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calendar   Friday - June 13, 2014

the basic truth

An essay in black and white.

Lloyd Marcus calls a spade a spade, and boldly goes where no media outlet but every right wing blog has already gone. He just goes there a bit better than most of us.

Go, read, enjoy.

Clearly, no amount of unprecedented unlawful power grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies, and ignoring of the Constitution will sway the mainstream media and the Democrats from their loyalty to Obama. Why? The answer is Obama is black, which makes him their ultimate weapon of mass

destruction able to nuke traditional America. Obama’s mission is to cram his radical socialist/progressive dream for America down our throats.

Obama’s reign of terror is but a mere preview of things to come if the MSM and Democrats are successful in duping Americans into handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the Oval Office.


The frightening inconvenient truth is the MSM, Democratic Party, and Obama consider American suffering and loss of life acceptable collateral damage to protect Obama and implement his agenda.


Because Obama is black, Americans suffer and die.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 26, 2014

A Good Day to Die?

Gonna get some of your jack-booted thugs killed doing this.



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calendar   Saturday - February 01, 2014

a sign of our times

A sign of the times.

Little boy age 6, suspended from school for 4 days.
Gee. Four days? Age 6? 
What did the little monster do?  Stab someone?  Make a finger gun?

Ah … well. in fact neither.  Something far more serious actually.

He had some mini cheddar cheese bars in his lunch box.

That’s a crime?

Well, yes. Sort of.

It violates the schools healthy diet for kiddies dictum.

Hey …. rules is rules even if his parents gave it to him. And anyway, who the hell are the damn parents to tell the school or even to suggest to the school, what their little boy may eat at lunch.  One does not act that way in a proper politically correct culture where others, NOT the parents will decide what the kiddies may have in their lunch box.

Next stop ….. the home.  Right?  Of course.  Does no good to enforce healthy eats for kids only at school, so lets have an agency or maybe a school rep. go to homes at mealtime and see what junior is being fed. 
Maybe even bring back the death penalty for parents who don’t follow the pc eating line.

Oh … btw.  Some cereal and candy makers are promising to lower sugar content in products, some drinks too, because of obesity worries in the population.
Not that they volunteered you understand, but pressure brought to bear and all that.

Here ya go. Look at this one.

H/T Metro News

Schoolboy, 6, suspended for having Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox

Metro News Reporter

The parents of a six-year-old boy have slammed his school after the child was suspended for having a packet of Mini Chedders in his lunchbox.

Senior staff at Colnbrook C of E primary school concluded that Riley Pearson should be kept away from lessons for four days for continuously contravening its healthy eating policy.

The school, which is located near Slough, had implemented a healthy eating policy from the beginning of the term, asking parents to provide a balanced meal. Chocolates, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks were all banned.

However, after meeting with headteacher Jeremy Meek, Riley’s parents Natalie Mardle and Tom Pearson were told that they lacked support for the policy and had ‘continuously’ broken school rules.

Airport shuttle worker Ms Mardle, 24, told the Mail Online: ‘We just do not see how they have the right to tell us what we can feed our son.

‘If anything, Riley is underweight and could do with putting on a few pounds.

‘Having a balanced diet also includes eating some carbohydrates, sugars and fats.’

Riley’s lunch normally contained a sandwich, yogurt tube, Dairylea Dunkers cheese snack, Mini Chedders and a bottle of water.

Headteacher Mr Meek said: ‘We have had a wonderful response and the parents and children are on board and pleased with the way the policy has impacted on our pupils.

‘It is to avoid putting the children in a difficult situation. If the policy is not being abided by, then that potentially harms that pupil.’



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calendar   Tuesday - January 28, 2014

So Long Old Red

Pete Seeger - Activist, Greenie, Commie, Folk Singer, River Savior, Banjo Picker - Dead at 94



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calendar   Tuesday - December 31, 2013

a repost of past images for your consideration

I don’t now recall who posted this earlier. Goes some months past. I had saved it to share in an email, and am re-posting it now, cos it’s something I have long believe in, even before I found bmews. 


I posted this only recently, but again, it’s that 5th column I’ve banged on about so often in the past.  Then I found this without even looking for it. I’d never even heard of this guy before.  His quote is chilling because it was said so long ago, and answers one question heard a lot which is, how the heck did we ever get to here?  Well here’s how it’s been done.  I think the quote should be passed around.



