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calendar   Tuesday - July 02, 2013

It’s Official: NJ Sucked In June

NJ: Wettest June Since 1895

Dr. David A. Robinson
New Jersey State Climatologist

Rain, rain, and more rain was the theme for New Jersey weather in June 2013.  When all was said and done, statewide average precipitation totaled 9.57”, a record for any June back to 1895 (Table 1).  Temperatures were above average too.  The average of 71.3° was 1.2° above the 1981-2010 mean and ranked as the 19th warmest June.  These averages are derived from an evaluation of several dozen long-term National Weather Service Cooperative Observing (Coop) stations situated throughout the state.

More on thermal conditions later in this report, but first back to the precipitation.  The 9.57” total was 5.55” above the 4.02” average.  Tropical Storm Andrea brought the most abundant rain of the month, but there were 13 days during the month when an inch or more accumulated at one or more locations. 
No location in the state was spared the wet conditions, with the southwest, west central, and northern coast being wettest and the far south and portions of the northeast least wet.  Taking top honors was Pittsgrove (Salem County) with 13.07”, followed by Franklin Township (Gloucester) at 13.00”, ...
Some 15 of the approximately 200 CoCoRaHS stations across the state caught between 12.00” and 13.07” and 60 stations came in with 10.00"-11.99".

The data station nearest to me (NJ-HN-3, 6/02-7/01 rain for the previous days) reported 11.92” for the month. So we fell short of being the wettest, but only by an inch.

And guess what it’s doing today? You got it. Raining. Just like yesterday:


So we saw more than double the typical rainfall for the month. Soggy Central. July is starting out on the same wet foot, with a forecast of more rain for 7 of the next 10 days.

We ought to have the lushest lawns ever this year, but if this keeps up the tomato crop is going to go bust. The corn comes later, so if it dries out we could have a bumper crop.

Can we send these clouds to Arizona, Texas, or California where they’re needed? I wouldn’t mind that at all.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 26, 2013

Obama. What. A. Douche.

Someday this uppity sanctimonious condescending halfrican bastard is going to get his, and I hope the video will be on YouTube for hundreds of millions of us to watch and enjoy forever. I am beyond tired of his belittling arrogance towards people who don’t agree with him. He is graceless and tactless, and completely without respect for others. This is not how the President of the United States should act.  Man, what a total douchenozzle.

Obama mocks skeptics of climate change as ‘flat-Earth society’

President Obama angrily blasted climate change skeptics during his energy policy speech Tuesday at Georgetown University, saying he lacked “patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real.”

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society,” Obama said. “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm.”

Earlier in his remarks, Obama said the “overwhelming judgement of science, of chemistry, of physics, and millions of measurements” put “to rest” questions about pollution affecting the environment.

“The planet is warming. Human activity is contributing to it,” Obama said.

“We know that the costs of these events can be measured in lost lives and lost livelihoods.”

The president noted that the 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come within the last 15 years, and said that rising temperatures were increasing the severity and impact of storms.

Well yeah, except for the bit that everything you just read is a total pile of hockey sticks. Falsified data, all sorts of leaked emails proving a vast academic conspiracy and phony computer modelling, the whole collapse of the Carbon Credits scam ... all put Global Warming IN IT’S GRAVE three years ago. Game. Over. So nothing is “settled”, there is no “science”, nothing is “overwhelming” other than your knot-headed arrogance and pathetic Velcro-like clinging to the scattered ashes of your fallen false idol and it’s lonely deranged prophets. No one has died from it. No jobs have been lost, other than those laid off at Solyndra and other Green Scam Stimulus shell companies all run by your big campaign contributors to whom you funneled hundreds of millions of tax dollars.

You are a liar Mr. Obama. A cheat, a fake, and a charlatan.

He noted that rising tide levels in New York increased the impact of Hurricane Sandy, while record temperatures killed crops and increased food prices in the Midwest.

“In a world that’s warmer than it used to be, all weather events are affected by the warming planet,” Obama said.

“Those who are feeling the effects of climate change don’t have time to deny it — they’re busy dealing with it.”

At the event, the president announced a timeline for setting new environmental regulations that will limit how much carbon pollution can be emitted from both new and existing power plants. The White House is directing the Environmental Protection Agency to write draft rules on carbon emissions from existing power plants within the next year, with the expectation they will be completed by June 2015.

