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September 28, 2022

Nord Stream Pipeline Leak Was Sabotage Bomb. Did Biden Authorize This?

Tucker Carlson runs down some of the evidence. He’s either right - another out of control act by our out of control government - or he’s gone total Glenn Beck crackerdog.

No way Russia, Poland, or Germany would do this. And the methane pollution is massive. And Team Brandon has threatened to shut down Nord Stream “one way or another” several times.

Denmark reports seismic activity as explosions

Danish authorities reported the location of the Nord Stream 1 leak as northeast of the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, and the Nord Stream 2 leak as southeast of the island. German media, quoting unnamed security officials, say it’s possible the leaks are a result of an act of sabotage, as it’s extremely rare for undersea, concrete-coated steel pipes to break on their own. Authorities have halted all shipping in the area around the leaks.

Lund says both the Swedish network and the Danish Seismic Network picked up the explosions on Monday. The first blast occurred at 2:03 a.m. Swedish time, and a second, larger explosion occurred at 7:04 p.m. “Preliminary estimates would say that this is at least equivalent to 100 kilograms of dynamite,” he says.

Lund says the seismic data was able to pinpoint the second blast to within just a few kilometers of the location the Swedish Maritime Authority gave as the site of the second leak. “We’re not spot on, but we’re fairly close to the area of the leakage,” he says.

Lund says there’s no natural event that could have created such unique seismic signatures less than 24 hours apart. “There’s nothing I could come up with that would produce this,” he says.

The explosions occurred just barely into international waters, in an area with a disputed Economic Exclusion Zone. So anybody could have been there, even “fishing”.

Tinfoil hat time, and a few off the wall musings

Holy shit. And it’s entirely likely as they are that insane and deluded. At least somebody should pop a little incendiary missile over it and burn off the methane.

The finger points to a government. One with plenty of money. To plant explosives at the relatively shallow bottom of the Baltic, divers might still need to wear exo-suits, as they’d be underwater for a very long time. We’re talking a couple million bucks per suit. Not to mention the support ships etc, plus access to waterproof explosives in large quantities and a secure means of setting them off remotely. This is not something the cartels or the jihadis can do, even if they have the money. The world of deep sea divers is pretty small. Somebody knows something, guaranteed.

These explosions occurred off the coast of Bornholm Island, in the not super deep part of the Baltic Sea, an area called the Bornholm Basin, where the water is about 60-90m deep. Call it 200-300 feet. So the exo-suits aren’t mandatory.

This is within the depth that commercial divers can do with scuba, although they will need considerable decompression time, even if they’re breathing heli-ox from their tanks ... and they’ll need a lot of tanks. It takes time to lay hundreds of pounds of explosives. OTOH, plastic explosives can be stronger than dynamite, so less would be needed to do the job. Using a dynamite equivalent metric is a bit silly in this day and age, especially as actual dynamite came in various strengths. The weaker stuff was much safer to use.

Are there smaller submarines that could do this task? Probably. Again, big bucks, and the unknown ones would be military, guaranteed. But again, they need surface support ships. Although if I was the evil genius behind it, I’d have a crappy old freighter built as a Q ship, modified to carry such a sub in a bomb bay in the hull. Maybe make it a large fishing trawler mother ship (Asian or Muzzie registry of course), which would not be noticed if it stayed in one small area for a couple days. Bring along some dhows and actually catch some fish.

This was a government sponsored operation. Period. And Tucker is right, Putin would be absolutely insane to have done this. But it’s not impossible that a pneumatic torpedo was inserted into the pipe from the Russian end.

Tucker mentions seismic recordings. Obviously Denmark has them, as do others, but I haven’t seen any graphs out there yet.

So that leaves us, Poland, Germany, or Sweden. And Sweden hasn’t had much to say about anything lately, so probably rule them out.

Oh, but there is SOME upside here. I think those pipes run across the dead zone too, east of Stockholm and west of Estonia. This is a layer of deep water hydrogen sulfide, a very poisonous gas. Black Sea has this too, especially in their dead zone, where there is so little oxygen and life in the water that ancient Greek shipwrecks litter the bottom in like-new condition. Had the bombs disrupted that layer, the gas cloud released could have killed millions if the wind was blowing from the East.

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September 26, 2022

Bridge Post!!
Sorry, I just found this one. A real Homer Simpson D’oh!! moment.

Ya know, they put those “bridge closed” signs up for a reason.

rolleyes  big surprise  rolleyes


Now California Is Going After Furnaces: Newsom Bans Gas Heat After 2030

The Golden State just became the first in the nation to begin making fossil-fuel furnaces and heaters a thing of the past.

