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Once More, Lafeyette, With Feeling

“So that freedom lives, men will always have to stand up and fight against indifference or resignation.”

Hermione Tastes The Waves

Nearly twenty years in the making, the 213 foot long replica French frigate went out for sea trials yesterday. Plans call for the oak square rigged 26 gun ship - a “fast light frigate” - to cross the Atlantic next spring to visit Canada and New England in time for Bastille Day.

The original Hermione was the ship that brought the Marquis of Lafayette over the aid George Washington, and she and her four sister ships carried several thousand troops, and stayed to harry the British and help the struggling colonists win the war of independence.

In those days crossing the Atlantic from Rochefort France by sail power alone took 38 days; the modern frigate sports a pair of hidden propulsor pods which could make the journey a bit faster.


A reconstruction of the 213-foot (65-meter) frigate used by France’s Marquis de Lafayette to bring reinforcements to American revolutionaries in 1780 has tested the waters for the first time.

The test run at high tide Sunday was a key step in an ambitious 17-year project aimed at sending the ship next year across the Atlantic, retracing Lafayette’s journey and the foundation of French-American relations.

Maritime and history experts and aficionados have made rebuilding the Hermione a major project for the French port of Rochefort in southwest France.

Ship builders and researchers have painstakingly rebuilt the ship using the same construction materials and methods as those used to build the original, from the pulley systems to the massive oak hull.

After some delays, the boat set out at high tide early Sunday morning from the Rochefort docks toward the Ile d’Aix. It is meant to be the first in several test runs before the ship sets sail for Boston.


To replicate the frigate exactly as it used to be, it was necessary to gather archive documents such as ‘L’Hermione’s log-book(s) and the blueprints of La Concorde, ‘L’Hermione’s sister-ship which had been drawn by the Royal Navy after she had been captured. To these documents, one had to add the informations delivered by the wreck of the original ‘L’Hermione’, which was discovered in 1992, off Le Croisic, where she had sunk in 1793.

Specializing in the restoration of historic monuments, the ASSELIN firm in Thouars was allotted the task of ‘L’Hermione’s timber-work. The association thus took advantage of the outstanding professional qualities and experience of carpenters’ fellows of the craft, as well as of the technical collaboration of Raymond Labbé, a naval architect from Saint-Malo and of the precious historical cooperation of Jean Thomas, a former student of Jean Boudriot, a renowned historian and a specialist in naval construction.

The undertaking of the project took place in conditions and circumstances as close as possible to those which had surrounded the building of the original ‘L’Hermione’, i.e. it took place in the double graving dock of the historical naval shipyard of Rochefort, “a modern city of the XVII th century”.

The construction of the frigate started in May 1977. On July 4th,1997, the American national day, after 3 years’ research and preparation, the ship’s keel was laid.


The new Hermione – also known as the ‘La frégate de la liberté’ or ‘freedom frigate’ – is an incredible achievement, especially as funds have come via donations. The ship and her armaments contain a total of 400,000 different bits of wood and metal, and there are more than 1,000 pulleys alone to build and fit. To provide the wood around 4,000 oaks have been felled in forests around France, the trees chosen for their natural curves. The gun carriages for the iron cannon barrels were cast in a foundry in Angoulême and transported by barge down the River Charente. On top of all this the modern builders have had to contend with safety rules over seaworthiness that didn’t really constrain their forbears.

Fifteen years after the project was started, the Hermione was launched in 2012, 65,000 people gathering in Rochefort to see her float in the water – the River Charente – for the first time.  The following year the masts were erected, towering above the Arsenal. Next came the crows nest, followed by the rigging, the latter requiring about 25 kilometres of hemp ropes.

The final stage of construction was completed in spring 2014 – the installation of the 19 different sails, all 2137 square metres of them and made from traditional flax.  Although virtually identical to the original, the Hermione does have one or two modern touches including an engine on board for safety reasons as well as a power generator for the comfort of the crew.

Still, sailing in the Hermione will still be tough for Commandant Yann Cariou and his 69 crew members – only 15 are professional sailors; the rest are volunteers trained up to sail and who will work in shifts. All have to be fit enough to climb the rigging in all weather and be prepared to live life as it was on an 18th century boat – sleeping in hammocks in often cramped conditions.

In April and May 2014 the sails were put up and the frigate was made ready for the sea trials which will precede the final exciting phase of the project – retracing Lafayette’s voyage by taking the ship to North America.



See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - August 13, 2014

reverse immigration or … the great escape from england … french police apprehend and return

Now this is silly. I mean ... really off the wall.

The poor Brits just can not win this one.  Mind you .... the average Brit if such a thing still exists, don’t want this.  They are not immigrant haters. It’s the sort and the numbers that have them pulling the proverbial hair, those who still have any.
Anyway .... who care?  Oh sure. Politicians nearing election time. That’s when they care. But who really listens to the average person on the street who is law abiding and pays their way?  They’re all a bunch of immigrationphobes and raaaaaaacist.

