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a country in an immigration rut. open borders? looks that way.

Wanna talk about being a country in a rut.

There isn’t anything for me to say. This says it all.

Spain sends Algerian criminal to live in the UK

and there’s nothing we can do about it

Lazhari Zemouche arrested 92 times in Spain over the past 25 years

Crimes range from theft to robbery and he has used fake identities

Believed to have entered into a sham marriage to obtain a British passport

By Stephen Wright, Emine Sinmaz and Gerard Couzens

An Algerian-born career criminal suspected of a ‘marriage of convenience’ to a British citizen has been deported from Spain to the UK.

Police said Lazhari Zemouche had been arrested 92 times in Spain over the past 25 years for crimes from theft to robbery and had used a number of fake identities.

But because he had married in the UK before his latest crime spree in Spain, he was deported to London rather than to his native Algeria.

Officials said he was put on a plane to London after his latest arrest in Majorca because he was deemed a ‘security risk’ in Spain.

Spanish police sources claimed Zemouche, whose whereabouts were unknown last night, had entered into a sham marriage to obtain a British passport.

They admitted that unless Zemouche was a wanted man in Britain, he would be free to roam the streets and carry on offending as he has done over the past two and a half decades in Spain.


His wife’s identity and the exact date of his marriage, said to have taken place in England ‘a few years ago’, were not revealed by the Spanish authorities.

He was deported to the UK under a 2007 Spanish law allowing it to expel EU citizens for security reasons.

A spokesman for police in Majorca, where 45-year-old Zemouche was arrested on October 4 and held in an immigration centre pending deportation, declined to name him officially.

But Zemouche’s initials appeared in the local media and informed sources confirmed his full identity.

The police spokesman said: ‘He was deported to Britain because he married a British citizen in the UK and has British nationality.
Spanish police declined to offer a full list of his past offences. An official admitted: ‘Unless he is wanted in Britain then he will obviously be free to walk the streets a free man until such time as he reoffends.

‘But with his history, it’s a question of when and not if he’s going to reoffend.’

Figures last year showed EU migrants were committing over 500 crimes a week in Britain, but officials were powerless to deport most of them.

Whitehall’s interpretation of EU freedom of movement rules means only offenders who have received a jail term of at least two years can be deported.


And UKIP are the bad guys?  Seems they may be the only ones to have it right.  Even the EDL has this one right.
The only ones who seem to have missed something, are those on the left.


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calendar   Monday - November 19, 2012

open borders that lead to …..

It occurs to me that in 1939 this country declared war on Germany (lots of folks forget just who declared war on who first) in order to comply with a treaty that guaranteed Polish territorial integrity.  Of course, it only applied to the Germans as things turned out.
Seems like now the invasion is being done by (besides muzzies) eastern euros led by Polish criminals with others right behind them, as once again this country must follow the dictates of European treaty entanglements.

It does not help in any way that thanks to their membership in the European piss ant Union, the borders are a joke about as bad and in fact much worse, then the borders we have with Mexico back in the US. In both cases, a nation’s sovereignty is
very much undermined.

When you read this, keep in mind it’s just London in this instance. Just one major city.

‘Immigrant crimewave’ warning: Foreign nationals were accused of a QUARTER of all crimes in London

By Jack Doyle and Stephen Wright

Foreigners are accused of more than one in four crimes committed in London, an investigation reveals.
Astonishingly, they make up nine out of ten drug suspects and are responsible for more than one in three sex offences.
Nationals of Poland, Romania and Lithuania are most likely of all foreigners to be prosecuted by the police.
A string of horrendous attacks carried out by Eastern European criminals in recent months has raised concerns over the lack of checks on new arrivals.
Earlier this week a Polish burglar was jailed for at least 34 years for the murder of an elderly couple in their home – just one week after he arrived in the UK.
Ireneusz Bartnowski, 22, stabbed and battered to death grandparents Guiseppe and Caterina Massaro in Wolverhampton.
He lay in wait in their bedroom and attacked them with a knife and a hammer, the court heard. The Metropolitan Police statistics were unearthed by the London section of BBC Politics.
Polish criminals thought British prisons were like being in ‘a spa’, he said, adding they would ‘think twice’ if they thought they would be sent home to serve time.
Last month, Lithuanian Rimvydas Liorancas hanged himself in prison while on remand for the double murder of Carole and Avtar Kolar at their home in Birmingham.
After his death, it emerged Liorancas got into Britain despite a conviction for armed robbery.
Earlier this month, a senior judge demanded to know why a Lithuanian child-rapist, Victor Akulic, was let into Britain, where he went on to beat and rape a woman.
He had been jailed for nine years in his homeland after raping a seven-year-old.
Critics say Britain’s open borders with other EU members make it impossible to control who comes and goes. In many cases, Brussels regulations make it impossible to stop criminals from entering even if we know of their convictions.
EU laws also restrict the Government’s ability to send criminals back home after prison.
More than 11,000 foreign national offenders are behind bars in England and Wales.
A UK Border Agency spokesman said: ‘Any foreign national offender sentenced to more than 12 months in prison is automatically recommended for deportation.’

And just recently;

Ireneusz Melaniuk?  WTF? How the hell do you pronounce that ?

A man who beat and stabbed a man to death in Suffolk while on the run from a Polish prison will spend a minimum of 26 years in jail.
Ireneusz Melaniuk, 28, was given a life sentence at Ipswich Crown Court after pleading guilty to the murder of Bury St Edmunds jeweller Peter Avis, 66.
Mr Avis was killed at his flat above his Collis & Son shop during a botched burglary in January.
Melaniuk also admitted burglary.
At the time of the killing, Melaniuk was wanted in Poland after absconding from a prison term for a robbery offence.
Mr Avis had been stabbed 13 times and beaten with a glass ashtray.
The court heard that Melaniuk was not on a European “watch list” meaning he was able to enter the UK undetected, raising questions over how European countries share information.
Peter Avis was found dead in the flat above his shop in Abbeygate Street
British and Polish authorities must now decide which country he will serve his sentence in.
Prosecutor Peter Gair told the court that Melaniuk and his accomplices carefully planned the raid, knowing that there were valuable items in the shop and that Mr Avis was vulnerable.
Asked why he had the knife used in the attack, he told officers: “I was in the habit of carrying a knife because I used to do this in Poland.”