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calendar   Tuesday - December 17, 2013

A truly evil woman


This is Edite Estrela of Portugal. She’s a member of the EU Parliment. She went on a rant today when the EU rejected the report that bears her name. The rejection left the ‘sexual left’ flabbergasted.

Read the article

Why do I call her (and her allies) evil? Here’s some of the provisions that would have been imposed on the EU:

Children aged 0-4 should be informed about: “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body”, “early childhood masturbation”, “different family relationships”, “the right to explore gender identities”, “the right to explore nakedness and the body, to be curious”, etc. They should also develop “curiosity regarding own and others’ bodies” and “a positive attitude towards different lifestyles”.

How is this done unless you are going molest the child? The infants? A pedophile’s dream!

Children aged 4-6 should be informed about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body”, “early childhood masturbation”, “same-sex relationships”, “sexual feelings (closeness, enjoyment, excitement) as a part of all human feelings”, “different kinds of (family) relationship”, “different concepts of a family” and should develop “respect” for those different lifestyles and concepts.

Children aged 6-9 should go on learning about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body (masturbation/self-stimulation)” but they also should be informed about “different methods of conception” and “the basic idea of contraception (it is possible to plan and decide about your family).”

Children aged 9-12 should be informed about “first sexual experience”, “orgasm”, “masturbation” and should learn to “make a conscious decision to have sexual experiences or not” and “use condoms and contraceptives effectively”.

This from European Dignity Watch

There are other provisions, like universal right to abortion, no ‘conscientious objection’ rights for doctors because that interferes with the right to abortion, etc.

Like all truly evil scum, they were trying to work in the dark:

Some believe the Estrela report was an attempt to undermine the One of Us campaign. What pro-lifers were achieving through participatory democracy, abortion advocates planned to render moot through bureaucracy.

Pro-life groups mobilized again. Members of Parliament received hundreds of e-mails daily, complained Ulrike Lunacek, co-president of the Parliament’s LGBT group. This was unsettling to her. European institutions, as well as the UN, are used to working in isolation, only hearing from groups largely funded by them, radical billionaires, and wealthy foundations.

Like all evil Leftists (but I repeat myself) she didn’t take defeat with grace:

This turn of events, spurred by massive citizen participation, upended the system of rule-by-bureaucracy that she counted on. Estrela lashed out at her colleagues on the floor of Parliament for not accepting the Women’s Rights Committee report. It was terrible, as she saw it, that “the most extremist and fundamentalist movements should have prevailed over the will of members.”

People like her should be taken outside and retroactively aborted.


Kudos for the EU for rejecting this slimey woman’s (allegedly a woman) ‘report’. I would personally label her a terrorist. She’s going to try again.


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calendar   Thursday - November 07, 2013

comrades alive and well and growing

More stuff from comrade commissars in glorious european union.

Comrades in Brussels want to suck the power from peasants vacuum cleaners in a move designed to help conserve energy and save planet for politburo members, gypsies and muzzies.  Maybe Christians and Jews too if follow orders.

These guys are on a roll.  They also want I have heard, a European army.  Would not be a bad idea if Groucho Marx were still alive to lead it.

Look, a couple of yrs ago they managed to take away my light bulbs.  Then they came up with a diktat regarding toilet flushes, and now ...

Now Europe wants to make it harder to clean your carpets with new rules BANNING powerful vacuum cleaners

Regulations will ban any new machine that exceeds 1,600W next year

That figure will fall to 900W by 2017, according to Brussels bureaucrats

At present, the average vacuum cleaner has a 1,800W motor

By Lucy Osborne

Whoa ... say what? 
Time to buy a back up for the time when the one we have now packs it in.
I want something that exceeds whatever it is the eu doesn’t approve of.
By 2wice.

It is the bane of every household – and following a ruling by Brussels bureaucrats it is about to get worse.

Home owners will find their armoury in the battle against dust and dirt weakened by a ban on powerful vacuum cleaners.

Under European Commission ‘eco’ rules that will come into force next September, the power of new vacuum cleaners must not exceed 1,600 watts.

