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calendar   Monday - March 12, 2012

Not What I Expected

Something different for a Monday morning. This is a young (24) actress and model with an absolutely unique name. She is Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.

I quite like the looks of her. She’s quite pretty yet so innocent looking. You may have seen her once or twice, although she is not yet very well known. But I pretty much guarantee you that your children have seen her, and without any clothes on to boot.



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calendar   Tuesday - March 06, 2012

I knew I’d seen her before

So I’m standing on line at the grocery store, stuck. I chose that register because the line was short, I didn’t have a whole big pile full of stuff, and I wanted to get home and eat lunch. I forgot the #2 rule of the check-out: scan the customers ahead of you and make sure they aren’t problems. It was only after I unloaded most of my stuff onto the belt that I noticed the cashier wasn’t ringing anything up and was just standing there. Her customer was one of those WIC check people, or some other kind of government assistance types, where she had a check and could only buy certain items. And damned if she didn’t want to get the large size mixed grain tortillas, and the government rules were she could only get the regular size. In whole wheat. So while I was cooling my heels for 20 minutes, I read my way through all the magazines. Brad is guilting Anjie into marrying him, but she’s throwing a monkey wrench into the works. Kim has her “revenge” - after being dumped by all the other guys, she’s scored a Saudi billionaire. Whitney’s last message to her fans. Oprah’s new life. Jennifer Anniston - again, always. Whatever!!! But on the cover of Glamour magazine was a really striking woman with almost red hair. Jennifer Lawrence. Who?

image image

Quite nice. So young and pretty. Nice enough so that the magazine did 3 or 4 alternate covers with her, and put them all in this month’s issue full size, so it’s one magazine with 4 covers. And a minute’s worth of research shows me that she has next month’s cover of the mag over in the UK -

And she’s set to be the star in the currently filming Hunger Games, a movie based on a series of books that are immensely popular although I’d never heard of them. Hey, good for her.

Then it struck me ... I had heard of her before. She’s the blonde who wore that red dress to last year’s Academy Awards, not to be confused with Scarlett Johansson, who is that other blonde who wore that other red dress to the same event the year before that.

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calendar   Monday - February 27, 2012

Lawless? Busted!

Occupy This Jail Cell:

‘Xena’ actress Lucy Lawless arrested

GreenPeace plan to take over drill ship scuttled


M/V Noble Discoverer

“Xena: Warrior Princess” star turned eco-champion Lucy Lawless and her fellow Greenpeace protesters were charged with burglary Monday after illegally occupying a Shell oil exploration ship, reported.

Police boarded the Arctic-bound ship in New Zealand’s Taranaki port and climbed its drilling derrick on Monday morning to speak with the New Zealander actress and five other protesters, then arrested them.

A police spokeswoman told Dow Jones Newswires earlier, ”The protesters are all under arrest. They are making their own way back down the tower, which will take some time. Once they are on the ground they will be taken into our custody and decisions will be made in relation to charges.”

The activists boarded the Noble Discover on Friday morning while it was berthed at Taranaki. They climbed its 174ft (53m) drilling derrick and hung banners as they remained aloft despite windy conditions.

When I first saw this article, I thought, “Gee, don’t they teach geography anymore? The ship is in New Zealand, m’kay? Wouldn’t it be the friggin’ antarctic that they’d be journeying too, since it’s right the heck there?? But a tiny bit of research showed that I was wrong. The plan really is to take this ship on a 6500 nautical mile journey (7500 land miles) pretty much due north to the Alaskan coast at the other end of the earth. Bet that’s going to be one slow and really boring (oil drill pun, hur hur) cruise. Two weeks of empty ocean, a weekend in Hawaii, two more weeks of empty ocean, then 6 months of hard work in the land of never ending ice and cold. Joy!

Lawless and the other activists have [had] “occupied” the drillship to prevent it from departing on a “6,000 nautical mile journey from New Zealand to the remote Arctic to start an exploratory oil drilling program that threatens to devastate the Alaskan coastline,”

Oh those bad oil men and their evil drill ships, out to rape the earth. They hate all life, they don’t care about the environment, and they just want the oil money. Yeah. Sure. You want to know just how heavy handed, evil and irresponsible the drilling exploration process is? They even have to develop plans to keep sea birds from hitting the derrick, detailed right down to the kind of bird and what color paint they use. Oh, and they have a another plan for protecting the whales, seals, and polar bears from excessively loud noises. Seriously. They’re so evil that they have a plan to keep any local critters from getting an earache. All filed, and approved by FOUR government agencies concerned with animal welfare. Four. Sounds like the height of irresponsible greed to me, by gosh.

