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calendar   Monday - December 13, 2010

cancun … where the elite meet ta eat and frolic while others pick up the tab.

DOWN, with global warming.

UP, with Climate Change.  All hail and long live the newer version of the old religion.  Tax donate till it hurts in order to help the poorer countries.

Hey, why not just let those poor countries tax the west and forget donations etc.  Hell, they’ve been taxing us for generations anyway.

Newspapers and charities insist on showing us pictures of baleful stares and pitiful poses (and mostly they are posed), of starving turd worlders. Like Somalia for one example. Haiti is another.  Oh yeah. Before I forget. 

What the sam hill is our lady Sarah doing in Haiti?  She is getting some bad input from advisors I think.  Come on, is anyone gonna believe it was her idea? Even if it were, it’s going to be seen as more political (which you know it has to be) then any warm feelings for a failed country that has been an open money pit for the west for generations.  Nothing is going to change in that blighted place for the next thousand years.  Those folks just are not up to it. Alright, maybe they’ll start to make progress in 500 years. Sarah Palin in Haiti my friends just does not appear natural.  Couldn’t her advisors find something a bit closer to home to focus on? 

Back to climate change and the horrid things man and woman kind are doing to our planet.  Leaving huge carbon footprints. One of the newest of the new deadly sins in this religion. So like 15,000 (or was it 1,500?) fat cats from around the globe, all gathered in comfy rooms at four or five star hotels in Cancun, with miles of rented limos and how many planes?  All to discuss the subject bequeathed by the prophet Gore, may he find a good piece to curl up with. 

So it now comes to this.  It’s suggested that another tax be levied on the Brit taxpayer in gween taxes, to help the poor blighted countries of the world.
As though this country hasn’t paid, and been paying for years and years and years and years and years ......  When is this BS gonna end? When exactly are people going to wake the hell up and say damn it. Enough!  Groan.

Here. Take a look.

Cancun climate change conference: Britain is urged to impose £15 billion in green taxes

British taxpayers could pay an extra £600 per year in green taxes to help poor countries cope with the floods and droughts caused by climate change, Lord Stern has suggested.

By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent Cancun

The economist said the UK would have to contribute around £1.5 billion from 2020 to a new ‘green fund’, that is expected to be set up during global talks on climate change in Cancun this week.

The Treasury is unlikely to set up new mechanisms to raise such a small amount of cash.

Therefore it is better to raise ten times as much and use just ten per cent for the green fund. The rest can be used as the Government sees fit.

An extra £15 billion could be raised in taxes on polluting industry and power from coal, gas and petrol. Although the levies will be directly on factories or power stations, eventually it will come down to the consumers.

If every householder was to pay the same amount it would cost £600, although ultimately it is likely to be unevenly distributed as households with more cars or high energy use will pay more.

“People would see these tax rises through electricity, through cars,” said Lord Stern.

However he was keen to point out that the overall bill for households would not necessarily increase as taxes should reduce elsewhere. Also energy costs should come down as a result of improved efficiency and more renewables.

“This is a story of people paying for the damage they do, this is stopping subsidising pollution,” he said.

“This is a story of shifting the basis of taxation, it could be from VAT, it could be income tax, or they could fund schools. This is a change in the balance of taxation.”

The UK is already paying billions of pounds installing wind turbines and other green energy sources, as part of global efforts to cut carbon emissions.

more here

The hard copy version says the taxpayer SHOULD pay ... the on line version says COULD pay.

Why not just forget about it altogether?  Cos then all those fat cats would have no where to fly every year at someone else’s expense. They’d most likely have to stay home. Maybe even with their wives and or husbands.


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calendar   Monday - December 06, 2010

Doing It The Wrong Way

This looks like some major arm twisting to me. A kind of extortion, similar to Jesse Jackson’s actions against businesses. Or it is simple common sense?


Bow to my rainbow: plan for ships to be marked with emissions efficiency colors

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has declared war on the shipping industry with a new climate change initiative.


The Carbon War Room, an independent venture, wants to see an efficiency rating on every ocean going vessel to help clean up the industry. It is the first of many industries being targeted by the group who believe climate change can be solved through business rather than government summits. Ministers from 190 countries are into their second week of negotiations in Cancun, Mexico with no sign of a global deal.

Sir Richard told Sky News: “It is up to us business leaders to help those politicians deliver, they haven’t delivered so far, if they don’t deliver we can’t afford to wait. “It is up to us to get our house in order and make sure the world is safe for our children and our grandchildren.”

While shipping is a relatively clean mode of transport it accounts for over a billion tonnes of C02 a year - if it were a country it would be the world’s sixth biggest emitter. Carbon War Room believe the sector could be made at least 30% more efficient by upgrading and refitting ships. Their website has catalogued 60,000 of the world’s ocean going vessels, with the cleanest rated ‘A’ and the worst polluters scoring ‘G’.

Peter Boyd, who is leading the project, explained: “You can go online and see an estimate of how clean or dirty the ship is. Whether you are an owner and you want to display that you are an A grade ship, whether you are a port or if you are a brand like Marks and Spencer or Sainsbury’s, you can start to pick your fleet depending on how efficient it is.”

A port? Is he trying to float the idea that certain ports would have certain emissions qualifications for entrance? “Sorry, only C grade ships or better here!”

The ratings are estimates but Carbon War Room believes there is only a one to two percent margin of error.

