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Once Again, The One And Only Post

September 20, 2021

Just buggin’, again.

It’s Not A Tuma Murder Hornet. It’s Merely A Giant European Hornet


Had another one of these gigantic hornets buzzing around our porch light by our door at 9pm last night. Huge thing, very scary. Very energetic. And flying about at night. W. T. F. ??

Turns out that “flies to the light at night” is a dead giveaway that this is one of those Giant European Hornets. Inch and a half long, maybe a little bigger. But with thin busy buzzy wasp wings, not the big slow wings of Cicada Killers, which are at least the same size and coloration.

Murder Hornets, aka the Giant Asian Hornet, are not bright yellow/black or bright yellow/dark reddish brown. They’re a darker, slightly reddish shade of yellow, and their black bands are thin and uniform. On our West Coast they tend towards a more reddish hue.

Not that anyone expects you to stop and closely examine one of these scary things when it comes near you. Hell no. Run!!

What, they got murder hornets in France, 6 years ago? Who knew??


Señor, Your Canary She Is Toasted


Volcano erupting on Canary Island of La Palma, first time in 50 years.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain’s La Palma island is continuing to expel molten lava and ash after erupting on Sunday and is likely to do so for days, the president of the Canary Islands regional government warned Monday.

Angel Victor Torres added in a post on Twitter that there had been no reports of injuries or deaths so far.

The Canary Islands emergency services tweeted late Sunday that 5,000 people had been evacuated from the area nearest to the eruption.

That figure included 400 tourists evacuated from a hotel on La Palma and taken to a hotel on the nearby island of Tenerife, Torres told Spanish radio station SER in an interview.

After a night of spectacular images of the lava illuminating the island’s countryside, Torres told SER that experts believe there is still just one point of eruption from the volcano, near a “lightly populated” part of the island, which has a population of about 80,000 people.

Footage from the island showed at least one highway cut by a wall of lava; local officials said some houses had been damaged.

Officials have warned local residents to keep their distance from the eruption.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has remained on La Palma, one of the smaller islands in the Canary Islands archipelago off the Atlantic coast of Morocco, after rushing there on Sunday.

After delaying his trip to New York for the United Nations General Assembly, Sanchez and other officials on Monday toured an evacuation center. He was later due to get a closer look at the volcano and its destruction.

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute (Involcan) wrote in a statement on Facebook on Sunday that more than 25,000 earthquakes had been detected in the previous nine days around the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Spanish news reports said the last major eruption from the volcano was 50 years ago.

“Hey José, what time is it?”

“It is time to leave señor!”

LA PALMA, Spain, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Lava flowing from Spain’s Canary Islands’ first volcanic eruption in 50 years has forced the evacuation of 5,500 people and destroyed around 100 houses but the streams were advancing slower than originally predicted, authorities said on Monday.

The flow of molten rock will not reach the Atlantic Ocean on Monday evening as earlier estimated, an official said. Experts say that if and when it does, it could trigger more explosions and clouds of toxic gases.

“The movement of lava is much slower than it was initially ... There has not been a large advance during the day,” local emergency coordinator Miguel Angel Morcuende told a press briefing on Monday evening. He said the stream had made its way about halfway to the coast.

A new stream of lava erupted from the volcano late on Monday, prompting the evacuation of residents in the town of El Paso, the regional emergency agency wrote on Twitter.

The volcano first erupted on Sunday, shooting lava hundreds of metres into the air, engulfing forests and sending molten rock towards the ocean over a sparsely populated area of La Palma, the northwesternmost island in the Canaries archipelago.


Biden Did It

Interesting link over at Maggie’s Farm: the wave of Haitian illegals coming up to Del Rio TX was because Mexico had been stashing them in their south for ages, and then Biden broke his word and reneged on a deal between us and them to limit illegals in exchange for billions in economic aid and covid vax. So to punish the lying gringo, and they sent up 20K of the buggers. Bused and trucked all the way by Mexico, free of charge, to a crossing point that the cartels don’t control. Did it during the busy, high traffic Mexican independence festivities, so we never saw them coming. Surprise!!

That braindead SOB. So take another lid Jojo, and have another vacation back in DE. One more fuckup, and this one’s all yours.


I had to think about this for a couple of days before posting it. The idea makes zero sense to me. But then I realized their approach is to try to save the world by destroying it. Who though up this insanely gay stupid idea, Lt. Calley? Or was it the other Asian scientist with the amazingly bad name? ( the first is a researcher at Wuhan Virology named Man Li Wang. The other one is his gay cousin, a cloning expert named Woo-Suk Hwang. )

Save The Planet: Recreate The Woolly Mammoth, Destroy The Environment

image  image

I’m not making this up. Here’s the idea: global warming bad, m’kay? Tundra permafrost melting, m’kay? Trees and moss hold the soil in place, absorb sunlight, warmth goes down into their roots. Melting!! Plus they run the evil Carbon Cycle. Solution: get rid of the trees and moss in the high cold climate zone, and the ice will reflect the sunlight and the cold will come back, saving the permafrost and ending global warming climate change. But how to do this, as this vast frigid area is perhaps 20% of the land mass on the planet? Way too big for even a government make-work project. Answer: Go all Jurassic Park and clone the mammoth back into existence. These huge creatures ate huge amounts of vegetation, knocked down trees, and trampled the moss to bits.

