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A&R Thursday Part 2

World’s Oldest Story And Least Mobile People

More than 37,000 years ago a volcano erupted in Australia. The lava flow buried some of the people who had been living there for tens of thousands of years, buried their homes as well, along with an axe, a tool that they may have invented. Their culture had a strong oral tradition, passing along stories word for word across the generations.

Their descendants still live there, and still tell the story of when the fire gods got angry. However, since that event they no longer build stone houses, because it’s just not worth it if the gods are going to come mess with them anyway.

And somewhere along the way, call it 6,600 years ago, they learned an easy way to keep fresh meat at hand, so they didn’t have to hunt much and nobody starved. They caught and raised eels. And they still do that today.

In Australia, the onset of human occupation (≥65 ka?) and dispersion across the continent are the subjects of intense debate and are critical to understanding global human migration routes. New-generation multi-collector mass spectrometers capable of high-precision 40Ar/39Ar dating of young (<500 ka) samples provide unprecedented opportunities to improve temporal constraints of archaeological events. In southeastern Australia, a novel approach to improving understanding of occupation involves dating key volcanic eruptions in the region, referenced to stone artifacts and Aboriginal oral traditions. The current study focuses on two monogenetic volcanoes in the Newer Volcanic Province of southeastern Australia: Budj Bim (previously Mount Eccles) and Tower Hill. Budj Bim and its surrounding lava landforms are of great cultural significance and feature prominently in the oral traditions of the Gunditjmara people. Tower Hill is of archaeological significance due to the occurrence of a stone tool beneath tephra. 40Ar/39Ar eruption ages of 36.9 ± 3.1 ka (95% confidence interval) and 36.8 ± 3.8 ka (2σ) were determined for the Budj Bim and Tower Hill volcanic complexes, respectively. The Tower Hill eruption age is a minimum age constraint for human presence in Victoria, consistent with published optically stimulated luminescence and 14C age constraints for the earliest known occupation sites in Tasmania, New South Wales, and South Australia. If aspects of oral traditions pertaining to Budj Bim or its surrounding lava landforms reflect volcanic activity, this could be interpreted as evidence for these being some of the oldest oral traditions in existence.

This was during the last Ice Age, tens of thousands of years before it ended. Sea levels were at their lowest ebb ever, and possibly plate tectonics were slightly different. It was almost possible to walk the thousands of miles from Thailand to Australia, only needing some kind of boat or raft for a few short journeys island to island. This trek probably took many generations, but once these folks arrived they put down roots and never went elsewhere ever again. Well, mostly.

Australian archaeologists have discovered a piece of the world’s oldest axe in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The axe fragment is about the size of a thumbnail and dates back to a Stone Age period of 45,000 to 49,000 years ago—at, or very soon after, the time humans arrived on the continent, and more than ten millennia earlier than any previous ground-edge axe discoveries.

The University of Sydney’s Professor Peter Hiscock is the lead and corresponding author of a new analysis of the fragment published in the journal Australian Archaeology. He said the axe revealed that the first Australians were technological innovators.

The axe fragment was initially excavated in the early 1990s by lead archaeologist Professor Sue O’Connor from the Australian National University (ANU) among a sequence of food scraps, tools, artwork and other artifacts from Carpenter’s Gap, a large rock shelter known to be one of the first sites occupied by modern humans.

“Nowhere else in the world do you get axes at this date. In Japan such axes appear about 35,000 years ago. But in most countries in the world they arrive with agriculture after 10,000 years ago,” Professor O’Connor said.

In 2014, as further study was being carried out on the objects dug out of the site, Professor Hiscock’s team discovered a small fragment of a polished axe, recovered from the oldest levels of the site.

New studies of the fragment have revealed that it comes from an axe that had been shaped from basalt then polished by grinding it on another rock until it was very smooth.

Ok, inventing the axe - a sharp rock on a stick - is great. And not getting buried by a lava flow is great too. But sooner or later you want to eat something, and have a place to stay in that’s out of the weather. And she wants sushi. So what’re you gonna do?

How about aquaculture? Dig a few miles of canals, connect them to the local river, figure out how to build weirs, catch a bunch of migrating eels, and let them live in the canals until you’re hungry. Which is what they did, at least 6,600 years ago. And then sit back and enjoy the easy picking protein for the next 6,400 years. Sweet. Let’s build some houses; we’re staying.

