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calendar   Tuesday - June 11, 2013

attention getter


what a great learning method

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - May 13, 2013

You Say You Want A Revolution

Well, you know ...

Missouri Legislature Nullifies All Federal Gun Control Measures by a Veto-Proof Majority


Jefferson City, Mo (May 8, 2013) – Tonight, the Missouri State House voted to send Governor Jay Nixon what could arguably be the strongest defense against federal gun control measures in American history. The vote was 116-38.

HB436, introduced by Representative Doug Funderburk in February, was initially passed by the House in April by a vote of 115-42.  Last week, the State Senate approved the bill with an amendment which did not change any of its nullification aspects. The vote there was 26-6.  The bill then needed one final vote in the house which happened just before 10pm local time this evening.

The votes in both the House and Senate are by a strong veto-proof majority.  Local activist Matt Radcliffe acknowledged as much when he said, “Governor Nixon can do nothing and it will automatically become law July 1st.  Or he can sign it into law. Or he can veto it then his veto will be overridden in the house and it will become law anyway!”

As law, HB436 would nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books – or planned for the future.

selected quotes from the bill that will brings tears to your eyes:

1.320. 1. This section shall be known and may be cited as the “Second Amendment Preservation Act”.

2. The general assembly finds and declares that:

(1) The general assembly of the state of Missouri is firmly resolved to support and defend the United States Constitution against every aggression, either foreign or domestic, and the general assembly is duty bound to watch over and oppose every infraction of those principles which constitute the basis of the Union of the States, because only a faithful observance of those principles can secure the nation’s existence and the public happiness;

(2) Acting through the United States Constitution, the people of the several states created the federal government to be their agent in the exercise of a few defined powers, while reserving to the state governments the power to legislate on matters which concern the lives, liberties, and properties of citizens in the ordinary course of affairs;

(3) The limitation of the federal government’s power is affirmed under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which defines the total scope of federal power as being that which has been delegated by the people of the several states to the federal government, and all power not delegated to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States is reserved to the states respectively, or to the people themselves;

(4) Whenever the federal government assumes powers that the people did not grant it in the Constitution, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force;
(5) The several states of the United States of America are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their federal government.

3. (1) All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, shall be specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

(2) Such federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations include, but are not limited to:

(a) The provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1934;

(b) The provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968;

(c) Any tax, levy, fee, or stamp imposed on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition not common to all other goods and services which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

(d) Any registering or tracking of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

(e) Any registering or tracking of the owners of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens;

(f) Any act forbidding the possession, ownership, or use or transfer of any type of firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition by law-abiding citizens; and

(g) Any act ordering the confiscation of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition from law-abiding citizens.

[3.2] (d) In the absence of any reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity, no person carrying a concealed or unconcealed handgun shall be disarmed or physically restrained by a law enforcement officer unless under arrest; and

(e) Any person who violates this subdivision shall be subject to the penalty provided in section 571.121.

160.665. [6.] 1. Any school district within the state may designate one or more elementary or secondary school teachers or administrators as a school protection officer. The responsibilities and duties of a school protection officer are voluntary and shall be in addition to the normal responsibilities and duties of the teacher or administrator. Any compensation for additional duties relating to service as a school protection officer shall be funded by the local school district, with no state funds used for such purpose.

2. Any person designated by a school district as a school protection officer shall be authorized to carry concealed firearms in any school in the district and shall be required to keep such firearm on his or her person at all times while on school property. Any school protection officer who violates this subsection shall be removed immediately from the classroom and subject to employment termination proceedings.

3. Any person designated as a school protection officer may detain, on view, any person the officer sees violating or who such officer has reasonable grounds to believe has violated any law of this state, including a misdemeanor or infraction, or any policy of the school.

