee and then on her political action committee, according to The Post. He installed and managed her server and left his IT job at the State Department in February 2013, the same month Clinton stepped down as secretary.

There now, all fixed. Wasn’t that just tooooo convenient?


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calendar   Thursday - August 06, 2015

FBI won’t find the crime right in front of them

FBI: Clinton Email Probe Is Criminal, Not Civil, Investigation

Well, no kidding. It damn well ought to be. And we’ve been looking at her guilt stains for months now. So this means the probe ... will go all Sergeant Schultz and see noth-ink, noth-ink, noth-ink! And she’ll walk. And the GOP will take the blame. Because they suck that much. THAT much.


The FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsecured email account is not just a fact-finding venture — it’s a criminal probe, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

The feds are investigating to what extent Clinton relied on her home server and other private devices to send and store classified documents, according to a federal source with knowledge of the inquiry.

“It’s definitely a criminal probe,” said the source. “I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe.

“The DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI can conduct civil investigations in very limited circumstances,” but that’s not what this is, the source stressed. “In this case, a security violation would lead to criminal charges. Maybe DOJ is trying to protect her campaign.”

Clinton’s camp has downplayed the inquiry as civil and fact-finding in nature. Clinton herself has said she is “confident” that she never knowingly sent or received anything that was classified.

The inspector general for the intelligence community has told Congress that of 40 Clinton emails randomly reviewed as a sample of her correspondence as secretary of state, four contained classified information.

If it is proved that Clinton knowingly sent, received or stored classified information in an unauthorized location, she risks prosecution under the same misdemeanor federal security statute used to prosecute former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, said former federal prosecutor Bradley Simon.

The statute — which was also used to prosecute Bill Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger, in 2005 — is rarely used and would be subject to the discretion of the attorney general.

Still, “They didn’t hesitate to charge Gen. Petraeus with doing the same thing, downloading documents that are classified,” Simon said. “The threshold under the statute is not high — they only need to prove there was an unauthorized removal and retention” of classified material, he said.


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calendar   Tuesday - August 04, 2015

top 50 at the hill

The Hill, DC’s insider-ish news site, did one of their meaningless annual surveys and came up with a list of The 50 Most Beautiful People In Washington DC.

The nominees all work in or around politics in DC, so I guess that includes politicians, staff, lobbyists, and journalists.

Playing a bit of CYA I think, they put Michelle Obama at #9, and Fox New’s Shannon Bream in at #10. Somewhere in the list of 50 they stop publishing the numbers, perhaps out of excessive political correctness to avoid triggers. ("I’m on The Hill’s Most Beautiful list!” “Yeah, at #39. You cow.") Marco Rubio makes the cut as well. There were no age limits, and the contest was open to anyone, so the list isn’t completely filled with former beauty queens now working as executive assistants (eg Courtney Parella, #42, R, Miss Mississippi College 2013).

And the winner is ...


1. Taylor Weeks
Hometown: Houston
Age: 23
Relationship Status: Dating
Party Affiliation: Republican

Taylor Weeks has always been a standout, even at the age when everyone was just trying to fit in.

“Middle school is never good for anyone, especially if you have red hair and you’re 7 feet tall!” exclaimed Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) legislative correspondent, who’s actually 5 feet 10 inches.

But these days, Weeks has her flame-haired “team,” including two redheaded colleagues: “We have some backup.”

The Netflix lover gets fired up talking about her Lone Star State roots. She proudly features a Texas flag and a cactus at her desk.


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calendar   Thursday - July 30, 2015

2016: A New Direction?

100,000 attend virtual rally for Bernie Sanders

The communists amongst us?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told supporters they were making history as he live-streamed from a modest, packed, and steamy apartment in Washington, D.C on Wednesday night.

Delivering remarks off a yellow legal pad balanced precariously on a wobbly music stand, Sanders said no campaign has ever held such a large online organizing effort so early on in the campaign.

The American people are saying loudly and clearly enough is enough,” he said.

The Democratic presidential hopeful hit the major themes of his campaign, such as income inequality, raising the minimum wage, and campaign finance reform. But just weeks after the senator’s speech at a progressive event was interrupted by “Black Lives Matter” protestors, he stressed the need to “combat institutional racism in America” and criminal justice reform.

“We are tired of seeing black women yanked out of a car thrown to the ground. Assaulted, put in handcuffs and then sent to jail and die three days later in the case of Sandra Bland. For what crime? She didn’t signal.”

After thanking supporters for “for participating in this political revolution,” he handed over the event to a digital organizer to provide viewers with instructions on how to get involved.

The Vermont Independent’s campaign says more than 100,000 people signed up to attend one of 3,500 gatherings across the country. After the event he told the media “we never dreamed this campaign would move as quickly as it has and in fact part of the problem we are having is the campaign is moving much faster than our political infrastructure.”

So the far Left is fed up too? I’m sure their reasons are antipodal to the reasons the Right is POed, but this may be a positive harbinger. No one is happy with the status quo, and the center can not hold when pulled from both ends.  Unfortunately, with nobody in the middle, pulling can become tearing without shifting the balance much. That’s not good, but it is the culmination of where things have been heading for the past 15 years.

