Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

calendar   Monday - June 03, 2013

Which Leads To

image  image

This striking young woman is actress Tina Majorino. Lately she’s been appearing on the TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Bones, but a few years before that she played Deb on the oddball cult film Napoleon Dynamite and it’s spin-off series.

How on earth do I get to her from Obama and the UN’s disgusting Small Arms Treaty? The wobbling back and forth of influences on IOTUS (the Irrelevance of The United States) and the press’s Will He Sign or Won’t He Sign puts me in mind of the song of the Mock Turtle from Alice In Wonderland.

“Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail,
“There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle – will you come and join the dance?
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?
Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

“You can really have no notion how delightful it will be
When they take us up and throw us, with the lobsters, out to sea!”
But the snail replied “Too far, too far!” and gave a look askance --
Said he thanked the whiting kindly, but he would not join the dance.
Would not, could not, would not, could not, would not join the dance.
Would not, could not, would not, could not, could not join the dance.


And way back in 1999, young Tina played Alice in one of those “very special” Hallmark TV movies called ... Alice In Wonderland. Charming film which I saw but once, the song stuck in my head, and for many years I thought Alice was played by a very young Alyson Hannigan ...

image image
Tina as Alice, and Alyson just being a hot wild redhead

So there you go. A peek inside the workings of my head. Faced with one of those Yes/No moments, my mind brings up this little metronomic tune. 1-2 3-4, 1-2 3-4, 1-2 3-4 1-2-3. 1-2 3-4, 1-2 3-4, 1-2 3-4, 1-2-3. Will-you walk-a little faster said-a whiting to-a-snail.

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calendar   Thursday - April 11, 2013

Calling the kettle black?

Jane Fonda’s Message to Conservatives Angry She’ll Play Nancy Reagan: ‘Get a Life’

So says Jane ‘Hanoi’ Fonda as she once again pretends to live someone else’s life. Get your own life biatch!


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calendar   Saturday - April 06, 2013

Oh To Be A Viking, A Viking

confused I caught of couple episodes of the History Channel’s new show Vikings tonight. It’s filmed in that really annoying-as-all-*#^& half-dim and half-grainy style that looks like pure crap on HDTV, no matter how you adjust the contrast and brightness. Might as well go half slo-mo as well, and make it full Spartacus awful. Just don’t forget the buckets of blood and the boobies. Oh wait, History Channel. None of that! Never mind. :-(

So we’ve got your typical early 9th century Scandinavians, living under the rule of some twisted evil jarl, afraid to sail anywhere but due South to raid proto-Germany and then come right back. Or was it East? Not that it matters. The whole village - a dozen houses made of sticks plus one longhouse - seems like a grubby, crap covered stink pit, and their lives are hardly better than cavemen. Most of the men have these really terrible haircuts, with styling done by battle axe and campfire. It’s a dirty, grubby, ugly, violent, primitive life. And that’s when they aren’t killing each other or trying to rape every woman they find. Yay Vikings! Now if they’d only believe that there were lands to the west, they could go invade England and have a grand old time. Because these are the early Vikings you see. But who knows, maybe the story will develop across the episodes.

And in the midst of this filthy mess an angel glows. The directors try their damnedest, but even covered with dirt, grease, and soot, dressed in rags, with the low-res dim photography, Katheryn Winnick shines. She’s playing Lagertha, a Scandi wife to wanna-be explorer Ragnar, she’s a shield maiden and mother of at least one, down home on the farm in the poop and mud with the hairy pigs and the scrawny damp chickens. She wants to go out for a sail, accidentally find England, and chop a few monks herself, but alas, not this trip. 




Hollywood makeup ... it cuts both ways. confused

Highly detailed reviews of the episodes can be found here, chock full of spoilers. Looks like Season One got an extra episode or two, and the show is already renewed for Season Two. Let’s hope they learn how to focus the camera and turn on the damn lights.

At first glimpse, this $40 million dollar production looks like it might be an ambitious play for Game of Thrones’ spot. It also seems, just from a cursory glance, that it falls way short of the dynamic intrigue that makes that HBO series so engrossing and addictive. But the world of Vikings is much simpler, and quieter, than that of a fantasy realm.
At first glimpse, this $40 million dollar production looks like it might be an ambitious play for Game of Thrones’ spot. It also seems, just from a cursory glance, that it falls way short of the dynamic intrigue that makes that HBO series so engrossing and addictive. But the world of Vikings is much simpler, and quieter, than that of a fantasy realm.

