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calendar   Monday - November 07, 2005

Spain Is Next

Look for the riots, looting and burning in Europe to spread to Spain any day now. The Euro-Peons policies regarding illegal immigrants is starting to catch up with them. The outsiders come to Europe looking for jobs and money and when they don’t find them they get angry. Unfortunately, the countries of Europe have tied their own hands with lax immigration policies and complete lack of enforcement, not to mention stagnant economies and double-digit unemployment rates. Key quote below: “Through March this year, Spain issued more than 9,000 expulsion orders against people from such countries—meaningless documents it cannot enforce.”

On our side of the pond, has anyone considered what we’ll do if the 11 million illegal Mexicans in the US ever start rioting and looting? I’ve thought about it and all I’ll say is I am well prepared. Very well prepared ....

African Immigrants in Spain Scraping By
MADRID, Spain (AP)

The luckier ones sleep in crowded apartments or shelters and do construction work, dodging inspectors or using a friend’s papers. The less fortunate live in parks and hand out fliers, toiling for a pittance. They are Africans in limbo, scraping by in a country that does not want them but cannot expel them. And this tough life is their prize after long, dangerous journeys from destitute homelands that won’t take them back.

Their plight was thrust into the spotlight when hundreds of sub-Saharan Africans scaled razor-wire fences to cross from Morocco into the Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta in late September and early October. Eleven were killed in clashes with security forces. The Africans’ goal is to reach mainland Spain and find work, or move on to another European country. But whatever they may have expected, what they found is not paradise.

Consider Billy Oduagbon, a 21-year-old Nigerian who traveled through Niger and Algeria en route to Madrid. After months of begging in Tangiers, he made it to Melilla, on Morocco’s northern coast, but was daunted by the city’s razor-wire fences. He returned to Tangiers and boarded a rickety boat—the most common conduit for Africans trying to reach Spain. The trip across the Strait of Gibraltar was terrifying—56 people, men, women and two babies, braving a choppy waterway in the dead of night. “We were just playing with our lives,” he said. “If there was no God, I believe I would not be living today.”

He arrived in southern Spain in January 2003, was immediately arrested, spent two days in a holding facility and was then abandoned to the streets. “They set us free at 8 o’clock, in the big night,” Oduagbon said. Ultimately he made it to Madrid where he lives in the streets or in a Red Cross shelter. He has made a bit of money flagging down drivers looking for parking spots, but without a work permit, a steady job is a dream, he says.

Other Africans like him have ended up peddling drugs. Oduagbon won’t criticize them. “A situation can change anybody in this life,” he said. The government can’t expel Oduagbon because he arrived without a passport and so can’t prove he is from Nigeria—one of few countries south of the Sahara desert that has an agreement allowing Spain to repatriate illegal migrants. Countries without such accords refuse to take emigrants back. Through March this year, Spain issued more than 9,000 expulsion orders against people from such countries—meaningless documents it cannot enforce.

- More On This Story Here


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Jihad In France

The second week of rioting, looting and burning in France by Muslims continues unabated. In fact, the situation is getting much worse as violence spreads to the provinces around Paris and across the countryside. The world is watching the situation in France and wondering which country will be next ...


- French President Vows to Restore Order

- Jihad In Europe

- Paris Police Fear Rioters’ Heavy Arms

- Governments Issue Travel Advisory

- French Police Arrest 349


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calendar   Friday - November 04, 2005

Out Of Control In Paris

Now the MOOS-lim rioters in Paris are setting fire to little old ladies. Handicapped, no less. It’s time for the gendarmes to start firing real bullets. Fire at will, Jacques (if you have any balls left, mon ami)! Open season. No bag limit ....

A woman on crutches was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire earlier this week as she tried to get off a bus in a Paris suburb, a judicial official said Friday. She suffered severe burns.

In the eastern city of Dijon, teens apparently angered by a police crackdown on drug trafficking in their neighborhood set fire to five cars, said Paul Ronciere, the region’s top government official.

