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calendar   Wednesday - April 25, 2012

not against legit criticism but these anti american wack jobs bug me and they LIE!

She’s a lying anti-anything American gold digging slag.
And Peter McKay who wrote this, is no friend of the USA either.

I might not have posted this except for an on line story re. drone attack taking out another bit of vermin over the wkend. GOOD!  So screw em both. He and Khan. Left wing bleeding heart hand wringers.


Just imagine if America was hit by drones

Heiress Jemima Khan says she was sitting with an ‘attentive, unassuming 16-year-old boy’ called Tariq Aziz at a protest meeting in Islamabad over the use of U.S. drones. Like others, he was given a free digital camera to record the damage they caused in his home area of Waziristan.

Three days later, she says, he was blown to pieces by a drone strike, one of more than 3,000 such fatalities caused by remote-controlled aircraft targeted by ground-based operatives in Nevada.

Ms Khan has a special interest: she was married to the Pakistani politician Imran Khan, with whom she has two children, one of them only a year younger than Tariq. She says there are now moves to bring legal action over drones against the U.S. ambassador in Pakistan.

If, as she says, the U.S. is killing hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people in Pakistan using drone attacks, and 97 per cent of Pakistanis are against this form of warfare, couldn’t more be done internationally to investigate this carnage?

Elsewhere in the world, the killing of innocent people by governments, or regimes, attracts the attention of the International Court at The Hague. Why doesn’t this happen with drone attacks, or the several U.S. outrages against civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Because, it seems, there’s one law for the U.S., and another for everyone else.

As the philosopher-turned-politician Michael Ignatieff writes in the current New York Review Of Books: ‘From Nuremberg onwards, no country has invested more in the development of international jurisdiction for atrocity crimes and no country has worked harder to make sure that the law it seeks for others does not apply to itself.’

So up yours McKay and Kahn.
And three cheers for the USA and our drones. Wish one would land near one or both of them.

CIA drone strike kills top Al-Qaeda operative who was trained by Osama Bin Laden - as FBI director pledges to help stop Islamist insurgency

· Mohammed Al-Umda, trained by Bin Laden, was killed in weekend strike
· FBI chief vows to help crush insurgency and spoke with Yemen’s president
· Yemen President Hadi says he’s committed to working with U.S.

A top member of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was killed in an air strike over the weekend, the Yemeni Embassy confirmed Tuesday.
U.S. officials say the strike was conducted by the CIA and killed Mohammed Al-Umda on Sunday.
The drone targeted the prominent Al-Qaeda leader while he was riding in his SUV.


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calendar   Monday - April 23, 2012

H & H Monday

No, not this kind, unfortunately:



This kind:
Hollande, and Holland

h/t to Doc Jeff

Government Falls In Holland

PM Resigns, Cabinet Out

Refusing to spend pension funds to bail out Greece, MP Geert Wilders drops support for “austerity” budget, minority government collapses.

Euro stock market in chaos, US market DJI down 150 so far

Saturday -

The Netherlands was headed for early elections after coalition talks on a fiscal austerity package broke down on Saturday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said.

Seven weeks of negotiations fell apart after the minority rightist coalition’s far-right parliamentary ally walked out, saying it “could not live up to” European Union demands.

“I have to inform you today that the three parties have failed to come to common answers,” a visibly upset Rutte told reporters in The Hague. Elections now seemed likely, he added.

Rutte said he had phoned Queen Beatrix to inform her of the latest developments and would consult with his cabinet on Monday on how to proceed.

The austerity package at the centre of the row included a slight raise in Value-Added Tax (VAT), a freeze on civil servants’ wages and a cut in spending in both the health and development sectors, ANP news agency reported. It cited Stef Blok, the leader of the parliamentary group of Rutte’s VVD party.

The idea was to cut 16 billion euros ($21 billion) off the budget.  A number of economists contacted by ANP suggested that the collapse of the talks and early elections could cost the Netherlands its triple A credit rating.

Revised data from the country’s central planning bureau forecast last month that the 2013 public deficit would rise to 4.7 percent of domestic gross product under current conditions. But the EU deficit ceiling is 3.0 percent of GDP.

The figures were a blow to the government, which had insisted that countries in breach of European Union deficit rules had to be rigorous in correcting public finances.

In a separate press conference at the Dutch parliament, far-right leader Geert Wilders expressed regret that the talks had failed but insisted that the suggested cuts were unacceptable.

“It is a package that will damage economic growth in the coming years and that will allow unemployment to grow.  “It will severely effect the spending power of many people, especially pensioners. “We cannot live up to the demands Brussels is putting on us. Money is being taken from the wallets of pensioners.

“That’s not right, just because Brussels wants to take away the economy built up by the elderly,” he said.

Wilders called for elections as soon as possible.

Today -

European markets crashed on Monday as Socialist candidate Francois Hollande beat President Nicolais Sarkozy in the first round of the French presidential election. A breakdown in Dutch government coalition also led the indices down.
“If Hollande becomes president it would be the biggest change so far,” Roland Nash from Verno Capital told RT . “So far French less and Germans in particular pushed for austerity measures for this part of the world. If Hollande becomes president it will be shift to less austerity more spending as a way out of the crisis.”

3.07pm: It’s official, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has offered his cabinet’s resignation following the collapse of talks over its austerity budget

The decision means that Rutte becomes the latest eurozone leader to fall victim to the eurozone crisis.

From Associated Press:

The Dutch government information service says that Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Cabinet have resigned after failing to reach agreement on reducing the country’s budget to meet European guidelines.

The information service said Monday that Rutte had met with Queen Beatrix and she had accepted his resignation, asking him to tend to pressing matters of state with a caretaker government for the time being.

According to Reuters, Rutte has said that Queen Beatrix asked the cabinet to remain in place in the meantime—and to “do what is necessary for the country’s good”.

2.59pm: Important developments in Iceland in the last few minutes—Reuters is reporting that former prime minister Geir Haarde has been found guilty of one charge relating to the financial crisis.

Follow this link for a live blogging update of the situation.

U.S. and European markets sold off on Monday as traders worried about renewed eurozone political instability and a round of weak economic data.

As of 11:00 a.m. ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 142 points, or 1.1%, to 12888, the S&P 500 dipped 17 points, or 1.2%, to 1362 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 51.7 points, or 1.7%, to 2949.

The selloff on Monday was broad. Every Dow component besides Microsoft (MSFT: 32.10, -0.32, -0.99%) was in the red, with Wal-Mart (WMT: 59.68, -2.77, -4.44%), Bank of America (BAC: 8.23, -0.13, -1.56%) and Caterpillar (CAT: 106.56, -1.17, -1.08%) taking the heaviest losses.

