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slow death of white america …

An excellent editorial by Drew which led me to post this.

Carefully planned and deliberately executed over the past decades. The ‘old America’ - the ‘real America’ - has essentially already gone. The ‘new America’, fragmented and riven, with no common culture, which is replacing it, will soon be unrecognisable to the last generation still alive who remember the America they were born into. Just as in the modern UK, fragmentation, dissonance and denial and obliteration of the nation’s history will be the new norm. What hath ‘multiculturism; wrought? Diversity replacing unity.

- John White, Toronto, 9/11/2012 6:19

The above is one of many comments made at the Mail in response to an article on the American election, by Tom Leonard.
I think it’s worth your time to read.

Ordinarily, I would not copy an entire article of this length to post here. I’d edit and copy some and give our readers a link to the source.
This is very different though. 

Not going to be at the puter a lot over next day or two. Will try some, but a problem or two hinders.  Increasingly difficult.
Saw doc, got meds, will be fine but not up to scratch.

The slow death of white America:

How will the great melting pot adapt to the millions of black and Hispanic voters who swept Obama back to power?

By Tom Leonard

For Republicans struggling to understand their defeat at the polls, the most chilling statistic in this week’s presidential election was this: Mitt Romney won the biggest share of the white vote that any Republican White House contender ever has — and he still lost.

In an election battle that was defined as much as anything by race, Mitt Romney won the support of 59 per cent of whites, but just 27 per cent of Latinos, 26 per cent of Asian-Americans and 6 per cent of African-Americans.

Thirty years ago, being unpopular with ethnic minorities would hardly have stopped a white establishment candidate like Romney from trouncing Barack Obama. But back then, whites accounted for almost 90 per cent of voters. Now they make up just 72 per cent of the electorate, and that figure is shrinking by the year.

Tuesday’s election showed a large turnout by Hispanics, who constituted some 10 per cent of voters — more than ever before. With 71 per cent of them voting for Mr Obama — notably in a handful of crucial swing states such as Florida, Colorado and Nevada, where they turned out at the polls in unusually high numbers — Hispanic voters gave the President his winning margin.

In other key states, such as Ohio, pundits said a strong showing by Hispanic and black voters together ensured an Obama victory.

The Republican party, said one pollster, ‘will be doomed if they lose black and Latino votes by these same margins in the future’.

He’s not exaggerating. As the election highlighted, white America is dying — and in a quite literal sense.

The evidence of this demographic timebomb, which is likely to alter the face and character of the U.S. far more fundamentally than any number of elections, was made plain in the summer in a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

It revealed that for the first time in American history, ethnic minorities now account for more than half the babies born in the U.S.

Of the four million children born in the year to July 2011, 50.4 per cent were ethnic minorities — black, Asian, mixed-race and, above all, Hispanic.

It was a long-expected milestone on the road to an America in which, according to experts, within 30 years whites will no longer be the majority.

Rather, the U.S. will boast 130 million Hispanics, more than the current population of Mexico. Among under 18-year-olds, whites will become a minority as early as 2019.

For a country founded by British colonists on British traditions and, for half its history inhabited almost entirely by white Europeans (if you discount the slaves, as the nation’s leaders did), it signals a seismic cultural transformation for the world’s sole superpower.

Given that immigration has become the country’s single most divisive issue, predictably some Americans have been punching the air for joy at the decline of a white majority, while others are bereft at what they see as the leaching away of their nation’s traditional character.

Liberals wedded to a multi-ethnic future insist it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S., creating a more diversified, open-minded and 21st century country.

At the other extreme are conservatives who believe the ‘death’ of white America spells cultural, economic and political doom for their country, and an end to the values of self-sufficiency that made their country great. And in between the two extremes are most rank-and-file Americans, who understand that the U.S. needs new blood if it is to avoid Japan and Europe’s economic nightmare of an ageing population, but who are worried by the implications of what has been dubbed the ‘browning’ of the U.S.

As they sit on a bus or train listening to Mexican Americans chat away in Spanish, they may wonder if their country’s famous ability to assimilate all newcomers is going to work in the next century.

Conservative thinker Pat Buchanan, a senior adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, is an outspoken critic of recent immigration. For him, ‘white America is a dying tribe’, and the ethnic minority tribes that are jostling to fill the gap are simply not up to the task of competing against the rising power of China.

When, 14 years ago, President Bill Clinton told students in Oregon that it would be better for America when everyone was a minority, Buchanan waspishly observed that those students would one day ‘have to spend their golden years in a Third World America’.

Unlike in the past, it isn’t black Americans who are the greatest political concern for the defenders of ‘old’ America, but Hispanics from Mexico and Latin America — the legacy of four decades of economic migration by millions who have come north looking for a job and a chance to find the American Dream.