Oh, that reminds me ... it’s about time to look into that full size repro Viking longship being built. I last covered that about about 2, maybe 3 years ago. Somebody remind me on Tuesday, thanks.

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calendar   Monday - March 25, 2013

An Unexpected Pleasure

We rented The Hobbit tonight on streaming video. We can watch the 3 hour film as many times as we want over the next 48 hours. So I might watch it again tomorrow. We’ll see.

I had heard many things about this film, and not many of them good. Oh, it’s too long. And it’s too detailed. And the dwarves are wrong! And director Peter Jackson goes off on these stupid tangents in a vain effort to tie this fun little proto-tale to the heavy duty Lord of the Rings trilogy! Oh, and the 48 frames per second filming makes everything look totally fake!!!

Don’t believe everything you hear. Or read. Actually, don’t believe any of it.

I couldn’t tell you about he 48 frames per second stuff. We saw it as streaming media on our HDTV. And it was absolutely razor sharp. Only one or two short scenes look particularly CGI-ish; the rest looks believable. Ok, acceptably believable. It’s far better than the medium detail level on your favorite PC game’s graphics, and what animation there is flows like liquid.

But as for the rest of it ...

Look, I don’t have a clue who writes those reviews, but they are not real Tolkien people. Not really. Oh, maybe they read The Hobbit. Once. Maybe twice, with a decade or three between reads. Maybe they dated a girl in college who liked pointy ears. Or hairy toes. But that’s it.

I’ve been chewing on The Hobbit since I was about 12. I think I’ve read it ... oh, maybe 30 times? 40? Not sure; I never bothered to count. Hobbit, LOTR, The Silmarillion, Farmer Giles, etc. But not too much of his son’s stuff, because the son is not the father. But whenever I’ve been bored, and want a nice bit to read for a few minutes or so ... out comes Bilbo taunting the spiders in Mirkwood. Or the battle before the Hornburg. And often, once I’ve read my favorite bit, I’ll finish the book from that point, or reread the whole thing. So I’ve long since lost count. So, please, consider me almost an expert. Almost. Because the real experts, the REAL true believers ... never leave Middle Earth. And that puts them over the horizon, into the West. Sorry, that’s too far for me. That’s why I said almost.

So, everything the normal film reviewers tell you is exactly right. And completely wrong. Because it doesn’t matter at all.

Yes, the dwarves are all wrong. No, these are not the dwarves you’d want anywhere near Snow White. Not one of them is Happy, nor Dopey, nor Sleepy. If anything ... they’re nearly really tall Nac Mac Feegle who aren’t blue. But that’s as Pratchett as they get; these are not Pratchett’s dwarves either. Not by 100 miles. So put your Disney dwarvish preconceptions in the urinal where they belong. And open your mind and your eyes. These dwarves fight. And kill. And lust. And hate. And eat. And belch. Plus they can sing and do the dishes too.

Peter Jackson spends a fair amount of this film showing the scenes that were only lightly alluded to in The Hobbit. Scenes which do indeed tie it tightly to the War of the Ring books which are to follow. Ok, he changes the order of some things. and adds a necessary fill scene once in a while to tie two bits together. But he puts in the back story, the one that is only loosely alluded to in the book. Bless him.

Jackson has made a film for the True Believers. And if you aren’t a True Believer, you simply won’t understand. If you are one, know that there isn’t a frame here that does not belong ... although the play/battle of the stone giants makes as little sense in the film as it did in the book. If ever there was a stub, a written idea that dead ended, there it is. But Jackson put it in anyway. It does get the dwarves onto the Front Porch, right?

From the Council of the Wise to the rise of the Necormancer and the return of the Witch King of Angmar - yes, in LOTR the leader of the Nazgul - to a nice 10 minute segue featuring the nearly comical Radagast The Brown, it’s all here.  Almost all. Damn, damn, damn, and four times damned, Jackson has once again cut Tom Bombadil right out of the story. WTF Petey, wtf?

Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.
None has ever caught him yet, for Tom, he is the master:
His songs are stronger songs, and his feet are faster.

Maybe Jackson can’t compete with that. Or perhaps Jackson is Bombadil, of a kind, spinning song and story by the fire on a damp winter’s day.