Adam Butler, mitigating, said that Melaniuk’s parents were both alcoholics and he had turned to a life of crime.

The court earlier heard how Kamel Kita, 21, Pawel Pacian, 35, Pawel Borowiecki, 31, and Aleksandra Karpiuk, 27, all played a part in either planning the burglary or helping Melaniuk escape.

They were all jailed at a previous hearing.


Mitigating? Uh huh.  Maybe someone should whack Mr Butler about the head with a glass ash tray and stab him a number of painful times.  Let him know what it feels like but don’t let him die. Instead make him defend his attacker and see if he will ask to have anything mitigated for his new client.
Any of you folks ever read any of the Judge Dee books? 


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calendar   Wednesday - November 14, 2012

one of the penalties of being a member of the european union. time to leave?

Take serious note of this article, and be thankful if you’re reading this in America.
This is the typical kind of crap that the Brits have to put up with on an almost daily basis.

If anyone in the USA of any political party should ever seriously suggest that the USA should join a union of some kind with Europe, the kind of treaty or document the Brits signed onto, anything that in any way might bond or tie us to anything even remotely similar, than I would hope that some patriotic American would grab a gun and kill whoever suggested the tie. And to be on the certain side of things, kill the family as well to send a message that it would never be tolerated.  Not ever.  And don’t smugly kid yourselves that nobody in the USA thinks along the lines the jerks here do.  We have em okay. 
They think the euros are way civilized what with the death penalty banned and all, and would welcome courts and the same system that operate the European Court of Human Rights.

I have said this a few times and I’ll keep saying it cos I know it to be true.  There are agencies of the EU that actively fund things in the USA, usually to do with their version of what civil and human rights ought to be. They actively support and have funded anti death penalty groups in the states that still have it. That should bother you. It should piss you off. 

Take a good look and read the court’s take on this case.  Piss ant libtards.  Why are they still breathing?

Take a look at this. 

Illegal immigrant and failed asylum seeker handed £24,000 by Human Rights judges after ‘British law failed to protect her from slavery’ ( $37,248 )

An investigation by police officers found she was NOT a victim of slavery and was a criminal

A British judge also cast doubt on her credibility and described her story as ‘implausible’

By Steve Doughty

A failed asylum-seeker was handed thousands of pounds in compensation yesterday by European judges who claimed British law had failed to protect her from being treated as a slave.

The Ugandan came to Britain illegally on a false passport, became a care worker and was free to leave the house where she worked, the European Court of Human Rights heard.

Police investigating the 33-year-old’s case decided she was a criminal and a British judge cast doubt on her credibility, describing her story as ‘implausible’.

But the Strasbourg judges ruled that the woman, whose identity they shielded, suffered a breach of her rights as there was no UK law at the time specifically banning slavery. They ordered the Government to pay her £23,500, made up of £7,000 in compensation and £16,500 in expenses and costs.

The judgment marks another case in which Britain has been told that Acts of Parliament and common law have been inadequate to meet European demands.

Since then, the 2009 Coroners and Justice Act has been passed which specifically outlaws slavery.

However, Prime Minister David Cameron remains at odds with Strasbourg over the human rights judges’ demand that Britain allows convicted prisoners to vote.

The woman in the slavery case – identified only as CN – came to this country in 2002 on a false passport and visa provided by her uncle, identified only as PS.

He set her up as a care worker for an Iraqi couple in Leeds and £1,600 a month was paid for the work.

But, the woman alleged, the money was given to her uncle and she was never paid more than £20 or £40 when she was given an afternoon off each month.

She did not complain until 2006, four years later, when she collapsed in a bank and was treated in hospital after it was discovered she was HIV positive.

CN was given a flat by her local council, but her application for asylum, on the grounds she had fled sexual and physical violence in Uganda, failed.

Police investigations ended in 2009 following two inquiries into the woman’s complaints that she was held as a slave. A report from the Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team noted that she had been refused legitimate entry into Britain and had come in with a false passport and forged visa.

The woman had been paid through her relative ‘in order to hide from the authorities the fact that the victim did not have a national insurance number’.

The report went on: ‘If money was paid to her, then she would have had to pay tax and her false identity would have come to the notice of the tax office. This would then lead to her arrest and eviction from the UK.

‘There is no evidence to show that this female is a victim of slavery or forced labour. She willingly worked and was paid but she chose that the money should go to her uncle to conceal being in the UK. It is basically a situation that one criminal, her uncle, has taken all the proceeds of their crime.’

The British judge who heard CN’s asylum appeal ‘expressed serious concerns about the applicant’s credibility and found much of her account to be implausible’, the Strasbourg court heard.

But the European judges said that, because police investigated the complaints, they could not have been considered implausible. They insisted that the woman’s complaints were credible.

The court added that the inquiry should not have been carried out by a police unit dealing with human trafficking rather than slavery.

Britain was also obliged to prosecute any act aimed at enforcing slavery. The country’s law was ‘inadequate’ for the purpose, the European judges declared.



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calendar   Wednesday - November 07, 2012

liberal europe to america



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calendar   Saturday - November 03, 2012

reported to the police for racism.

And as we all know, police in all countries have nothing better to do or a better fight against high crime, than to track down and maybe arrest if needs be, anyone who might qualify as possibly being guilty of ….. the BIG ‘R’ … and that’s the truth.

Do you ever feel as I do that there are just too damn many “isims” in the language ?
Every single time someone does something that involves a verbal attack against some protected group, the left attaches the letters i s m to it.
For example, age-ism.  We hear that a lot here. They add those letters to anything they don’t want to see or hear and it automatically becomes something worthy of police attention.

I am certain also that all of you noticed long ago, that every time the subject comes up someone always feels it’s necessary to tell us that they are not ‘racist.’ It as though one has to reassure the reader or listener that the speaker or writer is of good character and must quell least ppl get the wrong message. So I’ll be clear on the subject.