Looking at the broader markets, basic materials, industrial, energy and financial companies fell by the sharpest margin. The number of shares trading hands in advancing shares outpaced that of declining shares by a ratio of more than 18-to-one on the New York Stock Exchange, according to data compiled by FOX Business.
Markit’s eurozone PMI gauge suggested the 17-member currency bloc’s economic output contracted at the swiftest pace in five months in April. The measure came in at 47.4, down from 49.1 in March. Readings above 50 point to expansion, while those below indicate contraction.

Germany, Europe’s powerhouse economy, saw activity in its important manufacturing sector contract at a the swiftest pace in 33 months. Meanwhile, France’s key service-sector activity slumped to a six-month low.

“Germany’s economy continued to rest on a knife edge of recession in April, with modest service sector growth only just counterbalancing the escalating manufacturing downturn,” Tim Moore, a senior economist at Markit said in a note accompanying the data.

Also on the European front, talks aimed at bringing the Netherlands’ deficit in-line with a fiscal compact agreed to by all members of the eurozone broke down. As a result, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his cabinet tendered their resignation, according to multiple media reports citing the country’s Government Information Service.

The developments in the Netherlands “not only threatens early elections in the Netherlands, but also poses a significant threat to the effective ratification of the fiscal compact, the central plank in (German) Chancellor Merkel’s strategy for addressing the eurozone crisis,” analysts at Nomura wrote in a note to clients.

So, do we blame elections in France (Hollande) and Wilders (Holland) for this whole mess? Not hardly. The entire EU has been tap dancing on the thinnest of ice for months and months now. The socialist model is collapsing, simply because there aren’t enough people working to put enough cash into it so that all the pigs may feed at all the troughs. And the whole thing then falls apart, because you can only borrow money for so long. It doesn’t matter if the people protest or riot for their daily bread and circuses. If there is no money, there is no money. And it looks like they’ve finally run out of other people’s money.

As you know, the Dutch government is a minority government. It can only survive in parliament with support of the opposition. That usually is the PVV (Geert Wilders’ party), but not always. On several occasions the government was able to get a majority with support of the left opposition.

For several weeks the coalition partners were negotiating what budget reductions were going to be implemented. As the budget has to be cut in a major way. That is no news. Each partner — VVD (liberals), CDA (Christian Democrats), and the PVV — have their own items they want to be careful about.

The VVD doesn’t want mortgage interest to be taxed. The CDA doesn’t want cuts in development aid. The PVV doesn’t want too many cuts in social security, and certainly does not want to make our pensioners pay for the comfy retirement of Greek pensioners.

This is what caused Wilders to withdraw his support for this cabinet. He did not agree with almost zero cuts to the development budget, nor with letting old age pensioners pay for the party.

As you can imagine, the media are having a ball right now. Their wet dream has come true: the conservative cabinet (first on since 1908!) has collapsed and — joy of joys — Wilders did it.

Is Europe finally figuring out that Socialism just doesn’t work? God, I hope so. It’s only taken them about a century to come to that conclusion.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 27, 2012

somali pervert to sue brits and obl’s right hand man alive and happy at txpyer xpense

Idiots. Absolute and totally irredeemable too late to save legal eagle idiots bowing and scraping to the human rights court of Europe while England sinks further into the world of pc make nice and lets try and be fair to all.

Never mind the duty to protect the law abiding and the overall security of the country.
Heaven help the USA if the libtard fools who pray (it seems to me) for a one world lets all hold hands and kiss have their way.  As they often seem to. If this were an isolated thing we could write it off and hope it wouldn’t happen again. But that is not the case. This case is one of many.


Oh and btw …. as long as I’m ranting about the bizarre and stupid, that Qatada fellow (pictured here with his lovely bride) that the govt. just couldn’t deport (his human rights) even though the govt. says he is a danger and a terrorist.
Just so you readers know who I am referring to.

Only a man described as Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe is all. Right now, he’s the happiest man in England.

The man who owns the property this vermin was living in (at taxpayer expense) did not know who was living in the property until the news broke about him.  When he found out he blew his top and told the powers that be here to take the scum out of his property. He wanted no part of him.  Soooooo …. said terrorist was moved and is he pleased, according to his brother.
He now has an even larger abode and a more expensive too. With compliments of the taxpayer as usual.
His deportation was halted by European judges.

What a fracked up world I tell ya.
The Brits gave their all and stuck it out all through the blitz.  They were brilliant with code breaking and propaganda and a never say die attitude.

And that was just the women. 

They could beat Hitler at his own game, they helped save Europe and now without firing a shot they’re occupied by a Euro-weenie liberal court.


By Anil Dawar
A SOMALI sex offender who sidestepped Home Office attempts to deport him yesterday won the right to sue the Government for failing to release him quickly enough.
Bashir Barrow, 51, was originally allowed to stay in the UK after fleeing his war-torn homeland.
But instead of repaying the favour he ended up costing the country hundreds of thousands and went on the run to avoid being sent home.
Now the pervert – who once turned up to an immigration hearing so drunk it had to be abandoned – could be in line for a cash payout after the Court of Appeal gave him permission to continue a taxpayer-funded bid for compensation.
The UK Border Agency paid out £4million in compensation in 2010 for 152 cases – including many unlawful detention claims – at an average of £26,600 each.
Ukip Euro-MP and home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten hit out at the farcical situation. He said: “It is getting crazy. Not only can we not deport foreign criminals we don’t want here, but we are finding we have to pay them for the privilege of staying in the country.
“This is exactly the kind of reason that we have to get rid of the Human Rights Act.” Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard how Barrow arrived in the UK in 1995. He was refused asylum but was granted exceptional leave to remain that year and indefinite leave to remain in 2002. Within a year he was jailed for indecent assault, theft and breaching a community order. He went on to commit a string of driving offences and returned to jail in 2007.
Home Office staff had wanted to deport Barrow after his first jail term but he went missing.
By the time of the second deportation attempt, in May 2008, he had written to the European Court of Human Rights pleading for help.

Strasbourg judges then ruled that sending the criminal back would violate his human rights. He was later granted bail from an immigration centre in September 2009, when a judge ruled that – although he was “a pest” – he had to be released.

Barrister Shivani Jegarajah told the appeal judges her client’s criminal record was “not serious” and he should have been released soon after the European Court ruling. Lord Justice Davis, Sir John Thomas and Mr Justice Black ordered a High Court review of Barrow’s case.



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calendar   Wednesday - March 07, 2012

EU having problems getting … bigger

EU Enlargement Commission Pulls Its Own ...

… Video


This is Bob. Bob is not the EU Enlargement Commissioner.

The European Commission has withdrawn a video promoting EU enlargement after it was accused of being racist.

The film shows three men from ethnic minorities using martial arts skills apparently preparing to fight a woman.

