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calendar   Tuesday - September 11, 2012

Those Perfidious Albion

This has to be one of those things that try Brit souls.

And there’s no answer sadly.  Well there is actually but nobody will do anything.

$8 million of Brit aid to India is spent on … are you sitting down?
£5 million converts to eight million American dollars, and that’s what is spent on US experts – to tell Brits how well they have spent their aid cash.  Good grief. Are they fuckin mad?  Have they finally gone and lost their collective minds.  Well apparently something like that.  The story came and went to be replaced by really important stuff to make Brits feel very good about themselves.
The paralympics.  Woo-woo. 
Okay, these are people who have managed to overcome life altering conditions and I take nothing away from that.  Much Kudos to those folks who even with missing limbs could outmatch me at my youngest and best.
Thing is though, you folks would not believe the papers this past week.  First there was the Olympics of course and the Brits fell all over themselves with national pride and joy and why the hell not.  They haven’t much else these days and no Churchill on the horizon.  The world of the Olympian on the full front page of many papers and page after page on the inside. And then the fireworks and the opening and closing ceremonies all to be done again for the Paralympics least they feel left out of things. And again the papers full of it days after day.  I can’t imagine what their TV must have been like.  Or maybe I can.

So, this story was buried on page 49 or 50 when it should have led. 

The Brits are pissing away tens of millions of dollars at a time when services are being cut or ended because people are told, we have no money. But the powers that leach have hired “consultants” to tell India how to run its own affairs.
I could not dream this up.  I haven’t the talent it takes to write fiction. Oh if only.

India has massive poverty. Has had for the past 100 years and the hundred before that.  What it never had before though, was the money to fund its own space program.
Yet millions and millions of Brit cash is going not to the needy, but straight into the pockets of companies, some of them American, that are paid to hold meetings and produce reports.  One US university alone (Duke) received £5 million (that’s $8,000,000)
in aid money.  Why?  What?  Brits can’t do the job?  I guess someone thinks not.
It gets worse.

India is (for all its poverty) an economic superpower. India has its own overseas aid program and gives away £2 billion a year.  In dollars that’s $3,213,855,815.
And Britain gives India £1.1 billion which is slightly over $ 1,606,988,540.

£3.1 million was given to a consultancy firm to tell India’s housing ministry how to cut poverty. Is that pathetic?  But wait.  There’s more and worse yet again.
£1 million was given to ‘consultants’ to advise charities on how to support Indian and British government policies. 

Christian Aid was hired for £24.5 million to advise India on how to narrow the gap between rich and poor. And finally though really there is more but I’m tired and fed up.

India’s economy is ranked 11th in the world with a GDP of £1.85 trillion.
Last month India announced they would spend £52 million, $ 83,553,714,
sending a probe to Mars next year.

India’s finance minister has said publicly, that India did not need British aid, which he described as,

“a peanut in our total development exercises.”



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calendar   Thursday - June 28, 2012

is it rape if a woman is drunk? are the rapists a danger to the public? 3 judges say NO to the last

Another bizarre article I just could not let pass.
I have spent the better part of 20 minutes looking for a funny story with a French connection that I saw yesterday, but got distracted, posted something else and by the time the day was over, I forgot to go back and bookmark.  But I will find the darn thing and post it momentarily.
Anyway, while looking for that story I found this and so once again, distraction is the cause for another post.  And what a distraction this is.

I think we need to be fair to the Judges here because I can see where they thought the vermin are not dangerous.
They laughed while they raped thus showing they possessed a sense of humor. And anyone with a sense of humor no matter how perverted, can not be a danger. Right?

A reader at the mail under comments has asked if there are any rapists or killers here in the UK that are thought to be dangerous.
Good question.

Are there any murderers or rapists that are actually deemed ‘dangerous’ in Britain? I am constantly reading about murderers and rapists that have their time in prison reduced (if they even managed to get more than 2, 3 years in the first place) because they are not dangerous. How does that logic work out?
- Angie, Australia, 28/6/2012 08:49

And here is what she is referring to.

Pair who laughed as they raped woman they ‘came across’ in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not ‘dangerous’

* Rezgar Nouri, 27, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, repeatedly raped the woman, 24, in Preston

* But judges rule there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that they should be defined as ‘dangerous’

* They allowed the men’s appeal against original indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term


Two men who laughed during a horrific ‘gang rape’ of a drunken woman have had their sentences slashed after three senior judges ruled they were not ‘dangerous’.


Rezgar Nouri, 27, of Preston, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, of London, were jailed indeterminately after being convicted of assaulting the 24-year-old in Preston last June.

Sitting at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Silber and Mr Justice Hamblen heard how the men ‘came across’ the woman before taking her to a flat where Ibrahim pinned her down while another man raped her.

