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calendar   Monday - January 27, 2020

Getting Tired Of 2019 nCoV-erage

Latest Reports:
•  Wuhan Virus Infects 83% Of People Encountered, 15% Fatal
•  No Symptoms For 2 Weeks, Spreads During Incubation Phase
•  May Have Been Stolen From Canadian Lab
•  5 Confirmed Cases In US, 110 Suspected

Oy vey, if any of this is true, we’re looking at a Wrath Of God level global epidemic. Crap.

The U.S. news media is currently running about one to two days behind the Chinese media in covering the bombshell revelations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Natural News has Chinese-speaking investigators on the ground in Taiwan, and they’re scanning the Chinese media for the most important announcements.

Earlier today, the Taiwan media began reporting on a new mainland Chinese study that specifically looked at the individuals involved in this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. We have a partial translation and link below. According to this news, which is widely circulating in the Taiwan press and is based on a study published in The Lancet, the Wuhan coronavirus fatality rate has leaped to 15%, and the infection rate among those exposed is 83%.

These numbers are virtually unheard of in the world of microbiology and infectious disease transmission. It means that 15 out of every 100 infected people will die. It also means that 83 out of 100 exposed people will become infected and able to transmit the disease to others.

So for every 100 people who are exposed, around 12 will die (15% of 83).

The only criticism of this study is that its sample size was relatively small, given that it’s still very early in the outbreak of this disease. The study looked at 41 cases of individuals who were exposed.

If the infection rate stands at 83%, this pandemic will be impossible to contain

I ordered my N100 level masks from Amazon yesterday, finding some from a place that actually had them in stock. In theory: they haven’t shipped yet. Any kind of mask is better than none, but ones rated N95, N99, N100, P95, P99, P100, or P0.3 are the best against germs. Even a FFP3/P3 can be somewhat effective.  All of these ratings are based on testing them against 0.3 micron particles, which, sadly, is about twice the size of a virus particle. Actual respirators - chemical fume masks, half face and full face - can do the job as well. So will a good milsurp gas mask with fresh cartridges.

A little online research will reveal that the flu virus is .17 microns in size. Clearly smaller than even N100 masks can filter out. However, it is critical to understand that the flu virus does not float in the air by itself. The flu virus is transported from patient to patient on droplets of excretions from sneezing and coughing. These particles are typically 5 microns or larger. When a sick patient wears a respirator, the respirator can be very effective at preventing infectious material from leaving the patients body, and when worn by healthy individuals, it prevents inhalation of said material. More importantly, wearing a mask is a excellent way of preventing the user from rubbing or touching their mouth or nose, which is a very high risk factor. At the end of the day will an N95 mask guarantee to protect you from the Flu? No. But it can substantially reduce your risk or receiving or transmitting the disease.

And a report the other day said the airborne virus can infect you by landing in your eyes. Great. Now we all need swim goggles or full face masks. Fluck!!

I’d say stock up on disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. If you can even find any in the stores. Stock up on food now. Stay away from crowds, cook your food thoroughly, stop touching your face and licking your fingers, etc. If this all goes to Hell, isolate yourself and stay home for a month or two. Better to lose your job than to be dead.

Yes, I know, we go through the big Flu Scare every year. And it’s usually a huge Chicken Little situation. But never in my life has any country quarantined cities of millions. And that part really scares me. Add in today’s news that people can have this virus and show no signs for a week or two means that these airport thermal scanner efforts are a waste of time.

Now we’ve got the conspiracy theories ... or are they actual news, connecting the dots? ... that viral lab in dhimmi Canada was staffed completely with muzzies and other Asians. CDC says the virus is mutating at an amazing rate ... is this thing a created weapon? I don’t want to accept that, but you have to see that it is possible.

At this point, the CDC said the virus does appear to have mutated, but described the outbreak as a “rapidly changing situation.” The virus has killed at least 81 people in China and sickened over 2,700 more. The CDC said 16 other international locations had reported a case of the virus.