When she multiplies herself to form a circle around the men, they drop their weapons and her yellow clothes turn into the 12 stars of the EU.

The Commission said it regretted that the video had been perceived as racist and apologised.

The film shows a woman walking through a disused warehouse, where a man from East Asia jumps down in front of her performing Kung Fu.

Then a master of the art of Kalaripayattu, from the southern Indian state of Kerala, materialises and aims his sword at her.

Finally a practitioner of the Brazilian art of Capoeira breaks through a door and cartwheels towards her.
12 versions of the woman seen from above surround the men The European Commission says the film’s characters show “mutual respect”

But after gazing calmly at the trio and surrounding them with eleven copies of herself, they all sit down cross-legged.

Oh will you dig this ultra respectful PC drivel? Puh-lease. It’s a bunch of scary ass wogs. Some dead eyed soulless Chicom, complete with Hidden Dragon flying skills, does his hii-yee shit and waves his hands around. Then in comes Hassan Chop, straight out of Bugs Bunny Central Casting, with his giant sword, levitating magically across the floor. Didn’t Indiana Jones shoot his cousin several movies ago? Then some scary looking pug faced black guy with a giant gorilla head comes at her with a couple of flips and a roundhouse into a little hip-hop move, twitching his pecs with rage. And they all just stand there, as Ms. EU frowns a little bit, unarmed and unmoving, in her bright yellow Emma Peel racing catsuit / Kill Bill yoga outfit and reacts to this great threat ... by closing her eyes. And the 3 still just stand there. She then uses her Magic FemmaGaia Powers to metastasize herself into a dozen clones, surrounding the would-be fighters, and then immediately sitting down. Then the fighters instantly put up their threats and sit too, seeing as they only have weapons, huge muscles, and mad fighting skills, against a dozen nearly prostrate copies of some completely un-athletic woman in her early 40s. With everyone sitting down the bad guys simply EVAPORATE, yayy!!!, and the unbroken circle of clowns clones turn into the stars of the EU flag.

And this is racist. Because the EU identifies several parts of Asia and possibly Africa as threats? Or is it because any caricature is stereotyping therefore raaaacist? Whatever, like Brave Sir Robin and the Yellow Cloner, they also chose not to fight. That’s the EU: a dozen helpless women, and yellow is their natural color. Strength through Enlargement. I bet Mrs. Bob could tell you all about that.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - March 02, 2012

comrade commissar for euro human rights court warns UK.

Some stories of interest with regard to Europe’s cancer.
You folks in the USA won’t see this where you are.  You are lucky to be mostly far removed.

I’ve had this for a few days not being sure how I wanted to present it.  But the latest comment from the usual left wing idiot socialist gas bags at the European Human Rights courts, decided me on posting the web pages with links and let you see just how F****D up euro-weenies can be. And they want others to agree to their twisted thinking.

In brief.  You will recall if you’ve been visiting this site over time, that there was a great brouhaha over a traveler’s ILLEGAL camp site which took ten years to resolve.  They were illegal from the start and they knew they were. So last year they were finally and forcibly removed. That’s it. That’s all. End of story. Erm ... well maybe not. 

An ass wipe by the name of Thomas Hammarberg, who happens to be a European Human Rights Commissioner, has opined the following.  Notice please what the idiot who can not die soon enough to please me, has said re. Dale Farm;

Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, said the eviction of travelers from the illegal Dale Farm camp last year was a violation of their rights, ‘highly regrettable’ and must never happen again.
Britain is undermining the rights of gypsies and travelers to housing which is ‘culturally acceptable’ to them.

euro-weenie court

So in other words it was not legal or moral or correct to move the sponging SOBs, even though they themselves were in violation of the law and were in place illegally. I won’t even take time to go into all the collateral problems they caused the community they invaded. For those of you reading this who do not know, Dale Farm was the largest illegal camp site in Europe.
Meanwhile, here in the UK, The Council of Europe also runs the European Court of Human Rights, which David Cameron is currently trying to reform following its repeated interference in decisions made by British courts and Parliament.

Okay so.  We’ve got two kinds of the same sort of ppl. One group is from Eastern Europe and mostly Romanian, the other travelers and mostly I am told, Irish and English. I have read that the Irish branch are somewhat smarter and more lawyered up.  I don’t personally have any knowledge of the truth of that. Doesn’t matter anyway because both are serious problems.
But for this post …. the subject is the lying, thieving, teach em all as kids; The Roma Gypsies.
Take a look at this and if you really wanna be impressed, see the link. Cos it is impressive in a negative sort of way.

Gipsy pickpockets’ palaces: The mansions built by Romanian family of thieves who robbed train passengers while they slept


In Britain, they claimed to be destitute, living on benefits and scrounging from tourists to whom they sold the Big Issue.  (a street magazine)
But in fact the Rostas family had five huge palaces in their Romanian homeland, financed by the proceeds of a massive pickpocketing racket here.
These are the gaudy mansions the family of Roma gipsies built after stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from commuters, snatching mobile phones and cash as they dozed on late-night trains from London to Kent.

The stolen phones were sold in Romania to generate huge profits which the family used to build this 16-bedroom villa. A few streets away four similar blue-roofed palaces, all decorated with the Mercedes car emblem to symbolise wealth, are shared by other members of the extended family.

All are unfinished to avoid paying Romanian property taxes.


Police believe the family may be part of a wider criminal network spread across Europe, operating in Britain, Ireland, Spain and France. One neighbour, Artur Potra, 42, a retired engineering technician, said: ‘They have never worked in Romania. They just steal, steal, steal. They started out trading stolen whisky and cigarettes in the 1990s before they moved into Britain.


BUT WAIT ..... THERE’S MORE.  Look here.

‘Con Air’ gypsy gang members who flew to Britain in £800,000 benefit fraud told to pay back just £17.65


Two members of a ‘Con Air’ Roma gypsy family who jetted in and out of the UK to pocket more than £800,000 ($1,267,478) in benefits have been ordered to pay back just £17.65p.  ($23.30)

Ramona and Dorina Dumitru were part of a gang that cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in what was described by a judge as a ‘flagrant’ attack on the benefits system.

The fraudsters used forged home office documents and job references to illegally obtain national insurance numbers, which they used to claim a range of state handouts.

Gang members claimed benefits under two different aliases at the same time, and boosted the payouts they received by inventing children, producing what they said were photographs of the non-existent youngsters.

Some of the claimants did not live in the UK at all while making benefits claims, with one woman making regular flights into the country from Romania to collect their payments.

Today in a proceeds of crime hearing at Southwark Crown Court Ramona Dumitru, 34, who claimed she had six children, aged between two and 13 years old, was ordered to pay back just £16.65p of the £81,106.33p she netted.