In its ongoing effort to slash ozone pollution, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted Thursday to ban the sale of new gas furnaces and water heaters beginning in 2030. Homes will be required to install zero-emissions alternatives, like electric heaters.

The vote is designed to meet EPA regulations limiting ozone in the atmosphere to 70 parts per billion. Much of California still exceeds that limit.

“We need to take every action we can to deliver on our commitments to protect public health from the adverse impacts of air pollution, and this strategy identifies how we can do just that,” said CARB Chair Liane Randolph.

The heaters requirement was met with comments from the public, including opposition. Retired engineer Michael Kapolnek said the saved emissions don’t justify the cost to homeowners forced into expensive retrofits, such as upgrading electrical service.

Groups such as the American Lung Association and the Sierra Club supported the move.

“This will reduce the building sector’s carbon footprint and improve public health. We also appreciate the commitment to equity-centered engagement and community input in all states of the process,” said Daniel Barad, senior policy advocate at Sierra Club California.

Now here’s a funny thing ... catalytic converters, like the ones on your car, will take nitrogen oxides out of the exhaust stream. With a two stage system, using an air pump just like cars do (good old “make up air” from outside), carbon oxides are burned down, and the system releases plain old nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Both of which are part of the atmosphere, and until not too many years ago, did not count as pollutants.

So I could easily see a retrofit system with an air pump, and perhaps even a heat recovery system ( think of a moonshine still’s condenser, but running backwards ).

But that isn’t good enough for California. CO2 BAD, even though it helps the plants grow. So don’t even look at this possibility, just ban fuel powered furnaces and hot water heaters, even those fired by natural gas, which is the cleanest burning combustible that is cost effective.

Oh, and California has no plans to increase their electric grid, which ( along with all the EVs they’ve demanded and now don’t want you to charge ), will be leached even further by mandating electric heaters.

I gather the only thing on earth that we have an infinite, renewable resource, supply of is stupid. You never hear of a shortage of that.

In a very similar vein, NPR prattles on about how gas stoves are BAD, because they increase the chances of childhood asthma by 20%. Of course, the obvious solution to that is right there in this article: use a range hood. But, oh noes!, the guy in the article only has a wall fan, way up high above the stove. Ok, in that case ... hey moron, install a hood for it.

PS - a proper range hood for any stove, especially a gas one, is at least 3” wider than the range on each side, and projects further forward than the common ones you now see. And to work best, it needs to flow quite a bit more than your typical range hood, somewhere up in the 600cfm or better range for a decent sized kitchen. And in many states, like here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, that means our old friend make-up air needs to join the party.

Not to mention that there are also multi-stage and modulated gas furnaces; these work in a similar manner to multi-stage and continuously variable air conditioners. Both run on really low most of the time, and only ramp up when needed. For a gas furnace, this gets the efficiency up in the 96% or higher range, which not only saves you money, but pollutes less. These furnaces also have heat recovery built in. This is as good as it gets. And here’s an example of one.

But it’s still not good enough for the utopian dreamers in La-La Land.

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September 25, 2022

Bowling Blogging!!

We got taken to the cleaners Friday on No Longer That Cheap league. 0-7. We had a bit of handicap, which means we needed to bowl over average to stand a chance of winning. We threw on average at best. OTOH, our opponents threw superbly, bowling well over average in nearly every game. Their anchor threw a 736 series as if it were nothing, which is a better series than I have ever thrown in my life. He has a 210 average or thereabouts, so he wasn’t really that much over. So we’re now 14-7 after the 3rd week of the season.


Busy with the project of course. As the new washer and dryer location upstairs is going to require a long duct for the dryer with several corners in it, I knew we’d need a booster fan in the ducting. So I did my research. And then more research. And finally found the one that actually works. It’s the Tjernlund LB2, the only booster on the market that 1) meets meets UL 705 DEDPV & IRC-2015 requirements, and 2) is guaranteed to not clog up with lint for 5 years. The last part is important, because the unit will be mounted up in the attic and will not be easy to get to, or to take apart for cleaning. It’s got a remote panel for the sensor, so you can see how it’s working, and will provided plenty of suction to pull air and lint down the pipe with ease.

If you have any interest, go to the link above and watch the video. It’s amazing. Best sales closer ever.

The downside is that this one costs nearly double what the standard “propeller in a can” models cost, but I found it on Amazon at a discount price, and I had enough Prime Points to cut that price nearly in half.