Industry experts welcome the move although they say it currently paints a very general picture.

Dr Simon Walmsley of WWF International told Sky News the ratings would provoke an industry reaction “and hopefully get them around the table to discuss how this can be a more accurate representation.”

“If that happens this will be fantastic, as these sort of rankings are very helpful for both customers and consumers.”

Right-o. So we’ve got a bunch of greenies here, or what? Or is it real? It shouldn’t be all that hard to figure out: ( mass of freight cargo hauled X distance traveled ) ÷ ( fuel used X weather factor ) = Efficiency Rating, and that rating implies a pollution level. Well, ceteris paribus. Which it never really is, because things are only equal in Economics 101. In the real world they never are.

One problem though: if you don’t factor in time, then sailboats will appear to be the big winners here. And if you do factor in time, you’ll soon see that the most gigantic ships are the most efficient ones, even though they pollute the most on a per ship basis. Not only that, but proper analysis will show that only 3 or 4 routes across the seas are the most efficient. And anyone who knows a bit about logistics will see the risks and problems with shipping One Big Order from point A to point B when you actually need 12 little orders to go to points C, D, E ... N. So secondary transport costs and warehousing have to figure into the equation to make it meaningful, and they never will (each company’s needs and locations are different). So this is a worthless metric. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

On the third hand, no matter which way you slice it, this greenie rating will show that in terms of fuel efficiency and lower emissions, nuclear powered civilian owned cargo ships are the way to go. And that will blow their minds. Or cause them to argue for Obama and the One-Worlders to now take over the shipping industry.

But it does rather look like arm twisting to me: “government isn’t getting the job done, so we’ll turn to the market and let them solve it ... by publishing a list of ratings we dreamed up, causing a big ruckus and frightening dogs and little children, then we’ll twist the clean-air-guilt screws on retail businesses, then we’ll have a big meeting with all the shipping companies and see if we can’t figure out a way to make our ratings, you know, actually accurate.” Say what??

On the fourth hand, all of this is predicated on the belief that shipping customers could give a flying fart about the emissions generated by the ships they hire to bring in their cargoes. Seems to me that the only thing that matters to them is the volumetric time to cost ratio: I need a lot of my stuff and I need it right now = pay more, vs I’ll take a little and I can wait = pay less. I guess Branson thinks he’s going to run millions and millions of ad campaigns that say “Oh noes, the Dover Rover Cheese Company imported a barrel of rennet on a dirty boat! Don’t buy their products!” and that will actually have meaning? Oh please. After the 5th ad for the 3rd product for the boycott de jour NOBODY will pay it any attention whatsoever. And all any company will have to do is to bring in ONE load of stuff per year on the M/V Mr. Clean, and make an ad about it. The rest of the time they can explain away using the SS Dirty Birdy as “spreading the wealth around” to “developing third world economies” and get a total pass.

This is a dipshit idea Sir Richard. Now go wash your hair, you look like a greasy teenager.


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calendar   Friday - November 26, 2010

gorebal warming is slowing down … where will that leave the priests of the new religion?

Oh dear .. The Bunny Huggers aren’t gonna alike this.
Be interesting to learn what sort of excuses or bad names will be applied to the scientists who do not belong to the new GWarming religion.

Now before settling in on anything or accepting this report, lets wait to hear what Al Bore has to say on the subject.
He has been kind of quiet lately tho, hasn’t he?

Global warming has slowed down over the past 10 years, say scientists

By Daily Mail Reporter

The rate at which global temperatures are rising has slowed in the past decade, scientists said today.

In a report published today, the Met Office said the slow in the rate of warming was down to a combination of natural variation in the weather and pollution.

Scientists say one of the major factors is the rise in heavy industry and pollutant ‘aerosols’, particularly in Asia.

An upsurge in industrial emissions such as sulphur which are being pumped into the atmosphere reflects sunlight and could lead to a cooling effect.

Changes in the amount of water vapour in the stratosphere may also be a factor, the report suggests.

The admission will be seized upon by climate sceptics as evidence that man-made global warming has been overstated.

all the rest of it is here


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calendar   Wednesday - October 27, 2010

No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police …..

Lets not get overwrought here. Ain’t gonna happen but must say I got a laugh out of it.  Although some are quite serious about this. And naturally I think they’re all batbatbatbat Moonbatty.

No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police

By Sean Poulter

Wholesale changes to the nation’s diet, with a move towards vegetarian food and away from beef and cheese, have been recommended by Government advisers.

A report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency suggests radical changes to what we eat and even how we cook.

These include eating more seasonal produce to reduce transportation and switching to microwave ovens and pressure cookers to use less energy in preparing food.

Out would go beef, cheese, sugary foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa. In would come vegetables and pulses, together with yogurt.

The FSA says the switch is necessary as part of a move to a diet that is low in greenhouse gases (GHG), which are associated with climate change.

The report, compiled by a team from the University of East Anglia, suggests that schools, hospitals and other public bodies should be expected to lead a change in national behaviour by putting low-GHG food on their menus.

The university was at the centre of allegations last year that it had manipulated climate change data to magnify the problem.

Its report, called Food and Climate Change, will be controversial given that many people may baulk at being told what they should eat in order to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

a bit more here


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calendar   Wednesday - October 13, 2010

the great global warming fraud ……..

