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Once Again, The One And Only Post

August 15, 2022

a somewhat ex post facto Covid post

Another home run from Dr. Pierre Corey, writing part 3 of his The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh

The CDC’s criminal actions were followed a week later by the [P]FDA posting this bulletin cautioning against use “outside of the hospital setting.” This move was historic to me personally, because it was the first time in the pandemic that I was shocked by the supposed idiocy of U.S. federal therapeutics policy. I thought, “man are they being stupid, anyone knows that if an antiviral is going to work, it has to be given within the first days of illness. Why would they restrict it to the hospital’s hyper-inflammatory phase, where live virus is present in so few?”

It didn’t take me too long to realize that their policies were, rather than “stupid,” instead wickedly malevolent in clearing the new, global marketplace for their wares. It was the direct cause of the ensuing humanitarian catastrophe. We now know that had they gone “all in” on early treatment like UP, many hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved in the U.S. alone and it would have prevented them from pulling off the devastatingly lethal vaccine fraud.

These nonsensical and corrupt federal policy pronouncements were then followed by what I would learn in time to be the standard pattern of Big Pharma Disinformation campaigns. Major media articles and medical journal publications began to appear, cautioning and/or attacking decisions like India’s. Here is one in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. These “cautioning” types of articles, trying to dissuade the empirical use of safe, promising, repurposed drugs during a public health catastrophe, shocks me to this day. In my recent post on the fraudulent TOGETHER ivermectin trial, I gave similar examples in relation to ivermectin.

Still believe the government works in your best interest? Sucka!!

On April 29th, in a press conference, the [ India ] Ministry of Health once again confirmed the new protocol [ Ivermectin and Budesonide ]. These updates were presented to the media on April 30, 2021 and can be viewed here.

Now, this is where corruption via censorship and propaganda are kicked into high gear. The media simply refused to promulgate the news. Instead they continued to promote Remdesivir as an effective drug, and the few media outlets that even bothered to mention ivermectin referred to it as “the unproven medicine” or an “outdated treatment.” It’s as if there were two different realities—in the local health systems, millions of patients were now receiving ivermectin, yet few knew due to what was essentially a media blackout. When ivermectin does surface, it’s mentioned as “outdated” or “inappropriate.”

Global use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin would have solved the pandemic at an extremely low cost. As the late lamented Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said, they would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the USA. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

But that would have stopped Big Pharma’s mega-billion profits in their tracks. Can’t have that.

Still believe the government works in your best interest? Sucka!!


Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, the CDC just did a major about face, dropping just about all the nonsense that they used to spew about Covid, natural immunity, etc. It’s a huge CYA, a spew of weasel words written by lawyers. They were utterly wrong about everything from the beginning, but won’t admit it, even though they’re now doing an Emily Litella “never mind” on nearly all of it. They still haven’t backed off the mask thing, even though prestigious Harvard just (finally!!) released a big deal study saying that masks aren’t worth dog vomit, never were, and cause more problems then they don’t even pretend to solve. Which is what people knew in 1919 with the Spanish Flu, and pretty much what is written on the side of every box of masks you purchased. Thus the CDC’s last desperate straw they’re clutching is reduced to ashes. Buh bye!!

What about the unvaccinated who were so demonized throughout the last year?

“CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild, and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection.”

Remember when 40% of the members of the black community in New York City who refused the jab were not allowed into restaurants, bars, libraries, museums, or theaters? Now, no one wants to talk about that.

Also, universities, colleges, the military, and so on – which still have mandates in place – do you hear this? Everything you have done to hate on people, dehumanize people, segregate people, humiliate others as unclean, fire people and destroy lives, now stands in disrepute.

Still believe the government works in your best interest? Sucka!!

So the worms are finally turning, a little. But unless those worms can twist themselves into hempen ropes with loop knots on the end, and those then put to proper use, this is all for naught. Because the memory hole is bottomless, with room for infinite roomfuls of 300lb gorillas.

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August 13, 2022

A Little Post: A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Another day spent at the big box orange DIY store shopping for project stuff. Came home with an unfinished solid pine door sticking out of the trunk in my hatchback. It’s for the pocket door, and I ordered the kit. I’ll have to match the stain to the other doors like it upstairs, sand it, stain it, put on a few coats of polyurethane. So I have a project for the project. Also picked up some more electrical bits, junction boxes, a few light switches and a bag of regular thinset mortar. Ordered the fire retardant and the insulation for the range hood flue. The flue pipe sections are coming on another order. Got a roll of Hardie Backer board tape and a spare piece of 1/2” Hardie just in case. My cabinet guy is still on vacation until Tuesday, so I spoke with another person in that department, but she couldn’t give me anything specific. Still haven’t heard from the cabinet woman at the big box blue DIY store. Why does it take these people so darn long to write up an order spec? We’re talking about 15 cabinets, a microwave shelf. and 2 lengths of simple crown molding, 2 toe kick boards, 2 lengths of undercabinet cover fascia, and 2 lengths of the simple molding that takes. So 20 items altogether, and I provided part numbers for each one. That’s a small order for a whole kitchen, and shouldn’t be a challenge for a trained Kitchen Cabinet Specialist. So what gives? It’s called “work” because that’s what do to collect your paycheck, am I right? OTOH, this is a gigantic lesson in patience for me, something that I need gigatons more of.