The unit mounts to a stud with a hefty steel bracket, so it will provide good support for the vent pipes. Now I just have to spend a day up in the attic figuring out where to run the ducting. The shorter and straighter the better, but up under the truss there are all sorts of studs and chords running every which way. And it has to hook up to the current outside vent cap, which is probably 6 feet below where the duct will enter the attic, 25 feet away, and 5 feet over. So it’s going to be a challenge figuring things out. OTOH, I’m becoming an expert at fitting 10lb of sugar in a 5lb bag, so I’m confident.


This and that happening in the news. Biden trying to get us in a nuclear war with Russia? Plus the usual nonsense and mayhem.
Oh, and Europe is going to freeze to death this winter, hoist on their own Green Petard. No gas, no oil, no coal, no peat, no wood, and they continue to shut down their nuke plants. If they’re that stupid, they own the fate that awaits them. Meanwhile China builds new coal fired generators all the time, India and Africa continue to burn anything that will catch fire, and none of them give a poopoo about carbon dioxide. Only the guilt-ridden, suicidal West.

Know what?  I don’t have time for this nonsense right now.

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September 22, 2022

Bowling Blogging!!

So we won all 7 last night, but my team bowled rather poorly. Both our Petes weren’t there, so we got subs. And the subs bowled great!! So we won, and our team averages went down. Best of both worlds!


Dilbert Comic Being Cancelled By Corporate Wokesters


So it looks like the Dilbert comic strip is being cancelled. I don’t buy newspapers anymore, and I don’t work in cubicle world any longer so the relevance of Dilbert is over my horizon, and I’ve mostly forgotten it existed. But an awful lot of newspapers are owned by only a few companies, and they all play follow the leader, and at this point the comic has been cut from 77 papers. Expect many more to come, as management does some “subtle” restructuring of the all important funny pages. And Dilbert goes down the memory hole. And management lies to itself that they were only saving money. But we know better, and so does everyone who reads Dilbert or is one of the non-manager characters in Dilbert. Management always lies, and common sense and decency in the workplace is indecently uncommon.

But author Scott Adams is still just as sharp as ever, and has been snarking the heck out of diversity, trans-ism, and ESG ( the moronic but pervasive woke idea that Environment, Social, and Governance have any real meaning in a company atmosphere ). And we all know that the “tolerant” Left is anything but tolerant of anyone who isn’t them or makes fun of them. They have no sense of humor at all. Of course they don’t; if they could laugh at the absurdities shown in the Dilbert strips, they’d be forced to admit that their ideas and worldviews themselves are absurd. And the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

So it’s easier to cancel a comic strip. “When you’re catching flack, it means you’re over the target”.  And now I’m back to reading Dilbert online. Still awesome all these years later.



September 21, 2022


Happy Fall!

Take your Equinox out for a spin in 2 days and try not to hit anything pumpkin spiced.


Meanwhile ... bits from here and there ...

•  4.4 mile hit with rifle. Ok, the target was approaching barn door size, and it took almost 70 tries. But still. PS - nearly 150 years ago

•   True Recycling! Thousands flock to Alaska to pick up expensive coolers that washed overboard,

•   Chipping away at the profit margins, as Ford builds tens of thousands of trucks it can’t sell, due to chip shortages and supply chain issues.
[ to be fair it’s all of them, not just Ford. Mazda just sent me a letter saying they’d pay me 120% of my car’s blue book value if I’d trade it in. Sweet, but do they have anything new I can buy? ]

•   I used to do News From The North posts, but gave that up years ago because it’s so boring up there. But here’s the latest from Jay Maine: The paper mill is closing next year. Jay is way up in the back of blueberry beyond, far up the Androscoggin River. And the paper mill employs most of the town. But they couldn’t compete if they couldn’t pollute, so buh bye. The Androscoggin River was once one of the most polluted rivers in the country, but has made a big comeback. Except for a couple stubborn polluters. And next year, one less.

When I was a kid and we’d go camping Up North, we’d drive through Joffrey New Hampshire, home to D.D. Bean and sons, maker of all the paper matches. It was also a massive pulp mill. The stench was gigantic. Still, paper has to come from somewhere.

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September 20, 2022

And Away We Go! Almost

The new contractor says he can start on October 1st. So of course we have a big family event we have to go to, driving an hour each way and spending the whole afternoon and evening at it. So I’ll try for the 3rd.

And let the mayhem commence. This means I have to get hold of the plumber right now, to get an estimate and a scheduling.

