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calendar   Thursday - September 27, 2012

Even With Diagrams, Nobody Will Listen

Netanyahu At UN: A Red Line Must Be Drawn

That Iran Will Not Be Allowed To Cross


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the stage at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, acerbically responding to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-Israel remarks.

He made his case against Iran, arguing that time is quickly running out to stop the Islamic Republic from becoming a nuclear power and the threat of force must be seriously considered.

Earlier in the evening, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the assembly, announcing he has opened talks on a new bid for international recognition of a Paletinian state at the UN, but avoiding specifying exactly when he will ask the General Assembly to vote.

Abbas said in his speech that “intensive consultations with the various regional organizations and the state members” were underway.

The Palestinians will apply to the General Assembly for nonmember state status. That stands in sharp contrast to last year, when they asked the Security Council to admit them as a full member state, but the bid failed.

Earlier still, an Israeli official said Netanyahu is expected to set out a “clear red line” for Iran’s disputed nuclear drive, adding that the plan could be pursued together with the United States.

Netanyahu faces the world body a day after US President Barack Obama disappointed some Israelis by imposing no ultimatum to the Iranians in his own address, though he did warn that time for diplomacy with Tehran “is not unlimited”.

“The prime minister will set a clear red line in his speech that will not contradict Obama’s remarks. Obama said Iran won’t have nuclear weapons. The prime minister will clarify the way in which Iran won’t have nuclear arms,” a senior Israeli official said en route to New York.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu drew an actual red line with a marker on a chart symbolizing Iran’s uranium enrichment program, and expained that Iran must be told that if it reaches 90% of the enriched uranium it needs for a nuclear bomb, it will be attacked.
“Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. Every year for over three millennia, we have come together on this Day of Atonement. We remember the great travails of our dispersion. But at the end of Yom Kippur we celebrate the rebirth of Israel. We celebrate of the flourishing modern Jewish state.

“The forces of Medievalism seek a world in which not life, but death is glorified. These forces clash throughout the globe, but nowhere more starkly than the Middle East. The Medieval forces of radical Islam whom you saw storming embassies in the Middle East – want to destroy freedom and end the modern world.

“They are all rooted in the same bitter soil of intolerance. That intolerance is directed to their own fellow Muslims as well as Jews, Hindus and Christians, anyone who refuses to relent to their creed. I am sure that ultimately they will fail. The relevant question is not whether this fanaticism will be defeated, but how many lives will be lost before it’s defeated.”

Netanyahu referred to the Nazi regime, and noted that the world took too long to wake up to its danger. “My friends, we cannot let that happen again. At stake is the future of Iran. Imagine the world with a nuclear armed Al Qaeda.

“Given this record of Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons – just imagine Iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. Imagine their long range missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. Who would be safe in the Middle East? Who would be safe in Europe?

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been speaking about the need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons for over 15 years. I spoke about it when it was fashionable and when it wasn’t fashionable. The hour is getting late. Very late. When it comes to the survival of my country, it is not only my right to speak – it is my duty to speak. And I believe that this is the duty of every responsible leader who wants to preserve world peace.”

Given that Obama’s earlier remarks had been wishy-washy, Netanyahu’s Nazi reference effectively called him another Chamberlain. No kidding. Just like Bush before him. The time to bomb Iran was about 9 hours after Iraq fell, when they were sure we were coming and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Smoke the country, turn their mud cities into dust, turn their stone cities into mud, then leave. Go back to Iraq and see if there’s going to be an underground insurgency. Not likely. Oh well, that’s not how it happened, but the white gloves treatment of the mad mullahs has been going on a long long time.

Benji did a nice job today of silently rattling the invisible saber, and even had the crowd on it’s feet and cheering at one point, but I doubt that this will have any impact, even with a drawing so simple even Democrats could understand it.



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calendar   Thursday - May 24, 2012

Iran’s navy says it has saved a US-flagged cargo ship from pirates.

Only just caught this bit of interesting news.
So what do we make of it?

Will Iran now become our new best friend?  Doubtful but I’m sure the help was appreciated.

Iran navy saves US cargo ship from pirates

Iran’s navy says it has saved a US-flagged cargo ship that was under attack from pirates in the Gulf.