This issue is something else that won’t go away anytime soon.  The zealots on the left of course will do all they can to silence the debate.  There are btw, some schools here that already are teaching youngsters one side of the argument and “green things” have become a religion.  Kiddies are lecturing parents about it, which tells you how far the tree huggers are in the argument.  I can not imagine a public school here teaching another viewpoint without either losing funding or finding themselves at the center of a storm they will not weather well.

This is a heck of a story, I’m doubtful any of you have seen it.  I’d encourage you to read all the letter at the link below. You may want to use it if you have your own blog site. Or simply share it any other way you see fit.  Take a look.

US physics professor: ‘Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life’

By James Delingpole
Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is his letter of resignation to Curtis G. Callan Jr, Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society.
This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.

Dear Curt:
When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood (a threat against which Dwight Eisenhower warned a half-century ago). How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth, and the money flood has become the raison d’être of much physics research, the vital sustenance of much more, and it provides the support for untold numbers of professional jobs. For reasons that will soon become clear my former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years has been turned into shame, and I am forced, with no pleasure at all, to offer you my resignation from the Society.

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.
So what has the APS, as an organization, done in the face of this challenge? It has accepted the corruption as the norm, and gone along with it. For example:



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calendar   Saturday - October 02, 2010

No Pressure

The whack-job greenies have finally come out of hiding, and shown their true colors.

And those colors are red black and white, because they are nazis. Eco-nazis.


Agree with them or be killed.

“Oh get a life, this is funny” they say “it’s a joke to raise awareness.”


Looks to me like they’ve used heavy artillery to shoot themselves in the foot with. And now they don’t have a leg left to stand on.


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calendar   Friday - September 03, 2010

Buggin Out


I hate you stinkbugs
Oh yes I do
I will Drione™ your ass
And Sevin™ too
I’ll watch your death throes
And think it’s swell
Oh stinkbugs
Burn in Hell

It’s that time of year again. At the end of the summer the little bastards seem to swarm, hanging out on outside walls and windows. Are they getting ready to breed? I don’t know. I don’t care. But I do know that they’re beginning to look for sheltered nooks and crannies to overwinter in. And our condo has vinyl siding, which seems to be made up of nothing but nooks and crannies.

I stepped out on the front balcony tonight and the little horrors were all over me. They are pretty heavy bugs, and each one is about the size of a dime. So you can really tell when they land on you. And their wings rustle with a deep drone ... brrrrrrr ... sounds like they’re the size of sparrows when you have one in your room at night. Ick. And they fly at night too. And they stink. P. U. Not just when they sense danger. All the time, but even worse when they get upset.

So I got out the Drione™ puffer and went at it. Did all the corners, all the little openings on the edges, all around the slider frame and underneath the toe kick. And while I was at it I must have squashed 3 dozen. You have to take that Drione™ dust on faith. It’s not a knockdown poison. You puff some out, the bugs walk through it, and within minutes - or hours, or a day or two - they curl up and die. But the poison powder also has a stimulator in it, so when the bugs get in it they get hyperactive. This makes them die faster, in theory. All I know is that suddenly they were all over the place. I’m expecting a crunchy carpet of corpses by tomorrow. At which point I’ll probably spray Sevin in the grooves for the sliding door’s glass. Hell, I’ll put up duct tape, sticky side out, if I have to. It’s war.


UPDATE: Use the right tools to do the right job. But first, know your enemy.

Stink bugs come in several varieties. There is the green stink bug, the southern green stink bug, the brown stick bug, and now we have the lousy Chinese import Halyomorpha halys, the East Asian Brown Marmorated stink bug. And it’s accidental introduction point was Allentown PA, not too far away, just 9 years ago. They have quickly spread all across the northern parts of America, right out to the Pacific Coast. That’s the kind that I have here, and they are tougher to kill than the green varieties. The good news is that around here they only breed once, or at most twice, a year. Unlike the dixieland stink bugs that can breed 5 times a year. The bad news is that they destroy crops, especially fruit, and do a bang up job on several kinds of ornamental shrubs too. The icky news is that like all stink bugs, they love to sneak into your attic and hide out over the winters. In flocks. Swarms. Satanic multitudes.

“marmorated” refers to their coloring. It means “veined or streaked like marble” and is similar to “brindled”. These particular bugs here are gray-brown, but are darker in the middle and have white spots out at the edges. So, marmorated they may be, but they still have to die.


the marmorated stink bug, another crappy import from China

A whole bunch of internet research shows me that straight up pyrethrins like Drione™ are not the best solution. Oh they work, but you shouldn’t drive screws with a hammer. Find a screwdriver. Looks like the screwdriver of choice is bifenthrin. It’s a synthetic pyrethroid that is non-toxic to people and pets when dry. Bifenthrin is a long term residual and is one of the best termite control agents on the market. It does a great job on cockroaches too. Farmers spray their crops with the stuff. Landscapers use it to control bugs in your lawn. For stink bugs, several studies have shown that a dilute strength of around 0.06% will kill these bastards with a 95% confidence level. That statistical talk for “git ‘er done”. And you get exactly that dilution when you mix an ounce of Bifen I/T in a gallon of water.

But there may be an even better way. Recent research has shown that a combination of bifenthrin and imidacloprid is far more effective than either one used alone. Imida-what? Imidacloprid is an acetamiprid. Who? It’s a neonicitinoid. What? Dammit, speak English!!  It’s synthetic tobacco juice, m’kay? Tobacco juice has been used as a pesticide ever since some colonial American took a chaw of ‘baccy and spit the juice on a bug, which up and died.