And on the Right, we’ve got Donald Trump, unafraid and speaking boldly, surging ahead in the polls by more than a 2 to 1 margin. Interesting how both Teh Donald and Bernie could share the same motto:

[Manisha Sharma, the host of the gathering] presented Sanders with a poster of Mahatma Gandhi with a quote which Sanders read: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win,’” adding “maybe that is what this campaign is about.”


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calendar   Friday - July 17, 2015

so, is this a good idea? or the usual political vote hunt?  gosh, lets see.

I am certain there are any number of young people, of teens, who are pretty savvy and read more than the latest celeb. rags.
But I also very much doubt that’s true of a majority. One thing they do have in common is idealism in the same foolish was many of us did as teens.
I don’t know about you but when I was 15 I already knew everything and most ancients of 30 years had it all wrong.
Overall tho, I was more interested in baseball and especially the farm teams locally.  The Htfd. Chiefs (?) were the training grounds for the Boston Braves, and we had one other team I just can’t recall at the moment.  It’s been so long ago.
But that was far more interesting than boring politics and income tax, which we didn’t pay anyway.
I guess times and attitudes have changed but not too sure todays crop is overall any more qualified than we were.
I could be wrong.

What I do believe is that the folks who are hot to stay in the EU, are counting on the very young who do travel and do have exposure to Europe, will be more prone to vote to stay in, if they are allowed to vote in that referendum in another couple of years.

Votes for 16 and 17-year-olds has been given a boost

By Greg Dawson Newsbeat politics reporter

The campaign to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in elections has been given a small boost.

Liberal Democrat and Labour politicians have approved a measure in the House of Lords to lower the voting age for local council elections in England and Wales.

The plan is likely be defeated by the Conservative government in the House of Commons.
David Cameron is against lowering the voting age from 18.

However, pressure to change the rules has grown since 16-year-olds were allowed to vote in the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014. In June, 16 year-olds were given the right to vote in all Scottish and local government elections.

The Lords vote adds further pressure to the campaign to allow votes at 16 in future general elections and the forthcoming referendum on whether the UK should remain in the European Union.



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calendar   Monday - May 04, 2015

happy talk from lib but it’s still all bs!

In a few days time there will be a major election here to decide the govt. for the next five years.

For months now, the various scoundrels running for office have been making ever more promises on all manner of things. It just seems like as soon as one comes up with a promise to hold up the sky so it doesn’t fall, someone else tops even that with some other grand scheme and frankly they’re all piss ants.  Except for a couple perhaps.  Even the green party has a candidate with a following and in what passed for a recent debate on TV among the ppl running, there must have been 4 or 5 different parties represented on that stage.  And one party, the SNP of Scotland, is not open to votes by English citizens. There was also a lady from a tiny party in Wales. 

Election 2015: Despite the flaws, our political system has much to be proud of - especially when compared to many other nations

For all the grumbling, our country is a pretty well-governed place

By Ian Birrell

all the rest

That’s the headline, can’t say it wasn’t interesting but.

What caught most of my attention was the following few lines.

Step back from the froth and fury of the electoral fight.

Then consider why people risk their lives to come here, why our values are globally admired and why our flag has usurped the Stars and Stripes as the coolest such icon. I remember last year that beside the Crimean parliament seized by Russian special forces was a shop with mannequins in the window wearing Union Jack underwear.

I’m not too certain what flag underwear prove, but Mr. Birrell seems to have missed a bit with regard to people risking lives to come here. If Brit values are admired, I doubt that thousands of illegals trying to gain entry not just to the UK, but specific parts of Europe, do so because they have any idea what those values might be. Half of them may not even be able to read, at least not the languages of the several nations they invade every week.  Over 5,000 of them were most unfortunately saved from drowning just over the weekend.  I very much doubt western values play any part in their most unwelcome intrusion on civilization.

If my flag isn’t an icon for those folks, that’s a good thing.  I’d be quite happy if none of them ever heard of the USA.  And there are a large number of Brits who wish they’d never heard of the UK as well.  But in this politically correct world, those opinions don’t count.  The truth doesn’t matter, which is that uncontrolled immigration has caused great stress on all services and they are a curse.

The left keeps telling us how much immigration had aided and advanced the cultures they overrun.  Uh huh.  What the left will never admit to is that the kind of immigrants arriving uninvited and mostly illegally these days, are not the same sort who did migrate once and came here with skills and education.  To be certain, that isn’t true of all of the past immigrants. But it’s true of a larger number than we see these days.  As well, in former times when it was found that foreign criminals had managed to sneak through, they were deported quickly without having to answer to a court in another country, and remain in the host country at public expense for years and years and years.

OK so with apologies to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein and Josh Logan who wrote the book with Oscar Hammerstein for SOUTH PACIFIC,

I dedicate the following to the libtards and especially Mr Birrell.

“Happy Talk keep talking happy talk”

Talk about welfare give-a-way

Lose your country too

to those don’t like you

feel free to add your own


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calendar   Sunday - April 12, 2015

the hill with that


If it was up to me, I’d rework this entire process.