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calendar   Saturday - January 25, 2020

Same Bat Vector, Different Bat Disease

Health Report: Eating Bats Gives You Ebola

People of Guinea: We Don’t Care, It’s Our Traditional Food

Medical teams struggling to curb Ebola in west Africa have been discouraging bush meat consumption, believed to have caused the outbreak, but some rural communities dependent on the meat for protein are determined to continue their traditional hunting practices.

While meat from wild animals such as fruit bats, rodents and forest antelopes has largely disappeared from market stalls in main towns such as Guéckédou in southern Guinea – the epicentre of the disease, and the capital Conakry following campaigns to avoid contamination, it is still being eaten in remote villages despite the risks.

“Life is not easy here in the village. They [authorities and aid groups] want to ban our traditions that we have observed for generations. Animal husbandry is not widespread here because bush meat is easily available. Banning bush meat means a new way of life, which is unrealistic,” said Sâa Fela Léno, who lives in Nongoha village in Guéckédou.

The disease, which erupted in Guinea’s southern forest region and was diagnosed in March as Ebola, is west Africa’s first outbreak, and the worst known to date globally with more than 700 deaths. Infections continue to spread in Guinea and neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“Life is not easy” ... yeah right. In other words, you’re a lazy POS.

Remove the international aid and health workers, don’t let anyone out of the countries in the area. Let them all die. I’m beyond tired of this crap. If these primitive subhumans are so effin’ stupid that they can’t comprehend this aspect of the modern world, then they’re too backwards for any of to be bothered with. Sayonara, dumbshits.

Yes, this “news” is nearly 6 years old ... as if anything ever changes in Africa.


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Saturday Fun

image  image



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calendar   Friday - January 24, 2020

Today’s Outbreak News

concise blogging again

Same bat vector, next bat virus?

Marburg virus is a hemorrhagic fever virus, closely related to Ebola. The virus is considered to be extremely dangerous.

Stay the F*** away from bats. They aren’t pets, they aren’t dinner.


Numbers Rising


USA 2:


Yay Haiti.

I didn’t even know there was such a site as Outbreak News Today!!


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calendar   Thursday - January 23, 2020

Doing The Dad Job

Coyote Attacks Child: Hero Dad Strangles Coyote

Ok, this first part needs a bit of work with the grammar, but ...

A man choked a coyote to death Monday in New Hampshire after the animal attacked his child, bit a woman walking her dog and charged a vehicle, authorities said.

The state Fish and Game Department was testing the animal’s body for rabies, according to police in Kensington, about 25 miles east of Manchester.

Pretty sure Dad didn’t choke the ‘yote then bite a woman and then charge a vehicle. Whatever.

The series of attacks began after a witness reported seeing a coyote attack a car just before 9 a.m. Monday in the nearby town of Hampton Falls.

“The car was trying to get the coyote to move out of the road, and the coyote started attacking the car,” Kensington Police Chief Scott Cain told NBC Boston.

At 9 a.m., Kensington police got another call about the coyote. This time, the animal was said to have opened a woman’s sliding glass door and gotten inside her enclosed porch. There, it lunged at her and her dogs.


Two hours later, authorities in Exeter, another nearby town, got a call that the coyote had charged a family walking on a trail.

“The coyote attacked a young child, and the child’s dad went into protection mode and suffocated the coyote until it succumbed,” police said.

“protection mode”?? Horry clap, how low writing has become. How about “the father risked his own life to stop the attack, fighting the probably rabid vicious animal with his bare hands and choking it until it was dead”?

Dad here is a hero. That’s his job.


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Coronavirus Gross Vector

EEEW. Wuhan virus initially spread from eating infected bat soup??

Yummy yum, rotted bat soup. Goes great with a glass of fresh snake guts wine!

A group of Chinese scientists today reported that the likely source of the deadly 2019‐nCoV virus is snakes, based on genetic analysis. However, grisly images from a Chinese restaurant suggest bats may also be on the menu.