French police catch 28 illegal immigrants trying to escape Britain - and swiftly return them

Two families with children and another 22 men were all found hidden aboard
Found on a Polish lorry when it arrived in the northern French port of Calais
P&O: ‘We have never seen anything on this scale before. It’s very unusual’
It is a rare example of ‘reverse immigration’

By Ian Sparks

French border police have caught 28 illegal immigrants trying to smuggle themselves out of Britain on a cross-Channel ferry.

Two families with children and another 22 men were all found hidden aboard a Polish lorry when it arrived in the northern French port of Calais.

It is a rare example of ‘reverse immigration’ - against the flow of hundreds of migrants a day who try to sneak aboard lorries and ferries from Calais to the UK.


The Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghani and Sri Lankan nationals are all thought to have been trying to return to their home countries by crossing illegally through Europe.

They were caught when the P&O ferry Spirit of France arrived in Calais at 2.20am on Thursday.

All 28 immigrants were returned to Dover at 6.40pm that evening on P&O’s Pride of Canterbury.

P&O spokesman Chris Laming said: ‘There have been occasions in the past when individual migrants have sought to go back to their homelands.

‘But we have never seen anything on this scale before. It’s very unusual.

‘There is normally one way traffic from France to Britain in the tide of illegal immigrants.

‘It is most unusual to see them going the other way.’

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘Border Force officers in Dover are currently processing 28 people who were found by the Police Aux Frontieres in Calais concealed in a lorry which had crossed the Channel from Dover.

‘Under an agreement between the UK and French governments the 28 were returned to Dover in the same way as clandestine migrants found at our controls in Calais are passed to the French authorities.

‘If those questioned are found to have no right to remain in the UK we will take action to remove them.’

reverse immigration, source


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calendar   Wednesday - June 25, 2014

when you don’t care enough to save your past … some foreigners with cash will

Perhaps if countries (ours included) said screw em and cut off foreign aid of any kind, they might have enough money to protect their national heritage.
Oh what am I saying?  Hell, politicians would only find some pet projects that needed the cash, mistresses, trips abroad, alimony (?) and heaven only know what else.

Not just cos it’s Arab, I’d think it a shame anytime a national monument had to be supported by a foreigner. Any foreigner.
The French allowed the place to wither and die for a hundred years, so maybe they weren’t all that bothered watching an old theater fall to pieces.
Hey, it’s an ancient country and there’s only so much that can be saved.  But still ....

Sultan bin Tahnoun, French Culture Minister open Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Theatre in Paris

PARIS: The Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theatre at Chateau de Fontainebleau in Paris was opened last night in a glittering ceremony by Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture (TCA Abu Dhabi), and Aurelie Filippetti, French Culture Minister, after seven years of restoration. The famous Imperial Theatre at Chateau de Fontainebleau was re-named by France after the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,.

This all took place in May, I was aware of it but haven’t been posting a lot of late and so skipped it. Til now.
A bit of BS here as you will read.  If the site was so much a part of France and its history, if it was a symbol of France and a period of her history, then why oh why was it ignored for so long?

French Political, cultural figures thank Khalifa for saving ‘The Imperial Theatre at Chateau de Fontainebleau’

Paris: A number of French political and cultural figures have thanked the UAE and its leader President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for his generous gesture towards Fontainebleau’s Theatre. They indicated that the French people and visitors of Fontainebleau have visited this historic landmark, which is now renamed ‘the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theatre.’ In her interview with Emirates News Agency (WAM), French Minister of Culture and Communication Aurelie .

They indicated that the French people and visitors of Fontainebleau have visited this historic landmark, which is now renamed ‘the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theatre.’ In her interview with Emirates News Agency (WAM), French Minister of Culture and Communication Aurelie Filippetti said,

“The French government and people extend their thanks and appreciation to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his generous sponsorship of the Palace of Fontainebleau ‘The Imperial Theatre at Chateau de Fontainebleau’ through restoring the theatre to life after a 150-year of negligence.” She added, ‘We were able to modernise and renovate the theatre in a full shape, thanks to Sheikh Khalifa, adding that “this is a great pride for us as you know, France has outstanding cultural ties with the UAE, which have been translated into the renovation of imperial Palace that represents a symbol of an important era in the history of France.

Meanwhile, a number of French officials said, “We fully recognised that the UAE friendly people share with us our vision regarding the protection of heritage and boosting cultures in order to promote mutual understanding, peace and dialogue, since the cultural heritage has capabilities to build dialogue among cultures and civilisations.’ – Emirates News Agency




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calendar   Sunday - May 11, 2014



In another world unknown to many of us, there was once a French actress with one name, that name being Arletty.

During the German occupation of France, the Ritz Hotel maintained its pre war glamour and opulence and was home to the well born, actors, and ladies having a late dinner with gentlemen not their husbands. 

Now it happens that the world famous Coco Chanel had a suite there, where she also had as a lover, a German officer.

After the war, there was much bad feeling towards women who slept with the enemy.

