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calendar   Thursday - January 14, 2016

Just Sickening

I finally got around to watching the Iranian video of our captured (and now releases)  Swift boat  Riverine Command Boats.

Granted, these are not battleships. They’re only about 50 feet long, an “up-armored" version of the Swedish CB-90.


Neat little boat. 43 knots or faster, several heavy and medium machine guns, grenade launcher, etc. Pretty much a modern PT boat, minus the torpedoes. For now.

Surrendered without a fight to the Iranians, who were driving a bass boat. Seriously, pretty much. Half the size, a tenth the mass, a third of the crew size, not even close to a fifth of the firepower ...


All it takes to capture US Navy vessels these days. A bass boat and an AK.


Not 100% sure if this is a true story or not, but I hear that the Iranians have a new secret weapon that will let them capture our aircraft carriers and any really large cruisers or destroyers in the area.


Word is that the mullahs are assembling fleets of these in canvas bags ready for rapid air drop deployment.

At this point, even Maxwell Smart is embarrassed. *

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - January 13, 2016

Out Punned

It’s not that often when another punster can get the drop on me. But when it does, I’ll acknowledge it. Here’s my hat tip to the masters of the game.

News story:

The cover of today’s NY Post:



Here’s the story, in case you’re not fully aware of this latest bit of international humiliation due to our sissy-pants wearing ninny of a pResident

Iran released video on Wednesday of 10 American sailors who were detained by Iran overnight aboard their two US Navy patrol boats in the Gulf.

Some of the nine men and one woman can be seen in the video on their knees with their hands behind their heads. Another video shows the sailors seated on traditional rugs and being served a meal.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said it had freed the sailors after determining they had entered Iranian territorial waters by mistake. The sailors had been detained aboard two US Navy patrol boats in the Gulf on Tuesday.

Their release brought a swift end to an incident that had rattled nerves days ahead of the expected implementation of a landmark nuclear accord between Tehran and world powers.

Elsewhere, why miss the opportunity to give Obama and the USA a firm spanking?

Iran’s army chief said on Wednesday the seizure of two U.S. navy boats and their 10 sailors should be a lesson to members the U.S. Congress trying to impose new sanctions on Tehran.

“This incident in the Persian Gulf, which probably will not be the American forces’ last mistake in the region, should be a lesson to troublemakers in the U.S. Congress,” Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, head of Iran’s armed forces, was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency.


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calendar   Monday - November 02, 2015

Once Upon A Time

Warning: trigger words ahead!! Danger, danger danger!!! May contain peanuts and gluten too!!

Once upon a time, men sang like men, about manly things.

This is an ancient marching tune, whether in standard or double time. It’s only in the last 300 years that it’s been in English. Come on, when you’re singing about repelling the Saxon foe, you know you’re doing it OLD school.

This set of lyrics is very close to the most modern version, which has been kicking around 50 years or so now.

You just might recall the song from a war movie so old that Michael Caine had hair in it. Dark hair. His own.


No, I have no idea how I got to this one. I was reading about the Mets. But you click on a link in a comment, go there and click on another link ... and pretty soon ...


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calendar   Thursday - August 20, 2015

Myself, I’d have been over teh moon

Epic FAIL Pic


Nothing says happiness more than a small child surrounded by tons of high explosive artillery shells.

Bring your kids to

EXPLOSION!! The Museum of Naval Firepower

today, and they’ll have a grand time learning all about the long history of using giant weaponry to splatter sailors into burning small bloody chunks before leaving them to drown in the remorseless icy ocean.  And hey, we’ve got mines and missiles too, even an old atomic bomb that somebody found out behind the dust bins. It’s not ticking at all, we’re almost completely sure of that!

Plus, now you can rent our halls for your own big events! Start your married life with a bang!

Explosion! traces the development of naval armaments from gunpowder to the Exocet missile...but the museum is not just about big bangs!

Nor are the human, social and moral consequences of warfare forgotten - visitors will be provoked as well as educated and entertained.

Because their precious childhoods are just incomplete without recurring nightmares that will take years of therapy to get past. So come on down today!!


read more


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calendar   Monday - July 27, 2015

guarding the guardians

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Pentagon asks armed volunteers to stop guarding recruiting centers

The U.S. Defense Department wants armed volunteers who are showing up across the country to guard military recruiting centers following the July 16 shooting rampage at two facilities in Chattanooga to stop, citing potential “security risks.”