Both neonicitoids and pyrethrins kill bugs by short circuiting their central nervous systems. So they go crazy until they collapse. And twitch to death. Cool. But because bugs are much simpler life forms than pets and people, theses insecticides don’t have much effect on us. Imidacloprid is classified by the EPA as a Group E pesticide which means no evidence of carcinogenicity has ever been found. Farmers use the stuff all the time to control chewing pests that eat their crops. As far as I can tell, right now there are no pesticides on the market that combine both these ingredients, but patents have been applied for and efficacy results are turning up. So it’s really just a matter of time.

The Asian stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), also commonly known as the brown marmorated stink bug, is an insect pest that can be a significant problem in back yards and gardens. Originally from Asia as its name suggests, the Asian stink bug can damage and kill plants and may destroy fruit crops. It can also produce a horrible odor when disturbed or crushed. To protect your vegetables, flowers and shrubs, get rid of this pest if it’s infesting your property.

It has now been unexpectedly found that an insecticidal composition containing bifenthrin and acetamiprid, results in high knockdown and mortality rates when applied to general household pests. A preferred liquid insecticide composition ... is comprised of from 0.001% by weight to 0.12% by weight of bifenthrin and from 0.001% by weight to 0.20% by weight of acetamiprids .

Sweet. I like high knockdown rates. Spray ‘em and watch ‘em drop. Time for me to go out on the balcony and count the casualties. The war goes on.


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calendar   Tuesday - August 31, 2010

Greenpeace claims to have shut down Greenland oil well

They evaded the police AND the Navy?  Somebody is not very serious about security here.

It’s like I have long believed.  These folks know what they can get away with. They know for certain that instead of bullets or mustard gas, the people they oppose will try and use words.  They will not want to hurt anyone.

I guess what bothers me so much about these people, is the idea that they have ALL the correct answers, and are willing to take on the job for all of us to be saved from the threats they see looming.  Like, the sky falling.  Of course, only homophobic fascists disagree with them and need to be silenced as only their opinion is allowed.

These people are nothing but a seagoing mob. The only way to deal with a mob, is to exterminate it.  Problem solved.

Some folks may differ but that’s how I see it.

Short video at the link.

Greenpeace claims its activists have shut down a ‘’dangerous’’ oil drilling operation by a British energy company in the Arctic.

from The Telegraph

The environmental group said four expert climbers in inflatable speedboats had evaded the Danish navy to climb up the inside of the Cairn Energy oil rig off Greenland.

The four campaigners are now hanging from the rig 15m above the icy Arctic ocean in tents suspended from ropes, halting its drilling operation, Greenpeace said.

The campaigners, who are protesting against what they claim are the ‘’huge risks’’ energy companies are taking with the environment by drilling for oil in deep water, say they have enough supplies to occupy the tents for several days.

They claim that if they halt drilling for a short time, Cairn will struggle to meet the deadline to complete exploration before the winter conditions set in, forcing the company to abandon the search for oil off Greenland until next year.

Sim McKenna, from the US, who is one of the climbers, said: ‘’We’ve got to keep the energy companies out of the Arctic and kick our addiction to oil, that’s why we’re going to stop this rig from drilling for as long as we can.

‘’The BP Gulf oil disaster showed us it’s time to go beyond oil.

And it’s this bit of quote that makes my point I believe.

Last week the campaigners said they were confronted by a Danish warship sent to protect the drilling operation in the seas off Greenland.

Greenpeace said it had been warned that the ship would be raided and the captain arrested if it breached a security zone set up in the area.

So what did happen?  Nothing except that the mob has occupied the rig.  Which is exactly what they knew might would happen.



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calendar   Wednesday - August 04, 2010


From Carol, an email that also made it as a blog post, but started out as a letter to the editor. Is it true? I don’t know. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s only true for certain definitions of “truth”. But I love the closing line.

BP dupes the President

It seems a miracle that our beloved leader was able to convince BP to establish a $20 billion slush (oops, escrow) fund to compensate those hurt by the ongoing oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico. After all, he had no constitutional power to force them to do so; so had to resort to Chicago-style negotiating.

But, let us take a closer look at the effect on BP’s finances:

1. BP will establish a $20 billion fund, but will pay only $7 billion into it during 2010.

2. BP is a British corporation, but has a very large operating entity in the U.S.

3. By generally accepted accounting principles, BP must book the entire $20 billion expense in the year accrued. Therefore, they will book a $20 billion expense in 2010, reducing their U.S. tax liability by $7 billion.

4. Our dear leader also convinced this massive corporation to show their concern for the “small people” by withholding dividends to their shareholders for the last three quarters of 2010. This reduces their outward cash flow by about $7.5 billion, including approximately 40 percent of that amount to U.S. citizens. Assuming the Bush tax cuts will survive through 2010, the U.S. Treasury will lose another $450 million in taxes on that amount. We won’t even discuss the effect on the U.S. economy.

Let us review the results:

BP Cash Flow:

Escrow funding ($7 billion)

Dividend saving $7.5 billion

Tax savings $7 billion

Net favorable cash flow : $7.5 billion

US Treasury Tax Receipts:

BP Corporate income tax ($7.5 billion)

BP Shareholders ($0.45 billion)

Net unfavorable tax receipts ($7.95 billion)

I guess we really should expect this. After all, our dear leader is the most inexperienced man in any room he walks into.