An Aboriginal aquaculture farm that is older than the pyramids, the Acropolis and Stonehenge has been awarded World Heritage Status by the United Nations.

A complex system of weirs, channels and dams at Budj Bim, in southwest Victoria has become the first World Heritage site in Australia to receive the coveted UNESCO protection solely for its Aboriginal cultural importance.

The Gunditjmara people began to engineer the land around Lake Condah, which lies on a long-extinct volcano, about 6600 years ago in order to catch kooyang eels.

The eel farm was given World Heritage Status at a meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on Saturday.

The area was still in use when those white devils showed up around 1840; journal entries of the time showed that they knew these water works were for eel farming. But they drained the lake and damned the streams anyway, because ...pphht, natives, who cares, amIright?

The sophisticated system supplied the settlement with enough food to sustain them year-round and also to undertake trade.

The site features the remnants of about 300 round stone huts that are the only remaining permanent houses built by an indigenous community in Australia - busting the myth that all Aboriginal people were nomadic.

Gunditjmara brought water and young kooyang eels from the creek to low-lying areas through hundreds of metres of excavated channels

The C-shaped basalt block structures up to 4 metres across appear to be house foundations and are clustered in the same area as the fish traps. 

Monash University indigenous archaeology professor Ian Niven wrote in The Conversation of the 1841 visit to the site by Australia’s Chief Protector of Aborigines, George Augustus Robinson.

Robinson described Budj Bim as: ‘an immense piece of ground trenched and banked, resembling the work of civilized man but which on inspection I found to be the work of the Aboriginal natives, purposefully constructed for catching eels.’

European settlers then altered the flow of Lake Condah’s waters by installing drainage channels in the 1880s and 1950s, obscuring its cultural history until heavy winter rains in 1977 revealed how some Aboriginal-made channels fed water and eels into natural depressions. 

and the eel farm still works today

Pretty cool. But wait, there’s more! The recent brush fires all over Australia have revealed other canals, showing that the eel farm was a good bit bigger than thought.

Australian bushfires destroyed a large area of land and vegetation, but that has revealed extensive water channels built by indigenous Australians thousands of years ago, to trap and harvest eels for food, in the state of Victoria. 

According to UNESCO, the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is considered to be one of the world’s most extensive and oldest aquaculture systems, consisting of dams, channels and weirs.
The existence of the aquatic system has been known to the archaeologists and it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, in July last year. More sections of the water channels were revealed when the fires ravaged the state in December 2019.
Gunditjmara representative Denis Rose, project manager at non-profit group Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, told CNN that the system was significantly bigger than what was previously recorded.

“When we returned to the area, we found a channel hidden in the grass and other vegetation. It was about 25 meters (82 feet) in length, which was a fairly substantial size,” CNN quoted Rose as saying.

New structures appeared when the landscape burned. According to the Aboriginal Corporation’s website, the aquaculture system, which is part of the Budj Bim National Park, was built by the indigenous population using the abundant volcanic rocks from a now-dormant volcano in the area.


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A&R Thursday Part 1



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weather, gak

It’s been November here for about 3 months now. Chilly and damp, sometimes windy. We haven’t had much actual snow, and only a week or so of sustained sub-freezing weather, but it’s been very rainy. It’s rained every day for the past 3 weeks, I’m certain. And we’re having another downpour right now.

My arthritic knees want to be warm and dry, not cold and damp. 


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Whistling Past The Graveyard

I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna, I don’t wanna, I won’t ... ach crivens, I have to.


•   China is switching to a new and faster method to identify infected people, which will skew the numbers a bit until it becomes more widely used. Hopefully this new method is more accurate, and concomitant with greater reporting transparency. IOW, stop fudging the published data.

•   In the meantime, reports surface that Chinese men are 9 times more likely to get it than Chinese women. Smoking and other bad habits may be factors, like diabetes and eating rice.

•   Asians - Chinese specifically - appear to be more susceptible overall.

The conspiracy squad is getting really amped up. How amazing is it, that after a generation or so of China’s One Child policy that saw a huge spike in the numbers of surviving male children, that a winnowing disease that seems to target those excess males shows up, just a few blocks from the top bio weapons / virology research lab in the country? Seeded of course, with bio agents stolen from Canada a couple years back, and also perhaps with this Boston area college Leiber/Zaosong/Chinese military thing ...