Another 11 cars were burned at a housing project in Salon-de-Provence, near the southern city of Marseille, police said. Overnight in the Paris region, at least 520 cars were set ablaze, up from previous nights, the Interior Ministry said. It said five police were slightly injured by thrown stones or bottles.

- Read The Rest Of This Sorry Account Of Muslim “Peacefulness”


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calendar   Thursday - November 03, 2005

Paris Is Burning Update

- Muslim rioters have started shooting at police and firemen!

- Violence is spreading to other Paris suburbs!

- Jacques Chirac is pleading for calm!

- Rival French politicians are banding together to “denounce” the riots!

Meanwhile, Paris continues to burn ....



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Paris Is Still Burning One Week Later

One week later and the MOOS-lims are trying their best to burn Paris down around their ears. The French are finally reaping the fruits of their integration experiment. Key quote below: “If French society accepts these tinderboxes in its society, it cannot be surprised when they explode”.

imageimageParis Riots Hit One Week

Menacing youths smoked cigarettes in doorways Wednesday and hulks of burned cars littered the tough streets of Paris’ northeastern suburbs scarred by a week of riots that left residents on edge and sent the government into crisis mode.

In a seventh consecutive night of skirmishes, young people threw rocks at police Wednesday in six suburbs in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris — about a 40-minute drive from the Eiffel Tower. In one of them, Le Blanc-Mesnil, about a dozen cars burned and curious residents, some in slippers and bathrobes, poured into the streets.

Some said the unrest — sparked by the accidental deaths of two teenagers last week — is an expression of frustration over grinding unemployment and police harassment in the communities, where many North African immigrants live. “It is not going to end. It is going to explode,” said an 18-year-old who would only give his name as Amine.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy (search) both canceled trips abroad to deal with the unrest. “The government is entirely mobilized. Its immediate priority is to restore public order, and restore it without delay,” de Villepin said.

Muslim leaders at Clichy-sous-Bois’ mosque, meanwhile, prayed for peace and asked parents to keep teenagers off the streets after skirmishes broke out after two teenage boys were electrocuted last Thursday while hiding in a power substation because they believed police were chasing them.

The unrest spread to at least nine Paris-region towns overnight Tuesday, exposing the despair, anger and criminality in France’s poor suburbs — fertile terrain for Islamic extremists, drug dealers and racketeers.

The violence, concentrated in neighborhoods with large African and Muslim populations, has highlighted the difficulties many European nations face with immigrant communities feeling marginalized and restive, cut off from the continent’s prosperity and, for some extremists, its values, too.

“They have no work. They have nothing to do. Put yourself in their place,” said Abderrahmane Bouhout, president of the Clichy-sous-Bois mosque, where a tear gas grenade exploded Sunday evening. Local youths suspected a police attack, and authorities are investigating.

The violence cast doubt on the success of France’s model of seeking to integrate its large immigrant community — its Muslim population, at an estimated 5 million, is Western Europe’s largest — by playing down differences between ethnic groups. But rather than be embraced as full and equal citizens, immigrants and their French-born children often complain of police harassment and of being refused jobs, housing and opportunities.

“If French society accepts these tinderboxes in its society, it cannot be surprised when they explode,” said Claude Dilain, the Socialist mayor of the Clichy-sous-Bois suburb.

- Read The Rest At FOX


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calendar   Wednesday - October 19, 2005

The Stain In Spain

Remember Spain? The country in Europe that cut and ran from the coalition in Iraq after the Madrid train bombings? Surely you remember the voters putting a socialist government in place after the bombings because they promised to withdraw all troops from Iraq (which they quickly did)? Well, that same nation of gutless girly-men now wants to arrest three American GI’s whose tank fired on a hotel during the invasion of Iraq which killed a Spanish citizen. How many of you are of the opinion that Spain sits a wee bit too close to Fwance (aka, “cheese-eating surrender monkeys") ... ?

Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Three GIs

A judge has issued an international arrest warrant for three U.S. soldiers whose tank fired on a Baghdad hotel during the Iraq war, killing a Spanish journalist and one other, a court official said Wednesday.

Judge Santiago Pedraz issued the warrant for Sgt. Shawn Gibson, Capt. Philip Wolford and Lt. Col. Philip de Camp, all from the U.S. 3rd Infantry.

Jose Couso, who worked for the Spanish television network Telecinco, died April 8, 2003, after a U.S. army tank crew fired a shell on Hotel Palestine in Baghdad where several journalists were staying to cover the war.

Reuters cameraman Taras Portsyuk, a Ukrainian, also was killed. The Spanish judge said he issued the arrest order because of a lack of judicial cooperation from the United States regarding the case.

U.S. officials insist the soldiers believed they were being shot at when they opened fire. Following the Palestine incident, Secretary of State Colin Powell said a review of the incident found that the use of force was justified.

In late 2003, the National Court, acting on a request from Couso’s family, agreed to consider filing criminal charges against three members of the tank crew.


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calendar   Saturday - October 01, 2005

Scaring The Tourists In Florida

Two things to note here: (1) this piece comes from a French news source (Agence France Presse) and (2) the French are warning tourists coming to Florida to mind their manners and don’t rile the natives. That speaks volumes about the French who are obnoxious as hell to tourists in their country. Maybe the Frogs need to let us carry when we visit them. Who knows, it just might improve Franco-American relations.

Personally, I think this ad by the Brady Campaign really sucks badly but it may have one unintended purpose: the tourists will act reasonably, have a good time and most importantly, won’t offend anyone while they’re in the Sunshine State. And no one will get shot fer crying out loud. Like in the Old West, just knowing everyone had guns made folks act real friendly and polite. Something we could use more of nowadays (especially from our Frog friends) ....

imageimageAttention: Testy Visitors Risk Being Shot in Florida

Welcome to Florida, but avoid arguments or thanks to a new law you run the risk of getting shot, according to an ad campaign launched by a gun-control group. The campaign coincides with a state law that enters into effect authorizing gun owners to shoot anyone in a public area who they believe threaten their safety.

The law, supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA), was approved by the state legislature in April. Governor Jeb Bush described it as a “good, common sense, anti-crime issue” when he signed it into law. His is a brother of US President George W. Bush.

Supporters call it the “Stand Your Ground” law, while opponents call it the “Shoot First” law. Under the previous law gun owners had first to attempt to withdraw and avoid a confrontation, and were authorized to shoot the threatening individual inside their home or property. Critics say the current law allows gun owners to shoot if they engage in a simple argument. Supporters say that criminals will think twice when they try to attack someone in public.

Before the law was “on the side of the criminal,” said Marion Hammer, head of Unified Sportsmen of Florida and a former NRA president. “The new law is on the side of the law-abiding victim,” Hammer said. Enter the Washington DC-based Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence. The group will run ads in US and British newspapers warning tourists planning to visit Florida that a “nervous and frightened” Florida resident could shoot to kill. “Warning: Florida residents can use deadly force,” the ad states.

“If you are involved in a traffic accident or near-miss, remain in your car and keep your hands in plain sight. If someone appears to be angry with you, maintain to the best of your ability a positive attitude, and do not shout or make threatening gestures,” the ad reads. The Brady Campaign promises to also run ads in French, German and Japanese newspapers if they can stretch their budget. They also plan to hand out fliers and post signs on the Florida highways with the warnings.

“It is reasonable to make people know that while they’re visiting Florida they should take the right precautions to avoid potentially being victims of violence,” Brady Campaign spokesman Peter Hamm told AFP. The group is named after Jim Brady, spokesman for president Ronald Reagan. Brady received a gunshot that paralyzed him when a mentally disturbed man shot Reagan in 1981.