Obama also said the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline should only be approved if the project would not “significantly exacerbate” greenhouse gas pollution.

Hurricane Sandy may have hit New York during a high tide, and it may have also hit New York during a seasonally high tidal period. Somebody go look it up, I can’t be bothered. That doesn’t mean the sea levels are rising you idiot. (oh, and hang on, weren’t you, the new God King, going to cure that? Wasn’t the day those useless idiots elected you the Magic Negro Day when the seas would start to fall and the planet heal, by your mighty presence alone? I’m certain you said almost exactly that in a speech. And look, the world gave you the Nobel Peace Prize IN ADVANCE knowing what wonders your miraculous self was going to work! So why do we need you to make a treasonous end run around Congress? Get out there and wave your magic wand, and make the tides recede ... I don’t care if it takes you 12 hours, go get it done!

What a laughingstock. What a fool prince. What an inept asshat.

And we have to suffer because of it. Because Choom Boy moved the goalposts again when you weren’t looking.

On Tuesday, Obama announced sweeping new regulations that will effectively block the construction of new coal-fired power plants and force the closure of many if not most existing coal-fired plants as well.  With the economy crawling along at 2% GDP growth, this announcement is a disaster for every American (except for those like Ms. Zichal and Mr. Obama, who have spent their entire lives working in government).

Obama’s new restrictions on coal-fired power plants will supposedly help to cool the planet.  America’s carbon emissions have been declining for decades, and yet global carbon emissions have been rising.  If emissions cause temperatures to rise, why are temperatures falling?

Even though global emissions continue to rise, U.S. levels are falling rapidly.  Having already cut U.S. carbon emissions back to 1992 levels, how much farther back do we have to go?  1950?  1900?  How about 1776?  The president, who once spoke of the goal of cutting carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, now says that is not good enough.

The only thing more bizarre than a massive initiative to cool the climate when the climate is already cooling is the administration’s determination to lower U.S. carbon emissions when emissions have already dropped to 1992 levels.

What Obama seeks, what the left has always sought, is total control of the economy by the state, and “climate change” is a useful pretext. The only way government can control the energy sector—a sector of the economy traditionally regulated by the states—is to operate under the pretext of carbon emissions.

The nature of the pretext does not really matter.  Whether it is “workers’ rights,” as it was for Marx and Engels, or “economic recovery,” as it was in the 1930s, or climate change, as it is today, the left will always come up with some excuse.  What matters for the left is power—and an end to individual liberty.  What the left seeks in its regulation of the energy sector, in other words, is the complete regulation of the individual by government.

Oh, and how could I not link to at least one of the HUNDREDS of articles showing that we’re actually having Global Cooling, just like the Doom ‘n Gloom Squad predicted back in teh 70s.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 25, 2013

Because King Obama Says So

Obama’s Carbon Plan: Who Needs Congress Anyhow?

Obama gwine sabes all’n us from dat ole Globbal Warmun. Even if there ain’t been none for more’n 10 years!

President Obama is launching fresh battles over climate change with plans to curb emissions using executive powers that sidestep Congress — including controversial rules to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. [WATCH VIDEO]

The wide-ranging plan, which Obama will tout in a speech later Tuesday, also beefs up federal efforts to help deploy low-carbon and renewable energy, and has programs to help harden communities against climate-fueled extreme weather.

Internationally, it seeks to knock down trade barriers to climate-friendly goods and services; enhance cooperation with India, China and other big carbon emitters; and curb U.S. support for overseas coal plant construction, among many other steps.

The plan is designed to get around Congress, where major climate bills have no political traction. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday that Obama’s executive approach “reflects reality.”

No Jay, you three faced lying sack of un-composted canine throughput, “reality” is a nation of laws, and the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government debating and making those laws. And if they won’t pass a law, you don’t get to just go and do an end run around them.

All the little chirpy talking heads on the Weather Channel were all excited about this today, how it’s going to Finally Do Something about Carbon Levels and Global Warming. And not one of these mesmerized sheep even blinked an eye at the completely un-American and probably illegal method being employed.

The EPA will propose the existing plant standards by June of next year and finalize them a year later, an administration official said.

