Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.

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... yeah, but does Uncle actually regret doing any of that? Or said that it’s a bad thing?  Well, there you go.

... and our erstwhile artist above fails to note that Pollard is one of our own, so his espionage is more akin to treason. It’s perhaps not so much who he gave info to, it’s that he took it and gave it out in the first place.


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hillary clinton for president in 2016 …. the choice of George Soros who starts the ball rolling

It’s already been pretty windy last 24 hours and rain on and off all day and night.
Don’t like the wind thing at all. Radio says there could be power outages.

Brace yourself: St Jude’s Storm with 90mph gales WILL hit Britain tonight

Here it comes! South coast is lashed by 25ft waves ahead of St Jude’s storm as train companies announce NO services before 9am tomorrow

That’s one headline.  And I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. 

And there are headlines that make us all see red.  Most especially cos they are true and there are public records to prove it.
For example.
This one.

Human right to make a killing: Damning dossier reveals taxpayers’ bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors

By TIM SHIPMAN,ARTHUR MARTIN - 25/10/2013 13:11:40

Judges in Strasbourg handed the criminals taxpayer-funded payouts of £4.4million – an average of £22,000 a head.  (that works out to $35,587.  Wonder what their lawyers get. )


And this headline which I must say, brought on a laugh. I never thought about these guys but why not?


Israel was behind the hacking of millions of French phones, not the US, it was claimed yesterday.

Mossad agents are said to have intercepted more than 70million calls and text messages a month.

Until now the French have blamed the Americans, even summoning the US ambassador to provide an explanation. But yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper said Mossad was to blame.

France first suspected the US of hacking into former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s communications network when he was unsuccessfully running for re-election last year. Intelligence officials went to Washington to demand an explanation, but the US hinted that the Israelis were to blame, Le Monde said.

The Americans insisted they had never been behind any hacking in France, and were keen to get on with the French, whom they viewed as one of their closest allies.

The article was co-authored by US journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose main contact is National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  He hints that Israel was doing the spying and says the NSA called Mossad ‘the third most aggressive intelligence service in the world against the US’.

PM defends spying, accuses Guardian and co. of lah-di-dah airy-fairy thinking, and Mossad spys on France

And … just so everyone knows.
An interesting caption that appeared under a photo of Obama says,

“EUROPE give Obama spy Ultimatum”

Whoa … guess we better watch our step. Hey … those folks are really upset and some have said, and you couldn’t make it up, that perhaps the EU would suspend intelligence sharing with the USA.
Right on guys.  Nothing works as well to send a message as cutting your own nose off to spite your face.  Yeah. That really works well.

One other very interesting bit of blather.  Actually, could be serious stuff.

I have read that George Soros is backing an effort to persuade Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016.  He has pledged a small amount to start the ball rolling.

Scary stuff really when you give it some thought.  So you’d have a foreigner with very deep pockets trying to pick the next president. Of course, we really don’t know how much foreign money ends up in both parties anyway. Do we? We already know the EU has spent money in the USA lobbying against the use of the death penalty. What other monies are being spent by foreign interests to conform to their views?
Maybe ... oh just guessing here but maybe ....



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calendar   Monday - October 14, 2013

The Daily Mail takes on the Marxist Guardian who publish stolen USA files

The following is an editorial published in hard copy ans on line by the Mail.
The editors here have taken on the Marxist Guardian, who are publishing the files that traitor Snowden has supplied them with.

The paper that helps Britain’s enemies

By Daily Mail Comment

Forget hacking voicemails or slipping payments to officials for stories that may or may not be in the public interest.

Set to one side even (dare we say it?) this paper’s provocative headline 12 days ago, questioning how a long-dead Marxist, who wanted to smash all the traditions and institutions which make Britain British, could be said to love his country.

By any objective yardstick, don’t such crimes and controversies pale beside the accusation levelled against the Guardian on Tuesday by the new head of MI5?

Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a graver charge against a newspaper than that it has given succour to our country’s enemies and endangered all our lives by handing terrorists ‘the gift they need to evade us and strike at will’.