The problem, in the eyes of many conservatives, is that compared with the generations of Irish, Germans, Jews, Poles and Italians before them, pitifully few Hispanics have yet found that dream. Most Hispanics — two-thirds of whom originate from Mexico — continue to be stuck limpet-like at the bottom of society, a quiet, often overlooked army doing the most menial jobs such as picking fruit, washing cars, toiling in restaurant kitchens and cleaning offices.

Thanks to the sweeping away of immigrant quotas, the immigrant population has quadrupled since 1970, with nearly 14 million entering the country between 2000 and 2010 alone.

Mexicans are by far the biggest group — of the 12 million now living in the U.S., about half are there legally. (It is sobering to learn that the U.S. population of around 226 million in 1980 has now increased to more than 314 million.)

America’s struggling economy and toughened border controls have put a brake on immigration, but the problem for those upset by the country’s changing demographics is that whites — while still constituting 72 per cent of the population — aren’t having enough children.

The fertility rate for Hispanic women is 2.4 children, compared with 2.1 for black women, and only 1.8 for whites. Latinos don’t just have more children — already more than a quarter of all babies — but they are also much younger. While the average age of American whites is 42, for Hispanics it is just 27.

In much of America’s south-west, there is growing tension between richer but increasingly beleaguered older white people and younger, poorer Latinos.

Earlier this year, a Texas pizza chain called Pizza Patron drew a storm of protest from conservatives after launching a promotion to give free slices to anyone who could order in Spanish. (In 2007, the company’s bosses even received death threats after they started accepting Mexican pesos as another stunt.)

Pat Buchanan told me that white Middle America feels it has been abandoned. ‘They watch on cable TV as illegal aliens walk into their country and are rewarded with free healthcare and education for their kids, take jobs away from U.S. workers and carry Mexican flags while marching in American cities to demand U.S. citizenship: they sense that they are losing their country, and they are right,’ he said.

He insisted there are increasingly ‘two Americas’: white and northern Asian-Americans from China, Japan and South Korea, who have higher incomes and far better educational qualifications than the other half of the divided nation — the Hispanic and African-Americans.

In this, at least, his opponents will concede he has a point. America — like Britain — desperately needs a well-qualified workforce to compete in the world, but just 13 per cent of adult Latinos have a college degree, compared with 18 per cent of blacks and 31 one per cent of whites.

Buchanan believes Britain, with the rest of Europe, faces the same fate as the U.S. under the relentless logic of a dwindling white population and growing minorities.

‘There’s nothing the British can do because they’re not reproducing,’ he said. ‘They’re getting older, they’re going to die and someone’s going to come in and take it over. I think Europe is finished.’

Liberal demographic experts such as Bill Frey at the think-tank the Brookings Institution dismiss doom-mongering about Hispanics as the irrational fear of a generation who — owing to a dearth of immigration between the Thirties and Seventies — never had to grow up with an influx of newcomers. Americans were just as scared of Italian immigrants when they arrived in the early 20th century, he argues. He says Hispanic immigrants bring ‘enthusiasm, energy and inventiveness’ to America — qualities you can’t measure by the size of their bank account or their number of degrees.

What’s more, he says, while it always takes about three generations for immigrants to start moving up through society, surveys show Hispanic immigrants really do want to become ‘mainstream Americans’. They ‘just’ need government help — education, housing, social services, English lessons — to give them a leg-up.

With this touchstone issue set to dominate much of America’s social and political debate in the coming years, the Republican Party is left to wrestle with the issue of how it can attract voters who are not wedded to the traditional values it espouses.

The sensible response for the party will be to turn to its strong line-up of young, ethnic minority figures — particularly charismatic Cuban-American Marco Rubio, a Florida senator — who are waiting in the wings as future leaders.

If instead it chooses another candidate like Romney in 2016, it may be doomed to failure again.

‘Harsh rhetoric about Hispanics is for some Republicans rather like smoking — you know it will kill you, but you do it anyway,’ says party pollster Whit Ayres.

If those in the leadership don’t ‘break the habit’, he says grimly, the Republican party is finished.


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the deep divisions in American society

Romney, who wants to shrink the U.S. government, is on record as wanting to cut back the Federal Emergency Management Agency… which is the very department now responsible for post-Sandy recovery.
The vast majority of Americans can see that when a major catastrophe strikes, only central government can deal with the problems.
But the truth is that when this hurricane crisis has passed and this election is over, the deep divisions in American society will persist, with incalculable consequences for the nation.
I have a profound faith in the American genius. But unless the people and politicians of this great country can learn to find common purpose on big issues, its future will be blighted by their frighteningly divisive hatreds.

And so ends an article by Max Hastings in yesterday’s Daily Mail.
Now then, Hastings is a conservative writer and a well known historian. Which doesn’t mean you will like everything he has to say. And he had a heck of a lot to say. 

As he did here.