And no, it isn’t the “Wild West”. The bill sets out a fair number of use regulations, age limitations, and so forth (looks like switchblades are still illegal in MO), as is within the power of the state. But there is nothing in there that bans automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons, firearms above a certain caliber, below a certain length (open carry is limited to firearms 16” long or shorter). No magazine capacity limits, no rules about certain types or calibers of ammunition being illegal, and so forth.

I do not know if this bill nulls out any other gun laws in that state. Mostly it reaffirms that Federal Power is limited, federal arm twisting by denying money is illegal, federal limitations on the Second Amendment are illegal, and if a town wants to have “Skool Kops” they can go right ahead and have them, on their own dime, and those people can be armed if otherwise qualified and trained. It even gives them limited powers of detention. All in all I’d say it was one fine piece of legislation.

You say you’ll just ignore the Constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it’s your institution
Well, you know
We’d better free our land instead

I don’t know about sleeping giants awakening, but in Missouri I think somebody large has an eye open and is looking for some coffee.


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calendar   Monday - May 06, 2013

hi-cap: helping it go viral

Real life can make for some rough situations. This video models one: what if your home is invaded by several thugs at a time? This isn’t at all outlandish; you can find these things on the news all the time, when 3, 4, 5, 6 bad guys break in together? Hello, gang activity. Magazine restrictions could cost you your life, or the life of your family. Push back. Call, write, or email your elected weasels today.

h/t to Doc


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calendar   Wednesday - May 01, 2013

May Day

Wreckers of the World, Untie!

Hey, it’s May Day. Thought I’d do something nice for the pinkos. Something classy, yet with underlying sarcasm.

Link in a nice YouTube video of The Internationale, with a background photo montage of famous commies and tyrants, from Trotsky to Tito to Che to Obama to Bloomberg.

And then write a couple paragraphs mocking the crap out of them, Pravda style - in People’s Free Republic of Crapistan, decadent proletariat humor mocks you! - then I changed my mind. Screw ‘em.

We already know who our enemies are. May Day merely serves as a small reminder that tyranny comes in all shapes and sizes, from nation-states to terrorists to knee jerk liberalism to unions. And perhaps the most insidious of the lot are the nanny staters, stripping you of your freedoms one small piece at a time over generations, creating an elitist, generational thugopoly to micromanage every aspect of your life “for your own good”, dumbing down the populace so much that they no longer understand that the most basic freedom is one of choice.

So let them wave their red banners. It shows us where to aim.


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calendar   Monday - April 29, 2013

Freedom In The Heartland

This ought to give the leftwing bedwetters nightmares. Loving it.

Indiana House Passes Switchblade and Silencer Bill


[Drew, late to the party again. But it’s a big ol’ world, and I bet you hadn’t heard this one either. Come to think of it, it’s pretty hard to find news stories on it at all for some reason.]
HB1563 passed the Indiana House in February this year, and passed their Senate 77-20 on April 1, but went back for a little re-work. Now it has passed unanimously. It’s a little hodge-podge of a “natural resource” bill, covering a number of issues from precisely defining what a minnow is, to proper boat loading for recreational water skiers to well pump installer licensing to penalties for hunting on somebody else’s land without permission.

But two aspects of the bill are really eye-popping in this day and age.

The first part allows hunters to hunt using sound suppressors on their guns. While this is quite common in Europe, and is even required by law in several Scandinavian countries, the use and possession of the dreaded “silencer” is an iteration of abject fear in almost the entire United States. And it’s also something that is covered directly by the federal Gun Control Act of 1934. Yes, the same federal Act that made machines guns hard to come by, outlawed short barreled shotguns, cane guns, and firearms hidden in everyday devices like pocket watches also made “cans” a big old no-no. Unless you had the expensive Class III stamp and could jump through N+1 rings of fire to get approval for it. I do not think that the Indiana Bill makes such permitting unnecessary, but it does allow their use specifically, and that is a small miracle. One that just makes sense anyway; all a “silencer” will do for a hunting rifle using standard ammunition is to moderate the bang just enough so that you don’t need hearing protection. That’s smart legislation: who wants the woods to be full of armed hunters walking around wearing ear plugs??