Yet so said Andrew Parker, in his first speech as our spy chief, which yesterday was significantly endorsed by No10.

So isn’t it staggering that the BBC, after spending all last week trumpeting Ed Miliband’s attack on this paper over our charge that his father’s Marxist views validated one of the most evil regimes in history, could hardly bring itself for much of yesterday to report Mr Parker’s devastating indictment of the Guardian?

The problem, and it’s worse under the new director general, is that a wall of prejudice surrounds Broadcasting House – a belief that the Right merits relentless attack, while the BBC’s soulmates on the liberal Left must always be protected.

Let us be clear. The Mail has never believed that MI5 and GCHQ deserve unquestioning support.

In this column, we were highly critical of their demands for the power to detain suspects without trial for 90 days.

We led the charge against MI6’s cosiness with Labour over the dodgy dossier on Iraq. And we have opposed secret courts and the so-called snoopers’ charter.

But at the same time, we accept that the security services would be guilty of dereliction of duty if they failed to monitor those who pose a threat to the UK.

We believe the Guardian, with lethal irresponsibility, has crossed that line by printing tens of thousands of words describing the secret techniques used to monitor terrorists.

Such is certainly the view of UK national security adviser Oliver Robbins, who says the paper has ‘already done real damage’, while the information it still holds is likely to ‘lead directly to widespread loss of life’.

Indeed, so incendiary are these documents that British agents have had to be moved for their protection.

Yet, almost as astonishing as the BBC’s reticence, the editor of the Guardian now says he will continue to release the material, arguing that he will take care to publish nothing that endangers lives.

But how, in the name of sanity, can he know? He’s a journalist, not an expert on security.



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enemies of the west hard at work, and they are us.

This sort of reporting has been going on all last week, and I do not suppose this is all there will be.

The Brits are taking this very seriously, as they should.

What amazes me are the number of fellow travellers these commie shits have, who are defending Snowden as a hero and the Guardian as a voice of truth and good in the world.  There appear to be a number who approve the paper’s publication. 

Snowden’s treachery has put the lives of our spies at risk, says top intelligence expert

By Richard Kemp, Ex-chairman Of Cobra Intelligence Committee

Despite the self-righteous pomposity of Edward Snowden, who claims from his FSB-protected Moscow hideout that he doesn’t want to live in a society that places its citizens under surveillance, his revelations about the secret state have told us little.

GCHQ exists precisely to do what Snowden has ‘uncovered’. Who is genuinely surprised that, in its efforts to protect this country, GCHQ is monitoring all possible terrorist means of communication? Who wouldn’t be outraged if it were it not?

What Snowden has done by revealing the detail of collection techniques as well as vast quantities of highly sensitive intelligence material, is jeopardise our national security and the lives of those who take great risks to protect us.

To expose at the very least 58,000 secret and top secret British intelligence documents to the gaze of Chinese and Russian authorities and to publicise the details of intelligence collection capability is the most damaging act of betrayal in the history of intelligence treachery.
There is no question the Chinese and the Russians will be pulling out the stops to exploit this windfall.

The same applies to our tech-savvy jihadist enemies, who are more than capable of rapidly learning the lessons Snowden has taught them. I am no less troubled than anyone else about the extent to which private citizens are spied on.

In my opinion only one thing can justify the range and scale of activity that MI5, GCHQ and the NSA are engaged in. That is a serious and lethal threat to the people of this country. Today that threat comes from terrorism.

As a soldier I have fought terrorism and been attacked by terrorists. Involved in intelligence work in London, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, I have read and analysed thousand upon thousand of secret intelligence reports including phone and email intercepts.

I know first-hand the danger that we face from terrorism and the vital role intelligence plays in protecting us from it.

Snowden is only partially responsible for the harm that he has done. Far greater culpability lies with the US intelligence apparatus for permitting such damaging theft of their secret intelligence, especially in the wake of the Bradley Manning fiasco.

By bringing their clearly inadequate internal security measures up to date, the NSA can and must prevent recurrence of Snowden’s betrayal.