After that, Ibrahim raped her before Nouri ‘grabbed’ her and ‘dragged’ her into a bedroom where he raped her, judges were told.

But today, despite the evidence, they ruled at the Royal Courts of Justice there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that Nouri and Ibrahim should be defined as ‘dangerous’

They said Judge Anthony Russell QC had been wrong to decide that ‘imprisonment for public protection’ was necessary and hand down a jail sentence which gave the men no automatic right of release.

They allowed the men’s appeal against the imposition of an indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term.

The court earlier heard how the woman had become separated from friends - when she was ‘quite drunk’ - in the early hours after visiting a number of bars and clubs, the court heard.

I think you get the picture but if you want to read the rest of the article, which is worth it for the comments alone, go HERE


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calendar   Saturday - June 16, 2012

Unreal News

Showing you once again how unimportant you are, and how far, far more the world spins around the elite, Fox News leads this story in their Entertainment column. This is national, even international news.

Lost Cat: Kurt Cobain’s daughter offers $5G reward for missing pet

The daughter of late music legend Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, has been left heartbroken after her little cat ran away.

Cobain, with her fiancé Isaiah Silva, has been scouring her West Hollywood, Calif., neighborhood and posting missing flyers. She’s even taken to Twitter to appeal for locals to find her kitten, named Zero.

Cobain, 19, is so desperate to find her pussy cat that she is even offering a massive reward.

How much?


Describing her beloved fur child as “a skinny black cat,” the daughter of the late Nirvana frontman said she raised Zero since she was four weeks old.

Blah blah blah, and let’s add that daughter and her nasty ass dope fiend mother Courtney Love don’t get along too well and use Twitter to trade barbs.

Horry Clap. What a sorry mess Fox News has become. On the other hand, I didn’t even know this girl existed until I saw this bit of “news”.

Mother, daughter, and the lost $5000 pussy.


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calendar   Monday - June 11, 2012

must not sing god bless the usa as it could offend other cultures.

It’s been raining hard and steady all day and in fact since last night. Had early start today, wife to doctor and I have a test very early tomorrow morning.
So, I was about to shut down early and pack it in but wanted to visit Vilmar’s site to see what sort of mayhem he was up to.
And darn if my blood pressure didn’t rise several notches.  The story is a day old, it may not be brand new but in case even one of you missed this stupidity, well, here ya go. Bizarre. Unbelievable that someone could be this stupid and still remain in the school system.  But then again, hey. This is what you get when you lower standards to meet quotas. 

H/T Vilmar


by Madeleine Morgenstern

The principal of a Brooklyn, N.Y. elementary school, Greta Hawkins, has reportedly pulled the song “God Bless the USA” from a kindergarten graduation ceremony so as not to offend other cultures, according to the New York Post.

The kindergartners had spent several months learning the song, which was set to close out the program, until P.S. 90 principal Greta Hawkins came into a recent rehearsal and told teachers to scrap it.

“We don’t want to offend other cultures,” teachers quoted Hawkins as saying, according to the Post.

Teachers and parents were reportedly shocked by Hawkins’ decision, particularly because the Lee Greenwood song has been sung at school events in the past — and because a rendition of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” was kept in the program.

Kindergarten mother Luz Lozada told the Post “God Bless the USA” got a standing ovation at last year’s fifth-grade graduation, and that the school’s immigrant parents, including those from Pakistan, Mexico and Ecuador, “love it.”

But New York’s Department of Education gave the Post a different reason for pulling the song: Hawkins thought the lyrics were “too grown up” for 5-year-olds to sing — though Bieber’s were apparently fine.

According to the Post, the Education Department is supporting Hawkins’ decision.

“The lyrics are not age-appropriate,” spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti said.

It’s not the first time “God Bless the USA” has attracted controversy: In April, a Massachusetts elementary school made headlines after students were taught to sing “We love the U.S.A.“ instead of ”God bless” before ultimately backing down.



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calendar   Wednesday - May 23, 2012

Transgendered? Not likely.

Yesterday Mona Charen wrote an article titled Is Your 5-Year-Old Transgendered?

First, let me state that I think this whole sexual identity thing is way out of control. We already have GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered). Now it’s being applied to 5-year-olds?

A 5-year-old child with large dark eyes, full lips and a button nose stares out from the front page of the Washington Post Sunday edition. “Transgender at Five” declares the provocative headline. The child’s hair is being cut in a close boy’s cut by her father.

We learn from the article that “Tyler,” who was born “Kathryn,” began insisting that she was a boy at the age of 2. “‘I am a boy’ became a constant theme in struggles over clothing, bathing, swimming, eating, playing, breathing.”

