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Up before the birdies. Put coffee in me, put fresh food outside for the long absent Ginger, the outdoor cat.

Damn, I still have that pain in the back of my head, but it is quite a bit less now. And I haven’t taken any pain pills at all since Friday night.


Immigration Issues Come To A Boil


I’ve been following the ICE raids situation and the active protests against them. This is really getting out of hand.

Kicking Off the Kicking Out

A nationwide crackdown to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country began late Saturday in the nation’s largest city and several other places, according to an official.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resumed its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants who’ve been given orders to leave the country, targeting people in at least 10 cities.  The ICE raids began late Saturday and into the early morning hours on Sunday in “a number of jurisdictions,” not just New York City, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News.
“We are doing targeted enforcement actions against specific individuals who have had their day in immigration court and have been ordered to be removed by an immigration judge,” Albence told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins. “We are merely executing those lawfully issued judge’s orders.”


Protesters Go Proactive

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Hundreds of protesters gathered in Aurora on Friday evening to march to the ICE detention facility where illegal and undocumented immigrants are being housed. They also removed the U.S. flag, replaced it with a Mexican flag, and spray painted graffiti on a Blue Lives Matter flag before it was seen flying upside down on the flag pole.  This comes before planned ICE raids in Denver and 10 other cities nationwide.

The protesters say they are demonstrating against the treatment of the people living inside. The Blue Lives Matter flag was vandalized with “Abolish ICE” in spray paint.

You know, if a little common sense prevailed, people would accept that illegals illegally entering this country don’t have any rights at all, and would be thrown out. I mean I can see the issue with that idea, but agree to a 20 mile cordon. Get caught within that, and you get tossed back across the border after a DNA sample is taken. ( assuming there is a dirt cheap way to do DNA scan quickly ) Get caught again, and something severe needs to happen.

And these people are not living there. It is not their home. They are incarcerated there, because they committed a crime. We are being invaded, and the time for soft solutions is long, long past.


Proactive Protestor Gets Himself Dead

Police in Washington state say an armed man was shot and killed early Saturday after trying to attack a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center.

The Seattle Times reported that the unidentified man appeared outside of the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma with a rifle and threw incendiary devices at both the facility and nearby propane tanks.

Officers responded to the incident around 4 a.m. and called out to the man before shots were fired. It was not clear how many shots were fired or whether the man fired at police.

Gosh, a radical leftist intent on carrying out a mass shooting? Say it ain’t so!!

Golly, what a surprise !! Shooter was some anarchist antifa old hippie.

Willem Van Spronsen died Saturday morning after a shootout with police when he arrived at the Northwest Detention Center and attempted to set buildings on fire, authorities said, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

The Tacoma Police Department responded to a call around 4 a.m. when Van Spronsen, armed with a rifle and flares, started throwing incendiary devices toward a propane tank in an effort to set fire to the facility and managed to ignite a car, the department said, according to The Seattle Times.

Deb Bartley, a friend of Van Spronsen, told the Times that he identified as an anarchist and anti-fascist (Antifa), and she believes his intent in attacking the center was to provoke a conflict.

Double Surprise !! CNN and Newsweek were big supporters of this “martyr” and his antifa “gun club” (which happens to be the new name for the older group that planned and instigated the Charlottesville mess a couple years ago.)

The word redneck is typically used to insult a white person from a poor, rural background, a demographic that tends to be politically conservative. But now a group of far-left activists is reclaiming the word and using it to spark a working-class movement that promotes social justice and protects minorities.

Redneck Revolt’s website says it aims to put “the red back in redneck,” a reference to the use of the color red to represent communists and other members of the far left.


Restaurants Make Effort To Support Their Underpaid Illegal Workers

The national restaurant industry is bracing for a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation that could round up hundreds of migrant families that have received deportation orders. Restaurant owners and worker advocates hope the operation, planned to start on Sunday, will not disrupt an industry already hurting for staff, or broaden into a wider investigation of employees not on the Trump administration’s deportation lists.

President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the roundups would move forward despite debate within the administration over the potential humanitarian issues (separating children from their parents) and political fallout (alienating Democrats as Congress debates a $4.6 billion supplemental aid package to deal with the crisis at the border) of the operation to remove up to 2,000 families. News reports later confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security and ICE would proceed with “family op,” as the agencies call the plan, in up to 10 major immigrant destinations such as Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and other cities.