[ January 28, 2020 ] A Harvard University professor and two other Chinese nationals were federally indicted in three separate cases for allegedly lying to the US about their involvement with China’s government, the US attorney for the district of Massachusetts announced Tuesday.
Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, who is the chair of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, is accused of lying about working with several Chinese organizations, where he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chinese entities, US Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a news conference.

According to court documents, Lieber’s research group at Harvard had received over $15 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, which requires disclosing foreign financial conflicts of interests.

The complaint alleges that Lieber had lied about his affiliation with the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and a contract he had with a Chinese talent recruitment plan to attract high-level scientists to the country.
He was being paid $50,000 per month by the Chinese university and given $1.5 million to establish a nanoscience research lab at WUT, the complaint said.

CNN has reached out to an attorney for Lieber. In a statement, Harvard called the charges “extremely serious.”

“Harvard is cooperating with federal authorities, including the National Institutes of Health, and is conducting its own review of the alleged misconduct,” the university said in a statement. “Professor Lieber has been placed on indefinite administrative leave.”

In a separate indictment unsealed Tuesday, Yanqing Ye, a 29-year-old Chinese national, was charged with visa fraud, making false statements, conspiracy and being an unregistered agent, the US attorney’s office said.
Yanqing had falsely identified herself as a “student” on her visa application and lied about her military service while she was employed as a scientific researcher at Boston University, according to the indictment. She admitted to federal officers during an April 2019 interview that she held the rank of lieutenant with the People’s Liberation Army, court documents show. Yanqing is accused of accessing US military websites and sending US documents and information to China, according to documents.

Last week, a cancer researcher, Zaosong Zheng, was indicted for trying to smuggle 21 vials of biological material out of the US to China and lying about it to federal investigators, Lelling said.
Zaosong, 30, whose entry was sponsored by Harvard University, had hidden the vials in a sock before boarding the plane, according to Lelling.

[ sarc ] As a precaution against further incidents, DHS and FAA have now banned socks from all international flights. [ /sarc ]


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The Law Applies

Weinberg’s Second Law: “If builders built buildings the way that programmers wrote programs, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.”

case in point


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Another Lesson For Virginians

Virginia Legislates Giving Its Electoral Votes To Popular Vote Winner

The Virginia House of Delegates has passed legislation seeking to award its electoral votes to whomever the wins the popular vote.

House Bill 177 passed with a 51-46 vote in the Democrat-majority House after being handed off by the Privileges and Elections Committee last week. Should the Senate also approve, Virginia will officially become part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

“Under the compact, Virginia agrees to award its electoral votes to the presidential ticket that receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,” a bill summary states.

If the state of Virginia survives this term, they’ll never elect Democrats again. That is, unless Virginia has been taken over by rabid Leftists, which is likely the case. One of the problems with a rapidly dynamic population, a One World situation, is that no one assimilates anymore. Whatever it is that has made Virginians Virginians seems to be getting lost.

Yes, this is insanity, a complete renunciation of one of the bedrock principles of America. Which is why it has been a Leftist pipe dream for ages. It’s a good thing that your state is disarming you as fast as they can too, trashing another bedrock principle. Much easier to stomp on people if they can’t fight back.

So let’s see what happens. I mean, come on. This is Virginia. Why would they want the right to vote in the first place? Why would they want their voice to be heard? If the State signs such an act into law and applies it, then, de facto, every citizen in Virginia has been disenfranchised. However or even whether they have voted is meaningless. The State will hand out their electoral votes to whoever got the national popular vote regardless.

Congratulation Virginia citizens: you elected a crop of commies and now you are all slaves. Well done.


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Color Me Shocked

Two unrelated news stories about pigmentation attitudes. I wonder if “white privilege” means living your life without noticing your skin tone, while large parts of the rest of the world fret about it constantly?
I’m not kidding. Awareness of my own race is something I never think about. And while I might notice yours, I really don’t care one way or the other, until you start throwing it my face all the time as an excuse and motivation for everything in your life. At which point I write you off.

Gorgeous Indian Actresses Take Stand Supporting Government Ban On Fairness Advertising


Tapsee Pannu is super cute

At first glance I found this confusing. Why would anyone be against advertising fairness? Although I’m not sure exactly what that means.

