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calendar   Tuesday - June 18, 2013

words almost fail but not quite

Just a really short post with the idea that a photo might be worth a million words.  Mostly from yours truly here saying how I worry about some USA/EU deal that will get wrote in stone.

Hey just so you know and there may be a few who do not. No reason why you should.

Once upon a time when Britain was a sovereign state and made their own laws and followed their own courts and could deport anyone they wanted who was a threat to the nation, in those long ago and almost forgotten halcyon (well almost) days, the folks here joined something called the common market. Good for business and especially small business given a chance to grow etc,etc. How nice it all looked.  Like Communism. Pretty on paper.

Then one day the common market grew up and started to gobble up the other states lead by a resurgent former enemy whose bank called the shots. Panzers were plowed into Euros and everyone lived happily ever after. So it came to pass that the Brits found themselves members of something called, the European Union.  It even had its own flag. Well I never. 

And during the last ten years I’ve been watching this movie play out and guess what?  Brits aren’t happy.  They want their country back.

Sorry Charlie .... 

So who’s next?

I think we should be worried folks. Very worried.

Feast your eyeballs on this.  What?  You thought I might have been exaggerating?

Oh btw .....  I did not notice this cover on our conservative paper.  They hardly mentioned it. But apparently this liberal left daily thinks enough of it to place it here.

Any deal cut with the EU will have politically correct strings attached. You can count on that.



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calendar   Saturday - June 01, 2013


Americans don’t emigrate, at least not very many of us do, and the few who do don’t do it well.  We have created our own land and culture, and we simply don’t fit anywhere else, not even in the lands of our ancestors, who can barely tolerate us on two-week holidays.  In truth, while I admire Europe, I find the Europeans a bit tiresome, especially when they complain about Americans. 

Taken from Nelson Demille’s book, Gold Coast

Which is pretty much how I feel only more so at the present time.

A neighbor’s dog is barking again and I still have not figured out a way to kill the F***** thing.  I suppose killing the neighbors would accomplish the task as someone would then have to take away the dog.  Problem of course will be I’d be taken away too.  Not a pleasing prospect.  So back to sq. 1, how to …….

But the number ONE thing that has me going today is the god damned anti American article in the form of a book review by a fool named Guy Walters in the Mail.

He’s writing about the same subject I shared with you the other day, the so called “academic” who wrote about all the rape and slaughter and mayhem our GIs visited on the poor French after the invasion and liberation of Paris.  I have been to Paris, years ago, and have maintained ever since that we should have let the Germans keep it. Would have served them right.  Anyway, what did the French and the Brits expect when France declared war on Germany FIRST?

I’m just pissed because he (Walters) seems to buy the whole story as she wrote it. He seems to question nothing. And there isn’t any way I could have avoided the article today, because the damn headline ran all the way across the top two pages in a centerfold review.  So there it was staring at me in huge print.


US academic reveals American troops committed thousands of rapes on French women they were ‘liberating.’

His review goes on to paint a picture I had not read last week.  He is either quoting the bitch who wrote the book or it’s his opinion, hard to tell, but he says, “many French felt that their towns had been needlessly destroyed in a macho display of American firepower.” The article goes on to claim that there were an estimated 20,000 civilians killed in the battle for Normandy and in LeHavre alone 3,000 had died.  While thousand of French dead were taken from the rubble, there were no more than 10 German bodies.

It gets lots worse as this ass wipe would be journalist quotes actual conversations between a prostitutes and our GIs. The problem is, even though he uses the names of the girls, turns out they were murdered and raped by these killer Americans.  OK, could have happened and does in every war. And no war at all. Question here is, if the GI in question murdered the prostitute, how does this jerk know what exactly it was Elisabeth said to the “handsome American soldier” who he does not name.  Why not? If he knows the victim’s name he must know the killer or how else would the piss ant reviewer know the soldier was handsome?  He claims the soldier raped her corpse.


Lying fucks!


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calendar   Thursday - May 16, 2013

just another possible reason to dislike the un

Folks who know me, the folks who count by which I mean you ppl here at bmews; know how I feel about the UN. Let me count the ways.  Or, best not cos I could be here for days.

I’ll be honest and confess I’m happy to find any reason to dislike those commie gas bags and given a new reason fills me with pleasure.

So here’s my latest cause to celebrate my newest reason for dislike.


UN Pressures Germany to Bow to ‘Hate Speech’ Hysteria

By Andrew Harrod & Sam Nunberg

A recent decision by the United Nation’s (UN) Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) foreshadows an ominous future for free societies should Muslim entities like the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) achieve their goal of having “Islamophobia” defined internationally as a form of prejudice.

Former German central bank board member Thilo Sarrazin has got himself in trouble with the UN, as the Turkish Union in Berlin-Brandenburg (Türkischer Bund in Berlin-Brandenburg or TBB) stated with satisfaction in an April 18, 2013, German-language press release.  The spokesman of this German-Turkish interest group, Hilmi Kaya Turan, praised a February 26, 2013, “historic decision” by the CERD condemning Germany for not having prosecuted Sarrazin’s criticism of Arab and Turkish immigrants.