This I do NOT believe. I do not have any memories of when I was 2-years-old. How many of you BMEWS members do? My earliest memories start at about 3.5 years. Even those are fragmentary. I certainly wasn’t worried about my sexual identity. I was worried about the new kid in town: my baby sister. I wasn’t getting the attention I was accustomed to. Ended up with my first chore: Mom showed me how to hold my sister and bottle feed her. (Sad, but true, we were all bottle babies.) My second chore came shortly after I turned four: how to change a diaper. This was back before Pampers/disposable diapers. Cloth diapers that I then had to take to the toilet and dip up and down until most of the crap (literally) was off, then into the diaper hamper. A skill set that was even more useful (to Mom) later that year when my second sister magically appeared.

The child’s parents, at first uneasy and later accepting of their girl’s desire to be a boy, agreed to raise her as a boy. Starting at age 4, she began to wear boys’ clothes, was permitted to choose a boy’s name for herself, and has been introduced to family, friends, teachers, and congregants at church as a boy.

Now that’s not parenting. That’s child abuse. What’s gonna happen when she hits puberty and starts…developing? Not just physically, but starts noticing boys are different, and she’s interested in the difference? That sounds like a major social and emotional crisis in the making. I remember my sisters going through a ‘tomboy’ phase, but they outgrew it about the time they joined the Camp Fire Girls. Our parents didn’t cater to such nonsense.

“Parents who ignore or deny these problems,” warns the Post, “can make life miserable for their kids, who can become depressed or suicidal, psychiatrists say.” How many psychiatrists? The very most that can be said is that the practice of treating children for what is sometimes called “gender identity disorder” is highly controversial in the psychiatric world. Some psychiatrists want to change the name to “gender incongruence” to remove the word “disorder.” Others, such as Dr. Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, think the whole idea of treating children for this condition is unwise. “We shouldn’t be mucking around with nature,” he told Fox News. “We can’t assume what the outcome will be.”

I can assume the outcome. There are three, and only three, choices. You are either male down to each and every cell of your body (possessing XY chromosomes), or you are female in each and every cell of your body (possessing two XX chromosomes). In rare cases, you might be a hermaphrodite, possessing the physical sexual characteristics of both male and female (from my limited research, this means hermaphrodites have something like XXY or XXYYY chromosomes. In other words, an extra Y chromosome.) This is the only case of ‘transgenderism’ I personally would recognize. A true hermaphrodite.

Apparently, hormone blockers are being prescribed more and more for children with “GID.” The hormones postpone puberty indefinitely and, the Post explains, “give the kids more time to decide who they are and whether switching genders is the answer to their problems.” McHugh calls giving hormone blockers to children “child abuse.” Some young people are having “gender reassignment” surgery as young as age 16.

Hormone blockers? First, who’s paying for this ‘elective’ treatment? Second, if you stop, what happens? Well, ‘Michelle’ is going to revert to his XY chromosomes and become Michael. Now Michael had a ‘whackadicktomy’ while he was ‘Michelle’. Can he now get an ‘addadicktomy?’ Do you really want to put your children through that? Even if Michael manages to afford surgeries and hormone treatments to stay ‘Michelle’ for the rest of its life, do you think ‘Michelle’ will ever conceive a child? NO! No uterus, no Fallopian tubes, no eggs. I guess ‘Michelle’ will have one-up on real women: no monthly menstruation, no PMS.

Perhaps some tiny percentage of children truly is born feeling trapped in the body of a person of the wrong sex. But it is undeniable that the vast majority of children go through stages. I recall wishing to be a boy myself when I was about 5 or 6. I didn’t like frilly dresses and asked my playmates to call me “Timmy.” Perhaps mine was a normal tomboy phase and maybe that’s distinguishable from what Tyler is experiencing. But how can we be sure? The Post quotes Dr. Edgardo Menvielle, of Washington’s Children Hospital, who has been treating “transgender kids” for a decade. About 80 percent, he says, switch back to the gender they were born into by the time they reach adulthood.

See, it’s just a phase. But the worst part is: parents who do this are letting the patients run the asylum:

The problem with the Post’s recommended approach—which amounts to “let’s accept a child’s version of reality to avoid causing depression or worse” (emphasis added)—is that the decision of parents to indulge a child’s whim on gender identity is itself irreversible. The effects of hormone blockers, the Post reassures readers, are fully reversible. Maybe. How much research can there have been on such a new practice? Would parents who hesitate to let their kids eat preservatives or nonorganic eggs consent to block the complex hormones that begin to flood kids’ bodies at puberty? In any case, the decision to dress a girl in boys’ clothing, cut her hair, and call her a boy—even if reversed later—must, absolutely must, scramble a child’s psyche. Imagine the confrontation between a teenaged girl who has changed her mind and the parents who raised her as a boy. “Did you not think I was pretty enough to be a girl? Wasn’t I feminine enough?” Or perhaps even more damaging, a teenaged boy demanding to know whether his father thought him lacking in masculinity as a child. It’s a psychological minefield.