Florida tourist authorities are hardly amused by the campaign. “The Brady Campaign is one group’s political agenda and not a safety and education issue,” fumed Bud Nocera, executive director of Visit Florida, the state’s tourism office, who described it as a “scare tactic” campaign. “It is sad that such an organization would hold the 900,000 men and women who work in the Florida tourism industry, and whose lives depend on it, hostage, to their political agenda,” he added.

Nocera said the campaign would have no impact on the millions of tourists that visit Florida, numbering 80 million in 2004. “I can’t understand why anybody would be opposed to telling visitors what the law is,” said Hamm. “No state in America has ever passed a law like this one.” The Brady Campaign is “not telling anybody that they shouldn’t visit Florida. My family and I vacation in Florida every Easter and were intending to do so. But I’m going to make sure that none of the people in my family get into a loud argument while we are there,” he said.


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Euro Envy

The US military built it, the citizens of the US made it into a worldwide community, now the Euro-Weenies want to take it away from us. The UN is also salivating at the thought of controlling the internet. My reply to both is ”go pound sand”. They can have my internet when they pry it from my cold, dead mouse ....

EU Wants Shared Control of Internet
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP)

The European Union insisted Friday that governments and the private sector must share the responsibility of overseeing the Internet, setting the stage for a showdown with the United States on the future of Internet governance. A senior U.S. official reiterated Thursday that the country wants to remain the Internet’s ultimate authority, rejecting calls in a United Nations meeting in Geneva for a U.N. body to take over.

EU spokesman Martin Selmayr said a new cooperation model was important “because the Internet is a global resource.” “The EU ... is very firm on this position,” he added. The Geneva talks were the last preparatory meeting before November’s World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia. A stalemate over who should serve as the principal traffic cops for Internet routing and addressing could derail the summit, which aims to ensure a fair sharing of the Internet for the benefit of the whole world.

At issue is who would have ultimate authority over the Internet’s master directories, which tell Web browsers and e-mail programs how to direct traffic. That role has historically gone to the United States, which created the Internet as a Pentagon project and funded much of its early development. The U.S. Commerce Department has delegated much of that responsibility to a U.S.-based private organization with international board members, but Commerce ultimately retains veto power.

Some countries have been frustrated that the United States and European countries that got on the Internet first gobbled up most of the available addresses required for computers to connect, leaving developing nations with a limited supply to share. They also want greater assurance that as they come to rely on the Internet more for governmental and other services, their plans won’t get derailed by some future U.S. policy. Policy decisions could at a stroke make all Web sites ending in a specific suffix essentially unreachable. Other decisions could affect the availability of domain names in non-English characters or ones dedicated to special interests such as pornography.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 27, 2005

Pedophiles In France On Trial

The largest sex-abuse trial in history is almost at a conclusion in (where else?) France. Sixty-five suspects are accused of sexually abusing 45 children between six months to 14 years. Is it any wonder France is at the top of my personal list of nuclear bomb test sites?

(BBC) --A court in the French town of Angers has begun hearing the verdict in the biggest child abuse case in the country’s legal history. It is expected to take the jury, which spent more than a month deliberating, several hours to read out the verdicts. Sixty-five men and women who have been on trial since March are accused of sexually abusing 45 children between six months to 14 years.

Some of the defendants could face life in prison if convicted. They include 39 men and 26 women, aged 27 to 73. The crimes allegedly took place between January 1999 and February 2002 in Angers’ Saint-Leonard district. Full identification of the suspects has been banned to protect the identity of the children.

During the five-month trial, jurors heard pre-recorded evidence given by some of the children. Correspondents say the accused - many of whom were unemployed and lived on benefits - said little in court and seemed confused by the proceedings. About 20 of them have acknowledged some of the charges, while others insist they knew nothing about the paedophile ring.

There were originally 66 accused, but one defendant is in hospital and will not be in court for the verdict. Defence lawyers have called for many acquittals, citing lack of evidence. They also pointed out that many of the accused had suffered abuse as children themselves.