Their findings were fast-tracked to publication yesterday in the Journal of Medical Virology, and report that infected people were exposed to various wildlife species at the market, where live poultry, seafood, bats and snakes among others, were present.

A detailed genetic analysis of 2019‐nCoV revealed that it is a new strain which seems to be a mixture of two other coronaviruses; one of which is from bats and another unknown strain. The group presented evidence that the last place the virus resided before hitting humans was a snake species, based on certain biological markers in the virus’s surface proteins. These proteins are what allow viruses to invade host cells, and the mutated form is allowing 2019‐nCoV to easily attack human cells.

Bats are food source for humans in the Pacific Rim and Asia, they are also consumed in various amount in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam and in other Asian and Pacific Rim countries and cultures.

The flavor of fruit bats is similar to that of chicken. Bats are prepared in several manners, such as grilled, barbecued, deep fried, cooked in stews and in stir frys. When deep fried, the entire bat may be cooked and consumed. During cooking, bats may emit strong odors reminiscent of urine. This is reduced by adding garlic, onion, chili pepper or beer during cooking. [ No matter how awful it is, Tabasco makes it better. That’s why every MRE has a pouch of it included. ]


The body fluids of the snake are mixed into wine and consumed immediately in the form of a shot. Snake blood wine is prepared by slicing a snake along its belly and draining its blood directly into the drinking vessel filled with rice wine or grain alcohol. Snake bile wine is done through a similar method by using the contents of the gall bladder.

The deadly coronavirus, which has already killed 17 people, could have been spread by bat soup - a popular delicacy in Chinese city Wuhan.

Experts believe fruit bats could be playing host to the virus as researchers have “underestimated” the condition, which is similar to pneumonia and SARS, according to a paper published in the Chinese Science Bulletin.

The global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infected more than 8,000 people between 2002 and 2003.

It was thought to have been spread from bats to civet cats at an animal reservoir before being transmitted to humans in the Guangdong province of southern China.

Meanwhile the major Ebola epidemic which struck West Africa between 2013 and 2016 is also understood to have been spread by bats, according to the World Health Organisation.

Previously, experts believed the new virus wouldn’t cause an epidemic as serious as SARS because its genes were different.

But this latest study, published in China Science Bulletin last night, revealed that the virus has a “strong binding affinity” to a human protein called ACE2.

The researchers said that this binding protein had a high resemblance to that of SARS
In a statement, the researchers said: “The Wuhan coronavirus’ natural host could be bats … but between bats and humans there may be an unknown intermediate.”
The expert believes that the new strain was an RNA virus, meaning that its mutation speed was 100 times faster than that of a DNA virus such as smallpox.

Gao Fu, director general of China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, earlier confirmed the new virus was connected with wild animals..


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More Lies From CNN

Well, when all this peach mint nonsense is over, we know where Adam Schiff will be working ...

“Everyone relax, it was satire”: CNN Employee, Former Clinton Press Secretary, Caught Totally Making It Up

Satire has been redefined to mean “I told a whopper and later got caught at it”.

Joe Lockhart was ripped for making up a story about overhearing Republican senators who “only watch Fox News.”

Lockhart, who worked as White House press secretary in President Bill Clinton’s administration, tweeted a fictitious story about overhearing a few Republican senators explaining how they had never heard any of the evidence presented by the Democratic impeachment managers because they only watched to Fox News.

“Overheard convo between two Republican Senators who only watch Fox News. ‘Is this stuff real? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server. If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence,” Lockhart tweeted.

His story caught fire on Twitter and racked up nearly 5,000 retweets and over 17,000 likes. After his post went viral, he posted a follow-up tweet explaining that he made the whole thing up, writing, “Ok maybe I made up the convo, but you know that’s exactly what they’re thinking.”


After several people blasted him for making up the story, Lockhart returned to tell everyone to “relax,” tweeting, “Everyone relax. This is satire. Satire to make the point that Senators that are deciding the President’s fate who only watch Fox News have never heard this stuff before. Because Fox is part of the coverup.”