Sarrazin, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany , produced a storm of controversy with his August 2010 book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab: Wie Wir Unser Land aufs Spiel Setzen (“Germany Abolishes Itself:  How We Are Risking Our Country”).  In the context of this controversy, CERD’s detailed 19-page decision extensively excerpted in English translation a fall 2009 interview with Sarrazin.  In the interview, the Berlin magazine Lettre International discussed some of the upcoming book’s themes.

CERD complained that “in this interview, Mr. Sarrazin expressed himself in a derogatory and discriminatory way about social ‘lower classes’, which are not productive’ and would have to ‘disappear over time’ in order to create a city of the ‘elite’.” Sarrazin specified that about 20% of Berlin’s population depended on welfare payments, which he wanted to cut, “above all to the lower class.”

Berlin’s indigent included within the immigrant population a “large number of Arabs and Turks in this city, whose numbers have grown through erroneous policies, have no productive function, except for the fruit and vegetable trade.” Compounding the problem for Sarrazin was a birthrate among Arabs and Turks about three times their percentage of the population.  Sarrazin thereby saw “Turks…conquering Germany just like the Kosovars conquered Kosovo: through a higher birth rate.” Sarrazin “wouldn’t mind if” these immigrants “were East European Jews with about a 15% higher IQ than the one of Germans.” Central to Sarrazin’s thesis was the assumption that “human ability is to some extent socially contingent and to some extent hereditary.” Sarrazin’s “solution to this problem” was “to generally prohibit influx, except for highly qualified individuals and not provide social welfare for immigrants anymore.”



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calendar   Wednesday - May 01, 2013

May Day

Wreckers of the World, Untie!

Hey, it’s May Day. Thought I’d do something nice for the pinkos. Something classy, yet with underlying sarcasm.

Link in a nice YouTube video of The Internationale, with a background photo montage of famous commies and tyrants, from Trotsky to Tito to Che to Obama to Bloomberg.

And then write a couple paragraphs mocking the crap out of them, Pravda style - in People’s Free Republic of Crapistan, decadent proletariat humor mocks you! - then I changed my mind. Screw ‘em.

We already know who our enemies are. May Day merely serves as a small reminder that tyranny comes in all shapes and sizes, from nation-states to terrorists to knee jerk liberalism to unions. And perhaps the most insidious of the lot are the nanny staters, stripping you of your freedoms one small piece at a time over generations, creating an elitist, generational thugopoly to micromanage every aspect of your life “for your own good”, dumbing down the populace so much that they no longer understand that the most basic freedom is one of choice.

So let them wave their red banners. It shows us where to aim.


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calendar   Saturday - April 13, 2013

a bit of left wing eye candy … have barf bag at the ready … this is one ugly bitch!

Even the American Embassy is cautioning Americans to be watchful and go with care, advise avoiding demonstrations.  Which will take place during the funeral for Mrs. Thatcher. 

muslims?  Nope.

There will be anti Thatcher demonstrations next week and will continue for three days, by various left wing groups.  They hope to disrupt her funeral.

You folks wouldn’t believe the bile these scum, many who were not even born when she was in power, are spewing.  The song from Wizard of Oz, Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead, is being bought or played in record numbers so that it has gotten back on the charts.  The left is pushing for it to hit #1.

If a crowd of right wingers were to stage happy celebrations over the death of some commie puke we hate .... oh hang on. The right would never be allowed to hold any demonstration like that.

Anyway ....  remember this hag?  This skank?  This ugly pile of wrinkled filth?

Some of you do.  She made a bilious attack on Lady Thatcher in Parliament this week.

This is the face of the left folks.  Eye Candy for the twisted.

She said Mrs. Thatcher was not her idea of a woman.  Crivens.  Don’t think I wanna see what her idea of one is.
Here’s her vomit inducing photo. 



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calendar   Tuesday - April 09, 2013

this country’s greatest peacetime Prime Minister mocked by street filth encouraged by left

She defeated the unions that were crushing her country for years.
Unions that were able to get away with dictating to government how things were to be. Well they couldn’t dictate to Maggie Thatcher.  And neither could the IRA. who tried to kill her.

So now, gone but never to be forgotten because once upon a time, she saved this country.  Mistakes made?  Sure enough.  Who doesn’t?

The left of course hated her from the start.  I guess her comment once when having to greet a foreign head of state who was a red said, “I hate Communists”
did not endear her to them.  Well hell. At least she was honest and didn’t have to fake anything.

Thinking that the news of the passing of this country’s greatest peacetime Prime Minister would be all over the news in America, I was going to skip doing anything here on the subject.
However …

When I saw some things in the morning papers, when I heard how much time the BBC gave to her critics on the radio last night, some things came together.
Mostly though, booting a few minutes ago and seeing this crap decided me to share with you, some of attitudes and actions of the complete sewer dwelling idiots who are trying to show how clever and disdainful they are of her.  Most is so fake because looking at these ugly faces, so many were not even around when she was in power.
But never mind that.
Hey …

What a truly great excuse to riot and burn a few things.

These life forms should all, every one of them, be shot dead where they are.
That’s how you control this sort of mob.

Just a couple of comments to show not all Brits are morons and not all belong to the left. In fact, I’d bet many of the worms you will see in these photos aren’t exactly left either. Or right. Just an excuse to act normally for them.