An Iranian warship responded to a distress signal from the US-flagged Maersk Texas, a cargo ship of 500 feet and 14,000 tons, which was besieged by “several pirate boats,” the navy said in a statement reported by the official IRNA news agency.
The cargo vessel “was saved by the navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran” on Wednesday, IRNA added.
The pirates “fled the scene as soon as they spotted the presence” of the warship. Maersk Texas “thanked the Iranian navy and sailed towards its destination safely,” it added.
It was the first time the Iranian navy protected a US ship from pirates.
Maersk had sailed from the UAE port of Fujairah, south of the Strait Hormuz at the entrance of the Gulf, and was headed for the United States.

Iran’s navy keeps a presence in Gulf of Oman to protect cargo ships and transiting oil tankers and also defend the country against potential threats.
According to Iranian commanders, Iran’s navy have carried out hundreds of antipiracy operations, engaging in hundreds of armed clashes with pirates in the past three years.
The US navy patrolling the area have on a number of occasions rescued Iranian ships. The latest incident was in January when a US warship secured the release of 13 Iranian fishermen near the entrance to the Gulf who had been held captive by pirates for 45 days.
Source: AFP



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calendar   Wednesday - March 07, 2012

Let Them Occupy Tehran

U.S. Professors Visit Iran

to promote Occupy Wall Street movement???

What the flippity flop??

The Occupy Wall Street movement may be losing its spotlight in the United States, but it’s gaining attention in Iran, where a handful of American professors recently traveled to attend a conference focusing on the anti-capitalist protests.

“The discourse (in Iran) seems to be veering from ‘Down with America!’ to ‘Down with the 1 Percent!’” said Heather Gautney, a self-described “Occupy Wall Street activist” and a sociology professor at Fordham University in New York. “In my view, this is quite a welcome development, and speaks to Iranians’ affection for Americans despite all the political conflict.”

Sounds rather like genuine Anti-American Activity to me. Isn’t Iran classified as an enemy nation? If not, why not?? I can’t see what the little towlies would want to know this stuff for, unless to learn how to a) suppress it violently in their own country should any crop up, or b) weaponize it for use against the West.

Gautney was one of four U.S. professors last week to attend the two-day conference at Tehran University, in a country whose people—despite any possible dissatisfaction—are not in a position to take to the streets, as she described it. Consequently, she said, Iranian professors and students view the Occupy movement as “an object of study,” not something to emulate anytime soon.

When she and the other professors were first invited to the conference, they were worried about the organizers’ motivations, Gautney admitted. But after seeing a list of about 30 questions that would be posed to them, “it seemed like a very legitimate kind of project,” she said.

Typical clueless and delusional Ivory Tower leftists, feeding intel and Best Practices to our enemies.

“I got the sense that they were trying to confirm impressions that they had, confirm things that they had read in the press, in part so that they could integrate into their own and also into their classroom,” Gautney said.

Nevertheless, government-controlled media in Iran didn’t miss an opportunity to highlight the American professors’ presence in Tehran. In an English-language report posted online, Iran’s PressTV offered this headline from the conference: “Experts: Occupy Wall Street likely to topple US administration.”

But, but, they never said that at all!!!  Uh huh. I do believe the term these days is ”pwned”.  And the profs got invited there because the Occupy message was quite anti-Semitic. No no no, no it wasn’t!!! Yeah, because giant protest banners saying “Joo bankers must die!!” were never at any of these rallys. And there were so many of them that were never ever there, that a Jew hating enemy nation extended a big fat invitation to a bunch of lefty academics to come tell them all about it. Riiiiight.

You can follow the link to read more, but it’s pretty obvious that these obliviots were willingly used as sock puppets by the mad mullahs.

Too bad we let them back in. Non-diplomatic trips to Iran ought to be one way rides.


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calendar   Thursday - February 09, 2012

Let Them Eat Sand

Allah Will Provide, Right?

Iran turns to barter for food as sanctions cripple imports

Iran is turning to barter - offering gold bullion in overseas vaults or tankerloads of oil - in return for food as new financial sanctions have hurt its ability to import basic staples for its 74 million people, commodities traders said Thursday.