I very much am damn well racist and make no apologies for it.
For whatever reason, dna, genes, education whatever.  There really are peoples who outshine others. Sometimes over time they lose their edge.
Example whether anyone approves or not.

Was a time long ago when people who were ill wanted a Jewish doctor.
It was just taken as a given that Jewish docs were better and better trained.  Now I wouldn’t know personally if that’s true, that they were better than anyone else. But that was the perception.  Non Jews would refer to their “Jew doctor” as a mark of how lucky they were to have found him.  In those far away days it was almost always a him.

When folks got into trouble with the law they wanted a “Jew lawyer.”
Sad at the same time to say that many of those Jewish lawyers were libs, and gave us orgs. like the aclu and almost every other human and civil rights nightmare we suffer today.
The same in accounting.  In many of the professions, Jews were found in high numbers.  So, were the folks who were looking for help from that one group, racists?  I suppose by today’s lower standards they might be seen that way.
I happen to be more comfortable among people I have something in common with and a shared experience.  I’d rather be among white folks than not. That isn’t to say I’d reject out of hand someone who isn’t white.
But I wouldn’t go out of my way looking either.

The Arabs may have invented algebra but I’ll be darned if I know what they’ve contributed in the last 500 years compared to the west.
I think Koreans (at least from the south) are superior in many ways as are the Chinese in spite of the problems in their country.
During the boom years, I once heard someone say that the Asians (as American use that term) were the new Jews.  And Indians over the last decade or so have shown themselves to be quite well versed where mathematics are concerned, and they figure prominently in the stock market.  These people have made enormous strides in all fields.

Meanwhile back in Afrika. ??? or the muslim world. ???

Yup, I am a racist.  No apologies.

H/T The Copenhagen Post.
From time to time I like to check out other places outside England to see what sort of trouble they are in or making for themselves.
I can’t pronounce the names but the story is clear enough.  The usual insane pc bs.

Heated ‘Muslim’ outburst earns headteacher reprimand

Ray Weaver

A head teacher accused of racism was admonishing group of students that had been disrupting class her daughter was teaching.

The headteacher of a school has received an official reprimand after she used racially charged language when shouting at a group of boys who had behaved badly in class.

Poul Anthoniussen, the head of the Odense school district, confirmed that Birgitte Sonsby of Ejerslykkeskolen had been reprimanded for her outburst, which is the mildest sanction she could have received.

“I think she lost her cool,” Anthoniussen told the press. “It can happen to anyone given the right circumstances or if you are under pressure. That doesn’t make it right for a headteacher, but I can understand the situation."Almost immediately after she made the comments earlier this month, Sonsby had apologised for shouting, “I’m so bloody tired of you Muslims ruining the teaching lessons,” at a group of disruptive students she had called into her office.

They were disruptive, they were members of that protected clan, so where is the raaaaaaaacism she was accused of?
How easy these fools make it for those who will one day over run what is left of Denmark.

She explained her outburst came after the boys started laughing at her, but added that she did not feel it amounted to racism.
Shaib Mansoor, the father of one of the children being admonished and present during the meeting, later reported Sonsby to the police for racism.

He subsequently dropped the charges, saying that the media attention had succeeded in creating a debate about the issue.

The head of the school’s parents’ association then lent the support of parents and teachers to Sonsby, saying that teachers are regularly subject to harrassment at the hands of minority students.

“The students behave in a completely unacceptable manner,” said Peter Julius in a letter written to Fyens Stiftstidene newspaper on behalf of school staff and the school board.

Julius said he did not approve of Sonsby’s choice of words, but understood her frustration that a small group of students could disrupt an entire class.
“We are not racists. But we must have the nerve to stand up and be honest about what is happening within the school’s walls,” he said.

He added that students involved in the bullying and name-calling “lacked the standards and values needed to succeed in a normal Danish school”.

Ah. There it is. “We are not racists” he says. Why?  Why should he have to qualify what he said after that? It’s madness.

The case, though, took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that the substitute teacher who lost control of the classroom leading to the original reprimand was Sonsby’s daughter.

After reading about the case, Carsten Halvorsen, from the small town of Assens on Funen, reported Sonsby to the police, asking them to investigate whether the comments amounted to racism.
“If you do not put the brakes on hateful propaganda, it will be devastating for integration in Denmark,” he told Fyens Stiftstidene.


And what an ass-wipe that guy is.  What propaganda is he talking about?  Disruptive muzzie students? That’s propaganda?
See? It’s libtard asses like that, who are responsible for all the pc bull shit we have to put up with.


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calendar   Thursday - October 25, 2012

england’s atty general wants to cede sovereignty to europe

Oh the joy of being part of a coming one world government.
Just think.  You won’t have to worry about unnecessary items like, sovereignty.
Way too much trouble. No. Simply allow others in a foreign country who aren’t elected in the home country, to decide on just how things in your country should be. Or be fined. Nice huh?

Well, in a sense that’s almost what the govt. here faces. A fine of I don’t know how much, because the Prime Minister says flat out that he will not have prisoners given the vote, no matter what the court in the EU says.
End of story?  Not quite.

Yesterday the Atty. General spoke out and put hoof in mouth by suggesting that England would be wrong to go against the court in Europe and it would damage England’s international reputation.  Whoa.  I guess the Prime Minister didn’t check with his atty gen. first, to see if it would be okay to act as a sovereign nation on the matter of prisoner votes.

Be interesting to see how this one plays out. 

The headline today read;

PM’s war with his law chief on prisoner votes

· European Court of Human Rights ruled prisoners should be enfranchised
· Prime Minister tells MPs that Britain will not capitulate to demands
· Comments seen as swift slapdown for Attorney General Dominic Grieve
· Mr Grieve claims Britain’s reputation will be damaged if it defies Europe
By Matt Chorley and Jason Groves
Attorney General Dominic Grieve was said to be ‘furious’ with the Prime Minister’s stance.
Last night there was speculation that Mr Grieve could even resign his Government role if the Prime Minister fails to respect the ‘rule of law’ and do as he wishes.