Under threat: The 2,300W Hoover Dust Manager , which will be outlawed by new EU regulations
and the Vax U90-MA-R, which outsells its rivals on

That figure will be lowered further to 900 watts by 2017. Current cleaners boast an average of 1,800 watts.

The move angered manufacturers, who say it will do nothing to make cleaners more environmentally friendly and will simply reduce efficiency in the home.

Justin Binks, director of Sebo UK, which produces a range of vacuum cleaners, said the regulations would limit performance using ‘unrealistic criteria’.

‘If the proposed regulations come into force as planned next year, they could hugely frustrate anyone trying to clean their home,’ he said.

Critics say cleaners satisfying the new rule may use less power, but householders will have to use them for longer so they are likely to use the same amount of electricity in the long run.

Under the regulations, appliances will be rated from A to G depending on how much noise they make, the energy efficiency of their suction and the levels of dust pumped out by their ‘exhaust air’. Similar labels are already displayed on washing machines.

Despite his company not producing any vacuum over 1,400 watts, Sir James Dyson, the billionaire entrepreneur who pioneered ‘bagless’ vacuums, is also angered by the proposal.

He says the eco-labels will be misleading because they will not take into account the cost and waste of vacuum bags and filters and will give an advantage to competitors who use ‘bag’ technology. He is seeking a judicial review of the proposal at the European Court of Justice.

The new measures will be extended to other appliances, including water pumps, water heaters and tumble dryers.

The Brussels bureaucrats have also angered British farmers with changes to meat labelling.

Meat and poultry is currently labelled with information about where the animal was born, reared and slaughtered.

But in a proposal to deal with the trade in animals raised in one country and fattened for market in another, they will be required to spend only a few weeks in the UK for the meat to be labelled British.

UK farmers fear the new rules may trigger imports of cheap chickens from former Eastern Bloc countries.



Here are five of top selling vacuum cleaners on that will be banned when new regulations come in

1. Numatic HVR200A Henry A1 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. 1,200W.


2. Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2 Pre-Treatment Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer. 1,000W.


3. Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Multicyclonic Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. 1,200W.


4. Sebo X4EXTRA Automatic Upright Vacuum Cleaner. 1,300W.


5. Hoover Smart Pets SM1901 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. 1,900W.



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by order of brussels to members of the union … you will now flush when and how told

By order of Brussels ,,,, you will flush as we tell you.

Hey Tiger, if you’re there.  This is one of those nutty items I was telling you about. May as well share stuff with everyone.

This falls under, I could not make it up. Hell, the thought would never come to me.

EU bureaucrats have spent about two years I believe it it, and £72,000 ( $115,786 ) in 26 countries snf they have discovered that flushing habits vary a lot among diffident peoples and countries.  Shucks ... it can differ in the same country depending on where you are.
Anyway ... if what they want comes into being, it means that Brit loos (toilets) could fall way short of their intended goal.

Oh wait ,,,, EU also wants vacuum cleaners to reduce power. That’s another story later. AND ... a ban on plastic shopping bags they describe as one use and toss. Well, lots of folks reuse those bags for trash and garbage and the newer ones are biodegradable. They say they are.
Yeah ... the powers that be at the European Union want a federal state ok.  I think they might fall apart if the UK pulled out.

Here’s the story. Have to laff. These guys are serious.

By order of Brussels, the Euro flush

EU seeks to standardise the flush on lavatories

European Commission to unveil new EU rules setting a standard flush for lavatories

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels

The European Union will next week unveil new rules to standardise the flush on lavatories despite the admission that there are “very significant variations” on flushing habits across Europe “including cultural aspects”.

Plans for the harmonised euro-flush will be tabled by the European Commission as part of an “Ecolabel” acting as a gold standard for officially approved lavatories aimed at cutting water use.

Martin Callanan MEP, the leader of the Conservative bloc in the European Parliament and Tory spokesman on EU environment measures, condemned the proposals.

He accused the commission of breaking a promise made by its president José Manuel Barroso, in a Telegraph article last week, to cut red tape by not meddling in “small things”.

“There seems to no limit whatsoever to the commission’s self-conferred licence to interfere,” he said.

“It makes a mockery of Barroso last week supporting our call for less unnecessary red tape! He needs to get a grip of his own bureaucracy.”