There is no link available that I know of for this article.  The link provided originally was huge, I have never seen one like it before. Every time I tried to copy it to paste, the page it was on crashed.  While the text wasn’t deleted, the link was.  I have no idea how or why. This was published on line and in hard copy by The Daily Mail.


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calendar   Thursday - September 26, 2013

Let us all pray.  For the verminous terrorists also.  The nutty arch bishop

What the hell is there to say about this?


Ok, I suppose that technically if one is a really strict Christian his dumb sounding statement can be legitimate. However.
Isn’t that taking Christian thought one step beyond the logical?  If it isn’t, then it denies human nature.
So ...  is Christianity in part responsible for the world’s mess?  Nah ... I don’t think so. 
I just think the arch jerk is delusional.

‘Pray for the Kenya TERRORISTS’: Archbishop of Canterbury faces controversy after urging people not to forget the ‘captors’ in their prayers

Justin Welby reveals he has prayed for both the gunmen and victims
Archbishop says what he has done is in line with Jesus’s teachings
Ten Britons now feared to be among the victims of attack in Nairobi

By Daniel Martin

The Archbishop of Canterbury today urged Christians around the world to pray for the terrorists who brutally killed at least 67 in Nairobi.

Justin Welby told worshippers not to forget ‘the captors’ in their prayers, so they can see that violence ‘won’t have the last word’.

He revealed that he himself had prayed for both the gunmen and the victims, and said that to do so was in line with Jesus Christ’s teachings.

the whole article source

Sure thing archie .... lets have prayers for these sub human scummy lice ridden life forms.

These are the folks he wants prayers for.  Tell me he isn’t stupid. He isn’t delusional. And oh btw ... how would he know how Jesus would react to this sort of outrage?  How would anyone know if he (Jesus) wouldn’t say these people are beyond help or redemption?
Lets have another look at them.

First pictures of Kenya’s shattered massacre mall: Video shows gaping chasm as witnesses say:

Terrorists slit victims’ throats and threw screaming hostages from balconies

Terror group says foreign non-Muslims were a ‘legitimate target’

By Simon Tomlinson

Al-Shabab said foreigners were a ‘legitimate target’

‘The Mujahideen carried out a meticulous vetting process at the mall and have taken every possible precaution to separate the Muslims from the Kuffar (disbelievers) before carrying out their attack,’ the group said in an email exchange with The Associated Press.

all plus pix are here. source, daily mail

btw ....  That mall it’s now been reported, is an Israeli run operation.


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calendar   Saturday - September 14, 2013

lets all commit national and cultural suicide, so people will know how much we care.

On reflection, I think I should have posted my previous in this spot, and then posted this one after. Whatever.
You’re smart enough to make the connections needed.

Actually, I saw this one a day before and didn’t get around to sharing.  Ok, his heart may be in the right place. You know, the desire to simply help people in need.
Surely a kind enough thought. But .... hold on a minute.  Is he forgetting how crowded this island already is?  And may I add, overcrowded with people who hardly speak the language.  And it’s due to get worse come Jan.

There are already a few ministers and one very vocal conservative, who insist that opening more green belt land in an area of extreme natural beauty is a desired thing to answer the problem of a housing shortage.  Never mind there is so much empty unused land that is not green at all. It doesn’t occur to some that there’d be less a shortage if there were fewer immigrants with an apparently god given right to be here. 

Germany is planning to take in 5,000 more and get this bmews.  Are you sitting down?  The Germans have announced that it will be temporary as the refugees will go home when things settle.  Can you grasp that any German would buy that?  Surely they are not that dumb.
Oh, and the Dutch are soon to welcome refugees as well.
And so as time marches on, so does the invasion of an alien culture.

This fellow doesn’t see it that way at all. Well of course not.  He’s left wing all the way.  This article comes from the Independent.  Hey, I have to read left wing papers so you don’t have to wade thru em yourself.  Anyway, always good to know what those folks are thinking. Hmm. ok, maybe not exactly “good”.