Restaurant associations and immigrant advocacy groups across the country were sending out mass emails to members and workers this week, alerting them to their rights should ICE agents knock on their doors. The California Restaurant Association, the Illinois Restaurant Association, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (which advocates for restaurant workers), South Asian Americans Leading Together (which advocates for the rights of South Asians in the United States) and the Restaurant Law Center (the legal affiliate of the National Restaurant Association) were among the groups alerting constituents about the expected ICE actions.

Maybe they should change their business model. Or maybe they should just go out of business. If you can’t run your shop with legal workers making a legal wage, then you’ve got major issues.


Not 100% sure this is related ...

Farmer’s Markets Hotbeds Of White Supremecy?
... and so what if they are?

“Don’t Buy Veggies From Nazis,” read a pile of colorful buttons at a recent Saturday farmers’ market.

The buttons were a jab at Sarah Dye and Douglas Mackey, proprietors of Schooner Creek Farm, a vegetable farm. Like other unassuming stallholders at the market, Dye and Mackey sell eggs and seasonal vegetables.

But online, Dye is “Volkmom,” an active member of the white supremacist group Identity Evropa, according to leaked chat logs. “Volk” is a nod to the Nazis’ back-to-the-land völkisch movement.

“Any Whites who have spent time living in a neighborhood or attending a school with a non-white majority know the strife that Whites endure,” Dye wrote in an Identity Evropa chat in January. “I can attest to it myself.” She also wrote of trying to win over a family member by showing videos from a white supremacist channel.

After the couple’s connections came to light, Bloomington locals campaigned to oust the couple from their weekend stall at the city’s farmers’ market.

The farmers’ market face-off isn’t not the first of its kind. From Chicago to Sweden, farmers’ markets have become a surprising battleground between the far right and its opponents. The far right’s love of the markets plays into a larger fascist talking point that idealizes pastoral life and demonizes “degenerate” urban living. The contrast attempts to cast white supremacy as a purer alternative.

Gosh, what do you know? The vast majority of farmers in the northern hemisphere are white. Even with the massive and corrupt cash give away of Pigford and Pigford II under Obama, non-white farmers are still just a tiny slice of the good dirt pie. And farms pretty much define rural, which seems to be where these conservatives live. And some are radicalized, just like some folks are in every kind of group you can find. But Nazis? Just because they are Race Realists doesn’t make them Nazis. Nazism is so much more than racial pride and preference. It’s far gone left wing socialist for starters. Something that would seem rather disagreeable with these folks out there on the weekends busily being little capitalists, generally outside of government control.

But are they keeping / using / abusing illegal aliens? I have no answer there. So maybe it isn’t really related. Except for the protest thing.

Seriously people, you all need to figure out how to create a better online alias.

*************** * * * * * * *******************


Bad idea, or are the ‘flakes just overreacting?

“Controversial" Fill-You-Own Donut Holes Pulled From Minnesota State Fair


One of the new foods for 2019 has been drawing mounting controversy since it was announced last month, thanks to an unusual accessory to the dish. The Wingwalker Donut Flight of fill-your-own doughnut holes comes with three fillings: Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and Minnesota lingonberry jam. Each of the fillings was to be served in a plastic syringe.

“Incredibly wasteful,” “a gimmick,” and “gross” were some of the comments on the Minnesota State Fair’s Facebook page. Both the environmental impact of single-use plastics and the optics of drug paraphernalia littered on the ground at the fair drew complaints.

An online petition launched last weekend has so far garnered more than 3,000 signatures to “Stop the Minnesota State Fair from allowing Wingwalker Donut to use plastic syringes!”

The fair was listening. Since the new foods were announced, it has been in talks with the vendor, The Hangar, and a sustainability consultant to find another route.

Today, the fair announced, the syringes are no more, and the doughnuts have been dropped from the Official New Food List (with a new replacement).

“We understand the impact food packaging has on the environment, and The Hangar, along with the fair, has decided that plastic syringes will not be used as part of the Wingwalker Donut Flight,” the fair said in a statement.
Instead, the cake doughnut holes will be served in a compostable tray with three compartments holding the different fillings. Instead of filling the doughnuts, customers can now dunk them.

Additionally, the vendor is “changing all of their food service trays and boats to ‘eco trays,’ a post-consumer recycled paper product; utensils made from wood will be given to guests instead of plastic forks and knives; and they will continue to use eco-friendly napkins made from recycled paper products.”