So that’s the background, now visit the link for the entire story.
And get a load of that last comment about failing to respect the “rule of law.” The rule laid down in Brussels, not London.  Can you see how dangerous this is. Here’s an Englishman, an attorney general, a powerful man he is, and how easily he is willing to surrender his country’s sovereignty to the EU.



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calendar   Saturday - October 13, 2012


Drew covered this subject well already, but I thought this article in the morning paper today by historian Max Hastings, is more than worthwhile.
It’s very much edited for space so I suggest you see all of it at the link below.

Some folks here think it’s an early April Fools joke.
Btw, does anyone really take this award seriously?  Aside from the ppl who get it and also get a lot of money. Who cares otherwise?  But it is fun to poke fun at it, and at the libtards who take it sooooo seriously.

I have said it more than once and I’ll say it again. And again because I think it’s worth the hammering and ranting on about. There are agencies of the EU who are actively at work inside the USA and of course financed by the EU, whose role is to influence American policy not just foreign. We can understand that as we do it ourselves. But they also want to alter how our already laughable justice system works. They have spent serious monies attempting for example, to have the USA give up the death penalty in states where it is used. They have financed some of the protest groups that gather at places where the penalty is carried out.  Their mission is to civilize us according to their lights, is my guess.

The Nobel Committee has given the EU a lifetime achievement award.
In this case, as so often with such idiotic gestures,
(Max Hastings)

This is one of hundreds of comments reflecting the feelings of many Brits. But their masters are not listening very well. If at all.

The test as to whether the EU leadership is sane or not, depends on whether it has accepted this idiotic Prize. Clearly, they have accepted the prize, which determines that the EU leadership is as idiotic as the Prize-givers. May Nobel prizes now be given away in Lucky Bags. May both institutions fall apart . . at the seams, so that we can all have a laugh at it’s expense, as it happens on our TV screens . . there will be celebrations in the streets, and not just in streets in Athens, either . . Oh, and vote UKIP wherever and whenever you can . .!
- UK Rising , 13/10/2012 16:25

As protesters dressed as Nazis riot in an Athens ruled by Brussels stooges, giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU is beyond satire
By Max Hastings

The Nobel Peace Prize is the sacred elephant of the liberal establishment.

Sensible people sighed when the prize went to Henry Kissinger and Viet Cong leader Le Duc Tho in 1973, who stitched up a charade of a Vietnam peace deal as a figleaf for surrendering the country to the Communists; to Egypt’s leader Anwar Sadat and his Israeli counterpart Menachem Begin in 1978 for their Middle East deal which brought no lasting peace; and to Barack Obama in 2009 for his commitment to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which are still mired in bloodshed.

In all these cases — and many more besides — the Nobel Committee was obviously seeking to say to the winners and to the world: ‘We welcome what you are attempting to do, and hope that giving you the Prize will make you try even harder for the cause of peace.’
These are the sort of decent, woolly-minded sentiments that country vicars unleash on their flocks every Sunday.

However, this year, the 93rd in which the award has been made, the committee has surpassed all previous follies and travesties. If the judges think the EU is a worthy winner, we might start fantasising about the other candidates who probably crossed their minds.

* The Beijing government cannot have gone unnoticed, for its doughty efforts to start a war with Japan in the East China Sea.

* A good case might be made for President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, for promoting harmony among his six wives.

* There might well have been some especially deserving leader of the Taliban who attracted the interest of the Nobel Committee.

But, in the end, the winner obviously had to be the EU. If one is going to have a laugh, one might as well make it a big one.
After all, the judges could take into account rioting in the streets of Greece, Italy and Spain in protest against eurozone austerity measures.


Relations between EU members are at their worst for decades and likely to deteriorate further — this week, protesters dressed as Nazis to greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her visit to Greece. Europe’s economies are stagnant, with little early prospect of improvement. The future of the European project is in the melting pot, and every decision-maker on the continent knows it.

I do not think of Norwegians as sadistic people, but the Nobel judges have inflicted upon us all a huge, cruel practical joke awarding their Prize to the European Union at its lowest point since its inception — the moment at which almost every citizen of its 27 nations is asking: Where did the story go so horribly wrong?
Today, Europe’s entire governing class remains in denial about the ghastly mess it has got itself into. When the Common Market was set up in the mid-Fifties, it was a brilliant and hugely important idea. It was pivotal in bringing about reconciliation between France and Germany, after centuries of war.

In the decades that followed, the Common Market raised some members — Italy notable among them — out of poverty, and contributed mightily to the prosperity of the continent.
It was right for Britain to join the Common Market in 1973. For years thereafter, for all the horrors of the Common Agricultural Policy, we profited from access to a free-trading Europe.
But over the past quarter-century, we have witnessed the madness of the attempt to transform the Common Market — now, of course, the EU — from an economic association into a political union.
This has produced three huge and disastrous consequences.
First, the EU bureaucracy has grown like Topsy, relentlessly progressive and assertive in its determination to increase its own power and impose universal standards upon everything from British sausages to Bulgarian road signs.
Earlier this year, I attended a conference at which a German delegate demanded of the British representatives in genuine bewilderment: ‘Why will your people not fly the EU flag? Why will you not join the Schengen agreement on border controls? Why do you resent our commitment to human rights?’

The answer, of course, is that while we want to have a friendly and co-operative relationship with Europe, we are absolutely determined not to stop being British.

The Germans are unbothered by the idea of being Europeans, because — even now in their success and prosperity — they are at heart rather ashamed of being Germans. They feel — how shall we say — just a tad embarrassed about two world wars.

We, on the other hand, like being exactly what we are, drinking warm beer and driving on the left and making jokes about the war.