In a statement issued Friday, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the department takes “the safety of our service members, our DoD civilians, and the families who support them very seriously.”

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, Cook said, “is currently reviewing recommendations from the services for making our installations and facilities safer - including our recruiting stations.”

Across Tennessee and parts of the rest of the country, heavily armed civilians, many of them veterans themselves, have been standing patrol at some U.S. military recruiting centers following the Chattanooga attacks.

Authorities say 24-year-old Mohammad Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez first attacked a recruiting center, wounding a Chattanooga police officer, and then a Navy and Marine training center where he killed four U.S. Marines and a Navy petty officer and wounded another service member. Abdulazeez was killed in a confrontation with Chattanooga police.

“While we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support for our recruiters from the American public, we ask that individuals not stand guard at recruiting offices as it could adversely impact our mission, and potentially create unintended security risks,” Cook said. “We continue to partner with and rely on first responders for the safety of the communities where our service members live and work.”

Right. Because when jihad is at your door, first responders are only minutes away.

Not to mention how humiliating it must be for the soldiers working there, emasculated by regulation past the point of their own safety, proven repeatedly, to have to be protected by the very group they exist to protect. Who shall watch the watchmen? Those who will not wear the blindfolds and shackles of the king.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 08, 2015

Meanwhile In Belgium, 200 Years Later

Waterloo 2015

My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender
Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way
The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

No no silly. Not that one. This one:


The decisive battle of Waterloo, in which the Duke of Wellington finally put his boots on and put paid to the ambitions of the Little Emperor, was fought for a couple of days in the middle of June in 1815. It was one of the largest battles in human history, with nearly a quarter million participants. It was a terribly bloody affair, with casualties in the tens of thousands. 50,000 or so dead, and God alone knows how many wounded.

For the past bunch of years, reenactors have been getting together annually to restage the battle or parts thereof. They have a great time dressing up in period costume, camping out in the fields, shooting off their guns and yelling “Huzzah!” This year, being the 200th anniversary, they went all in. More than 5,000 soldiers, hundreds of horses, 130 cannons, and 4 full TONS of black powder. It was the event of the season in Belgium, and something like 65,000 spectators arrived to watch.

And Napoleon still lost.

The Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo is marked Friday by more than 5,000 enthusiastic volunteers from 50 different countries, who are in full 19th century army uniform. This is the biggest historical reenactment ever staged in Europe.

In the interest of historical accuracy, the organizers have brought 360 horses, 100 cannons and 4 tonnes of gunpowder, etc, and arranged three bivouacs to accommodate the numerous groups of reenactors from all over the world in exactly the same conditions soldiers endured 200 years ago.
On June 18, 1815, Napoleon’s army clashed with allied troops led by the British commander, the Duke of Wellington. The allied army of British, Dutch and Prussian troops defeated Napoleon’s forces.

The battle of Waterloo that changed the course of European history, is recreated on exactly the same site in the south of Brussels.


h/t to Rodger

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calendar   Tuesday - July 07, 2015

Garage Surprise

German Man Has WWII Tank And Cannon In His Garage


“No Tread On Me” - trackless tank took all day to load onto carrier

Prosecutors in the coastal region of Kiel, tipped off by Berlin prosecutors who’d recently searched the 78-year-old man’s villa for stolen Nazi art, aren’t divulging much yet, but a police rep did say that a torpedo and anti-aircraft gun had been removed and other weaponry had been found as well, reports the Local.

Alexander Orth—mayor of the town of Heikendorf, where the man lives—wasn’t surprised by the discovery because the elderly man “was chugging around in that thing during the snow catastrophe in 1978,” adding that “some people like steam trains, others like tanks.” And because the tank can no longer fire weapons, the pensioner’s lawyer tells the German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung, via the Local, that the man hasn’t actually broken any laws.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, are investigating whether possession of the tank, torpedo, anti-aircraft gun, and other weapons violates Germany’s War Weapons Control Act.


The Nazi 88 was the most feared artillery piece of the war, and the most versatile

The Panther tank was removed from the 78-year-old’s house in the town of Heikendorf, along with a variety of other military equipment, including a torpedo and an anti-aircraft gun, Der Tagesspiegel website reports.