Difficulty paying for urgent import needs has contributed to sharp rises in the prices of basic foodstuffs, causing hardship for Iranians with just weeks to go before an election seen as a referendum on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s economic policies.

New sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union to punish Iran for its nuclear program do not bar firms from selling Iran food but they make it difficult to carry out the international financial transactions needed to pay for it.

Reuters surveys of commodities traders around the globe show that since the start of the year, Iran has had trouble securing imports of basic staples like rice, cooking oil, animal feed and tea. Grain ships have been held at its ports, refusing to unload until payment can be received for cargo.

With Iran’s rial currency tumbling, the prices of rice, bread and meat in Iranian bazaars have doubled or more in dollar terms in recent months.

You know what would be just awful?? If some huge group of “Somali Pirates” were to suddenly start hijacking cargo ships that were headed to the east side of the Persian Gulf. And then western navies could interdict them at night with lots of pyrotechnic effects ... oh, so sorry, the pirates put up a furious fight, and the ships were scuttled. It wouldn’t be for every ship, just every other. Maybe 2 out of 3. The ones with food and gasoline as cargo. And half of them could escape down to Africa. This could also cure hunger in Somalia at the same time, and Kenya would buy the gas for 10 cents on the dollar. Businesses would keep the gold, because they’d be smart and demand payment in advance with no refunds for piracy.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 18, 2012


I have to hand it to the mad mullahs. They came up with a brilliant snap to lay on Obeanhead. Right upside his head with a shoe. Pretty much makes him a laughingstock, which is what he deserves. Problem is, it makes us a laughingstock too. Thanks for the bold leadership Barack.

I gotcher drone, right here

The Iranian government, which captured a U.S. stealth drone in December, has agreed to give the top-secret spy craft back, but with a catch.

Instead of the original RQ-170 Sentinel drone, the Islamic Republic said Tuesday that it will send President Obama a tiny toy replica of the plane.

Iranian state radio said that the toy model will be 1/80th the size of the real thing. Iranian citizens can also buy their own toy copies of the drone, which will be available in stores for the equivalent of $4.


Did you want that face egg once over easy, Mr. President, or scrambled?

Ah, but as long as we’re doing toy planes, I can find a better model than that for us to look at ...

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - January 11, 2012


Iranian Nuclear Whiz Bombed

Two assailants on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the car of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, killing him and his driver Wednesday, reports said. The slayings suggest a widening covert effort to set back Iran’s atomic program.

The attack in Tehran bore a strong resemblance to earlier killings of scientists working on the Iranian nuclear program. It is certain to amplify authorities’ claims of clandestine operations by Western powers and their allies to halt Iran’s nuclear advances.

The blast killed Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a chemistry expert and a director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, state TV reported. State news agency IRNA said Roshan had “organizational links” to Iran’s nuclear agency, which suggests a direct role in key aspects of the program.

On Tuesday, Israeli military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was quoted as telling a parliamentary panel that 2012 would be a “critical year” for Iran — in part because of “things that happen to it unnaturally.”

“Many bad things have been happening to Iran in the recent period,” added Mickey Segal, a former director of the Israeli military’s Iranian intelligence department. “Iran is in a situation where pressure on it is mounting, and the latest assassination joins the pressure that the Iranian regime is facing.”

Defiant Iranian authorities pointed the finger at archfoe Israel.

Oh sure, blame the Joooos. LOL Personally, I blame motorcyclists in general. This is like the 6th time they’ve been involved in blowing up Iranian nuke geeks. Gosh. Details at the link.


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calendar   Friday - January 06, 2012

Stick that in your hookah and smoke it

US Navy Rescues Iranian Sailors

From Somali Pirates

Right off the coast of Iran

Where their own navy couldn’t save them

(the same place the Iranians demanded the other day that our navy not be in)

U.S. sailors from a carrier strike group whose recent presence in the Persian Gulf drew the ire of Iranian military officials have rescued 13 of the Middle Eastern country’s sailors from a hijacked fishing boat, a military spokesman said Friday.

The destroyer USS Kidd came to the aid of the ship Thursday in the North Arabian sea, near the crucial Strait of Hormuz, according to the Navy.