Nor are we the only ones.
Most of the other nations of Europe likewise cherish — rightly so — national pride, and value their own way of doing things.
The Greeks, for instance, think it their patriotic duty not to pay taxes.
‘Greeks are Orthodox Christians and show it: they really do believe in miracles.’
Nobody in Britain wants to make the Greeks organise or disorganise their affairs any differently from the way they do.
But it is ludicrous to pretend they belong in a common economic or political entity with any northern European nation, where — outside the financial services industry — people are generally honest and law-abiding.
The second strand in the EU disaster is that the governing class, with huge conceit, has attempted to drive the continent’s peoples up a path towards political union most have absolutely no desire to tread, in defiance of democratic principle and prudent politics.
Indeed, I have heard European MPs and Eurocrats argue shamelessly that they know better than the stupid voters what is in their best interests. One German politician said not long ago: ‘All our country’s biggest decisions since 1945 have been taken against the will of the people.’
He was proud of that. He thought it displayed splendid leadership by successive chancellors.
But Germany’s voters are now profoundly embittered by the realisation that abandoning the Deutschmark was a catastrophe for them. Europe’s political class has betrayed its electorates — but its members still refuse to acknowledge this.
If you think you waste precious time queuing for buses or waiting for the trailers to end in a cinema, think of EU summits. At each one, hundreds of important and allegedly powerful people waste whole days and nights exchanging platitudes, because they still will not admit that the entire direction of travel of this vast institution is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Finally, since the Nobel Committee has included the EU’s work for human rights in its citation for the peace prize, we should mention this here, too.
Every sensible person understands ‘human rights’ properly mean freedom from persecution or imprisonment, the right to justice, free speech, and a voter’s privileges in the democratic process.

Yet the European Court of Human Rights — aided and abetted by some monumentally foolish and arrogant British judges, has transformed and corrupted what was originally a noble concept, to make human rights a charter for parasites and wrongdoers to exploit our society’s decency.

The spectacle of illegal immigrants convicted of criminal offences being reprieved from deportation because they have impregnated some wretched woman here, or merely acquired a gay partner, is grotesque.
The idea of Islamic fanatic Abu Hamza’s wife and family inhabiting a $ mllion house in North London at the taxpayers’ expense disgusts the British people. They know this is wrong; it should not be allowed.
It happens only because Europe has forced it upon us. Thousands of such examples have contributed mightily to alienating millions of voters from the whole notion of Europe.
‘Asia is becoming much richer than us, because it emphasises aspiration rather than entitlement. In Europe, our societies are obsessed with claiming unaffordably extravagant entitlements rather than with promoting aspiration’.

We can all see the game being played by the wise fools of the Nobel committee, in giving their prize to the EU: they want to send a message: ‘Haven’t you done well, then? Don’t risk it all by even beginning to think about a break-up of the eurozone, which could be the start of something terrible.’
The Norwegians, privileged spectators of the unfolding euro-disaster, have made themselves seem ridiculous by this gesture.



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Insignificant Crap

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The first bit of news I heard this morning - and I’ve been up since 5am because of the MIL’s surgery (she came through fine, thanks) - was that Oslo awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize ... to the EU. Give yourselves a hand; they gave themselves their own prize.

That’s right! Europe gave Europe the Peace Prize because for 60 years now Europe hasn’t gone to war with Europe.  No mention was made EVER, AT ALL, of the tens of thousands of American troops stationed all around Europe for many decades for pretty much exactly this reason (plus keeping those other Europeans at bay), resulting in most countries in Europe hardly even having an army worth invading Belgium with, nor an air force or navy good for more than a few hours of fighting. No matter.

So, since the ass clowns in Norway have reduced old Alfred’s once truly significant award to less then audacious hype and empty political posturing, it is only just that I don’t post on this event until the middle of the evening when I’m taking a bathroom break between bouts of channel surfing. It matters that little. Less. I do hope though that the EU puts the prize money in one of their virtually cobwebbed bank accounts, because the whole bunch of them are about to go belly up financially. And when that happens things will get nasty. Lead by Germany, the only country in Continental Europe to have not made a complete mess of things.

Gee, in the 1930s we had an angry Germany and everybody else had all the money. I wonder how it will play out this time with an angry Germany that has all the money? Perhaps the Nobel Prize is now a reliable contra-indicator, the same way awarding their gold medal to Obama the moment he took power seems to have been proof of the nothingness of his reign? Thus a peace prize to the EU would mean war is on the horizon. If NATO fights NATO, does the US have to support both sides? Will we at least be able to send Democrats to this set of trenches and Republicans to that set? Gee whiz.

OSLO, Norway — The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its efforts to promote peace and democracy in Europe — despite being in the midst of its biggest crisis since the bloc was created in the 1950s.

The Norwegian prize committee said the EU received the award for six decades of contributions “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

“The stabilizing part played by the European Union has helped to transform a once torn Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace,” Nobel committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said.

The EU rose from the ashes of World War II, born of the conviction that ever-closer economic ties would make sure that century-old enemies never turned on each other again. It’s now made up of 500 million people in 27 nations, with other nations lined up, waiting to join.

The idea of a united Europe began to take on a more defined shape when, on May 9, 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposed that France and the Federal Republic of Germany pool their coal and steel resources in a new organization that other European countries could join.

“Today war between Germany and France is unthinkable. This shows how, through well-aimed efforts and by building up mutual confidence, historical enemies can become close partners,” the committee said.

Wanna bet? Buy a few rounds at any German pub and then get them talking about reparations from WWI. Or all the wonderful Turks in their cities. And then buy another round and bring glorious, sophisticated, romantic France into the conversation. 


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violence in hospitals. who is responsible?  what? you need to ask? whoyathink?

We should not be and I’m certain are not, surprised. Not by the violence for sure.
We are not surprised that neither the article nor the Danish authorities will come out and say it.
No,no.  They choose the word, immigrants.  As if that somehow alters things or puts a different light on things. But we all know. Don’t we.

One of the things that stands out like a bright flame in the night, is how the cops reacted.  They did have guns I read elsewhere, and they did draw them “in a threatening manner” but sadly shot nobody.  The silly pc, multi culture fools only invite more of the same.

H/T Front Page Magazine

Hospital Terror In Denmark
Posted by Stephen Brown

It is a very dark, but little known, underside to the multicultural nightmare that western European societies are fast becoming. Hospitals, among the most respected institutions in Western societies due to their compassion and care of the sick and vulnerable, are turning more and more into places of immigrant violence.