The Indian Government is coming with a lot of changes in the advertising sector. The Health and Welfare Ministry has proposed an amendment for Drugs and Magic Remedies under objectionable Advertisement Act, 1954 with a strict punishment that goes up to five years of imprisonment as well as a fine of 50 lakh. However, this step by the government has been applauded by the people on social media. Bollywood celebrities too praised the great step initiated by the government.

Some celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Dia Mirza and many others have not only praised this act but also welcomed it with great response.

Speaking about the same, Tapsee told the media that she hopes that it impacts consumers and they stop buying these fairness creams and realise that there are no standard of beauty. According to her, it is a very personal matter to any human being on how he or she wants to look. She further said if she is asked to endorse any fairness cream or product, she would never do it.

Dia Mirza who is known for her stands on matters of importance like politics and environment has spoken on the same and said, “We evolve in our understanding of what kind of advertising perpetuates stereotypes, gender discrimination and falsehoods, we must collectively take responsibility to ensure this ends as soon as possible.”

There is some level of hypocrisy here; all of these actresses have very light complexions; many other similar celebrities have endorsed these “whiten up” products.

PS - A lakh is 100,000, so a 50 lakh fine, 5 million Rupees, is around $70,000.


UVA’s New Multicultural Center Is Too White??

The University of Virginia on Wednesday reminded those on campus that its newly opened Multicultural Student Center is open to everyone after a viral video emerged of a student making a “public service” announcement that there were “too many white people” using the facility.

The video was posted on Twitter by the Young America’s Foundation with a caption that said “leftists” at the school were “dictating who is and who isn’t allowed” at the center.

The unidentified woman in the video begins by saying “public service announcement.”

“If ya’ll didn’t know, this is MSC and frankly there are just too many white people in here and this is a space for people of color,” she said. “So just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POC uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here.”

She argued that white students already have plenty of recreational facilities on campus, while minority students have very few. She was cheered by what sounded like a handful of students at the end of the announcement.

The Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper, said it reached out to the student in the video but she did not immediately respond for its report.

The school recently opened new student spaces to support a diverse student body, the report said.

The paper reported that the new MSC facility replaced the Center for Cultural Fluency that was located inside a basement on the campus. The old location was created in 2004 after a mixed-race female student running for Student Council was assaulted by a man who made a racial slur.

Well kudos to the Young America’s Foundation for bringing this to people’s attention, but you’re spitting into the wind. Learn to decode understand the word games PC plays. “Multicultural” means the same as “diversity” means the same as “cultural fluency” and all of them mean “anybody but whites, and not too many Asians either”.

Interesting how every single recreational facility on campus is open to all students always. Not segregated in the slightest. Yet this video’s author feels there should be even more spaces set aside for “minority” groups. Because being around white people makes POC students “uncomfortable”. Go figure. That sounds like blatant hard core racism to me.

30 years ago I argued against any and all enclave areas on campuses, whether they were religious or ethnic driven. If you really feel the need to self segregate, go back to your dorm with your friends from your group.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 12, 2020

New Hampshire Primaries

•   Trump takes 85.5% of GOP votes, more than twice as many votes as Obama 2012

•  Sanders 25.7%, Buttgig 24.4%, Kloubuchar 19.8%, Warren 9.2%, Creepy Uncle Joe 8.4%.

•  Yang and Bennet drop out

Nevada and South Carolina follow New Hampshire – which is an overwhelmingly white state – in the presidential nominating calendar. Biden’s campaign has long considered Nevada and South Carolina – with their far more diverse electorates – as much friendlier ground for the former vice president. And they’ve pointed to South Carolina - with a majority black electorate in the Democratic presidential primary - as their firewall.

Biden - at a campaign kick-off Tuesday night in Columbia, South Carolina, downplayed the results in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“It is important that Iowa and [New Hampshire] have spoken, but, look, we need to hear from Nevada and South Carolina and Super Tuesday and beyond,” Biden told a crowd of supporters.