It wasn’t an easy job to get it all out - the army had to be called in with modern-day tanks to haul the Panther from its cellar. It took about 20 soldiers almost nine hours to extract the tank - which was without its tracks - and push it onto a low-loader, the report says. As the surreal scene unfolded, local residents gathered at the end of the driveway to watch.



Not something you see every day, that’s for sure.

( I wonder if they noticed the U-boat in his bathtub? grin )


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calendar   Sunday - May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

Our sadder holiday, the day to remember the fallen. And to fear this fate for future generations? When do we get that official day?

Dear Lord, for those who will fall, let their numbers be minimal and their deaths not be in vain.

For those who have fallen, you still live in our hearts. May the price you paid for our victory not be thrown away by foolish politics.

I want to rant and rave about a certain idiot’s foreign policy, his disregard for the military, and his criminal level of negligence and the “accidental” defeats. He’s in it to win it, for the other side.

And that makes today especially troublesome.

But I can rant like that any day, and I have. That’s not what today is about.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 21, 2015

doing stuff, Yemen

Ok. Got her down to the dealership to pick up her car. Apparently I solved whatever the issue was, because the mechanics took her little buzz buggy out for 4 test drives and gave it 4 sessions with the magic meter reader, and they came up with nothing. So she’s off shopping. I ran a couple of errands, drove past the locomotive shed of the BR&W RR on the way back to see if Engine 60 was out in the sun - it wasn’t - and then got a refill on the propane tank for the grill. Toasted a few dogs for lunch, and I’ve got some chicken thighs marinating for later, to make some grilled Buffalo thighs. Better than wings, twice as much meat, and actually less expensive.

So let’s see what’s new in the news ... oh look, might be a naval battle shaping up off of Yemen, with us against the Iranians. And them having just shown off their carrier destroying missile system a couple weeks ago. Oh boy!

Into Harm’s Way?


The carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in transit with the missile cruiser USS Cowpens Vicksburg

(my error; USS Cowpens is CG-63, USS Vicksburg is CG-69, the picture is low-res)

American warships are prepared to intercept a convoy of Iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons to Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, senior defense and military officials told NBC News on Monday.

An Iranian convoy of freighters, escorted by warships from the Iranian military and Revolutionary Guard forces, appears headed for Yemen, the officials said.

They emphasized that while the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier group would be in position to intercept the convoy, an intercept could also be carried out by Saudi Arabia, Egypt or the United Arab Emirates, which are patrolling the waters off Yemen.

Supported by the United States, Saudi Arabia has led Sunni Arab countries in carrying out more than three weeks of airstrikes targeting the rebels, who are backed by Iran and have seized parts of Yemen.

There is no indication that U.S. or other coalition warships have been in contact with the Iranians, but one official told NBC News, “They know we’re there.”

Some U.S. officials are concerned that the leak of the information is not good, coming at the same time as the United States and other countries try to reach a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

“Since this is now public, the Iranians may feel they’ve been backed into a corner” and attempt to run through any blockade set up by the coalition warships, one official said.

The deployment comes after a U.N. Security Council resolution approved last week imposed an arms embargo on leaders of the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels, who have taken over much of Yemen.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest would not comment specifically on any Navy movements in Yemeni waters, but said the U.S. has concerns about Iran’s “continued support for the Houthis.

“We have seen evidence that the Iranians are supplying weapons and other armed support to the Houthis in Yemen,” Earnest said Monday. “That support will only contribute to greater violence in that country. These are exactly the kind of destabilizing activities that we have in mind when we raise concerns about Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East.”

He added, “Iranians are acutely aware of our concerns for their continued support of the Houthis by sending them large shipments of weapons.”

In a stepped-up response to Iranian backing of Shiite rebels in Yemen, the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen to beef up security and join other American ships that are prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels.

The deployment comes after a U.N. Security Council resolution approved last week imposed an arms embargo on leaders of the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthi rebels. The resolution passed in a 14-0 vote with Russia abstaining.

Navy officials said Monday that the Roosevelt was moving through the Arabian Sea. A massive ship that carries F/A-18 fighter jets, the Roosevelt is seen more of a deterrent and show of force in the region.

So we will continue to fight another proxy war with Iran in Yemen, or we will now duke it out with them directly? Either way, I’m just ever so glad our great god-king Emperor Obama reached a semi-secret agreement with these nutjobs, who are going to ignore it anyway, and that the whole slew of Republican legislators we HAD TO elect to stop this (and Obamacare too!) rolled over and played dead so fast they got carpet burns. Way to go Team Weasel.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 07, 2015

is this some kind of strange euro trend?

