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calendar   Wednesday - February 18, 2015

I like to kill people ….  comment from a girl of 12

A few disturbing things that might cause the old RCOB to appear.

What a world we have.  Yes, I know, down thru the ages from one generation to another the cry goes out that the current one is decadent beyond all reason, and some previous one much better in many ways.  But today, I do honestly believe we have raised what the late author Philip Wylie called , A generation of Vipers.  Not to be confused with the later sci-fi book. 

I have been reading newspapers from an early age.  Not because I was smart but because I was fascinated by the printed word and how writers expressed my world at that time.  I also listened avidly to the news on the radio and later TV.  And of course, the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports on radio and the boxing matches. Especially, most especially, when Willie Pep was fighting. 

Well anyway. what I am trying to say is that with all my reading and listening and watching of later TV, the kinds of crime being done and the age of the monsters committing them, was nowhere near as young as they now appear to be. 

A boy or group of boys as young as nine or ten committing rape of an 8 year old would certainly have made the headlines, just by the nature of the crime and the age of the vermin involved.  And that’s at the extreme edge of criminality, the lesser tho still unacceptable would be robbery and robbery with violence, again done by a much younger group.  Crimes by teens were not unheard of.  The news-makers in that group were generally Puerto Rican and Negro gangs, depending on the state and city. Italians also in some measure were heard from in NY.

Lately it hasn’t been simply a one off article about 8 year olds or 12 year olds.
These days, more and more very young girls, and white at that, are committing violent acts at a younger age. And they are not all from poor ghetto families with no education.  There are far different influences at play today, things the young are exposed to that we never were.  Heck. Porn?
I never heard the word at the age of 10 or even at 13. And I certainly would not have seen any.  Except once when someone showed me a cartoon, a cartoon mind you, that was .... well to be truthful somewhat interesting. But I didn’t even understand what I was seeing.

So ,,,, here are some examples. And these are only recent ones.


Because as she wrote, I like to kill people.  Two girls involved here.

Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weier were both 12 when they were charged as adults with first-degree attempted murder
The girls told cops they attacked their friend to impress Slenderman
Preliminary hearing being heard to determine whether Geyser should be tried as an adult and not a juvenile




And here in the UK from a morning paper comes another story of yoots too young to face criminal charges and will if caught, get curfew instead of having a hand cut off.

At the age of eight, they do know better. Even in my day, a more innocent time for sure, by 8 we knew right from wrong. I think the biggest difference is that in my day, we worried about punishment which we were certain would follow.

So here we have two 8 year old thugs in training who it is reported, attacked and robbed an 80 year old woman as she got off a bus, in broad daylight.  They got her purse and made off, they have not been found yet but might well be, because at that age they are sure to brag to their friends. Unfortunately though, “children” under ten can not be charged with a criminal offense, and can only be given a curfew or a child safety order.  What a joke that is.  Where’s the lesson in that nonsense?

I say break a few bones and fix them so they won’t be physically able to rob anyone anymore. Ever.  Hey …. ya gotta start em young so they learn, and their friends can take note too. 

And then there is this which reminds me greatly of a French TV series I have been watching.  Same thing, thugs on mopeds and very violent ones too, as well as affiliated girl gang as violent as the guys, and maybe more so.  To me, it isn’t just a TV crime drama.  It’s based on events that happen in real life.  I mean, when most of you like myself were in our teens or 20s, were there moped gangs running wild? There weren’t any mopeds I can recall. In this case, three scum get 23 years. But that isn’t 23 each. Where’s the justice in that?

Oh ... please forgive the digression but .... speaking of justice.  Hello and good wishes American taxpayers.

Bradley Manning now known as Chelsea, has been approved for a sex change operation.  You pay, you pay.  Warms the heart to know how compassionate our system is towards traitors.  ( vomit here)



March 5th, 2014 in Park Way, NW11. Victim hit in face with hammer and had watch taken.

April 11th in Platt’s Lane, NW2. Victim grabbed from behind and had watch, rings and chain taken.

May 1st in Farm Avenue, NW2. The victim was approached by suspect with a hammer. The victim was threatened and the suspect took her watch and phone.

May 3rd in Priory Terrace, NW6. The victim was sitting in his car when two suspects approached the car. They smashed the window and took the victim’s watch and money.

May 5th in Wray Cresent Park.The victim was walking along the road when he was approached and threatened with a hammer by the suspects. They took the victim’s watch, ring, phone, belt and sunglasses.