Everything else here is fine. Family is good, FIL is mostly over the ‘rona, our cats are ok but lonely because wifely is at the beach this weekend at her sister’s beach shack. So it’s me myself and I. And the PC, and The Project. Exciting life I lead. Not.

Following the news but it’s all SSDD. Just more tyranny, more corruption, more smoke, mirrors, and distractions, while burying the important stuff. So who cares?

• Ann Heche, mentally ill washed up actress, got wasted and smashed her tiny car into a house at 100mph.  A week later she’s officially dead and chopped up for her parts. Hey, her organs are pre-pickled, so they should last longer.

• Monkeypox, but none dare call it a gay disease, even though just about no one else gets it, other than the adopted boys My Two Dads sexually abuse. And now 2 butt boys apparently gave it to their dog. I don’t even want to think about that perverse infection vector. But don’t worry, nobody will ever consider bestiality charges.

• FBI, one of the armed enforcement armies of the DNC, raided Trump’s home. For bupkis. Or for fashion? Media rabidly in favor. Corrupt to the core, owned by the Left, both of them. If you think this is out of line it indicates you’re one of those domestic terrorist threats.

• The Left’s other enforcement agency, the IRS, about to double in size thanks to this garbage gazillion dollar porkulus Green Dream BS bill called Inflation Reduction Act or some such lie. Yeah, because we need TEN DIVISIONS worth of new IRS agents. Stasi much? Better register as a Democrat or they’ll be coming after you. Guaranteed. Ok, there maybe a couple other ways to avoid their attention. They won’t touch the rich. But they’ll screw over the little people and the little businesses, especially if the owners vote the wrong way (remember the raid on conservative Gibson guitar company but nothing for liberal Martin guitars?) Pure political intimidation. Evil.

And all the other crap that passes for news, but are all really just indications that our culture and the rest of the world are going to Hellena Handbasket Idaho AFAP. Don’t even wanna go there.

• Salman Rushdie attacked by jihadi fatwa lunatic while on stage, stabbed multiple times. Press trying super hard to not notice that his attacker is a muzzie, or to blame the ayatollahassahollas in Iran.

It’s all gone crazy. Crazier. Totally nutso-crackerdog.

• Except for Uttar Pradesh in India, where they have about the only government on the planet staffed with people who can think and who act in the public interest and are not completely corrupt. Dr. Pierre Cory writes today about the Ivermectin Miracle there, and how the story was buried. No kidding. I followed it from the beginning, every day, and watched it unfold. 15 months later it’s still a niche story. And the covid narrative marches on unabated. ignoring how MILLIONS of lives were saved there.

• OTOH, the vaccine workers in New York City have given up on putting the death jabs in babies and little kids, because even hyper lefty parents there aren’t playing that game. So they’re switching to doing monkey pox vaccines. I guess gay folks have just as bad memories as anyone else ... if I were gay, I wouldn’t go anywhere near any “medication” that Fauci is behind. Because I remember what he during the AIDS thing. Pure evil. And his history with dogs is even worse than the pervs.

• Meanwhile, not so much in the USA news about it, but the border cities in Mexico are burning, and the cartels are at war for control of them. Because Biden’s idiot border policies mean billions for them, and they’ll happily kill and destroy to possess that.

• But the Kardashians have been a thing for 15 years now. THAT’S NEWS.

We’re doomed. So we’re going to fix up our place and live as well as we can until the zombie hordes break down the doors and our finances are worthless. WTF. The end is nigh. Or neigh. Whatev.

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August 12, 2022

I was having such nightmares about this darn project that I had to get up at 3am to math out some details on what fits where. And sure enough, it would be better to cut a 60” alcove in the kitchen wall (that’s the widest we can do) and put a 2” stile extension on base cabinet going in there to cover the gap. This also lets us make use a 2” wider countertop. And every inch of countertop is worth it.

So while she’s going to the beach today, I’m going back to bed.


… a few hours later ...

Ok, I ate, I slept, I got up. Still tired, but not dead on my feet any longer.