Given that the Indian elephant is the closest relative to the old mammoths, and the African elephant is quite a big larger and has a larger womb, and that mammoths may have survived until just a few thousand years ago, plus their flash frozen bodies are being found all over Siberia and the far north, doing a little DNA dance shouldn’t be that hard. But let’s not stop there. Giant elephants with giant tusks might excite poachers, and might kill off the polar bears and wolves who attack them, so let’s screw with the genes and build a tusk-free mammoth. Yeah, that’ll work out, depriving them of their natural tools they used to survive, eat, and defend themselves. Because. Science!!

[ 2016 ] A South Korean specialist hails the opening of new World Mammoth Centre in Siberia, dedicated to bringing the beast back to life. Cloning guru Professor Hwang Woo-Suk did not go into details of the progress made in restoring the extinct species after several thousand years of extinction, but made clear he expected to publish new research in scientific journals as soon as ‘checks’ are complete.

Speaking in Yakutsk - Russia’s mammoth capital which is to host a pioneering new international centre dedicated to the creature - the controversial South Korean scientist confirmed progress in bringing the animal back to life after cooperation between experts from the two countries.

‘As a result of tireless joint efforts, we have achieved what we call the ‘initial stage’ on our way to recovering the mammoth,’ he said, thanking Russian president Vladimir Putin for his support for research in this field.

He did not put a timescale on when he hoped to see mammoths once more tromping the earth, but said: ‘We continue the search for new materials and samples. We need such cell that can share information. If we could find a sample that is not only well preserved but also in which biochemical processes can take place, we will be able to impregnate it with the help of the Asian elephant materials.’
In 2006, Hwang was dismissed by Seoul National University for faking groundbreaking work in stem cell research.

The university said Hwang had damaged its and his country’s reputation. Yet he remains at the forefront of research into cloning, and he is leading research into seeking the DNA of the woolly mammoth from remains of the creatures recovered from the permafrost in the Sakha Republic. He is also working on other extinct animals such as Siberian cave lions.

The mass death of mammoths began about 20,000 to 24,000 years ago. The process continued for a long time and had a pronounced second wave of extinctions that occurred 13,000 to 15,000 years ago.

The last major wave of deaths occurred about 9,000 to 12,000 years ago although there is evidence they survived in smaller groups near Alaska and at Wrangel Island, in the Russian Arctic, as recently as 3,700 years ago.

Fast forward to today:

An American company has announced its plans to create a woolly mammoth hybrid using Asian elephant DNA. Based on the now extinct woolly mammoth, the company’s team of genetic scientists claim their new creature will help in the fight against climate change.

Before we begin, unlike almost every other reporter on the planet I will offer you a dose of respect by refraining from childish terms such as “genetic horror show.” Neither will I refer to Jurassic Park or any other fantasy movies while telling this story.

Colossal, a US bio-tech company based in Austin, Texas, recently announced their plans to genetically edit DNA from Asian elephants. They aim to create a new mammoth hybrid or a mammoth-elephant hybrid that will resemble the ancient woolly mammoth. The purpose of creating these new mammoth hybrids is not, however, to fill a host of next-generation zoos but to “help fight climate change,” according to the researchers

Until now, most genetic researchers have tried to “recreate” mammoths from ancient DNA. Colossal and visionary Church plan to reverse engineer DNA from modern Asian elephants to create a new hybrid creature that will resemble the ancient mammoth.
Church said the animal will be custom designed to survive and thrive in the Arctic , so that it “will enjoy its time at -40C, and do all the things that elephants do, and mammoths did.”
Church believes that places like Siberia might be turned into grassland again, which the genetic scientist thinks might help the environment by “stopping erosion and controlling carbon dioxide.”

To stand these extremes conditions the animals will require “fat, shaggy hair, and small ears,” but their ancient ivory tusks will be omitted to save them being stalked by illegal poachers.

Visit Colossal’s technicolor web site here.  It has lots of cool pictures and colorful graphics, and plenty of nifty factoids and quotables.

“Earth’s old friend The Mammoth”

“MAY PREHISTORY THUNDER FORWARD. We have the DNA,the technology and the leading experts in the field. Next, we will have the Woolly Mammoth. Alive again.”

“The Woolly Mammoth is a vital defender of the earth.”

Gareth Phoenix, a professor of plant and global change ecology at the University of Sheffield, said: “While we do need a multitude of different approaches to stop climate change, we also need to initiate solutions responsibly to avoid unintended damaging consequences. That’s a huge challenge in the vast Arctic where you have different ecosystems existing under different environmental conditions.

“For instance, mammoths are proposed as a solution to help stop permafrost thaw because they will remove trees, trample and compact the ground and convert landscapes to grassland, which can help keep the ground cool. However, we know in the forested Arctic regions that trees and moss cover can be critical in protecting permafrost, so removing the trees and trampling the moss would be the last thing you’d want to do.”

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September 19, 2021


Cops, Undercover FBI, Reporters Outnumber Protestors At Justice For Jan 6 Protest Rally

DC was nailed shut, fences and barricades everywhere, wall to wall Robocop security. Shame they can’t secure our southern border the same way, huh?