May 7th in West Heath Road, NW11. The victim was on her driveway when she was approached and threatened by the suspect. The suspect took her watch and ring.

May 14th in Asmans Hill, NW11. The victim was on his driveway when approached by the suspect and threatened with a hammer. The suspect took the victim’s watch and money.

May 17th in Winnington Avenue, NW11. As the victim and his wife were leaving the park they were approached by the suspects on mopeds and threatened with a hammer. The suspects took both watches and a purse.

May 30th in a petrol station in Wellington Road. The victim was approached by suspects on mopeds. They hit his car with a hammer and threatened the victim. The suspects took his watch.

June 1st in Kidderpore Avenue, NW3. The suspect followed the victim into his garage. Smashed his vehicle window and threatened him with a hammer. The suspects took his watch and wallet.

June 17th in Hamilton Terrace, NW8. The victim was parking her car when suspects approached on two mopeds. She was threatened with a hammer. The suspects took her phone and watch. The suspects then took her handbag from the back of the car.

June 20th in St Johns Wood Road, NW8. The victim had just got out of her vehicle when she was approached by the suspects. The suspects took her watch and handbag. Police were able to recover this handbag.


caught dead to rights and not dead themselves.  and it’s called a justice system. yeah. some justice. not.


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calendar   Thursday - February 12, 2015

Yo Chicago, Beat This

New York City: No Murders For 10 Entire Days!

Something to be proud of I guess. Out here in the almost-sticks of Clinton, we’ve had, um, I think it was one murder in the past 35 years. We don’t have NYC’s 10 million population either, so it’s all relative.

New York City, once notorious for high crime, broke a record on Thursday with no murders reported for 10 straight days, police said.

The historic calm achieved at 12:01 a.m. Thursday comes on the heels of a notable year - murders in New York City in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 328, the fewest since the New York Police Department started keeping reliable records in 1963.

“Everybody is behaving,” said Sergeant Daniel Doody of the New York City Police Department.

It’s also cold as Hell, and their guns could be buried under ice crusted snow drifts. If that’s the reason, then Boston ought not to have another murder before July or so.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 11, 2015

High Times Come To An End

Let’s Play “Spot The Grow Room”


Netherlands police somehow manage to find attic marijuana farm in apartment complex. Gee, I wonder how?

Police in the Netherlands have swooped on a house in the town of Haarlem, arresting the owner for growing cannabis plants, after they noticed that his house was the only one in the street not covered in snow.

A dusting of snow covered all the roofs in the town, except for one.

Once inside, police found industrial-scale cultivation of cannabis, and the heat lamps used to nurture the plants.

After the raid in the town near Amsterdam on February 5, officers tweeted the photo of the house as a warning to other growers.

The Netherlands is known for its tolerant attitude towards personal consumption of marijuana. However, the Dutch government only tolerates the cultivation of up to five cannabis plants, and people are only allowed to carry up to five grams of weed (0.17 ounces) each.

Heat lamps? Are you kidding me? Who needs heat lamps when you’re using 1000W metal halide and high pressure sodium lights for 17 hours a day? Haven’t these guys heard about the LED revolution?

The previous week, officials had used the same technique to identify and raid a cannabis farm in the city of Zutphen, where they found a bedroom filled with 88 marijuana plants. Two days later, one person was arrested in Arnhem after police discovered a similar plantation.

It was not clear how much cannabis was seized in the Haarlem raid.
The technique is certainly not fail proof, however.

In 2009 police raided a home in Yorkshire, certain that the heat coming from the property was due to lamps for cannabis plants. Instead, they found a wood burning stove.

Next time stoners, set up your Grow in the basement!

Drugs are bad, m’kay?


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calendar   Thursday - February 05, 2015

not a bright future for this eye candy

Somewhat sad eye candy .... 

Boyfriend gets 10 years .... she gets 7.

They fought the law and the ,,, law won

other pix and story here

Mug Shot, Leah Parkes


I look at this doll and just see Orange is the new black.  Oh my.

In Happier Times



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calendar   Tuesday - February 03, 2015

Time To Move. Right NOW.

San Fran Cops Honor 10 Year Old Boy

Fairfield police last week recognized a 10-year-old boy and his father for courageous actions they took in September, police said.