The latest incident of such inexcusable savagery within the walls of a European public medical facility occurred last week in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Danish newspapers report that about 70 men, some armed with “cudgels,” invaded the Odense University Hospital emergency ward, looking to further harm, even possibly kill, a man who had just been admitted in critical condition with a gunshot wound. Luckily, no hospital staff member was injured, and it was most likely the heroics of the police officers present that prevented the intruders from reaching the injured patient.

“There were pictures torn down from the walls. There were vases knocked into pieces. It was quite intimidating to both staff and police there, and several officers had to fire their guns to get them to disappear,” said one Danish police official in describing the chaos.
Another police official stated: “They poured in with clubs into the emergency room…The staff at the hospital had to jump for their lives, and several police officers had to pull their service weapons to force the group out…”

Frustrated at being unable to reach their target, the vandals then took their anger out on ambulances and police vehicles. In all, the Copenhagen Post reported that “one ambulance and four police cars were destroyed in the night’s events.”

The trouble apparently began earlier that evening between rival immigrant groups when two members of one group drove up to the other’s Eid al-Fitr celebration that was being held in a shopping center parking lot. After being identified as an enemy, one report states the 26-year-old victim wound up being shot at least twice in one leg and stabbed several times in the other, but several shots were fired at the car the two were in. It is also at the crime scene that two of the four police cars may have been destroyed, while an ambulance summoned for the injured man was also reportedly attacked.

The hospital invasion was so barbarous and disturbing to the Danish public that a “shocked”Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt was compelled to comment on it, calling it “serious criminal behavior” at a news conference. But noticeably, although the Eid al-Fitr is a Muslim celebration that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, it does not appear she nor any police official, politician or newspaper identified the culprits as such. They limited their identification vocabulary simply to the word “immigrant.”

But there was no need for Thorning-Schmidt to be so “shocked,” if she had been observing the happenings in hospitals in other Western European countries the past decade or more. In Iserlohn, a city in Germany, the death of a Turkish man of heart failure in a hospital there, according to a report in the German newspaper Die Welt, caused the 40 members of his family, “out of rage and grief,” to lay waste to the facility’s Intensive Care ward. The reception area was ransacked, pictures torn from walls, chairs and treatment tables overturned, and medical equipment destroyed by wooden clubs.

The first police to arrive were greeted with “kicks and punches” and had to withdraw, using pepper spray and under “threats and insults,” to await reinforcements. Only a heavier police presence was able to calm the situation, after which charges were made.

Doctors and other hospital personnel are often victims of individual attacks as well. In his book The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism In Europe: The Third Islamic Invasion, author Raphael Israeli writes: “In 2004, there were 145 attacks in hospitals in France, rising to more than 200 in 2006 in which medical staff had been attacked by Muslims.” A story in Le Figaro this year maintains that French hospital personnel are becoming “more and more victims of violence,” citing a report from the health ministry agency responsible for keeping track of violence in healthcare facilities.


And if you think that’s somethin’ bmews readers, take a look at PAGE 2


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another victim of political correctness and the games haven’t even started

Just one more reason to HATE!!!! political correctness and the left and libtards and all the other jerks who are “offended” on behalf of other people.

Why oh why do nut cases like that SOB in Co. hurt and kill innocent people in random shooting?  Why just once, just one freeking time, why can’t someone blow away a whole group of lefties.  Never happens. 

So here’s what got my goat today.

I don’t follow Olympic sport so I could care less who wins and who loses and who gets gold. But I know they work hard to earn their place and one (FUNNY) joke at the expense of a group should not place them outside the human race. What a farce.

Writing on Twitter, a Greek athlete wrote the following.

‘With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!’

This is a reference to an outbreak of the West Nile virus, a potentially fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes of African origin, in Athens this summer.

One man died and another 180 have been infected since the outbreak began.

Where’s the racial insult?  Did she use the ‘N’ word.  Did she point out that Yogurt has more culture then Africa? What?

Every damn thing comes down to what some ass-wipe liberal says is racism.  Sick of the whole thing.  I wish I could wish liberals dead. They are a blight. A menace.

I understand her desire to save her position, one she worked hard for.  But I am disappointed that she didn’t defend herself and instead made an apology.  She should have known they (left) lives on groveling but would not change their empty minds.  And look here at how the Mail presents the story with the headline they have used. 

Greek triple jumper booted off Olympic team in disgrace after she mocked African immigrants on Twitter


A Greek triple jumper was today kicked off her Olympic team over comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants and expressing support for a far-right party.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee said Voula Papachristou was dropped from the team ‘for statements contrary to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.’

Papachristou, who is currently in Athens, was due to travel to London shortly before the start of the athletics events but has now been excluded.


She also re-tweeted a comment from Ilias Kasidiaris, a politician with Golden Dawn, criticising Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s stance on immigration. 

It created a storm on the social network, with other users accusing her of being a ‘Nazi’ and a supporter of the extremist right-wing political party.

Papachristou later took to Twitter to try and defuse the row, saying: ‘I apologize if I insulted people! I have no mingling with politics!!! I am only athlete!!’

But her comments were to no avail as pressure mounted on her to be thrown out of the Greek Olympic squad.

The left-wing party Democratic Left led calls for her to step down, saying ‘racist humour and jokes’ had no place in Greek society. 

This afternoon, Isidoros Kouvelos, President of the Greek Olympics Committee, confirmed her expulsion.

Papachristou has since apologised again for her comments on her Facebook page. She wrote: I would like to express my heartfelt apologies for the unfortunate and tasteless joke I published on my personal Twitter account.

‘I am very sorry and ashamed for the negative responses I triggered, since I never wanted to offend anyone, or to encroach human rights.

‘My dream is connected to the Olympic Games and I could not possibly participate if I did not respect their values. Therefore, I could never believe in discrimination between human beings and races.

‘I would like to apologise to all my friends and fellow athletes, who I may have insulted and shamed, the National Team, as well as the people and companies who support my athletic career. Finally, I would like to apologise to my coach and my family.’

The 23-year-old was not among the favourites for gold in London. She finished 11th in the European Championships in Helsinki earlier this year and was 8th at last August’s World Championships in Daegu.