Forget the storm. The real dangers facing America are hatred, division and a collapsing political system

By Max Hastings

An astonishing number of Americans, almost all living in the vast middle of the country, really do believe God takes a hand in their politics, just as they are sure He frowns on Muslims, gays, socialists, gun control supporters and most folks on the east and west coasts (foremost among them the citizens of that sink of liberal iniquity, New York City).

But it is unnecessary to be an evangelical Christian to see that the devastating storm may have fractionally tilted this exceptionally close election to the advantage of Barack Obama.  The spectacle of him being presidential, touring flood-stricken New Jersey and co-ordinating relief and recovery efforts, should boost the Democrats.  But the fact that such a random event could prove to be a crucial factor in who occupies the White House for the next four years emphasises the profound divisions in this country.

For more than ten years, Democrats and Republicans have glared at and abused each other across a yawning chasm.
Last Saturday, I was in Chicago’s old Hilton Hotel for the first time since I reported the bitter and violent Democratic Convention of 1968, when Vietnam war protesters battled with Mayor Richard Daley’s cops on the streets outside, and clouds of tear gas drifted into the lobby. That was also the year when assassins’ bullets killed John F Kennedy’s brother Bobby and civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Yet, although I vividly recall the passions and turbulence, nobody then suggested that the very process of democracy was imperiled.
The truth is that Americans have always taken pride in their system and its separation of powers between the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. Now, however, serious and thoughtful people argue that the constitution created in 1776 is cracking open at the seams.

A conservative-dominated Supreme Court routinely delivers judgments which seem partisan and occasionally even whimsical. For example, few justices display sympathy for even the mildest gun controls — though domestic shootings are a plague. Indeed, recent massacres in Wisconsin and Colorado did not prompt restrictions on weapons, but, instead, new rules in some colleges which allow students to carry guns on campus ‘for self-protection’.

Historically, the Supreme Court’s justices have been forces for national unity — for instance, on the issue of civil rights. Yet today their collective wisdom is being questioned as never before.

National unity.? Oh right.  I forgot.  Like the forced busing.  Yeah, that one sure brought us all together singing we are the world.

Even more serious is the situation in Congress.
Traditionally, the U.S. government is carried on through relentless horse-trading between the White House and the two parties on Capitol Hill — a process of which President Lyndon Johnson was a master in the 1960s. In recent years, though, bargaining has broken down.
Both parties, and especially the Republicans, behave in a way that sees them reflexively oppose anything proposed by the other. Such stonewalling has inevitably hampered action to curb the huge fiscal deficit.

For their part, most Democrats reject cuts in a welfare system that has become almost as unaffordable as Britain’s.

The Republicans, meanwhile, scorned a proposal for a bipartisan committee to address the deficit. They reject all tax increases and ignore the blatant unfairness of Mitt Romney paying just 14 per cent last year on millions earned from his investments, while most middle-class Americans pay more than double that rate.

At the same time, the poor and middle-class in America have seen their incomes shrink in recent years while the rich have become colossally richer. Official statistics show wealth divisions at a historic high.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says: ‘Inequality in our society has become so extreme that it is adversely affecting our is no longer just a moral issue.’

This is a reality I was contemplating in Chicago this week as I looked at the glittering palaces of wealth that crowd the downtown skyline while, at the same time, beggars haunt Michigan Avenue.

This is not the only social problem.

There is a lot more at the link.  You will find some very interesting arguments among the many comments following the article.

What you’re reading is one man’s professional take on the state of America, and presented to his readership here in the UK. He may anger some but keep in mind, for all the time he has spent in the USA on his travels and on assignments, he still belongs to a foreign culture not used to American ways.  Most of these folks, not the left but many conservatives and others who have no link to either side, simply do not understand why in the face of mass killings, we don’t push for stiffer gun control.  They just don’t understand and I doubt there’s any way we can answer the questions that would make it clear.  And that’s just one issue of quite a few.  I gave up long ago but many still bring the subject up.

Then there’s another thing we read here and that’s New Orleans.  We read that large parts of the city and indeed the state are still in abysmal shape.  N.O.?  Still in bad shape?  I have no idea and only am made aware of it because ppl here are saying it.  But I haven’t checked the accuracy of that.  Maybe I should just so I can be informed.  Kind of embarrassing being asked about something in the USA by someone here, and me not knowing what the heck they’re talking about.

The other damn thing I keep hearing and have to scratch the old head over, is that America has a serious problem with, wait for it,
Obesity.  Say what?
Now why that should be a concern to anyone here is quite beyond my understanding.  I should think their number one concern would be street crime, knife attacks and brutal beatings by an out of control criminal class that is growing, and especially in light of the fact that thousands are being let out of jail who are very dangerous ppl.  But no. Obesity in the USA.  WTF?

Okay, here’s the LINK to the entire editorial.