Let’s open our borders to Syria’s refugees

Britain is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, we should set an example

By Ian Birrell

Azad Sino fled with his wife and two children from the Syrian city of Aleppo nearly two years ago, when the carnage of civil war arrived on his doorstep. Since then, his family has been surviving in one cramped room in a flat just south of Beirut, with his health deteriorating and his wife forced to sell her jewellery to survive.

Yesterday, they were given the chance to salvage their shattered lives. They joined 103 other Syrians on a chartered plane to Hanover, the first of 25 flights in an airlift taking 5,000 refugees to Germany, which has granted them temporary sanctuary. This symbolic move takes the tiniest sliver of pressure off Lebanon, where every fourth person is now a Syrian and sectarian divisions are spilling over from its larger neighbour.

Amid all the talk in Westminster and Washington of intervention, along with honeyed words about helping victims of “the century’s great tragedy”, this flight is a reminder that there is something concrete Western countries can do to help other than wringing hands or firing missiles. So why is Britain not also offering refuge to some of those families whose lives have been ripped apart by this war?

Azad Sino is just one of two million people driven from their country, with another four million displaced within its borders. Everyone has their own horror story: homes destroyed, friends and family killed, families torn apart. With 5,000 people fleeing Syria each day – half of them children – the dangers of conflagration grow daily as the region struggles to cope with the influx. In Egypt, people are turning on Syrian refugees with violence and abuse. In Jordan, there is barely concealed anger over rising rents and food prices. Iraq, with sectarian violence exploding again, has shut its borders.

Last year 988 Syrians applied for asylum here, the majority accepted as genuine refugees. Yet Britain is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, despite the downturn, and we should set a moral example by offering resettlement for thousands of the more vulnerable families. We already have a strong Syrian community of perhaps 5,000 people in this country; we could take in four times that number without too much trouble. History shows many would go back to their homeland when peace returned.

Such numbers would make only a small impression on the swelling tide of human misery. But if Britain joined Germany in setting a lead, we would be in a position to demand that other rich nations follow. During the Balkan crisis, this country took in nearly 20,000 refugees as part of a major European and US response. Yet while Europe takes in nearly two million immigrants a year from outside its borders, it has left Turkey to cope with 10 times as many Syrian refugees as the rest of the continent combined.

We are witnessing a national tragedy for Syria, a regional disaster, and a global problem. Instead of cheap talk or cruise missiles, how about some action to show we really care about this crisis?


“In Jordan, there is barely concealed anger over rising rents and food prices.”

Oh well. By all means lets import all that to here. Can’t wait.

“ we should set a moral example by offering resettlement for thousands of the more vulnerable “
“how about some action to show we really care about this crisis?”

Hey, good idea.  Lets all commit cultural suicide as a sign of how much we care.


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calendar   Tuesday - July 16, 2013

the result of being tolerant

Oh, isn’t it RAAAAcist to say that?  Immigration is the cause of what? Crimes?  Nah. Crimes are only committed by right wing unemployed white guys.

And I promise you, it will get much worse.  And it’s heading our way here in the UK come next year.  But you don’t want to read that all over again and I don’t blame you. So I won’t.  But.

Let us visit Germany.  The Fatherland.  Where shock of all shocks, some folks have discovered something.  Of course, they have had warnings over and over again.  So have the Brits and the Swedes and in fact every country that makes up Europe, have had warnings for years.  But the people who bring this on aren’t listening.  The top dogs live in a rarefied world and often behind gates and guards.  This whole mess can be blamed fairly on the left who almost exclusively are responsible. 

‘Romanian gypsy ghettos. Schools filled with children who do not speak our language. A surge in crime. Social benefits abused’: Now GERMANY admits mass immigration threatens ‘social peace’

Report warns of possible civil disturbance unless immigration is checked

Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants threatening ‘social peace’

437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians flooded into Germany in three years

Overall crime in Germany falling but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanians on the rise

By Allan Hall In Berlin

A new report leaked in Germany chronicles the disintegration of communities under the massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants while warning of possible civil disturbances unless the tide is checked. 