What a shower of morons. You all make me sick. Most of you didn’t live through life before mrs thatcher, strikes, bins not emptied, 3day weeks, power cuts. We needed a change from labour she turned this country around and got rid of the bully unions. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, you are a disgrace to our country. By the way I am not a conservative, I am an ordinary working class woman who lived through all the labour mess R.I.P Mrs Thatcher. Condolences to your family.
- Nicolap , Liverpool, 09/4/2013 15:16

The minors were greedy. Thatcher gave them a chance to go back to their old and good enough salaries. But they chose greed along with these trade unionist leader. These people are an advert to why labour should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER be in goverment again. Also a lot of these people look like they werent even alive when she was pm. Just thugs and vandals looking for an opportunuty to cause chaos, seems to draw a resemblence to the London riots a few summers ago. If Tony Blair died us “right wingers” wouldnt have a party, because as much as we hate him, we would respect his family and others close to him. Worrying times
- coxjhc , Cheltenham, United Kingdom, 09/4/2013 15:15


Two women arrested for burglary after being found inside a shop

Barnardos shop front smashed in Brixton, south London

One policeman seriously injured after being pelted with bottles in Bristol

Death could propel Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead into the top 40

Glasgow, Liverpool and Derry were also the scene of celebrations

Petrol bombs were thrown at police in Derry amid celebrations

More parties are being planned for funeral date of Wednesday 17 April

By Jill Reilly

Hundreds took to the streets as macabre ‘Thatcher death parties’ were held late across the country last night, organised by critics of the ‘Iron Lady.’

In Bristol, seven police officers were injured - one seriously - as violence erupted at a street party of 200 people and officers were pelted with bottles, cans and rubbish.

Riot police were deployed in Brixton, south London, as the crowds, which had been drinking since 5pm, started to become more aggressive, while in Liverpool flares and fireworks were set off outside Lime Street Station.

photos and video of street vermin


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calendar   Tuesday - March 05, 2013

an open and honest opinion is now a hate crime among some in poland

WARSAW—Lech Walesa, Poland’s communist-era democracy campaigner, caused an uproar by saying homosexuals shouldn’t demand more rights and gay legislators should sit “behind a wall” in Parliament, words critics said put into question his legacy as a freedom fighter.

You folks will recall Mr. Walesa I hope. The former shipyard worker from the city of Danzig. Oh woops. They call it Gdansk now.  Horrible sound that.  Danzig sounds much nicer, which is why I still use it. Well anyway, the liberal press has it’s knickers in a twist because Mr. Walesa has the nerve to be critical of the homosexual community.  Ppl forget he also had the balls to stand up to the reds who still held power in his country, and wasn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.  So why should he hold back his critique of queers?  Anyway, the lib press says he has tarnished his Nobel Prize and now risks “shattering his legacy” just because he says that “a minority group should not impose itself on the majority.” This is in reference to same sex marriage, of which most Poles do not approve.

So quite naturally his comments are now being labelled as “hate speech.” Mr. Walesa has not yet learned, or been cowed into accepting, that any opinion that does not find favor with the left is automatically a hate crime.

He also said;

“They need to know they are a minority and adjust to smaller things instead of rising to the greatest heights, taking peak time, organizing the biggest provocations designed to spoil others or pick out people from the majority,”

He went on to say that,

he refuses to accept public gay-rights marches that “coax my children and grandchildren.”

Yeah well, apparently the politically correct who are allowed to live and breathe in Poland also speak with a voice louder then their numbers.  Prosecutors have launched an investigation following complaints that he advocated hate crime.

Nowhere in anything he said did he suggest violence or that anyone should commit a crime of any sort.  But this is the world we have to deal with now.
Oh yes and something else.  The left is good at this and use it every time they want to make a point in defense of whatever position they hold at any given time.  The Jews and the Holocaust. Make the comparison between your rival and Nazis. A winner every time.

Excuse me but, aren’t there still some camps on Polish soil that might house liberals and the politically correct ?  I think they’re empty now. 


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calendar   Friday - February 15, 2013

Another Commie Rag

These damn Marxists all sing from the same songbook don’t they? Another jerk-off fishwrap newspaper is trying to expose legal gun owners. Let’s hope the backlash puts them out of business.

Maine newspaper wants list of CCW permit holders.

“Oh no, we’re not planning on publishing it!”

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Republican lawmakers expressed outrage Thursday over a newspaper’s request of police agencies across the state for their lists of concealed-weapons permit holders, but the paper said it never had any intention of identifying anyone on the lists.

The Bangor Daily News has invoked Maine’s Freedom of Access Act in asking police to release the information, a request police said they appear to be obliged to fulfill under state law. The newspaper’s request came two months after a suburban New York City newspaper published an interactive map with the names and addresses of thousands of permit holders.

“I’m surprised a Maine newspaper would lower itself to make such a request,” said Rep. Gary Plummer of Windham, who joined other Republicans, including the permit-holding governor, in asking Thursday for quick action on a bill to outlaw the release of publishing the names and addresses of concealed-weapons permit holders.