So, after all this mess, BP comes out $7 billion ahead? Awesome. But that’s only for this year. Next year they’ll still have to drop that much or nearly twice that into the escrow fund. But, it may not be needed! Because the End Of The World oil spill, the Worst Disaster Evah Evah Evah Evah!!!! seems to be mostly cleaned up already. That 75% of the oil that was spilled seems to have dissipated, degraded, or been sucked up. Go figure. Who knew? Well, Rush Limbaugh for one. And anyone who saw how rapidly Saddam’s mess in the Gulf in ‘91 was cleaned up. Or that IxToc oil spill in the Gulf that Mexico did some years back ... but the environmentally conscious seem upset that their doom and gloom 50 years of problems forecast might not last 1 entire year.

But don’t worry, Opersonalcleansingwipe will take full credit for everything.

Battle to halt BP oil spill is nearing its end, says Barack Obama

BP claims it has reached ‘significant milestone’ in efforts to permanently seal Deepwater Horizon well

Barack Obama today declared the US’s largest and most politically embarrassing oil spill near an end as BP said it had reached a “significant milestone” in its efforts to permanently seal the Deepwater Horizon well.

“The long battle is finally close to coming to an end, and we are very pleased with that,” said the president, who was strongly criticised for what was initially seen as a slow and weak response as millions of barrels of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP said it had completed a process known as static kill, in which heavy mud was pumped in to plug the stricken well, producing a “textbook” result.

Obama described the static kill operation, and a report by government scientists that about 75% of the nearly 5m barrels of spilled oil has been dealt with by the clean-up effort or nature, as “very welcome news”.

The White House tried to ensure the administration would gain credit for leading what it called a “robust” response to the disaster by saying that the clean-up would not have been as successful if it had not pushed BP “every step of the way”.

Right, because playing golf, going to rock concerts, putting half of Louisiana out of work, hiring thousands of layabouts to put sand in bags while only working a third of a day for full day’s pay at a higher hourly rate than they’ve ever seen, and taking multiple vacations is what we all call a “robust response”. Plus letting all the various government departments have a festival of stepping on their own dicks and generally slowing things down and making them worse. Dimwit.

Leftists Displeased, Surprised by Disappearing, Dispersing Gulf Oil

RUSH: The New York Times, the Washington Post, it’s everywhere.  “On the Surface, Gulf Oil Spill Is Vanishing Fast; Concerns Stay—The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be dissolving far more rapidly than anyone expected --” No.  There were a lot of us that expected this to happen.  “-- a piece of good news that raises tricky new questions about how fast the government should scale back its response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.” Come on, New York Times, scale back?  Does the federal government scale back in anything?  It’s response?  The moratorium goes on, jobs shut down, drilling shut down, 135,000 jobs kaput, $20 billion shaken down from British Petroleum. 

Speaking of that: “BP said Tuesday that it plans to cut its U.S. tax bill by $9.9 billion, or about half the amount pledged to aid victims of the disaster, by deducting costs related to the oil spill.  A portion of that could be refunded from taxes BP paid in earlier years.  The company disclosed its intentions as part of its second-quarter earnings report, in which it said it would record a $32.2 billion charge to reflect the costs of the spill.  Under U.S. corporate tax law, companies can take credits on up to 35 percent of their losses.  The credit for BP could mean, however, that taxpayers will indirectly foot part of the bill for the $20 billion” shakedown that BP was forced to pay by Obama “to compensate people and businesses harmed by the disaster.” It doesn’t read that way in the Washington Post.  I used my own words to make the story accurate, calling it a shakedown.  Gonna cut their tax bill by $10 billion.  This is said to be the taxpayer indirectly footing the bill.

That seems to at least partially support the above numbers.

And this is the Washington Post: “Oil from the BP blowout is degrading rapidly in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and becoming increasingly difficult to find on the water surface, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.  ‘The light crude oil is biodegrading quickly,’ NOAA director Jane Lubchenco said during the response team daily briefing. ‘Significant oil has been dispersed and broken down by bacteria.’

“A significantly more optimistic assessment of the environmental effects of the oil well blowout came Tuesday from Edward Owens, who worked with Exxon for four years on the Valdez spill in Alaska and who has been hired as a consultant to BP. Owens was quoted as saying the fragile Louisiana marshes would be close to pre-blowout condition within months and that the environmental impact on the gulf as a whole would be ‘quite small.’” Whoa.  Something’s going to have to happen to this guy.  Doesn’t he realize the permanent destruction of the Gulf is now settled science?

Read the rest if you want, it’s a Rush. And it only got better today.

from the NY Times article discussed by Rush:

The immense patches of surface oil that covered thousands of square miles of the gulf after the April 20 oil rig explosion are largely gone, though sightings of tar balls and emulsified oil continue here and there.

Reporters flying over the area Sunday spotted only a few patches of sheen and an occasional streak of thicker oil, and radar images taken since then suggest that these few remaining patches are quickly breaking down in the warm surface waters of the gulf.

Hmmm, no wonder the government wouldn’t let anybody fly over this. That kind of news goes completely against the approved story. And Cap & Trade had to move forward. Let no crisis go to waste ... even if you have to manufacture one? Or at least digitally enhance it?