Greenpeace. Lawless idiots. Not even useful ones.


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calendar   Monday - January 16, 2012

Worth Watching


Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Ellison in The Phantom of the Opera

We caught the HD version of the 2004 movie version of The Phantom of the Opera. It was magnificent. Huge, soaring, detailed, involving, seductive. Glorious. Assuming you haven’t suffered a lifetime overload of Andrew Lloyd Weber and aren’t burned out by all the lesser film versions of this old story, this is the one to own. I saw parts of it several years ago on regular TV, but in HD it really shines. I have no idea why Emmy Rossum’s career didn’t skyrocket after this film; she’s drop dead beautiful in the role of Christine, she has a strong and perfectly clear singing voice, and she’s got all that hair. Go figure; maybe that BS Climate Change flick she did at the same time as this one - The Day After Tomorrow - killed off her chances. Jennifer Ellison looks super adorable in every scene in her minor role as Madame Giry’s daughter Meg, a ballerina in the opera company. Phantom also stars Gerard Butler as the Phantom and Patrick Wilson as Raoul, Christine’s other love interest.

Anyway, it’s a regular movie, not a videotape of a stage production. And the CGI isn’t overdone or overused. Bottom line, it’s art; a beautiful perfect little diamond in the vast fields of mud that is the rest of what Hollywood churns out these days. Amazon will sell you the DVD for under $10.


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calendar   Monday - January 02, 2012

A post without riposteI

Darth Vader Is Dead

Well, not Darth exactly. Just the guy who put on his mask and did all his sword fighting. And who happened to be the best cut and thrust choreographer in Hollywood history.

WWII Vet, British Olympian, Foremost Fencing Choreographer Robert Anderson, 89

Great Britain Olympic fencer and movie sword master Bob Anderson died in New York on Monday aged 89.

He took part in the 1952 Olympics and the 1950 and 1953 World Championships. Anderson later wore Darth Vader’s black helmet to fight lightsaber battles in two of the first three Star Wars films.

Anderson, who worked with actors from Errol Flynn to Antonio Banderas during five decades as a sword master, fight director and stunt performer, died early New Year’s Day at an English hospital, the British Academy of Fencing said Monday.
Anderson, who has died at age 89, donned Darth Vader’s black helmet and fought light saber battles in two of the three original “Star Wars” films, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”
The scenes worked beautifully, although Anderson, then nearing 60, was several inches shorter than Prowse.

Few knew of Anderson’s role until Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, said in a 1983 interview that “Bob Anderson was the man who actually did Vader’s fighting.”

Robert James Gilbert Anderson was born in Hampshire, southern England, in 1922, and was drawn to fencing from an early age.

“I never took up the sword,” he said in an interview for the 2009 documentary “Reclaiming the Blade.” “I think the sword took me up.”

Anderson joined the Royal Marines before World War II, teaching fencing aboard warships and winning several combined services titles in the sport. He served in the Mediterranean during the war, later trained as a fencing coach and represented Britain at the 1952 Olympics and the 1950 and 1953 world championships. In the 1950s, Anderson became coach of Britain’s national fencing team, a post he held until the late 1970s. He later served as technical director of the Canadian Fencing Association. His first film work was staging fights and coaching Flynn on swashbuckler “The Master of Ballantrae” in 1952.

He went on to become one of the industry’s most sought after stunt performers, fight choreographers and sword masters, working on movies including the James Bond adventures “From Russia With Love” and “Die Another Day”; fantasy “The Princess Bride”; Banderas action romps “The Mask of Zorro” and “The Legend of Zorro”; and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. [ Drew: not to mention all the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Highlander” (film and TV versions), and that Lindsay Lohan magnum opus “The Parent Trap” ]

Fencing academy president Philip Bruce said Anderson was “truly one of our greatest fencing masters and a world-class film fight director and choreographer.”