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the muslim plague of the west

Gotta preach to the choir as after all, who else will listen?
Talk to the left and will only be shouted down, so there’s no ‘talk’ to be had.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be posting articles like this cos, as the choir you already know.  I guess I think they’re interesting enough to generate conversations, comments whatever.  But that’s rarely the case and I really don’t know why. But I keep plugging away not knowing to what end.

Have yet to hear a word from the pain management ppl for the wife, who is now on another newer pain killer. No cure, just another grouping of pills until we hear from the clinic that she’s on the appointment list.  It’s been at least three months so far.
Something tells me we’re going to have to wait till next yrs visit to the states. Maybe April or May, and see someone there if there’s nothing they can do here.  Maddening. I can not believe her back problem is not related to her fall.  So now something else to worry about. And those pills make her somehow, different for a short period of time.
Best to just agree with whatever till they wear off and wait for the next episode.
Not her fault of course so no blame there.  Her doctor is taking off another week next week. Nice for the doctor. What the hell, won’t make any difference anyway.

One of the wife’s great pleasures as is true of so many Brits, is gardening.  She can no longer do what she used to do and in fact can hardly do anything. So she has a village lady who does garden work locally come over and tend to those things that need doing and planting flowers where she wants them.  Lots of work actually, that she once did with much enjoyment.  There are literally hundreds of Daffodils in the back for example, along with much else.  But much has also been left untended due to health problems, so the weeds have taken over and growth of bushes and trees etc. have been ignored till recently.

The lady that helps was 40 minutes late today and the guys who trim and cut trees are already more then two hours late and no phone call, which seems to be par for the working day course around here.  People who should be at a place at a time, don’t.  Emails go unanswered unless you write a second time.  Calls usually are unanswered except by a recording and don’t hold your breath for a call back in your lifetime.
But they sure do appreciate, in fact demand payment quickly.

The day started very sunny and bright. Well of course it was bright if sunny.  But right now clouds are building, wind is picking up and I hope it doesn’t rain too soon.

Hell of a way to lead into a story that caught my initial interest. 

Hope the day ends better than it started.  Doubtful tho.

Irrational Fear of Islam?

In his book How the West Was Lost, the Russian-born author Alexander Boot suggested that Westerners no longer live in a democracy but in a glossocracy, the government of the word, by the word and for the word.

One could posit that we live in a world dominated at least as much by images, especially moving images in the form of television and movies, as by words, but words clearly matter. In many cases, those who coin new words, or manage to force the public to accept their definition of old words, win the struggle. In practice, this is done by those who control the propaganda flow, in the education system and the mass media.

We now have a term for an imaginary problem: Islamophobia. It has become the subject of international conferences and is treated as a threat to world peace. In contrast, racist violence against people of European origins, a very real problem from South Africa via North America to Western European suburbs, does not exist because we have no special word for it. This is word magic. “Tolerance” and “diversity” mean dispossessing Europeans from the countries their ancestors created, whereas “intolerance,” “hate” and “racism” imply any opposition by Europeans to their own dispossession and organized national destruction.

On Aug. 25 2012, the columnist Doug Saunders published an essay in The Globe and Mail, the largest-circulation national newspaper in Canada, entitled “The unfounded fear of Muslim immigration.” He there engaged in the (by now mandatory) exercise of mentioning Islam-critical individuals such as Bruce Bawer, Thilo Sarrazin, Geert Wilders, Gisele Littman (Bat Ye’or) and Mark Steyn alongside the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. Although the author added that these writers have never “explicitly advocated violence,” he seemed to suggest that they implicitly contributed to Breivik’s massacre by writing truthfully about how Muslim immigration is affecting Western countries.

Doug Saunders is the London-based European bureau chief for The Globe and Mail who “writes a weekly column devoted to the larger themes and intellectual concepts behind international news, and has won the National Newspaper Award, Canada’s counterpart to the Pulitzer Prize, on four occasions.” He is completing a book about the alleged myth that a tidal wave of Muslim immigration is threatening the Western world. He admits that in London he can witness a rapidly growing Islamic presence first-hand and that large sections of that and other European cities are now dominated by non-Europeans, but he claims this isn’t a problem:

What unites the ideologies of al-Qaeda and of the “Eurabia” and “Muslim tide” writers is a common belief that there is one creature called “the Muslim” and another called “the Westerner.” Yet there is no such distinction. Muslims are adopting the universal values of our society in the same way (not always easy [sic]) as other religious minorities. The shisha bar and the kebab shop are becoming part of Western culture, much like espresso and Yiddish expressions—but there is no threat to our core values.

Less than a month after these words were written, violent anti-Western protests and riots swept across the Islamic world, targeting Western embassies while using an obscure movie as a pretext for this Jihad.