Chanel was saved from prosecution and jail by her many friends in high places, which included we are told, Churchill himself.

Unfortunately for actress Arletty … her friends in high places lost the war, and she spent some time in jail. 

Now then … the only reason for this post and telling you about an actress some of you might have briefly seen in the movie, “The Longest Day”, if you ever saw that movie, is because of the wonderfully gutsy remark she made with regard to her illicit affair with that officer. I love this.

“ My Heart is French ...  My ass is international ”


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calendar   Tuesday - April 22, 2014

the sorry state of france today.

Just so ya know, it isn’t just the French who have problems with these vermin.
That said, it does often appear to be worse there than it is here.  I have not heard or read of it happening as often in say London, as I have Paris.
If the authorities could only wake up.  Shoot and kill the bastards as soon as they are caught. Bang,bang and continue until the rest of their verminous kind get the message and stay away.  If word got out that people were no longer willing to put up with their shit, things would change for the better.  I have no doubt about that. 

More then 30 yrs ago the wife and I spent three days there.  Never saw or heard of a problem. This was long before the new agreement among the lefty euros who roped what became the EU, into that disastrous open border thing. We even went out late at night walking in Paris, others were out also, no problem. Never saw a Roma camp or any of those sub species.

The police can call for ‘systematic eviction’ all they want, til the cows come home if it makes em feel any better. But what will cure the slime invasion isn’t systematic eviction, it is plainly and rightly systematic extermination.  And especially those young enough to breed more of their kind. No age restrictions. Total elimination to cut the cancer out once and for all. 
Since that logical course will never occur, we can look for more of the same, and look for it to become worse. And there is no ‘if possible’ about it. There is no ‘if’, as it will be possible. Time will prove me correct in this.

Caught on camera: Moment brazen cash-point thieves swarm around middle-aged tourist near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and take his money

An aggressive gang of Roma sneak thieves surround a tourist
Within seconds they casually try to help themselves to his money
Police last week called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma

By Peter Allen

With the bells of Notre Dame heralding a glorious Easter Sunday morning, a tourist uses a cash point a short stroll from the ancient Paris cathedral.

Within seconds he is surrounded by an aggressive gang of Roma sneak thieves, who make no secret of what they want from him.

Feeling hands on his back and arms, the middle age man turns around in horror to see the utterly fearless gang casually trying to help themselves to his money.

Such scenes have become so common in the French capital that police last week called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma.

Groups of thieves, many of them teenagers, swarm around the main tourist landmarks day and night.

‘They respect nobody – they just want money or anything else they can steal,’ said another tourist who witnessed the incident at the cashpoint between Notre Dame and the Louvre museum, in the 1st arrondissement.


‘It might have been Easter, but the gangs were everywhere,’ she said. ‘One minute the man was making a cash withdrawal, the next he was a crime victim.

‘If the police come anywhere near the Roma, they just laugh and then run off. Areas are becoming completely lawless.’

Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world, and the British make up the city’s biggest visitor group, but its battle against the Roma is a losing one.

read and see more


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calendar   Friday - December 20, 2013

return to sender

I don’t have anything to add to this.

It’s worth a chuckle though and so worth sharing.

Bungling French bureaucrats send census letter to Napoleon Bonaparte

French statistics body send letter to French emperor for annual census

Envelope adressed to Napoleon Bonaparte sent to his home town

Corsican resident returned letter, telling them for forward it to Saint Peter

By Sara Malm

French bureaucrats gathering information for the national census may need to go back to history class after they sent a letter to Napoleon.

Official census body Insee addressed a letter to the late French emperor – and were told to forward their request to Saint Peter.

Insee is now facing questions about the accuracy of their work as Napoleon has been dead for nearly 200 years.

The letter caught the attention of a post office worker in Napoleon’s old hometown of Ajaccio on Corsica,’ Connexion reports.

The envelope was addressed to ‘Napoleon Bonaparte, 3 rue Saint-Charles, Ajaccio,’ and had been returned with a note reading ‘Died in 1821 - please forward to Saint Peter’.

The Corsican post office returned the letter to Insee, France’s national statistics body, with a sticker saying ‘Not known at this address’.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was recently named the second most significant person in human history by American scientists, was born on the French Mediterranean island in 1769.


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calendar   Sunday - October 27, 2013

hillary clinton for president in 2016 …. the choice of George Soros who starts the ball rolling

It’s already been pretty windy last 24 hours and rain on and off all day and night.
Don’t like the wind thing at all. Radio says there could be power outages.

Brace yourself: St Jude’s Storm with 90mph gales WILL hit Britain tonight

Here it comes! South coast is lashed by 25ft waves ahead of St Jude’s storm as train companies announce NO services before 9am tomorrow

That’s one headline.  And I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. 

And there are headlines that make us all see red.  Most especially cos they are true and there are public records to prove it.
For example.
This one.