Fencers and others who play seriously with swords will sit through yet another viewing of The Princess Bride just to watch the sword fights, especially the one between Inigo Montoya and the mysterious Man In Black (aka the Dread Pirate Roberts), even though it was obviously played for laughs. It really is one of the best ever filmed. Bob Anderson will be missed. Prime, seconde, septime, and octave (the defensive parries*) will never be quite the same.

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calendar   Friday - December 09, 2011

Feels Like It’s Clobberin’ Time

Arrogance Times Two

At the high end, we’ve got Fearless Reader, who thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips because he himself didn’t give the order to stop the military from offing Bin Laden. Now he’s all Big and Bad and pulling that one out of his ass when the Repubs mildly point out that he goes down on his knees in a flash to fellate our enemies.

President Barack Obama is firmly rejecting Republican accusations that he has engaged in an ‘appeasement’ foreign policy. He says: “Ask Usama bin Laden.”

Republican presidential candidates have been critical of Obama’s foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania on Wednesday said Obama’s policy toward radical Islamists “has been nothing but appeasement.”

At the low end, we’ve got Justin Bieber, that dribble of Canadian maple syrup, resurrecting Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” abstinence campaign with a personal twist: now it’s “Just Say Justin”. He’s taped a video message to all his tweener fan’s dads, telling them how it’s cool that their blossoming baby is busy learning to pleasure herself while dreaming of him. Seriously. I am not kidding. It’s actually a commercial for his new fragrance, which is perhaps even more annoying.

In the clip, Bieber insists it’s fine for fathers to let their daughters obsess over a famous pop star as it will stop them having a crush on the boy next door.

He says, “Hey Dad, it’s Justin, your daughter wanted us to chat. I feel like we got off on the wrong foot, I mean I get it, I’m a huge mega star, I got a full head of hair, you know, I get it.”

“But it could be a lot worse. Think about it. Guys her age… Well, remember when you were her age? Yeah, exactly… Hey, I’m a great distraction. She won’t even think about him ... and someday you might even thank me.”

“So next time you hear her scream my name, relax. It’s better than hearing her scream ‘Joey’ who lives next door. Am I right?”

I want to beat the crap out of him just for the sheer chutzpah he’s showing, and I don’t even have daughters. It doesn’t matter if he’s right or if it’s a good idea. It’s just that my reflex reaction to that level of nerve is dealing out a couple of black eyes and a busted lip. Oh, it was only light-hearted comedy? Gosh, I must have missed that. But to be fair, it was only a light-hearted beating, so we’re even, am I right?


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calendar   Thursday - December 08, 2011

Henry Morgan

Emmy-winning character actor Harry Morgan, whose portrayal of the fatherly Col. Potter on television’s “M*A*S*H” highlighted a show business career that included nine other TV series, 50 films and the Broadway stage, died Wednesday. He was 96.

His daughter-in-law, Beth Morgan, told The Associated Press the actor died at his home in Brentwood, California, after having pneumonia.


One of his earliest films was “The Ox Bow Incident” in 1943 with Fonda. Other films included: “High Noon,” “What Price Glory,” “Support Your Local Sheriff,” “The Apple Dumpling Gang” and “The Shootist.”

Morgan began his television career in 1954 when the medium was in its infancy.

“Television allowed me to kick the Hollywood habit of typing an actor in certain roles,” Morgan said, referring to his typical sidekick or sheriff portrayals on the big screen

In “December Bride,” his first TV series, Morgan played Pete Porter. The CBS series lasted from 1954-1959, when he went on to star in his own series, “Pete and Gladys,” a spinoff of “December Bride.”

Demonstrating his diversity as a character actor and comedian, Morgan also starred in “The Richard Boone Show,” “Kentucky Jones” and “Dragnet.”

But it was his role as Col. Sherman Porter on “M*A*S*H” for which Morgan became best known.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 07, 2011

For A Minute There I Was Excited

Arec Baldwin Thrown Off Of Airplane

Rats, it was on the ground at the time!

Pitched hissy fit when told to turn off his electronic devices

What a smart Alec.

Hot-head Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight this afternoon in Los Angeles because he was playing a game on his phone apparently past the point when passengers are supposed to have turned off their devices.