To replace the doughnuts from the official new foods list, The Hangar has come up with a new offering. It’s called Tailspin: “tangy BBQ sauce drizzled on top of french-fried onions and fresh-made coleslaw, layered over pulled pork, elote, Oaxaca cheese and peppery spices – all on a seasoned hash brown waffle.” No syringes necessary.

This isn’t the first time one of the fair’s new foods got recalled.  In 2017, vendor Hideaway Speakeasy changed the name of it’s “Swindler” smoked salmon sandwich after claims that it was anti-Semitic. It became the Swing-Dance Sandwich.

Hey, there weren’t any needles on those syringes, so shut up! And stop with the non-stop being offended. Find a new form of personal entertainment, because I’m tired of the douche-a-rama.

Actually, this is pretty much how donuts get filled at the bakery. The one I had experience with had a 2 gallon stainless steel bucket and lid, and a T shaped hand pump on top. Each end of the T was a 2” long tube, rather like a hypodermic but about 1/4” across and not really sharp. Put a donut in each hand, stab them onto the T, push down with your thumbs and inject the jelly or creme or whatever. Worked great, filled ‘em by the hundreds every day for years.

Maybe they should have used mini grease guns instead. And washed them later.


Arrgh, the blog!! Yeah, I’m still here. Been busy when I haven’t been resting. And I’ve been resting a lot. The pain in my head might be less. Saw my regular doctor about it, she gave me the name of a neurologist. I hope it’s nothing serious, because I couldn’t get an appointment with him until the end of August. What ev.

I’m having a weekend alone. She went down the shore to visit her sister for her birthday. So, fun on the beach. Great. So I got to eat what and when I felt like it, and do whatever I wanted. Which was most sleeping, getting a take out stromboli, and watching the first episode of the old Deadwood series. Last time we looked for it, that show was on pay per view. Now it’s On Demand. Fine by me. It’s a pretty raw show. When I wrote about the closure movie they made this year that we watched the other week, I mentioned how the music played during the credits roll was this strange tune called the Hog of the Forsaken. The producers went full circle with that, as the music played but not sung at the end of the first episode is also that song. Hey, for all I know, that’s the closing tune for every episode. Guess I have something regular to watch again, along with new episodes of Yellowstone when they come out.

Right. Have to get cleaned up and go do my cleaning. Get back early and do a bunch of housework. Mr. Outside Cat has not been around in several days, hasn’t touched the food. He does this kind of thing, so I’ll try not to worry for a few more days. Damn cat. He could have at least texted me. Riiight.



Damn. It’s pouring. Which I only noticed when I got ready to run some errands. Figures, right? It isn’t coming down cats and dogs, it’s coming down giraffes and rhinoceroses. Weather widget says it won’t last much longer, so we’ll see.

Egads, with my hearing aides in, this keyboard is clackey as all get out.


Stupid Overflow. I guess she was expecting $3500 per week just to shoot her mouth off? Typical useless snowflake ... OMG, I have to do work? Eeewww.

Occasional Cortex: I’m Being Saddled With Work To Silence Me !!

Today in an interview with WNYC’s “New Yorker Hour,” AOC accused Pelosi of intentionally saddling her with work to keep her out of the spotlight.

“I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees,” AOC said. “So my hands are full. And sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to keep me busy.”

The New York lawmaker had been describing why she declined Pelosi’s offer to sit on a standing committee on climate change. AOC said she declined the Speaker’s offer after she had refused AOC’s demands for what the committee should do.

Asked about how the relationship with Pelosi is generally, AOC deadpanned: “I think sometimes people think that we have a relationship.”

UPDATE: Pelosi responded during a Democratic caucus meeting.

“In every family you have your moments — Right, do you not have your moments in your family? Do you all agree all the time on everything? Do you?,” Pelosi said, according to BuzzFeed. “We’re a family and we have our moments and we’re like a kaleidoscope… But we’re all a resource to each other and we must never undermine the strength of anyone in our caucus.”

AOC then responded later in the afternoon, telling BuzzFeed: “I think the issue at hand is that it’s not just about Caucus dynamics, this is about children dying in DHS and ICE custody. And that’s ultimately what this is about, this is not about any kind of political dynamic.”