Germany is experiencing what the UK can expect next year when restrictions come off the two EU lands and waves of job and benefit seekers are expected to pour across the channel.

Germany warns of the threat to the ‘social peace’ of its cities and towns.

Germany’s Federal Statistics Offices says 437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have flooded into the country in the past three years.

In some towns, like Duisburg, the mayor has complained of gypsy families living in ghetto-style blocks sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.

gypsy families sending out gangs of children to commit crimes.
Which has been noted more than once here and even reported on by 60 Minutes in the USA at least 30 years ago.  It is nothing new for that group, they have been doing it for more than 100 years. Nothing new there.  The Germans during WW2 tried to delete them and were making some progress but, well, they were interrupted by an inconvenient surrender before they could finish the vermin off. 
While folks are preoccupied with the very real notion of an islamic Europe which most certainly is not beyond reality, these other scum will continue to flood the borders of what once were the more civilized and advanced countries, and with the muslims who are enthralled with the 7th century, will continue to over breed until they own the place.  I suppose at some point they’ll start killing each other in a kind of Mad Max world.  Which is fine except that we won’t be here to see that as it isn’t going to happen tomorrow.  But it will, unless more (mostly white?) people band together and make their purpose in life a way to stop those sub groups in their tracks. 

Some 176,000 arrived last year alone, 40,000 up on 2011, and an internal paper of the interior ministry leaked to the media said Duisburg, Dortmund, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Mannheim, Offenbach and Frankfurt are among the most severely affected cities.

‘The paper explicitly warns of the consequences for the social peace,’ said Bild, the country’s biggest selling paper today. 

The document warns of ‘extreme occupancy of dilapidated, uninhabitable properties with illegal dormitories’ where people often sleep 20 to a room, ‘dirty patios, overfilled garbage bins’ and ‘noisy crowds into the small hours.’

The report also chronicles the chaos caused in schools where ‘children who speak no German from Bulgaria and Romania’ are holding back the native speakers.


· Romanian police called-in to help with the travellers turning London streets into ‘open sewers’ and those running pick-pocketing and fraud scams

‘We’re overwhelmed by North African migrants and desperately need help,’ says Malta’s prime minister


Crime is on the way up in the areas where the newcomers have settled - particularly prostitution.

Germany’s overall crime rate has been falling in recent years - but crimes relating to Bulgarian and Romanian criminals is on the rise.

One fast-growing category is pickpocketing. In Berlin last year robbery involving tricks - such as children asking for help while an accomplice robs the target - rose by 39 per cent. And break-ins of single-family houses, rising since 2006, increased by 32 per cent, with every 76th house affected.

Christian Pfeiffer, director of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hanover, says the eastward expansion of the European Union, with full rights of free movement, is largely to blame.

‘Romania and Bulgaria, in particular, have sophisticated crime syndicates, with training and scouting networks reaching deep into the nearest rich EU countries, Germany and Austria,’ said a recent article in the Economist.  ‘Of the suspects in Berlin’s trick-robbery cases last year, 75 per cent were non-German; 31 per cent came from Romania. 

see and read more at the source

We are told that us Brits are very ‘tolerant’ towards immigrants. Have you thought what that means? Tolerant means putting up with something you don’t want and you don’t like. That you would be happier if it (the thing you are ‘tolerant’ of) didn’t exist. Why are the politicians doing this to us?

Do they hate us so much?

- Charlie Farley , Paderborn


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Hitler Chicken

Hey, I never get a chance to do any chicken blogging, so how could I resist this one?

Hitler Fried Chicken - Thailand’s Latest Craze

Whether it’s ridicule at a long dead tyrant, a meaningless image, or actual sympathy, Thailand is having a Hitler craze. Go figure.


Schoolchildren dressing up as Nazis and a billboard advert showing Hitler were just the start.

Thailand’s obsession with so-called ‘Nazis chic’ just won’t go away - and now a fried chicken takeaway called Hitler - complete with a logo showing the Nazi leader in a bow tie - has opened its doors.