The EU standard follows almost three years of work by civil servants and difficulties in the workability of a one-size-fits-all rule for drains that vary greatly from London to Bucharest or from Berlin to Vilnius.

“The user behaviour analysis carried out showed how the average water consumption differs among the EU member states. Also the consumption between citizens of one single country may vary very significantly,” admitted the report.

“A number of parameters play a key role in these observed variations, including cultural aspects.”

Lavatory flushing as a percentage of household water use varies across the EU. Britain came in second, at 30 per cent, behind only Luxembourg (33 per cent). Finland had the lowest amount at 14 per cent.

The new EU standard will set a maximum full flush of six litres and set a ceiling for the reduced flush of three litres on dual-flush toilets.

During talks to draw up the ceilings, Britain asked for the reduced flush to be set at four litres, in line with the low-flush models currently being recommended for domestic homes. The plea was rejected as not delivering a sufficient water saving.

EU officials stress that the “Ecolabel” is a voluntary standard that industry applies for but note that it has the aim of becoming the norm as it becomes a required benchmark under building regulations or by local authorities.

read more , source is The Telegraph

We have a dear friend here who completed the building of a new house in what was his own back garden.  They sold their old house to someone, and built on the area left over behind the old house. Yeah, they’re pretty close together. Anyway ... It took a year or more to complete and there were the usual delays and inspections etc.  and some things were pretty petty too.

Well, before getting signed off and approved by the local authorities, an inspection was made to make sure that all the tree hugging eco friendly requirements were met. 

And that included light fixtures and bulbs that were all eco nice. Non of this nasty carbon footprint old fashioned light bulbs.
Of course ... I don’t suppose it ever dawns on these comrade inspectors that once they leave, people like me would simply put in the bulbs we’re damn well used to and like. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use any of those new ones if the promises are true and they last a long time.  I just don’t want them telling me I HAVE to use em.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - October 25, 2013

i guess it just pays to be treasonable

So the creep and traitor is leaving the Marxist Guardian for bigger playing fields.

Good. With any luck maybe he’ll be killed somewhere between leaks.

I didn’t write the following but it says a lot about this scum.

Greenwald is no journalist. He is an opportunistic fiend who will do anything to get ahead, no matter the expense to others. He says that nothing he ‘reported’ related to the snowden affair has caused any damage to U.S. national security. Here’s a newsflash for him—Greenwald does not have the expertise to make that determination, NOR is it his right to make that call. As far as the place he occupies on this earth, to me, it is on the same level and fits the same general definition as pond scum.  By skypilot177

Glenn Greenwald, (American) blogger and journalist who has revealed key details about the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program, is leaving Britain’s Guardian newspaper to join a new news venture backed by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar.

Greenwald, 46, will remain based in Rio de Janeiro, but his new, as-yet-unnamed organization will have offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington, he said in his statement.

The outlines of the new venture make it sound like an American version of the venerable Guardian, an opinionated, frankly liberal newspaper that has gained wide attention for a series of scoops and investigative articles over the past few years.
These include Greenwald’s NSA revelations, stories from Wikileak’s trove of leaked military and diplomatic documents.

In addition to writing for the new site, Greenwald said in his statement that his role was “to create the entire journalism unit from the ground up by recruiting the journalists and editors who share the same journalistic ethos and shaping the whole thing — but especially the political journalism part — in the image of the journalism I respect most.”

Greenwald has published articles about the NSA in other newspapers around the world, including in Brazil and India.

“the journalism I respect most.”
Yeah right. And we all know what sort that is. Anything that will harm and or embarrass the USA.  Being more specific, anything that’s anti American.

Meanwhile .... one headline in a morning paper today says,

EUROPE votes to suspend data sharing with Washington, in threat to trade and security ties.

OK so the sky isn’t falling for now.  But the idea that these creeps can do this so easily and apparently get away with it too.
It kinda dashes my fantasies about a super secret CIA (or whatever else we may have that isn’t known) hit squad that quietly goes out there and takes out the bad guys. Like the movies.
And the Mossad.
Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations.
Yeah, it’s those special operations that operate outside Israel that I admire a lot.  Surely we must have something on the same order.
So why are Snowden and this Greenwald bastard still alive and breathing?  Oh yeah. And the editor of that paper. 
Take em all out.
If only.