On August 26 2012, writer Nathan Lean published an op-ed in The Los Angeles Times using the Breivik trial as a verbal stick to beat those writing about Islamization into submission, claiming that “heightened anxiety over the presence of Muslims in Europe and the United States has ignited a string of attacks on the faith community.” That’s nonsense. On the contrary, nearly every week we see stories about Muslim immigrant gangs harassing the natives in European cities, sometimes even attacking the police armed with guns.

Lean specifically singled out such writers as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for allegedly agitating a “climate of hate” in North America and beyond. He concluded his essay by stating that “The discourse of hate must be stopped before it affects other extremists.” As Spencer—who lives with death threats from Muslims due to his writings—commented at Jihad Watch, this is a barely concealed call for restricting freedom of speech.

more to read, source

A further note.  Just so ya know. The Mail that is mentioned in the article is NOT the Daily Mail I quote from so often.


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calendar   Monday - August 27, 2012

pygmies of politics draw a line in the sand, warn assad how to act in his own country

I heard on the radio that Obama has drawn a line in the sand (now that’s an appropriate word, sand is.) with regard to the use of chemical weapons by Assad. Then the Brit PM got into the act, not wanting to leave the bright and brave spotlight on O., and he too drew a line in the sand on the same issue.  Now France wants to flex military muscle because they are suggesting an alliance of western powers and bypassing the United Nations can you believe that?  The French suggest a limited version of a no fly zone. They want action but short of war.

As I listen to all this bloated bull shit from these political pigmies, I am left with the notion that France and the USA and the Brits, are all actually hoping like mad that Assad does use chemical weapons and thus give them the excuse they are desperate to find, to topple him. 

Another thought also comes to mind.

All that lovely technology used in the action in Libya, and it could be that the war there ended too quickly for the allies to use some other toys.
And lets face it, we do have so much unused and untested so far in actual warfare.

Oh joy.  Now here’s their chance in Syria to play with some more toys, if only Assad will co-operate and use his weapons of mass destruction.  It’s sort of like real estate with location, location, location.
But in this case with Syria and President Assad, it’s chemical weapons, chemical weapons, chemical weapons.
Never mind that so far at least, he has not issued so much as a threat to do that.
In fact, the allies have been clear that even the threat will be enough to bring them in on Syria’s civil war. 

I guess the bottom line is no surprise.
Only those govts. who have the approval of the politically correct powers that rule in the west, are allowed to defend themselves against armed insurgents hiding among civilians.  Insurgents who quickly cry democracy and call themselves freedom fighters usually get the front pages and the support they need.  The party in power almost always loses the propaganda war and the other over used cry is then heard.

Civilians are being slaughtered by their own government.  There’s mass-a- crees being committed and it’s all documented by who?
Right.  “Activists”.  Amnsty Intl., Civil Rights Watch, and a dozen other nosy do gooders who’ve no business there in the first place.

It does look very much like Assad could be ousted.  There’s talk here that Brit specialists are already there and have been. Hell, who’d know?
But I wonder what would replace him?

So do the few Christians who remain and whose questions have yet to be answered.


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calendar   Tuesday - August 14, 2012

strong anti Obama editorial from Pat Condell

No words needed from me but would be very interested in hearing from anyone with comments.
This is one hell of a strong Condell editorial.  And apparently, he thinks less of Obama for reasons you’ll hear, then perhaps many other Conservative critics.


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calendar   Friday - August 10, 2012

I could NOT let this one slide…

A member of the BMEWS community posted this in another venue. Well, that member won’t post it here, but I will.


Other than I’m still crying over the story (a good story, wonder if it’s true?), it made me think: How often, when bad things happened to me, was He there? I just couldn’t see Him because I’m not innocent enough?

Something to think about…

Hmm, I now note we don’t have ‘Religion’, or ‘Christian’ category. So it’s posted under ‘Editorials’. 


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calendar   Saturday - July 14, 2012

at least on this issue …. President Putin has it right

Less from me today then I’d like but circumstances don’t permit much today.
Very difficult being at the puter today, taking medication and soon to bed.

Anyway, there was an article that especially caught my eye that has to be shared.

I know Putin of Russia is not the favorite with many of you although I’m at a loss to know why.  I just haven’t followed his doings and only know some are saying he’s a dictator.  Maybe so but don’t know why I should be troubled by that. Perhaps his country can’t be ruled any other way.
Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not banging any drums here. Just saying that generally I don’t have any opinion one way or another.
Except for today. On this issue which I’ve written about here more then once over the last couple of years.

As some will recall I hope, a drum I have been banging on a lot happens to be foreign orgs. operating in the USA and as far as I am concerned, they work to undermine our way of life and would like to change things from top to bottom.  Things that should be none of their god damn business, that they are working to change. 