What kind of monster sexually abuses a six-month-old child? Only a Frenchman could answer that, I suppose. That last sentence says it all. The perps will probably go free because they were abused as shildren. Typical liberal argument ....


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calendar   Monday - July 18, 2005


I can only hope that Europe one day cracks under the weight of the Alps and goes crashing into the Atlantic. Not just to get rid of France but all the other pissant countries who constantly squabble and fight among themselves while the Muslims take over right under their very noses. What’s got my dander up today? Well, we already know the “Euro-Constitution” is DOA because no one wants to make all states of Europe equal. Now we find out today that the asshats can’t even get their new universal European Arrest Warrant piece of crap to work. Germany is all set to release a convicted member of Al-Qaeda for some of the dumbest reasons ....

Germany’s highest court has ordered the release of a German-Syrian businessman suspected of funding al-Qaeda, who was fighting extradition to Spain. The federal constitutional court ruled that the new European arrest warrant was invalid in the case of Mamoun Darkazanli, 46. He was detained in Hamburg in October on the warrant issued by Spain. He appears in a 1999 wedding video with two of the three 11 September suicide hijackers who had lived in Hamburg.

Mr Darkazanli has not been charged in Germany, whose constitution prohibits the extradition of its own citizens. German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said the court ruling was “a blow for the government in its efforts and fight against terrorism”. After the September 2001 attacks, the US froze the assets of Mr Darkazanli’s Import-Export Company, saying it was a front for terrorism. He is among 41 suspects, including Osama bin Laden, indicted by Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon.

His case was a test of the new European arrest warrant, introduced last year to speed up the handover of terror suspects. Correspondents say all other suspects in Germany facing extradition under similar warrants will have to be released on bail, and that the German parliament will have to pass a new law if suspects are to be held in jail on EU warrants. Mr Darkazanli’s lawyers argued that handing him over under the European arrest warrant would be against the German constitution.

Once again, I’ll repeat myself. The only thing worse than a Frog is a Kraut. All the reasonably intelligent French and Germans left Europistan long ago. The gene pool over there is hopelessly contaminated.


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calendar   Tuesday - July 05, 2005

Food Fight

Leave it to the French to start a fight over food ....

imageimage(BBC) Tony Blair has refused to be drawn into a diplomatic row after the French president reportedly made insulting remarks about British food. Jacques Chirac joked with German and Russian leaders: “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad.”

As the G8 summit nears, Mr Blair said: “The G8 is going to focus on really important issues and to be quite honest I’m not going to disparage anybody.”

Mr Chirac also reportedly said Britain had the worst food after Finland. Mr Blair was asked to comment on remarks attributed to President Chirac while he was in Singapore to boost the chances of London being awarded the 2012 Olympics.

He was asked if relations with France would damage London’s bid and the G8 summit in Scotland later this week but the prime minister declined to give a definite answer. “Particularly at this moment I don’t want to get tempted down that path,” Mr Blair said.

Attaboy, Tony! Don’t stoop to Chirac’s level. In fact, it would be hard to get down to that level unless you stepped off the sidewalk into the gutter and crawled under a snake’s belly. Slimey French Worm! En Garde! Vouse etes merde!


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calendar   Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Politically Correct Trafalgar

If there’s one thing that really pisses me off, it’s people hosing up history in order to be politically correct. What happened, happened, DAMMIT! If you try to sanitize it, you just made my hit list. And I’m sure Lord Nelson would feel the same way about yesterday’s travesty off the coast of Spain - in fact, if he could talk to us today I’m sure he’d say something like “sod the bloody French - who cares what they think?” ....

Introducing The Politically Correct Naval Battle

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain celebrated an epic naval victory Tuesday but a descendant of its hero Admiral Horatio Nelson said the Battle of Trafalgar bicentenary was trying too hard not to offend historical enemies France and Spain.

A highlight of the world’s biggest naval review was featuring two fleets enacting a 19th century sea battle.

But they have been called simply the red and the blue fleet rather than by country names, which has sparked a shot across the bows from Nelson’s great great great granddaughter.