I don’t understand why, but I think I can forgive him, because so much of everything else is here. Yes, the goblins are somewhat comic foes; that’s how there were written. Orcs might be smaller, but they’re much more evil. And the riddle game with Gollum ... oh, well done. He changed things quite a bit, but kept to the essence perfectly. Ok, Jackson changed the bit with the vest buttons at the back door, no big deal, but the whole heart of the mountain scene was very well done. Actually, he changed things all over the place, which makes it quite interesting to watch ... for a true believer who can spot them.

And, unlike the LOTR films, this time not all the songs and poetry has been cut out. And some of it fares quite well. Some of it gets a bit modified too. What can you do?

It’s said that two more films will follow this one, until the tale of the Battle of Five Armies is told and “there” has become “back again”. And the opening chapter in the War of the Ring is out there visually. I can’t wait. And Jackson can not bring in enough detail to confuse or bore me. If JRR wrote it, I know it. So bring it, because it all belongs together. Even if the regular film reviewers can’t get their minds around it. It doesn’t matter; this isn’t for them. Gollum, gollum.

Jackson child spotting: 1. I swear the kids get trained in the womb to make that face.
Peter Jackson spotting: 0, although he may have been one of the chubby goblins on the bridge. Not 100% sure, so call it 0.


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calendar   Sunday - March 17, 2013

Who is she?

This isn’t a trick like that last one I posted a few years ago. This is a legitimate 1930s movie starlet. Two questions:

A) Who is she?
B) What role is she best remembered for?


I’ll leave this up for a day or two, unless someone gets the right answer!


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calendar   Monday - February 04, 2013

another cut character


Nice face. Actress Hanna Mangan Lawrence, who played Seppia in the Starz network drama Spartacus. Seppia managed to steal the Legate Gaius Claudius Glaber (played by Craig Parker, best known to Americans as Haldir the Elf from Lord of the Rings) from his missing pregnant wife Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) and got a couple of hot lap rides out of the deal, but when Ilithyia returned she did some savage coitus interruptus and stabbed the scheming little bitch in the back, then slit her throat and pushed her nearly decapitated dead body into the wading pool. Buckets of blood!  Glaber later gets killed in battle when Spartacus rams a sword down his throat and out his back. That’s almost tame compared to Ilithyia’s presumed end, when she goes into labor and her “best friend”, the widow Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) goes all cesarean and carves the baby from her womb, then takes the baby and goes to meet her dead husband in the afterlife by jumping off a cliff. “Batiatus always wanted a son!” When your character gets cut in Spartacus, it really gets cut!

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calendar   Saturday - January 05, 2013

Firm in my opinions

Channel flipping again ... caught the very end of the $10 sword and sorcery epic Kull The Conqueror with Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Tia Carrerre (Wayne’s World) ... and there she was, Zareta, the ice princess or whoever, being rescued from the evil fire demon.  Karina Lombard.


Damn. 20 years since I’ve first seen her on film (the hottest almost softcore film ever, The Wide Sargasso Sea) and she still stops me dead in my tracks. Horry clap, the woman’s a walking heart attack. What a face. What eyes. And then she speaks, in that deep thick throaty voice and the richest and most unplaceable foreign accent. And it just kills me, every time. Swoon, thud. OMFG. And sure, she’s matured since then ... haven’t we all ... and isn’t 22 by a long shot. I don’t care. She’s got the kind of magic that doesn’t fade. Pity she doesn’t get more mainline work.


Guess at least some of my opinions are pretty inflexible.

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calendar   Friday - January 04, 2013

Topical TV

Print Your Own Guns

Surfing channels tonight looking for something new to watch ... flipped onto a new episode of CSI-NY just after it began. In the scene, the detectives find the body, shot through the heart. A few feet away are computer cables but no PC, and a dirty table with a clean spot in the middle, surrounded by piles of what looks like dust or dirt. “And what was here?” asks one CSI, “his printer?”

And with that, I had the whole mystery solved. 1 minute into the show.

They were doing the print-a-gun thing. Very topical. I’m doing the old eye-roll expecting more idiotic “TV science” like the episode they did a while back with the homing bullet that managed to reverse it’s own flight path while being fired and still inside the gun barrel.

But, actually, they went about it mostly right. I don’t think you could use this technology to print an assembled firearm. You could print the parts, and then put them all together. And I have real doubts that the device can print a coil spring that actually works as a coil spring. But I’ll allow Hollywood some slack this time, because they had the grace to do the shooting part in a way I’d agree was feasible.