I have found legitimate articles and sources in the past and brought to your attention, if anyone was listening, that one ‘human rights’ group funded by the EU, has been donating money (lots of it) and has “activists” (how I despise that word) working inside the USA to bring an end to the death penalty in America.  They do not approve and so they think we should not either. Now that gets my fuckin goat big time.  I get angry just thinking about it.  And that is only one example of what I consider foreign intrusion into our domestic affairs.

So it follows that I would be in support of President Putin and the latest move by his government to restrict or keep a very close eye on “organizations working in Russia but funded from abroad.” Bravo President Putin. Well done. So far. And you’d better keep a very, very close eye on them as well any Russian citizen working closely with a foreign funded civil rights group especially.  Perhaps it’s well that a former KGB man is in charge.

As for anything else his govt. is doing, such as their libel laws, has nothing to do with this subject and I could care less.  But forcing foreign agencies to ID themselves as such, is something we should give much serious thought followed by action to.
Why indeed shouldn’t Americans be aware and knowledgeable as to who is behind initiatives that could bring changes to our country?  You can bet your ass that the powers that be among the left in the USA know.  So why shouldn’t you?
That’s reasonable.  Isn’t it?

Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party pushed two controversial laws through the lower house of parliament yesterday, in what critics said was the latest sign of a crackdown at the beginning of the President’s new term in office.

The Duma passed a law that will force any organisation operating in Russia but funded from abroad to brand itself a “foreign agent” on its website and promotional materials.



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muck raking american press? Simon says so.

Brit Conservative, (a real one) had a word about Romney and Obama in the paper this morning.

It was just a tiny box within his whole column which deals with affairs here in the UK.

Before I get to that, I’d like to share the headline used to describe what the govt. here has become. And he isn’t alone in that opinion.
Of course, this headline is a lot milder then it would be if LyndonB had written it.

We are no longer being governed, just patronised by self-regarding pygmies who play at politics


Here’s his brief take on our coming election.

The U.S. Presidential election is heating up again, as the conventions near and the final push for votes begins. The American Press, which is almost uniformly Democrat, is muck-raking frantically about Republican Mitt Romney — their ‘muck’ consisting mainly of Mr Romney being rich, successful and understanding how business works.

Given the mess America’s economy is in under a President who knows less about economics than I do about brain surgery, it is lucky to have Mr Romney in the wings. And I suspect that the American public has a rather different view of these matters from the American media.


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calendar   Saturday - June 23, 2012

Obama must do more than manage America’s decline

Charles Moore is an English journalist and a former editor at the Telegraph and the Spectator.

He is writing (or has already done so) the official biography of Margaret Thatcher.
He is, needless to say, a staunch Conservative. That’s with a BIG ‘C’ just so ya know.

I have to assume he knows more then I do. Heck, he should with his experience and education.  But I have to say, I’m still not certain about Romney. Are you?
Of course, that’s who we have got and so it’s best I think, not to have division among the ranks in the sight of our foe.
I am also not certain about his comments with regard to killing our enemies but not doing enough to save lives.  ??? Maybe I read it wrong or just don’t understand the point. 
Moore is definitely not an anti-American scribe.  But I guess he wants us to do more then I’d like us to do in the world.
I guess I’m just one of those old fashioned war mongering dinosaurs who’d rather ignore the world or blow parts of it up.
I have zero patience with the hate America snobs and I would never make a diplomat. I’m lucky to be able to spell the word without spell check.
I haven’t posted his entire article but it is worth your time.

President Barack Obama must do more than manage America’s decline

In the face of Obama’s timid foreign policy towards Russia and the Arab world, Republican challenger Mitt Romney is offering real hope
By Charles Moore

Why was Barack Obama so popular globally when he ran for the US presidency four years ago? Because people believed that an eloquent and charismatic first (half-) black president of the United States could do good in the world. The retro-chic poster with a picture of Mr Obama and the single word “HOPE” on it conveyed the entire message.

Four years on, Mr Obama remains eloquent, charismatic and (obviously) 50-per-cent black. He still has considerable global prestige, but his career exhibits a contradiction which, over time, tells against him. He has used that prestige to tell us, in effect, that the president of the United States cannot do all that much good in the world. His message is that American power has lessened, that America is not a special place.

In logic, if you accept this message, you must place less hope in the man who delivers it. He is the advocate of his nation’s decline, and therefore of the reduction of his power. The odd decision to give Mr Obama the Nobel Peace Prize at the start rather than the finish of his presidency turns out to make a sort of sense: he achieved much more by winning the election than by anything that he has done.

You can see this clearly if you survey the Middle East. In this month in 2009, Mr Obama delivered his landmark speech in Cairo: “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims.” Three years on, Syrians are trying to overthrow their oppressive regime, but they aren’t getting much help from America.