Nathaniel Biggs was visiting the Cordelia branch of the Solano County Library on Sept. 15 when he saw a friend put a semi-automatic handgun into a backpack. When Nathaniel’s father Jason picked him up at the library, Nathaniel told his father about what he had seen, and Jason called Fairfield police.

Officers responded and located and detained Nathaniel’s friend without incident. Officers also located the handgun and a fixed blade knife and a Shuriken in the backpack of Nathaniel’s friend.

Police said because of the information provided by Jason and Nathaniel, police were able to recover an illegally possessed and stolen firearm.

On the one hand .... gosh, isn’t this great, kid helps stop the violence, because #kidslivesmatter. And so forth.

On the other hand ... little nanny state do gooder sells out his friend. How old do you think a 10 year old boy’s friends are anyway? 10? Maybe 12? Certainly not 24. Not with a backpack doing homework at the library. The friend was 11. With a gun, and a big knife, and a throwing star. Do you think that kid is still in jail? Hell no. And have you heard the expression “stitches for snitches”? Wasn’t it great of the police to publicly honor the kid and for the press to run the story with his name and photo? Just in case friend 11 didn’t figure out who outed him?
{ psssst, hey dad - what time is it? Time to move son, right the fug now! }

Says the police: Without their involvement, the firearm would not have been recovered and the child would have continued playing with it, possibly with disastrous results. This is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when alert citizens speak up and partner with the police department. Together we can make Fairfield a safer community!

Sorry to rain on your parade, but if the kid also had a big knife and a ninja star, there wasn’t any playing going on. Kid had a 3 layer plan to either fend off or deliver death. There’s a serious, serious problem here of some kind. Gangs, criminals, bullying, abuse, something. 


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calendar   Friday - January 16, 2015

Magazine Capacity Limits Might Have Killed Him

Store Clerk Takes On 4 Armed Robbers

Shoots 2, the others ran

A Tulsa liquor store clerk took on four masked men during an attempted robbery earlier this week, shooting and killing two and helping bring an end to a serial robbery ring.

The four assailants entered Ryan’s Liquor at around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Tulsa World. One of the men, 27-year-old Brian Powell, pulled out a handgun and fired a shot upon entrance and demanded money.

But the store clerk did not comply. Instead, he pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired it, hitting and killing Powell and 16-year-old Kevin Dobbs.

A Tulsa man seven months shy of ending his probation for a prior larceny conviction is one of two men identified by police as being shot by a store clerk during a failed robbery attempt Tuesday night.
Police also announced the arrest of two men, 20-year-old Lakeit Thompson and 17-year-old George K. Williamson, in connection with the botched robbery attempt, as well as “other robberies.”

Thompson was being held Tuesday morning on six counts of robbery with a firearm, as well as two counts of attempted robbery, two counts of felony murder and a number of traffic complaints.
According to his arrest report, Thompson has been connected by police to eight separate robberies, the first of which happened Dec. 7. The circumstances behind each robbery were the same — multiple suspects armed with weapons entering a store and leaving with money.

Williamson was connected to three alleged robberies, according to his arrest report.

There’s your new MO. A whole damn gang of career criminals attacks a store at once. Better start training to be the next Jerry Miculek.

And yes, the gang of robbers looked exactly the way you think they looked.


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calendar   Thursday - January 15, 2015

Missed Opportunity

... to lead a better life I guess. At least this little bastard will live to see tomorrow.


Almost Michael

Dirtbag 14 year old thug with rap sheet a mile long was beat to the draw by cops when going for his loaded gun. Now he’s still alive and facing a whole new slew of charges. Probably back out on the street already.

TAMPA Florida (FOX 13) - Hillsborough County deputies say they nearly had to shoot a 14-year-old who was reaching into his waistband.

Deputies say that a search revealed Dallas Robinson was carrying a gun and two magazines of hollow-point bullets.

“This was a kid that was fully-loaded, ready to go,” said HCSO spokesman Larry McKinnon.

They also found that he has a rap sheet that goes back to when he was 10.

Just after midnight in Tampa, near the intersection of St. James and 127th Ave., a deputy stopped Robinson because his bike didn’t have a headlight.

They say that Robinson ran and that the deputy struggled with him before Robinson reached for his waistband.

“The only reason this deputy believes that this kid didn’t get the gun and shoot him was because he got the draw on him first,” McKinnon said. “Fortunately, we are not at a funeral today, either this kid’s or our law enforcement deputy’s.”

Robinson has fourteen priors starting in 2010 when he was ten.