Gov. Paul LePage released a statement saying, “If newspapers would like to know who has concealed weapons permits, then they should know the Governor has his.”

LePage said he’s concerned the Bangor newspaper’s request “will incite fear among gun owners and non-gun owners alike regarding their safety. There is no reason why these records should be public and I encourage the Legislature to act quickly to make this personal information confidential.”

Maine House GOP leader Ken Fredette of Newport said publishing the names would let potential gun thieves know where gun owners live. Gathering information at the newspaper’s request also comes at a significant cost to police, he said.

“It’s time to stop harassing law-abiding gun owners and start implementing common-sense measures to ensure safety and protect the constitutional rights of Maine people,” Fredette said.

In case you haven’t figure it out yet, the media is at war with your freedoms. They are the enemy. Not just the voice of the enemy, but an active, anti-American statist conspiracy. They all read from the same playbook, they all have the same opinion, they all are pushing for a Socialist/Marxist tyranny run by their hero, Lord Obama, Black Jesus, Lincoln II. And they won’t let up for one second. The worms have finally come out of the woodwork; so for all the people who understand what America is supposed to be about, it’s bug stomping time.


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calendar   Saturday - January 12, 2013

after 50 years, the truth. but too late to mean anything if it ever did and not to libs

He’s an old man these days and not in the greatest health.  This bit of news no longer matters to anyone, I wouldn’t suppose.  Thing is, he’s praised to the skies by guilty white libs at every opportunity.  They sing his praises and act as if every word he has ever uttered is holy writ. 

I had forgotten about Nelson Mandela for some time.  No reason to even think about him. But I do recall the fuss made over him and how the white world lionised him. Well, at least one part of the white world did.

What brought Mandela back to mind a few years ago, was suddenly seeing him making a speech in which, he excoriated America and President Bush, referring to him as a “war criminal”.  This from a man associated with people who made bombs and attacked civilians.  More of that below.

I recall also the accusations that he was a Communist, something he denied at the time, and the liberals were accusing those who accused him of simply being, the word begins with an ‘R.’ Sure thing. The old standby.  Now it happens that in part it could be true enough, that many took against him simply based on race.  It happens.

An article appeared in the Telegraph with a photo, which is curiously not posted to the on line version of this story on Nelson Mandela.  The photo showed a very young Mandela with clenched fist and the hammer and sickle flag behind him.

The Prof. Ellis mentioned in the article, is a former Amnesty International researcher who is based at the Free University of Amsterdam

According to his research, Mandela did hold senior rank in the South African Communist Party.

Here’s the headline and some of the story.

Nelson Mandela ‘proven’ to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial

By Colin Freeman, and Jane Flanagan in Cape Town

Mr Mandela made his denial of Communist Party membership in the opening statement of his Rivonia trial, when he and nine other ANC leaders were tried for 221 alleged acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the apartheid system. The defendants were also accused of furthering the aims of Communism, a movement that was then illegal in South Africa.

Addressing the court, Mr Mandela declared that he had “never been a member of the Communist Party,” and that he disagreed with the movement’s contempt for Western-style parliamentary democracy.
He added: “The suggestion made by the State that the struggle in South Africa is under the influence of foreigners or communists is wholly incorrect. I have done whatever I did, both as an individual and as a leader of my people, because of my experience in South Africa and my own proudly felt African background, and not because of what any outsider might have said.”

Mr Mandela looked for help from the Communists, with whom he already had close contacts due to their shared opposition to apartheid.
“He knew and trusted many Communist activists anyway, so it appears he was co-opted straight to the central committee with no probation required,” said Prof Ellis. “But it’s fair to say he wasn’t a real convert, it was just an opportunist thing.”

Communist party members secretly visited Beijing and Moscow, where they got assurances of support for their own guerrilla campaign. In conjunction with a number of leading ANC members, they set up a new, nominally independent military organisation, known as Umkhonto we Sizwe or Spear of the Nation. With Mr Mandela as its commander, Umkhonto we Sizwe launched its first attacks on 16 December 1961.

Its campaign of “sabotage” and bombings over the subsequent three decades claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, and led to the organisation being classed as a terrorist group by the US.

In his book, Professor Ellis, who also authored a publication on the Liberian civil war, elaborates on other murky aspects of the ANC’s past.

One is that bomb-making experts from the IRA trained the ANC at a secret base in Angola in the late 1970s, a link disclosed last year in the posthumous memoirs of Kader Asmal, a South African politician of Indian extraction who was exiled in Ireland. He was a member of the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, which, Prof Mr Ellis says, in turn had close links to the British and South African Communist parties.

The IRA tutoring, which was allegedly brokered partly through Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, led to the ANC fighters improving their bombing skills considerably, thanks to the expertise of what Mr Ellis describes as “the world’s most sophisticated urban guerrilla force”.

Angola was also the base for “Quatro”, a notorious ANC detention centre, where dozens of the movement’s own supporters were tortured and sometimes killed as suspected spies by agents from their internal security service, some of whom were “barely teenagers”. East German trainers taught the internal security agents that anyone who challenged official ANC dogma should be viewed as a potential spy or traitor.