The guy used his computer and a special metal powder 3-D printer to build himself a .38 Special revolver. Ok, it’s a S&W model 642, but that’s not important. What’s important is that it’s a .38 Special, which is one of the lowest pressure “modern” cartridges out there. And no ammo company sells ammo loaded right up to maximum pressures (duh, lawyers!). And since it was a revolver, there’s that gap between the front of the cylinder and the back end of the barrel, which is usually about 0.0035”. That lets some of the powder gases (and some of the bullet too!) squirt sideways out of the gun when it gets fired (which is why the police shows are always checking the suspect’s hands for “GSR"). If the gap is bigger, more gas escapes, and bullet velocity drops. But velocity drops because pressure is lower. So we’ve got a low pressure cartridge being fired in an even lower pressure environment.

And the producers tried to create a mystery by showing us bullets with no “ballistics” on them - no rifling engraving. In other words, the pistol was a smoothbore. A tube. And if it wasn’t exactly the world’s tightest fit, bullet wobbling down the barrel on firing and all that, then once again there would be far less pressure. Would it be accurate? Hell no. But it was only used at a distance of 2 feet, so that doesn’t matter. The bullet would tumble too, “keyhole” is the shooter’s term, if it was loose in the barrel or not stabilized by the rifling. But that happens at 25 feet or so. At 2 feet you’d never know. But now we’re talking even lower pressures.

And they went out of their way to have the lab guys discussing how the guy who had built the gun had then oven cured it for some time. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d have to do even with a laser sintered metal form as depicted in this episode; it’s just powdered steel and epoxy dust, so you’d have to heat cure the glue over time. The laser just gets it hot enough to barely stick together while printing.

So the bad guy gets the gun, loads a round, and shoots the fellow who designed it and built it.  Then he gets another round, and shoots the lawyer his ex-wife used in their divorce. And while he kills that guy too, the gun blows up in his hand and injures him with shrapnel. The CSIs track him down through hospital records (so much for patient privacy, huh?) and bust him. Case closed.

But I will give the producers a respectful tip of the old hat, because for once they’ve done a pretty decent job with something concerning firearms. They found a scenario where this just might work. What the guy built on the show was little more than a zip gun, but zip guns can still be lethal. I still think that a printed gun will still blow up on the first firing no matter what, but you might get a poorly designed one with big cylinder gaps and over sized bore to last two, maybe three or four shots. Let’s go for two as being at least plausible. And that’s what CSI-NY did.

Now, should we all wet our pants in panic and demand pre-emptive laws about such a thing? Hell no. Do you have any idea what a 3D printer costs? Cha-ching bay-bay. Mucho. No criminal will ever bother; it’s much easier to steal a real gun or to buy one on the street. And it’s no crime for any US citizen to build their own firearms at home. Seriously. It’s legal. Just don’t even think about trying to sell one of them. That’s when 10 truckloads of laws, permits, MIB, licenses, regulations, zoning, and black helicopters come into play.

And they’re always going to blow up on the first or second shot, no matter what. So don’t bother. Now, if you happened to have a CNC milling machine in your basement and some 4150 bar steel and a gas forge and some case hardening powder


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calendar   Wednesday - December 05, 2012

One Good Thing

Watched Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson on the tele tonight in his 2nd English secret agent parody film, Johnny English Reborn. The first Johnny English was funny, and the rubber faced Atkinson has been making me laugh since >Black Adder days. But Johnny #2 was ... pretty much #2. Sorry, but it sucked. The pace was glacial, and the timing of the few jokes was just about in slow motion, so that even the most dull witted could see them coming a mile away. If you thought Dr. Who was done on the cheap, it looks like an extravagance compared to this one. What was the budget, about £20? God, the English are so damn cheap when it comes to film and TV shows. The slack pace may have been done by choice, a deliberate inversion of the lightning pace of the typical Bond film ... but the big chase scene was in a powered wheelchair? Ok, granted, it was speedy for a powered wheelchair, and it had a couple of “M"-ish features, but that’s it. It wasn’t Bond rocket powered or anything. Perhaps the film really was a study in incongruity, considering that it cast Gillian Anderson as a non-redhead, and featured an actual former Bond Girl, Die Another Day‘s Miranda Frost, as played by the graceful and lovely Rosamund Pike. Aha, sayz Drew, that’s who that is. I’d heard the name but couldn’t put a face or figure to it. Well well. Nicely done. Good job, England. Very good job. No, no it wasn’t. It was just a cheap ass UK film where everyone just mailed in their performances, and the producers spent as little as possible to try and milk another few pounds out of the public. That didn’t work out too well either.