And then I solved the kitchen cabinet blind base wasted space/small door conundrum. What conundrum is this? Both cabinets in a square corner need to have at least 3” clearance so the doors open properly.
For a standard blind base, this means using a cabinet 3” shorter than the wall space you want to fill, and then sliding it over 3”. They called it ‘pulled 3“‘. So you lose that 3"x24"x34.5" of volume and have a dead space in the corner. You can’t put the blind cabinet all the way into the corner, the way they’re built now.
For the adjacent cabinet, it usually means using a 3” spacer, or a 3” extended stile between it and the blind base cabinet, which is just a built in spacer, giving you another dead space of that same volume. If you have an 18” wall space for the adjacent cabinet to fill, you use a 15” cabinet and a 3” spacer.

All it takes to solve this is getting the cabinet makers to literally think outside the box. Because kitchen cabinets are really just boxes. But we’re up against the dreaded “but that’s how we’ve always done it” inertia.

A) A blind base with a 6” wider center stile and a 6” narrower blind opening. This cabinet does not exist. Yet. Mostly. This cabinet goes all the way into the corner, so it’s 3” wider than the standard blind used in that same wall length. But you get a wider door/drawer, and the cabinet goes all the way to the corner, instead of being pulled 3” in as is standard. This gives you back 1.25 cubic feet of storage volume, although it may not be easy to get to. But big drawer/door and no wasted space. Woo hoo!! And the cost is minimal; the wider center stile (14” vs 8") does not have to be made from a 14” wide ($$) board. 6"+4"+4" will work, because only the last 1.5” will ever be visible. No seams showing.

B) An adjacent cabinet using the Integrated Extended Stile option. This builds the spacer into the cabinet. This cabinet option exists, and doesn’t cost that much extra. The downside is that the door is 3” narrower than a regular cabinet of the same width. However, the 3” wide blind space is easy to get to.

Together, you get back 2.5 cubic feet of otherwise wasted storage space. In a smaller kitchen with a problematic corner, that’s a lot.

I should’ve been an engineer or a designer. I’m always looking at things, seeing the problems, and finding solutions. It’s who I am. Ok, I’m wrong sometimes. Too often! But at least I come up with ideas. And I’m pretty sure this one will work. I ran the numbers and made drawings, and it seems to. Ok, I’m not the first to figure this out (see above link, Velya Rose Collection. But my using the IES adjacent gets rid of the spacer dead space as well.

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August 10, 2022

Gee whiz, just one post in 5 days? Sad. But I’ve been insanely busy. Once again the project has taken over my life, and I’ve been planning, researching, shopping, getting quotes, and so on. I think I can take a few days off at this point, although I still have to buy the pocket door kit, an appropriate door for it, another dimmer switch, some armored wire, two kinds of grout, call the plumber, get the permit process going, figure out how to run the dryer vent, get the dryer vent pipe, get the right kind of screws for the hood vent pipe, get fire resistant insulation for both the dryer vent pipe and the range hood vent pipe, choose some paint. get a case of junction boxes, a couple bags of wire strain relief clamps, and a few dozen other bits and pieces. We won’t buy the stacked washer and dryer until the room is laundry room ready. That’s one reason I spent all of today, 12 hours, writing up the kitchen cabinet specs and drawing the cabinet layout we are going to stick with. And if that layout changes again, there will be bloodshed. I can’t deal with that any more. Ever.

So I ordered a whole bunch of stuff today at Lowe’s. They had sent me a one-use digital coupon for 10% off on anything. So I ordered the vinyl plank flooring and its trim pieces, along with everything else I had thought of that they had in stock or could order. Spent a pile, saved a tiny pile. And most of it is getting delivered, for free. I brought home the small spool of 14/2 wire, the gallon of no-odor liquid waterproofing membrane, and a case of 8 LED ceiling lights for the kitchen. Cool little things, just 4” across, but you can aim them, which is perfect because the “cathedral” ceiling in the kitchen goes up across the width of the room. Right now, the old can lights point out square to the ceiling, which means one side of the room is much brighter than the other.

Also met with their kitchen cabinet person, and delivered my specs. I had the door style, the wood choice, the color picked out, along with the part number for every cabinet in the kitchen, and how each one is to be made. It took me 4 hours to verify all of that, made sure everything possible lined up on the walls and on the floor, and handed it over. My hope is that she gets back to me with an itemized list and a price in no more than a day or two, as I’ve done 90% of the work for her.

And I’m burned out. Again. Just worn out. Been doing this all day long, 7 days a week, for 4 1/2 months now. I just want to veg out, have a drink, sleep late, and curl up with a good book I haven’t read too many times before for a few days.

Oh, and we have to decide what kind of shower nook to get, brand and size, then shop for the contrasting tiles that go inside it to make it visually pop. Probably need a bag of regular thinset mortar for that, instead of the Large Format heavy duty polymer enhanced stuff the shower wall tiles need. I never knew there were multiple kinds of mortar, but there are.

And with that, I’m going to bed.


We had the buy in summer league tonight. We couldn’t even consistently beat ourselves, so we went 5-2. Next week is the last night of rotation, then the “finals” the week after that. Winter league generally starts after Labor Day. I wouldn’t mind a few weeks off from that either.