He has faced charges of carrying a concealed firearm, armed robbery and possession of drugs.

“He needs to be in a program,” said his grandfather, who didn’t want us to identify him.

The grandfather says their family has no idea why the juvenile justice system has let Robinson go.

As recently as 11 days ago, they say he was brought home after a stint in a juvenile assessment center for violating probation for a previous weapons charge.

Riiiight ... it’s Juvie’s responsibility to keep this animal in check. The father? Who?? What??  The mother, she’s got other kids to look after.  School? No, he done got kicked outta school. Expelled from teh 8th grade. Just another unwanted feral child.


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calendar   Monday - January 05, 2015

Taking CCW Too Far

Must Have Been A “Sex Shooter”: Inmate Smuggles Gun Into Prison, Internally

Rapid Fire Rimshots -

Makes me wonder if Ronco is getting into the firearms business with their new model “vag-o-matic”.

Cooter Shooter!

You should see her fast draw! Come to think of it, no, you probably shouldn’t!

If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, what’s a bird worth with one in the bush?

{ancient punchline} So he says, “Flashlight? Oh hell if you can find your flashlight we can find my truck keys and drive home!”

Was that a “piece"-maker?

When they said to carry it cocked and locked, this is not what they meant!

[ pauses to reload ... ]

New Mexico woman smuggles gun into jail in genitals, ditches it in bathroom trash

She didn’t stick to her guns. [ thank goodness her guns didn’t stick to her! ]

A New Mexico woman smuggled a handgun into an Albuquerque jail in her genitals and dumped the firearm in a bathroom trash can, police said.

Josephine McAllister, 34, managed to get the firearm past at least four officers who searched her while booking her on stolen credit card charges Dec. 16, police said.

She ditched the gun in the Metropolitan Detention Center bathroom as soon as she could, police said.

An inmate discovered the contraband while taking out the trash and alerted jail officials.

McAllister, who was high on heroin, told police she did not hand the gun over out of fear she would get in more trouble,

EWWW. Still, coulda been worse. She could’ve brought a spare hi-cap magazine in next to it too.


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calendar   Sunday - December 28, 2014

The Stats Are In

Statistics: Murder and Mayhem in Chicago, 2014

In Easy Graphic Format



Read the rest, right here at Hey Jackass! about the city that proved gun control simply doesn’t work.

Well done. I like the Murder Matrix chart the best. 


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calendar   Tuesday - December 23, 2014

OMG, Those Shoes Are To Die For!!

SSDD, as another dope dies over some overpriced sneakers

CINCINNATI — A mall shopper shot and killed a 16-year-old boy who attempted a robbery on the sidewalk outside, possibly in pursuit of a pair of limited-edition athletic shoes, police in southwest Ohio said Monday.

A Miami Township police official said the slain teenager and two other youths went to the Dayton Mall on Saturday morning for a shoe sale. Sgt. Joe Phares told reporters Monday that details were still being investigated, but that the teens apparently got there too late to buy the shoes they wanted. He didn’t have any details on the shoes.

Police said the three juveniles from Middletown then approached two men outside and demanded their merchandise. They said one juvenile showed a gun, and one of the adults who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon then fired his own gun. It wasn’t clear whether the adults actually had the shoes the youths were seeking.

“This was a random act of, ‘I want something that person has, and I’m going to take it from him,” Phares told reporters. “It didn’t go down the way they thought it would.”

Doncha jus love it? A “random act” of impulsive felonious behavior, with implied intent to kill. And that got him greased. Oh gosh, too bad. Tsk tsk tsk.

Police responded Saturday morning to a reported shooting at the Dayton Mall just off Interstate 75 near the southern suburb of Centerville. The Montgomery County coroner’s office said the teenager died at 10:55 a.m. Saturday. The coroner Monday identified him as Jawaad Jabbar and said he died of a gunshot to the torso. Police said no one else was injured.

Police said the other two teens were being held in juvenile detention in Dayton. Phares said it’s too soon to say what charges could be brought.

Jawaad Jabbar. Uh huh. aka “Dindu Nuffin”. Riiight. I swear, hanging a name like that on a child is practically a death sentence.

How many young black males have died over sneakers, either trying to steal them, or having them stolen from them? You can hashtag #blacklivesmatter all you want, but the reality is that they’re not even worth a pair of sneakers. And now another one is dead, justifiably.