The film still sucked chunks though, except for the one fight/chase scene, where an older but wiser English just walks around the obstacles and takes the elevator down the high rise as the Asian bad guy goes jumping through fire, across chasms, spiders down the scaffolding, and so forth. That part was wrly amusing.

And we never really did find out what all three keys together looked like, nor what they opened. So half the plot device was left unresolved.

image image

Come to think of it, Peiper noticed her years ago and ran a post, and I was sorely disappointed, but now I realize he was right all along.  I guess she photographs very well from some angles, and poorly from others. 

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Classic Red

image image image

Henner as torch songstress Lil Sheridan in Johnny Dangerously

Can you tell we watched Johnny Dangerously last night? Best send up of the old gangster films ever made. A film that had a script that was almost all one liners and quotes. Hey, do you know your last name is an adverb? My father hung me on a coat hook once. Once!

I didn’t have much choice in the matter. After the spectacular and mind blowing season finale to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, we pretty much had to give old Johnny a spin in the Blue Ray. Sweet. And Marilu Henner never looked better. Heck, she still looks great, and is still working, doing single episode appearances in any number of current TV series. And on Boardwalk, I can’t see an episode with the yummy Gretchen Mol in it as Gillian Darmody without noting how much her character resembles Henner’s Lil from Johnny, even though the two characters have nothing in common. Just two beautiful redheads in period costume. But damn ... when Gillian tried to inject Gyp with the heroin during their kinky B&D sex romp ... and later when army veteran sniper Richard Harrow (my man, the guy in the mask) went on a shooting spree at the whore house to save Jimmy’s son Tommy ... and Nucky played on Doyle’s duplicitous nature to set Rothstein up for a big fall with the law ... and Capone and Chalky with the crew served machine guns in the woods ... man oh man, what an episode!


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calendar   Wednesday - June 27, 2012

‘guilty until proven innocent’

I don’t know if this is just my own knee jerk reaction or not.  Of course I can’t know about you readers out there but, personally I’m against this.
I think there could be times when someone may download something and not be aware.  I can’t offhand think of any examples, but the idea that you’re automatically guilty and must then pay to prove otherwise seems to me to be unfair in the extreme.

The recording and movie industry constantly make the claim of losses in gazillions, okay maybe only millions, but I am not sympathetic to them.
It isn’t that I approve of theft.  But I can tell you with certainty because I have worked in one and been close to another, the entertainment industry and most especially the motion picture industry, probably lose more to union jobs that do not exist, then they do to this piracy thing. 

I realize they lose much in the piracy committed by criminal gangs and people in places like China and I understand India as well. Or so I’ve heard.
I have heard figures in the millions they say, by ordinary folks who simply download something from YouTube and other sources.

Well, when they find a way to curb the waste I know went on in the past and so think it still does, and when they quite literally can no longer afford the multi,multi millions they pay the “stars” which all result in overblown ticket prices, maybe then I’d feel like saying awe. Poor you. I feel your pain. 

I no longer go to movies.  If we had a TV I am sure we’d be happy to buy DVDs or rent movies we want to see.  So this more then likely would not have any affect
on us.  I am quite happy with You Tube and on the odd occasion, BBC catch up service via computer.  But I still see this as wrong and unfair, unless someone can point out the error in my thinking and point me in another direction.

Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN’T illegally download music under new law

* Regime designed to stamp out internet piracy will treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’

* People wrongly accused of making illegal downloads will have to pay £20 fee to appeal and prove their innocence

* Move has angered consumer groups


Internet users who illegally download music, movies and e-books will be sent warning letters in a crackdown that could lead to court action for copyright theft.

A new regime to tackle online piracy will in effect treat individuals as ‘guilty until proven innocent’.

Those wrongly accused of illegal downloading will have to pay a £20 fee to appeal in a move that has angered consumer groups.

The same Act includes punishments that could, in future, see accused families having their internet service slowed down, capped or even cut off.

An industry code will require large internet service providers (ISPs) such as BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk to send warning letters to families suspected by entertainment firms of illegally downloading or uploading copyright material.

If a customer gets three letters or more within a year, copyright holders such as movie and music companies will have a right to ask for details of the material involved.

These companies will then be able to apply for a court order requiring the ISP to reveal the customer’s name and address.