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August 05, 2022

Project Update

Back To The Drawing Board

Digging around under the kitchen sink, we realized that the water lines come up in a totally different spot than we think they did. And that the actual vertical 3” drain for the sink is nearly 2 feet further along the wall than we thought it was. So I really need to carve a hole in the bottom of the sink cabinet to see where these things originate. This might work to our advantage, it might be another nightmare inside a can of worms and dynamite waiting to be opened. At the very least it will require some significant plumbing work to move everything over to a better spot before we put any new cabinet layout in. So it’s either on hold, or off, or back to the drawing board.

Time to go out to the garage and get the hole saw.

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August 02, 2022

Context is everything

I looked down and found I had 4” to play with. I was so happy. She was thrilled.

Here’s the pic to click if you dare.

And here’s the context.


I was going to post this in April but I forgot. Now it’s August, which is in there too.

My favorite Simon & Garfunkel tune. Short and lovely, like the summer romance it signs about. Enjoy.

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July 30, 2022

And around we go again.

Biden Has The But Covid. AGAIN.

Funny, he just got done having it a week or two ago at the most.

Nah, he was sick the whole time. And Paxlovid doesn’t work. Nor do the vaccines.

White House Doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor said in a letter on Saturday afternoon that a small number of people who take Paxlovid to treat COVID-19 test positive for the virus after testing negative.

That’s because Paxlovid doesn’t cure you, it just suppresses the viral expression for a little while. And then it comes right back, stronger than ever.

Not to mention that the tests are still crap, even after all this time.

I’m really tired of this BS at this point.

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July 28, 2022

Red Green — ‘If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.’

Ever since we bought this place the fridge has been at a little tilt. Open the door more than a couple inches and it swings open the whole way. The fridge is on rollers, about 6 little wheels under each corner. I’ve tried to do the adjusting screws several times, but I guess they’re stripped as the adjustments don’t hold.  Cardboard shims, matchbooks, even slivers of pine stuck under there quickly collapse from the weight. Today I had one of those Ah Ha!! moments, and took a couple of the Luxury vinyl plank SPC flooring samples and slid one under each corner of the downhill side. And now the fridge is perfectly plumb. I scootched them under with my toe as much as I could while leaning on the big black box to tilt it over, so they’re not in the way and are hard to see. That SPC flooring is some tough stuff, and the 6mm thickness was just the perfect amount of lift. Sweet. Sorry Red, but no duct tape was involved.

Keep your stick on the ice.


Going Green In A Good Way

The Lemur Lady finds at least one new species of them as she works to save Madagascar from the Madagascarans.

A link to a 20 minute read with some cool pictures. Good writing. Took me 90 minutes to write this post.

By the time Patricia Wright and her entourage arrived at the guard station on the edge of the forest, about 50 local people had gathered in the shade of a blue plastic tarp in the scorching noonday sun. The station, newly constructed of cinder blocks, sat on hardened, wheat-colored earth. Scrubby grass crunched underfoot, and taller grasses nearby had no hint of green. The local cattle, called zebu, which sport a large hump, were said to be dropping dead of thirst.

The punishing heat and drought were everywhere evident, but they were to be expected on this remote plateau in south central Madagascar. It wasn’t the climate, though, that brought Wright here on this trip, in December 2021. She had come to join people of the Bara ethnic group, who live in this territory, in celebrating the opening of the ranger station, which she helped build, and then to journey into the wilderness.

Madagascar is that large island off the SE coast of Africa. It was never really part of Africa, having split off from India 100 million years ago. It’s been isolated the whole time, so nearly all the flora and fauna found there exists nowhere else.

Their destination was a place that Wright herself had first learned about just a few years ago, a place previously unknown to science. It’s a wilderness that seems fantastic because the mere presence of many of its animals and plants defy basic ideas in biology. Also, it has been kept pristine—has been protected—partly by mythology. A taboo, actually. Perhaps that, too, contributed to the fantastic quality. In any event Wright would acknowledge the place had a hold on her. She called it the Lost Rainforest.

The real problem with Madagascar is the people who live there, who haven’t really advanced past primitive slash and burn agriculture. And with no real source of income, they have no money. So they cut down all the trees and burn them, and then raise cattle on the grasslands that spring up, then burn that later to put some carbon back in the soil for the next season of grass. The cattle eat the grass, the ‘gascarines eat the cattle.

Problem is, grass doesn’t hold moisture the way the forests do, and with the human population there tripling in just a decade, the rate of deforestation has really increased. The place is on the verge of becoming another Haiti; chock full of Starvin’ Marvins, without a tree in sight. People get by on about $1.75 a day.