See?  All the crap the USA has to put up with, and all because nobody threw burning acid in Jane Fonda’s face when she returned from No. Viet Nam all those years ago.  A clear message that treason was perfectly ‘A’ OKAY and in fact profitable too.
Bah ... she should have returned in a body bag. 


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calendar   Sunday - October 20, 2013

over the edge: by their words you shall know them

“We [meaning U.S. Representatives] take an oath to support the country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and these [Tea Party Republicans] are the domestic enemies.”

So there you have it: in the eyes of Democrats, or at least this one, who happens to be elected to one of the highest positions in the land, Tea Party folks - fellow citizens - are NOT political opponents. We are DOMESTIC ENEMIES. Murderers, terrorists, anarchists, what have you. Tea Party folks, and probably everybody else on that DHS list from a few years ago. People who believe in the Constitution, in a limited and specifically enumerated federal government. ENEMIES.

I think this is not so much a Freudian Slip as it is a Line In The Sand.

Heart and soul, it is the belief of this Congressman that a quarter to a third of his own constituents are enemies of the nation. ENEMIES. Tea Party folks, who are the strongest supporters of the Constitution, are, in his eyes, enemies of the Constitution. Because that’s the only thing that a Domestic Enemy can be an enemy of. The Constitution.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly how the pResident terms us too. And probably Juan McAmnesty and flaccid Boehner as well. Because we think they’re all going in the wrong direction. Thus WE are ENEMIES. All for being a tad Jeffersonian. You know, the guy who wrote the document in the first place.


Can we run this jerk out of office for this remark? To heck with it being grossly inappropriate and hurtful. It shows that he himself is clueless and inept, not having the smallest concept of what an “enemy, domestic” really is. This SCFOMCSF is running the government at the highest levels? Oh hella no.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

That’s the oath, right there. Do you think he’s keeping it, or do you think he’s breaking it, either because he doesn’t have a clue in all the world, or because he’s the lowest kind of pond scum sucker to every wallow in a swamp?


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calendar   Monday - October 14, 2013

when national security is at the mercy of a left wing newspaper

Snowden and stolen files continued ....

The following is from Stephen Glover of The Mail.

Amazing how many are supporting the Guardian.  That’s sort of like Jews voting for Hitler in ‘33.
In fact, some many actually did, not understanding the full threat to them he was.  Until it was far too late.

Maybe you folks in the US aren’t getting the same coverage on this topic. ??

The headline in the hard copy was huge and took up half the page on two lines.

Stupendous Arrogance:

By risking lives, I say again, the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth in realms where no newspaper should venture

By Stephen Glover

It is reasonable sometimes to entertain doubts about the security services. They’re not saints, and they will always seek more powers than either Parliament or the majority of people are likely to want to give them.

But we can’t ignore the new head of MI5, Andrew Parker, who said in a speech on Tuesday that the publication in the Guardian newspaper of confidential files leaked by U. S. fugitive Edward Snowden has caused ‘enormous damage’ to the capabilities of our security services.

One senior Whitehall source went even further, telling the Mail that the leaks to the Guardian have caused the greatest damage to Western security in history. The newspaper is accused of helping to produce a ‘handbook’ for terrorists.

According to Mr Parker, there are several thousand Islamic terrorists in this country who ‘see the British people as a legitimate target’. The publication of top-secret information about GCHQ surveillance has given these people the knowledge to evade detection when planning an atrocity.

Mr Parker dismissed as ‘fanciful’ the Guardian’s suggestion that MI5 wants ‘to operate intensive scrutiny of thousands’. MI5 is interested only in the bad guys, and thanks to the Guardian — though Mr Parker did not actually name the newspaper — it’s going to be much more difficult to apprehend them.

Oliver Robbins, Britain’s deputy national security adviser, has been no less forthright. He says that the Guardian has ‘already done real damage’ to Britain by its revelations, and that information still held by the newspaper could lead to a ‘widespread loss of life’.

In August, police at Heathrow seized at least 58,000 documents from Edward Snowden carried on memory sticks and hard discs by the Brazilian David Miranda on behalf of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has been at the forefront of the newspaper’s disclosures.