And she’d better put down the “how to forage for food” videos and go pick some grout and some paint. And figure out the tiling for the shower niche.

And we’ll buy spackle and several gallons of primer. And I have to dig out the new bathtub and see if it needs the overflow end pipe, or if I bought a tub with a built-in overflow drain.

Finally, we’re making it happen.  Better talk with the contractor about waste disposal too. I can stack up old boards and drywall for a while, but at some point it will be time to get a dumpster delivered for a day. Any longer than that and the neighbors might dump stuff in it.


Not much new here on my end. I ordered the vent fan for the bathroom ceiling. It has a little LED light in it, and it has a speed adjustment so you can choose how much air it flows. The low setting is 30cfm more than the fan that’s there now, and the high setting is more than double the original. It’s one of those Whisper models from Panasonic, which means that it’s super quiet, lasts forever, and uses very little electricity. A bit of research showed me that we don’t need one of the high volume fans that use a 6” duct, so this one will hook up to the 4” duct that’s already there (in theory). Save a few bucks when you can!

Outside, we put down some gravel on the ground in the little nook off the end of the patio and moved the hose reel there. Then we came up with the idea to gravel over that whole little zone, the 3’ between the lower garden edge bricks and the foundation. This area is hard to see from even six feet away, an unusable area that does nothing other than grow weeds. So put down a strip of landscape mesh, a couple inches of gravel over that, and 3 or 4 stepping stone slabs over that. Make it look pretty, provide good drainage, and keep the weeds away. Without spending very much.


I’m sure there’s other exicting and/or upsetting news to report on, but not now. I have to remeasure everything in the kitchen for the cabinet guy, and I have to come up with a list of electric work for the contractor. Neither task is difficult, just time consuming.

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September 18, 2022

My latest crazy idea: increase the power grid many times over before mandating everything going electric. Because you can’t use what isn’t there, and forcing people to switch before it’s available will only lead to suffering.

Governor Murphy’s Plan to Force Electrical Energy Will Break the Budget for Public Schools

And let’s cut through THAT bs right away. The schools won’t be bankrupted or budget-broken. Your taxes will merely increase dramatically.

In less than 90 days, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is expected to enact new rules that could cost manufacturers, businesses, public schools, and apartment complexes millions of dollars to convert boiler systems to electric.

Senators Michael Testa and Anthony M. Bucco, Republican members of New Jersey’s bipartisan Legislative Manufacturing Caucus, warned that the impact will be felt across the state in the form of higher product costs and skyrocketing energy bills.

“This will be nothing short of a man-made economic disaster,” said Testa (R-1). “As usual, the Murphy Administration is diving in without considering the ramifications or the costs. This all is happening too quickly and without the proper diligence.”

The rule change, set to take effect in December, marks the beginning of the Murphy Administration’s electrification of the state under its Energy Master Plan.

“This is going to tear through the state economy like a bulldozer through a cornfield,” said Bucco (R-25). “Murphy wants to eradicate natural gas and fuel oil, and he doesn’t care how much it costs or who it hurts. The financial impact of this initial step alone is jaw-dropping. Costs could reach $2 million or more to replace boilers in some structures targeted by the new rule.”

This week, a coalition of more than 30 business and labor organizations rallied in Trenton in opposition to the changes.

In a letter to Legislative leaders, the groups said: “There are approximately 1,500 apartment buildings, 1,500 K-12 public schools, 1,200 commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities, 195 county government buildings and 143 auto body shops, as well as grocery stores and religious facilities, affected by the proposal.”

“Everybody is going to get hit by everything from higher grocery bills, property taxes and rent payments, but I am especially concerned about what this does to New Jersey’s crucial manufacturing segment,” said Testa, the co-chair of the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus. “A multi-million investment to replace a perfectly functional boiler system could put companies out of business and workers out of jobs.

We have an abundance of fuel oil and natural gas. We’ve got lots of propane too, not to mention coal. Natural gas is about as clean a form of combustion derived energy as it gets, other than burning straight hydrogen and oxygen. Nuclear generation beats them all of course, not polluting at all. Geothermal as well, although the costs for that are extraordinary and I’m not sure that it can be implemented everywhere.

And yet the stupid is neverending.

My point is, just like the benighted smugness that claims electric cars are the way forward, an all-electric society also has to get the electricity from somewhere. Solar is a sham. Wind is an even greater sham. Neither one is anywhere near cost effective even with massive government subsidies. And yet, all the Left does is make demands, without creating the resources. To go all-electric, NJ would need about 25 new full size nuclear reactors and 10 times more transmission lines. This would cost trillions and trillions, even if you did it without unions, corruption, or waste, and followed every red cent.