Not to mention the whole vanilla bean thing, which a) has been taken over criminals, b) requires a rain forest to live in, and c) is too much work for the locals now that crime is taking too big a slice of the income. Easier to grow cocaine bushes. Cocoa for chocolate grows really well there too, but they don’t really make much effort for that either. Nor will I point out that the vanilla plant is one of the stupidest orchids in the world. The flowers can only be pollinated by one kind of bee, on just one day a year. Not what you’d call a good survival quotient. To make matters even worse, vanilla is not native to Madagscar. It comes from Mexico. And Madagascar doesn’t have any of the special stingless Mexican Melipona honeybees. So the flowers have to be pollinated by hand. With a toothpick. One at a time. Vanilla pods are pretty much the main export of Madagascar, followed by nickel and cloves.

And of course, even the name Madagascar is emblematic of white colonial oppression, even though it’s not far from the local name. The locals call the island Madagasikara ("mad a gas kay rah") and call themselves Malagasy. Which sounds like a bad digestive problem to us silly Westerners. We won’t mention the tribalism, or that the island was under French colonial rule for only 63 years. Won’t point out that the original humans there sailed down from Indonesia thousands of miles away a couple thousand years ago, and were later joined by the Bantu folks from Africa just 250 miles away 1500 years after that when they figured out boats and swimming. Whatever. They quickly joined in the Living In Loving Harmony With Nature Because We Are Primitives game of Kill Everything And Burn The Rest. And the rest is history, although the cows showed up later to ensure that a bad situation never got any better. Those evil Europeans brought the vanilla orchid over centuries later.

So the place is a mess, destroyed by local inhabitants, quickly becoming a barren desert. Just like Haiti, only 1000 times larger. Except for a few patches of forest, where all the remaining wild animals live, adapting as fast as they can and literally hanging on for dear life. And one old woman will save them.


Bowling Blogging!

We couldn’t overcome the massive handicap.

We lost last night, 2-5. We were up against a team of young newbies. We gave them 136 pins of handicap. Per game. We lost the first game by 24, we lost the second game by 38. They didn’t do quite as good in the third game, which we won but not by enough to overcome the total deficit, so we lost total wood too.

Summer league is kind of a loss leader for new bowlers to encourage them to join a winter league. They come in green, hardly able to get the ball down to the other end of the lane. So their scores are awful. Over the course of the 15 week league, they get better, but the low numbers they roll in the first 5 or so weeks give momentum to their rolling averages. Which means 1) they get a boat load of handicap points, and summer league is usually a 90% handicap; and 2) once they are bowling better later on their averages don’t go up rapidly. This gives them a tremendous advantage. We played the 2nd place team. So far they have 16,259 total scratch pins, the total of their scores for all the weeks without any handicap points added. We have 20,522. Our lowest average bowler has a higher average than their best bowler, and has rolled better series in 8 of the 10 weeks so far.

We beat them in scratch pins ever game. We beat them scratch for the night by over 365 pins. Unfortunately, we gave them 408 pins. So we lost 2-5.

That’s summer league. In winter league, which usually has an 80% handicap, with the same scores we would have tied the first game, giving us 2.5-4.5. A 24 pin per game difference, which adds up to 72, which also means we would have taken wood and it “wood” have been 3.5-3.5 for the night. It is what it is.


Home Reno Project Update: Opportunities for future security but at what $$$ cost?

This condo park is over 40 years old. One of the 1970s style “build it fast and cheap” methods used in making this place was to bury the water pipes in the ground. Raw copper pipes, probably not insulated, in direct contact with the earth. The sometimes moist and stony earth. The very cold earth. Eventually these pipes rot out or freeze up and burst, which causes all kinds of problems. The sewer lines are starting to fail too, but that’s mostly a side issue to this post.  Buried pipes went out of style ( and building codes too? ) a long time ago. The proper modern method is now for the pipes to come down from above, instead of up from below. Running the pipes along the ceiling joists keeps them dry and warm. Problem is, right now the price of copper pipes is really high. What to do?

PEX to the rescue! PEX is flexible plastic pipe made for water lines. It’s been around for at least 30 years now. It costs a fraction of what copper pipe costs. There is no solder (with lead) when you connect one pipe to another. Should PEX lines actually freeze, the pipes can expand 15% or so, so they won’t burst. PEX has a couple of drawbacks, UV degrading being the big one, but if you use the top quality Type B kind that’s alleviated. Using fixtures made of low zinc brass is another smart move, as is installing a whole house water filtration system to get the chlorine out before it runs through the PEX lines. Installing PEX is fast and easy too, even when you put in new distribution manifolds ( a plumbing manifold is like a car’s exhaust manifold, only in reverse. Water goes in in one place, and comes out in several more. ). Because our unit is a “downhill” model, we have about 3 feet of vertical overlap between our upstairs ceiling joists and the garage floor up behind us. And that’s just a single thickness cinder block wall.