Alan Robertson, 43, who lives in Bangkok, said: ‘The place opened last month and nobody quite knows what to make of it.

‘I went in for a bite last week and got some fried chicken, which was pretty good, and asked the guy behind the counter why it was called Hitler.

‘He just shrugged his shoulders and said the owners had thought it was good image.’

[Hitler modified] Cartoon pandas, Teletubbies and Ronald McDonald have all been spotted on show around the capital Bangkok.


And we think our education system is a failure??


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calendar   Thursday - July 11, 2013

answering muslims dot com on YT

Found this before getting ready to close for the night.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with this guy.  ??

He has a series of videos and I wish I could post a few right here right now. Space and time dictate otherwise but I’d recommend checking out his other You Tube postings before they take him down.  That may not happen but my new found paranoia says it could.

After this, check out this. , Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause


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calendar   Tuesday - July 09, 2013

Well Hello India And So Forth

I’ve got simultaneous visitors from New Delhi, Mumbai, and Coimbatore. Very cool.

I have no idea what’s here to interest folks from India, but they’re more than welcome to visit and have a look around.

And now a visitor from Belo Horizonte Brasil. And one from Boras Sweden. Super. And Saint Petersburg Russia. Holy cow. It must be International Day or something.

And Ottawa Canada. But I think he’s here all the time. But still, one more nation heard from, all in a 3 minute span.

And now Pearce, Arizona. Hey wait a second, that’s a ghost town!! Oh noes, my blog is being haunted!!!!!11!!


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calendar   Sunday - June 30, 2013

No Bollywood Career For You!

Indian Reporter “Caste” Aside For Disrespectful Reporting

A reporter for the channel News Express in India has been fired after shooting a stand-up while covering flooding in the Uttarakhand region, sitting on the shoulders of a flood victim.

“You cannot ride on someone’s back for a story,” said News Express head Nishant Chaturvedi. “We terminated him on Tuesday.”

But Narayan Pargaien is blaming his cameraman for the stunt and says he was just doing it as a way to help the man.
“It wasn’t my idea to begin with, but there was this man who took me to his home and asked me to report the damage he had suffered. His house was in a miserable condition and he had lost a lot in the flood, and was left with very little food and water.”

“We helped him with some food and some money and he was grateful to us and wanted to show me some respect [by carrying me across the river], as it was the first time someone of my level had visited his house,” Pargaien says.

Of his level. Yes, the caste system is alive and well in India, despite decades of denial. The World’s Largest Democracy® comes in levels. All have equality, but some are far more equal than others.

India’s loss is our gain. I’ve worked with legions of folks from India, and while I can’t claim any deep understanding of their culture I’ve at least been exposed to a lot of it, from their many holidays to the prejudices built into them by their social hierarchy. “Call me anything you want”, a beautiful young Indian woman co-worker once told me, “just don’t call me Patel.” A surname of the lowest caste. Untouchables of some kind it seems.

And blocked from advancement merely by their family name, the Patels come over here by the boatloads, and become doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, computer programmers, businessmen, etc, left and right.  Good for them.


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calendar   Friday - June 14, 2013


Meanwhile, while Britain braces itself while flushing itself, the Germans are busy with the further erosion of their culture and country. They are going to give (start the laff meter) “Temporary” homes to some 5,000 Syrian refugees.  The Germans, again masters of Europe in a financial sense this time, are going to find a way to resettle some of the reported two million Syrians who have fled the war in their country.  A war in which the UK and now Obama insists on getting involved in.  It’s for the civilians you know, and the rumor, most likely made up by his enemies, that the Assad govt. has used chemical weapons, gives Mr.O. the excuse he has been eagerly looking and praying for. It has not dawned on these deadheads yet, that when those folks kill each other, that’s good for our side.  We should encourage that.

Drew beat me to this I was so busy putting together my last post. So I need say no more on the subject of Syria.  Anyway, Drew says what I think better than I think it or say it.  So I will simply share this with you.