Human right to make a killing: Damning dossier reveals taxpayers’ bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors

By TIM SHIPMAN,ARTHUR MARTIN - 25/10/2013 13:11:40

Judges in Strasbourg handed the criminals taxpayer-funded payouts of £4.4million – an average of £22,000 a head.  (that works out to $35,587.  Wonder what their lawyers get. )


And this headline which I must say, brought on a laugh. I never thought about these guys but why not?


Israel was behind the hacking of millions of French phones, not the US, it was claimed yesterday.

Mossad agents are said to have intercepted more than 70million calls and text messages a month.

Until now the French have blamed the Americans, even summoning the US ambassador to provide an explanation. But yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper said Mossad was to blame.

France first suspected the US of hacking into former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s communications network when he was unsuccessfully running for re-election last year. Intelligence officials went to Washington to demand an explanation, but the US hinted that the Israelis were to blame, Le Monde said.

The Americans insisted they had never been behind any hacking in France, and were keen to get on with the French, whom they viewed as one of their closest allies.

The article was co-authored by US journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose main contact is National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  He hints that Israel was doing the spying and says the NSA called Mossad ‘the third most aggressive intelligence service in the world against the US’.

PM defends spying, accuses Guardian and co. of lah-di-dah airy-fairy thinking, and Mossad spys on France

And … just so everyone knows.
An interesting caption that appeared under a photo of Obama says,

“EUROPE give Obama spy Ultimatum”

Whoa … guess we better watch our step. Hey … those folks are really upset and some have said, and you couldn’t make it up, that perhaps the EU would suspend intelligence sharing with the USA.
Right on guys.  Nothing works as well to send a message as cutting your own nose off to spite your face.  Yeah. That really works well.

One other very interesting bit of blather.  Actually, could be serious stuff.

I have read that George Soros is backing an effort to persuade Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016.  He has pledged a small amount to start the ball rolling.

Scary stuff really when you give it some thought.  So you’d have a foreigner with very deep pockets trying to pick the next president. Of course, we really don’t know how much foreign money ends up in both parties anyway. Do we? We already know the EU has spent money in the USA lobbying against the use of the death penalty. What other monies are being spent by foreign interests to conform to their views?
Maybe ... oh just guessing here but maybe ....



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calendar   Monday - October 21, 2013

travellers/roma/ gypsies whaever u call em, they leave this behind for others to clean up

I have said lots on the previous post tonight.  So there isn’t a thing I can add here I have not already said about this filth.
Filth ... also what these lice in human form ALWAYS leave behind.

* GENOCIDE * is the ONLY solution. 

French police move in to clear largest Roma gypsy camp in Marseille to find ghost town of rubbish and ramshackle huts after site’s NINETY families slipped away in the night

The site, in the heart of Marseille, was the largest Roma camp in the southern French city
It is unknown where the ninety families have gone but they left behind mounds of rubbish and makeshift huts
It comes days after an abducted four-year-old girl was rescued after a similar camp was cleared in Greece

By Matt Blake

It looks more like a post-apocalyptic wasteland than an inner-city campsite for families and friends.

But today police moved in on the largest Roma gypsy camp in the heart of Marseille days after the order was issued to dismantle the site.

But by the time they arrived they found the ninety families who lived there gone, having slipped away into the night.

All that was left was a forgotten ghost town of ramshackle huts, mounds of rubbish, wood, tyres and corrugated iron.


It is not known where the itinerants went as the long task of clearing up their village began.

It comes a week after police sparked riots in France after officers dragged a 15-year-old Roma schoolgirl off a bus in front of classmates so she could be expelled to Kosovo with her family.

Leonarda Dibrani was on a school trip when immigration officials boarded the school bus and arrested her.

She later described being escorted from the bus. A teacher ‘told me to say goodbye to my classmates. I told her it wasn’t fair,’ she said.

Leonarda, who was deported to Kosovo with her family on October 9, said her life was now ‘a nightmare’ and that all she wants is ‘to come back to France with my family’.

The government says her family, who had been living in Levier in the Doubs region of eastern France, had been denied asylum.



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calendar   Thursday - October 17, 2013

as much a cultural and social threat to europe as islam.  the roma.

This fight has been going on since 2012. Some had thought it had gone away.
But no.  Another idiot enabler wants to curse his fellow citizens with scum who are not fit to live, by moving gypos into a civilized area of Paris.  If successful, the area would quickly resemble an open garbage dump.  Which for them of course is only natural.  Vermin scurry around and burrow in filth. It’s their natural habitat. If one doesn’t exist already, they will create a new one.

Look at this.

French prime minister sparks fury by backing plans for Roma camp in one of the most exclusive parts of Paris

· Proposed camp would be in 16th district
· Area is known for its upmarket shops and restaurants
· Jean-Marc Ayrault said he can see no reason camp wouldn’t work
· Manuel Valls last month called for all Roma to return to home country

By Peter Allen In Paris

The prime minister of France has infuriated cabinet colleagues by backing plans to set up a Roma gypsy camp in one of the most affluent districts of Paris.