We have the technology to make—or at least appear to make—women into men and vice versa. If adults choose to do this to themselves (and can afford it), that’s their business. But a child? One wonders: What other major life decisions should 4-year-olds be judged competent to make?

If 4-year-olds are that competent, maybe we should allow them to vote, have sex, sign contracts, work outside the home, (when I was four I ‘worked’. I had chores, usually helping fold the laundry and put it away, or dry the dishes. Didn’t have to put most of the dishes away because I couldn’t reach that high. Oh, most importantly, keep my toys picked up and my room clean.)


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Do a good deed? That’s a ticketing!

I honestly don’t believe the stupidity, of both the police officer AND the law cited. Here’s the story:

Last Monday, May 14th John Davis was exiting I-90 at the West 117th ramp when he saw a man in a wheelchair. The man was pale, thin and holding a sign that had a religious sentiment and also a request for help.

Maybe I should add the possible stupidity of Mr. Davis for falling for what I already suspect was a scam. If the guy really was disabled enough to be in a wheelchair (how did he get to the exit ramp?) there’s an almost infinite number of Federal, state, and local programs to help him. Add in friends, family, private charities and this guy shouldn’t be panhandling anyway. But I digress. Let’s continue:

John reached into his wallet and grabbed a couple of bucks to give to the man. As he approached the light at the exit, he rolled the money up vertically and stretched his arm out of his window. He says, the man touched the cash and one of the dollars fell to the ground.
The man then bent over and picked it up.
Moments later as John travelled North on West 117th he says a Cleveland police officer pulled him over.
“He proceeds to tell me he’s pulling me over for littering,” said John.

Obviously Cleveland police have solved all other crimes. Since when is money trash? Doesn’t it have to be trash to be considered litter. In any case, the ‘litter’ was immediately picked up! Am I going to be ticketed for littering every time I drop something and immediately pick it up? That’s the stupidity of the police officer. Now let’s get to the law cited:

The ticket cited Section No: 613.06 of Cleveland’s Municipal Codes, which is littering from a motor vehicle.
His offense was listed as, “Throw paper out window,” and in parenthesis, “money to panhandler.”
John said he was confused because money is paper but it’s not trash.

I made that point earlier. Plus the money wasn’t ‘thrown’. It was handed to someone. But now it gets even better:

Cleveland police can’t comment on the ticket at this time but according to a spokesperson there is another code that may have been violated.
There is a code which states that it is illegal to panhandle or give money to panhandlers near a highway or street including a berm, shoulder, treelawn or sidewalk.

Have you ever encountered a panhandler anywhere else? Ticket the panhandlers then. But last time I checked, If I own something, including the money in my wallet, I can give it to who I wish to.

Section No: 471.06 states in part that “No person shall stand on a highway for the purpose of soliciting…contributions…”
It also reads that “No driver” is to “transfer currency….to any person standing on a street or highway.”
But John says that’s not what he was ticketed for. He was cited for littering from a motor vehicle, and the officer advised him to “take it up with the courts.”

The person in question was not ‘standing’ on a street or highway. He was sitting in a wheelchair. A technicality? Yes, but if you’re stupid enough to write a law, you better cover every possible variation. Anyway, Mr. Davis is going to fight it.

John does plan to challenge the ticket in court, mainly because it carries a hefty fine. It could cost him $500 once you add the fine plus court costs.
John says he has always had a deep admiration for Cleveland police, and he isn’t trying to start trouble, but that’s a lot of money for helping out someone less fortunate.

No word on if the panhandler was ticketed also. Probably not, since he wasn’t ‘standing’. I’d certainly bring that up in court.

Maybe Cleveland should adopt how Dayton handles panhandlers. They are legal if they’re licensed. Their licenses must be prominently displayed, usually hung on a cord around their neck. In other words, the City gets their cut.


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calendar   Monday - May 14, 2012

worthy of a prize. yeah, but what kind? stupid doesn’t cover it.

Howz this in the category of one for the books?

If this doesn’t paint the picture of just how stupid things can get, then nothing else will. 
This is a letter to the editor from a retired woman. And boy I’d say she has a problem. I only wish there was a follow up done cos I’d like to know what happened over time. 
Under the headline …….

BAD ADVICE, was the following. Take a look.


I’m a pensioner whose mother died last year, after which I decided initially, to rent out her house.

A married couple with three children moved in last October, but as I wanted to put the house up for sale I gave them notice.

Then the husband walked out, and the rent stopped being paid.  The wife has now been advised by the (town) council to squat in the house.