“Their presence does nothing but create mayhem, and we never wanted them to be present in the Persian Gulf,” [Iranian Admiral] Vahidi said [last week].

According to the Navy, a helicopter from the Kidd spotted a suspect pirate boat alongside the Iranian vessel. At the same time, the Kidd received a distress call from the captain of ship, the Al Molai, saying he and his crew were being held captive by pirates.

A team from the Kidd boarded the Al Molai, took 15 suspected pirates into custody and freed 13 Iranian hostages, the Navy said.

The suspected pirates, mostly Somalis, were taken to the Stennis to be held until a decision is made about prosecution, Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby said Friday.

Pirates hijacked the Al Molai 40 to 45 days ago, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command said in a statement.

A month and a half? And they’ve been right there, right off the friggin’ coast of Iran, in a sea barely 80 miles wide ever since??

The crew was “held hostage, with limited rations and we believe were forced against their will to assist the pirates with other piracy operations,” according to the statement.

The Navy reports that the Iranian boat had been pirated and used as a “mother ship” for pirate operations throughout the Persian Gulf, according to members of the Iranian vessel’s crew.

Oh sure. I think I smell something ... kinda stinks like 6 week old fish, you know? Makes me doubt the fisherman’s story a wee bit.

The Navy team provided food, water and medical care to both the suspected pirates and the crew of the Al Molai after securing the ship and ensuring everyone was safe, Schminky said.

The crew had “been though a lot,” he said.  “We went out of our way to treat the fishing crew with kindness and respect,” he said.

Oh snap.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 25, 2011

That’s About How I See It Too


Hope n’ Change daily cartoons and commentary.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 28, 2011

Weak Horse, Strong Horse

Stalking Horse


ha ha, I gotcher nose!

Just days after Iran told the world that their new generation of cruise missiles are deployed, and just after the coincidental assassination of a top nuclear scientist in Syria, comes the latest news that Iran is planning on sending part of it’s navy to the Western Atlantic, to cruise up and down the edge of America’s territorial waters. Tweak. Tweak. Hey Obama, I got your nose!

Syria’s state-run news agency says a nuclear engineer has been assassinated in a hail of bullets in the restive central city of Homs. Engineer and university professor Aws Khalil is the fourth Syrian academic to be assassinated in Homs recently.

... SANA reported Khalil’s killing on Wednesday, blaming it on an “armed terrorist gang.”

Mere coincidence. This has nothing to do with Iran at all. Well, until you stop and recall that Gerald Bull was capped just before the first Gulf War, after designing the SuperGun for Iraq. Which Saddam tried his best to build.

Iran says it’s started large-scale production of a domestically-developed cruise missile designed for sea-based targets and capable of destroying warships. Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi says an unspecified number of samples of “Ghader,” or “Capable” as the missile is called in Farsi, were delivered to the Revolutionary Guard’s navy, assigned to protect Iran’s sea borders. His remarks were reported by state TV on Wednesday.

The cruise missile has a range of 124 miles. It can reportedly travel at low altitudes and has a lighter weight and smaller dimensions.

Iran also claims to possess high speed super-cavitating rocket-torpedoes that go 4 times faster than modern high speed torpedoes, but some folks have said that that’s a scam. The Russians do have such a torpedo, and so, presumably, do we. Super cavitation is real, and a bubble curtain around a torpedo can allow it to move through the water at more than 220mph. Steering is a bit of a problem though.

Iranian Navy Plans to Send Ships Near U.S. Waters

The Iranian navy plans to move naval vessels out of the Persian Gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, “near maritime borders of the United States,” the Tehran Times reported Tuesday. According to the English-language paper based in Tehran, the announcement came from a top Iranian naval officer on Tuesday.

“As the global arrogance (forces of imperialism) have a (military) presence near our sea borders, we also plan to have a strong presence near the U.S. sea borders with the help of the soldiers who are loyal to the vali-e faqih (supreme jurisprudent),” said Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, as quoted and paraphrased by the Tehran Times.

“We’ve been pushing freedom of the seas for years and the Iranian navy can go wherever it wants,” said Pentagon Spokesman Capt. John Kirby.