The second eye-popper is that the bill removes the stigma of illegality from spring actuated and gravity actuated knives. Known to the rest of the nation as switchblades, this kind of pocket knife has had generations of irrational fears wrapped around it. In this day and age, when several other entire design classes of pocket knives exist that can be opened with one hand, and just as fast, there is no real point in keeping switchblades illegal.

Bravo Indiana. Now let’s get the governor to sign this into law. ( Given the huge majority in the State Legislature, I don’t think this is going to be a problem. [fingers crossed])

After two years of effort by Knife Rights and our sponsors, the Indiana legislature has repealed the state’s irrational ban on switchblade knives.

Senator Jim Tomes and Senator Johnny Nugent have worked tirelessly with Knife Rights to pass this repeal.

Initially passed unanimously by the Indiana Senate, passage of the bill has been thwarted two years in a row by a single House committee chairman who refused to hear the bill. Senators Tomes and Nugent were able to bypass the obstinate chairman by adding the repeal language to a Conference Committee Report on HB1563 dealing with related matters. This Report was passed by the Indiana House 78-19 on Wednesday and the Indiana Senate 50-0 today.

HB1563 with the included Switchblade Ban Repeal language now goes to Governor Mike Pence. Please contact Governor Pence and ask him to sign HB1563.

Knife Rights. We tend to forget about them because there aren’t all that many restrictions and because the guns get so much more coverage, but these are “arms” too, and they’ve got at least one group of their own working on their behalf. Well done.



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calendar   Saturday - April 27, 2013

Be Part Of The Solution

Golly, the concept of limited government. What an idea. From another bitter clinger, of course.

h/t to Doc Jeff


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calendar   Sunday - April 21, 2013

young girl violates political correctness diktat, police do not prosecute. the sky will fall

England is I guess, experimenting with elected police commissioners and in recent elections, with very low turnout, a lady was elected who, I understand from what I read, has no actual arrest powers. Well anyway, she’s already hired advisers and bought some vehicle of some kind with a sign that reads Ann Force One.  Oh clever.

So, this lady hired a young girl who has just turned 17, at a salary of £15,000 ( $22,800.00 ) to be a Youth Crime Commissioner dealing with the yoot of the community. Get their feedback etc. and find out how they thought the police should react with them.
Does this read like a dumb comedy?  It’s pretty dumb okay. Ain’t funny though.

What eventually happened was the young girl, who was chosen out of the 164 who were considered, said a few naughty things in her Twitter account that of course the Daily Mail just had to expose in case a bigoted, racist ended up in that job.

Whoever it was at bmews who once asked … what’s it take to get arrested over there,
well I still can’t answer that.  Had the question been, what’s it take to get your cell phone confiscated by the fuzz and a full investigation made because 50 idiots were offended by her remarks, oh that’s not hard to answer. Not at all.

Refer to travellers/gypsies as … “pikeys.” ???  Pikey? Even I hadn’t heard that one.
But you guys who read bmews already know they are a protected race. Really.

Then … refer to immigrants as …. “illegals.” Wooo.  That might be racist.

Then … when talking about a reality TV show, say that the males on the show all look like f*****g Fags.  A-oh.  That was foolish. Disaster looms.

She also attacked a pizza company for appointing foreign workers and wrote:
‘F****** hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too!! IT IS CALLED ENGLISH. LEARN IT.’

Oh god in heaven forbid them learning the language of their host country.  We can not have that.  Jail the girl.

She did not help herself by Tweeting this.
‘Worst part about being single is coming home from a party/night out horny as **** and having to sleep alone.’

She also said she wanted to make hash cookies, but also claimed it was from an episode of South Park she was referring to.

Thing is, she was maybe 16 when she said all that.  But she got into trouble with the law for her remarks about the language and travellers and the fag remark. Oh yes, and equating immigrants with illegals.