So it could be done. Added bonus: 4 of the 5 water points in this place are in the laundry room and the bathroom. The far end of these rooms is just 5 feet from that cinder block wall, across the closet in the master bedroom. And since both rooms will be stripped to the studs, no drywall, the situation couldn’t be better. PEX lines for the kitchen would run under the same joist cavity, out through the end of the laundry room, across the attic truss and down to the ceiling above the sink and dishwasher. And the soffit and ceiling in the kitchen is coming down too at some point. So unless the price is insane, we’re going to do it. Might have an early hole in the kitchen ceiling for a while. That run needs to be properly thought out, as the dryer vent and the radon vent are in the same basic area. And the PEX lines probably need to be insulated just because, but this would give us nearly instant hot water in the kitchen even in the winter. Right now it can take more than 5 minutes to get actual hot from the sink faucet in the depths of February. And might as well have the PEX plumber install the bathtub and the laundry room drain line as well. So I want to get estimates from a couple plumbers.

The whole house water filter would install next to the hot water heater up in the garage. That one is in it’s own little insulated plywood cabinet, which might have to be expanded to put the filter system in. These things are pretty large. And not cheap. So I’m doing my research, looking at the water reports, comparing system costs (upfront and down the line; you have to replace the filters every once in a while.). And she hates the chlorine anyway, especially in the shower. So filter it out. We may as well look at a water softener too.

Holy cow, can we dream up any MORE ways to spend a ton of money on this project??? grin

PS - We’re going to have the sewer line scoped. That costs about $600. But the way the rules are here, we’re responsible for our piece of the sewer line, until it joins the piece from the unit above us. After that it’s the condo park’s pipe. And if our part has gone to shit (sorry) we might as well fix it BEFORE we put in anything new. So I have to check our insurance to see if this is covered, especially when it hasn’t broken yet.

Projects ... expect the unexpected. Surprises are guaranteed.

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July 26, 2022

Country Music Once Again Cuts Through The Progressive BS

It’s an OK tune. Good for him.

Country star John Rich bypasses woke labels, releases song on Truth Social and soars to No. 1

Truth Social is a social media site that believes in freedom of speech. The video has since been picked up by YouTube etc.

“Rich is proud of the song and the fact that his free-speech experiment is potentially game-changing. His next mission in coming days, he said, is to persuade reluctant country radio stations to play the song.

“Here’s the problem with country radio,” he said. “It’s not your DJs at the radio station. It’s not the people on the ground at the station. It’s the people way up the food chain that run the conglomerates that have bought up 90% of all of our radio stations.

“Those people generally — there’s a few good ones in there. And when I say good, I mean, you know, lean conservative. They want free space, they want artists to be heard. But there’s a big [contingent] of them that do not like anybody bucking their woke system.”

Rich isn’t the first artist to raise concerns that the Nashville recording and radio industry is leaning more liberal.”


A biker stopped by the local Harley Shop to have his bike repaired. They couldn’t do the work while he waited, and so, since he didn’t live far from the shop, he decided to walk home.

On the way home he stopped at the hardware store and bought a bucket and a small anvil. He stopped at the feed store / livestock dealer and picked up a couple of chickens and a goose. However, he had a problem… How to carry his entire purchases home.

The feed store owner said, “Why don’t you put the anvil in the bucket, carry the bucket in one hand, put a chicken under each arm and carry the goose in your other hand?” “Hey, thanks!” said the biker, and out the door he went.

In the parking lot he was approached by a little old lady who told him she was lost, and asked if he could tell her the way to 1603 Mockingbird Lane.

The biker said, ``As a matter of fact, I live at 1616 Mockingbird Lane.” We can take a short cut down this alley and be there in no time”.

The little old lady looked him over cautiously, and then said, “I am a lonely widow without a husband to defend me. How do I know that when we get in the alley you won’t hold me up against the wall, pull up my skirt, and ravish me?”

The biker said, “Holy smokes lady! I’m carrying a bucket, an anvil, two chickens, and a goose. How in Hell could I possibly hold you up against a wall and do that?”

The lady said, “Set the goose down, cover him with the bucket, put the anvil on top of the bucket, and I’ll hold the chickens.”

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

July 25, 2022

The Wonders Of Nature Can Be Pretty Gross

When I was a very small child, my brother and I shared a bedroom upstairs. To decorate the room, and perhaps to get us interested in science, the world around us, and maybe even foreign languages, my parents glued an art print to a piece of Masonite and hung it on the closet door. It was a french work, 19th Century probably, called la métamorphose du monarque papillon. The metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly. It depicted the idealized stages of the butterfly’s growth on a blossoming milkweed plant, which monarchs favor. It looked a bit like these:

image  image

We did have these butterflies around, but no milkweed weeds, so I don’t think we ever saw one of the caterpillars or one of the cocoons. And the painting left off the in-between stage, when the old crawler turns to mush inside the cocoon and later slowly emerges as the small wet version of the adult papillon.