Too fucking bad. DNC + 1, um, I mean, Neutralized Goblin Count += 1. Let’s hope that “Ja wad” didn’t blow his wad, ja, and leave a litter or three behind him. You know, when he wasn’t “getting his life straight”, being “an A student”, “an aspiring rapper”, or “going to college in the fall”.


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calendar   Tuesday - November 25, 2014

Ferguson In Flames, Again


Unable to face the truth reached by a Grand Jury, the mob in Ferguson goes on a violent, destructive rampage once more. Burning down their own neighborhood again, and smashing up twice looted stores once more.

Oh, and here’s a little update: a black man’s body has been found in the area, shot and then burned. Police are calling this a suspicious death. No, really. They are. Just another deader in the hood, just another day. ON ANY OTHER DAY THIS WOULD NOT EVEN BE NEWS.

Violence erupted in the St. Louis area overnight, leading to more than 80 arrests, as protesters fired more than 100 gunshots and burned and looted as many as 25 buildings and vandalized police cars in Ferguson, Mo., after a grand jury did not indict a white police officer who shot and killed an 18-year-old black man in August, authorities said Tuesday morning.

St. Louis County police released records early Tuesday showing 61 people were arrested in Ferguson on charges including burglary and trespassing. And St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said 21 people were arrested in the city.

Heavily armed police fired pepper spray and smoke canisters to disperse the crowds of protesters. Police seized a .45-mm. automatic handgun as well.

yeah yeah, another journalistic gun error. It’s not a .45 semi-automatic, it’s a .45mm automatic. Which would make the bullets exactly 1/10 the diameter of BBs, 0.0177”. Guess this is a real needle gun, eh?

“We have no loss of life, but I am disappointed the night turned out this way,” St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar said.

Belmar said he heard more than 150 shots ring off in the night.

“What I’ve seen tonight is probably worse than the worst night we had in August,” Belmar said.

Gov. Jay Nixon ordered more Missouri National Guardsmen to provide security at the Ferguson Police Department.

St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch announced the decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson on Monday evening. A grand jury of nine whites and three blacks had been meeting weekly since Aug. 20 to consider evidence in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18. The panel met for 70 hours and heard from 60 witnesses.

McCulloch stressed that the grand jurors were “the only people who heard every witness ... and every piece of evidence.” He said many witnesses presented conflicting statements that ultimately were inconsistent with the physical evidence.

I watched the DA’s news conference, and thought it was the most respectful and detailed thing ever. [could’ve sworn I’d heard the ethnic breakdown was the other way around though] It was obvious that they had put in a huge effort and had inspected and debated every last bit of evidence and witness testimony. But the mob was going to have its way, no matter what.

And that’s the part that really pisses me off here. There never was a chance for justice ... from the mob.

So let Ferguson burn.


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calendar   Monday - November 24, 2014

And now we wait

UPDATE: “NO TRUE” verdict returned: officer Wilson will not be indicted

Now, let’s see if Al Sharpton calls for a Cat 6 Chimpout. He’s on immediately after the news conference. I think Obongo might be too.

A white police officer will not face charges for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager in a case that set off violent protests and racial unrest throughout the nation, an attorney close to the case said Monday night.

A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict officer Darren Wilson, 28, for firing six shots in an August confrontation that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the family. The decision had been long awaited and followed rioting that resembled war-zone news footage in this predominantly black suburb of St. Louis.

“The jury was not inclined to indict on any charges,’’ Crump said after being informed of the decision by authorities. Prosecutors scheduled an news conference to announce the decision.

The Prosecutor is giving us a tremendous lecture, detailing everything that went on. Looks like the Grand Jury got every last piece of case info, far more than any Grand Jury ever gets. And he’s telling us, blow by blow, how the “witnesses” caved in their testimony left and right - in other words, they were lying out they ass the whole time, and suddenly had to change they story when presented with some actual facts.

Unreal. The prosecutor is going on, bullet by bullet, punch by punch. This never happens.

So now what? Will the rioting begin in earnest? Come on, you knew there’d be some right? Let’s see how bad it gets.


“Decision Reached In Ferguson!!!”