Jean-Marc Ayrault, one of the most traditional Socialists in his government, said he could see no reason why the plan for the 16th arrondissement should not be a success.

‘Why not?’ he said, when told about the project put forward by elected officials from the Leftish Front.
It would see thousands of mainly Romanian gypsies setting up their caravans and huts around a chic area renowned for its upmarket shops and restaurants.

This is despite efforts by successive French governments to smash the camps to pieces and to deport the gypsies who live in them.
Such issues will be of particular interest to Britain, which is preparing to welcome thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants next year when EU labour laws are revised.

Last month Mr Ayrault’s colleague Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, said it was ‘an illusion to think that we can solve the Roma problem through integration.’

Mr Valls wants to do everything possible to keep the Roma out of France, as he associates them with crime and public health problems.

His views were supported by a BVA poll which revealed that 77 per cent of French people agreed that Roma were inherently ‘different’.

more at the link, including comments like this one.

Patriot, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Typical Socialist.

Wanting to earn humanitarian Brownie Points by walking all over the tax payers who fund him.


Meanwhile, in another part of town another bru-haha concerning these illegal vermin.

French police board school bus to arrest 15-year-old Roma schoolgirl so she could be thrown out of France with her family

· The case of teenager Leonarda Dibrani has shocked French society
· She was met by officers after trip and hauled off in front of her friends
· Now the French Government has backtracked and ordered a probe
By Sam Webb

The case of a 15-year-old girl arrested by police in front of fellow pupils so she could be expelled to Kosovo with her family as illegal immigrants has caused outrage across France.

The government, trying to save face, is now investigating the case of Leonarda Dibrani who wants to return to the country, and has described her shame when she was escorted by police from a school bus after a field trip.

Immigrants’ rights groups and even members of the governing Socialist Party are calling the conditions of the expulsion shocking.
The Interior Ministry said the family’s application for asylum had been rejected and it no longer had the right to stay in France. It said they repeatedly refused to leave, so police detained the father and deported him to Kosovo on October 8.

They also detained the mother and five of their children, but Leonarda was away on a school field trip. Police met her bus when it returned.
The teenager ‘was crying, she was upset… she was discouraged’ when she got off the bus, Mr Boy said, and teachers and other children were shaken by the incident.

Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault ordered an investigation into how she was taken into custody and said that if any errors were found, the family will be allowed back to France for further examination.

The Education Without Frontiers Network said the expulsion was a setback for their efforts to keep illegal immigrants in school and to protect them from police intervention.

It is also an embarrassment for Socialist president Francois Hollande’s government, which has portrayed France as a haven for the world’s oppressed and distanced itself from his conservative predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough policies toward Roma and other immigrants.

Last month Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, said it was ‘an illusion to think that we can solve the Roma problem through integration.’
Mr Valls wants to do everything possible to keep the Roma out of France, as he associates them with crime and public health problems.

On October 6 Five Eastern Europeans were held in Paris after a £1million jewellery raid by up to 15 men brandishing sledgehammers and axes.
Police believe a Roma gipsy gang was behind the well-organised robbery at a Swiss luxury watchmaker’s store in the French capital.


Fred, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

It is only a stooping off place for a night or two while they are shown how to claim housing and unemployment money in the UK and then they will be on their way.


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calendar   Saturday - October 12, 2013

pisslam … as usual. and it won’t end in our lifetime.

It’s come to this in France.  Wonder which state is next.

H/T Islamist Watch ...

which gave me the heads up to an article I had not seen in the Daily Mail.  Odd that since we receive the paper Mon. thru Sun.
Better late than never I guess, and it is surprising seeing as there are so many real problems posed by this protected group.
I keep saying it and I do believe it.  The west just will not protect itself and take measures necessary to that end.  The powers that be are more concerned with being labeled racists or suffering islamaphobia.

Ivan Rioufol is a leading figure of the French Press. A constant theme of his wise columns in the right-of-centre Le Figaro newspaper is how mass immigration of Muslims has changed France’s national identity.

Last week, he was investigated by a judge for allegedly defaming Islam. This was not under any racial hatred laws, but under the draconian law that regulates the French media. This is a timely object lesson of what would happen to our freedom of expression if the British press becomes state-regulated.
Simon Heffer

French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate

Ivan Rioufol was summoned to court under France’s strict press laws
Objected to Collective Against Islamophobia In France poster campaign
Says law has been used to ‘penalise criticism and intimidate journalists’

By Peter Allen

A French journalist is facing a criminal trial under the country’s strict press laws for remarks made during a radio debate about the influence of Islam.

Ivan Rioufol, 61, believes the way he is being treated is an example of how writers are criminalised when the state is able to control the media.

He was summoned to court under strict press laws which date back to the 19th Century following a complaint from a pressure group called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF).

‘In seeking to undermine liberty of expression, a sacred principle of our civilisation, the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) takes the risk of appearing like a menace to democracy,’ said Mr Rioufol.

‘This is essentially what I hope to be able to explain in court, because I will have to appear in a few months before the 17th Criminal Court in Paris.’