Mr Greenwald is an American citizen based in Brazil with no ties whatsoever to Britain — and no affection for it. After his partner, David Miranda, had been held for nine hours at Heathrow, Mr Greenwald threatened this country.

‘I will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now,’ he said. ‘I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did.’

How can Mr Rusbridger associate himself with such a man, let alone continue to employ him? Almost unbelievably, he has admitted that he had no idea what Mr Miranda was carrying when he was arrested at Heathrow, though the Guardian was paying for his ticket. 

Well, now we know what Mr Miranda had on him — information so incendiary (though he was probably unaware of it) that British agents have had to be moved. Isn’t it clear that the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth, in realms where no newspaper should ever venture?

Mr Robbins has previously suggested that these documents, which have probably been replicated many times, are so sensitive that British agents have had to be moved for their own safety.

These are grave charges. The Guardian is being accused of putting at risk not only the lives of agents but also potentially the lives of ordinary British people, whom MI5 will now find it more difficult to protect. Divide the accusations in two, and then halve them again, and they are still mind-boggling.

You might have thought that Mr Rusbridger would be quaking in his boots. Or at least apologetic. Or perhaps ruminative. Not a bit of it.
In a BBC radio interview yesterday, he loftily insisted that his newspaper had been justified in publishing Snowden’s leaks — and intended to go on doing so.

This is the same Mr Rusbridger who has previously ignored pleas from the security services to stop publishing the revelations, and who has proudly declared that his newspaper has held back stories which it deemed potentially damaging.

But, as Mr Robbins has pertinently asked, how would he know? He is a newspaperman, not a security expert. The high-handedness is amazing. Mr Rusbridger thinks he can determine which stories might harm national security — and which will not. According to the experts, he is hopelessly unqualified to make such a judgment.

We know what Mr Miranda had on him — information so incendiary (though he was probably unaware of it) that British agents have had to be moved. Isn’t it clear that the Guardian is floundering far out of its depth, in realms where no newspaper should ever venture?

Never forget that Edward Snowden, who remains holed up in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, stole the information he has handed on to the Guardian. He has probably also passed it to Russia and China (he was earlier in Hong Kong), both of which powers are not very friendly to Britain.

More even than WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose occasionally damaging and often embarrassing revelations the Guardian published, Snowden is a menace to British, and Western, interests. A small proportion of what he revealed may have been in the public interest, but it is greatly outweighed by the damage he has done.

The fact is that states do have necessary secrets, and the best interests of Britain are not served by sharing those secrets with our enemies, be they foreign powers or home-grown Islamic extremists.

Mr Rusbridger won’t be made to answer for his actions by the BBC. The security services have been pretty indulgent to him, even if they did insist during the summer that the hard drives of some Guardian computers containing secret information be destroyed.

No, my only hope is that he will finally consult his own conscience. Despite everything, I believe he is a decent man. I urge him to descend from the misty slopes of Mount Olympus which he inhabits, and to put an end to this shameful business.


So after all of that, Mr. Glover thinks the commie creep scum is a decent guy after all.  Just, oh ,, perhaps misguided.

And that’s another sign as to why we in the west could lose it all in time.  Cos some of us are just too damn forgiving and willing to reason with and forgive traitors.  Or not even recognize treason when it stares us in the face.


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The Daily Mail takes on the Marxist Guardian who publish stolen USA files

The following is an editorial published in hard copy ans on line by the Mail.
The editors here have taken on the Marxist Guardian, who are publishing the files that traitor Snowden has supplied them with.

The paper that helps Britain’s enemies

By Daily Mail Comment

Forget hacking voicemails or slipping payments to officials for stories that may or may not be in the public interest.

Set to one side even (dare we say it?) this paper’s provocative headline 12 days ago, questioning how a long-dead Marxist, who wanted to smash all the traditions and institutions which make Britain British, could be said to love his country.

By any objective yardstick, don’t such crimes and controversies pale beside the accusation levelled against the Guardian on Tuesday by the new head of MI5?

Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a graver charge against a newspaper than that it has given succour to our country’s enemies and endangered all our lives by handing terrorists ‘the gift they need to evade us and strike at will’.

Yet so said Andrew Parker, in his first speech as our spy chief, which yesterday was significantly endorsed by No10.