First it was Richard III. Now it’s some German soldier.
Yes, you folks who slept through history class, when Napoleon’s French had their big battle with the English, it was the Germans who turned the tide.

Waterloo Soldier Skeleton, Bent Spine, Found Under Parking Lot


fatal lead poisoning: battle casualty and one gigantic musket bullet

A 200-year old skeleton discovered beneath a parking lot at the Battle of Waterloo site has been identified as a German soldier. The remains are the first full skeleton to be recovered from the famous battlefield in Belgium.

The soldier, 23-year old Friedrich Brandt, was a member of the King’s German Legion of British monarch George III, the Sunday Times reports. Brandt, who had curvature of the spine, known at the time as “hunchback”, was killed when a musket ball fired by Napoleon’s troops lodged in his ribs.

Recent analysis revealed Brandt’s identity after his remains were unearthed by a mechanical digger at the site in 2012. 

“It is unique. No other complete skeleton has been retrieved [from Waterloo] in 200 years,” Dominique Bosquet, an archaeologist working for the Walloon government in Belgium, told the Sunday Times.

While Waterloo claimed tens of thousands of lives, the bodies of soldiers and horses on the battlefield were used for fertilizer in subsequent years, making the full skeleton a notable find.

The 1815 battle was a decisive victory for a coalition of powers that included the U.K. and the kingdoms of Prussia and Hanover, which comprise parts of modern-day Germany. The battle was also the last military engagement fought by Napoleon.

Human bodies used as fertilizer??? Fee Fie Fo Fum ... it’s gross, but true.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 25, 2015

Bowe, Busted

It’s about time. Remember how this was only going to be delayed until after the election?

Far from Susan Rice’s claim that he served with honor and distinction, now the news breaks that

Bergdahl Charged With Desertion

Nice trade you made there Barack Hussein. 5 terrorists for 1 traitor. Loo Zer.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, Army officials said Wednesday, setting the stage for emotionally charged court proceeding in coming months.

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s attorney, told The Washington Post that his client was handed a charge sheet on Wednesday. Army officials said in a statement that Bergdahl has been charged with desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty and misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command, unit or place. His case has been referred to an Article 32 preliminary hearing, which is frequently compared to a grand jury proceeding in civilian court.

The court hearing for Bergdahl will be held at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston in Texas, where Bergdahl has served since shortly after his recovery on May 31, 2014.

Under the misbehavior before the enemy charge, Bergdahl faces a maximum punishment of confinement for life, a dishonorable discharge, a reduction to private and total forfeiture of pay and allowances since the time of his disappearance, Army officials said. The desertion charge carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison, a dishonorable discharge, a reduction to private and a total forfeiture of pay and allowances.

The development comes 10 months after his May 2014 release—which initially was a joyous occasion, with his parents joining President Obama in celebrating the news in the Rose Garden. Bob Bergdahl, who had studied Islam during his son’s captivity, appeared with a full beard and read a Muslim prayer, while Bergdahl’s mother Jani embraced the president.

But that euphoria quickly gave way to controversy in Washington as Bergdahl was accused of walking away from his post and putting his fellow soldiers in danger. The trade of hardened Taliban fighters for his freedom raised deep concerns on Capitol Hill that the administration struck an unbalanced and possibly illegal deal.

The trade was branded as illegal by lawmakers, who said they weren’t advised beforehand, It was also blasted by critics who said it violated America’s longstanding tradition of not negotiating with terrorists, and from Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers, many of whom view him as a traitor.

There were also concerns – which would prove well-founded – that the Taliban members would return to the fight against the West. Of the five, Mohammad Fazl, the former Taliban army chief of staff; Khairullah Khairkhwa, a Taliban intelligence official; Abdul Haq Wasiq, a former Taliban government official; and Norullah Noori and Mohammad Nabi Omari, at least three have attempted to rejoin their old comrades, sources told Fox News.