First read is that there were more reporters there than protestors, and more LEO - armored up, in uniform, or posing as insurrectionists - than there were reporters.

At one point they managed to arrest an undercover FBI guy. Hey, somebody saw a gun, right?

What a sham. Everybody knew it was an even more blatant false flag than the actual January 6th original. No more than a couple hundred actual citizens attended.


Boy, they sure had me fooled!

Analysts tore into the mass media who hyped the potential danger of Saturday’s rally in Washington, D.C., only to find that the actual attendees were outnumbered by the police and the press.

The media frequently reported on the danger of the “Justice for J6” rally, suggesting it would be the sequel to the deadly Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill the day Congress intended to certify the results of the November 2020 election. A heavy law enforcement presence was put in place in hopes of preventing another violent scene. Authorities erected temporary fencing around the Capitol and deployed heavy dump trucks to ring the rally site, while local police departments and the National Guard were on standby.

One person was arrested in the crowd for carrying a knife and a second man was arrested after someone reported to officers that they saw him carrying what appeared to be a handgun, police said.

But the rally did not turn violent and the awkward ratio of participants to press became clear to reporters as soon as the event got underway.

Huh, maybe there should be one of these planned every weekend. Defund the DC forces the fun way: bankrupt the city from paying them overtime.

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September 16, 2021

I’m only putting up this post because I can make a cheeky double entendre alliterative title, like the real journalists at the big newspapers. That, and to show that the mandates are suicide for big companies and thus a lot of coercive hot air.

Vax Axe Hacks Back

Just to refresh your memory, there has been a nursing shortage in the USA since the 50s. A huge percentage of our doctors are foreign born and often foreign trained, as we simply do not generate enough of our own. There has been a medical worker shortage in the USA for years. The entire industry is understaffed except for management. When the pandemic hit and it was quickly learned that hospitals were super spreader events just by existing, plenty of back line staff (housekeeping, cleaners, drivers, food services, supply folks) left for safer pastures. Then when the public started avoiding hospitals as much as possible for the same reason, Big Med cut back their staffs even further, as a fat bottom line had to be preserved, public health be damned.


My wife works for an eye doctors office. 17 years as a certified eye tech. Some time back they were bought out by a medium sized medical conglomerate, which in turn was then bought out by a large medical conglomerate. So her world is now corporate Big Med. And then along came the dread pandemic.

As the virus swept the nation, they worked without masks or any PPE for months, face to face with the patients, until the lockdown hit around March 23 2020. Then they were furloughed for 6 weeks until some bright bulb figured out that eye surgery isn’t always elective, and that, gosh, maybe, the ophthalmologists should be allowed to open up again.  Then they went back to work, and a few weeks later were required to wear masks. Not N95 kit, just the regular blue paper ones. A few weeks after that they got face shields or protective goggles. And possibly nitrile gloves. Better than nothing, but more about following the rules than protecting the workers.

And then Big Corporate found a health check app, where everyone had to check their temperature every morning and report any covid-like symptoms before coming to work. They changed their sick day policy so that everyone who called in with anything other than a family emergency or a physical injury had to run out and take a ‘rona test, right now. Once the vaccines rolled out, the morning health app started bugging them to get the jabs, requiring a daily Y/N response. At least one text came in every day encouraging this, and the HR/admins became vax pimps as well, mentioning how important this was at least once a day. It quickly became harassment. On the other hand, healthcare workers were first in line for the shots, and many of them had at least the first needle by the end of 2020.

At some point around the end of June this year, Big Corporate send out an ukaz, and edict from the czar. “We expect the vaccines to be authorized shortly. When that happens (or before that if we feel the FDA is too slow), if you are not already vaccinated, you will have 3 weeks to do so or you will be considered to have resigned.” Jabs For Jobs, 3 weeks or gone. Blunt.  And then the pressure really ramped up. “Let’s have a little meeting to talk about your situation.”

But here’s the funny thing. Big Med, right? Thousands of employees. Doctors, nurses, “front line health care workers”, etc. Plenty of the “heroes” who had put themselves at risk, staring viral death in the face every day for a year, really didn’t bother to get the jabs after the first wave of their co-workers got theirs.  Months later, after all this effort, even after the FDA authorization flim-flam, somewhere between a quarter and a third of all the folks working for this uber-corp still hadn’t taken the needle. And thus the OR ELSE edict.

Those 3 weeks came and went. A few people gave in to the threat and got the shots, but not many. They weren’t “hesitant”. They weren’t “anti-vaxxers”, as everyone who works there gets the annual flu shot, most have had the shingles shot, the Hep shot, etc. No, these were people in the medical field that had done their research and made their decision, and made their choice. Not just “NO” but “HELL NO”. And they were adamant.  Finding out that the FDA approval was a 3 card monte game, and that actual, approved and labeled Comirnaty vaccine didn’t yet exist and wouldn’t be available for months and months only stiffened their resolve. A competing Big Med group in the area which had issued the same edict at the same time (helluva coincidence, right?) dreamed up some excuse to push their deadline back a few weeks. Her corporation had to follow suit.