So the cops took her phone and launched an investigation because that’s lots easier than finding real crinamolls and anyway, the real crime was violation of Political Correctness.

Well she lost the job but the good news is:

Youth crime tsar who stepped down from £15,000-a-year role will NOT face police action over ‘racist and homophobic tweets’

· Kent Police said it will not recommend that Paris Brown, 17, be charged

· Teen was appointed Britain’s first youth police and crime commissioner

· Later resigned after offensive comments found on her Twitter account

· Case did not ‘pass evidential threshold for prosecution’, police said

· The 17-year-old has apologised and denies being racist or homophobic

And that my friends is the state of freedom of speech even when written on a social site. Apparently on a par with shouting fire in a crowded theater, one must be very careful of what one says, or they will knock,knock on your door.
I really do wish she had not apologized. 
She called em as she saw them. 

Oh yeah … speaking of pikeys. 
Another story for another time.


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calendar   Saturday - April 20, 2013

No Rights For Terrorists?

h/t to Wardmama, thanks!

Now that police have secured the second of two suspects in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing, the long and meticulous process of examining motives, methods and possible links begins.

A Justice Department official said Friday the government is invoking a seldom-used public safety exception permitting officials to engage in a limited and focused unwarned interrogation of a suspect - in this case Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - without first reading him his typically assured Miranda rights. That official, as well as a second, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, says Tsarnaev will be questioned by a special interrogation team for high-value suspects.

The public safety exception not only permits the unwarned questioning of a suspect, but also allows the government to introduce any statement yielded by such interrogation as evidence in court. The exception is triggered when authorities have an objectively reasonable need to protect themselves or the public from a clear and present danger.

According to media accounts, Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan, were Muslims who recently gravitated to a radical strain of Islam, going so far as to post Anti-American, jihadist videos on social-media sites. Both are thought to have as-yet-unprobed ties to a radical Muslim cleric hellbent on the destruction of the American way of life.

No. Sorry, that’s wrong. Period. High value or not, terrorist and mass-murderer or not, this young man has been granted American citizenship. Like it or loath it, he’s one of us now. And no such exception to the law should exist, no matter what. Because it will be abused. And become far more common than “seldom used”. Because anyone is a threat to public safety if the government says so. And that is simply wrong. Tyranny.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 03, 2013

Don’t Eat The Brown Memes

Well duh, of course Obama and Bloomberg are using phony “facts” to push for more gun control. Repeating lies until they’re accepted as facts is the Left’s way, learned straight from their propaganda hero Goebbels. And those lies are used to generate an emotional reaction from the unthinking low information voter, to get support for their knee-jerk reaction bills. Like the gun control law rushed through the NY legislature in January, that now needs all sorts of repairing, rewriting, and exceptions added, to the point where NY Governor Cuomo came right out and told people to pretend their pistol magazines had less capacity than they did, in order to comply with a law that forces everyone to use magazines that don’t really exist. Mostly. 7 round magazines DO exist, but mostly only for the classic 1911 .45acp pistol. And even after all this microscopic examination of firearms, the ding-dongs still use the wrong terms. Magazines hold cartridges, aka rounds, not bullets. Cartridges hold bullets. And clips are used to load magazines. But why let facts and terminology get in the way of a thoughtless emotional response based on a false meme?

Don’t eat the brown acid. Don’t swallow the false memes.

Obama Background Checks Stats Are Old, Weak, Full of Holes

As President Obama prepares to head to Colorado on Wednesday to push gun control legislation, some are calling into question the validity of a key statistic he’s using to tout his message on near-universal background checks.

During several speeches, Obama has said 40 percent of all gun purchases were made without a background check.

But that number is nearly two decades old and comes from a poll with a relatively tiny sample size. Gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association, as well as The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker,” are calling out the president’s stat, saying his numbers on background checks need a background check of their own.