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/04/2010 at 11:27 PM   
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calendar   Monday - June 14, 2010

What Was His Price?

We heard last week or so that TOTUS Obama is pushing efforts to “Save The Whales” by ending the 24 year old ban on hunting them. I guess his logic is that less whales will be culled by actual hunting then are being taken for “scientific research”. All the greenies, from the tree-huggers to the spotted owl lovers, have their knickers in a twist. So do lots of normal folks. Leave Moby alone!

Environmentalists, already peeved with the administration’s handling of the Gulf oil spill, are accusing President Obama of breaking his campaign pledge to end the slaughter of whales.

The Obama administration is leading an effort within the International Whaling Commission to lift a 24-year international ban on commercial whaling for Japan, Norway and Iceland, the remaining three countries in the 88-member commission that still hunt whales.

President Reagen (PBUH) helped put the ban in place, and since then the US has been firmly against whaling. I guess this is more of that Fundamental Change those 52ers were Hoping for.

But today the news story is that Japan has been blatantly bribing the International Whaling Commission, with bags full of money and sweet hoochie on the side! And, just as suddenly as Obama’s reversal on a very long standing US position, they too have reversed themselves!

Revealed: Japan’s bribes on whaling

A Sunday Times investigation has exposed Japan for bribing small nations with cash and prostitutes to gain their support for the mass slaughter of whales. The undercover investigation found officials from six countries were willing to consider selling their votes on the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

The revelations come as Japan seeks to break the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling. An IWC meeting that will decide the fate of thousands of whales, including endangered species, begins this month in Morocco.

Japan denies buying the votes of IWC members. However, The Sunday Times filmed officials from pro-whaling governments admitting:
— They voted with the whalers because of the large amounts of aid from Japan. One said he was not sure if his country had any whales in its territorial waters. Others are landlocked.
— They receive cash payments in envelopes at IWC meetings from Japanese officials who pay their travel and hotel bills.
— One disclosed that call girls were offered when fisheries ministers and civil servants visited Japan for meetings.

Barry Gardiner, an MP and former Labour biodiversity minister, said the investigation revealed “disgraceful, shady practice”, which is “effectively buying votes”. The reporters, posing as representatives of a billionaire conservationist, approached officials from pro-whaling countries and offered them an aid package to change their vote.

The governments of St Kitts and Nevis, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Grenada, Republic of Guinea and Ivory Coast all entered negotiations to sell their votes in return for aid.  The top fisheries official for Guinea said Japan usually gave his minister a “minimum” of $1,000 a day spending money in cash during IWC and other fisheries meetings. He said three Japanese organisations were used to channel the payments to his country: the fisheries agency, the aid agency and the Overseas Fisheries Co-operation Foundation.

Japan has recruited some of the world’s smallest countries on to the IWC to bolster its support. A senior fisheries official for the Marshall Islands said: “We support Japan because of what they give us.”
A Kiribati fisheries official said his country’s vote was determined by the “benefit” it received in aid. He, too, said Japan gave delegates expenses and spending money. The IWC commissioner for Tanzania said “good girls” were made available at the hotels for ministers and senior fisheries civil servants during all-expenses paid trips to Japan.

(April 24, 2010)

The International Whaling Commission has announced a controversial proposal to save thousands of whales by allowing the first legal commercial hunts in 25 years.

The proposal, to be voted on at an IWC meeting in Morocco in June, sets out a ten-year plan that would bring Japan, Iceland and Norway back under the control of the 88-nation body.

The three nations have continued whaling by exploiting a loophole in the international moratorium on commercial hunting, passed in 1986, that allows lethal “scientific research”. Together, they kill about 3,000 whales a year, ten times as many as in 1993.

The new proposal, released in Washington last night, would replace the ban with legalised quotas and would allow the IWC to monitor all whaling. It is an attempt at a compromise between whaling nations and others such as the US and Australia that have long been opposed to it.


The proposal allows 400 minke whales a year to be hunted in the Antarctic for five years, then lowers that limit to 200 for the following five years. It also allows limited hunts of other species including fin, bowhead and grey whales in specific regions.


Earlier today Japan said that it would push for higher quotas in the IWC plan.

Bought and paid, folks, bought and paid. And they’re not even trying to hide it. And as soon as this measure passes, there will be higher quotas on the way. You know it. And suddenly Obama has a change of heart? Makes you wonder, don’t it?

On the third hand, Japan, Iceland, and Norway have killed more than 35,000 whales since the moratorium went into effect in 1986. Call it 1500 per year. For “scientific research”. Of all the whale species, only the smaller Minke is not considered to be seriously endangered. Maybe the ban never worked too well to begin with; out beyond the line, in the empty corners of the oceans, the only rules that can be enforced are those backed up with sustained and accurate naval gunfire.


extensive scientific research proves

whale tastes great with a bit of wasabi and soy sauce

Lending a bit of credence to the impending sellout ... IWC chairman Christian Maquieira is “suddenly ill” and will miss the meeting where the all-important voting takes place. What’s better than voting “present” on your own pet legislation? Not being there to vote at all, so you can escape any blame. Even though he introduced the idea to begin with.

The chairman of the International Whaling Commission has fallen ill and will not attend its annual meeting due to discuss his proposal to control the annual whale hunt, a spokeswoman said Monday.