For her salary, I would expect her to work at least 60 hours a week, all year long.

And let’s face it: these are the executives of government. It’s not like they’re actually doing any of the work at these meetings. Anyone who has been in the corporate environment knows what I’m saying. Go to the meetings, throw around the buzzwords, maybe run a PowerPoint presentation an underling has prepared, tell people “I’ll have my people get back to you on that”, and then go to lunch. Beats the hell out of picking lettuce, working the production line, or tending bar.

And of course, goes without saying, right?, Pelosi is doing this because RAYCIS.

“When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood,” Ocasio-Cortez told The Washington Post. “But the persistent singling out . . . it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

That’s right, Alexandiarrhea, the mean old white lady is giving you a hard time because you’re ... white. AoC is PoC? Nope, not sorry. Putana don’t even come close to that old paper bag test. Not fooling anyone. You’re only slightly more hispanicy than Beto. Aka Robert Francis O’Rourke. Who is as white and as Irish as a loaf of St. Patrick’s Day soda bread.


Yup, still here. I got a lot of things done over the past 2 days, which didn’t leave me a whole lot of time to blog. No worries, the world is still just as knot headed as it was Monday, overflowing with stupid.


We took 5 last night at Summer League, against the 2nd place team. So that was pretty good. It could have been all 7, but teammate R fell prey to the bowling gremlin. Loss of confidence. When things are going quite right you can’t give up and say you can’t do it. You can always do it. Adjust. Adapt, improvise, overcome. So he had 5 or so bad frames in the 3rd, and we fell behind. I did pretty good, rolling right about on average the last two games, but heaving a nice 228 in the first game. I cleaned my ball real well in the afternoon, and baked it out in the sun for a few hours. That gets it nice and warm, and all the absorbed oil seeps out and can be wiped away. So my confidence was high, and I’ve been getting more thumb out better, so my release is getting stronger. I’m still not throwing the big big hook, but the ball is hitting like dynamite. Hit the pocket and the pins just blast right off the deck, good and loud.

Speaking of loud, I have to have my hearing aids adjusted. This is expected. I’m hearing a real short echo with the higher tones. The little warning bing my car makes when I start it sounds like brrrring, for example. We’ve got one of those Kuerig coffee machines, and you know how loud they can be when they refill the water reservoir. Vibration. I left a steel spoon in a thing ceramic mug when I made a cup, and the ringing it made when the machine refilled was like a shriek. The user app they installed on my phone doesn’t have anywhere near the adjustment ability that the software at the audiologist has, so it looks like I’ll be paying her a visit. With all this tech, I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a set up with some focused, quality speakers, and a series of test sounds. Why not? They have 2 sound isolated rooms for doing hearing tests ... why not take it to the next level?



Oh boy, it’s hearing aid day.

They aren’t covered by health insurance, but there’s a thing called CareCredit that will let you pay for them over time with no interest. Because, yowza!!!, expensive.

The cool thing is that the tech has improved so much in the past decade ... these things are now wirelessly rechargeable, super tiny, adjustable in at least a dozen frequency ranges, and most even come with an app for your phone that lets you tweak them on the fly. Very very nice. Still, between this and the arthritis, I’m officially old. Which sucks.

Head pain is under control with a steady diet of Alieve pills, and yesterday I had 2 more stitches out at the dentist. So who knows, the mouth pain may be ending. Effff ... it’s only been a solid MONTH of pain, sensitivity, and general discomfort. Not to mention the big hole in the front of my teeth, because I can’t wear the bridge due to gum swelling. Getting tired of being Mr. Gappy, but it will be at least another month until the swelling recedes and I can get a new one cast and fitted.  And then I get to go through this whole routine again in 6-12 months. Still have to have the 2nd socket put it, which will then have to heal and set, and then it will be time to build the teeth and install them. And after that I’m never going near a dentist again as long as I live.



Head pain. Ow ow. Never had anything like this before. 3rd day now. Back left side of my head sort of up behind my ear. Not location specific. Might be going down my neck a little. No sore spot on skin. No bruises or inflamed insect bites. No neck or jaw stiffness or discomfort or range of motion issues. No ear pain. No vision issues. Not a hangover, haven’t been drinking too much coffee or eating anything weird. No excessive sinus pressure. No nausea. I don’t get it. But damn, ow. Will try ice pack. Taking ibuprofen.