Her personal best in the triple jump is 14.72m and her season’s best was just 14.58m, half a metre behind the favourites.

Her Twitter account has been taken down.


Right, so her account was dropped and now what else?
The very bastards who scream about “rights” are very quick to stifle the rights of others under the guise of fairness and sweetness and light.
Oh yeah, and civil and human rights. 
But only for them and the ppl they can pressure into think like them.
I’d like to know where and how she “mocked” the immigrants mentioned in the headline.  What a boring fuckin world this is gonna be when the libtards finally win and control everything.  And they will ya know.  Win that is.  Because there isn’t anyone out there (Self Censored).


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/25/2012 at 01:06 PM   
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flying the EU flag

The temptation is to file this under humor. But I’m guessing it isn’t so funny to some Brits.
I kinda doubt our Lyndon here would see the humor in it.

What it boils down to is the demand made by an EU dept. to fly their flag here under penalty of a fine.
Ah, I guess it really isn’t funny at all.  Except I have to say, Mr. Pickles. Now that does tickle the funny bone. Bet he had a difficult time as a kid with a name like Pickles.

It’s only for a week each year but, Europe Day?  There’s now a Europe Day?  Yeah. May 9.  I wonder why they didn’t decide that it should be May Day.
Seems more in keeping with EU attitudes and demands.  Europe Day. Do ya suppose they’ve got the kiddies on side for that yet? 

Take a look.

Brussels offers to buy Britain a flag pole to force Eric Pickles’ Government department to fly EU flag


A row over the Government being forced to fly the European Union flag took a farcical turn last night after Brussels offered to pay for a new flagpole if it complied with the demand.

The Mail on Sunday revealed earlier this year that Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles was furious after being told that he faced being fined under new European Commission rules if he did not fly the EU flag continuously outside his office.

His headquarters currently has two flagpoles: one permanently bears the Union Flag while the other has been used mainly to display British regional emblems.

The Cabinet Minister said the demand showed a ‘deep sense of political insecurity’ and called on the European Union to ‘grow up’.

Mr Pickles is currently obliged to fly the flag – a circle of 12 golden stars on an azure background – for a week each year, starting from Europe Day on May 9.

But under the proposed change, drafted by the European Commission and due to take effect within the next two years, the flag would have to fly permanently outside any organisation which managed development funding from Brussels.

Mr Pickles wrote to the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Austrian Johannes Hahn, to protest about the demand to use it to fly the EU flag.

In his reply Mr Hahn replied: ‘I thought flying the [EU] flag all the year round would be a great pleasure for you.

‘In that respect, I would finance a third flagpole’.

Last night Tory MP Chris Heaton Harris said: ‘With the euro in meltdown, I would suggest that the EU had more to worry about than what flag flies over Eric Pickles’s department.’

source for pickles

Development funding from Brussels.
But doesn’t Brussels get the money (originally) from London anyway?  Via the UK taxpayer.


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Greek far-right party member assaults female politicians on TV.

Sorry but there wasn’t any embed. Worth seeing. Fun in fact. Mood matching the weather tonight.

okay perhaps he should have been what? Calmer? Yeah I guess but. I can see where two ppl shouting at each other and tempers get up to speed and in frustration he tosses water at her. But then the fat commie slag gets into it too and he’s wound up tighter then is good for either of them and boom. He let fly. And because he represents the right and of course every single person in the world who is right of center is automatically a rabid Nazi, folks will dump on him.
Although I just noticed, in his case he may be that rabid person.

Too bad we couldn’t see what came before and what I mean is. One of the two might have interrupted the other and so the verbal fight started first. Sometimes I hear it on BBC Radio 4, three ppl all talking or sometimes shouting over each other, and I wish I could whack em all. By which I mean hit not kill. Just to be clear on that. And other times someone is trying to make a point and someone else, and it is almost always someone on the left, talks over them. Won’t shut the hell up and keeps on shouting. Other times the moderator will ask a question of someone, and take a half hour to do it, and then the jerk ends up answering his own damn question. So yeah, I can see where someone will just say oh the hell with it and swing, cos they’ve taken all the bs they can stand. Would love to see some of that in our congress or senate or in parliament. Get soooooo sick of hearing the honorable gentleman and that other slop, my learned friend, when we all know what they really think and mean. And anyway, they’re only politicians which means they’re mostly lying bastards. I don’t even trust the ones I think I like. And really, the supposed “outrage” expressed by some is pure hokum anyway. They have to express disapproval. Don’t they?  Can you just imagine the reaction if one of them said, well, The broad wouldn’t shut the hell up and let him speak.  Or, was it the other way round? Whatever, he didn’t like her attitude. LOL.

Outrage as Greek far-right party member assaults female politicians on TV
By Harry Papachristou and Dina Kyriakidou | Reuters – 4 hours ago

ATHENS (Reuters) - The spokesman of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party slapped one female leftist politician in the face and threw a glass of water at another during a live TV debate on Thursday, causing a political uproar and an order for his arrest.

Other political parties condemned Ilias Kasidiaris for the assault on the two women during a morning talk show on private television station Antenna ahead of the June 17 parliamentary election.
Kasidiaris, whose party entered parliament for the first time on May 6, was locked in a room at the TV studio but broke down a door and escaped, the TV host said.
A public prosecutor ordered police to track him down and arrest him on charges of causing serious bodily harm, a court official said.
The TV debate descended into chaos when Kasidiaris threw a glass of water at Rena Dourou, a member of the radical leftist SYRIZA party and called her a “joke”.
As other panellists watched in stunned silence, Communist party deputy Liana Kanelli intervened on Dourou’s behalf, throwing a newspaper at Kasidiaris, who called her a “commie”, stood up, pushed her and hit her hard in the face.
“I was worried he might throw the glass and hurt somebody,” Kanelli told reporters later. She showed a dark bruise on her cheek, saying: “It’s my badge of honour.”
Golden Dawn came from nowhere to win 7 percent of the inconclusive vote in May and enter parliament for the first time, riding a wave of hostility towards illegal immigrants in austerity-ridden Greece.
The party denies it is neo-Nazi, though its chief Nikos Mihaloliakos delivers Nazi salutes and has denied the Holocaust.