Campaign Season lasts 6 months. Primary season lasts 2 months. Every contender puts his hat in the ring on the same day, and 2 months later every state votes. All on the same day. So no state has an advantage going first, or last, or being a “battleground” or getting short shrift because the best candidates dropped out long before the primary voting got to them. No open ballots: show you party ID or you don’t vote in the primaries. They aren’t public. Once the candidates are picked, you get 6 months of campaigning. That’s 4 months more than is really needed, so consider cutting that down to 3 months. And then it’s time to vote. This 18 month, 24 month, 48 month, endless campaign nonsense is nonsense, is totally wasteful, and is really boring. Frankly, after 2 months of it, I’m sick to death of the whole thing.

And let’s be really, really honest. Secretly, inside your own head, you already know who you’re going to vote for. At the very least, you know whether you’ll go Red or Blue. You might yearn for two other viable parties to exist to help break the power blocks, but everyone who goes to DC joins the Ruling Elite anyway. So if you are an old school Democrat, and bless you for that if you are, then you’re already cheesed off that your party is sticking you with the Wicked Witch and all her baggage. (True Liberals, here’s your new party). If you are generally on the Republican side, but not a drum beater for Jesus or the anti-abortion plank, then you’ve got to start paying attention. And it’s high time that you figured out what’s important to fixing America. Taxes, immigration, wages, production (vs regulation??), nationalism, education, racism, etc. So pick your favorites and start examining the platoon of contenders for like mindedness. And if the ones who preach low taxes and limited government really appeal to you, then you’ve found your other new party (Tea Party renamed as Freedom Party). But make your list go all the way down, so that when the contenders start dropping like flies you still have someone to support. Because if you don’t ... well, see that picture up above??

I’m sure it’s going to be an uphill fight for old Hillary. What a tough row to hoe the poor thing has. Did you know that there are actually a couple other candidates out there? I had no idea. And the Doofus Presumptive isn’t even under consideration. Joe “lemmee sniff your wife” Biden. He never was. That itself is a darn rare thing. So it looks like she’ll have to make at least a couple speeches, and go out to Flyover Country and visit some of those boring smelly states once or twice so it at least looks like she’s trying. But I doubt that she’ll debate anyone. Why bother? What possible difference could it make? The Democrat Party is a machine, and she is their candidate. That’s how they run things, and that’s what those people like. Because it still “feels” like an election, but somebody else makes the decision. Somebody even smarter than you. So they say. And that’s good enough.


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calendar   Sunday - March 29, 2015

which way does it go again?

Was it “The Power of Truth” or “The Truth of Power”??

Google is the dominant search engine on the internet. Without question. Absolute domination.

Businesses can grow or die based on how they come up in a Google search.

More than 9 out of 10 people never go past the first page of search results, and I’d bet half of that 9 don’t even go halfway down the page. That’s why businesses exist to “seed” your business to the internet so that it ranks higher in Google’s databases, and thus comes out higher in the search pile. The blog email gets ads for this every single day.

Google is not at all political. Didn’t we see some firings there a year back, a bit of backstabbing to get rid of an executive or two who supported some legal political initiative that passed years ago, but is antithetical today? Oh, wait, sorry that was Mozilla, aka Firefox. Nothing to do with Google. Google must be pure as freshly fallen snow, I’m sure, and not involved politically a bit. Right?

Wrong. Guess again.

Guess which company was the second largest employee contributor to Obama’s campaigns? Guess who lent technical staff and leadership to those campaigns?

Guess who could make billions off of Net Neutrality and has been pushing hard for it?

Yep, you got it in one, both times.

Guess who has the ability, or damn close to it already in this dumbed down lazy age, to “determine” what truth is for a huge piece of the global population, simply by diddling their search results weighing algorithms?

Because if you don’t see it, it isn’t there. And if it isn’t there, it isn’t true. As the kids say “video or it ain’t real”.

All the more reason to use DogPile, or any of the other search engines. Even Yahoo. Except that none of them are even half as good as Google, usually. Truth has become a popularity contest.

Read an interesting essay on the whole thing, with a big lean towards the Obama Regime’s connections, right here.

… Still, all of this is easily forgiven compared to what’s coming next: politically filtered information.

Google says that in the future, its determinations about what is true and what is untrue will play a role in how search-engine rankings are configured.

Google has the power to bump an article it doesn’t like off the table and under the rug. Even moving information off the first page of search results would effectively neutralize it: According to a 2013 study, 91.5 percent of Google search users click through on a first-page result.

To put it mildly, your idea of whether Fox News or MSNBC is a more reliable purveyor of “truth” might differ substantially from your neighbor’s.

Google’s idea of ranking results based on truth is an excellent one that it should implement just as soon as it comes up with an absolutely, unbiased and objective system of determining truth.

I’m sure of it. Cough, cough, hack, snerch, ach, hem, cough cough.

You know, just a few years ago this would have been the grandest tinfoil hat theory of all time. Now, not so much. The only tinfoil is in the GoogleBlindfold™ they want you to wear most of the time.

PS - have you wiped your browsing history today?


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