Right. Because Fox News hasn’t covered every single aspect of this in mind-numbing detail half a million times for years. Therefore they practically forced Lockhart to Tweet some crock. Poor guy was just, just triggered by their wrongness, no doubt.

Naturally, Lockhart’s correcting the record did not receive nearly as much attention as his original “report” of the alleged “conversation.” This follow-up tweet got less than 500 retweets and 5,200 “likes.”

To make this fake news even more rich, Lockhart hosts a podcast called “Words Matter,” which describes itself as “Dedicated to truth, facts and objective reality.”

The Babylon Bee owned the CNN analyst with this response: “Leave the satire to us; we’ll leave the fake news to you.”


Yet Lockhart would not back down. Rather than reconsidering his tweet and apologizing for it, he accused his critics of being conspiracy theorists.

“Seems like I poked the bear today. The purveyors of Pizzagate and the Seth Rich conspiracy are lecturing me on honesty. I told a joke, you guys are a destructive joke that is killing our democracy. Other than that, hope you’re enjoying the trial and have a nice evening,” the former White House press secretary tweeted.

My personal truth off the cuff opinion is, if anyone honest with authority can ever be found and assigned to investigate, it will turn out that Pizzagate was real and that Seth Rich suffered Arkancide for stealing all the DNC data and sending it to Wikileaks. Plus, he was never associated with any Russians in any way.

PS - Fox News reported the Pizzagate story with strong doubts, and mentioned that the Seth Rich “robbery gone wrong” conspiracy story was not proveable. Which is pretty honest reporting, I’d say.


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Richmond Still Doesn’t Get It

VA Dem: Peaceful 2A Rally In Richmond Was TERRORISM

What a nuckin futjob

A Virginia Democrat said Tuesday that Second Amendment supporters who protested new gun-control legislation at the Virginia State Capitol had “terrorized Richmond.”

House Delegate Lee Carter, a self-professed democratic socialist, accused participants in Monday’s peaceful protest of menacing lawmakers, saying the thousands of “idiots” who demonstrated would only embolden the Democratic majority on gun control.

“The ‘pro-gun’ people that terrorized Richmond yesterday probably don’t realize that all they did was tag team with fascists, strengthen the liberals’ resolve to pass gun control bills, and force the most gun-friendly Dem (me) to not show up for a day,” Carter said. “Idiots. Absolute idiots.”

David Rutz breaks down the most important news about the enemies of freedom, here and around the world, in this comprehensive morning newsletter.

Contrary to Carter’s rhetoric, Monday’s rally “concluded without a single incidence of mayhem or civil unrest,” reported Washington Free Beacon staff writer Stephen Gutowski, who interviewed various protesters. Gov. Ralph Northam (D.), who declared a state of emergency leading up to the rally, acknowledged the event was peaceful.

Yes Virginia, anarcho-Marxists are real ... and you’ve elected at least one to your statehouse. Are you happy now??

Meanwhile, Back At The Richmond Statehouse: VA Senate passes Red Flag law

The state Senate in Virginia gave final approval to a “red flag” firearms seizure bill Wednesday in a party line 21-19 vote, and over the objections of Republicans who argued that the bill still has due process issues and lacks any sort of mental health component.

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, claim that the bill is a “step forward,” and that it was the best bill that they could come up with. Of course, that’s not an argument to pass the bill, but it is clear that Virginia Democrats plan on approving as much of Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda as possible, even if the measures are modified or watered-down in the process.

The unaddressed and underfunded mental health situation in Virginia is already at the crisis level. There simply are not enough beds or care systems for the number of people in need. Sadly, this is a back burner issue that doesn’t poll well, and being big in the polls is what drives the legislature. Because “working the big issues” makes them popular - a “brand” in today’s parlance - and that gets them re-elected.


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OMG. The Steele Dossier Back In The News Again?

I never knew BuzzFeed had that kind of money to throw around.

BuzzFeed Paid Former FBI Cyber Geek $4.1 Million To Prove Steele Dossier Contentions
They came up emptyhanded. Duh.