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sovereignty? are you mad? hahahaha sovereignty?  oh stop it, the joke’s too funny

Back after hours of tech support with MSFT in India. What a headache. Literally.
btw ... has anyone else had any problems with today’s (in UK) or yesterdays (USA) MSFT patch Tuesday updates?  Kind of nightmarish for awhile.

One of the least funny things I can think of, are those folks with no borders in mind, who think the USA should be part of this world order too.
Now that would be the very last straw.

Some weeks past I brought this subject up. Has to do with the uman rights court in England’s new capital. Strasbourg. Or is it Brussels?  Sicko joke but darn near the truth.

Just to jog the memory of some, an axe murderer who is now out and a free man, cos that how the system works, has campaigned for prisoners to have the right to vote.  I think at the time I may have said something like it will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

The verdict from the court.
Court to Britain.  Screw your sovereignty.

European Human Rights judges ride roughshod over our laws (again) to tell Britain it has six months to give prisoners the right to vote

MP’s brand Strasbourg ruling an ‘infringement of Parliament’s rights’
Euro court states ban on prisoners voting violates human rights
Ministers given six month deadline to amend rules or be forced to hand criminals thousands of pounds in compensation


Tens of thousands of prisoners must be given the right to vote, European human rights judges have ruled.

In a judgment which will provoke fury in Parliament, the Strasbourg court said that the current ban on inmates voting in England and Wales breached human rights laws.

The ruling by the court’s highest body, the Grand Chamber, came despite an overwhelming vote last year by MPs who insisted the ban was right and should remain in place.

It sets the stage for a major showdown between Parliament and the human rights court in coming months.

Tory MP David Davis, who led the campaign against prisoner votes in Parliament, said the ruling was an ‘infringement’ of Parliament’s rights.

Ministers were given a six month deadline to amend the rules and decide which prisoners should have access to the ballot – or else face paying thousands of pounds in compensation to criminals.

It will undoubtedly lead to further calls for Britain to withdraw from the court, which has caused outrage with a string of controversial rulings on deporting foreign criminals and terror suspects.

Today the court upheld its ruling in the case of John Hirst, a convicted axe-killer who first demanded voting rights for inmates more than seven years ago, when it first ruled against the blanket ban.

Since then Labour and then the Coalition resisted implementing the ruling, knowing it would outrage the public, who are overwhelmingly in favour of the ban remaining in force.

But in today’s ruling the court makes clear its insistence that the ban breaches Article 3 of the Convention, the right to free elections, and demands that ministers change the rules.

If they do not, it will start awarding compensation to around 2,500 prisoners who have already lodged claims with the court.

However, any attempt to introduce a law will enrage MPs, who will see the ruling as a further power-grab by the unelected judges of the controversial court.

Tory MP David Davis, who led the campaign against prisoner votes in Parliament, said the ruling was an ‘infringement’ of Parliament’s right to decide on issues which are ‘fundamental to the British way of life’.

He said: ‘In its ruling today in the Scoppola v Italy case, the ECHR has ruled that the UK must give prisoners the right to vote.

‘This regrettable decision is an infringement of the UK Parliaments right to decide on matters which are fundamental to the British way of life, and which are not appropriate to judicial intervention.

‘This will inevitably lead to a clash between the express wishes of the UK Parliament and the assertions of the European Court and will not help the court achieve its important functions in stopping breaches of fundamental rights throughout Europe.’

The public will be demanding that the Prime Minister now stands up for British interests and refuses to give convicted prisoners the right to vote.’

‘As well as continuing to demand that convicted prisoners get the right to vote, Europe’s out of touch judges have blocked the Home Secretary from deporting Abu Qatada and allowed dangerous foreign criminals to remain in the UK.

‘It is about time real changes are made to prevent out of touch European judges meddling in our laws again.’

unedited version here


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we were shackling ourselves to a corpse.

Something tells me the news is going to be a bit more interesting in the coming months.

Here’s Daniel Hannan’s take on things and I believe he is correct.

We thought we were joining a growing and prosperous market all those years ago when we signed up to Europe. In fact, we were shackling ourselves to a corpse.

I’m never certain how much interest there is among our readers in the happenings on this side of the world. But as Drew pointed out recently, it’s a global world economy and so yeah, France counts.

Britain is shackled to the corpse of Europe

By Daniel Hannan

Europe’s economic problems are about to get a whole lot worse. For the past three years, governments have tried, however ineffectually, to tackle the debt crisis. Now, though, in country after country, voters are demanding precisely the high-tax and high-spend policies which caused the recession in the first place.

Yesterday’s elections in France and Greece were the first of what will surely be many advances by the populist Left. In both places, candidates were elbowing each other aside during the campaign to demand more intervention and an end to cuts.

The new French President is an unapologetic Socialist of the kind we haven’t known in this country since Michael Foot. François Hollande wants wealth taxes, stimulus spending and a massive expansion of the state payroll.

He understands that this might lead to dismay in the international markets, but he has an answer to that: he will create a French credit ratings agency which, unlike the American ones, will tell him what he wants to hear.

Hollande summarises his programme as ‘growth, not austerity’. Gosh. Who knew it was so easy? Why has no one thought of that before?

The truth, of course, is that France has already pushed tax-and-spend to its limits. The government accounts for an extraordinary 56 per cent of the economy, and the French budget was last in balance in 1974. If state expenditure really had a stimulus effect, France would be the wealthiest country in Europe.

Yet every one of the ten presidential candidates there demanded even greater state intervention. Nicolas Sarkozy promised to make France ‘stronger than the markets’. Three of the other contenders were Trotskyists and one was a Green.

The National Front’s Marine Le Pen, while retaining her father’s anti-immigration platform, offered an economic programme well to the Left of Sarko’s and Hollande’s.

Not a single candidate argued for smaller government, freer competition or greater international trade. All ten offered more of the medicine that had sickened the patient.

We thought we were joining a growing and prosperous market all those years ago when we signed up to Europe. In fact, we were shackling ourselves to a corpse.



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