And in Egypt, the country in which Mr Obama addressed the Muslim world, the United States has failed to nurture the very people who began the great revolt against tyranny. This week’s presidential election there is a badly refereed play-off between the old military gang and the anti-Western religious extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood (now being busily repackaged by the Western foreign policy elites and the BBC as Islam’s black-bearded equivalent of European Christian Democrats). The Obama “new beginning” with Muslims failed to support the liberal uprising in Iran in 2009. The ayatollahs lived to oppress another day. The withdrawal from Afghanistan will make life toughest for those Afghans who took the West at its word, and went for democracy and women’s rights rather than tribalism and burkas.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/23/2012 at 12:40 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - March 01, 2012

In memorium: Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

I enjoy making enemies.
Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.
Andrew is at rest, yet the happy warrior lives on, in each of us.

AHHHH! I’m 9yrs older than he was.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 03/01/2012 at 02:52 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - January 08, 2012

Empathy? Who has any?


Emperor Misha I has ranted…

The “Empathy” of the Loony Left
Posted by Emperor Misha I on January 7, 2012

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for Steyn, who this weeks talks about the strange version of “empathy” the Prognazis employ.

You know, the kind of “empathy” that extends only to the “right” of pregnant women to exterminate their “fetuses”, but certainly not to the parents of children who died before or immediately after birth. Witness Prognazi Alan Colmes, that throwback to the darkest ages of knuckle-dragging barbarism, who had a jolly old time mocking the Santorums for “taking home their dead infant to ‘play’ with it”, followed by the equally morally repugnant stinking swine Eugene Robinson who stated that this “proved” that Santorum was not “merely” weird, but really weird.

We’ll let Steyn say it (and you really ought to go read the whole thing):

But needs must, and victory by any means necessary. In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin’s live baby. It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

We haven’t ever had to face the horror of having a child die but, as Steyn says, there but for the Grace of G-d.

The thing is, even though we’ve never had to deal with an experience and horrible as that, we still somehow manage to scrape up enough humanity and actual empathy not to piss on somebody who has gone through it. It must be that cold, indifferent, self-sufficient right wing nuttism in us, unlike the true humanitarians in the Prognazi Party who, like that lizard-faced freak mutation, Alan Colmes, couldn’t find it in himself to even apologize for something he shouldn’t have said in the first place until he’d reduced Mrs. Santorum to tears with his callous, cruel, subhuman mockery.

May Almighty G-d have mercy on his shriveled, black soul, because we won’t. He’s dead to us.

But such is the “empathy” of the Prognazis that they forever brag about and use as a contrast to us evil, indifferent, hatey haters of the right.

Where’s their empathy for the citizens living in dangrous neighborhoods who can’t defend themselves thanks to the Prognazis’ insistence that only criminals ought to be armed? Where’s their empathy with the families of victims of violent crime when they do everything they can to make sure the criminal is let out quickly to murder, maim and rape again? Where’s their empathy with poor families who will soon be unable to pay their electric bills thanks to their fascist Ogabe EPA’s war on energy production? Where’s their empathy with the millions of Americans who have lost everything, not only their jobs, thanks to their war on business?

Where’s their empathy with the coming generations of Americans who will be born with an overcharged national credit card, a debt they’ll never be able to repay, just so the Prognazis could keep on living high on the hog and charge their vote-buying, nepotistic schemes to generations not even born yet?

Yet we’re the Evil Ones.

Well, if what the Prognazis have been exhibiting for everybody to see for as long as they’ve been around is “empathy”, then they can fucking well have it. We’ll stick with our “hateful” ways and be proud of them too.

Fuck them sideways with the Shimmering, Shit-encrusted, Splintered Shillelagh of Sodom (+4 against Socialist Shits), may they be humped viciously for all eternity by the Many-headed Monster Cock of Moloch until their shredded innards run down their legs and may G-d, in his mercy, grant us all the blessing of amnesia that we may, one day, forget our sinful negligence in suffering them to walk among us unmolested.


You gotta love his way with words and alliteration.

Shimmering, Shit-encrusted, Splintered Shillelagh of Sodom (+4 against Socialist Shits)

Why is it I think he misspent part of his youth playing D&D?


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 01/08/2012 at 12:11 PM   
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calendar   Tuesday - December 13, 2011

Back from the doctor…

Guess I’m not dying today.

One of the things I like about my doctor is that he doesn’t relegate vitals to the nurses. He takes them himself. My blood pressure was back to normal (120/80) Unlike when I was in the hospital when it ran 180/? Too high, is all I can say. It was just frakking too high!

I’m sure I’m gonna die, but it won’t be today.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 12/13/2011 at 11:29 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - December 01, 2011

Didn’t even know I was gone did you?

I spent the weekend in the hospital. Again. Apparently just another panic/anxiety attack. While I was obviously in distress, they couldn’t find anything wrong. My heart is fine. My cholesterol is fine. My blood pressure, once I calmed down, is fine. When admitted it was 180/100. It dropped back down to my usual 122/80. And I’m still not diabetic.