Oh yeah, the good old blog. As you can guess, I’ve been pretty busy. Got the mistakes from the big order straightened out, have to check my account online to make sure the credits went through. Have to order a damper from Amazon as Lowe’s can’t get them.

Met with the cabinet guy again. I really don’t like people telling me I’m wrong with an approach if they can’t think outside of the box. So sorry, I got a little testy and impatient. I do my absolute best to make myself clear, but I suppose I should use a different approach sometimes. Whatever. So now I have to remeasure the entire kitchen yet again, update the drawings, take apart the closet so I can get up in the attic, take pictures of everything that matters, see where some wires run, so on and so forth.

I’m once again at wit’s end. While I’m buying thousands of dollars worth of materials, spending hours and hours calculating and measuring and pouring through specification books, she’s dreaming up yet another kitchen design. This is not helping. And I’m fucking sick of it. And I’m tired of being tired, tired of being cranky, tired of all of it. For the 5th time at least, I don’t want to play anymore. I just want to walk away from all of it, forever. But I won’t, because I’m the one doing all the work, and I’m the one fronting all the money. Every last cent spent so far.

I want some Xanax or Prozac or something. Not that I’ve ever had any psych meds before in my life. Counseling. Whatever. Numb my soul for awhile so I don’t get so worked up over things. Or maybe I just need to take a few days off from it. Yesterday was another day where the entire day, from morning coffee to bedtime was spent on this thing. It’s all I do. It’s all I’ve done every damn day for 5 months, maybe even 2 years. I need to step away for a bit. But I can’t. The real phase is just about to begin. And I feel like the entire burden is on my shoulders.


Bowling Blogging!!

I meant to post this Friday night, but I was just too tired.

We won 7-0 for the second week in a row. And we the manager team. But they rolled poorly, and our new teammates came through, and we pulled it off. We won the last game by 3 pins, so that was a real nail biter.

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September 14, 2022

image  Denmark Discovers Common Sense (and saves a fortune too, no doubt)  image

Denmark: No covid vax no boosters for any regular person under 50

The Danish Health Authority expects that the number of covid-19 infections will increase during autumn and winter. Therefore, we recommend vaccination of people aged 50 years and over as well as selected risk groups.


Who will be offered vaccination against covid-19?
People aged 50 years and over will be offered vaccination.

People aged under 50 who are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 will also be offered vaccination against covid-19.

Staff in the healthcare and elderly care sector as well as in selected parts of the social services sector who have close contact with patients or citizens who are at higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 will also be offered booster vaccination against covid-19.


Why are people aged under 50 not to be re-vaccinated?
The purpose of the vaccination programme is to prevent severe illness, hospitalisation and death. Therefore, people at the highest risk of becoming severely ill will be offered booster vaccination. The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with covid-19, and people aged under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination.

People aged under 50 are generally not at particularly higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19. In addition, younger people aged under 50 are well protected against becoming severely ill from covid-19, as a very large number of them have already been vaccinated and have previously been infected with covid-19, and there is consequently good immunity among this part of the population.

Looks like Freja, Lars, and Mikkel have been doing some data analysis and making decisions based on that. Glad somebody is, finally.

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September 13, 2022

Not a lot from me right now. It may have stopped raining. Maybe. We had a very wet Spring then a very very dry Summer, and now The Wet has returned again. After several days of drippy drippy drip, the clouds wrung themselves out last night and dropped nearly 2” on us. But it’s still cool and highly overcast, so there may be more in the offing.

It’s that “mystery noise” time of year for us. Which actually means the walnuts are falling off the toilet-tree that overhangs our patio and roof. Mr. Squirrel running around up there having a nosh only makes matters worse. That tree was marked for removal 10 weeks ago, but it hasn’t come down yet. And at the condo association’s monthly meeting last night, where the dead tree removal project came up. So ours is slated for removal, but the far larger tree behind it, down in the bottom of the soggy gully, has been nearly killed by Virginia Creeper vines for years (some of the vines are 6” thick and several stories high at this point), and if that tree falls it could cause a lot of damage. But it would be a difficult, manual felling and removal, so the price is 5 times higher. So that got put aside for further discussion, but my hope is that the toilet-tree will soon come down.