When old news is new news again

One of the experts who spearheaded a forensics report alleging Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s phone was also part of an attempt to verify the Steele dossier.
Anthony Ferrante, a cyber expert at the advisory firm FTI Consulting
BuzzFeed asked Ferrante, a former FBI agent who joined CNN as a contributor in 2019, to investigate the Steele dossier’s claims that Russian tech executive Aleksej Gubarev played a “significant” role in hacking Democrats’ computer systems.

Conclusion: Russians Bad, No Proof Of DNC Hacking

Ferrante determined that Gubarev’s companies “have provided gateways to the internet for cybercriminals and Russian state sponsored actors to launch and control large-scale malware campaigns over the past decade.”

Gubarev’s lawyer, Evan Fray-Witzer, dismissed Ferrante’s contention in a March 2019 statement. “Buzzfeed spent $4.1 million on a team of former FBI agents to try to prove that Gubarev and his companies did what was alleged in the Steele Dossier and came up empty-handed,” he said.

Fray-Witzer added: “The Dossier directly and unequivocally accused Alex Gubarev of having been corrupted by the [Federal Security Service] FSB and having personally hacked (or directed others to hack) the [Democratic National Committee] DNC. And that defamatory statement was, and is, a lie, plain and simple.” The FSB is Russia’s military service.


BuzzFeed paid Ferrante $4.1 million to verify elements of Christopher Steele’s dossier, which pundits argued showed links between President Donald Trump and Russia.

And of course CNN was spreading the fake about all this back then [ March 2106 ] .

Don’t you just hate it when even the news about a nothing burger turns out to be a nothing burger? Grrrr.

Ok, so I guess the new news part is that this Russian guy Gubarev is suing the pants off of Steele because that dossier names him specifically as the person who hacked, or hired others to hack, the DNC server.

The same server that no one has ever seen or even had access to.

Or maybe it comes up again as news because the same cyber security guy, Ferrante, is looking into the hack of Bezos’ phone, allegedly by Saudi agents. Hey, that’s his job, investigating computer stuff, isn’t it? Big yawn.

Just a reminder that the Steele dossier is totally bogus, unproveable even after spending millions to have former FBI “Top Men” work on it. Gotta wonder about that one a bit, knowing that the FBI knew the thing was fake from the get-go.

And as time goes by, it becomes boringly obvious that the DNC server was never hacked from the outside. Somebody (Seth Rich) took the data from a terminal onto a thumb drive. Good grief, we’ve known this for years now. 


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China Quaranties More Cities Over Coronavirus

China: City Lockdowns Increase

“Unprecieented in public health history”

Trains and planes out of Wuhan were indefinitely suspended, tollways on roads out the city were closed, leading to fear and panic for those who were trapped.

Hours later, authorities in neighbouring Huanggang announced that public transport and train services would be suspended at midnight, while people were told to not leave the city of 7.5 million.

All of Huanggang’s cinemas, internet cafes, and the central market will close.

A third city, 1.1 million-population Ezhou, announced the train station had been temporarily closed earlier in the day.

“We are feeling as though it is the end of the world,” said one Wuhan resident on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform, voicing concerns about shortages of food and disinfectant.

More than 570 people have been infected with the virus across China—with most cases found in Wuhan, where a seafood market that illegally sold wild animals has been identified as the epicentre of the outbreak.

The coronavirus has caused alarm because of its similarity to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which killed nearly 650 people across mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002-2003. Like SARS, it can be passed among people through the respiratory tract.

The first case of the new virus was confirmed on December 31, and it has since been detected in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

Three weeks after Chinese officials announced the outbreak of a new virus, more than 400 people have been sickened and 17 have died, leading to questions of just how alarmed the public should be.

The coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, began at an animal and seafood market in the city of Wuhan and has since spread to several other countries, including the United States. The illness is now said to be transferable between humans.