The absence of Christian Maquieira could complicate efforts to negotiate a deal to end the stalemate between pro- and anti-whaling countries that has continued since a moratorium on commercial whaling was adopted 25 years ago.

Maquieira circulated a proposal in April to allow limited commercial hunting for 10 years. He has said it would halve the roughly 2,000 whales killed annually by Japan, Norway and Iceland, which exploit loopholes in the whaling ban.

Spokeswoman Jemma Jones said the commission has informed the 88 member states that Maquieira would miss the meeting starting next week in Agadir, Morocco. It will be chaired instead by his deputy, Anthony Liverpool, who co-authored the proposal.

No details of the Chilean’s illness were released.

Something stinks here. Smells worse than a beached and rotting whale.


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calendar   Saturday - April 17, 2010


Well the radio says the ban is to Monday. So the 0700 time frame here is already out of date.


Volcanic ash cloud: UK flight ban worsens

Hopes that flights would resume have been dashed after the “worsening” volcanic ash cloud led to a further ban on UK flights until at least 0700 on Sunday.

By Nick Britten, David Millward and Alastair Jamieson
Published: 8:43AM BST 17 Apr 2010

More than a million British airline passengers have been left stranded or had their plans disrupted by the volcanic ash cloud sweeping across Europe.

Hopes had been raised that some flights might be available in Scotland and northern England for six hours between 4am and 10am today, and airlines have drawn up plans to use buses to get passengers to Scotland to make transatlantic flights.

But early this morning air traffic control company Nats said that after reviewing the “worsening” situation, restrictions had been reapplied until at least 1am Sunday except for a small number of domestic flights within Scotland.

Airspace in parts of Ireland is open for a limited number of flights, and restrictions are due to be lifted from all Irish airspace at 7pm.

* Volcanic ash cloud: latest travel news

With the skies over Britain having been almost entirely closed for two days, the British airline industry is in the grip of an unprecedented shutdown. An estimated 500,000 people pass through British airports every day. For the past 48 hours, almost all have seen their flights cancelled by the fallout from the Icelandic volcano.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/17/2010 at 02:30 PM   
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calendar   Friday - April 16, 2010

Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see.  Irving Berlin

People with breathing conditions urged to stay indoors as volcanic ash begins falling on Britain

By Liz Hazelton
Last updated at 3:25 PM on 16th April 2010

People with breathing problems were today advised to stay inside as ash from the volcanic cloud that has paralysed Europe’s airlines fell on the UK.

With no signs of the dust storm abating, medical experts said that those with respiratory diseases should also keep their medication with them at all time.

There had earlier been conflicting advice about the health dangers associated with the dust as one spokesman for the World Health Organisation had issued a blanket warning that everyone should stay inside.

But later in the day, the UN agency gave revised advice, falling into line with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in Britain and doctors.



Very cold all day with icy winds at times. Otherwise, puffy white clouds and blue skies in our part of the south.  The map shows us covered but there isn’t a sign of fallout anywhere that we can see. Just isn’t here and I for one am not sorry. 

A sensible precaution or elf ‘n’ safety paranoia?

By Richard Littlejohn
Last updated at 2:36 PM on 16th April 2010

There was something strangely symbolic about the Icelandic fug which brought Britain’s airports to a standstill yesterday.

I have visions of the Banki hankipanki burning the IOUs shortly before the fraud squad burst through the door, scattering the accumulated savings of the gullible into the atmosphere.

The grounding of all commercial flights across the United Kingdom had a metaphorical symmetry with the collapse of the financial system.

With depressing predictability, the British authorities responded with their usual impersonation of headless chickens in hi-viz jackets.

It was a breathtaking demonstration of the elf ‘n’ safety paranoia which has engulfed this country over the past decade.

No doubt there was a risk of volcanic ash clogging up the jet engines of airliners. But did that justify the knee-jerk stupidity which closed every airport immediately?

The decision to shut down the south of England was taken when the dust cloud was still north of the Outer Hebrides.

Was there really an imminent danger of planes falling out of the sky like flies? Or was this just another manifestation of the ‘can’t be too careful’ culture which seeks to erase every scintilla of chance from our everyday lives?

Look, I know the default position of this column is scepticism, but TV news was showing film taken within the ash clouds over Scandinavia. You could see the wings of the plane the footage was shot from.

Why was it safe for that reconnaissance aircraft to fly into the eye of the storm and not safe for the 11.15 from Gatwick to take off for Madrid?

Our society is now so risk-averse that yesterday we learned that a supermarket butcher has been banned from boning meat with a sharp knife because he might cut himself.

You couldn’t make it up. This ludicrous mentality is sadly commonplace,

Pssst. Got a light?


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/16/2010 at 01:36 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - April 03, 2010

The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic dramatically increased last month

This will not impress the doomsayers one little bit.  Just think, if they abandoned their lunatic myth in favor of other facts, what would they have to live for. Some folks are desperate for a cause and what better then to believe you’re personally responsible for the safety of the planet.
Of course, the fools will continue to ban light bulbs and have events they’ll fly to for meetings on how to cut carbon emissions. lol.
The one thing to like about these fruit cakes is that they’ll give up stuff to conserve, which makes it better as there will be extra stuff for the rest of us.