Then there was another softening action; people who could prove that they had had a positive PCR test would stay the executioner’s axe for 6 months from that date. This was a small sop to the studies coming out that showed (ultimate DUH) that natural immunity was long lasting and superior to artificial vax immunity. Which is something that you think that a MEDICAL group would know in the marrow of their bones (that’s a T-cell joke, m’kay? Long term immunity lives in your bone marrow.). But no. And even this was a foolhardy gesture, as people have been catching this virus since at least September 2019, and the PCR test has been in use since around January or February 2020. So getting it early on, and testing positive for it, happened well over a year ago. So that 6 month reprieve was a bit meaningless in many cases.

But as as of a few days ago, October 19 was the final final extended adjusted deadline. And Monday was the last day you could make an appointment to get the vax, and last Thursday they started giving the un-vaxxed their weekly PCR test, which is the OR part of the state mandates from both NJ and PA. (oh, and slap in the face, the results of that test are not reported to the person. The results go to corporate, who then passes them down to local ONLY if they’re positive. Dis.) Lots of attitude and bickering in the office, HR has to come in and re-assure the vaxxed admins that they won’t lose their jobs no matter what. But the entire tech team in her office is not vaxxed, and will not be vaxxed. Without them, the practice goes belly up. While the doctors can work up the patients, they can not do that and do enough exams or surgeries to make their bottom line.

And still the Comirnaty labeled stuff is unavailable.  The EUA vials have a liability exemption, so if you get one and your arm falls off the next day, boo frickin hoo for you.

Last night an email was sent out. Beneficent Corporate has pushed the deadline back another month, again. Now you can keep your job until November 19. You will have to take the weekly PCR test. Please get vaccinated!!

The workers have won. After a gigantic, 9 month long campaign of harassment and a 2 month campaign of threats, Big Corporate will soon be forced to back down to the state decreed “shots or tests” level. Because if they don’t, they’ll lose a third of their already undersized staff. And that will put them out of business. These mandates are a suicide pact for them. But the worker bees can find jobs anywhere doing anything right now. It’s a buyer’s market, and when it come to the vax, they’re not buying.

I’m so proud of my little rebel. Her body, her choice. Personal freedom. Acting like a true American.



Gosh, is medical knowledge beginning to supersede politically biased groupthink? Nah, it’s probably another save your bacon move, too little, too shortsighted, too late.

Spectrum Health Allows Immunity Exception To Vax Mandate, Temporarily

In a similar move seen by many hospital systems and administrations, Spectrum Health announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all employees in July. However, unlike many other officials, the health system will now allow exemptions for those with natural immunity to the virus.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Spectrum Health will allow employees to be exempt from its vaccination mandate if natural immunity to COVID-19 can be proven.

The medical organization tells FOX 17 the decision came after a recommendation by its medical exemption committee.

To prove natural immunity, an employee must have a positive PCR or antigen test for COVID-19 from a lab certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988, plus a positive anitbody test. Both results must be from within the past 3 months.

Spectrum Health announced on July 28 that employees must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 within 8 weeks of a vaccine being approved by the FDA. Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was approved on August 23, making October 18, 2021 the deadline for Spectrum Health employees to be vaccinated.

Spectrum Health’s medical exemption committee cited new research in its recommendation to provide the natural immunity waiver. In a statement to FOX 17, Spectrum Health noted that evidence from recent studies show a previous case of COVID-19 helps prevent catching coronavirus again and limits the risk of having severe symptoms if a person is reinfected.

•  As I’ve said before, limiting this to positive tests from 3 months is foolish, or even 8 months ago. Natural immunity lasts forever. Or at least a couple years.

•  Demanding antibodies, which are temporary, is just as foolish. A T-cell test exists that can prove long term immunity, even if it’s crossover bases. Use it.

•  “helps prevent” is a major misnomer. There are almost ZERO actual reinfections. Because if there were, the pro-vax people would be hammering you with this info 24-7 until your ears bled, and you know it. The media tried pushing the reinfection myth early this year, but it flopped, as it quickly turned out that nearly all of the very very few “reinfection” cases were really just false positive test results the first time around. People who thought they had the ‘rona, without symptoms or with very very minor ones (aka it was a little cold, not the covid)

PS: Here’s an American study that noticed a complete lack of reinfection and concluded that recovered people really don’t need the vaccines at all, ever.

Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 was examined among 52,238 employees in an American healthcare system. COVID-19 did not occur in anyone over the five months of the study among 2,579 individuals previously infected with COVID-19, including 1,359 who did not take the vaccine.

Gak, I am getting so sick of posting on this @#$#$%^#%$ virus.

So here, last one. Last one today. Sorry.

Pfizer now says vaccines alone won’t be enough, that early treatments and prophylaxis will be needed. Well no kidding. Where ya been for two full years, doc? Playing ostrich? Pfizer says they have a new medicine in trials. So super effective that they have such ultra confidence that they’ll get an instant EUA that they’re ramping up production long before their Phase 3 trial is complete.

The MSM is all exited. This is wonderful news!!! Finally, a treatment!! Cure people at home, reduce the load on hospitals, maybe use it as a preventative to keep people from even getting the virus in the first place. Woo hoo, pop open the champagne!!

And what kind of miracle med are they making? A protease inhibitor. Which is not actually a preventative.