On Friday night, a spokesman for the Nelson Mandela Foundation said: “We do not believe that there is proof that Madiba (Mandela’s clan name) was a Party member ... The evidence that has been identified is comparatively weak in relation to the evidence against, not least Madiba’s consistent denial of the fact over nearly 50 years. It is conceivable that Madiba might indulge in legalistic casuistry, but not that he would make an entirely false statement.

read more for unedited version


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calendar   Saturday - January 05, 2013

comrades in labour party will tell ppl how and what to eat. and it’s all for the kiddies.

This is another one of those, I must share before going on to other things.

I have no doubt that things loaded with sugars and salts etc. can be overdone. Perhaps not even healthy.  But shouldn’t what you feed your children for breakfast be up to you?  As I think about this, and not being a fan of either product or even a parent, I also wonder if the govt. or in this case a political party (Labour), should be able to TELL people what to consume.  Or tell them what to feed their kids. OK, knee jerk reaction is of course hell no.  Then what about parents who are clueless or maybe don’t believe the warnings and continue to give kids this product?  Are they bad parents?

Any way we view this, I can not think but this is a very bad idea.  What’s next if they get this through?  There are loads of things out there that aren’t good for us. They may be okay but taken to extreme ... not so good.  Forget things like tobacco and drugs.  I am only referring to ..... foods. 

Apparently some talking heads here have discovered that it is not only America that is way overweight (we are???)but there is a serious weight problem here in the UK, which is having a bed affect not only on the health of the public and especially, the kiddies.  Oh no.  It’s also costing the economy and the National Health Service millions, to treat weight related illness.  Something they say, must be done.

And so enter politicians and govt. and legislation and the outlawing or at least the modification of some favorite foods.  I guess parents just are not listening to the folks who know all things. 

Make high levels of fat, sugar and salt in children’s food ILLEGAL, say Labour

By James Chapman

Labour is to propose new legal limits on levels of fat, sugar and salt in children’s food.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham will say urgent action must be considered to tackle spiralling levels of obesity.

One option to be considered in the party’s public policy health review is to outlaw products with more than a maximum level of fat, sugar and salt which are targeted at children to try to reverse the trend.


A consultation paper identifies a number of breakfast cereals containing more than 30 per cent sugar according to research by Which?, including Kellogg’s Frosties, with 37.0g of sugar per 100g and Tesco Choco Snaps with 36.1g per 100g.

The latest research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), shows that in the UK, 26.6 per cent of girls and 22.7 per cent of boys are now considered ‘obese’.

Meanwhile, the National Child Measurement Programme last month reported that one-third of children in England are either overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school. Overweight children are at a greater risk of developing diabetes and cancer.

It is clear that the current voluntary approach is not working.

Mr Burnham said: ‘The findings of the OECD should shock us out of our complacency.  We need to open our minds to new approaches in tackling child obesity.

‘Labour wants to lead this debate. That is why we are asking the public and experts if new limits for sugar, fats and salts would be the right approach. Like all parents, I have bought products like cereals and fruit drinks, marketed as more healthy, that contained higher sugar levels than expected. I don’t think that any parent would be comfortable with their child eating something that is 40 per cent sugar.

Mr Burnham has begun consulting with the public and experts on the issue, and is considering proposing a 30 per cent cap on sugar in cereals.

Professor Gabriel Scally, former regional director of public health at the Department of Health, said: ‘The continued rise in childhood obesity is an urgent call to action and must not be ignored.

‘I applaud the Labour Party for tackling the issue of the foodstuffs filling our children with the empty calories that fuel obesity. Helping parents protect and promote the future health of our children is exactly what we need to be doing.’

Paul Wheeler, of Kellogg’s, said: ‘Frosties has been on sale for more than 60 years and by now we think people know there’s sugar in them - we’re not hiding it.

‘The problem with ideas like this is they want an easy, silver bullet solution to what is a very difficult issue. It all boils down to the fact we believe parents, and not the government, should choose what their kids eat.’

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘By working with industry through the Responsibility Deal we have helped to reduce fat, sugar and salt in foods.

‘There is now less salt in the food we buy, companies are cutting and capping calories and artificial trans fats are being widely taken out of food.’

The spokesman added: ‘We are working to reduce the amount of salt in food further, cut saturated fat consumption and we are exploring how to promote healthier food choices more widely. We also want more businesses making pledges so we get bigger results.’


Sure, cut the salt and the sugar so we can put it back in at home. 

Over time I have noticed the odd food here and there doesn’t taste as good as I remember it.  Hadn’t occurred to me till recently, as I started looking at the labels more, that ingredients are being reduced, along with the weights and measures. Not the price though.


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calendar   Monday - October 15, 2012

vote putin for prime minister …. no huh? ok. hitler is dead. who’s left? bit of gallows stuff

Here’s an example of just exactly what happens when gremlins get their way, and examples are not made to impress them.  There is no question in my mind at all, that these vermin should be shot dead at the least.  At best, used for medical experiments to further scientific knowledge and look for cures for diseases like leftist thought and liberalism. 

A year ago, some life forms referred to as “activists” which btw almost makes them appear legitimate, a large group of these filthy probably lice ridden vermin took over St. Pauls Cathedral.  Instead of properly spraying the rat bastards with napalm, thus cleansing the area as well as setting a proper example of what the consequences are for that sort of behavior, authorities tried reason and that old Brit standby, “consultations.”