Dorina Dumitru, 39, who used both her name and an alias was told she would only have to repay £1 despite having pocketed £101,333.27 after the court heard she had no assets.


Perhaps this one deserves a page all to itself. I couldn’t decide so I’m including it here.

Gum stolen from the UK being used as currency on black market in Romania

Police warn supermarkets to security-tag boxes of chewing gum to combat bizarre crime wave

Chewing-gum theft has become big business for criminal gangs who smuggle the confectionery across Europe to be used as a substitute for cash on the streets of Romania.

Prosecutors warn that the bizarre crime wave is now a “major problem” in cities across the UK, with thousands of pounds’ worth of gum stolen from shops. The Crown Prosecution Service warned yesterday that those caught will face the “full force of the law”, including jail.

Police believe organised gangs have identified a “soft target” in stores, where large amounts of stock are routinely left on shelves. In many cases, thieves simply load boxes of gum into trolleys and walk out. A number of forces claim the gum is sent to Romania, where shops and kiosks give chewing gum to customers instead of change, though Romanian diplomatic sources have played down the idea.

Dean Lampard, a CPS prosecutor, said: “The theft of large quantities of chewing gum is becoming big business. The police have told us this specific crime has become a major problem up and down the M5 corridor, as well as in other parts of the country.”

His warning came after two Romanian men were jailed last week for thefts worth more than £1,000. Ciprian Petw received a 24-week sentence for stealing £550 of gum in Norfolk and Taunton. He was picked up by police with a large foiled bag in Asda, Taunton, while out on bail for the Norfolk theft. He was found guilty at Taunton Magistrates’ Court of going equipped for theft. He had previously shoplifted in Manchester, Elgin and Suffolk, as well as Norfolk, and had made enough money to fund a trip home to Romania for Christmas, the court heard. Meanwhile, Fane Raducanu pleaded guilty to stealing chewing gum worth £430 from the same Asda store. He was given a six-week custodial sentence.

Police say similar raids have been carried out in Hounslow, Northampton, Hull, Newcastle, Slough, Worcester and North Yorkshire. From April to July last year, there were seven thefts of large quantities of gum in the Shrewsbury area alone. “Since then, it’s continued,” PC David Walton from West Mercia Police told The Independent on Sunday.

“We are not talking about a couple of packs; we are talking about five, six, seven maybe eight hundred pounds’ worth in one go. It became apparent it was just Romanian nationals. The chewing gum has a tangible value back home. If you are making a purchase in a shop on a street corner or a kiosk, if they don’t have sufficient change, they will give you strips of gum. The bottom line is it’s going back to Romania. People are loading up the trolley and brazenly walking out with it.”

PC Walton says the problem also goes “all the way up the M1”. The thieves avoid alcohol, meat and razor blades – where supermarket security is known to be tighter – and instead target the sweets aisles. Supermarkets have been encouraged to security-tag boxes of gum and reduce the amounts they keep on display.


There was a published photo last week sometime, of a 6 or possibly 7 year old who was being supervised by an adult gypo while the kid shoplifted.
They actually do train them that young. 


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calendar   Tuesday - February 28, 2012

wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen … sing along now.

story from The Copenhagen Post

Stateless immigrants to be granted rights

Immigration Service acknowledges they systematically registered many stateless immigrants as having citizenship, depriving them of their rights under UN conventions

I don’t know what those UN conventions are, but since we’re members of that body, I sure hope these ‘conventions’ don’t apply to the USA also.
But I suppose it’s good really because after all, Europe and in this case Denmark, do not have near enough people from the turd world living among them. And they don’t have near enough muzzies living there already.

Here’s more of how to self destruct your country with the guidance and approval of the UN and all their conventions.

The Immigration Service has started sending out letters to a range of stateless immigrants from Syria, Bhutan and Burma who have been incorrectly registered as having a citizenship.

The letters will inform them of their right to be correctly registered as stateless and will contain an application form that can be filled out and returned to the Immigration Service.

The Immigration Service will then assess whether the individual can be judged to be stateless under the UN conventions for stateless people. All applications are expected to be handled within three months.

The change in status from holding a citizenship to being stateless will afford the individual greater rights in Denmark and will confer the automatic right to Danish citizenship to their children.

Information newspaper uncovered the existence of this group of incorrectly-registered individuals this summer after revealing how the Immigration Service had illegally turned down applications for Danish citizenship from stateless Palestinians residing in Denmark.

The move to offer a change of status was made after consulting with the Danish Institute for Human Rights (IMR), which helped draft the application form.

“We have had a notably successful co-operation with the Immigration Service after the press took up the case,” Eva Ersbøll from IMR told Information. “The service has been very open to our suggestions and now the final details are falling into place.”

automatic right to Danish citizenship ..... and they will vote.  And one day Denmark will cease to be, as it joins the rest of Europe marching to the muzzie drums.


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calendar   Monday - February 06, 2012

some vermin, their history and their human (?) rights

The links are provided should anyone want to read the full stories.  You’d think we’d all be tired of this kind of thing by now. Well, yes. It is about the same old same old. But ..... it’s happening right here and it’s on going.  Emotions run the gamut from concern to fright to downright anger. And of course frustration.
Lots and lots of that.  Seem Europa and it’s union and too many Brit lawyers and civil rights types, are very concerned about the rights of the vermin shown here and less about the right to life of the many victims these bastards would enjoy taking away. And in the most horrific manner they could arrange.
Terrorists may be mad dogs, they may want to return to the dark ages, they are filthy, grubby and unwashed looking creeps.
But they most certainly are not stupid. Well not all of them are.  But even the dumbest among them doesn’t require a degree to turn himself into a flaming bomb at the behest of these scum. They know how the west works (and doesn’t work) and how to use the western system against itself. They are smart enough for that. And those who aren’t have smart lawyers clearing a path for them.  And not only that.  How’s this strike you?

Here’s a story regarding a group of MPs (Members of Parliament). 

MPs visit Abu Hamza at Belmarsh to canvass his views for a report. He is referred to respectfully throughout as ‘Mr Abu Hamza’ Here’s a guy who says that it’s perfectly okay to kill anyone for no other reason then they aren’t muslims. 

These animals shouldn’t be given refuge anywhere and when caught should be deleted with extreme prejudice.  And fuck the ass-wipes at the Euro-pee-on court of human rights.  Deleting them might not be a bad idea either.

Here’s some quick snaps for you to look at and think about. You should you know. After all, you are all on their murder list. And these vermin are only three.

SubHuman Vermin #1 for your consideration. 