The company described the drug as an “investigational orally administered protease inhibitor antiviral therapy designed specifically to combat COVID–19 – in non–hospitalized, symptomatic adult participants who have a confirmed diagnosis of SARS–CoV–2 infection and are not at increased risk of progressing to severe illness, which may lead to hospitalization or death.”

This is truly a miracle. No, not that protease inhibitors work. That’s old news. Especially as both proxalutimide and ivermectin are also the exact right kind of protease inhibitors, and highly effective. A protease inhibitor stops the viral RNA from breaking up (cleaving) the long chain poly-protein it creates into useful smaller pieces, and that keeps the virus from replicating. So the virus is already in your cells, but it can’t breed. This is very good, although keeping the virus out of your cells in the first place would be better. But if the virus can’t replicate, than the little bit that gets in you is not much more than an annoyance, and that whole covid-19 symptomatic reaction thing isn’t going to happen.

Just to be clear, this act of cleavage is not the “furin cleavage” you may have heard of. That one is part of the virus getting into your cells in the first place, with the whole spike protein / ACE-2 / receptor binding domain thing.

What’s news is the media reaction.

Remember that old Fedex commercial where the corporate guys are in a meeting, and the young guy comes up with a solution and gets ignored? Then the boss makes the same suggestion, waves his hand side to side, and everybody thinks it’s wonderful. New guy: That’s what I just said!! Everybody else: Yeah, but he did this. (the hand motion).

So soon we’ll have “Pfizermectin” and it will be praised unto heaven, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. And that icky horse paste crap will be trampled into the dirt and driven into obscurity.


Bowling Blogging !!

It’s a community thing

I had great fun last night at Old Guy’s league. While I am on a new team this year, I have been on teams with all of these guys before. Last night the team we played was the two guys from my summer league team (been on a team with one of them several times before), one guy from my old Tuesday league, and one guy from a summer league team a couple years ago. I’d been on teams with all the guys on the two teams bowling to our left, and the two teams bowling to our right. And many of these guys have been on teams with many of the other guys in the past. So it was a great social event. It’s not a closed world, but people who get into bowling usually stay into bowling, and as the years go buy you wind up knowing just about everybody.  And while there was “complex” math involved figuring out the averages for 3 of the bowlers on our lanes last night, in the end we gave up 70 pins per game, and our team was on or above average and theirs wasn’t, so we won it all, 7-0. And I was getting some good releases most of the night, getting my thumb out early and turning my hand just enough, so I kept my axis pretty vertical on my ball. This is a big step forward for me, so I’m happy.


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September 15, 2021



Just buggin’ here this morning.

We Got Phasmids Here!!

I went out to my car this morning and there was a walkingstick insect on my window. Looked just like a bit of twig, or the world’s most anorexic pine cone. And then it moved. Yes, they’re as common as weeds, all over the country, but I’ve never actually seen one before. It was a male, grayish brown and scaly. The females are a bit on the green side. He hung on halfway to the store, and then bailed on me. The bug was about the size of a full grown preying mantis, but much thinner.


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September 14, 2021

Part time blogger is at the keyboard again. It’s been pretty busy around here the past few days. Family medical situation that is resolving itself, so that’s good so far. The two of us are just fine, although she’s still stressed out over the impending loss of her career over the mandate, and the never ending wobbly BS that her company is trying to feed everyone. They truly are Team Mushroom.

We got skunked in Old Guy’s league last Wednesday, 0-7, even though we bowled very well. This league uses a way of determining the starting average for new people that I don’t agree with. Each week of the first three weeks the person has to bowl for average, for that one week alone. So they can never bowl either above average or below it, and thus they are of no benefit or deficit to their team. Whereas established bowlers with an average in this league from last year use that average for the first three weeks, and can bowl over or under. I’d throw it out and use a one week method. The new player bowls for average that first week, and that’s their average for the second week. And the average average of weeks one and two becomes their average for week three, lather rinse repeat for all 35 weeks. Established bowlers use their entering average for the first week, then what they bowl the first night becomes their average for the second week. Average for the third week is the average of their averages of what they bowled in weeks one and two. Lather rinse repeat, all season long. I think this is a more equitable approach.

We had another torrential rain storm last night. I just missed it, getting back from a quick late evening trip to the grocery store hardly a minute before the sky unzipped. This area is still recovering from Ida; I have to take an alternate route down to Flemington because two of the roads are closed off still. I should take my camera and go visit Lower Landsdown Lane, to see if my favorite old Phoenix Column bridge is OK.