How can the council tell someone to do something so wrong?  What’s happening when the authorities are recommending such behavior?


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calendar   Wednesday - May 02, 2012

I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations

A couple of months ago I posted a YT video of a woman losing her cool thru drink, and going on a racist rant on the tube. That’s Britspeak for subway.

So then here’s an update which is interesting and just shows how right, maybe I should use the word correct instead, people accused of the big ‘R’ actually are.
There are valid reasons for their many seasons of discontent.  Mostly the feeling that they are losing their country. Their culture is being buried and they don’t understand how it’s been allowed.  The huge and people I do mean the very huge influx of uncontrolled immigration to this ISLAND.
I just need to emphasize that in case anyone forgot.

About a week ago an MP complained loudly after getting a less then quality sandwich and apparently not what he ordered, because the person who waited on him didn’t have much of an understanding of English. And so he asked why the fast food place couldn’t hire English ppl or at lease ppl who had a grasp of the language, instead of so darn many eastern Europeans.  Naturally the bed wet crowd called for his head accusing him of ... wanna say the word?

If every single person who felt the same way this woman did and spoke out the same way, drunk or sober, they would number in the millions and there would not be enough room in the jails to house them all.

Now then, what has me seeing red this chilly grey morning, is that the lady in question here could face jail because of her drunken rant on that subway.

Seems to me I recall a gang of four black muslim slags who beat the hell out of a white girl but were let off cos .... they weren’t used to being drunk.
I wonder if this woman can use the same defense. Course not. She be the wrong color and religion and race.

Happy New Year 1984.

Secretary, 42, told she faces jail after admitting champagne-fuelled racist rant on train that was posted on YouTube

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, abused passengers on the Central Line train
Film uploaded to YouTube has been watched 200,000 times
Sikh man on his way back from funeral who filmed it, said he put it on YouTube to ensure speedy justice


A drunken secretary has admitted hurling racist abuse at fellow passengers on the London Underground after a video of her appeared on the internet.

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, directed a drunken, expletive-ridden rant at passengers on the Central Line between St Paul’s and Mile End stations on January 23.

The court was told that Woodhouse had drunk an ‘unknown’ quantity of champagne at a retirement party before getting on the Tube at 11pm.

She now faces jail, after police launched an investigation into a seven-minute long video of the verbal assault that was uploaded to YouTube.

Today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Woodhouse, of Romford in Essex, admitted causing harassment alarm and distress to the Sikh man who filmed her - Galbant Singh Juttla.

The video clip begins with Woodhouse shouting in a thick Essex accent about ‘foreign s*** heads’.

She turns to her passengers and asks: ‘Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from?

‘I would like to know if any of you are illegal? I am sure like 30 per cent of you are.’

She then turns on the Pakistani man sitting next to her, who is singing his national anthem, and threatens to ‘punch him in the face.’

‘I wouldn’t mind if you loved our country,’ she adds.

She then turns to Mr Juttla’s camera, as he assures her he would rather be listening to his music than to her.

She goes on: ‘Why don’t you tell me where you’re from?’

He replies: ‘I am British.’

She gets her phone out of her black handbag and looks as if she is filming him too.

Mr Juttla warns her: ‘Watch what you are saying.’

She replies: ‘I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.’

As he tells her to keep her mouth shut, informing her that she has had too much to drink, she becomes extremely agitated and starts screaming.

‘It’s not your country anyway so what’s your problem?’ she yells. ‘It’s been overtaken by people like you.’

The court heard that Mr Juttla decided to film Woodhouse after she started berating an unidentified black female. She then sat down between two men and began another barrage of abuse.

Woodhouse told police she could not remember the rant but recognised it was her in the video.

She attended court today wearing a black suit and white shirt. She sat in the court with her brow furrowed and her head bowed as the magistrate was shown the video clip.

Ms Campbell said Woodhouse verbally abused a male passenger while on a train to Stratford. She asked whether he had paid taxes, adding: ‘I have had enough of it, why don’t they go back to where they come from?’

Outside court Mr Juttla, who runs a print company, said: ‘I found it very distressing.

‘I uploaded it to YouTube because I thought that was the fast-track process to catching this person.

‘I also needed to show the public that kind of person is out there and not to put up with this kind of behaviour.

‘My kids have seen the video and they are disgusted by it. They don’t expect for someone to shout abuse at their dad.’

Adjourning sentence, District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe said: ‘Bearing in mind the level of abuse, the persistence of the abuse, the number of people on the train unable to leave without aborting their journey, and the children present, means that I think the court has to have a pre-sentence report.

‘I make it clear that all options are open to the sentencing court, including committal or immediate custody.’