Abu Hamza

It took years to jail him, but now MPs visit Abu Hamza at Belmarsh to canvass his views

· Al Qaeda is trying to recruit female suicide bombers in Britain, MPs warn
· Internet often to blame for radicalising extremists, report warns
· Select committee blasted by family of 7/7 victim for interviewing hate preacher Abu Hamza


A group of MPs who visited hate-preacher Abu Hamza in his jail cell have published his views in an official report.
Members of the home affairs select committee went to high-security Belmarsh prison to interview the cleric who was jailed after telling his followers that the murder of non-Muslims was justified ‘even if there is no reason’.
Their report on violent radicalism is published today and includes an uncritical summary of Hamza’s comments. He is referred to respectfully throughout as ‘Mr Abu Hamza’.

Families of terror attack victims condemned the committee and its chairman, Labour MP Keith Vaz. Graham Foulkes, whose 22-year-old son David was murdered in the Edgware Road bombing on July 7, 2005, said the visit was ‘deeply inappropriate’.
He said: ‘I think what they are doing by visiting him in jail is legitimising his claims and his beliefs, which are to kill and maim men and women and to destroy our society.
‘The worrying thing is that as a result Hamza will tell his followers, “Look, they are taking me seriously”.’

‘A substantial number of terrorist attacks at home and abroad have happened because of Abu Hamza.

read about abu hamza

Vermin #2

Saajid Badat

‘Shoe-bomb’ terrorist to be released from jail on opening day of the Olympic Games



The notorious terrorist who plotted a shoe-bomb attack on a plane is to be freed from jail just hours before the Olympic Games begin.
Saajid Badat’s release will only add to security fears at the high-profile event in London, which opens on July 27.
The 32-year-old was jailed for 13 years in 2005 after conspiring with two other radical Muslims to blow up a passenger jet - but he will be released after serving just eight years and eight months.
The religious teacher from Gloucester admitted to conspiring with Brit Richard Reid and Belgian terrorist Nizar Trabelsi to blow up flights to the U.S. in 2001.

But now he is due to be freed two-thirds of the way through his sentenceon the official opening day of the biggest sporting event in the world, according to the Daily Mirror.
People are furious this guy is being released on that day but it’s just a quirk of fate,’ said a security source.

He had even booked a ticket for a flight from Amsterdam to the U.S., but he had a last-minute change of heart and never boarded the plane.
His fellow plotter Reid was overpowered by fellow passengers on a flight from Paris to Miami while trying to detonate the bomb in his shoes, and is now serving a life sentence in America.


and our last subhuman of this group.
Vermin #3
Abu Qatada

Osama Bin Laden’s ‘right-hand man in Europe’ Abu Qatada could walk from prison today despite being ‘extraordinarily dangerous’

Lawyers are arguing he should be released on bail after being held for six and a half years



Hate preacher Abu Qatada could today walk free from prison to a life on benefits with his wife and five children.

Qatada, who has cost the UK taxpayer more than £1million in benefits, prison and legal fees, is currently being held at Long Lartin high security prison in Worcestershire after breaching previous bail terms.

British diplomats continue to seek assurances from the Jordanian authorities that evidence gained through torture would not be used against him.

The issue was the key reason why Qatada won an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights last month.

The judges ruled that sending Qatada back to face terror charges without such assurances would deny him his right to a fair trial and be a ‘flagrant denial of justice’.

Mrs May vowed that Qatada, who has been held for six and a half years, would be kept behind bars while she considered all legal options to send him back and the Home Office said he ‘poses a real risk to national security’.

But Qatada’s defence team convinced an immigration judge to release him at a hearing in central London.

Abu Qatada read all of it here


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calendar   Monday - January 23, 2012

few sequins short of a tutu ….. read it all

I thought I’d heard the last (for awhile) on this topic.  But this morning’s column by one of my favorite people really woke me up.  I had not heard much about what she’s writing here.  Which btw I’ve edited. See full column at the link.
Anyway, I had not realized the extent of the thinking here and didn’t even know we had it in the USA as Miss Phillips describes.
I don’t understand how people come to believe these things. How do they come to these things?  Do they go out looking for it? Make things up as they go along? What?  How come they can not see how stupid it all is.
But ... I heard something on the radio late last night, after my computer crashed and I spent an hour with tech in India. Happily I got someone I understood, but it still took an hour.  By the time we were through I wanted nothing more to do with puters.  Too tired even to read, I turned on the radio.  The topic was not this story about the loon and her little boy/girl.  But while reading Phillips here, I immediately recalled the radio program. Let me share a bit of that and you’ll see a weird connection.

The program was about a newly emerging industry that deals with stag nights. Yeah, stag nights. Ah but with a difference.  Apparently, Krakow (Poland) is host to groups of Brit guys enjoying their last freedoms. Kind of.  There are actually companies that arrange tours, depending on what is paid determines how long your stag vacation is. Usually it’s a whole weekend. Yes, the guys do get pie eyed however, there isn’t the usual (we are told) stag films of old or sex for sale kind of thing. It’s supposed to simply be a group of friends enjoying the company of a guy about to become married. The groups are controlled quite expertly by a lady guide.  They are taken from one bar to another and visit various city attractions etc.  All very civilized we were informed. And here’s the part that you might say really woke me up.  It was to be quite honest, a bit embarrassing to listen to.

One of the guys on the program is a reporter who spent many months following this newest thing. The guided stag tour of Krakow. He interviewed the guys and drank with them, nothing sneaky because he wasn’t trying to uncover anything illegal. And then he came to this.

It was noticed how these guys have not acted in the expected macho traditional male on a bender (tho they were on quite a bender) way.  Here were guys he said, who were straight but not afraid to touch each other.  Not in a sexual way, but more or less we are informed, in the manner that women bond with their friends. They aren’t embarrassed or afraid to touch and show a softer side.  They were more touchy feely I suppose.  They were less the masculine stereotype.

I guess times have changed and apparently some men have too.  But I think it’s manufactured.  I just can not imagine guys having a girls night out.
Well, not if they’re straight anyway.  It just doesn’t seem natural. 

You’ve got to be a few sequins short of a tutu to raise your son as ‘gender neutral’


For more than three decades, Left-wing ideologues have been determinedly unravelling sexual and gender differences — on the grounds that the very idea that people are different amounts to a kind of prejudice.

Bizarre as it may seem, what started as a campaign for equal rights progressed into a movement to abolish altogether the differences between men and women.

This movement consisted of an alliance between, on the one hand, radical feminists who were consumed by hatred of men and, on the other, gay activists intent upon blurring the distinction between hetero-sexual and same-sex unions.

What arose from both was a push towards androgyny, based on the false belief that biology had little to do with gender differences — which were instead said to be artificially constructed by society.


Denying the biological facts of life in this way might be considered a form of lunacy. Indeed, scientists have shown there are many differences between male and female brains. And in general, men and women clearly have different approaches to their environment, relationships, children and so on.
Nevertheless, promotion of androgyny has become a kind of default position among progressive thinkers, writers and politicians.