The information would be used to pursue the person involved through the civil courts for damages.

However, there are concerns that innocent internet users, for example those whose wireless connections are hijacked by a neighbour or criminal, will be caught up in the new regime.

Those sent a warning letter will be assumed guilty unless they can prove their innocence after paying a £20 fee to appeal to an Ofcom body.

Fast Five – 9.2million downloads
The Hangover II – 8.8million downloads
Thor – 8.3million downloads
Source Code – 7.9million downloads
I Am Number Four – 7.6million downloads
Sucker Punch – 7.2million downloads
127 Hours – 6.9million downloads
Rango – 6.4million downloads
The King’s Speech – 6.2million downloads
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – 6million downloads

Mike O’Connor, of the customer body Consumer Focus, said: ‘Copyright infringement is not to be condoned, but people who are innocent should not have to pay a fee to challenge accusations. It could deter those living on low incomes from challenging unfair allegations.’

If the new system does not stop piracy, ministers will be able to go back to Parliament to enact rules in the Digital Economy Act that could see households having their internet service cut off.

‘The ability to appeal is therefore critical to ensure consumers who have done nothing wrong are not deprived of internet access further down the line,’ said Mr O’Connor.

Creative industries minister Ed Vaizey said entertainment firms had to be able to ‘protect their investment’, adding: ‘The Digital Economy Act is an important part of protecting our creative industries against unlawful activity.’

Ofcom’s Claudio Pollack said: ‘Ofcom will oversee a fair appeals process, and also ensure that rights holders’ investigations under the code are rigorous and transparent.’



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calendar   Saturday - June 16, 2012

Snagged Graphics

Every pitcher fells a stoney donut? 
Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

Found these online, thought they were too good not to share.




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calendar   Saturday - April 14, 2012

The Invisible TV Series

We Know WHO

Just Tell Us WHEN


Karen Gillan and Matt Smith filming Dr. Who in NYC’s Central Park

Perhaps the best hit show they’ve ever had, the BBC has been running Dr. Who since 1963. My brother has been a fan since I was a little kid, although I admit I only got into the show with the current crop of actors. Well, one of them. Six foot tall leggy redheads? Now with glasses? swoon. But it turns out that the show is a fun romp, a bit of silly sci-fi as our heroes go travelling across time and space solving the entire galaxy’s problems on a weekly basis ... although they always seem to wind up back in the center of the known universe, ie the UK.

So the Brits have this world famous show that tens of, dozens of, perhaps hundreds of millions of people watch. Religiously. A completely captive audience, eager for every last drop of Who, searching the internet for behind the scenes videos, scraps of information, news on the latest Christmas Special episode. So what does the BeeB do? They take this mega-hit show ... and stop showing new episodes.

In the UK a “season” of TV apparently is 12 to 15 episodes. In the US, we call that a rip off. 16 episodes is a suck season. 18 is a bit cheap. 20 is nice, and 23 is what we want.

I don’t give a rat’s **** what the reasons are. All I know is that there hasn’t been any new Who since the fall. Ok, 2 holiday episodes, which were pretty great, thanks. And then SQUAT. And months go by. Please. What, they ran out of stories? When they have the entire universe and the entire scope of time to write in? And every popular sci-fi author out there willing and eager to pen up some action? No, not hardly. Oh, and the Who episodes are marvelously cheap, the way only proper British Television can be. I think they spend about £25 on costumes and special effects per show. Come on, the damn Daleks still have a rubber plumber’s helper as their weapon arms. [not that people haven’t tried that one too] Matt Smith wears the same clothes in every episode. And the less they dress Karen Gillan in, the better. They certainly seem to be saving cash with her short little skirts.

But not even the official website can tell us when the new half season will actually air. Beyond lame.

And this is it for Amy and Rory. Last season. The Doctor - whatever incarnation he may be in next season (whenever that is) - will be getting a new companion. Some petite brunette. Phooey.

more pics of this episode
Karen Gillan looking like a long hot mess at some Formula One event


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calendar   Friday - March 16, 2012

whatever it takes

Once upon a time I would have categorized this under Eye Candy. These days it’s just Hollywood. But I always like it when people get back to their roots.

March 6th:

March 8th:

Fresh off her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, the actress, 25, showed off her new dye job in Beverly Hills, California Thursday. Though she’s been blonde for years, Lohan has finally returned to her natural red hue.

Whatever it takes. 


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