Increase in Arctic ice confounds doomsayers - but does not spell the end of global warming, scientists warn

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:00 AM on 03rd April 2010

The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic dramatically increased last month, reaching levels not seen at this time of year for nearly a decade.

Returning ice - after years of declining cover - has astonished climate scientists who blamed unusually cold weather over the Bering Sea.

Researchers said they recorded the most ice in March since 2001 - and that the cover is approaching long-term average levels for the first time in ten years.

The scientists who released the data stressed that last month’s rise was part of yearly variations in ice cover and could not be taken as a sign that global warming is coming to an end.

But sceptics argued that the findings undermined ‘alarmist’ claims that the North Pole could be free of summer ice by 2013.

The unusual trend last month is revealed in figures published by the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado.

In a typical year, Arctic ice cover peaks in mid-March and starts to fall as milder weather arrives.

But this year, levels continued to grow in the second half of March. Dr Mark Serreze, of the NSlDC, said parts of the Arctic were going through an unusually cold spring - but that other areas were warmer than normal.

He added: ‘What this doesn’t show is any indication that global warming is over. If you look at the Arctic as a whole we might get to average amounts of sea ice for the time of year. But the ice is thin and quite vulnerable and it can melt very quickly.’

The best measure of the health of the Arctic was not only the amount of cover, but also the thickness of ice, he said.

But Dr David Whitehouse, of the Global Warming Policy Foundation think-tank, said: ‘The recent observations make the 2007 projections that the region would be ice free by 2013 look very unrealistic.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/03/2010 at 05:45 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 27, 2010


An article appeared in the Sat. Times which isn’t available (that I can find) saying this even will actually use up more energy and cause larger emissions. HA!

First of all .... Please go and turn on extra lights in your house for the next hour. Screw these jerks.  I already have every light in the house on as I write.

Experts say that the great switch off will not result in less energy being pumped into grids. But that when everythings gets turned back on, there will be an increase. Also they say that the upsurge in turning the lights back on one hour later will require power stations that can fire up quickly such as coal and oil. The experts say that the result will be an increase rendering all good intentions useless. HA once again.  These comments appeared under a headline which read, “Costly way to save the earth.”

OK, that’s it. Go turn on those extra lights.

Landmarks go dark, millions unplug for Earth Hour

By ROHAN SULLIVAN (AP) – 7 hours ago

SYDNEY — The white-shelled roof of the Sydney Opera House fell dark Saturday night, one of the first landmarks to turn out the lights in an hour-long gesture to be repeated by millions of people around the world who are calling for a binding pact to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Asian cities followed Australia and New Zealand as the fourth annual Earth Hour cranked up. Buildings in some 4,000 cities in more than 120 countries were expected to unplug to reduce energy consumption and draw attention to the dangers of climate change, according to organizers.

The event will roll across the world, with participants turning off the lights when the clock strikes 8:30 p.m. local time. From a shopping mall in Manila to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York, landmarks and skylines will dim.

“We have everyone from Casablanca to the safari camps of Namibia and Tanzania taking part,” said Greg Bourne, CEO of World Wildlife Fund in Australia, the environmental group that came up with the idea that started in Sydney in 2007 and has since grown to every continent.

The shutdown is completely voluntary and street lights, traffic lights and other safety measures are unaffected.

Andy Ridley, a WWF worker in Sydney who cooked up the idea of Earth Hour in a pub with friends, said he hoped this year’s event would inspire world leaders to strive for a much stronger climate agreement than that struck at December’s Copenhagen climate change summit, which failed to come up with binding rules on reducing pollution blamed for global warming.

“What we’re still looking for in this coming year is a global deal that encourages all countries to lower their emissions,” Ridley said Saturday. “China is going to have to be a big part of that but so is every other major economy.”

China first took part in the campaign last year, and this year more than 30 cities were to switch off their lights, including those at the landmark Forbidden City in downtown Beijing.

A U.S.-born giant panda, Mei Lan, who lives at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan, will kick off China’s participation: When she walks onto a platform in her enclosure, the lights at the breeding center will go out, said Chris Chaplin, communications officer for WWF in China.

Some 88 cities took part in last year’s Earth Hour, which has the backing of the United Nations as well as global corporations, nonprofit groups, schools, scientists and celebrities — including Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett and retired Cape Town Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Earth Hour organizers say there’s no uniform way to measure how much energy is saved worldwide, but that the simple fact that so many places have signed up to take part should send a message to leaders that global warming is a topic of great concern to people worldwide.

In the Philippines, Roman Catholic bishops said they would urge the faithful to preserve natural resources during special prayers to be read on church-run radio for an hour starting at 8:30 p.m.

“Failure of today’s people to care for the earth’s resources is akin to stealing the future of the coming generations,” said Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales.

Residents in 1,000 towns and municipalities were expected to switch off their lights in the Philippines, with the main event taking place at a Manila Bay mall complex, including a rock concert and street party, according to WWF-Philippines.

In Taiwan, the Presidential Palace along with at least 20 skyscrapers — including the world’s second-tallest building — in the capital of Taipei switched off their lights. Hundreds of Taiwanese placed candles beside a Taiwan map formed by energy-saving LED lights at a square outside the city hall. Also dimmed for an hour were large advertising billboards in a nearby commercial district.

Amazing how easily idiots can be led.  I guess they’ll all come away thinking they’ve done something other then waste time.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/27/2010 at 07:20 PM   
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