I’m still upset with Biden’s vax mandate, a complete reversal of what he said he had no power to do a few months ago. Pelosi etc said similar, yet here we are. Somewhere around half the country is not interested in these jabs. No faith in the government, which has flip flopped constantly on every aspect of this pandemic since the beginning. Pulling the plug on the J&J “clotshot” for a couple weeks didn’t help public confidence. Nor did the FDA’s 3 card monte approach to approving the Pfizer vax. But running out of patience, throwing out a mandate to businesses, trying to get a huge chunk of the workforce to become unemployed is the WORST possible approach imaginable. “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f*** things up” - Barry Soerto Hussein Obama. Now that France and Germany are practically rioting in the streets over their passport/mandate situation, and the UK has simply dumped their passport scheme as unworkable, it’s beyond high time the USA should face medical reality. An enormous number of us - at least a third of the population, probably quite a bit more - has already had one flavor or another of this dipship virus and recovered. They have sufficient immunity. So let’s prove it. Churn out the T-cell tests by the millions and test everyone who is not vaccinated. Not just those who are carrying around their report card from when they had a positive test result. That’s stupid, as at least half the folks who have had this never even knew it, or wrote it off as a sniffle and never ran to get the not-exactly-accurate PCR test. And it’s been 2 years now (as we “just” found out that the virus was over here before September 2019), so most of those who survived the first wave probably are no longer saturated with antibodies. Who cares, as antibodies are only part of the proof, and a lesser part. It’s the T-cell thing that matters. So test all of these people that way, and give them the green light if they have immunity. Otherwise the morons in DC are going to kill the economy AGAIN. And for those who may not have natural immunity, but who are somehow still “covid naive” at this point, never having had the virus, let’s fix the stupid EUA rule to allow for multiple treatments and preventatives during pandemics that have shown a reasonable amount of real world success, or have passed trials, here or in in other parts of the world, along with the vaccines. All it takes is the swipe of a pen. And it’s following the real science. Big Pharm has made enough billions by now. It’s time to put the health of the citizens at the forefront. Fudge, that’s the only thing that ever should have mattered here, from the very beginning. Using this virus as a political weapon, as a divisive and nearly violent societal wedge is both asinine and abhorrent. Knock it off already.

Ok, it looks like my breakfast cookies are cool enough to eat. I made oatmeal raisin cookies the other night, but had to be creative as we didn’t have quite enough raisins or brown sugar on hand. So I baked about 3/4 of the batch, and it was past bedtime by the time they were cool. So I did a foolish thing, and piled them up on a plate and inverted a big mixing bowl over them to keep the cats off. Which means that plate of cookies turned into a big soggy lump overnight. Hey, they eat just the same. This morning I baked up the last dozen, and they’ve been cooling on the parchment paper for an hour now. I’m not going to pile them up at all. 


A Useful Link

I had to call the IRS today. Good luck with that.

After transferring me from one voice to another, they put me in the queue where I waited for 54 minutes, my brain turning to Maypo™ from the plinky plink elevator music coming through the phone. Finally, a human answered, and told me that they had my information but I had to call back tomorrow, as their computers were down and they could not process my request right now.

But should you ever have to actually try to talk to the IRS, here’s a link to some of their phone numbers. You will not find these on the IRS web pages, no matter how hard you search.

The IRS says they are open from 7am to 7pm, your local time.

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September 11, 2021


Never Forget. Never Forgive. Never Surrender.


yeah, you already knew this

Fauci Is A Greasy Weasel

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top U.S. public health official, said that a new study regarding so-called natural immunity following COVID-19 infection is provoking discussion among government experts.

The real-world study, conducted by Israeli researchers, found that previous COVID-19 infection confers better protection against infection and hospitalization than COVID-19 vaccines.
Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was asked Friday about the research in the context of convincing people who have natural immunity, or recovered from COVID-19, to get vaccinated.

“I get calls all the time people say, ‘I’ve already had COVID, I’m protected.’ And now the study says maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone. Should they also get the vaccine? How do you make the case to them?” Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked Fauci during an appearance on CNN.

“I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that,” Fauci responded.

“That’s something that we’re going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response. The one thing that paper from Israel didn’t tell you is whether or not—as high as the protection is with natural infection—what’s the durability compared to the durability of a vaccine? So it is conceivable that you got infected, you’re protected, but you may not be protected for an indefinite period of time,” he continued.

“So I think that is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously because you very appropriately pointed out, it is an issue, and there could be an argument for saying what you said.”

What greaseball hair splitting Fauci is not bothering to mention is that at least 15 other studies have shown the same thing as the Israeli study showed. I blogged about that the other week. See the Horowitz paper at Glenn Beck.

But even more to the point, Fauci is not mentioning the studies that have shown that natural/acquired immunity lasts quite some time. 10 months in one study from Korea, because that’s as long as they looked before publishing. At least as long in several other studies, for the same reason. Not to mention that multiple studies have found that natural immunity to the original SARS, a virus far more deadly and at least 80% similar to SARS Cov-2, is still going strong after more than 17 years. Nor did he bring up the other big handful of papers that found that vaccine titer levels - the amount of antibodies in a sample of fluid, usually blood, - fall of significantly after 4 to 6 months, depending on the particular vaccine.

The guy is a slick dick weasel. An honest leader of a medical crisis would be up to speed on ALL the latest research, and would able to connect Dot 1 from Paper 1 to Dot 2 from Paper 2, and would not hide this from the public.

The following are just the tips of the icebergs. There’s plenty more out there than these links

papers on the longevity of natural immunity:

papers explaining various kinds of immunity:

papers on the waning efficacy of vaccine immunity:

For someone presented by the media and the government as the foremost expert, the guy who knows so much his decisions carry massive weight around the entire world, the highest paid government employee on earth, I don’t think it’s any stretch of expectations that he be aware of all of this, and exceptionally transparent and forthright about it.

hahaha Drew, you so niave.

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September 10, 2021

It was a Tuesday.

A lovely clear and slightly cool early day in Fall.