Yeah right? You know what the big decision they reached really was? “Damn, looks like the weather is holding, and no big snowstorm is going to hit. Worse, it won’t even be very cold. And Thanksgiving is this week, so we’re outta here. Fine, here, whatev.” Because there really wasn’t much more than a day’s evidence to give. And they’ve been at it for weeks already. Give it a rest, and give us a break already. I am absolutely convinced that teh Powers That Be were hoping for a bit hit of the old Polar Vortex to come along and drop a nasty cold blizzard on Ferguson. Last week. At which point the decision would have been broadcast. Now they’re just hoping that enough time has passed so that even the crazy folks have simmered down some. And this gives the FBI the chance to arrest a few more NBP folks with their pipe bombs and stuff.

But something tells me the word might already be out there ...

“Family of Michael Brown requesting 4 1/2 minute moment of silence in Ferguson before protests: watch live on CNNgo”

Really? I’m already ready. An extra little wait isn’t going to make any difference to me. Maybe they’re hoping Black Rage will defuse in those minutes when the decision goes with the facts and against their fantasies,.

Meanwhile, the rest of us get to play When Bingo. My bet is that the news gets released at 8-9pm Eastern, in time to screw up prime time on the east coast, and mess with the commute on the west coast.

Which way will it go? Sadly, I expect the Grand Jury to cave to mob pressure. These people are human too. And they have only their faith in government protecting their anonymity. And home addresses. Riiiight. Which means their lives aren’t worth a plug nickel if they do the wrong thing by doing the right thing.


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calendar   Sunday - November 16, 2014

is the only way still essex?  police response to rape of five year old not encouraging

As do many of you here at bmews, I belong to an older generation.  Hi tech in my world even before the first TV, was a washing machine that my Grandma did not have to wheel to the kitchen sink and hook up a hose for the water and drain at that point.
Radio was the major medium of entertainment back then, but by the time I was 12 or 13, TV was on the scene for a few hours a day.
I guess about the sexiest stuff young boys might have seen would have been in the movies of the day, and the Natl. Geographic, (YUK) and not sexy at all by the standards of today.
We did not have Playboy yet, porn was something some of us vaguely heard of without yet having seen it.
As things progressed the boys began to discover girls, and I would guess a good many girls wished we had not.

Now then ....  Having discovered the female sex the next major hurdle was just how to attract one of these new and exotic creatures and if that was done, what to do next.  Back then you’d be damn lucky to get a girl to say hello so lets not even discuss anything else of a most instinctive nature.

So here’s where I’m heading with this.


Yes, I suppose in many places where some kids grew up lots faster and had different family examples, many matured early and even those who may not have still had a keen awareness of sex.
But in our part of town, in our school (1st thru 6th grade) I do not believe one single young girl was ever assaulted nor would any of our group been inclined to commit such an act.  And if anything like that would have happened, there would not have been the tolerance shown today.
It might not have led the morning news unless death was a result, but there’d have been none of this oh well the boy was young (12).
Even in my day ...12 and up was no innocent boy.  A juvenile?  Sure thing.  Innocent or too young to know better?  No way.

Not long ago there was a TV show here, we haven’t a TV set and I doubt I’d have watched it. It’s a generational thing I believe.
Pretty much as I understand it, another sex driven program. I may be wrong but .... the girls I’d see advertised in the papers were.  Somewhat sexy?

The program was .... and I believe it was also a slogan I never caught on to ....

The Only Way Is Essex.

Which is where this story originates. Doesn’t say a lot of good about the police there.  But we must not be too harsh as after all, the standards that once might have been in place apparently no longer are.

btw .... I kind of doubt any young girl of 8 would be articulate enough for the letter the DM says she wrote at 8. And the penmanship looks too perfect. 

The letter from a five-year-old rape victim that shames every police officer: Family’s agony as 12-year-old rapist is let off with caution and told: ‘Do it with someone your own age next time’

Couple’s five-year-old daughter raped by the 12-year-old son of neighbour
Told Essex police - what followed was catalogue of blunders and cover-ups
Three and a half years since the rape family are still waiting for justice
Family have spent £40,000 in legal fees and the culprit was only cautioned

By Mira Bar-hillel and Olga Craig for The Mail on Sunday

When Sara and Peter’s five-year-old daughter was raped by the 12-year-old son of a close friend, the couple were distraught. Not only had their youngest child’s innocence been shattered in the most unspeakable manner, but she had endured a horrendous physical and emotional trauma.

They immediately reported the assault to their local Essex police, in the belief that while they, as a family, would help their child come to terms with her ordeal, the force would pursue her attacker.