So that brings us to now.
For a brief time, a small group of empty headed anti-capitalist and very ugly slags, chained themselves inside the cathedral during a service.
I wonder if these anti money sluts are collecting any benefits from the state.


Protester Josie Reid, 52, said: ‘I know if Jesus was walking on the earth today he would be with us.

The rest of the St Paul’s quartet were unemployed mother-of-three Tammy Samede, 30; actress Alison Playford, 30; and Siobhan Grimes, 25, who works for the charity Homeless Action.

So Alison at 30 is an actress is she?  Working? Bet she isn’t and bet nobody has ever heard of her. That’s why she has time for this.  This is all she has. Time.

Tammy meanwhile also has time. Hmmm. That last name, Samede.  Doesn’t sound very Brit like to my ear. Unemployed. So I guess with three brats she’s collecting something from this miserable and corrupt capitalist state.

And there’s Siobhan who at age 25 has no profession but does have time and so works for a charity.  Well that’s nice. She’s probably a volunteer and can work for charity because the state is most likely giving her a stipend too.

Finally an old at 52 drudge whose profession is, well, protester I guess. She seems to have an inside track on how Jesus would act and think, and she also has time but not much else.  At 52, she’s getting, “down with the kids” looks like. I wonder if she has any tats. Never mind. Don’t wanna see em if she does.

I am not a religious person but feel very sorry for the congregation in that cathedral, who had their service interrupted by this gang of four repulsive, loud mouthed, inconsiderate skanks.  Just looking at them turns the stomach. Well hells bells folks. Their photo conveys vomit inducing reactions.

This was among other things, their way of showing support for the Russian whores calling themselves Pussy Riot, who rightly ended up in jail for doing the same. And btw, what kind of a handle is pussy riot for a so called music group?  And look how easily accepted they and their name have become.  Doesn’t say much for good taste and decorum I wouldn’t think. 

Take a look.  And check out this link for more.


Occupied… again! Protesters chain themselves St Paul’s Cathedral’s pulpit during rally to mark anti-capitalist movement

· Four women burst into St Paul’s just before 4pm carrying chains and placard
· Hundreds of activists gathered on cathedral’s steps to mark anniversary of Occupy Movement

By Neil Sears

Anti-capitalist protests returned to St Paul’s yesterday, with four women in white invading the cathedral and chaining themselves to the pulpit.

They cut themselves free at about 10pm after more than six hours inside, after police warned that they faced being arrested.
The incident follows a protest camp outside the cathedral which began a year ago today. Both were organised by the Occupy movement.
A message on the group’s Twitter page claimed solidarity with Russia’s Pussy Riot protesters, who were jailed for a demonstration inside a Moscow church in February.
After disrupting the start of the evensong service with chants, they quietened for the rest – and requested communion, which they received while chained to the pulpit.

Now then, I do not think you’ll be able to hear the exchange between the gang of four and the appeasing preacher in the pulpit.
So here is what was said.  Look at how easy and understanding he is in answering these vermin.
And that’s why and how shits like this carry on and continue to carry on with no end in sight.  They can disrupt and cause chaos wherever and whenever they please.  With no serious penalty to make them stop and think. Why should they?  They already know the weak outcome to be expected from the powers that leach.  And the church itself is most accommodating.  What?  Us Worry?  Not bloody likely.

The group, which criticised St Paul’s for accepting money from the bank Goldman Sachs, wielded an umbrella spray-painted with the slogan: ‘Throw the money-changers out of the temple.’
Other Occupy members unfurled a banner with the same slogan on the cathedral’s steps.
One of the four inside asked: ‘How can you possibly take money from these people?
‘Christianity will not die if you cannot keep the cathedral open. You don’t need this money.’

The Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Reverend Dr David Ison, responded: ‘We are already asking questions about that [sources of funding] and we will continue to do so.’
He told the protesters they had been ‘discourteous’ to interrupt the service, but added: ‘Ultimately what we are working for and what you are working for is going in the same direction.’

(lol folks. bit of dark,angry humor)


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/15/2012 at 04:31 AM   
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calendar   Friday - September 21, 2012

a most sincere message to an italian court. go fuck yourself commie shits. VIVA EL DUCE!

The Americans were tried in absentia, in the first trial involving extraordinary rendition, the CIA’s practice of transferring suspects to countries where torture is permitted

I have to be honest here. I do not care.  Why the F*** should I care?  And why should the Italians care?  I’m going to protest.  No pizza for a monthtwo weeks okay, no pizza for a week. There’s gotta be a better way to protest and voice my displeasure with Italy.

The Italians should spend more time with important things like beautiful Italian women. And they need to get rid of the immigrant leaches they’re supporting and spend serious money on the restoration of parts and saving the rest of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Money shortages have had a serious impact on the upkeep of these world treasures.  That’s what’s important.  Not worrying about how our guys in the CIA go about protecting our country.

I think our guys should do a hit on their idiot court. Send a message. Screw with the firm and you screw yourself and maybe your family too.