Mr Rioufol, who has written for Le Figaro newspaper for almost 28 years, made some allegedly defamatory remarks on November 15th 2012 during an RTL radio programme called ‘We Reshape the World.’

Mr Rioufol particularly objected to a CCIF poster campaign which showed pictures of predominantly bearded and veiled Muslims under the slogan


The journalist said that this was against the spirit of France’s inclusive, secular republic – something which CCIF objected to.

Mr Rioufol said that France’s 1881 Press Law was being used to ‘penalise criticism, intimidate journalists, censor the media’ and even ‘to reintroduce the offence of blasphemy’.

A spokesman for CCIF said it had a duty to challenge ‘Islamophobia’ and the press laws were a logical way of challenging journalism it objected to.


yabon banania, Paris, France

Using “phobia” to disqualify your intellectual opponent… Soviet heritage.
The most interesting thing is that CCIF (which means “sword” in arabic if you read it like “sif") hardly has any supporters and lives off rich emirati money. Just like ALL French anti-racist associations live off taxpayer’s money and not on their supporters, who amount to just a few hundred people.


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calendar   Saturday - October 05, 2013

syrian immigrants in france “DEMAND” to be allowed to come here. French aren’t soft enough for them

So they find their way to France, but that isn’t exactly where they wanna be.  Oh no. Course not.

Where they want to be is ....

H E R E !

Can’t say as I blame them.  I guess the word has been out for a long time.  Soft touch Britain is the place to be.  Muslim friendly too. Oh yeah. It’s the law.

As for those on that hunger strike. Rubbish.  They already know that nobody will actually allow them to starve.  I would, but I’m not running things, so they’ll survive.  But the French don’t actually want them either.

Take a look.

Syrian asylum seekers occupy a roof and footbridge in Calais demanding ‘Take us to the UK’

Riot police trying to control group, all of whom want to claim help in Britain

40 gone on hunger strike and refuse to move from bridge in Calais ferry port

By Peter Allen

Dozens of Syrian asylum seekers were today occupying a roof and footbridge in Calais and demanding: ‘Take us to the United Kingdom’.

Riot police were trying to control the group, all of whom want to claim housing and benefits in Britain rather than France.

Around 40 of them have gone on hunger strike and refuse to move from the key bridge in the Calais ferry port.


Interesting choice of words by the reporter.
They aren’t here yet but notice, they are “demanding” something already.  I suppose once they arrive they will also demand lots of things as their right.
I guess we’ll see.  Meanwhile, those guys threatening suicide .... nah.  Much doubt about that. Not unless it’s inside a shopping mall or on some high street where lots of death and damage can be done.

Some have also climbed on a roof and threatened to jump off unless their demand to be taken to England is met.

‘We are treated like dogs in France and do not want to stay here,’ said one migrant, who said his name was Majid.

‘Britain is a fair country, and that is why we want to go there – we will be treated will by the British government.’

Placards held up by the 60 plus refugees include slogans including ‘Take us to the UK’ and ‘We want to talk to David Cameron’.

Syria has close historical links with France, which has promised to speed up asylum claims from those who have escaped the Civil War.

But the process is notoriously slow in France, with few benefits made available while migrants are waiting.

French President Francois Hollande had led the calls for military action against Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, but is doing very little for Syrian refugees.

Those sleeping rough are quickly moved on by the police, leaving them to rely on homeless charities.

The Calais group includes women and children, all of whom say they come from towns which have been bombed continually.

One woman, who said she originally came from ‘near Damascus’, said: ‘The procedures for us to claim asylum are far simpler and quicker in Britain.

‘Once there we will be well treated, and can bring our families too. We can start new lives in Britain.’

Calais is notorious magnate for migrants from all over the world, many of whom try to get into Britain illegally, either in the back of lorries crossing the Channel by ferry, or by hiding in trains.

source for more


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/05/2013 at 05:00 AM   
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calendar   Monday - September 30, 2013

Suspected roma gang leader, is a 66-year-old woman

Well, here we are yet again and this time it’s the same old thing but with a newer cast.

Romas, Gypos, whatever you want to call them, the menace just keeps growing like reproducing insects. Which of course these folks are closely related to.

Anyway .... France is still having problems but at least the French are confronting the problem head on. Or it looks that way.  But they are NOT eliminating the problem, which something like Sarin gas would do. Quickly and cheaply.

Oh yeah ... just a reminder.  Lots of these folks are coming our way come January.  That’s in addition to those already here. That’s what open borders is all about.  And that’s what Sarin and ZyklonB gas could put a permanent stop to. Once deleted, they can’t come back to haunt and do more damage. Easy. Too bad not enough patriots on hand or not enough people with the stomach to take on so easy a job.