By the way, as of this moment US airplanes are attacking Tikrit. Remember Tikirt, little village where Saddam Hussein came from? Wasn’t it the U.S. Special Forces who captured the place a few years ago at significant expense? And now  Al Qaeda In Iraq  ISIS controls it? And we’re in there again, blasting the crap out of it, so that the Iranians - remember the Iranians, our enemy, the Death To America guys who built all those IEDs that crippled our troops, the guys who supported a proxy army of “insurgents” our guys fought like mad and died by the numbers to keep out of Iraq? The ones trying to build nukes, now with Obama’s secret permission from a bogus backroom deal he personally wangled? - so that the Iranians can go in an mop up what’s left of ISIS (who took it in June last year and murdered 1600 Iraqi air force cadets) because the Iraqi troops we spent billions training and equipping couldn’t win a fight with a used maxi-pad, much less a bunch of “JV” sand fleas with guns? Another great move there Barack el Barack. Loo Zer Squared.


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calendar   Monday - March 09, 2015

Another Blast From Out Of The Blue

A very long and busy weekend for me. And not without considerable consternation. Well, at least now that it’s an hour later than it was the other day, it seems that Spring may actually be almost ready to put in an appearance. Yay. Some things are thawing out. Others, not so much.
Sorry, don’t mean to be mysterious. But I don’t write about every thing that goes on in my life. Just the funner parts, sometimes.

I got all caught up doing research this weekend over a little news item I saw about this bit of military hardware called an SDB II. That’s the acronym for another piece of precision minimalist ordnance called a Small Diameter Bomb. It’s a stand-off weapons system that packs two artillery shells worth of boom behind a reactive armor defeating double bazooka like tandem shaped charge warhead, in a drain pipe barely 7” across and under 6’ long, and then adds a set of pop out wings that allow it to home in on targets from 40 miles away. A glide bomb. No heat signature, and a radar cross section about the same as a metal eagle. IOW, just about none. The -II version gets a vastly improved 3 way guidance system that turns this thing into a semi-intelligent Fire And Forget (aka “set it and forget it") munition. It’s a Hunter Seeker, straight out of Dune, only the larger, anti-tank version. Point it, tell it “there be targets that way”, let it go. And it works. And self destructs if your intel happens to be wrong. Amazing stuff.

Oh, and did I mention that reason the -II got the new guidance package was to enable the bomb to hit a moving target? Oh yes indeed. It can hit a pickup truck going 70mph. You want us to hit the driver or the passenger? Your choice. It’s that good.

Naturally, being me, I looked at it and saw the immediate shortcoming. You’ve got to fly the thing to within 40 miles of the target. Which could put your planes in SAM range. Risky business. Then I realized that the higher you can launch it, the further it can glide. And no matter how efficient the wing is, it isn’t going to fly along un-powered from over the horizon, where your planes could be out of enemy radar range. After all, from only 1066 feet up, you can see 40 miles. Radar can do that too, or better.

So I thought about it, and I looked at the pictures, and I noticed how the general shape and size of this one is remarkably similar to the Hellfire missile and it’s improved and strengthened cousin, the Brimstone missile, and that gave me a tiny epiphany.

Years ago the SDB I passed the “can we drop these things while flying at Mach 1.5?” test. So we know it’s tough enough. The Brimstone missile is the new, improved, jet worthy version of the Hellfire missile, which was designed to be launched from a helicopter or other slow flyer. Hellfire, Brimstone, and  STD  SDB are all about the same length, weight, and diameter. Almost exactly. The rocket motor from the Brimstone missile can shoot that missile for 20km. 12.4 miles. Why not hook one on the SDB as a booster? Sure, that could give you some kind of medium range supersonic mini cruise missile, but I’m sticking with the no heat signature, long range stand-off concept, and reducing risk to the launch platform. Strap this rig to a jet. A plane old fighter plane, not the magical and problematic F35 thing. Fly the plane up to 50,000 feet or so, go nearly vertical at Mach 1+, and push the GO button. You’re already up in the really thin air to begin with, so there is a whole lot less air friction. Which means the rocket motor should perform even better. Whoosh, and it shoots the SDB at least another 20km further up into the sky. That puts it 25 miles up, nearly in space. Which should give you a glide range of ... holy cow, a lot ... maybe 200 miles. Your launch planes still aren’t below the radar horizon, but they’re so far away that no SAM battery is going to bother with them. And the enemy radar guy has more to worry about than watching some crazy American jet jockeys punching holes in the sky way way way over thataway. And half an hour or so later, out of nowhere, all the enemy’s hard assets start exploding. A blast from out of the blue.

Damn, I should work for Raytheon.