It all started with the idea that men and women should have interchangeable roles both at home and in the work-place, and that fathers were no longer essential to the family unit at all.
Right from the beginning, however, there was a deeper agenda to redefine relations between men and women by nothing less than redefining men and women themselves.

Accordingly, radical feminists such as academics Judith Lorber and Susan Farrell wrote with a straight face that ‘being a woman and being a man change from one generation to the next’.

And the immensely influential psychologist Sandra Bem wrote that to free people from ‘culturally imposed’ definitions of masculinity and femininity people should become androgynous, adapting male or female behaviour according to their situation.

This would mean, she gleefully predicted, that distinctions between male and female would ‘blur into invisibility’.
Goodbye testosterone!

Astonishing as this may seem, this madness has now become mainstream. For example, the Council of Europe, no less, has drafted a definition of gender as an artificial social construct which has little to do with biology.

In the U.S., some therapists have demanded ‘genderless models of marriage and parenting’.

Recently, the California Teachers’ Association held a conference advocating ‘gender liberation’. It issued instructions on ‘gender etiquette’, which said it was polite to ask people with which sex they identified — and, accordingly, by which pronouns they preferred to be described. The instructions added helpfully: ‘Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.’
And a few months ago on U.S. TV, a ‘gender coach’ was filmed indoctrinating children that they could choose whether to be a boy or a girl.


It all sounds too ludicrous to be true. In fact, it is deeply sinister. Our society is being brainwashed into pretending that the differences between male and female don’t exist — in order to reconstruct society into some unattainable utopia of sexual and gender identicality.

The dual goal is to marginalise men and to upend society’s fundamental moral codes. Having first been told they can behave sexually in whatever way they want, people are now being told they can be sexually whatever they want. And anyone who objects to this will be told they are a bigot.

The result will be an increasing tide of misery. Human identity is formed by the union of male and female. Sexual and gender differences lie at the very heart of what it is to be a human being.

Denying those differences to a child not only threatens that child’s own sense of identity and well-being, but also starts to unravel what it is to be a person.
Dressing a boy as a girl and pretending he can choose his gender is not merely bizarre and cruel. It is part of a wider agenda to re-order our society.
Far from ushering in a better world, this threatens to stamp out the individual right to know what we are, and to rob us of humanity itself.



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Let The Cheating Begin

EU To Officially Embargo Iran Oil

Is it just old cynical me, or was your very first thought “here comes another Oil for Food scandal”?

BRUSSELS – The European Union formally adopted an oil embargo Monday against Iran and a freeze of the assets of the country’s central bank, part of sanctions meant to pressure the country to resume talks on its nuclear program.

Diplomats said the measures, which were adopted in Brussels by the EU’s 27 foreign ministers, include an immediate embargo on new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products, while existing contracts will be allowed to run until July.

EU diplomats are calling the measure part of a twin track approach toward Iran: increase sanctions to discourage what they suspect is Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons but emphasize at the same time the international community’s willingness to talk. Iran says its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague called the embargo part of “an unprecedented set of sanctions.”

“I think this shows the resolve of the European Union on this issue,” Hague said.

Rrrriiiight. Sure, I believe it. Embargo. Uh huh. Big noise now, but it won’t even start until July. So this is just a lot of noise right now.

Except they cut a deal where poor little Greece, who lives for cheap Iranian oil, can do an end run, right? No? Wanna bet? Wanna watch Greece suddenly become a next exporter of oil when the embargo starts?

To protect Europe’s economy, struggling with a two-year-old debt crisis, foreign ministers agreed to delay full implementation of the oil embargo until July 1, an EU diplomat said.

That will give countries such as Greece, which rely heavily on Iranian oil, to find alternative sources.

Alternative sources, like old Hugo down in Venezuela, who isn’t part of the embargo and will probably act as front man for the mullahs? Or China, who, despite assurances from the Saudis that they would match production, isn’t part of the embargo?

Oh, and of course the price of oil just jumped $12 a barrel, to $111, on top of the 30¢ price jack you’ve seen at the pump over the past couple of weeks. Here we go again, $4-5 gas coming soon.

Thank God Obama killed the pipeline. As politics shuts down one international source after another (Nigeria will tip soon), it’s so reassuring to know that our Fearless Reader has done whatever he can to stop our supply from any and all other sources. Not.

The only way to make an embargo real is to do it at the point of a gun. Genuine old school naval blockade at sea, and armies along the borders. And let them do what they do best. Anything less is just an exercise in bullshit.


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calendar   Friday - January 20, 2012

the far right in europe. will they all get together on one page?

Not sure how this is gonna work out to be honest.  The reputation of the EDL isn’t exactly pure as the driven snow.  But on the other hand, so long as the liberal left continues to force feed people with this diversity/multi culture crap, where now even using the term colored is an offense, where the muzzies are free to abuse the host countries using their legal system to do so, we may see more of this and who knows.  There could be violence attached to it.
Even folks who harbor no race hate views are concerned about muslim influence and the folks who enable it.  Many of them say they no longer recognize their own country.  Hell, that’s no surprise to me.  It had been approx. 25 years that I’d been away from England when I came back here in 2004.  It did not take long for me to see the huge, and I do mean a hell of a lot, difference that happened over those years. So it shouldn’t be at all surprising that Brits are very much concerned. 

Anti-Islamic groups across Europe to attend far-Right rally

Far-right anti-Islamic groups from across Europe are planning to rally in Denmark, for what organisers have billed as the birth of a European movement.

By Richard Orange, Malmo

More than 10 anti-Islamic groups, led by the English Defence League, are expected to send representatives.
“There will be speeches from every defence league in Europe,” said Isak Nygren, the spokesman for the Swedish Defence League. “I hope we can show that there’s resistance against Islamisation of Europe, that we can inspire each other.”

The EDL has held one European rally before, sending members to Amsterdam in 2010 in support of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, who was in court accused of insulting religious and ethnic groups.

Mr Wilders, who has moved to distance himself from the EDL, is not expected to attend the event.

Stephen Lennon, the former football hooligan who formed the EDL three years ago, however said he was inspired by the Amsterdam gathering to link up with other far-Right groups in Europe, setting up the European Freedom Initiative.

He described the planned gathering, in Aarhus on March 31, as the “first proper European event”.
“We’re hoping this will be the launch of a wider European Defence League,” he said. “We don’t expect it to be big, but our first event wasn’t that big, and they’re just going to get bigger and bigger.”

Mr Lennon, who was convicted of assault in November 2011 after headbutting another EDL member at a rally, said his members were prepared for violence.
“The likelihood is that the local Islamic community will come and attack us, aided and abetted by the far-Left,” he said. “We come to protest peacefully, it’s not our fault that when we come out, that they come to try and bash our heads in.”