During a speech last week, Obama asked, “Why wouldn’t we want to make it more difficult for a dangerous person to get his or her hand on a gun? Why wouldn’t we want to close the loophole that allows as many as 40 percent of all gun purchases to take place without a background check? Why wouldn’t we do that?”

It isn’t a loophole either. Another tab of poisonous brown acid. It’s called freedom.

The oft-cited figure, it turns out, was pulled from a 1997 study done by the National Institute of Justice. In the study, researchers estimated about 40 percent of all firearm sales took place through people other than licensed gun dealers. The conclusion was based on data from a 1994 survey of 2,568 households. Of those, only 251 people answered the question about where they got their guns.

PolitiFact tracked down the co-author of the study, Duke University professor Philip Cook, and asked him if he thought the 40 percent estimate is accurate.

“The answer is I have no idea,” Cook reportedly told PolitiFact. “This survey was done almost 20 years ago.”

So even 20 years ago, only about 10% of people were willing to answer that kind of MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) question. And while the article goes on to show how this very small sample from a very old survey introduces a large margin of error, it does not consider that when people are asked MYOB questions, they often lie in their answers. So the statistic Dear Reader is bandying about is more than likely worthless.

The president isn’t the only one who’s used the 40 percent figure to make a point. Many others stumping for the cause have pulled from the same info pile.

On Jan. 24, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand stated the importance of background checks during a television interview.

“The background checks bill is vitally important.  It’s going to basically say you can’t buy guns without getting a background check. Today, about 40 percent of guns are purchased without a background check.”

Seven months earlier, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the same statistic to skewer the National Rifle Association following the Colorado movie theatre massacre.

“There’s a loophole where you can sell guns without a background check,” he said last year, on July 22.  “Forty percent of guns are sold that way.”

Hey, look at that. Liberals all lining up behind the exact same talking points. Might as well just hand out trained parrots and save us all the effort of watching them on TV.

The truth is that NOBODY knows how many guns are sold face to face, person to person, without any paperwork or gun shop and government approval. And the even BIGGER TRUTH is that this is exactly how America is supposed to be. Private citizens going about their private business, buying and selling their own private property. And it’s none of the government’s goddam business.

PS - “don’t eat the brown acid” was a public service announcement made during the Woodstock concert during the Summer of Love. 1968. Groovy hippies man. Just in case you’re wondering. The message became famous, and is even on the Woodstock record album CD streaming audio .rar file.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 27, 2013

It’s Upsetting that this is even news

Watching the always snuggly Robin Meade on the morning news over coffee this morning. Always my favorite way to get my eyes open.

One of her lead news stories is “Will Amanda Knox face extradition?” with the follow-on “State Department refuses to comment”.

Are you effin’ kidding me?

Not in my America. Not now, not ever. The Italians convicted her, sent her off to rot in jail, and then FOUR YEARS later came up with some new evidence and overturned that conviction. She was set free and got the heck out of Italy just as fast as she could. Damn straight! Now the Italians have decided to re-try her? Well, that’s just plain screwed up. And I really don’t care if they “annulled” the first conviction or not; she was tried, she was convicted. Done. And then her conviction was thrown out. Done. You took you shot, then took it back. That’s all you get.

But ... in this day and age ... Constitution trampled left and right, ignored whenever convenient, end runs done on the legislature left and right, memories of Elian Gonzales, the whole peak of the Executive Branch chock full of Commies and Islamists, and the most wobbly Supreme Court in my entire lifetime ... maybe this question is a crapshoot.

It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be a news story. There shouldn’t even be the question. Not in the mind of a single American. Not a one. Little kids in second grade ought to know better.

One of the most basic, most fundamental concepts that this nation was built on was NO DOUBLE INDEMNITY* NO DOUBLE JEOPARDY. Ever. And to even entertain the suggestion, even for TV ratings, is antithetic to the point of nausea. It speaks volumes to just how low, how un-American, this country has become.