The judge imposed stringent conditions banning her from the Tube network (for two years it’s reported elsewhere) and she was ordered to keep to a daily curfew between 10pm and 6am, which will be monitored by electronic tag.

She will be sentenced at the same court on May 29.


If you go to the link, take a look at the comments below the story. 


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calendar   Tuesday - March 27, 2012

somali pervert to sue brits and obl’s right hand man alive and happy at txpyer xpense

Idiots. Absolute and totally irredeemable too late to save legal eagle idiots bowing and scraping to the human rights court of Europe while England sinks further into the world of pc make nice and lets try and be fair to all.

Never mind the duty to protect the law abiding and the overall security of the country.
Heaven help the USA if the libtard fools who pray (it seems to me) for a one world lets all hold hands and kiss have their way.  As they often seem to. If this were an isolated thing we could write it off and hope it wouldn’t happen again. But that is not the case. This case is one of many.


Oh and btw …. as long as I’m ranting about the bizarre and stupid, that Qatada fellow (pictured here with his lovely bride) that the govt. just couldn’t deport (his human rights) even though the govt. says he is a danger and a terrorist.
Just so you readers know who I am referring to.

Only a man described as Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe is all. Right now, he’s the happiest man in England.

The man who owns the property this vermin was living in (at taxpayer expense) did not know who was living in the property until the news broke about him.  When he found out he blew his top and told the powers that be here to take the scum out of his property. He wanted no part of him.  Soooooo …. said terrorist was moved and is he pleased, according to his brother.
He now has an even larger abode and a more expensive too. With compliments of the taxpayer as usual.
His deportation was halted by European judges.

What a fracked up world I tell ya.
The Brits gave their all and stuck it out all through the blitz.  They were brilliant with code breaking and propaganda and a never say die attitude.

And that was just the women. 

They could beat Hitler at his own game, they helped save Europe and now without firing a shot they’re occupied by a Euro-weenie liberal court.


By Anil Dawar
A SOMALI sex offender who sidestepped Home Office attempts to deport him yesterday won the right to sue the Government for failing to release him quickly enough.
Bashir Barrow, 51, was originally allowed to stay in the UK after fleeing his war-torn homeland.
But instead of repaying the favour he ended up costing the country hundreds of thousands and went on the run to avoid being sent home.
Now the pervert – who once turned up to an immigration hearing so drunk it had to be abandoned – could be in line for a cash payout after the Court of Appeal gave him permission to continue a taxpayer-funded bid for compensation.
The UK Border Agency paid out £4million in compensation in 2010 for 152 cases – including many unlawful detention claims – at an average of £26,600 each.
Ukip Euro-MP and home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten hit out at the farcical situation. He said: “It is getting crazy. Not only can we not deport foreign criminals we don’t want here, but we are finding we have to pay them for the privilege of staying in the country.
“This is exactly the kind of reason that we have to get rid of the Human Rights Act.” Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard how Barrow arrived in the UK in 1995. He was refused asylum but was granted exceptional leave to remain that year and indefinite leave to remain in 2002. Within a year he was jailed for indecent assault, theft and breaching a community order. He went on to commit a string of driving offences and returned to jail in 2007.
Home Office staff had wanted to deport Barrow after his first jail term but he went missing.
By the time of the second deportation attempt, in May 2008, he had written to the European Court of Human Rights pleading for help.

Strasbourg judges then ruled that sending the criminal back would violate his human rights. He was later granted bail from an immigration centre in September 2009, when a judge ruled that – although he was “a pest” – he had to be released.

Barrister Shivani Jegarajah told the appeal judges her client’s criminal record was “not serious” and he should have been released soon after the European Court ruling. Lord Justice Davis, Sir John Thomas and Mr Justice Black ordered a High Court review of Barrow’s case.



Posted by peiper   United States  on 03/27/2012 at 10:41 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 24, 2012

teacher tells French students killer was also a victim. students walk out of class.

I originally saw this story in slightly different form in the Mail, but all efforts to find the on line link failed and instead led to other like stories.
This is from the Jerusalem Post who do not furnish the following information.

The teacher was Lorraine Collin, and she is an English teacher at the Gustave Flaubert High School in Rouen. (France)
Most of the other headlines ID her as a French teacher either implying she was a French language teacher, or else she was French herself.
Odds are she wasn’t French but I’ve no way of knowing that. Just a guess. In either case, this is a seriously disturbed woman.  She said the the killer was “a victim of an unhappy childhood.”

Meanwhile ..... the brother of the killer says he is “proud” of his brother’s actions and that he did the right thing.
Sure thing. Killing unarmed and helpless ppl and especially babies is a brave and noble act.  Jeesh.  Just shows ya what the west is up against. And that dirt bag isn’t alone by any means.