We’ve (once again) finalized a plan for the kitchen cabinets. We have to make the best of a bad situation, get something that works, and looks nice, and is well made, and is a good value or at least a reasonable price. That’s a challenge. But I think we’re there, getting as much of all of that as we can, plus high degrees of symmetry, the magical “matchy-matchy” that appeals to women. The alcove cabinets are the same height as all the other ones on the other side. The slider wall cabinets on both sides are the same size. All the cabinets on the walls edge align with the cabinets beneath them, and on the short wall around the stove it’s practically bookended. And even better, the cabinets are big enough to be useful. No blind corner base, no space wasted with fillers, no 3”, 6”, or even 9” cabinets, all of which are too small to do much good. And the price is moderate. OK, it’s expensive as hell, but our HD is running a 40% discount until the end of the year, and once you order them Kraftmaid contacts you and you pick a build and delivery date. Which is going to be a while ... like Spring. Probably not the greatest idea to have no walls or ceiling in the kitchen in the dead of winter.


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September 11, 2022

9/11 Once Again

I will not forget. I will not forgive. And I will never ever submit.

It isn’t community service day. It isn’t really Patriots Day. It’s Remember Who Your True Enemies Are Day, and recall that they have been our enemies since the beginning of this nation. They were the Barbary Pirates, for whom the Navy was created to fight.

I don’t need to post pictures. You’ve seen them all a million times in the 21 years since. An entire generation has been born, grown up, and graduated college since then, and has no idea. But a few of them, and a lot of their older brothers and sisters, answered the call and went into harm’s way for a damn long time over this, while our worthless spineless politicians dicked about and threw most of it away. Pity we have so few 103rd floor window opportunities for defenestration.

Recall also how our government has usurped your rights and freedoms ever since, and now spies on you everywhere you go, every page you visit online, and every phone call you make. And don’t even go there with the shoes and TSA. Worthless ever since Day 1.


More good news. Eliza Fletcher’s killer has a record of rape, abduction, violence, etc going back to when he was 14. He just raped someone else a year before killing Fletcher.


Whale hits tiny motorboat overloaded with 11 bird watchers aboard on a nice day with calm seas, a hundred yards from shore. Half of them drown. Something is off here. It was not a killer whale, just a regular one.


Another nutcase teacher, enemy of the nation, who needs to be fired this instant.

Well, at least this one hasn’t yet been charged with any sex crimes against students.

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September 10, 2022

I don’t know how, but yesterday’s posts seem to have evaporated. Oops.

Bowling Blogging !!

Last night was opening night for Cheap League, which is no longer really cheap as prices have gone up.  It was a thin night, with about half the league being absent. A lot of people, especially those with no kids in the house, take vacations right after Labor Day and Back To School. No crowds anywhere, and the weather is still pretty good, but not so damn hot.  So most of them pre-bowled, and the rest of us were not even slightly crowded. Looks like the league will have 13 teams again this year, which means a BYE match every week. Fine by me, that’s a chance for some easy points.

So wifely and I played Rick and Tracey’s team. We’ve known them forever and get along pretty well. Half their team had pre-bowled, and half our team had as well. We lost the D’s, the new bowler couple who had rolled with us for several years, never really tried to learn the sport, and now claim their new work hours won’t let them make it. Whatever. So we got a new couple, who are long time league bowlers in some other league. And they weren’t there either, but they pre-bowled perfectly ... both were right on average for the night, without much variation game to game. So they neither helped nor hurt, but at least we didn’t have to take an absentee penalty for them. So it was just the 4 of us in a half full alley. This also means that the lane oil isn’t going to break down all that much since only half as many people are rolling on it. So we bowled at a relaxed pace, had fun with R and T, and even showed up with clean balls.

And wifely and I both bowled real well, and we won all 7. Nice start to a new season. She went 167 170 217 for a 554, coming in 22 over average. Well done! I threw a 645 series with a 245 in Game 2, so I was 32 over average. Outstanding. I opened the 245 game with 6 strikes in a row, then doubly messed up by throwing a 9 in the 7th and missing the spare by a zillionth of an inch. But then I went back to making more strikes, but I just missed making a 250 game. Oh well. I’m thrilled to chuck a 245.

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  专业从事中文配音和外文配音制作,北京名传天下配音公司   北京名传天下专业配音公司成破于2006å¹´12月,是专业从事中 中文配音 文配音跟外文配音的音频制造公司,幻想飞腾配音网领 配音制作 有海内外优良专业配音职员已达500多位,可供给一流的外语配音,长年服务于国内中心级各大媒体、各省市电台电视台,能满意不同客户的各种需要。电话:010-83265555   北京名传天下专业配音公司…
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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