Roma gypsy gang sold their women for stealing skills and children were used like conscripts in a criminal army, French court told at start trial

27 people charged are accused of committing 100 robberies in 2011 alone

Offences were carried out in France, Belgium and parts of Germany

Suspected gang leader, a 66-year-old woman to be tried separately

By Afp Reporter

Three Croatian Roma families traded women on the strength of their stealing skills and used children like conscripts to a criminal army, a French court was told Monday.

A total of 27 people aged between 19 and 55 are charged by the court in Nancy, eastern France, with offences ranging from criminal association to people trafficking in a trial taking place against the background of a highly charged debate over the treatment of Roma migrants from eastern Europe.

Gilles Weintz, the police officer who took charge of a complex probe into the families’ activities, said they were behind more than 100 robberies carried out in 2011 alone, in France and neighbouring parts of Belgium and Germany.

Most of them were allegedly carried out by children as young as 10.

The case began on the day that France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared Romania and Bulgaria should not be allowed into the passport-free Schengen zone due to security fears.

‘The burglaries were daily, all over Europe,’ Weintz said. ‘They never stopped: for the children it was like a form of military service.’

Weintz said the prosecution would also present evidence of brides being bought then renounced when they did not bring in enough money.

The evidence against the families is based on the tapped phone calls of 120 suspects which the officer said had revealed a mafia-style structure in which clan chiefs were supported by a network of subordinate captains and lieutenants, who in turn ran the children at the bottom of the pyramid.

‘Some of what we discovered was particularly shocking, like the father who asked his 12-year-old daughter to hide a stolen watch worth 80,000 euros in her rectum because he knew the police would not do body searches on minors.’

The people trafficking charges related to the alleged purchase of wives for up to 180,000 euros each. 

‘The better they were at stealing, the higher the price was,’ Weintz added. ‘Young looking women also commanded higher prices because they had a better chance of passing themselves off as minors.’

The officer cited the case of a woman identified as Nathalie who had been bought but failed to live up to expectations by bringing in ‘only’ 200,000 euros over two years.

Her family was allegedly ordered to pay back 100,000 euros but the amount was finally reduced to 55,000 to take into account the sexual abuse she had suffered.

The children meanwhile were expected to bring in up to 5,000 euros per month each in the form of stolen goods that were then sold on through fences in France and Germany, helping to finance luxury lifestyles for the clan chiefs, some of whom owned upscale properties in Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

The suspected supremo of the whole operation—a 66-year-old woman—is to be tried separately from the 27 suspects on trial here.

Lawyers for the defendants contest the people trafficking charges, saying the financial transactions were part of traditional dowry arrangements.

They are expected to challenge the extent to which the prosecution case is based on evidence garnered from phone tapping.

Defence lawyers also questioned whether their clients could reasonably expect a fair trial in light of the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France

There is ongoing controversy over a claim by Interior Minister Manuel Valls that most of them will never assimilate into French society and should be deported.

‘I hope there will not be a judicial stigmatisation as there is currently a political stigmatisation,’ said Alain Behr, a lawyer for one of the alleged clan leaders.


the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France
And of course .... there isn’t any genuine reason for that.  Is there?

I’d lump the lawyers who defend these lice in with those who really do not need to be here.

Europe’s twin Cancers.  Romas and the lawyers.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/30/2013 at 11:01 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - September 29, 2013

to say or print anything that justifies a crime in France, can lead to fine and arrest.

We get the Daily Mail 7 days a week, read cover to cover.  Or, I’d like to say I do.  My wife for sure does, sometimes even the sports page and always financial. So how’d we miss this story? 
There has been a time or two I have either been just too tired, or out of sorts, but one of our regulars emailed me the article so although some days late, it’s still worth the post. Comes under a heading we haven’t bothered to enter under categories which is;

What was this woman thinking?

Maybe she wasn’t thinking at all.  ??

H/T Doc Jeff

French mother convicted after sending three-year-old son named ‘Jihad’ to school in ‘I am a bomb’ T-shirt

Bouchra Bagour, 35, found guilty of ‘justifying a crime’

Insisted she had put it on child ‘without stopping to think about it’

The back of T-shirt read Jihad: Born on 11 September

Child’s uncle, who bought T-shirt also convicted

By Jill Reilly

A French court has found a mother guilty of ‘justifying a crime’ after sending her three-year-old son, Jihad, to school in a T-shirt with the slogans: ‘I am a bomb’ and ‘Born on Sept. 11’.

Bouchra Bagour, 35, was given a one month suspended sentence and fined 2000 Euros. Her brother Zayed, who had the T-shirt made, received a two month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 4000 Euros.

The case was brought after a teacher at the child’s pre-school in Sorgues near Avignon complained about the T-shirt. She and the school’s principal were shocked and alerted authorities.

Bagour insisted she had put it on her son ‘without stopping to think about it’ when he wore it to school on 24 September last year.

A few days later the town mayor, Thierry Lagneau of the conservative UMP party, asked prosecutors to investigate.

I condemn the attitude of the parents who shamefully took advantage of the person and the age of this child to convey a political message,’ Lagneau said at the time.

The verdict of an appeals court in Nimes overruled an earlier decision to acquit the pair.