Guess it’s high time for the EPA to go bye-bye too. No government agency has the right or the power to set rules that come with the power of law (and GUNS to back them up no less!!) without the consent of the governed ... ie, it HAS to go through the Legislature.

Daniel P. Schrag, a White House climate adviser and director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, tells the New York Times “a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.” Later today, President Obama will give a major “climate change” address at Georgetown University.

“Everybody is waiting for action,” Schrag tells the paper. “The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants. Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.”

Obama’s speech today is expected to offer “a sweeping plan to address climate change on Tuesday, setting ambitious goals and timetables for a series of executive actions to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare the nation for the ravages of a warming planet,” according to the Times.

I halfway agree. A war IS exactly what’s needed. But not on coal. On the Executive Branch.

The president calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to “expeditiously” set limits on carbon dioxide emissions for new and existing power plants, a move that will be hailed by environmentalists and decried as debilitating by the struggling coal industry.

“To accomplish these goals, President Obama is issuing a Presidential Memorandum directing the Environmental Protection Agency to work expeditiously to complete carbon pollution standards for both new and existing power plants,” states the Obama plan. “This work will build on the successful first-term effort to develop greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards for cars and trucks.”

“In developing the standards, the President has asked the Environmental Protection Agency to build on state leadership, provide flexibility, and take advantage of a wide range of energy sources and technologies including many actions in this plan,” the document continues.

Regulations previously proposed by the EPA to limit emissions at new power plants would effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants unless they utilize carbon capture technology, which the industry argues is not commercially viable.

I have had it up the HERE with this buffoon. He is NOT God. He is NOT Emperor. He is NOT King. I have my doubts at this point that he’s even an American. Impeach this thug.

Oh, and By The Way:

This Executive Order will also KILL the Keystone XL pipeline, and double the price of electricity. Read it at Ace.


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calendar   Monday - June 10, 2013

gee, more rain


It’s pouring. Again. Well, at least we had some dry on Sunday. And got that darn 30 yard dumpster full, right to the brim. But yee gods, the dampness and must in the basement. Going to have to buy a dehumidifier and set it up in the basement there with a drain hose. I see models that can pull 50 to 70 pints a day. Let’s see - 2 pints per quart, 4 quarts per gallon ... means 8 pints per gallon. So 50 pints is 6 1/4 gallons; 70 pints is 8 3/4 gallons. Yeah, run either one flat out for 3 weeks, that’s 131 to 183 gallons. That ought to dry things up a bit and put a dent in the mildew. In 2 months it ought to be dry as toast down there.

Wow, I’m getting just too darn good at this internet research and shopping stuff. A decent home dehumidifier is going to cost you $180 - $300. Pro quality stuff costs 5 times as much. For soggy basements you want to pull out as much water as you can in a given amount of time for a price you can manage. Odds are good that the unit will run 24 hours a day for the first couple of months, so look for a well made model from a reliable brand. Find one that’s Energy Star compliant, and to be on the seasonally safe side find a low temperature model while you’re at it. After about 45 minutes reading up on dehumidifiers, tracking down reviews, and hunting up prices, I think the newest 70 pint model from Danby will do the job. It meets all the standards I’ve outlined, gets very good reviews, and I can get one on two day delivery for $230, from a reputable business, and which also includes a length of drain hose. I was able to find the older model of this unit, new, also Energy Star, for about $30 less, sold by some guy on eBay. I think I’ll stick with the online merchant, who will get it to me faster anyway.

Dry her basement for a couple weeks then spray the walls and floor with D128 to kill the mold, then go back to drying it. This can be done and the mold and mildew can be beaten.


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calendar   Saturday - May 25, 2013

No F-F-F-F-Fair

Got up in the middle of the night. FREEZING. Had to turn on the heat. Damnation, it’s the 4th week in May. It’s not supposed to be 38 damn degrees out. 38 chilly and soggy degrees, as it has rained here nearly every single day for I don’t know how many days. 7? 12? 16? At least 9. And now the weather wienies say there could be SNOW this holiday weekend.

SNOW??? As we go into JUNE???? Where are we, Binghamton???

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial kick off to the summer season ahead. Unfortunately for parts of the East, it won’t feel anything like summer. In fact, a few locales may refer to it as early spring or winter!

Northeast Wet, Chilly with Some Snow?