“I am anti-political correctness. Very much against it. It makes fools of us,” said 75-year-old Anna Tribe.

“I think the idea of the blue team fighting the red team is pretty stupid. I am sure the French and Spanish are adult enough to appreciate we did win that battle,” she added.

The historian playing Nelson in the mock battle is equally annoyed.

“If you obliterate history for the sake of political correctness, you can’t learn from the past. Nelson thought politicians were cowards. I tend to agree,” Alex Naylor said.

Nelson sent the famous signal ”England expects that every man will do his duty” before the 1805 battle off the western Spanish coast that spelt the beginning of the end for Napoleon Bonaparte’s French Empire.

Nelson, already missing an eye and an arm from previous battles, was killed by a French sniper in the epic battle. He was 47.

Organizers of the bicentenary celebrations were anxious to avoid accusations of triumphalism, especially at a time when Anglo-French relations are frosty as London and Paris clash over the future direction of the European Union.

As for the French, I fart in their general direction!


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calendar   Tuesday - June 28, 2005

Le Challenge Atomique De Frogges

France is going to build a 10-billion-Euro nuclear fusion power plant. It will be the first of its kind in the world. Current nuclear power plants use nuclear fission. For those who slept through 10th grade physics class, nuclear fission involves taking a big hammer and banging it real hard on a bunch of uranium atoms so hard that it splits them into little,bitty tiny pieces. These pieces are quite angry at being split up like this so they throw off a lot of angry energy in the form of heat and ‘splosions. This is what makes atom bombs so darned nasty. Nuclear fusion, on the other hand, is the opposite. In this method, you take the same big hammer and place two or more uranium atoms on an anvil and bang them hard enough to make them join together into one piece. Again, like your kids on vacation, these atoms strongly resent being forced together and give off a lot of angry energy. This is how the Sun operates .... which is where most of you parents wish you could toss your kids on these occasions.

Anyway, back to “Les Frogges”. These nincomboobs who still haven’t figured out how to use soap and water are going to create a miniature Sun .... here on Earth .... just across the “pond” .... are you scared yet? On top of that, the environmental nutjobs (aka, the “usual suspects") are saying the site where the fusion reactor will be built is right on top of a major fault zone! Where is Chicken Little when you need him? Dangnabbit, the US needs to get on the ball and catch up here. We need to build at least a hundred miniature Suns to show “Les Frogges” who is the real 600-pound gorilla here. Now, ain’t that a .... sun of a gun?

France will get to host the project to build a 10bn-euro (£6.6bn) nuclear fusion reactor, in the face of strong competition from Japan.

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) will be the most expensive joint scientific project after the International Space Station.

The Iter programme was held up for over 18 months as parties tried to broker a deal between the two rivals.

Nuclear fusion taps energy from reactions like those that heat the Sun.

Nuclear fusion is seen as a cleaner approach to power production than nuclear fission and fossil fuels.

Officials from a six-party consortium signed the deal in Moscow on Tuesday, for the reactor’s location at the Cadarache site in southern France.

French President Jacques Chirac thanked member countries of the European Union, as well as Russia and China, who crucially lent their support to the French bid: “It is a big success for France, for Europe and for all the partners of Iter,” he said in a statement.

OK, that settles it. If Chirac likes it, I hate it. Sacre bleu!


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calendar   Saturday - June 11, 2005



This photo made available in London, Thursday June 9, 2005, by Zoo Magazine, shows Manchester, England, police officer Rachelle Pantoja, 27, who is under investigation by the Internal Affairs department at Greater Manchester Police, and has been put on restricted duties and transferred to the Traffic Division, after posing for the magazine in a swimsuit.(AP Photo/Zoo Magazine, via pa)

Memo To Our Brit Friends: C’mon guys! That wasn’t nice. Busting this busty beauty was bulls**t. What she does in her off-duty hours is her business .. and if she wants to do anything with me, well that’s just icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, can I have it and eat it too ....?


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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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