I was working in Bedminster NJ, so my commute was pretty easy. Get on Rt78E just down the hill from where we lived, travel 15 miles into the morning sun, get off on Rt287N, dive across 4 lanes of highway, take the first exit and then drive through town. I was on a busy-work project, so getting in on time wasn’t that important. Traffic was typically NJ heavy at first, so I put in a CD in my Saturn. Traffic congestion often made me feel claustrophobic in those days, and some good music would be a calming distraction. A few miles into my commute and I started seeing cars pulled off to the side of the road. I didn’t think a thing about it, except that it made my drive easier. Another few miles down the road and cars were pulled off everywhere. Something was going on.

I got to the office, and people were standing around looking weird, whispering. One of my coworkers was intensely staring at this computer screen. “What the heck is going on?” I asked him.

“Another plane has hit the towers.”, he tells me, “We’re at war.”

That was 20 years ago tomorrow. And now Biden has lost that war for us on purpose.

Another whole generation of children have been born and raised as America hating communists, even more than the several previous ones. The entire education system is little more than destructive political indoctrination, from K to PHD. Kids can’t read, can’t do math, can’t write, can’t think, deny history, don’t learn science ... but they’re encouraged to be self-hating freaks and queers, to deny their own natural gender, and to be unable to deal with the slightest negative situation. But they know how to twerk, how to inhale detergent pods, and how to fist each other by 1st grade.

The majority population of this country and the culture it created is now seen as evil, the enemy. Our Founding Fathers, the epitomes of the Age of Reason, have been discredited and canceled. Our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence, the two greatest written documents in human history, now come with a warning label. We The People, the one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, are more divided than we ever feared to be possible, and this dishonest, corrupt, incompetent, psychotic government only amps up the hatred and division every single day.

There is no Rule of Law. Justice is for the rich and the protected feral minorities; both are beyond the law. Violent destructive crowds encouraged by the Left are without blame, but free citizens gathering at our Capital to redress their grievances are thrown in jail without bail or trial for 8 months. One was even executed for no other reason that her presence, and her murderer, identity hidden for months, fully exonerated in secret, is on TV being proud of his action. The courts are biased political operatives. Our elections are blatantly false, rigged by fiat actions that bypass the legitimate legislative process. Because of a pandemic that isn’t one. And they get away with it, mountains of evidence and testimony ignored.

We have very little liberty left, and the latest angry mandate from our senile, criminal, pedophile “leader” is attempting to remove that very last vestige of freedom, the sanctity of your own body, by trying to force the remaining half the population to be injected with a gene therapy “vaccine” that is already mostly outmoded, has some rare but severe side effects, and (slick lies from the FDA notwithstanding, as there is none of the actual {approved} Comirnaty secret sauce to be had) at no fiscal risk to the makers of this poison, the governments that demand it, or the employers who are forcing their employees - under duress - to get the jabs or lose their jobs. And half the population, already jabbed and perhaps ruing their choice when they realize they’ve been played for the fools that they are when they get the damn virus anyway and find themselves dying at 4 times the rate of us evil “anti-vaxxers”, isn’t merely accepting of this behavior, but actively rooting for it. Their hatred is unbound and incandescent and they will not even listen to the science that they claim the rest of us won’t follow. Laws, freedom, respect? Flush that shit. Mass. Delusional. Insanity.

We didn’t just lose the Global War On Terror. We have lost our nation, and we have lost our souls.

Is there even a single ray of hope, or is that just more of a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? More mirrors and smoke, that smoke being easily blown up our arses due to our conveniently already prone position on our knees? Empty virtue signaling token objections from the worthless do-nothing Surrender Party to once again keep the prostrate sheep from remembering that they have teeth and hooves?


Related: President Trump speaks from Shanksville PA, last year. This is the TLDR version. You will never be forgotten

Same speech, unedited, without the music. President Trump’s full remarks begin at the 37:54 mark.


Because he cares, that’s why

Resident Biden* to deliver canned remote speech at 9/11 memorials in NY, DC, PA

The worthless leaking shitbucket won’t even attend.

President Biden is set to attend events at all three 9/11 memorial sites — in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon — on the twentieth the anniversary of the attacks tomorrow. We can be thankful that he will not give a live speech to commemorate the anniversary. Rather, he will instead speak in “in the form of a video in advance — or if that will be available that day, I should say,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday. We can look forward to yet another animatronic performance.

What are we to make of this? Biden’s handlers in the White House daycare operation know that the epic humiliation of the United States for which he bears responsibility was to be celebrated tomorrow as a great victory. Now they don’t dare. Indeed, they seek to turn our attention elsewhere.

Relegating his remarks to video, Biden’s handlers also mitigate the risk of the unexpected and shield him from the disrespectful gibes that have emerged spontaneously elsewhere. Biden declines to take Marc Thiessen’s advice to stay away from the memorial events tomorrow, but his handlers know Thiessen is on to something and speaks for many of us.

no, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong, man. He’s not attending any of these because he has such a busy schedule. And these aren’t priority events. So he’ll send in a video. If he has time.


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September 9, 2021

Biden Announces Vaccine Mandate

GFY you drooling pedophile retard. You don’t have this authority.