Iranians might face a challenge in refueling its fleet. Some in the Pentagon have speculated it could gas up in Venezuela, whose President, Hugo Chavez, is known to have a close relationship with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranians gave no indication of when or what kind of vessels they might deploy, but the announced plan comes just months after Iran sent warships through the Suez following the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It was the first time Iran had moved ships into the Mediterranean and the move put Israel on high alert.

The naval unit plans to establish direct contact with the U.S. when it hits the Gulf of Mexico, a commander in the Iranian navy said. Officials in the Pentagon strongly denied any planned port visits by the Iranians.

When Bush was president, I don’t think the Iranian Navy ever sailed out of sight of their own sand dunes. It’s tough to put the spurs to a strong horse and ride it, but you can kick a weak horse all you want without fear.




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calendar   Wednesday - September 01, 2010

sentenced to death by stoning for adultery ‘subjected to mock execution’

I’m sure you people must have seen this already. It is being covered in the USA I think.  I guess we can’t tell other people how to conduct their internal affairs, but it seems fair to protest something like this. If you stop and think about it, as this case and others like it seem to focus things, men in those countries must really have a lock and a whip and lots of chains to keep women down and cowed.  I guess the folks with the guns, rule.  After all these centuries, wouldn’t you think that their women would have figured long ago that there was something better?  I personally think the men involved really enjoy this.  Creeps.  And just think, their govt. has embassies and ambassadors and must be treated kindly or at least with the trapping of respect.  As if they were normal human beings
instead of the grubby, lice ridden, bearded bastards they are. 

Iranian sentenced to death by stoning for adultery ‘subjected to mock execution’


By Mail Foreign Service

An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning was subjected to a mock execution by hanging.

In preparation for her death, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani wrote her will and embraced her cellmates in Tabriz prison.

But the mother-of-two, who was acquitted of murdering her husband but found guilty of adultery, was not led to the gallows.

Her son told The Guardian: ‘Pressure from the international community has so far stopped them from carrying out the sentence but they’re killing her every day by any means possible.’

The latest development comes after prison authorities denied family and legal visits, falsely telling them Ashtiani was unwilling to see them. In turn, she was told no one had come to see her.

French First Lady Carla Bruni became involved in the row for protesting against the case.

In an open letter, Ms Bruni wrote: ‘Spill your blood, deprive your children of their mother? Why?

‘Because you have lived, because you have loved, because you are a woman, an Iranian? Every part of me refuses to accept this.’

The paper responded by dubbing her a marriage-wrecking ‘prostitute’ because of her affairs with high-profile celebrities who already had partners.

Ashtiani has already received 99 lashes for reportedly having an illicit relationship with two men.


As mentioned above, Carla Bruni, France’s First Lady and my constant old age heart throb has stepped into the maelstrom.  Her quote above.
Being adherents of this particular cult of the ROP .... her critics in Iran have responded thus.

Carla Bruni deserves death: Iran paper

September 1, 2010

A hardline Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan stepped up its attack on France’s first lady Carla Bruni, saying on Tuesday the “Italian prostitute” deserved to die for supporting an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning.


And one of the scariest things about all of this is, there are actually muslim women who think this is okay but even worse, western born and somewhat educated white women go along with it as well.  Or if not with death for adultery, go along with the male dominated insistence that they cover up and adopt a subservient attitude and lifestyle.  With all the freedoms women have fought for in the west and won for themselves, some of their sisters convert to this stone age manner of thinking and living.  Go figure.


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calendar   Monday - August 23, 2010

Sunday Night Laughs

Iran unveils ‘ambassador of death’ bomber

But unmanned aircraft has ‘message of peace,’ President Ahmadinejad says


even with the accesory mustache, this still ain’t no John Bolton

Stop laughing! That’s just the title. It gets better!

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday inaugurated the country’s first domestically built long-range unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an “ambassador of death” to Iran’s enemies.

Speaking to a group of officials, Ahmadinejad said, “The jet, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship.”

The goal of the aircraft is to “keep the enemy paralyzed in its bases,” he said, adding that the jet is for deterrence and defensive purposes.

Yes, paralyzed with laughter. Serious, pants-pooping giggle fits.