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calendar   Wednesday - January 22, 2020

This Year’s Killer Virus From China

How is it that every damn year the worst diseases come from China? Every year. Swine flu, Avian flu, SARS, you name it. And now it’s coronavirus. WTH is coronavirus? Who knows, but it’s deadly. And it’s already in the USA.
TLDR: The answer is “wet markets”, the traditional Asian totally unhygienic outdoor butcher shop/live wild animal/vegetable stall/crowded shopping bizarres that they refuse to give up. This is the source of every one of these diseases.

China Quarantines Entire City Of Wuhan Over Coronavirus Epidemic

The Chinese government has quarantined the city of Wuhan and plans to shut down the airport and public transportation within hours amid an outbreak of the coronavirus, according to reports on the country’s social networks. The virus has been linked to at least 17 deaths and has sickened over 500 others.

Other countries’ health agencies and governing bodies have issued warnings to travelers including the U.K., which advised against “all but essential travel” to Wuhan, which is where the virus was first detected. Several countries have implemented enhanced screening measures at airports for flights arriving from the Wuhan region as China faces scrutiny over what officials knew about the outbreak and when they discovered it.

For weeks the country’s health officials maintained that the number of people infected remained at 41, with minimal fatalities, but as more cases emerged and the death toll spiked fears of a cover-up began to surface. Top officials in China have reportedly warned lower-level officials to not cover up the spread of the virus, which is now said to be transmissible between humans.

Any lower-level officials who attempt to conceal new cases would be “nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity,” officials with the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, a top political body in the country that handles law and order, allegedly said, according to the BBC.

The call for transparency follows the country’s botched handling of the SARS virus in 2002-2003, which infected 8,000 and killed at least 770. At the time, officials were accused of covering up the virus, which was not announced to the public until about five months after it was detected.

This tells me that this germ is so virulent that it spreads faster than the ChiComs attempts to hide the truth. Wuhan is a city of 11 million in central eastern China, about 430 miles west of the port city of Shanghai. Locking down an entire city and leaving the people to die is what communists can do, instantly. “All power comes from the barrel of a gun”, said Chairman Mao, and they’ve got all the guns. Whatever numbers their government is admitting to are probably at least an order of magnitude less than the reality; if they say 10 it’s 100. Or 1000.

Scientists have warned that official totals from Chinese authorities of how many people have been infected with a deadly and little-understood new virus could be out by a factor of 35.

You can’t trust the little bastards to be truthful. They lie about everything, always have. Oh but THIS TIME they’re going to open and honest. Yeah right. When they quarantine an entire city, one bigger than LA and NY combined, you know the situation is out of control. It’s an achinkolypse.

Spread of coronavirus prompts CDC to expand ‘enhanced health screenings’ to 2 more US airports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it will expand health entry screenings to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, as the U.S. on Tuesday reported its first case of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

The CDC and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had previously announced the implementation of “enhanced health screenings” for airline passengers arriving from or traveling through the Wuhan province of China amid a mysterious viral outbreak in the region.

Screenings began Friday at three major air hubs: San Francisco International Airport (SFO), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The CDC announced that they will be expanding public health entry screenings to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

At least one person in the United States is infected with the mysterious pneumonia-like virus that has already killed at least six people and sickened some 300 others since the illness was first reported in Wuhan.

The case of the new coronavirus was confirmed in a man in Seattle. The man arrived in the U.S. last week before CDC and CBP officials had announced the “enhanced health screenings.”

The patient, who was not identified, is a resident of the U.S. and is in stable condition, CDC officials said during a news conference on Tuesday. The patient is isolated at the hospital he is being treated at and poses “very little risk” to medical staff and the public, officials said.

The man was reportedly aware of the outbreak affecting Wuhan before falling ill and proactively reached out to state health officials when he began experiencing symptoms, which have been reported to include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

So it feels just like any other bout of the flu pretty much, but maybe worse? Shortness of breath because your lungs are all phlegmmed up? Great. People are going to go nuts. I just got over the bug that’s going around here, with waterfall sinus flow and coughing enough to nearly pop my eyes out of my head.