So isn’t it staggering that the BBC, after spending all last week trumpeting Ed Miliband’s attack on this paper over our charge that his father’s Marxist views validated one of the most evil regimes in history, could hardly bring itself for much of yesterday to report Mr Parker’s devastating indictment of the Guardian?

The problem, and it’s worse under the new director general, is that a wall of prejudice surrounds Broadcasting House – a belief that the Right merits relentless attack, while the BBC’s soulmates on the liberal Left must always be protected.

Let us be clear. The Mail has never believed that MI5 and GCHQ deserve unquestioning support.

In this column, we were highly critical of their demands for the power to detain suspects without trial for 90 days.

We led the charge against MI6’s cosiness with Labour over the dodgy dossier on Iraq. And we have opposed secret courts and the so-called snoopers’ charter.

But at the same time, we accept that the security services would be guilty of dereliction of duty if they failed to monitor those who pose a threat to the UK.

We believe the Guardian, with lethal irresponsibility, has crossed that line by printing tens of thousands of words describing the secret techniques used to monitor terrorists.

Such is certainly the view of UK national security adviser Oliver Robbins, who says the paper has ‘already done real damage’, while the information it still holds is likely to ‘lead directly to widespread loss of life’.

Indeed, so incendiary are these documents that British agents have had to be moved for their protection.

Yet, almost as astonishing as the BBC’s reticence, the editor of the Guardian now says he will continue to release the material, arguing that he will take care to publish nothing that endangers lives.

But how, in the name of sanity, can he know? He’s a journalist, not an expert on security.



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enemies of the west hard at work, and they are us.

This sort of reporting has been going on all last week, and I do not suppose this is all there will be.

The Brits are taking this very seriously, as they should.

What amazes me are the number of fellow travellers these commie shits have, who are defending Snowden as a hero and the Guardian as a voice of truth and good in the world.  There appear to be a number who approve the paper’s publication. 

Snowden’s treachery has put the lives of our spies at risk, says top intelligence expert

By Richard Kemp, Ex-chairman Of Cobra Intelligence Committee

Despite the self-righteous pomposity of Edward Snowden, who claims from his FSB-protected Moscow hideout that he doesn’t want to live in a society that places its citizens under surveillance, his revelations about the secret state have told us little.

GCHQ exists precisely to do what Snowden has ‘uncovered’. Who is genuinely surprised that, in its efforts to protect this country, GCHQ is monitoring all possible terrorist means of communication? Who wouldn’t be outraged if it were it not?

What Snowden has done by revealing the detail of collection techniques as well as vast quantities of highly sensitive intelligence material, is jeopardise our national security and the lives of those who take great risks to protect us.

To expose at the very least 58,000 secret and top secret British intelligence documents to the gaze of Chinese and Russian authorities and to publicise the details of intelligence collection capability is the most damaging act of betrayal in the history of intelligence treachery.
There is no question the Chinese and the Russians will be pulling out the stops to exploit this windfall.

The same applies to our tech-savvy jihadist enemies, who are more than capable of rapidly learning the lessons Snowden has taught them. I am no less troubled than anyone else about the extent to which private citizens are spied on.

In my opinion only one thing can justify the range and scale of activity that MI5, GCHQ and the NSA are engaged in. That is a serious and lethal threat to the people of this country. Today that threat comes from terrorism.

As a soldier I have fought terrorism and been attacked by terrorists. Involved in intelligence work in London, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, I have read and analysed thousand upon thousand of secret intelligence reports including phone and email intercepts.

I know first-hand the danger that we face from terrorism and the vital role intelligence plays in protecting us from it.

Snowden is only partially responsible for the harm that he has done. Far greater culpability lies with the US intelligence apparatus for permitting such damaging theft of their secret intelligence, especially in the wake of the Bradley Manning fiasco.

By bringing their clearly inadequate internal security measures up to date, the NSA can and must prevent recurrence of Snowden’s betrayal.

There is no link available that I know of for this article.  The link provided originally was huge, I have never seen one like it before. Every time I tried to copy it to paste, the page it was on crashed.  While the text wasn’t deleted, the link was.  I have no idea how or why. This was published on line and in hard copy by The Daily Mail.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/14/2013 at 07:00 AM   
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