That should go double for these ass wipes who, had I the weapons and the skill and the training, would happily do my country the favor of taking them out.  Oh how I’d enjoy that. Damn. If only.  Yeah, that’s how much filled with raging hate for these insects I am.  I don’t understand why our guys aren’t deleting them. 

Human rights activists praise decision

US and international human rights groups praised the decision to uphold the verdict. Milan Prosecutor Armando Spataro told AP that the decision recognized that extraordinary rendition “is incompatible with democracy,” and that extradition based on the verdict was now warranted.

An Amnesty International expert on counter-terrorism and human rights, Julia Hall, echoed Spataro’s comments, saying “This important decision is another step towards accountability for violations that took place during the US rendition operations…The High Court has recognized that blanket claims of state secrecy cannot be used to shield the government from accountability for human rights violations.”

“Though legal questions remain, such as the validity of trials in absentia, American officials would be wise to heed the Italian court’s message that those who violate the law will be called to answer,” Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU Human Rights Program, said in statement.

Now here’s the story I got from BBC news.

Italy upholds verdict on CIA agents in rendition case

Italy’s highest appeals court has upheld guilty verdicts on 23 Americans, all but one of them CIA agents, accused of kidnapping a terror suspect.

Their case related to the abduction of an Egyptian cleric in Milan in 2003.

The man, known as Abu Omar, was allegedly flown to Egypt and tortured.

The Americans were tried in absentia, in the first trial involving extraordinary rendition, the CIA’s practice of transferring suspects to countries where torture is permitted.

The practice has been condemned by human rights groups as a violation of international agreements.

The group of Americans - 22 of whom were CIA agents and one an Air Force pilot - are believed to be living in the US and are unlikely to serve their sentences.

Italy has never requested their extradition but they will be unable to travel to Europe without risking arrest.

The group include the former station chief of CIA operations in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady.

At the time, he said that his opposition to the proposal to kidnap the imam was overruled.

The court upheld the sentences of the lower court which had sentenced all of them to seven years in prison, apart from Seldon Lady, who was given a nine-year sentence.

The Court of Cassation also ruled that five senior Italian secret service agents - including the former head of the country’s military intelligence agency - should be tried for their role in the kidnapping.

Nicolo Pollari resigned over the affair in which Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, an Egyptian imam also known as Abu Omar, was snatched from a Milan street.

Abu Omar says he was tortured for seven months in Egypt.



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calendar   Tuesday - September 18, 2012

As the future of the English darkens, so the past seems to hold a light.

I wish I had thought of that.  I think it says a lot and it certainly exemplifies the state of being in our modern world.  The past is looking better all the time.  Look at this article.
Is this not stupid?  Beyond stupid really.  Words fail though I am groping for them.  Make an unpopular statement or say something in derision and you’re sent to an “equalities training” camp.  Training my fuckin’ ass.  Mind control more like.  Brainwashing probably.  But this is the world we live in today, and that sucks.

This I believe sums things up and I think bmews should have it posted permanently and visible in bold print.  It’s part of a letter to the editor of the Mail, has nothing to do directly with this article but …

Take a look.

N.W. Darby of London wrote,

“My wife went through the bombing of London during the last war.
One has to wonder whether today’s society was worth the sacrifice.”

I may as well explain why he wrote what he did.  His wife is wheelchair bound and 86 with a pacemaker.  At Heathrow Airport, she was taken into a private room and strip searched.  The staff were he said, “officious” and offered “no explanation for the search.”

So while he wrote because of that experience, what he said fits this situation as well and many others like it.  Just what was it that generation saved their country for?

For this?  I doubt that.

‘Minefield round traveller site’ jibe investigated

A councillor who said a minefield should be put up around a travellers’ site has been told to attend equalities training, the BBC has learned.

Conservative Mervyn Loynes, of South Cambridgeshire District Council, made a “silly remark in private”, Tory council leader Ray Manning said.
Mr Loynes, who was not available for comment, resigned from two planning committees following his comments.

The council said a report on the case would be published shortly.
Comments made by Mr Loynes ahead of a meeting in February to discuss travellers’ sites in Cambridgeshire were reported by a fellow councillor.

Mr Loynes has since been the subject of an internal investigation carried out by the council’s monitoring office and an “independent person”.
It concluded Mr Loynes had breached the council’s code of conduct relating to “respect, equalities and disrepute”.

A council spokesman said: “New national legislation for all local authorities means complaints will now be dealt with by the council’s monitoring officer alongside an appointed independent person, but reports will still be made public as they were under the former standards regime.

“Concluding cases in this way is less bureaucratic, and cost-effective to taxpayers.”
Mr Manning added: “Even before he was investigated, [Mr Loynes] decided to do the honourable thing by quitting his key roles in the two committees.” “He’s a decent and hard-working councillor.”

Mr Loynes was previously chair of the council’s planning enforcement committee and vice-chair of the planning committee.
Liberal Democrat opposition leader Sebastian Kindersley said: “We all make stupid comments, but we are not all chairmen of planning committees.
“Therefore, I think he has actually opened up the taxpayer and the council to being potentially sued by some disgruntled applicant or subject of a planning decision.”

Candy Sheridan, East of England vice-chair of the Gypsy Council, described Mr Loynes’ remark as “appalling”.