The reality of other insect transitions is no quite so elegant or picturesque. We’re suffering through an infestation of these awful Chinese illegal immigrants known as Spotted Lantern Flies. Not pretty bugs at any stage, from the little black hopper nymphs to the larger red hopper nymphs to the scary looking adult flies.

But the transition phase is the worst.




Like a snake shedding its skin, or a lobster molting its older smaller shell, the adult fly emerges from within the nymph, but backwards. The head of the entirely new insect comes out from the back of the nymphs carapace. Eventually. It is not a super quick transition. So I was able to capture a couple cellphone snapshots of these horrible bugs in their most horrible Siamese twins stage. And then I squished him dead.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

July 24, 2022

I don’t really have anything to say, but felt I should do a post anyway.

We are surviving the heat. “Only” 97 right now outside. ONLY.

The A/C we had installed just a year ago is magnificent, keeping a steady 73°F in here all day. Lovely. Step outside and as soon as the chill wears off, it’s like getting hit with a giant hot wet washcloth. Yuck.

We did Birthday for my brother yesterday. Since he didn’t want anything, we brought loads of food. Big lunch, snacks, a nicely marbled piece of prime beef for dinner, etc. Not that their fridge wasn’t bursting at the seams from that morning’s food delivery, but hey. Got to do something nice for birthdays.

More renovations stuff arriving in dribs and drabs. Got the hand shower stuff the other day. Got the shower kit today. Pfister Deckage in brushed nickel. Holy cats it’s swank. Wow. WOW!!! Big solid pieces of brass, heavily plated with nickel. Box must weigh 12lb. Modern style, but with rounded edges. High. End. Mofo!

Not a whole lot else to report. Appreciating the gloaming from inside with the help of a Sapphire martini infused with English cucumber. I may as well be as swank as our new bathtub faucets. grin

News? You don’t want no stinking news. Although This is beyond impressive. Could not have picked a safer shot line either. I remain flabbergasted at this guy’s skills and instinctive reaction. I am not alone: there is a new rapid fire drill named after him, as there should be. 10 shots, 15 seconds, an 8x8 gong at 60 yards. With a mouse gun. Holy. Cow. God Bless America, that we have citizens like this amongst us.

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July 21, 2022

Cooking terms I never knew

Afro vs A Froe
Bouncing around the internet at 6am. I get up real early in the summer and enjoy the cool outside before the bugs wake up and before it gets too hot. So I’m outside, the sleepy brain is slowly kicking over, idle daydreaming. Being asked by a foreigner what “ah fro” is. Depends on how you spell it.

A FRO is an abbreviation for an afro, a bushy hairstyle worn by people with exceptionally curly hair. Also sometimes called a “natural”. Usually these people are of African heritage, so afro is also the root prefix that means “from Africa”.

A FROE is an old time hand tool, also known as a shake axe. A shake being a shingle used for roofing or siding. Cedar shakes. So a froe is a thick sturdy wooden handle about a cubit long, attached to a similar sized hefty thin rectangle of iron or steel that has a handle socket forged into one end, and the underside is sharpened on only one side. So it’s an “L” shaped tool, vertical handle, a big wide wedge with a lever handle. Secure a short stub of a decent width log upright on the ground. Take a heavy wooden mallet. Line the froe up about 3/4” in from the edge, hammer the blade down into the log. Lever the handle forward and back, and it will split off a slice of the log. Works best with green logs, but also works great for splitting small dry wood for kindling or a wood burning stove.

Back in the kitchen
So where’s the cooking term? I haven’t seen a froe since I was a child, probably in a museum somewhere. But this simple tool impressed me, and the term stuck in my head. So I went out on the ‘net and looked them up. The page I visited, Lehman’s, sells them, and also has “the simple life” kind of things that preppers like. Life without electricity, emergency food. And there I saw it. A large can of freeze dried mirepoix. What? Mirepoix. Huh? My rep oicks? Mire poe icks? Gotta be some French term. Look it up. “Meer pwah”. Ok, what is it? It’s a 1:1:1 ratio of carrots, yellow onions, and celery. You cook it slowly in butter and use it as a base for soups, stews, and lots of other dishes. Cook it really low so it doesn’t brown at all, just softens the veg up and releases the flavors and aroma. Add a bit of tomato paste and it becomes pinçage, which makes a great addition to meatloaf, stew, etc. “pin sahg”. Never heard of that one either. But I’ve used both many times and never knew I was making an actual thing. It was just softening the veggies in some oil or butter.

Sounds like trinity. The Holy Trinity, the base for nearly everything Cajun. But trinity uses a 1:2:1 ratio of green bell peppers, red onions, and celery. Slow cook it the same way. Use it the same way. Add some filé gumbo (dried leaves from the sassafras tree) and some shrimp and you’re halfway to a Bayou dinner.