The 4-meter-long unmanned plane, dubbed the Karrar, or striker, in Farsi, was inaugurated on the national day for the country’s defense industry in a ceremony aired live on state TV.

No details were provided on the craft’s capabilities.

In a speech at the unveiling ceremony, Ahmadinejad said Iran should seek the ability to make pre-emptive strikes against a perceived threat, although he said it would never strike first.

“If there is an ignorant person or an egoist or a tyrant who just wanted to make an aggression, then our Defense Ministry should reach a point where it could cut off the hand of the aggressor before it decided to make an aggression,” he said.

“We should reach a point when Iran would serve as a defense umbrella for all freedom-loving nations in the face of world aggressors. We don’t want to attack anywhere — Iran will never decide to attack anywhere — but our revolution cannot sit idle in the face of tyranny. We can’t remain indifferent.”

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today unveiled a long-range bomber drone he described as an ‘ambassador of death’ to Tehran’s enemies.

State television footage showed the president applauding as a blue cloth covering the drone - known as Karar or ‘assailant’ in Persian - was removed to reveal the aircraft marked ‘bomber jet’.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today unveiled a long-range bomber drone he described as an ‘ambassador of death’ to Tehran’s enemies.

State television footage showed the president applauding as a blue cloth covering the drone - known as Karar or ‘assailant’ in Persian - was removed to reveal the aircraft marked ‘bomber jet’
The drone was built to ‘carry and fire four stealth cruise missiles… and, depending on the mission, it can carry two bombs of 250lbs each or a precision missile of 500lbs,’ state television reported.

The broadcast also showed the aircraft in flight and Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the drone has a range of 620 miles.

State TV later showed video footage of the plane taking off from a launching pad and reported that the craft traveled at speeds of 560 miles per hour.

Oh lordy. Where to begin? First off, they’re lying their little camel dented asses off. This thing is 4 meters - 13 feet - long. The only 4 stealth cruise missiles it could carry would each be smaller than an 81mm mortar shell. Nothing more potent than a Hellfire. With luck, and a big rocket booster, it could carry a 250lb bomb, and lumber along for a couple hundred miles. Maybe. 500lb missile? No chance, unless you consider 40 miles “long range”. Second, you’d better give it an extra big booster and no payload at all to get it 620 miles downrange. 560mph is possible, but that’s pretty much no faster than an airliner travels. In other words, it’s a sitting duck.

But what really makes this announcement funny ... is the Northrop Grumman BQM-74F.


Northrop Grumman has been building this little gem for several years now, since 2002. They don’t call it a “bomber jet”, or any kind of ambassador at all. And yet ... the BQM-74F is pretty much the same size, merely half a meter longer. And it has pretty much the same range, 920 km proven vs Iran’s claim of 1000km for theirs. And ours is about 20% faster too. Turn the ambassador over, and it even looks similar. And you know what the BQM-74F is built for? It’s built as a training aid, used to teach our guys to shoot things down. It’s a target drone. This is the device that our pilots and our missile defense teams practice on to learn their skills.

Granted, the BQM-74F is probably much more sophisticated than this pisslamic knockoff. What the hell, our tax money at work. This target drone can cruise along at 40,000ft, or confidently fly along below ceiling height - and I don’t mean cloud ceiling, I mean your living room ceiling. It can fly 7 feet off the ground. At 700mph. And 8 Gs.

A new airframe with swept wings and tails coupled with an upgrade to the thrust of the BQM-74 engine from 240 to 300 pounds pushes the speed to 0.92M at sea level and increases maneuverability to eight-g instantaneous (five-g sustained). Aggressive all-axis weave maneuvers down to 7 feet provide threat representative ingress maneuvers.

And this is the easy target we use for training and confidence building. A “toy” that outperforms their latest weapon by a huge margin.

So watch the media wet it’s little panties over this big bad super killer attack bomber jet missile gun assault weapon. It’s a pretty good joke.