Low pressure is expected to wrap-up and crawl northward along the coast of New England late Friday into Sunday.

As a result, most residents from New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and eastern New York to Maine will see a wet start to the weekend on Saturday. The showers will continue over much of New England southward to near or just north of New York City right into Sunday.

But wait, there is a wrinkle in this forecast. There might be enough cold air that the higher elevations of Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and northwest Maine could actually see wet, possibly heavy snow!  Incredibly, over six inches of wet snow is possible above 3500 feet in Vermont and, possibly, the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.

Friday afternoon, sleet and graupel was observed in Binghamton, N.Y., the latest date of either sleet or snow on record, there, dating to 1951.

Toldja so. I used to live there, I know. Binghamton NY has the worst damn weather. A wintry mix of sleet and frozen slop falling out of the sky on the 24th of May. Winter refuses to let go there. The city is the pivot point for every weather system that comes across the northeast, so it gets a big extra dose of rain. It is not a high elevation mountain city and it is not a place impacted by lake effect. It’s just in the wrong place, and gets hammered all the time.

But “graupel”? Isn’t that the frozen cakes of pork stuff you fry up, made from leftover piggy bits? grin Oh. Scrapple. Right. Graupel. It’s the professional technical meteorological term for “ARRRGH!! Damn sloppy **** coming down, it’s ******** May already, GO AWAY!!!”

Ok, the place is getting a bit warmer now. Another glass of something to drink and it’s back to bed. 


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calendar   Monday - May 13, 2013

B-B-But It’s M-m-M-May

What the bleepity bleep? I got up at 5am to use the bathroom and it’s freezing in here. Holey horse blankets Batman. It’s 35 degrees. Yesterday afternoon it was sunny and glorious and dry, temps in the very low 80s. I had to turn the heat on.

Flip on the Weather Channel, and yup, some shift in the jet stream has caused a temperature invers ... blah blah blah. Prediction is for a couple days of cold, 50s in the day and nearly freezing each night, and then back to only a tad cooler than normal. I think this is the chilliest Spring in a long time around here.

On the other hand, today’s forecast for Billings Montana is 91.

I’m having a hot cuppa and getting back under the covers. No fair. Frost in the middle of May. Brr. Where’s that damn Global Warming when you need it?


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calendar   Tuesday - April 09, 2013

fresh air day

Sure, Spring may have officially begun a week or so ago. But today was the first time in ages that it was really warm and sunny. Had the windows open all day, getting some fresh air in here. We’re getting a little warm spike in the weather here, and we’ll have temps in the mid to upper 70s for several days. Make hay while the sun shines! I celebrated by digging around in boxes in the garage. But with the door open and without a heavy jacket. It’s nice. I’ll take another 3 months of this please.

And now it’s time to get ready for Greed League. It’s going to be an oven in there tonight, so I’ve got to dig out my shorts. Shorts!! grin


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calendar   Wednesday - March 06, 2013

What, is Al Gore back in DC?

Happy Headline of the Day:

D.C. snowstorm scrubs global-warming hearing

The snowquester has claimed yet another casualty: Wednesday’s House hearing on global warming.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee announced early Wednesday that it’s postponing its environmental subcommittee’s scheduled 10 a.m. hearing on the state of the science behind climate change. As a reason, it cited “weather.”

Link to Politico

I think this calls for something red ...



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calendar   Sunday - February 10, 2013

weather or not

Big Old Snowstorm Whacks North East!


Emergency crews and residents struggled to clear roadways and sidewalks from a storm that rampaged through the Northeast, dumping up to 3 feet of snow and bringing howling winds that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands.

Municipal workers from New York to Boston labored through the night Saturday in snow-bound communities, where some motorists had to be rescued after spending hours stuck in wet, heavy snow. Meanwhile, utilities in some hard-hit New England states predicted that Friday’s storm could leave some customers in the dark at least until Monday.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone of Long Island, which got more than 2 1/2 feet of snow.

About 400,000 homes and businesses remained without power early Sunday, down from a total of about 650,000. Some school districts announced they’d be closed on Monday, complicating parents’ back to work schedules but giving kids another day for frolicking.

We missed out on the big weather adventure. Mostly. We had about 4” of snow here, and hardly a bit of wind. The parking lots and the roads are perfectly clear now, and the melting has already begun. Snow never lasts long here in NJ.