“It just should not be happening,” she said. “This type of behaviour needs to be addressed. It’s uncalled for and appalling.”
The council’s civic affairs committee will meet on 24 September to determine what information relating to the case will be made public.


Just curious.  How much ‘respect’ do the gypos show the communities they force themselves on?  What kind of ‘respect’ is it that makes travellers or whatever else the vermin call themselves, move on to green belt areas and dig up the land.  And the pc brigade wants to hold an ‘investigation.’

This type of behavior needs to be addressed, one fat assed broad speaking for a gypo council says.  Behavior?  She doesn’t apparently know the difference between speech and behavior.  Oh but she’s a vice chair. Woo-hoo. The high point of her politically correct life.

I wonder how much money the creeps who run these “equality training” sessions make.  I’d bet those session are meaningless to anyone forced to undergo the pleasure. I’d bet not one mind in a hundred would be changed and in fact would reinforce whatever thought process condemned them to the indignity.  But someone is raking it in.  Commie bastards. 

“One has to wonder whether today’s society was worth the sacrifice.”


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calendar   Tuesday - August 28, 2012

mutual dislike of America and a row over a dirtbag

A mutual dislike of America and a row over that dirtbag Assange, brought together Ecuador and Iran.
Murky business deals are afoot.

I haven’t posted the whole article but it is worth reading.  Who’d have ever given any thought to things like this, without the investigative reporting of a paper like the Telegraph? 
Funny isn’t it, I approve of this and I really do believe they are truthful in the reportage.
BUT .. I never approved of Woodward and Bernstein and still believe that for whatever mistakes Nixon made, whatever unintended wrongs, okay. Intended as well, I always will believe Nixon was stitched up by the left.  I never thought it was all as bad as made out by those lefty loudmouthed bastards like Church and Absug. I don’t even know if I spelled the skanks name right and who cares? I’m glad they’re both dead and rotting.
Anyway … this isn’t about a former president.


Julian Assange case: Ecuador accused of allowing Iran to evade sanctions
Documents obtained by The Sunday Telegraph in Quito reveal detailed plans to establish substantial banking mechanisms between Iran and Ecuador.
By Philip Sherwell in Quito


The pictures show a backslapping mood of bonhomie between a left-wing South American president and the radical Islamic leader of Iran. Meeting in the mountain-ringed city of Quito last January, Presidents Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad of Iran looked best of friends as they waved from the balcony of the Spanish-built Carondelet Palace.
Just how much an austere Islamist like Mr Ahmadinejad and a flamboyant, US-educated Catholic like Mr Correa really have in common is anybody’s guess.

But they do have a mutual dislike of America, a country described as “imperialist” by Mr Correa and as the “Great Satan” by Mr Ahmadinejad. And it is that same “enemy’s enemy is my friend” spirit that has now led Mr Correa to spark a diplomatic storm with Britain, after allowing the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to take refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy.

The dispute, which has seen Britain surround the embassy with police, revolves around fears that Mr Assange, who is wanted for questioning over sexual assault claims in Sweden, may then end up being handed to America for trial over his leaking of a mass of US diplomatic cables.
That Mr Correa’s government has a highly questionable record on the very press freedom that Mr Assange claims to be a martyr is of little import: for Mr Assange, Ecuador’s support represents a potential get-out ticket, and for Mr Correa, it is simply another chance to poke Uncle Sam and its loyal ally, Britain, in the eye.

Yet for many of Mr Correa’s critics both at home and abroad, his tactical friendship with Mr Assange is indeed no more than that – a diplomatic nuisance, designed simply to make Mr Correa a new darling of the anti-American Left.
Of far greater concern, they say, is his burgeoning relationship with Iran – which, they claim, is now getting help from Quito to dodge the Western-backed sanctions imposed to stop it going ahead with its suspected nuclear weapons program.

Documents obtained by The Sunday Telegraph in Quito last week reveal that detailed plans have been drawn up to establish substantial banking mechanisms between the two countries, even though they lie 8,000 miles apart and have only the tiniest of trade links.

So why? After all, the raunchy nightlife of Quito is not going to attract Iranian tourists, for whom drinking and dancing is banned by religious decree. Nor do the bananas of which Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter feature high on Tehran’s import list.
Instead, the new financial ties have prompted suspicions that the real intention is to help Tehran circumvent sanctions by channelling funds through Quito.

“The trading links between the two countries are marginal, so this new orientation by our government can only be explained in ideological terms or hidden deals,” said Cesar Montufar, an opposition leader who first helped reveal the Iranian ties last month.

“Correa wants to position himself as a representative of the radical left on a global stage. The Assange case fits with that strategy. And so does his approach to Iran.”
What would make those links all the more appealing to Tehran is that Ecuador has used the US dollar as its own currency since a 2000 financial crisis brought the country to its knees. So any deal would give Iran, which is being choked of access to US dollars by international sanctions, immediate access to America’s financial backyard.

The mullahs of the Islamic Republic are not alone in being lured by Ecuador’s dollar economy and loose financial controls, however. Other far less pious customers are also believed to showing an interest, including global drugs cartels, money launderers and terror financiers, according to international financial crimes investigators and US anti-narcotics officials.



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