President Trump’s re-election campaign quickly spotlighted Biden’s abysmal finish in the primary, writing in an email to reporters titled, “Joe Biden Predicted He Would Win New Hampshire. He Just Got Beat Like a Drum—Again.... A crazy socialist and a former small town mayor just crushed the former VP”

South Carolina primary is 2/29
Nevada caucus is 2/22
Super Tuesday is 3/2, when 16 states and territories have their Democrat events

Freakin New Jersey doesn’t come in until June 2, when the game is long over, and does a rubberstamp drop of 107 delegates on whoever has already won the Dem thing. They really should join the Super Tuesday gang, just to get this whole thing settled faster, and to give their people a little voice.

Heck, in this instant information internet age, every state and territory in the whole darn country should do the primaries on the same day. Get it over with, and give the media a chance to report on real news.


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Even Disease Is Now PC

The WHO: We will be fooled again?

World Health Organization Names It COVID-19

The rest of us just call it the Wuhan virus, although I’m really leaning towards Kung Flu

The World Health Organization on Tuesday finally gave an official name to the novel coronavirus that has killed more than 1,000 people: COVID-19.

“Co” is for coronavirus, “Vi” is for virus, “D” is for disease and “19” since it was detected in late 2019, officials said.

The name was chosen because the agency wanted something “pronounceable and related to the disease,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in Geneva. “We had to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual or group of people.”

The infectious disease had been previously referred to in reports as the Wuhan coronavirus since it originated in the central Chinese metropolis.

“Having a name matters to prevent the use of other names that can be inaccurate or stigmatizing,” Tedros added.

It’s not like the entire world didn’t know that the virus came out of Wuhan China. Or that bats, snakes, and now maybe pangolins are part of the vector. Wet markets with all their filth and germs.

Who is WHO trying to kid? But oh noes, don’t use a name that might stigmatize anything. Like Typhoid Mary, or Spanish Flu. Or even MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome thing from a few years back. What a crock.

I do agree that just saying “coronavirus” is shortsighted, because there are many coronaviruses. But until 2 months ago, almost no one outside of a medical lab had ever heard the term.

“covid 19” isn’t much easier to say than 2019-nCov, which could just as easily be nCov-2019 or nCov-19. Saying “Enn cahv 19” is as easy as “coe vid 19”. And just as non-stigmatic. And pretty much the same name that the accurate media has been using already.

But if PC forces me to abstain from saying “Wuhan virus” I really want to go with Kung Flu. It’s obliquely referential to China but not bluntly stigmatizing. “Kung Pao Sicken” could work too, which would add in a food reference for this “novel” Bat Soup Death Broth thing.

There may never have actually been someone named Mary who spread typhoid. These days we say Patient Zero. And the Spanish Flu didn’t come from Spain, which everybody knows. But this one did come from China. From Wuhan China. And from eating bats and snakes.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 11, 2020

Hannity Goes PC And Gets It Wrong

2015 video of former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Fox’s Hannity show tonight. OMG BLOOMBERG IS SUCH A TOTAL RACIST !!!

In the video recently former Mayor mini-Mike says how too many whites are subject to Stop ‘n Frisk; it should be far more minorities. That’s why we put ALL the cops in minority neighborhoods, because that’s where ALL the crime is.

He also states how 95% of violent crime in the city is done by, (and to?) minorities. (OK, I think he said 95%. Maybe he said 92%, maybe he said 97%. A couple of points doesn’t change the reality of his statement)

And Hannity had a fit. Maybe he’s just as “woke” as the rest of media. He certainly made a leftist mistake tonight, denying the 300lb gorilla reality. Better to have focused solely on Bloomberg’s callousness during that video clip.

Here are the statistics from NYC’s report 2017 Crime and Enforcement Activity In New York City:

•  97% of Homicide suspects are non-white. 88.7% of them are either black or hispanic.
•  97.6% of not fatal shooting suspects are non-white
•  95.7% of robbery suspects are non-white
•  89.2% of rape suspects are non-white
•  95.7% of firearms arrests are non-white

Maybe in 2015 things were radically different, but I don’t think so. These kind of numbers are pretty stable year after year after year. But you have to wonder, is 95.7% or 97% conversationally close enough to “all”? How about 97.6%? It seems ballpark enough for me. But some will have stinky over “absolutist” terms, and I can’t deny that using the qualifier “almost” or “nearly” before the word “all” would have been a smarter thing to do.

When Bloomberg was mayor from 2002 to 2013, he was HUGE on Stop ‘n Frisk, with nearly 700,000 people “thrown up against the wall” in 2011, although 88% of those resulting in no conviction (not necessarily no arrest, just no conviction. Plea bargaining, court overload ... lots of reasons other than innocence).