But the result was not the prompt conviction they expected. Instead – as documents seen by The Mail on Sunday make all too clear – they have been subjected to an extraordinary catalogue of blunders, cover-ups and betrayals by the officers they trusted to bring the culprit to justice.

It is three and a half years since the rape, and the family are still waiting.

In that time, Peter has been hounded through the courts, and the family have been forced to spend more than £40,000 in legal fees and lost countless thousands in earnings.

One senior officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’. Officers wrongly claimed that they had reported the case to the Crown Prosecution Service; omitted having the rapist’s name added to the Sex Offenders Register; neglected to take fingerprints, DNA samples or photographs; ignored opportunities to instigate a Section 47 child protection joint investigation with Social Care; and took limited disciplinary action against the officers involved.

And the culprit, who admitted the rape in a taped interview, escaped with nothing more than a youth caution, after being told by one police officer:

‘Do it with someone your own age next time.’

‘All of those who should have protected our daughter at such a vulnerable age have let her down,’ says Sara. ‘These people should be held to account. How can we ever have confidence in the police again? They dealt leniently with the rapist yet relentlessly pursued us.

‘Our family’s lives have been on hold. I feel like someone pressed the pause button on our lives and has never pressed play again. And our daughter believes no one in authority ever listened to her. Or ever will again.’

Their daughter, now eight, was so distressed at how she was sidelined that she wrote a letter to each of the child abuse officers involved.

Part of that letter read: ‘When I was five something very bad happened and it was your job to make sure he was properly dealt with and punished. But you didn’t do your job and you let me down.

‘This makes me sad, upset and angry because I am only a little girl. I am very disapointed (sic) in you. I hope one day soon he gets what he deserves.’

She got no responses.

She had previously asked written questions of Derek Benson, Essex Police Deputy Chief Constable. While Mr Benson replied, apologising, his response did little to convince Peter and Sara they would ever achieve justice.

In a handwritten letter, on Essex Police notepaper – seen by the MoS – he wrote: ‘I am very sorry for the mistakes made by Essex Police when we looked in to finding out what had happened to you… I am really sorry that you have had such a horrible experience and I wish you the very best for the future.’

The courts have banned identifying anyone involved – including on social media websites. Sara and Peter’s names have been changed.

The little girl’s ordeal began in 2011. The parents were friendly with a couple who lived nearby in a small Essex town. The mothers had known each for years and spent time in each others homes; the couples occasionally dined out together.

ONE sunny August afternoon, as Sara explains it, she and her daughter went for lunch at the friend’s house. All the children were in and out, playing.

Unbeknown to Sara, her friend’s 12-year-old son beckoned her daughter upstairs into his bedroom. There he closed the door and curtains, subjected her to porn on his laptop, then raped her. The next day the little girl told her mum what happened.

‘As a parent, nothing can prepare you for the sheer devastation of a moment like that,’ Sara says. ‘She was very upset because the boy had told her this was a game of husbands and wives and was to be a special secret that she must never tell anyone.

The next day Peter contacted Essex Police Child Abuse Unit.

‘My first discussion was with a detective constable who was rude and unhelpful,’ says Peter.

‘But a sergeant intervened and we agreed my wife would provide a statement regarding our daughter’s disclosures.

‘Shortly after we returned home from giving the statement, the sergeant telephoned and explained that the boy had admitted everything during a voluntary interview so our little girl would not need to be interviewed and he said he would report the incident to Social Care.

‘We thought everything possible was being done. Eventually we found out that this sergeant had refused a strategy meeting with Social Care which would have kick-started a joint child protection investigation for our daughter. His failure to do that had catastrophic results.’

Six weeks later, in November 2011, Sara came home to find an answerphone message from Detective Constable Tracy Bainbridge from Essex Police’s Child Abuse Unit. ‘She casually stated that the boy who had admitted to raping our daughter had received a youth caution for the offence,’ Sara recalls. ‘We were absolutely horrified. Somehow, the case had concluded.

‘Our daughter had been suffering terribly. At that time we believed she would never recover. She couldn’t bear to have her bedroom door closed. She was terrified of seeing her abuser.’

By now Peter and Sara realised their daughter probably couldn’t continue living so close to her abuser. Peter went to the friend’s house to explain this. And so began another distressing chapter in their ordeal.
One senior Essex Police officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’

One senior Essex Police officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’

Peter says that, though understandably upset, he intended to have a brief conversation which, he hoped, would help to clear the air. He told Essex police of his intention and invited them to send an officer. They declined.