Small Diameter Bomb II Completes Live Fire Test Destroying T-72 Tank

An Air Force F-15 Eagle recently destroyed a moving –model T-72 tank during a live-fire test of the Small Diameter Bomb II at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., service leaders said.

“Just this month we had a successful live fire mission. It was an F-15E that targeted a moving T-72 tank surrogate. We’re still analyzing the data to get the details of it but the visual indicated it was a direct hit,” Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, military deputy for Air Force acquisition, told in an interview.

The test earlier this month was the final live fire mission required for the developmental weapons program to move toward what’s called a “Milestone C” full rate production decision, she added.

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall is expected to approve full-rate production of the weapon by May of this year — a move which would clear the path for large-scale manufacturing and delivery of the Small Diameter Bomb II, or SDB II, later this year.

Ultimately, the Air Force plans to acquire 12,000 SDB II weapons — which will enter service by 2017, service officials said.

“This was the graduation exercise. This is what the warfighter is going to drop on the bad guys. It is the end to end test. The warhead performed as expected and we ended up putting steel on target which is what the goal is,” Jeff White, senior manager, business development, Raytheon, told


The SDB II has had a couple of teething problems, like any other newly developed system. It can’t fit in the undersized magazine of the US Marine’s tiny version of the new F35, but it fits just fine in the standard one the Air Force uses. Carrying the SDB II on wing racks defeats the stealth aspects of the new wonder fighter, which is what lead me to the booster engine range enhancement idea. My idea is a cheap fix using off the shelf parts, and lets all the other regular planes join in the fun. Their fix will be to redesign the STOL F-35’s weapons bay, which could take years and is guaranteed to cost hundreds of millions.

First cousins, with added thrust: the Hellfire and the Brimstone missiles. All three are about the same size, weight, and diameter. The SDB II carries a lot more blast, but less fragmentation. Which could be provided by a bolt on iron collar, at the cost of added weight and lesser range. Such a collar already exists for the Hellfire, to enhance its use against softer targets. All the more reason to use a little booster engine!

image   image

One of many many links to more information

The Air Force is currently enjoying a daydream in which truckloads of these glider bomblets are packed into a B2 stealth bomber. 216 of them to be precise. And then one invisible plane flies off and silently destroys an entire army’s worth of tanks, trucks, cannons, radars, etc. A whole war fought from one plane.
The tripping thing is, it might not be a wet dream at all. It could work.

And that’s what happened to all my blogging time this weekend!


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calendar   Thursday - December 18, 2014

Defense Yes, But Against Whom?

PPDS? Phloating Phallus Defense System?


DDDDS? Dingus Dirigible Detection Deterrent System?


JLENS. Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System


Aw Hell it even has a big vein on the side

The U.S. military is testing a new cruise-missile defense system by launching a blimp-like airship near Baltimore.

Wednesday’s event at Aberdeen Proving Ground gives the region its first look at JLENS, short for Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.

By February, two helium-filled airships will be tethered to concrete pads four miles apart, floating 10,000 feet high for the three-year test.

Radar on one ship will scan in a 340-mile radius, roughly from Norfolk, Virginia, to upstate New York. Controllers on the ground will use radar on the other vehicle to pinpoint targets. The airships won’t carry weapons.

The military says the balloons also won’t carry cameras. But privacy advocates are leery of the system’s ability to constantly monitor moving objects, including cars on the ground.


JLENS, which is short for Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, is a system of two aerostats, or tethered airships, that float 10,000 feet in the air. The helium filled aerostats, each nearly as long as a football field, carry powerful radars that can protect a territory roughly the size of Texas from airborne threats.

JLENS provides 360-degrees of defensive radar coverage and can detect and track objects like missiles, and manned and unmanned aircraft from up to 340 miles away. JLENS can also remain aloft and operational for up to 30 days at a time. This potent combination of persistence and capability give defenders more time and more distance to:

Identify potential threats
Make critical decisions
Conduct crucial notifications

JLENS allows the military to safeguard hundreds of miles of territory at a fraction of the cost of fixed wing aircraft, and it can integrate with defensive systems including:

Standard Missile 6
Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System

One JLENS system, known as an orbit, can provide the same 24/7 coverage for a 30-day period that 4-5 fixed wing surveillance aircraft (AWACS, JSTARS or E-2C) can provide.

image image

An affordable, elevated, persistent over-the-horizon sensor system, JLENS uses a powerful integrated radar system mounted on two aerostats to detect, track and target a variety of threats. This capability better enables commanders to defend against threats, including hostile cruise missiles; low-flying manned and unmanned aircraft; and moving surface vehicles such as boats, mobile missile launchers, automobiles, trucks and tanks. JLENS also provides ascent phase detection of tactical ballistic missiles and large-caliber rockets.