Symptoms for SARS and MERS are much more severe than for common coronaviruses. Both cause respiratory problems. Those infected with MERS may also feel fatigued, experience shortness of breath and could develop kidney failure.

The virus is thought to be able to be spread from person to person and in some cases has infected doctors and nurses. The early days of the outbreak have evoked comparisons to SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, the illness that spread through airports and hospitals around the globe in 2003, killing nearly 800 people in a matter of months.

With the Chinese New Year travel season about to send billions of people on holiday journeys, no one wants to underestimate the disease.

“The speed with which this virus has been identified is testament to changes in public health in China since SARS,” said Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, in a statement. “However, we know there is more to come from this outbreak - and with travel being a huge part of the fast approaching Chinese New Year, it is right that concern levels are at the highest level.”

Coronavirus is first cousin to SARS, and SARS is some deadly badness. Also in that family tree is MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. MERS has a 35% fatality rate. More than 1 in 3 who get it DIE. Is “Wuhan Virus” any less severe? Teh Authorities say so, but current data is perhaps too limited to have much faith in that panic quelling banality.

Both the Wuhan virus, known as 2019-nCoV, and SARS belong to the family of coronaviruses, so called because of their crown-like shape. Many such viruses cross the barrier between animals and humans, as the Wuhan virus appears to have done
Some of the first patients infected in Wuhan worked or shopped at a seafood market where live animals and wildlife parts were reportedly sold.

These so-called wet markets, where shoppers mingle in narrow spaces with animals ranging from live poultry to snakes, have been a key source in the emergence of new viruses transmitted from animals to humans.

If sanitation standards are not maintained, wet markets can spread diseases. Because of the openness, newly introduced animals may come in direct contact with sales clerks, butchers, and customers. Insects such as flies have relatively easy access to the food products. Carcasses are sometimes thrown on the floor to be butchered. Both the current avian flu outbreak and SARS can be traced to keeping live animals in wet markets and its potential for contamination. In 2008 the government of Hong Kong proposed that all poultry should be slaughtered at central abattoirs to combat the spread of avian flu. However, public opposition to the scheme led to its abandonment.

Great. Pack a big bunch of people in a small space where raw meat, open to the air and the flies and dirt, uninspected, anything-we-could-farm-hunt-or-pickup-as-roadkill ... and you’ve got the world’s biggest Petri dish brewing every kind of putrescence imaginable. The only way it could be worse is if they put the markets right next to the dung heap. “But we’ve always done it this way!”, so let’s just infect the whole damn planet.

Wuhan is already present in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Maybe it’s time to just blockade all of Asia for half a year or so. Just to be safe. You can live that long without the latest hi-tech gadget or some more cheap stuff from Walmart. And God knows we don’t need YET ANOTHER one of their damn insects to sneak in either. WTF, let’s put Africa on the blockade list too. Because the ChiComs are big in Africa these days, and a Wuhan-MERS-Ebola crossbreed could wipe out half the world.


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A Break From Politics


Miss Universe 2017, Demi Leigh Nel Peters. A genuine African from South Africa. Miss South Africa 2017. Now know to the world as Mrs. Tim Tebow.

Best wishes to both of them.


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Late Night Peach Mint

OMG, I tried watching that crap last night. Endless blather, with the Dems going on FOREVER, getting into hyper detail and lying like rugs when they’re were supposed to be explaining why they wanted to bring in a ton of new documents and witnesses, after the years of the Mueller investigation et al turned up nothing, and the months of the peach mint inquiry turned up nothing, and how their emergency rush to impeach President Trump on totally vacuous charges had to be done right this instant, but then set aside for several weeks so they could all go on vacation, and now Schiff, Schumer, and his hit squad of crazies want to change the rules in the Senate. My run-on sentence was nothing compared to their hours of obfuscations.

In the end, they got Mitch to bend a little, so they’ll get their witnesses but not at the start. Personally, I never would have allowed it. It’s not like they haven’t had years to research and gather everything under the sun. Run what you brung, or go home.