Ok, this is my brain before coffee. Time for a second cup!


Bowling Blogging !!

In which the ringers get wrung, mostly.

We played Team 10 last night, who were one place above us in the standings. This team is one really exceptional bowler, whoever his current girlfriend is, and two lower average bowlers. So while their pro can chuck in the 250s frequently, they carry a low team average and thus get a lot of handicap points. Tactical bowling. So we gave them 87 points, but his two plodders were absent. Pro guy enters their averages as their absentee score. Um, dude, I’m pretty sure there’s an absentee penalty of 10 pins each. Odd that this guy, who is in several leagues and bowls so much he buys a new ball every couple months, had never heard of that. Yeah right. So he goes to the front desk to verify it, and sure enough, 10 points penalty for each absent bowler. That cut their effective handicap down to 67 pins. New girlfriend had the same 116 average as old girlfriend, and away we went. The 4 of us against the 2 of them, so it went quickly.

Our team bowled quite well in the first two games, winning both and opening a decent margin in the scoring. Pro guy wasn’t doing too well. Yet. So we won Games 1 and 2. Then he remembered how to bowl in the third game. And we stepped on it. Actually, it’s my fault, as my knees were hurting really bad. They closed the total pins gap to almost nothing. Pro and I are the anchors. I let him bowl the last frame first, and we were down 123 and 26 pins in total wood. But I had a strike in the 9th. Got up on the approach. Hard to even walk. Pain. So I moved real slow and released as carefully as I could. Strike. That’s 30 right there, so we recovered wood. Strike, 8. I put 58 pins up. We still lost, but I got the difference down to under 90, and we took total wood for the night. So, a 5-2 victory. Their win:loss record was 33:30, ours was 32:31. Now it’s 35:35 for them and 37:33 for us. So we move up and they move down. This will put us in at least 8th place, but the next 5 teams up were all at 36:29 and none of them played any of the others. So in theory (not likely) they could have all lost 0-7, which would float us right up to 4th place. Not much chance of that kind of a jump in one week, but it was a pretty good night for us.

We have 5 weeks left.


A Cautionary Tale

$6 Million Later, Town Removes Solar Park That Never Generated A Single Watt


PEARL RIVER, N.Y.— It is “lights out” for a New York state solar power initiative.

More than 1,000 solar panels installed in Rockland County in 2018 have since been dismantled.

The skeletal remains of a solar panel array speak to a project that never paid off, an attempt to generate clean green solar power on land controlled by the state Department of Transportation just outside the hamlet of Pearl River in the town of Orangetown.

There were 1,196 solar panels on the frames, harnessing the rays of the sun, enough to power 80 homes a year. At least, that was the promise.

Images from Google Maps show the panels from the ground and from above. They are impressive, but ultimately useless. A court document filed by the state DOT says the solar farm remained off-line for its entire lifespan, generating nothing.

“They were never used. that means taxpayer dollars went for something that was just a waste,” Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny said.

Kenny said she has been asking the DOT for answers. Aiello found one in a court document, indicating the state suffered almost $6 million dollars in “liquidated damages” in a deal with Monolith Solar to build solar farms here and at eight other sites.

Monolith is now effectively out of business.

“Maybe it was jumping into the renewable energies too quickly, without really doing due diligence. I don’t know,” Kenny said.

The supervisor pointed out that the state allowed Monolith Solar to cut down many trees to make room for the solar farm. She said she got an email from the DOT about the future of the site.

“They’re going to remove everything and it’s going to be returned to its natural state,” Kenny said.

I grew up in Pearl River, exactly 1/2 mile from where this is. It’s on North Middletown Road inside the cloverleaf that’s the entrance ramp to Rt304S. ( 41.072910, -74.013319 on your digital map ) The buildings you can see in the background were once Lederle Laboratories, part of American Cyanamid, which employed half the town and made polio vaccine, tetracycline, and many other medicines. Later they made Centrum vitamin pills. It was shut down some years ago and had been sold from one Big Pharma to another several times. I think Pfizer owns it now. But to town residents it will always and forever be Lederle. Pronounced Led Err Lee, as in “upta Lederle’s” which was the town expression that meant going to work. “Whereya goin?” “Upta Lederle’s. I got the 2nd shift today.”

And it isn’t just outside the hamlet. This is south of Townline Road, so it’s still within Pearl River. Nanuet doesn’t start until the stoplight at Townline, and two edges of the Lederle campus is some of the town border.

Mmmm, interesting. The greenies cut down a bunch of old trees to put this thing in to Save The Planet. Fools. But the really interesting thing is that, while Google Street View shows the solar farm, regular Google Maps does not. You know, Google Maps which is constansly updated? Yeah, that one. They still show the trees that haven’t been there since 2016 when the project started. Funny, eh?


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