“Over the horizon” is right; from 10,000 feet up, the line of sight horizon is 122 miles away (a 244 mile circle). For a direct 340 mile horizon, you’d have to be 77,000 feet up, nearly in space.

So what we have here, now flying or soon to be flying over eastern America, is a flying thing with a design that looks borrowed from toilet graffiti that can - if given enough computer power and if the diagrams above can be believed - can track any (every???) moving object as small as an RPG, on land, sea, or air, at any given speed (tanks and trucks aren’t exactly supersonic) in an area from Kingston Ontario in the North to the North Carolina’s Outer Banks in the South, to Columbus Ohio in the West to Cape Cod MA in the Northeast to the edge of TN in the Southwest to a long long way out to sea in the east.

But not to worry; the balloons aren’t armed. No, they’re merely linked in to any and every missile system that we have, along with all the combat ships and aircraft up and down the coast. And all the troops on the ground. And I’m certain that our over-reaching, unitized, universal, all-powerful, unlimited, law-abiding, limited, Constitution, “take care of our friends and punish our enemies”, nearly tyrannical government would never even consider linking in DHS, the FBI or all the police departments, nor ever condone using the tracking abilities inherent in this years long “test” for any “civilian” “law enforcement” operation. It’s just a coincidence that, “for your own good” - to protect us against terrorists and Chinese cruise missiles - that the government also just happens to now have a gun pointed at your head every minute of the day. If they feel like it. And you’ll never know. Probably damn near half the population under that circle. At least a third of us.

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake

Additional equipment could offer commanders extensive communications relay capabilities, or even area surveillance of the ground. The JLENS program reportedly deployed a smaller 15 meter aerostat to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In late November 2003, the Army announced its intention to redeploy the Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) force protection aerostat from Afghanistan to Iraq. RAID, adapted out of JLENS via the Army Rapid Equipping Force, became its own program, involving both flying aerostats and fixed-tower configurations like GBOSS.

A privately-funded January 2013 test mounted similar equipment on a JLENS system, successfully demonstrating its ability to monitor humans walking near roads.

more info -
PS this is the marketing success story of the decade -


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calendar   Thursday - November 13, 2014

Putin: You Ain’t Got The Balls

Once upon a time, the Gulf Of Mexico was known as “America’s lake”.

Russia plans long-range bomber flights near U.S. shores


Russia plans to send long-range bombers to patrol the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the nation’s defense minister said, amid escalating tensions with the West over Ukraine.

The patrols would bring the flights close to the United States’ territorial waters. In September, the U.S. intercepted six Russian planes, including fighter jets, near airspace off Alaska, officials said.

The plan to send the long-range bombers is in response to a growing international resentment against Russia, defense minister Sergey Shoigu said Wednesday.

The plan to send the long-range bombers is in response to a growing international resentment against Russia, defense minister Sergey Shoigu said Wednesday.

In addition, he said, Russia will boost its security in Crimea, the region it annexed from Ukraine earlier this year.

“In many respects, this is connected with the situation in Ukraine, with fomentation of anti-Russian moods on the part of NATO and reinforcement of foreign military presence next to our border,” Shoigu said.

“Under these conditions, the formation of full-fledged and self-sufficient forces on the Crimean peninsula is a priority task.”

How’s that for inverse logic? The world is upset with Russia because of it’s behavior in Crimea, therefore it is justified sending more forces to Crimea to combat this. Riiiight.

“In the current situation we have to maintain military presence in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico,” he said. “Due to that, as part of the drills, Russian long-range bombers will conduct flights along Russian borders and over the Arctic Ocean.”

Even more of the same. The world is pissed at them for acting like belligerent thugs, therefore they are justified in acting like belligerent thugs ALL OVER THE WORLD ... in self defense. Riiiight.

Nuclear capable Bombers from the Soviet re-Union over the Cayman Islands, over Cuba? Off the coast of New Orleans, hovering over the oil tankers coming in and out? I guess this is Chairmain Obama being “more flexible after the election”, just as he promised his ex-Marxist red pals. 


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