Metrics on the program were mixed, more often than not leaning to a rating of non-effective. Is that our favorite invisible giant simian on the couch making an appearance again?

[ While Bloomberg was elected mayor as a Republican, he had been a Democrat before that, and finally left the office as an Independent. He didn’t rejoin the Democrat party until late in 2018. ]

While the report does use several ethnic categories, including Native American, it lumps Asian/Pacific Islander together, meaning that a criminal from Fiji goes in the same statistical bucket as criminals from Saudi Arabia, India, China, Korea, and the Seychelle Islands. Regardless of lumping nearly a third of the world’s population into one generic group, in NYC those people are suspects or victims in a relatively small percent of criminal events.

in 2019 New York City, [ whites 33% ] blacks represent 22.8 percent of population, Hispanics 28.6 percent, and Asians 12.6 percent.

So there are roughly 24% as many “Asians” there as black and hispanic people combined, but they commit just 4% as many killings.


But according to Hannity, Bloomberg is a terrible horrible no good racist for speaking about very similar numbers in 2015, and drawing the obvious conclusions. You don’t fish in the desert. You drop your line where the fish are.

Remember when the governor of NJ fired some top cop for racism because he read the FBI crime statistics out loud? I do, but I can’t find it online. I think it was Gov. Christie Whitman. 1999 or so?


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You Know They’ve Been Saving This Byline For Ages

“Electile Dysfunction: Joe Biden Pulls Out Early from New Hampshire”

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Tuesday morning, in the midst of voting in the New Hampshire primary, that he is leaving the state, skipping his “victory” party.

Instead, Biden said, he would go on to campaign in South Carolina, where he hopes to win the state.

Biden once led the polls in New Hampshire, but lost his lead several months ago. He now trails Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT); former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in the latest polls. He is battling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for fourth place, and could even finish sixth if one of the second-tier campaigns takes advantage of his weakness to turn out their voters.

The former vice president signaled to supporters Friday that he did not expect to win — or even do well — in the state, when he declared during the Democrat debate that he expected to “take a hit” here. Making matters worse, on Sunday he called a voter at a town hall meeting a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

Supporters believe he will do better in the more diverse states of Nevada and South Carolina. However, Biden did not want to face the spectacle of a crushing loss in New Hampshire in person.

Oh yeah, that’s the kind of guy I want to be my president. One bad result from one tiny state and he runs away before the polls are even closed. Tough guy, for sure. Um, no. Pretty limp actually. And his polling ... shrinkage!!

Meanwhile, President Trump ...

Democrats were closely monitoring how many people showed up for Tuesday’s contest. New Hampshire’s secretary of state predicated record-high turnout, but if that failed to materialize, Democrats would confront the prospect of waning enthusiasm following a relatively weak showing in Iowa last week and Trump’s rising poll numbers.

Trump, campaigning in New Hampshire Monday night, sought to inject chaos in the process. The Republican president suggested that conservative-leaning voters could affect the state’s Democratic primary results, though only registered Democrats and voters not registered with either party can participate in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary.

“I hear a lot of Republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats,” Trump said Monday. “My only problem is I’m trying to figure out who is their weakest candidate. I think they’re all weak.”


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No Air In The Air Up There

Extremely Low Air Pressure Grounds Flights In Norway

The past months have seen extraordinarily rough weather along the north Norwegian coast. Early this week came another extreme. The air pressure dropped to a level not seen in several decades.

According to the Norwegian meteorological institute, the air pressure across major parts of the region was below 940 hectopascal, a level that makes flying unsafe.

[ hectopascal is the same as millibars. Standard atmospheric pressure is 1013.25 hPa or mbar, equivalent to 29.92 inches of mercury or 14.69lb/sq in. ]

The Widerøe company that serves most of the regional routes put almost its whole aircraft fleet on the ground.

«Our smallest aircraft type Dash 100, 200 and 300 can not fly with pressure lower than 948 hectopascal,» the company informs on it Facebook page.

More than 2,000 passengers were affected by the weather conditions. Only on Tuesday afternoon did the pressure return to a level that allows aircraft to operate normally.