We call it the Fifth Amendment:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

And no matter what kind of extradition treaty the USA may have with Italy, a person’s individual rights MUST trump those. I really don’t care if there is some minor precedent against it. Italy let her, that “terrible satanic murderess” out of jail and dropped the charges. I don’t shiv a git if that isn’t a 100% Official acquittal or just an overturning of her conviction, it tastes like acquittal, so a big va fangool to you Italy.

* I came back a couple hours later when I had this niggling thought. Yup, double jeopardy. Being tried twice for the same offense. Double Indemnity was a movie starring Fred MacMurray. It’s also a clause in some life insurance policies. Hey, first cup of coffee and all. But you knew what I meant!


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calendar   Wednesday - March 06, 2013

Now Joining Me On My Perpetual Soapbox, Mr. Bill Whittle

Oooh, I just love it when one of the Big Boys agrees with me. Here’s our favorite Virtual President speaking out on the elections process and voter ID.

I’ll take it a step further. Not only voter ID with a photograph on it, but Voter ID with a full NICS check and an SSN check as part of the process. And you have to get a new ID every 4 years. To make certain that no illegal aliens vote. To make certain no convicted felons vote. To make certain that Snowbirds only have one vote. And what the hell ... if you act now, you get a free CCW or FOID with your registration if your state requires them, although you may have to submit a digital fingerprint to activate those.

No more absentee ballots, period. Lock down the candidates 60 days prior to any election; if your party’s candidate drops out, dies, or gets incarcerated, then the alternate - who was also part of the primary! - then steps in. Ex-pats and overseas military vote 2-3 weeks ahead of everyone, to give their ballots plenty of time to get back here and into the system. Open the voting a month before “Vote Counting Day”. County workers go out to the hospitals and nursing homes with a digital gizmo to allow the fully incapacitated to cast their ballots. All the data goes into the system, and when the clock strikes midnight in Hawaii the entire country’s ballots are counted and the figures released. Which should take about 7 seconds, but give it overnight just to make sure, and then the results hit the airwaves with the 6am news.

Freedom is not free. The very smallest cost of freedom is responsibility. If you won’t step up, then step out.


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calendar   Sunday - February 24, 2013

New Jersey Next Please


#2 Court demands IL draft concealed carry law.

For Immediate Release:  2/22/2013

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today won a significant victory for concealed carry when the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals let stand a December ruling by a three-judge panel of the court that forces Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law, thus affirming that the right to bear arms exists outside the home.

The ruling came in Moore v. Madigan, a case filed by SAF. The December opinion that now stands was written by Judge Richard Posner, who gave the Illinois legislature 180 days to “craft a new gun law that will impose reasonable limitations, consistent with the public safety and the Second Amendment…on the carrying of guns in public.” That clock is ticking, noted SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb.

“Illinois lawmakers need to create some kind of licensing system or face the prospect of not having any regulations at all when Judge Posner’s deadline arrives,” Gottlieb said. “They need to act. They can no longer run and hide from this mandate.”

“We were delighted with Judge Posner’s ruling in December,” he continued, “and today’s decision by the entire circuit to allow his ruling to stand is a major victory, and not just for gun owners in Illinois. Judge Posner’s ruling affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms, itself, extends beyond the boundary of one’s front door.”

In December, Judge Posner wrote, “The right to ‘bear’ as distinct from the right to ‘keep’ arms is unlikely to refer to the home. To speak of ‘bearing’ arms within one’s home would at all times have been an awkward usage. A right to bear arms thus implies a right to carry a loaded gun outside the home.”

Judge Posner subsequently added, “To confine the right to be armed to the home is to divorce the Second Amendment from the right of self-defense described in Heller and McDonald.”

Read the rest and mark your calenders. I want to see just what happens in Illinois with this one.


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calendar   Sunday - February 10, 2013

Oh Hella Yeah

Aw flack, I can’t find a better headline ... this is the feel-good story of the weekend.

Follow this link, read the little post, watch the video. It will make your day.