Imran Shah, the spokesman for the Islamic Society of Denmark, urged Muslims to stay away from the rally and called on the Danish government to act against the growing movement, especially in the wake of last year’s massacre of 77 people by Norwegian far-Right extremist Anders Behring Breivik.
“We’ve seen what the rhetoric of hate can do in Norway. Do we want some deaths here before we react?”, he said.

Breivik was an early European supporter of the EDL, attending a rally in Bradford in 2010, and claiming hundreds of EDL members as his Facebook friends.
Matthew Goodwin, an expert on the far-Right at Nottingham University, said that the EDL’s move into Europe is worrying.


It’s an interesting article. And I think that he (Lennon) does have a valid point with regard to the violence thing.  Not saying the EDL is above that. Not at all.
But it’s interesting that the other side can attack with impunity under the flag of anti fascism but when someone hits back, by which I mean the right, it’s always an attack against freedom and democracy.
The left forever shouts down speech by anyone they don’t approve of or whose opinion runs counter to the one world, one opinion. Theirs naturally.
I’m aware that there are some nasty people on the right, dangerous ones even. But so far they seem to be the only ones willing to take any action of any kind.


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calendar   Saturday - January 14, 2012

And Over They Go?

S&P Downgrades Most Of Eurozone


France has been stripped of its AAA credit rating for the first time as Standard & Poor’s downgraded nine countries on fears that policymakers were failing to get to grips with the eurozone debt crisis.

• S&P downgrades nine eurozone nations
• France and Austria lose prized AAA rating
• All except Germany and Slovakia face further downgrades
• German legislator: If S&P cuts France, it should also cut UK
• Bond yields rise on Greek debt writedown fears
• UK ‘teetering on brink of recession’, warns BDO

Friday the 13th much?

Difficulties that began more than two years ago in Greece and were initially viewed as a problem that could be contained to smaller, less significant economies in Ireland and Portugal, have now spread to once-thriving economies.

Europe’s leaders have been criticized for months for not taking decisive action to stem the crisis and S&P echoed that criticism.

“In our view, the policy initiatives taken by European policymakers in recent weeks may be insufficient to fully address ongoing systemic stresses in the eurozone,” S&P said in a statement announcing the downgrades.

S&P also criticized European leaders for in S&P’s view misidentifying the crisis as one stemming solely from the “profligate” fiscal policies of “peripheral countries” such as Greece, Italy and Portugal. In reality, the problems are far more systemic and won’t likely be fixed by austerity measures alone, according to S&P.

France CUT one notch to AA+
Austria CUT one notch to AA+
Italy CUT two notches to BBB+
Spain CUT two notches to A
Portugal CUT two notches to BB (junk)
Belgium AFFIRMED at AA (the country was cut in November)
Malta CUT one notch to A-
Cyprus CUT two notches to BB+ (junk)
Luxembourg AFFIRMED at AAA
Slovenia CUT one notch to A+
Slovakia CUT one notch to A
Ireland AFFIRMED at BBB+
The Netherlands AFFIRMED at AAA
Estonia AFFIRMED at AA-

All outlooks are negative (meaning these countries face a one-in three chance of a further downgrades [within 18 months]) EXCEPT Germany, and weirdly, Slovakia.

The first link above is a live blogging coverage of the events of the past 2 days. The second link is a news article. This link goes to a gateway news page that provides all the details you could ever want.

The EU is going over the edge. This is the time when the shit of Socialism finally hits the fan of Reality; they’ve run out of other people’s money to spend.

Maybe they’ll figure that out, along with the wisdom of not sending more than a third of their spendable cash to China or Saudi Arabia. Make stuff at home, live within your means, don’t let foreigners own your strategic assets, and limit immigration. That’s a start.

PS - how did the UK escape the downgrade flail this time around?


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calendar   Monday - January 02, 2012

when eu rules apply to others but not the eu.

It’s very hard to avoid. In fact it isn’t possible.  If you don’t hear about it on panel discussions on the radio, it’s in the papers. If not there then you’ll overhear folks commenting on it and with much worry.
I’m talking about the economy. Not the USA, the one here where I am. The UK.

Things are not going as well as hoped and the powers that be are trying, they say, to improve things.  Meanwhile the Brit citizen is being warned about cuts in public spending, further worries about the aging population and how to care for the elderly and create jobs for those who want and need them.  There’s been a warning to expect prison riots due to overcrowding and “rights” seen as abused.

Of course the EU makes it’s voice heard on subjects pertaining to the UK. Like a prisoner’s right to vote. And immigration and the cost to the economy, especially with illegal immigration and the difficulty in deporting the criminals among that group.
Well, with all that in mind I guess the UK taxpayer was proud to be informed that those cheap Germans and French are trailing the Brits in monies being thrown away on foreign aid.  OH … almost forgot.

Members of Parliament are getting a raise.  Well of course they are. No belt tightening among the mighty.  It’s an automatic raise as I understand it, to avoid having to vote on a raise. Now I say again, I could have misunderstood what I’d heard, but that’s what it sounded like to me.
But never mind.  The fact that Germany and France are spending less then the UK was disclosed in an EU report on the subject.
There are a number of things that cost more here because while most European states ignore the rules, and while French farmers are reaping the protective benefits of paying no attention to them, the Brits play exactly by the rules and so find themselves on the short end of things.  And speaking of rules and regs, all this leads me to a story with a bit of bitter humor in it.

You may recall the story about the EU rule I posted with regard to water. Yeah. Water. The EU passed another new law, with regard to water being advertised as a source to combat dehydration.  Water companies must not mislead the public and claim any benefits for drinking water.  This is what the modern world has come to now.  A bunch of fat cats with nothing special to do, sit around and look for things to pass new rules and regs on.
Well, here’s an update of sorts. The EU has been caught breaking their own ruling of the benefits of water. Hey, you couldn’t make this up.  The Marx Bros. would have had a field day with this one.  Take a look.

EU breaks its own ruling on water hydration claims

EU officials could be prosecuted after falling foul of their own ruling that banned claims that drinking water could prevent dehydration.

By Donna Bowater

The EU was widely derided last month for the bizarre decision to prohibit drinks companies from claiming drinking water could help avoid dehydration.
Manufacturers face two years in jail for breaching the edict that was due to come into force this month after being passed in November.
But the EU could now be investigated after it emerged its Milk Programme was found to promote the health benefits of drinking water.
The literature for the scheme, which encourages children to drink more milk, said: “You may not have known, but a large part of milk is actually water. So, if you regularly drink milk, you can stay hydrated at the same time.
“When people do not get enough water, a condition called ‘dehydration’, they can become tired, irritable and have a hard time concentrating.