The Dash 100, 200, and 300 are all dual engine turboprop passenger planes, variations of the DeHavilland Canada DHC-8. When Bombardier bought DeHavilland from previous owners Boeing they renamed the line the Dash 100, Dash 200, Dash 300. Longview Aviation bought the company from Bombardier, and they are once again known as DeHavilland, an aircraft name that goes back to 1920. The Dash 300 carries about 50 passengers, with a range of about 1000 miles.

I really don’t understand this situation; 940 hPa is 94kPa, which is the normal air pressure at 2000’ altitude. Surely these planes can take off from less than half a mile elevation?

On the other hand, European storm Ciara is over there blowing like mad, winds 100mph in UK, and the storm system is so large, blowing west to east, that several flight records have been broken on the NY to London run; a plane made the journey the other day and arrived 102 minutes early, going 825mph with the tailwind instead of the typical 575mph. Wind comes along with abrupt changes in air pressure, so this company’s statement might be a noble CYA; better to say “dangerously low pressure” than “it’s too damn windy to fly”.


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Meanwhile In China And Elsewhere


Citizens model the latest fashion in Shanghai as reported deaths from the Wuhan virus top 100 per day for the first time.

China is busy spraying entire cities with bleach.

Elsewhere in the world, a highly limited study shows that it may be the case that Chinese people, males especially, have a higher number of ACE2 receptors in their lung tissue than do non-Chinese people. This is the same part of the body through which SARS, a very similar virus, spread some years ago.  Analysis of the case data shows that the two (as of this writing) deaths “outside China” were actually Chinese men. Also, the cases in the UK, France, UAE, and in Finland are also Chinese people. If PC is driving the media to hide, or not even ask, about the ethnic identity of people who are getting sick, then they are doing all of us a great disservice and just spreading panic.

The authors begin by noting that, from an evolutionary perspective, there is every reason to expect there to be ethnic or race differences in the susceptibility to different pathogens. Races—or, as they call them, “ethnic groups”—are breeding populations, long-separated, usually by geography, who are, therefore, genetic clusters adapted to different ecologies. Because they were exposed to different pathogens in prehistory, there are very likely to be race differences in susceptibility to the pathogens and in how well the immune system can fight them.

With the highly endangered poor little pangolin the latest possible strange mammal to be included in the animal to human vector chain, the above author notes how genetic populations (races) that have long practiced farming, animal husbandry, and livestock crossbreeding were far less susceptible to SARS, Swine Flu, and the Spanish Flu back in 1918, while other genetic populations that never really domesticated animals (Maoris in New Zealand, native groups in Canada, the Saami people in Norway and Finland) had a far greater illness and death rate than everyone else. Farming has been around in China since forever, but the recent news has shown that they obviously still consume and use weird wild animals much more than your typical resident of Gary Indiana. Whether or not this is THE connection, A connection, or nothing at all remains to be seen. However, the upshot may be that while the Wuhan virus may spread around the world, it may not be much of a big deal if you aren’t ethnically Chinese. [ of course, the tinfoil hat brigade will run with this, not accepting that there is a difference between random natural happenstance and malicious GMO intent ]


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calendar   Monday - February 10, 2020

what a dummy

On Fox News last night or the night before I saw a bit of an interview Bill Maher did with Mark Levin. The interview may have taken place some time ago, and was a prop in a roundtable discussion Levin was having with a couple other people.

Bill Maher was honestly disgruntled that the Senate had only two representatives per state, even though some states have many many times the population of other states. He was not being funny or making a parody. And Levin didn’t smack the crap out of him on the spot.

This is what our education system has created. Sad.

Hey dummy: Congress is divided into two parts: The House of Representatives and the Senate. The House is the People’s Legislature, with Congressmen elected from the several States based on their population. States with lots of citizens get more Representatives, which we call Congressmen, even though Senators are actually Congressmen too. Calling them “Housers” just doesn’t sound right. The Senate is the State’s Legislature, in which ALL STATES HAVE AN EQUAL VOICE. That’s why each State gets 2 Senators, only 2, no more and no less.

This is grade school level stuff. [ I hear AOC was recently lost in the forest, trying to find the 3 branches of government. ]

I will leave it as an intellectual exercise to the adults in the room to figure out what would happen if the Senate was also proportional, but I’ll give you a hint: it ain’t pretty, and it reeks of mob rule.


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