I feel bad for the folks who got hammered, and I hope everyone had adequate time to prepare. Sure, the weather wienies often get over-excited about things, but they’ve been right about the last few major major storms ... so when they give a storm a name and say it’s going to suck, maybe it’s time to listen.

I bought some extra gas for the car, 3 packs of meat, and made sure I had enough propane in the bbq grill. Not that any of that was needed. We never lost our power, and we were plowed out within an hour or two of the end of the storm. We live in the western part of the state, a good 50 miles inland, and major storms almost always come up the coast. So we miss the worst of them. Mostly.


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calendar   Monday - February 04, 2013

Oh Shut Up Already. And Just Go Away

Report shows UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

The Earth has been getting warmer—but how much of that heat is due to greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural causes?

A leaked report by a United Nations’ group dedicated to climate studies says that heat from the sun may play a larger role than previously thought.

“[Results] do suggest the possibility of a much larger impact of solar variations on the stratosphere than previously thought, and some studies have suggested that this may lead to significant regional impacts on climate,” reads a draft copy of a major, upcoming report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Yeah. Significant. Good word. I’d guess ... oh, about 98.73%. No sun, no heat, and it’s back to planet ice cube. More sun, more heat. Duh.

This little bit of data was buried in Chapter 11 of the report. I wonder which chapter - maybe 38, or 74? - has the part that says Global Warming stopped 16 years ago, like the news in the UK the other week disclosed?

“The solar component is real but not of sufficient magnitude to have driven most of the warming of the late 20th century,” Pat Michaels, the former president of the American Association of State Climatologists, and current director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, told

The U.N. report also says that the effect of solar activity will be “much smaller than the warming expected from increases in [man-made] greenhouse gases.”

An estimate from NASA said that solar variations caused 25 percent of the 1.1 degree Fahrenheit warming that has been observed over the past century.

Wait, is this the same Muslim Outreach Group NASA that’s part of the Big Lie and is in it up to their eyebrows with all those other politically motivated “scientists”? And now they’re admitting to 25%? Which makes the reality at least 3 times as much? I’d say “liar liar pants on fire” but that would probably get me a Carbon Violation from the EPA.


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calendar   Friday - January 25, 2013

Damn You Khan!!!

WTF? The weather people are naming snowstorms now? Getting a mite big for their britches, doncha think??

Khan Brings Ice and Snow to South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest

Winter Storm Khan brought a swath of snow from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic on Friday. Parts of the South, including southern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, northern South Carolina and North Carolina have seen significant icing from the storm.

While snow and ice will continue to impact the Friday afternoon and evening commute from the Mid-Atlantic to North Carolina, we expect the storm to move out to sea by later in the evening. Dangerous travel conditions will persist through the overnight into Saturday morning for areas that have seen accumulations of ice, sleet and snow.

We got just about half an inch here. Big deal. But there is not a breath of air moving, and it’s mighty cold out, maybe 10 or 12 degrees. So the light coat of snow makes everything sparkle like diamonds under the lights. It’s beautiful, but it’s so cold I don’t even want to stand by the window for more than a couple seconds. BRRR.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - January 22, 2013

Well Blow Me Down

imageA frosty day in Peiper’s corner of the Shire! Winter is a’coming in here in NJ too. We had a helluva storm last night that defied the predictions. It was supposed to be just 1/2” or so of now across most of the state. But what we got was isolated pockets of intense snowfall and black ice in random spots across the middle of the state, with some rather heavy weather along the coasts. And NJ is actually a peninsula, almost like Florida, so we have quite a lot of coast. The storm blew in like madness wherever it touched down, stranding motorists, snarling traffic, and causing much annoyance. I didn’t see a flake myself, even though I drove down to the middle of the state to do some work right in the middle of it last night. We did get winds though. Nearly hurricane strength, which knocked out the power for several hours while the temps plummeted. And we have electric heat here, so things were a tad nippy this morning.

It’s “warmed up” to merely quite brisk now, about 18 or 19 °F, and the wind is ripping along at a steady 25mph with some ferocious gusts. The power is back on, and the all-in-one cable is back on, so after rebooting the modem and the wifi a couple times I’ve got internet again.