Drinking milk can help put the necessary water back into the body, while providing carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients to give you energy.”
A British MEP has called on the Procureur-General in Brussels to act on the blunder.
In his complaint, Paul Nuttall, Ukip member for North West England, said it was a “disgraceful breach of EU law by the European Commission.”
He added: “These people think that they can lay down the law that they have created no matter how absurd and threaten individuals and businesses with criminal sanctions.
“In this case, though, It appears that the EU just doesn’t know its backside from its elbow.”

Denouncing the ruling last month, Conservative MEP Roger Helmer said: “This is stupidity writ large.
“The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are: highly-paid, highly-pensioned officials worrying about the obvious qualities of water and trying to deny us the right to say what is patently true.
“If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.”
It also emerged earlier this month that the European Food Safety Authority had rules against claims that prunes had a laxative effect.
An EU spokesman said: “We have not been contacted by the prosecutor as yet, however, as we may be within a due legal process, we cannot comment in case it prejudices future proceedings.”
The Procureur-General’s office would not comment on the complaint but said it would be treated like any other.



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calendar   Friday - December 16, 2011

the eu declares war on the lonely helpless prune.

Lots of folks and mostly the Brits, wonder aloud just what the heck does the EU do that Brits can’t do for themselves.  People also wonder what new law or pronouncement will be forthcoming, as those jobsworths always seem to find something to pass their worldly judgement on.  And so they have. Again.
They have now declared war on the pitiful prune, who has harmed nobody.

I think I’ll file this one under humor, altho the Euro-weenies at the EU aren’t joking.
But it might provide you with a grin if not a laugh.

Prunes are not a laxative, EU rules

The EU has ruled that prunes do not have a laxative effect and producers must not say that they do.

By Donna Bowater

It comes after the organisation was mocked last month a ruling that led to a ban on claims that drinking water can prevent dehydration.
Despite a long held belief that prunes, traditionally served with custard, are good for improving bowel function, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ruled this is not the case.

Its experts said there was “insufficient” evidence of a link between the dried plums and normal bowel function after looking at three studies of prune consumption.
Sir Graham Watson MEP has now challenged an EU Commissioner to a prune-eating contest after his food safety committee ruled that prunes do not have a laxative effect.

Sir Graham, the Liberal Democrat member for South West England and Gibraltar, raised the issue in Strasbourg after the EU refused to recognise the high fibre content of fruits like pomegranates, berries and prunes.

“The European Commission’s advisory panel which does this work has rejected 95 per cent of claims for plant-based foods, maybe in many cases with good reason, but among the claims rejected is the claim that prunes have a laxative effect,” he said.

“I have asked the Commission if it is satisfied with the criteria and the methodology used for testing such claims because I know that prunes contain two substances sorbitol and dihydrophenylisatin, which have laxative effects. But most of our constituents do not require a scientific test.

“I have also invited the Commissioner responsible for health and consumer policy, John Dalli, to a prune eating contest to see for himself.”

Last month, the EU concluded there was no evidence to prove drinking water can prevent dehydration. The conclusions led to a ban on bottled water companies using the claim.

At the time, Conservative MEP Roger Helmer said: “This is stupidity writ large.
“The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are: highly-paid, highly-pensioned officials worrying about the obvious qualities of water and trying to deny us the right to say what is patently true.
“If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.”

read more, the lonely prune


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calendar   Monday - November 28, 2011

eu tightens it’s grip

Have to pack it in for the night.  Drew busy and I don’t envy the load he carries.
And I’m all done in after a fairly weird day which actually started at 5am. But not planned that way.  Had appointment today as sawbones concerned about my low blood pressure.  Jeesh. Me?  Low BP?  Unbelievable the way I swear and rant about things that bother me you’d think it would be high and not low. Whatever.

I got this article in my newsletter today, or maybe it was yesterday. Not keeping track.

I couldn’t help thinking, as I often do on the subject, it’s this sort of thing the American left will happily inflict on to the USA, given the opportunity.  And if you don’t think they haven’t already started the process, you’re asleep at the wheel.

Also read brief TV review about a Brit in a Texas jail awaiting the death penalty.
Some Brit reporter has decided she’s innocent, had a crappy useless lawyer, and now there’s to be a TV documentary on it here in the UK.  There’s the usual slam against the great state of Texas cos they have apparently executed too many ppl to make Brit reporter happy.  Like it’s his business.  So the reviewer goes on to state that Britain gave up the DP 40 years ago, and based on this case, America should too.
Right. And do as they do here. Let em out in a couple yrs so they can do it all over again.  Fact is, lots and lots of Brits want a return to the DP. And all you have to do is read only one months worth of their papers here to see why.

The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

British Freedom

By Paul Weston


The increasingly dictatorial behaviour of the unelected EU Commissioners rather proves the point made by Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who way back in 2006 stated that the political structure of the European Union was similar to that of the Supreme Soviet and the Politburo, and that the similarity was intentional.
The liberal-left are woefully ignorant of history, yet with their various humanities degrees they should know something of human nature, but even this appears to be beyond their intellectual grasp. The mental make-up of all dictators seeks one thing and one thing only – control over all others. Lenin once remarked that Communism was not actually about equality for the worker, but was rather about control. Total control.

Have we not seen this in the last few weeks? Frau Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy are both on record stating their intention to wrest further EU control from the European electorate in the wake of the Eurozone economic catastrophe (inflicted by EU economic policy) and they are now doing this in spades.

Greek ex-Prime Minister Papandreou rather foolishly suggested the Greek people might like to influence their economic future in a democratic manner, only to be immediately toppled by the EU powers and replaced by Lucas Papademos, a man of impeccable Socialist economic credentials, who went from Governor of the Bank of Greece to Vice President of the European Central Bank (ECB) to Prime Minister of Greece. In other words an EU placeman in a previously democratic country.

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi was not brought down by his lurid sexual shenanigans or his alleged lifelong corruption, but because he dared to question the validity of the euro. Enter the incensed EU Politburo, and exit the aged yet curiously wrinkle-free lecherous Lothario, to be replaced by unelected former EU Commissioner Mario Monti and a cabinet of bankers and academics, not one of whom represents a single Italian political party.
Is this democracy in action? No, it is totalitarianism, pure and simple.

This should come as no surprise to those who understand the dictatorial machinations of the EU. Countries such as Ireland and Denmark were allowed referendums, but when they refused to accept the EU’s vision of a Utopian Socialist future, they were alternately threatened and bribed until they eventually complied with the wishes of the unelected EU Commissioners.

read more here


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Once Again, The One And Only Post
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The advantage to having a guide with you is thɑt an expert will haѵe very first hand experience dealing and navigating the river with гegional wildlife. Tһomas, there are great…
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We’ve Been Waiting For
On: 03/14/23 11:20

Vietnam Homecoming
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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