On his Twitter account, Baldwin wrote: “Flight attendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.”

Fellow passengers stuck on the runway at Los Angeles International Airport quickly tweeted about the incident moments after it took place.

So i guess the stewardess threw them off the plane as well?

Baldwin was aboard AA Flight 4, which was delayed an hour, when the “30 Rock” star was booted for not listening to the flight attendant.

Passenger Steve Weiss, who was sitting across the isle from Baldwin, described the scene.

“Apparently he said he was playing a game, but he was actually talking on the phone. She [the flight attendant] was very nice. The door was closed they just announced that they were pulling away from the gate. He got up threw his papers on the floor stormed into the bathroom slammed the door closed, beat on the wall and then came back.” “He said ‘If you want to kick me off, kick me off.’ He was just crazy, he just flipped out, the guy has problems.”

A crew member who dealt with the hotheaded Hollywood actor said he couldn’t stay on the flight.

“He was violent, abusive and aggressive. He got into the bathroom and started beating on the wall and he pounded his fists on the galley counter. Yelling, screaming, very ugly. It was unsafe to keep him on board that’s why he got kicked out.”

The crew member did not want to give her name, but said she asked him five times to get off his phone.

“He was asked five times. I contacted the captain. We were brought back in and he was let off the plane.”


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calendar   Sunday - December 04, 2011

Just Shut Up And Sing Already

Steve Crowder finds more wisdom in Hollywood liberalism ...


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calendar   Wednesday - November 02, 2011

Is Pornography Art?

A turnabout from Chris’ post the other day.

Dude, You Are Pedobear

“Artist", 46, creates bronze nude 3 legged handi-sculpture of Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez conjoined full torso


Such artistic skill: he looks like ET, she looks constipated

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have joined the rarified company of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey by having their life-sized nude form cast in bronze by Connecticut-based artist Daniel Edwards.

“They’re pretty inspiring,” Edwards, 46, tells of his teen subjects. “They’re a beautiful young couple, and (Bieber) seems to have a lot to say politically. Being my age, he’s not exactly on my radar, but when he starts talking politically, I feel good about his future.”

Bieber previously called the American health care system “evil,” telling Rolling Stone, “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills.”

Wow, OMG, like, that’s so totally deep. Especially coming from a dweeb kid with tens of millions in the bank before he even has a driver’s license. Like, he’s so politically astute and all.  (more pics and story at the link)

The sculpture, entitled “Justin and Selena as One” features the couple conjoined at the torso, with a Canadian maple leaf and the Texas Lone Star covering their naughty bits.

In front of the couple, a Canada goose, wings in full display, mounts a Texas armadillo.


just in case his point wasn’t blunt enough, he puts this in to make sure you get it


No, it taint art. It’s pedoporn.

Wonder how long this couple will last, now that some 20 year old skank is setting herself up for statutory rape charges claiming that she had a 30 second backstage tryst with Justin when he was 16 and now has his baby?

The whole world is going to Hell. I’m going to the Bahamas.


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calendar   Thursday - October 06, 2011

Dancing On The Edge

Argentine “Dancing With The Stars” Couple Takes It To The Very Edge Of Porn

Racy Routine Redefines The Tango


Argentina’s version of DWTS features raunchy striptease that leaves NOTHING to the imagination

To think Nancy Grace’s accidental nipple slip on Dancing with the Stars caused so much controversy.

Just hot foot it down to Argentina where the cable news host would look demure and almost prudish compared to her South American counterparts.

Viewers of Monday night’s show were treated to a racy, Roman-inspired performance between model and reality star Cinthia Fernandez and her partner Marcelo Tinelli, as they writhed and contorted around the floor, stripping off each other’s clothes until they were completely naked.

The full-on frontal nudity in Bailando por un Sueño has caused a lot of controversy since it was aired with critics calling the performance more X-rated than five-starred.

The dance starts off with the partners wearing skimpy togas and continues as each tears off pieces of the other’s clothes. When Fernandez’s top comes off, she reveals gold-painted breasts which she goes on to squeeze provocatively.

After the pair grind their bodies together on the dance floor as if they were having sex, Tinelli proceeds to pour red wine over his dance partner’s body, who by this time is wearing only a G-string.