‘I had a brief chat at the door with the boy’s father but he was extremely angry,’ he recalls.

The next day, to Peter’s astonishment, Essex Police contacted him as the friend had made a complaint. In February 2012, the couple received a letter from Essex Police warning them both over the alleged harassment of the rapist’s father.



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calendar   Friday - November 14, 2014

doesn’t anyone anywhere give deep thought to the victims? why always the rights of the bad

No offence towards any of our readers of the faith but seriously, is the pope losing his marbles?  Age does do that to folks. Even the smartest.

‘Hidden death penalty:’ Pope Francis calls for end to life sentences

Pope Francis has renewed the Catholic Church’s call to eliminate the death penalty, going one step further to blast life sentences and urge countries to prohibit the practice of transferring prisoners to torture centers.
Speaking to the International Association of Penal Law, Pope Francis called on countries to improve prison conditions, but also condemned the use of extraordinary rendition, in which individuals from one country are detained and transferred to another. Oftentimes, detainees are held in secret prisons and could be subjected to torture.
This practice was infamously employed by the CIA in the wake of the September 11 World Trade Center attacks, with the help of key allies. Francis also criticized those who helped facilitate the practice.
“These abuses will only stop if the international community firmly commits to recognizing … the principle of placing human dignity above all else,” he said.
The Pope added that people should continue the fight to end capital punishment.

the pope, read more

Although Drew was writing on another subject, what he had to say fit here very well.

AS IF the world gave a squat. As if ISIS cares. Or Boko Haram. Or communist China. Or North Korea. Or any banana republic anywhere, where the federales shoot anyone they feel like whenever they want. Or the drug cartels do it instead. Maybe the parents could meet directly with Castro, or with Assad, or whats-her-commie down in Brazil. Places where the garbage dump monkeys are always fed golden bananas, by respectful white gloved zoo keepers. AS IF.

Now then, here’s a story for ya you may want to consider.

Killer Harry Roberts released from prison after 48 years behind bars for shooting dead three unarmed policemen

· Roberts was jailed for life for killing three unarmed policemen in 1966
· He was released from Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire on Monday night
· Roberts is thought to in a bail hostel, and is unlikely to get a new identity
· Roberts was behind bars for 48 years after murdering Christopher Head, 30, David Wombwell, 25, and Geoffrey Fox, 41
· The revelation he was to be released sparked anger from the families of the dead, police and politicians last month
· Metropolitan Police Federation chairman says release is ‘sickening’
· Calls for laws to change so police killers remain in prison for life
· Have you seen Harry Roberts since his release? Call 02036151265 or email

continues with photos and read

Well dear reader …. the bastard DID get himself a new name and an apt. for old age folks paid for of course by the same folks who have paid for him all these years past.
I guess so much for a life sentence actually meaning life.

I can find nothing at all wrong with justice administering revenge along with penalty. The two belong together. But no.  The killer of three in this case is out and free.

Pope dope should be pleased however, that at long last, the stone cold bragging killer is a free man.

BTW ... least I forget.  His victims should anyone care, are still dead.

In Florida I read, another miserable excuse for a human who in 1992 murdered his wife and then raped his 10 year old stepdaughter for 20 minutes before shooting her dead, finally after all this time got his.  He was put (humanely) to death by the state.
Why does it have to be humanely?  Why does society have to accommodate the lowest forms of life to appease the left?
1992 to 2014.  Critics of the death penalty say it does not deter crime.  Well hell no.
Not the way it’s carried out it won’t. Never will either.

But the Pope dear has all this love you see, and because he believes the bull shit, he insists that the world accept his final word on the subject.

Maybe he should schedule a trip to Syria or Libya and try reasoning with the muslims who are happy to kill each other just for the hell of it. 

Florida man executed - after last meal of fried fish and three desserts - for the 1992 rape and murder of his stepdaughter, 10, and her mother

Chadwick Banks shot his wife, Cassandra Banks, while she slept in their Gadsden County trailer in the early hours of September 24, 1992
He then raped his 10-year-old stepdaughter, Melody Cooper, for 20 minutes before shooting her in the head
He was 21 at the time
Banks, 43, was put to death by lethal injection at Florida State Prison on Thursday
He was pronounced dead at 7.27 pm
It is the 20th execution carried out in the state since Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2011
For his last meal Banks requested fried fish, slush puppies, three different desserts and ice water

continue reading


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