President Joe Biden formally announced his plan to force companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate workers against the coronavirus or test them weekly and dismissed concerns about encroaching on personal freedoms.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” Biden said during a Thursday address to the nation.


Good News From Afghanistan!!

The Taliban has painted over the George Floyd memorial.


Class Act Of The Day. Not.

United Airlines has a vaccination mandate. They are allowing people to take a religious exemption.

ICYMI, “Religion” has been simplified these days to mean “a strongly held philosophical belief”, not adherence to any particular faith.

People who are given a religious exemption are then suspended without pay. Oops, sorry my bad, they are put on unpaid leave. So no work, no pay, probably no benefits. Since they haven’t been fired or furloughed, they can’t collect unemployment. This isn’t even the dirty deal of “assumed to resign” which other dirtbag companies are using to drub people unwilling to get the jabs because of personal choice.

Does this smell like a massive religious discrimination lawsuit?

United said Wednesday if an employee’s request for a religious exemption is denied, they must be vaccinated within five weeks of the denial notice and get the first shot by Sept. 27, or they will be terminated.



Poll: 70% Of Unvaxxed Will Quit If Mandated

A new poll suggests a significant share of unvaccinated Americans may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccine mandates put in place by their employer.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll asked unvaccinated workers whose employers have yet to impose a vaccine mandate what they were likely to do if getting vaccinated was required to go into the workplace.

The poll found 16 percent of unvaccinated workers would get the shot, 35 percent would ask for a medical or religious exemption and 42 percent would quit their job.

When asked what they would do if they weren’t given an exemption to opt out of the requirement, 18 percent of those surveyed said they would comply and 72 percent said they would quit.

More than half of Americans surveyed, however, favored businesses requiring employees who go into the workplace to be vaccinated, with 52 percent supporting the idea and 44 percent opposed.


The Post-ABC poll was conducted by phone between Aug. 20-Sept. 1 among 1,066 U.S. adults with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

Read between the lines: a) this is a small sample of barely 1000 people, and b) a 3.5% margin of error means that the 52% mandate YES | 44% mandate NO could just as easily be 48.5% YES | 47.5% NO. Which means the situation is pretty much split 50:50.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2021

Resident Dumbo Pimps The Agenda

So Joe Biden comes to our area, looks at all the flooding from Ira, and blames global warming and climate change.

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — President Joe Biden witnessed firsthand the devastation of Tropical Storm Ida on Somerset County as he set foot in Hillsborough and Manville on Tuesday.

“The losses that we witnessed today are profound. Dozens of lost lives, homes destroyed in Manville including by gas leaks triggered by flooding… damaged infrastructure including the rail system,” said Biden during a press conference at Somerset County’s Emergency Operation Center in Hillsborough. “My thoughts are with all those families affected by the storm and all those families who lost loved ones.”

The catastrophic damage endured by Somerset County and the rest of New Jersey is similar to what Biden said he is seeing across the country and what he believes is linked to global warming.

“Every part of the country is getting hit by extreme weather,” said Biden. “It is not just to get back to normal but to get back to a place where the damage would be considerably less… This is an opportunity. I think the country has finally acknowledged the fact that global warming is real and it is moving at an incredible pace. We got to do something about it.”

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” - Mark Twain. 

Guess why? Because it’s the weather, and you can’t do anything about it. And never could, and never will be able to.

During the night of the storm on Sept. 1, Somerset County first responders fielded 13,000 calls, of those 5,000 were 911 calls. The county also reported 520 air and water rescues from vehicles or homes, 170 fire alarms, 8 explosions, and countless automobile accidents and injuries, according to Robinson.

Included in those calls were explosions to homes in Somerville and Manville and an explosion to a restaurant in Manville.

As of Tuesday, the death toll in Somerset County is five and 26 overall in New Jersey. There are also four missing New Jersey residents. In Somerset County, two deaths were reported in Hillsborough and three in Bridgewater.

6 people died here in Hunterdon County. 5 drowned, and 1 may have electrocuted himself hooking up a generator during the storm. Somerset is the next county over to the east from us. Both counties got approved for FEMA assistance, but a couple other counties that had significant damage didn’t. Nobody knows why yet, but our super duper pooper scooper governor Murphy is on it.  He and OJ are hunting down the real killers as we speak. 

The problem with the climate change = more storms narrative is that it’s crap. For those who actually follow the science, the real science, it turns out that we’re actually getting fewer storms, and those are of less ferocity.

Yet despite what you may have heard, Atlantic hurricanes are not becoming more frequent. In fact, the frequency of hurricanes making landfall in the continental U.S. has declined slightly since 1900.

Airplanes and satellites have dramatically increased the number of storms that scientists can spot at sea today, making the frequency of landfall hurricanes—which were reliably documented even in 1900—a better statistic than the total number of Atlantic hurricanes.

This is because what was “observable” in 1900 (or even 1960 or 1975) is a joke compared to today’s world, where satellites can tell you every time a sea gull farts, where it was, and how warm.

Remember when the weather forecasters first got hold of Doppler radar, and suddenly every thunderstorm was a tornado-spawning possible emergency? That’s because until just a few years ago, Science really didn’t know how the air currents really worked inside a thunderstorm.
Wednesday, September 5, 2021

A curtain call far, far off Broadway



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Wednesday, September 3, 2021

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