Bitter cold batters N.J. as temperatures hit lows not seen in years

We’re not alone in NJ with the wind and cold. A really large chunk of the nation is getting the big chill and the cold breeze ... must be a reaction to our CSOTUS’ blathering on about fighting climate change (that settled science) yesterday.

So here’s Fox News’ weather lady, the impressive Maria Molina, to give today’s forecast for the upper right quadrant: video link.

And if you find the weather just too boring, I’m not going to ask your opinion about furniture. I used to own a nice black leather Italian sectional sofa. It was great, with a nice big corner piece so you could seat a bunch of folks on it and at least halfway look at them while you talked. But what I really wanted was a conversation pit. You know, a sunken square, circle, or oval with a table in the middle, where everyone could sit around and talk and eat and drink and hang out. Kind of like the kitchen at any of my in-laws’, but with, you know, actual comfy seats instead of standing around while someone cooks.

I notice this conversation pit online over the weekend. Looks to me like there’s room for a crowd. A lot more than I can handle, but it sure looks cozy. And warm too.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Sunday - January 13, 2013

global warming fraud. warming stopped 16 years ago says another report

The folks here, the ones who influence and make decisions anyway, are convinced and have convinced many, that by taking extreme measures this island might save the planet from from warming and all sorts of other bad stuff.  All they have to do is cram it all down the throats of everyone and hey. Presto, one large step advanced in the fight to save the planet.  Never dawns on these ppl that their puny input is meaningless and does nothing.  Whatever, they keep on with plan after plan and all in the face of other evidence which says something else. 

For instance.

Solar swindle: Cost of green subsidies will add £1 billion to family household bills

By Jason Groves

Ed Miliband’s controversial scheme to encourage homeowners to install solar panels and wind turbines is set to cost families an extra £1billion in higher bills, figures reveal.

Subsidies for solar panels rose 14-fold last year as individuals and businesses piled into the scheme, criticised as being a licence to print money.

The payments, funded by a levy on electricity bills, jumped from £9.2million in 2010/11 to £128.3million in 2011/12, according to figures compiled by energy regulator Ofgem.

Not much of a story here for Americans passing through here.  Things is, I thought it interesting how far these eco-hand wringers will go even in the face of

But over the same time the average efficiency of schemes fell by more than 40 per cent – because of a lack of sunshine.

Subsidies for domestic wind turbines trebled over the same period, rising from £2.3million to almost £7million.

Households are paid for the electricity they return to the National Grid but the payments are far above market rates, requiring heavy subsidies.

Oh dear.  What, What?  No sunshine here in the gween gweat bwitain?

Ah .... scuse me but I believe all that rain is what make the place so GWEEN?  Ya think there’s a connection?

Now then all that stuff aside, there is an agency here, The Met Office, which deals with the weather and change in and forecasting etc.
So very quietly, it was put out that oops, perhaps a mistake has been made in all this gorebal warming stuff. You betcha. Because ... another new headline reads;


A column by a fellow named David Rose has written an analysis on the subject, which really is interesting. At first I thought it might be dull and dry and of not much interest. Boy was I wrong.  For those interested in the the global fraud, please read this link.




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calendar   Wednesday - January 09, 2013

More Global Warming

Snow Falls In Israel

Snow falls in Jerusalem

2 cm of snow accumulates in Gilo and Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhoods of Jerusalem; heavy snow falling in Golan, with flooding expected throughout country; police assist 70 people endangered by rising water levels on roadways.

Snow began falling in the elevated suburbs of Jerusalem on Wednesday, following a deluge of rain that shut down major arteries across Israel and turned highways into raging rivers on Tuesday.

As temperatures began falling in the capital, there was some accumulation of snow, including 2cm on the ground in both Gilo and Pisgat Ze’ev. This was sufficient for some enterprising Jerusalemites to build small snowmen and to sled on plastic bags.

Israel Storms Cause Floods as Jerusalem Braces for Snow

Israel’s heaviest rainstorms in more than two decades have caused flooding that closed roads and damaged property throughout the country, as Jerusalem residents brace for as much as 30 centimeters (1 foot) of snow.

Jerusalem closed its schools at noon today and the municipality advised drivers to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a meeting with Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich and police officials to assess disaster preparedness efforts.

“Emergency and rescue services are working around the clock to save lives,” Netanyahu said in a text message sent from his office in Jerusalem.


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