McConnell’s rules, which were eventually adopted in a 53-47 party-line vote at 1:40 a.m. ET Wednesday and largely mirror those from the Bill Clinton impeachment trial in 1999, permit new witnesses and documents to be considered only later on in the proceedings, after opening arguments are made.

Under McConnell’s final, adopted rules resolution, both the Democrats’ impeachment managers and Trump’s lawyers will now have three session days, totaling 24 hours, allocated to present their case.

McConnell’s original resolution had allowed 24 hours of arguments over only two days.

The vote on the Bolton amendment, like the roll call on Schumer’s previous failed quixotic proposals on the day, was not a final determination on any witness or document request, because McConnell’s proposal would allow new evidence to be considered later on in the process.

At 1:30 a.m. ET, Schumer introduced his last amendment to McConnell’s rules-- and he unexpectedly put Roberts back in the spotlight. The proposal would have allowed Roberts to decide the appropriateness of witnesses, which Republicans nixed because the Constitution affords the Senate the “sole” power over impeachment trials.

That last amendment was tabled by a 53-47 party-line vote, just like ten of Schumer’s other proposals.

Which shows me that this avalanche of garbage is entirely partisan. Well, duh. We knew that 3 years ago when they started crying for impeachment almost the moment the votes were tallied.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 01/22/2020 at 08:33 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - January 21, 2020

chips falling from the deep state resistance

Andrew Peek, NSC Senior Director, Escorted From White House Friday And Under Security Investigation

Trump in Davos for World Economic Forum with most of cabinet, but Mike Pompeo is not part of the group, although he was originally scheduled to be.

Andrew Peek had previously worked for General John Allen, who took over the Afghanistan theater after Patraeus left, but held the job for only a short time until sexual misconduct allegations forced his retirement.

General Allen was used by Obama to push his false narrative about defeating ISIS.  Allen spoke at the 2016 DNC convention in support of Hillary Clinton.

Impeachment Inquiry “witness” Andrew Vindman worked directly for Andrew Peek.

Peek got the NSC SD job with the approval of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

Sounds like Teh Resistanz planted a mole who got caught being naughty, and now the whole chain of them are having a time-out.

President Donald Trump’s top Russia expert on the National Security Counsel is reportedly on leave pending a security investigation.

Andrew Peek, the NSC’s senior director for European and Russian affairs, was escorted from the White House grounds on Friday, two people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Peek had been in the NSC role for just two months, after most recently working as a deputy assistant secretary of state with responsibility for Iran and Iraq.

He replaced Tim Morrison, who left the position after testifying in the House impeachment inquiry. Morrison testified that the U.S. Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, had told him there was a quid pro quo in which U.S. aid to Ukraine was conditioned on the country’s government opening an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Morrison’s predecessor in the role, Fiona Hill, also testified as part of the impeachment inquiry.

Peek had been expected to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week with Trump and other top aides.

However, he is currently on leave pending a security-related investigation

Peek previously served as a deputy assistant secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, and he was seen as an ally of Robert O’Brien, who took over as national security adviser from John Bolton in September.

Prior to joining the State Department, Peek served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer who worked under General John Allen in Afghanistan. He was also a national security adviser to Senator Gordon Smith, an Oregon Republican, and Senator Mike Johanns, a Nebraska Republican.

Andrew Peek coming from the stable of John Allen tells us everything we need to know about the ideology of Mr. Peek.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Andrew Peek is therefore an ideological member of the resistance similar to another NSC appointment, Alexander Vindman.

Keep in mind, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien also comes from inside the Dept of State.  So whether Mike Pompeo and Robert O’Brien set-up Peek as a mole, or whether Peek’s activities were discovered without their foreknowledge is an open question.  However, I find it impossible to believe that NSA Robert O’Brien didn’t know the ideology of Peek prior to the appointment.


The bigger question is whether O’Brien and Pompeo will be the next to get the boot. 


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 01/21/2020 at 10:31 AM   
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