France’s education minister called for disciplinary proceedings against a teacher in the north of France on Friday, after she allegedly asked her students to observe a moment’s silence for serial killer Mohamed Merah, the man who gunned down three children and a rabbi in front of Jewish school in Toulouse earlier this week.
Students in the the French English teacher’s class in Rouen wrote to their principal that she had called the serial killer a “victim,” and said his links to al-Qaida were fabricated by the media and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to AFP.
The teacher’s request prompted most of the students to empty out of the classroom, though some stayed behind to “try to understand what she was talking about,” AFP reported according to their letter.
French Education Minister Luc Chatel has called for the teacher to be suspended for her request, which was made the day after police shot Merah dead in the south of France after he went on a killing spree.



Posted by peiper   United States  on 03/24/2012 at 12:53 PM   
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calendar   Friday - March 09, 2012

little girls as sex objects. and moms encourage it? SICK!  a new low.

That link above well illustrates how depraved and sick the world, or their world anyway, has become.  I won’t post any of the photos here.

What the hell is going on with the moms?

Some people automatically accept men are supposed to be these sexually perverted beings that live under rocks.  There are many who fit that description.
But someone has to feed the perverts and I naively am shocked every time I see evidence that the enablers are actually women, mothers who think it’s perfectly normal and perfectly okay to turn an 8 year old into a would be sex object.  It’s wrong just plain wrong and frankly I think it should be made illegal.
We’re talking about wee kiddies here and even at the age of 10 they are still too damn young.  But what kind of message are the kids getting as they grow up?
This can not be okay.

I’m not sure but I think it comes from the USA. Hope not but I think it does. 


Posted by peiper   United States  on 03/09/2012 at 12:31 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - February 29, 2012


Libs take the time to go out and look for things to get upset about. When they can’t find something they’ll be most well pleased to simply make something up.
Well, I don’t have to look for things to get me seeing red.  All I have to do is open the morning paper or go to one of their websites and it seems like almost everything gets my goat.

Like this upsetting story.
Mind you .... the country is broke or almost but still has millions and millions to give away and another million to so to give to Turkey.  Yeah, it’s to improve their sewer systems. But unless the Daily Mail is holding back something, the country might not have enough to save Nelson’s Victory unless it’s leased out as a party boat.  (screams and pulls what hair is left) Two million a year for upkeep is cheap.  STOP sending money to savages in far off places for a start. Oh, can’t let the Africans starve.  Why not?  They’re used to it. Been doin’ it for a thousand years. 

I am so glad I got to board and take a private tour of this great ship. It’s a thrill I’ll never forget.  And sad to think they have money for all sorts of things but come up short on a project as important as this.
Oh what the hell.  What difference does it make?  Who’ll even know what the Victory meant to this country in another few generations.  Muzzies will probable relate that word to their cause and sharia law. 

Walk along this deck for a few minutes and look at the rope ladders the powder monkeys had to climb and you get a feeling for this thing. Decks were painted red before battle for obvious reasons.

I’d rather save this one ship then all of any country England is sending money to.  Cos ain’t one ovem worth this one boat. Not even one plank on this boat.


Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory set to become a party boat because MoD cannot afford £16m repair bill

Fears historic vessel will be hired out by museum to foot £2m-a-year upkeep


The hammocks were intended for weary sailors, not weary revellers.

And the cannon were definitely not intended to herald a corporate event with a big bang.

But now, Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory could be turned into a party venue as Ministry of Defence bosses plan to donate it to charity - because they cannot afford a £16million repair bill for the historic vessel.

The 247-year-old warship is set to be given to the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which will foot the bill for its £2million-a-year upkeep.

However, it is feared the 104-gun vessel, which retired in 1812 and is kept at Portsmouth Dockyard, Hampshire, will be hired out for private hospitality functions and parties.

Part of the restoration needed on the famous ship - which took Britain to victory against the French and Spanish in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 - involves replacing its rigging and timber.

A Royal Navy source said: ‘This is unacceptable. This historic ship should be kept by the Navy and honoured for what it did to this country.

‘It is an outrage and this should not happen. If Lord Nelson knew what his prized ship was being turned into, he would turn in his grave.’

Ministry of Defence chiefs want to offload the ship but said it cannot currently be used for advertising as it is still part of the Navy’s fleet.

Former First Sea Lord, Lord West, said: ‘It is inevitable she will be used for corporate events - but if we have to go this route to prevent her turning into a wreck, so be it.’

Leaking, rot and a dangerous weight: The repairs the MoD can no longer afford

The MoD is considering the controversial move as part of a bid to reduce a £38billion defence deficit.

An MoD spokesman said: ‘We are considering options. Under consideration is how her future can be secured by responsible custodianship as befits such a national icon.’