Of course, the local media puts their left handed spin on things, making the uppity councilman seem like some kind of hero. BS. That’s why you need to follow the above link ...

The members of the Oak Harbor City Council were outnumbered and surrounded by men with guns, but they managed to diffuse the situation with parliamentary procedures.

But as hard as they try, it’s impossible to hide the truth that there was almost a mighty uprising in that little city. People have had enough. There will be no more.


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calendar   Monday - January 21, 2013

et tu australia?

Unbelievable once upon a time in their history, but times have changed.

I was looking for a related story, got lost in surfing and Google searches and found myself here.

I won’t post all of it, the link will have the rest as always.  Just shows us doesn’t it that it isn’t the usual suspects that cave in.

Getting late, waiting for a phone call from an electrician. Excuses is all we’ve had so far. Says he’ll call and then doesn’t.
Ah, the new age Brit work ethic.
Who says there’s a country wide financial crisis?  If there is one, it hasn’t touched this no show fellow.  I should be used to it by now, having had workmen that didn’t show up without a call or else came late without word. And often never bothered to return calls.

That’s way off the topic. Sorry.
Here’s the story. With a H/T Sydney Morning Herald

Free speech dogged by politics of difference

Paul Sheehan

The obvious question is, what are they afraid of? Is it fear of violence, or vandalism, or simply fear of association?

Debbie Robinson, a small business operator who describes herself as an ordinary citizen, wants to bring to Australia a Dutch political leader who is a supporter of democracy, freedom of religion, feminism and gay rights. But when she started making arrangements all she encountered was fear.

‘’In Sydney, venues that were initially available were cancelled or would not take the booking when they realised who the speaker was,’’ she told me. She provided a list of rejections: the Hilton Hotel, North Sydney Leagues Club, Sydney Masonic Centre, Wesley Convention Centre, Luna Park Function Centre, the Concourse at Chatswood and the Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the University of NSW.

‘’I offered a church-based venue in Sydney a donation and their reply was, ‘You could offer $4 million and we would not accept your booking’.’’


Finding venues was not her only problem. ‘’Earlier in the year I approached APN Outdoor to arrange a four-week run of bus ads in Sydney. The artwork was forwarded to them and I was quoted a price for the job . . . Then I was advised they would not be able to run the ad as it was too political and would result in the buses being damaged and defaced. They would not say who would do the damage.’’

The same happened in Perth, where Robinson lives, when venues declined to take her booking, including the Burswood Casino. When she tried to organise a payments system for the tour, she was rejected by Westpac. The bank, which has been courting the Chinese Communist government for years, wanted nothing to do with this Dutch democrat.

‘’I was organising an e-way payment system with Westpac to link to the website of the Q Society [the sponsor of the tour]. I received a call from a manager who said the Westpac Risk Management Team had decided the material for sale was offensive and inappropriate and therefore they would not proceed with the e-way system. I asked to speak to the manager responsible and was told he was on leave.’’

The Dutch MP causing so much concern is Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party of Freedom (PVV), the king-maker in Dutch politics over the past two years. When Wilders withdrew his support for the government last year, it collapsed and a national election was called.

A month after that election, in which the PVV polled a million votes and won 16 seats, Wilders was scheduled to be in Australia. The trip was cancelled after it was sabotaged by the Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen.

The minister then had the gall to write an opinion piece, published in The Australian on October 2 last year, in which he claimed, ‘’I have decided not to intervene to deny [Wilders] a visa because I believe that our democracy is strong enough, our multiculturalism robust enough and our commitment to freedom of speech entrenched enough that our society can withstand the visit of a fringe commentator.’’

Reality check: Bowen’s department sat on Wilders’ visa application for almost two months, then acted only after the minister received public criticism and Wilders was cancelling his trip.

No such long delay hindered the visit of Taji Mustafa, a spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, an apologist for jihad, when he made a speaking tour in Australia last September while Wilders was being frozen out.

Sydney Morning Herald


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