I would like to strongly urge you all to please read the link here. This is a large article with much more than I can post here.  It details much of interest for us, especially now that Obama has chosen his side.  Read it!!!


Could Syria ignite World War 3? That’s the terrifying question as the hatred between two Muslim ideologies sucks in the world’s superpowers

Syrian conflict could engulf region in struggle between Sunni and Shia
Already claimed 93,000 lives and made 1.6million people refugees
UK, France and U.S. taken different side to China and Russia

By Michael Burleigh

Today, in Syria and across the Middle East, the divide is a gulf in which theology plays an important role.

The main pillars of the current Assad regime are the army, the intelligence services and the Ba’athists, the local version of the national party Saddam Hussein led in Iraq.

Assad’s backbone is stiffened by the influence of his mother and uncles, who want to crush the Syrian rebels.

Many wealthy businessmen in the capital Damascus also support the Assads, as do Christians who fear the rapid establishment of an Islamist state if he falls.

At the heart of the Syrian regime are members of Assad’s Alawite sect, who make up 12 per cent of the population, yet represent 80  per cent of army officers and 90  per cent of generals.

There is also an Alawite militia called the shabbiha that specialises in murdering opponents.

Christians make up 10 per cent of the Syrian population, while another 10 per cent are Kurds, who are Sunnis and present in much larger numbers in Turkey, Iran and Iraq, too.



The above quote re. Obama not keen to involve the USA, was obviously written before his decision to stick our nose in that cesspool.


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calendar   Monday - May 13, 2013

brit pm willing to go to war on a lie he keeps repeating, figuring ppl will have to believe

David Cameron warned today he may still sanction military intervention in the war-torn nation amid growing evidence that Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people.

Well David Cameron is full of it, he wants that to be true but has NO absolute proof.  But he does want Assad gone and believes he has the right to make it so.  Of course, if he keeps repeating this line he may just get other people to believe it as well. 

So far, even human rights groups who as you all know I am no fan of, and who also dislike Assad, they say the rebels fighting him have gotten their hands on chemical weapons AND HAVE USED THEM.
Even that loud mouth Carla Del Ponte, a former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals, has said there is proof now that it was NOT Assad’s people but the rebels themselves who have used chemical weapons.
If you read the papers here, and I do, on one page you can read Del Ponte being quoted that way, and on another page you will read a quote of Cameron’s saying otherwise with NEVER a reference to what she has said.

I don’t believe Assad is that dumb.  If he is, he deserves to be out of office if for no other reason, than being stupid.  And I really doubt he is.  This is a civil war, it’s religious and it’s tribal and it’s a mess.  And Cameron wants to dive right into the middle of this thing. Which you can understand because the UK has NO urgent problems to be solved at home.  And besides, there’s spare cash in the treasury needs spending before the taxpayers, who’ve been told to tighten their belts, find all that hidden money. Which from now on we can simply refer to as Moron’s secret cash war fund.
Oh ... and do not count out Obama folks.  He’s being a bit more cautious at the moment but every so often I hear a sabre rattling.

Obama wants to help the rebels with non lethal aid.  Moron wants war. Action. Boom-boom. No more empire and no Germans to fight and the French aren’t inclined to battle the Brits so what to do. 


Right on Dave.  We’re with ya.

Lets take a look at some of the hard fighting freedom loving rebels who yearn to be free.

Syrian rebel ‘cuts out soldier’s heart and EATS it’ in horrific propaganda video

· Rebel is believed to be Abu Sakkar, a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade
· Sakkar rants: ‘I swear we’ll eat from your hearts and livers, you dogs’
· He then raises one of the organs to his mouth and takes a bite
· Cameron warns he may send troops as evidence of chemical weapons grows

By Matt Blake

A video that appears to show a Syrian rebel cutting out and eating the heart of a dead government soldier has been posted online in a horrific new propaganda stunt.

The unverified clip, posted by a pro-government campaign group, claims to show a man - believed to be Abu Sakkar, the well-known founder of Homs’ Farouq Brigade - standing over the uniformed corpse in a ditch while ranting against President Bashar al Assad.