But I really got to get a grip on these panic attacks. Read up on panic attacks on Wikipedia. Exactly what I was experiencing when I called 911. I don’t know what causes them.

The fun part is yet to come. I’m unemployed, and uninsured. I filled out all kinds of financial assistance forms. But, if necessary, I’ll raid my retirement funds. Which may cost me taxes and penalties for early withdrawal.

Oh well, I’m alive. And money can be replaced.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 12/01/2011 at 12:19 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - November 16, 2011

england as sparta, but the line isn’t being held

H/T British Freedom

This reminded me of something ongoing with regard to border control and immigration here in the UK.

Sorry I haven’t all the facts right at hand but generally, govt. ordered a curb on immigration and unknown to the powers that be, the guy who was supposed to be in charge ignored the order and allowed in thousands telling immigration to stand down and allow immigrants in. Many turned out to be criminals whose whereabouts at the moment are unknown. They’re here somewhere for sure.  So there has been this big bru-haha with charges and counter charges going back and forth.  The official in question was sacked (as I understand it) and might face charges of some kind.  I’m just not clear on all the ABCs of it all and am buried under a bunch of other things.  Well anyway ....  I happened to catch this at the Brit Freedom site and thought it was well argued and worth sharing.
But as we all know ... it comes a bit late in the day.  England is flooded with people who barley speak the language and don’t want to anyway. There are criminals from Europe and especially eastern Europe, who are here in droves due to the open borders of the EU.  I know we have a problem in the USA with our borders, but these folks are really a lot worse off here.  Many Brits want out of the EU.  I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime. The lure of easy benefits and the welfare state attract them in large numbers.  The average Brit is at the mercy of his or her own govt. as well as the dictates of the EU and the insane policies followed by the previous govt for 13 years.  Of course, all the blame isn’t theirs either and the problems started even before the previous government.
I get the feeling that folks here have been brain washed, if I can get away with that expression, cos I do run into so many well meaning not altogether bad people but dupes none the less.  LyndonB puts it way better then I do, but I can’t talk him into writing something up here. 
So here .... from Brit Freedom.


by: Simon Bennett

Immigration criteria? Why is immigration into Europe tolerated at all? Let’s look at the logic of accepting immigrants. One of the favourite excuses proffered is to attract ‘skilled’ or ‘wealthy’ immigrants who will boost the economy – really? Let us suppose we are facing a shortage of brain surgeons, what to do? There are two obvious choices; either train our own people to do the job or import ‘skilled’ foreigners.

The training of our own people would involve no importation of racial or cultural differences, and would benefit the indigenous population who actually voted in the clowns running the government. Who benefits? The people.

The importation of foreigners would bring many social problems, which would need solving – lots of ‘agencies’ and a boom time for the paper industry following the inevitable tsunami of legislation to stop people from voicing the obvious. But in the short term – i.e. before the next election – it would solve the little dilemma. Incidentally, the importation of these aliens would also remove lucrative and prestigious positions from the market thus depriving the indigenous population of opportunities within their own economy and society. Who benefits? The politicians and state bureaucracy.

The second most common excuse for importing aliens is to pay taxes that will support us rapidly disappearing indigenous natives in our dotage. Apparently we are no longer reproducing. There are two points to be made concerning these claims. Firstly the net financial balance to the state from our ocean of mostly Muslim immigrants is firmly in the red. They are not contributing; they are a fiscal drain on the national purse – a not unsurprising discovery once one takes a perusal of the basket case economies from which they originally scuttled. They do, however, consume vast amounts of government funds and public services.

The point regarding our reproduction rates is a very hot potato. It is not that we Europeans are failing to procreate, for we do and at a rate which would guarantee our population base. Unfortunately we are also destroying our own offspring via industrial scale abortion – frankly it’s little short of infanticide on a Biblical scale. Notice, not a peep from the docile MSM.

This mass extermination in turn gives our reptilian political classes the excuse for further mass immigration. Hopefully the dreary pattern has become fairly obvious; we the native people are the milch cows of the parasitic state bureaucracy. This apparatus is not designed for the benefit of those who pay the bills; it is an extension of the political machinery and operates as such. Whatever democracy may have meant to the ancient Athenians its modern approximation has little if any interest in the wishes of the people.

Finally one notices that the other postings here discuss Canada and New Zealand. Britain is an ancient European country; the disturbing fact that we are being compared to such countries is of itself an indication of how bad things are. We are genuine indigenous peoples, not imports from the four corners looking for an easy berth in somebody else’s backyard. This mindset is utterly wrong and incongruous with traditional European mores and customs – stop comparing your own people to New World colonialists or antipodean interlopers. We are natives, and as Hollywood’s Leonidas succinctly asserted, this is Sparta.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/16/2011 at 11:52 AM   
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