Whatever does happen to the ship, it will keep its status as flagship of the Second Sea Lord and will not leave Portsmouth.

But what would Nelson really think? Well, apparently, he was a bit of a party animal himself.

His mistress, Emma Hamilton, arranged his 40th birthday celebration for 1,800 guests at her husband’s house.

And she once danced naked on a dining table for the benefit of her spouse, Sir Harry Featherstonhaugh and his friends.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/29/2012 at 11:19 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - February 08, 2012

this is what the nation’s once mighty BBC (radio) has fallen to. Unbelievable idiots!!!!!

The BBC (radio) I became familiar with as a kid in CT., USA, sure isn’t the BBC of today.  Of course, nothing is the same as it was in late 40s and 50s.
But this descent into madness and pc is a mindblower.

I only have minutes to spare and being rushed as we have to go into town very early.

I HAD to boot and pass this on as soon as I brought in the paper.  The headline screamed insanity at me and I knew this must be shared.
No doubt LyndonB has seen this and may even as I type, be pulling out what hair he has left if he has any. Along with lots of others here.

You will recall a post with this vermin only yesterday.


Well take a look at this from the morning paper.

BBC tells its staff: don’t call Qatada extremist

The BBC has told its journalists not to call Abu Qatada, the al-Qaeda preacher, an “extremist”.

By Neil Midgley and James Kirkup

In order to avoid making a “value judgment”, the corporation’s managers have ruled that he can only be described as “radical”.
Journalists were also cautioned against using images suggesting the preacher is overweight.

A judge ruled this week that the Muslim preacher, once described as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, should be released from a British jail, angering ministers and MPs.

Adding to the row, Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, yesterday insisted that Qatada “has not committed any crime” and said his release has nothing to do with the European Court of Human Rights.
A British court has called Qatada a “truly dangerous individual” and even his defence team has suggested he poses a “grave risk” to national security.

all the rest is here

My wife is pulling out her own hair and having a serious temper tantrum.

I am out of time, car in driveway and engine running. Later.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 02/08/2012 at 04:14 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - November 12, 2011

political pygmies running the show in UK, bow as always to EU human rights laws

This is so far beyond moronic I can’t find the words.
Whatever happened to something called logic?  Common sense and survival of self and community?
How can you run a country if you insist on following the letter of a law written in another country by people who were not elected by the voters and taxpayers in your country?  Answer that one please.

I can not believe, in spite of what what I read here, that the UK can’t simply tell the ECOHR that some rules are just plain daft and unworkable. And unreasonable.
For damn certain unreasonable.

Look at this one.  Insane!

Dancing at his own wedding ‘paralysed’ Moroccan who claimed £400,000 in benefits… and can’t be kicked out because of human rights


An illegal immigrant who claimed to be paralysed from the neck down but was filmed dancing at his wedding cheated more than £400,000 in benefits, a court heard yesterday.

But even though Mohamed Bouzalim, 37, has admitted dishonestly entering the country and fraudulently exploiting the welfare system, legal sources said they will face an ‘uphill battle’ to deport him.

There is a strong likelihood the Moroccan will be able to remain in the UK by claiming he has a right to family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, immigration sources said.

When Bouzalim came to Britain in June 2001, he had no papers and claimed to be an Afghan national whose father had been executed by the Taliban, Isleworth Crown Court in west London was told.

Using the name Mohamed Amir Hussini, he successfully claimed asylum before constructing the extraordinary lie that he was paralysed and required 24-hour care, receiving £66,000 a year in benefits.

His total haul of around £400,000 was from Camden Council, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Independent Living Fund, the court heard.

The fraud ended when UK Border Agency staff raided his home in Kilburn, north London, last year.

In it, they found a video of Bouzalim performing energetic dance moves at his own wedding the previous year – miraculously without his wheelchair.

Bouzalim, who has been in custody for 18 months, has pleaded guilty to 11 charges of dishonesty. His brothers Rachid, 35, and Abdallah, 39, and sister Zahra, are all on bail having also admitted fraud charges.

Yesterday, the Moroccan appeared in court sitting in a wheelchair, wearing glasses, a red shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms and black plimsolls. He had wild Afro-style hair and a straggly beard.

Accompanied by two nurses, he appeared to struggle to raise his arm and speak when asked if he was present by the court clerk. However Judge Simon Oliver cast doubt on defence claims he was unwell, referring to a psychiatric report from the medium-secure unit in Southall, west London, where he is being held.

see photo and read more

In the best interests of fairness to all, and just to see how handicapped he is, if he is.  There are inventive ways to find out.
I mean, aside from the photo at the link showing him dancing.

The politicians complying with outside dumb laws that are abused every day here, are political pygmies with no backbone.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/12/2011 at 01:13 PM   
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