At the end of the dance, Fernandez’s G-string is pulled off, leaving her standing naked on national television. [ “standing” is used here for brevity. “spread eagle and upside down in a cartwheel with his face in her crotch” appears to be more accurate, judging from the pictures at the link ]

Even the show’s host, who seemed to get quite excited during the performance, even lying down with the couple at one stage, looked shocked by the raunchy routine’s end.

Oh and Cynthia Fernandez’s parents were reported to have been in the front row of the audience.

If anything, their dance was probably fairly historically accurate. How raunchy do you think the entertainment was for those Roman orgies? Pretty far out there would be my guess.


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calendar   Sunday - August 07, 2011

surrealistic billow

4 martinis and we watched Tank Girl.


Seriosuly, WTF???

Sort of reminded me of Fritz The Cat, a comic book porno violence fest. Except this was no porn. It was Ice-T in a dog costume. Fighting Power & Water, the ultimate expression of government power.  Except it was completely disjoint. Maybe I wasn’t wasted enouhg\, yet I’m too drunk to even type.

Holy cow, this film made no sense at all. But the chick with the glasses was kinda cute. Lori Petty, OTOh = total freakazoid.

WTF is this movie all about anyway? It couldn’t even cut it as a comic book.

Wife was stone sober, and it was a effed up experience for her too.

What gives?


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calendar   Sunday - July 24, 2011

hooray for hollywood?

The genre of comic book movies continues. Last winter brought the Green Hornet flop, spring gave us a slew of “people with magical powers” flicks driven mostly by CGI, this summer generated another X-Men, Green Lantern, Thor, and now we’ve got Captain America.

I hear it isn’t actually that bad, considering. And it lets me post a little eye candy for the ladies, which I almost never do.


Chris Evans in the title role


co-star Hayley Atwell reacts?

The film features Hugo Weaving (Agent Elrond) as the villain, and gives Tommy Lee Jones a bit of work too.

A review snippet from the mega-snarky outre author of thesuperficial, a gossip blog that seems to be blacklisted by BMEWS. He wanted more of a Team America feel but gave it 3.5 out of 5:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to trash Captain America because it was light years beyond the space-diarrhea epic known as Green Lantern, more fully-realized than Thor, which it surprisingly references a lot, yet still fell slightly short of X-Men: First Class. But only slightly. So, for the last time this summer, here’s my dick joke-laden attempt at a review of a comic book movie that forced me to leave the comfort of my pajama pants and interact with other humans in broad daylight.

Coming from a godless, America-hating liberal like myself this is going to knock you Tea Partiers off your Rascals, but this movie could’ve used more, “Fuck yeah, USA!” I hate jingoistic American exceptionalism as much as the next guy in line at Starbucks with an NPR tote, but if there was ever a place for it, this movie was it. Instead, we got an uncharacteristically apolitical war movie where the walking embodiment of American Big Swinging Dickism barely punches a Nazi because he’s spending 99% of the movie fighting fictitious Hydra soldiers who look like rejects from the shitty G.I. Joe movie starring Channing Tatum. Yes, Steve Rogers was a brave sonofabitch who pissed nothing but courage and bravery for breakfast, but when asked if he wants to kill Nazis, he responds, “Eh, I just really hate bullies.” C’mon! I understand foreign box office is how you make your money back on these things, but when Arugula-Eating Bookworms like myself are going, “Are they going to Ameri-fuck at least one Nazi to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner?” you know something went wrong.

And once again Hugo Weaving is in two or more big-hit films at the same time. Homeboy got mad skillz that way!

Captain America - in theaters now, probably on DVD and online rental services by September.


Oh, and Amy Winehouse died yesterday. Sad. Guaranteed to be a drug overdose. She had some decent vocal talent, but her life was a total mess. She was 27.


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calendar   Saturday - June 11, 2011

the face of treason

Is there anything at all that I need to add to this?

Makes me steam every time I see an ad here with her face.

I don’t suppose she does adverts back home in the USA.  Not that it will break them or her but, I wish American women would not buy the product while she’s their face.  There is NO FORGIVING what she did.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/11/2011 at 06:31 AM   
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