Using a knife, the man hacks open the torso and removes two organs before holding them up to the camera and declaring: ‘I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.’ He then raises one to his mouth and takes a bite.

It comes as David Cameron warned today he may still sanction military intervention in the war-torn nation amid growing evidence that Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people.

The video, posted on YouTube by and billed as proof of a war crime, is the latest installment of a propaganda war that is growing fast behind the scenes of this bloody conflict.

Last month, a photograph was released by a pro-Assad group based in Lebanon that appeared to show a young rebel fighter barbecuing the severed head of a government soldier.

Experts say such images demonstrate that the battlefield has spread from rubble-strewn streets and war-churned fields to the internet as both sides vie to control their public image and discredit that of their opposition.

Meanwhile, human rights groups say it is emblematic of a civil war that has rapidly descended into sectarian hatred and revenge killings.

In the most recent video, Sakkar tells the camera: ‘I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,’
His rant is greeted by offscreen cheers of his comrades shouting ‘Allahu akbar (God is great)’.


“ David Cameron warned today he may still sanction military intervention”

And he probably will.  After all, his kids are still too young to wear a uniform and be put in harms way.


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calendar   Friday - March 29, 2013

russians track foreign “rights industry” operating in their country.

I hate to use super liberal sources but then, why not?
And this one does the old heart good to read.

GOOD for Russia and,

BRAVO President Putin, for giving those “rights” bastards a poke in the eye.  They’re annoyed. Good!  They’re pissed. Good!  They’re unhappy. Good!

I wish the Russians would reform the old KGB for the express purpose of dealing with these creeps.  With extreme prejudice.

Seems the Russian govt. is fed up with foreign nationals and organizations coming to their country and interfering in their internal affairs, and generally just making themselves a royal pain in the butt.  You know.  The same way they are allowed to operate at home in the USA and here in the UK.  So here is what the Ruskies are doing, and why not? 

Tax inspectors and prosecutors have been raiding anti-corruption and their allied friends in the “human rights watchdog” industry.  It’s a clampdown on on FOREIGN funded charities and non govt. agencies operating in their country.


In Russia, More NGOs Targeted For Inspections

By Claire Bigg

Amnesty International has joined a growing list of organizations raided by Russian officials in recent weeks amid what activists describe as a ruthless Kremlin crackdown on dissent.

Prosecutors and tax police on March 25 searched the venerable rights watchdog’s Moscow headquarters, along with three other prominent advocacy groups—the movement For Human Rights, the Public Verdict Foundation, and the Agency for Social Information.

Russian Raids Continue

The Agora rights association says more than 40 nongovernmental organizations across Russia, many of them vocal critics of President Vladimir Putin, have been subjected to unannounced audits in the past month.

Other groups have also reported surprise inspections by the Justice Ministry, the fire-safety service, and the Health Department.

Agora estimates that up to 2,000 organizations may have been searched in total.

Prosecutors on March 25 said they were simply conducting extra checks of foreign-funded organizations that fall under controversial new legislation requiring such groups to re-register in Russia as “foreign agents”—a term widely used to discredit or execute people during Josef Stalin’s purges in the 1930s. Many groups have refused to comply.

Nongovernmental organizations are crying foul and accuse authorities of seeking to muffle critics in response to unprecedented antigovernment protests last winter.

Amnesty International condemned the inspections in a toughly worded statement, accusing Russian authorities of seeking to “deliberately stigmatize and discredit NGOs in the eyes of the public.”

It also reiterated fears that the new law on “foreign agents” may be used “to harass and seek closure of those highlighting abuses and critical of the government.”

Both Amnesty International and the movement For Human Rights claim officials involved in the searches requested documents that the government already has on file.

Source here is radio free europe and radio liberty.

The left love to use words like liberty. They use it a lot.  Means when you don’t agree with them you are automatically anti freedom and anti liberty.

Rachel Denber of Human Rights Watch
So, whatcha think guys?  Liberty loving, lefty Eye Candy?


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