Bagour’s lawyer Gaele Guenon told AP she was astonished the acquital had been overturned.

During her trial Bagour denied the charge of defending terrorism through the T-shirt message.

‘I thought it might make people laugh,’ she said, according to Le Parisien.

The expression plays on the popular French saying ‘Je suis la bombe’, which translates roughly as ‘I am the best’.

The back of the T-shirt read ‘Born on 11 September,’ but Bagour insisted it was only a reference to her son’s date of birth.

Bagour’s brother - who gave the child the T-shirt was also charged.

Zayed Bagour denied trying to promote a message by buying the T-shirt.

‘It’s the day his birth I wanted to highlight, not the year,’ he told the court.

In an interview with the newspaper La Provence in November, Boucha Bagour said that while she is Muslim, ‘there is no message to be conveyed by the T-shirt — no intent.’

‘Bomb’ is used in the sense of ‘handsome,’ nothing more,’ she said.

However, lawyer Claude Avril said: ‘Idiocy is often the best alibi to hide real intentions’, reported Sky News.

‘At some point there must be limits. They are not stupid. They understand the significance of what they are doing,’ he said.

Josette Pessemesse, from the far-left Front de Gauche party, wrote an open letter to the court defending the ‘right to humour.’ It was signed by around 50 people.

‘This is the same as qualifying all Muslims as terrorists,’ Pessemesse told France Info.


Interesting. In France one may not legally opine that a crime may be justified. 
So, what might happen if a parent caught their child’s abuser, and either crippled him or killed him, and I said “Good”. The bastard had it coming for what he did.  I am justifying the parents taking the law into their own hands, and so therefore could be arrested.  Is that correct?
Not sure that’s a very fair law.  Or am I off side here?  I may not like her use of those images and words and what they convey. I see no humor either. Not so certain about arrest or fines tho.  Really not certain what I think, as I ponder this story.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/29/2013 at 12:45 PM   
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calendar   Friday - September 27, 2013

france’s interior minister on romas ….  send them all home. my solution is more final.


A French minister and a socialist at that.  Aren’t they supposed to be of the left? 
Doesn’t matter here.
The only question is, how many will listen?

Fed up as are many, he wants the Romas deported, and he could be in a spot of trouble with the EU over his free speech.

France’s Interior Minister calls for Roma gypsies ‘to return’ to Romania or Bulgaria because they can’t integrate

· Manuel Valls said the Roma way of life is too different for them to integrate
· Said Roma communities are in ‘obvious confrontation’ with locals
· European Commission threatened sanctions against France for its policy

By Peter Allen In Paris

A French minister has called for Roma gipsies to ‘return to Romania or Bulgaria’ because they don’t integrate well in France.
There have also been demands from other politicians for the two impoverished countries to be ‘locked out’ of European agreements which allow freedom of movement.

Interior minister Manuel Valls’s explosive words yesterday started a wide-ranging debate about the abject failure of EU ‘open border’ immigration policies.
The European Commission immediately threatened sanctions against France for its policy towards the Roma community.

A spokesman insisted everyone from Bulgaria and Rumania was a citizen of the EU and therefore had a right to travel anywhere.
Three years ago the Commission’s vice president, Viviane Reding, sent a similar threat to former president Nicolas Sarkozy, saying that Roma expulsions had to stop.

The row will be of huge interest in the UK, as next year restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians looking for work are being swept away.
In an interview on the France Inter radio station, Mr Valls said: ‘The Roma should return to Romania or Bulgaria.’

The Socialist Party member added: ‘Yes, we must tell the truth to the French – these populations have a way of life that is extremely different to ours, and they are obviously in confrontation with local populations.’
Illegal Roma camps have sprung up on the edges of major cities such as Paris and Marseille. All have become associated with widespread crime and major health hazards.

‘It is unrealistic to think we will solve the problem of Roma populations only through integration.’
He said there is ‘no alternative but to dismantle these camps and gradually move them across the border’.

And last night he remained defiant in the face of criticism, insisting: ‘The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people.
‘I’d remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard’s statement “it’s not France’s job to deal with the misery of the whole world”.’

One of Mr Valls’s own cabinet colleagues, Arnaud Montebourg, also pointed to the fact the minister’s family were migrants from Spain.

Referring to the Schengen agreement which allows people to move across Europe without passport checks, Mr Cope said both Romania and Bulgaria should be excluded.

‘We close our eyes to the French government to what is happening in our country – the constant violence’, he said. ‘This is extremely serious and…it is out of the question that Bulgaria and Romania enter the Schengen area until the problem is resolved at the European level.’

There are an estimated 15,000 Roma gipsies in France. Two years ago the then interior minister, Claude Gueant, claimed the vast majority of street robberies in Paris were carried out by Romanian immigrants.

source and pix

What Europe should do is reopen the old Nazi camps, rebuild the ovens and dispose of this virus once and for all time. All of them. No exceptions.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/27/2013 at 04:16 AM   
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