PS - a Hellfire missile is 5 1/2 feet long and weighs just over 100 pounds. It has about a 5 mile range, and can take out a tank. It would also mess up your wood framed house pretty good too, but as heavy ordinance goes, it’s a popgun. It wasn’t designed as a stealth weapon, but such a short thing doesn’t make much of a radar signature. Thermal signature but good, but not much on radar. Mount 2 under each wing, and launch your ‘ambassador’ with a tremendous rocket booster that can carry it 20 miles or more. Much bigger than the little thing shown in the photo. So the idea isn’t impossible, but the performance claims are highly doubtful, and the payload accurately delivered is pretty minimal. More BS from the greasy little tyrant.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 08, 2010

Agent Provocateur

This is what happens when we put a weak, anti-semitic, pro-muslim pretender in the White House. And this is just the beginning.

Red Crescent Next In Line To Test Israel

Pledges To Send 2 Aid Ships To Break Gaza Blockade

Iranian Navy To Escort The Ships?

The Iranian Red Crescent has decided to send two aid ships to Gaza this week in the latest bid to break the blockade imposed on the Palestinian territory by Iran?s regional archfoe Israel.

Red Crescent director for international affairs Abdolrauf Adibzadeh told the state IRNA news agency late on Sunday that the decision to send the ships was taken after a meeting with the foreign ministry.

‘One ship will carry donations made by the people and the other will carry relief workers. The ships will be sent to Gaza by end of this week,’ Adibzadeh said. He said the Red Crescent has called for Iranian volunteers to act as relief workers and accompany the vessels.

‘Volunteers who want to go to Gaza and help the oppressed people of occupied Palestine can refer to the Red Crescent website and register,’ Adibzadeh said. He said the initial plan was to send the ships through an intermediary country, but ‘based on a decision by the society, they will be sent directly.’ He added that the aid would consist of foodstuffs and medicines.

The Iranian Red Crescent had previously sent an aid ship carrying food and medicines to Gaza in December 2008 but it was prevented from reaching the territory by the Israeli navy.

If aid ships want to try breaking Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza again, they’ll have the full force and military escort of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to do it, a spokesman for the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said today. “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards naval forces are fully prepared to escort the peace and freedom convoys to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities,” said the rep.

“If the Supreme Leader issues an order for this then the Revolutionary Guard naval forces will do their best to secure the ships,” the spokesman continued. “It is Iran’s duty to defend the innocent people of Gaza.”

This is an outright provocation for war.

Not that a land war between Israel and Iran would be easy, with those other countries in between them. But an air war and a sea war could happen.

Israel has a legal sea blockade around Gaza, even though Egypt has now capitulated and opened it’s borders. Israel will allow aid ships to dock in it’s ports, and the cargoes can then be transshipped if they meet Israel’s list of allowable items. So there is no real point in “breaking the blockade” other than world theater.

If ships cross into the blockaded zone the Israelis will stop them. If the Iranian Navy escorts those aid ships and a) gives them fire support and/or b) crosses the blockade line, then this is a deliberate act of war.

The ayatollahs would never had dared such a move when Bush was president. Like Osama bin Laden, they understand the “strong horse, weak horse” argument, but right now our horse is a jackass who can at best bray in the wrong direction.

Hey, I know! Maybe he can bow to all parties involved, and have them all over for a beer!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/08/2010 at 04:02 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - April 18, 2010

“…incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes…”

Maybe. But it’s not the fault of women…


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 04/18/2010 at 09:19 AM   
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When She Told Me The Earth Moved For Her

I didn’t realize that meant she was Iranian!

Leading Iranian Islamic Scholar: sexy women cause earthquakes.

No, seriously, I’m not making this up.

A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported today.

“Many women who dress inappropriately ... cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes,” Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers at overnight prayers in Tehran.

Calamities are the result of people’s deeds,” he was quoted as saying by reformist Aftab-e Yazd newspaper.

Every post-pubescent woman regardless of her religion or nationality must cover her hair and bodily contours in public. Offenders face punishment and fine.

But this has not stopped urban women from appearing in the streets wearing tight coats and flimsy headscarves and layers of skilfully applied makeup.

Iran is prone to frequent quakes, many of which have been devastating.

The worst in recent times hit the southern city of Bam in December 2003, killing 31,000 people - about a quarter of the population - and destroying its ancient mud-built citadel.

The Bam earthquake was caused by a pair of Manolo Blahniks, right?

Oh noes, Allah save us, we are all gonna die!!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/18/2010 at 02:27 AM   
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