Got that right.


stolen from The Feral Irishman who stole it from someone else, who stole it from somewhere else ...

Still, a pristine, original 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge is worth well over $100,000. Even a resto rebuild will bring more than $60K. Problem is, a junker like this is going to cost you nearly that much in new parts, plus a couple years of nearly full time work for the restoration. And if it isn’t perfect, it’s nearly worthless.

And then, you can’t drive the thing, unless you fill up half the tank with super high octane leaded airplane gas and the other half with the best pump gas you can find. And then you can drive it home from the airport. Very quickly, that’s a given. Probably with security vehicles ahead and behind. But at about 9 mpg it isn’t going to go very far.

And so many guys who don’t have a huge mountain of money get bitten by the resto bug. So the words are apt.  Fix Goat, go broke.



big_us_flag  big_us_flag Happy Fourth of July !! big_us_flag  big_us_flag


Celebrate your country today. Take pride in your patriotism and nationalism. Both are great things. Revel in the truth that we are indeed exceptional. And independent. And free. Embrace every kind of freedom available to you, and be active in pushing for more of it all the time. Personal responsibility, limited government, plenty of opportunity for anyone to go for their dreams. That’s what it’s all about.


Another take on red, white, and blue



Signs and portents. I think the trigger has been pulled. Let the avalanche commence.



I would have NO problem wearing the Ross flag anywhere, and would categorically tell anyone who does have a problem with it to take a flying fart at the moon, and be quick about it.

Let THIS be our Pride flag. Let THIS be our re-election banner. Put THIS in the faces of EVERYBODY, friend, foe, indifferent.

And oh PLEASE let the Democrat Party make an issue of it. Please, please, please....

Make..... my...…. year......

Oh hell yeah. To the 45th power.

I think we have been given the sign.

We will welcome to our numbers
The loyal, true and brave
Shouting the battle cry of freedom
And although he may be poor
Not a man shall be a slave
Shouting the battle cry of freedom

So we’re springing to the call
From the east and from the west
Shouting the battle cry of freedom
And we’ll prove a loyal crew
To the land we love the best
Shouting the battle cry of freedom

Also, Mitch gets in on it too



I think this took less than 24 hours. MAGA! MAGA!!!


Build your own AR I Stand - 15.

Palmetto State Armory has the lowers for sale already.



Bet this cuts down on crime!

Army to DC: Don’t Panic If Tanks In Your Hood


WASHINGTON—The military is telling Washington, D.C., residents not to panic if they see an armored personnel carrier rolling through their neighborhood.

According to an Army spokesperson, at least two of the Bradley armored personnel carriers being stored at a Southeast rail yard will be moved to the National Mall Tuesday evening in preparation for President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” event during Fourth of July festivities.

At least two other armored vehicles, two M1A1 Abrams Tanks, are planned to be moved to the Mall Wednesday evening.

The routes the vehicles take into the city were not revealed, with details unavailable on where exactly they would be displayed or if all of the vehicles would be shown together.

The armored vehicles are part of a larger military-themed celebration the President has dubbed “Salute to America” that includes flyovers by the Navy’s Blue Angels and one of the jetliners used as Air Force One.

While the entire celebration has received criticism for its cost and deviation from the District’s traditional Fourth of July event, the tanks in particular have proven controversial, with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton saying “weapons of war have no place on the National Mall.”

I think it’s a great idea. Maybe they should have tank patrols every day. OK, the big ones are a bit much for the quality of the streets, but the Bradleys should do just fine.


Another turbo idiot heard from

MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed President Trump’s decision to include tanks and military equipment in Washington, D.C’s Fourth of July celebrations is a threat to Americans during an appearance on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House on Tuesday.

“You mentioned France and Kim Jong-Un, who Donald Trump greatly admires Kim Jong-Un. He sort of aspires to be sort of a mini-Putin or Kim Jong-Un. He wants to have that kind of absolute power. He claims Kim Jong-Un’s people just adore him. They have no choice because he would throw them in a gulag and probably kill them,” Reid began.

“What is the message Donald Trump is trying to send by rolling tanks down Constitution Avenue?” Reid continued. “Who is that message to? It’s certainly not to tyrants because he likes tyrants, he loves tyrants. It’s not to Putin, it’s not to Kim Jong-Un, not to the Saudis. Is it to our friends, to Western democracies who he doesn’t particularly like, or is it to us? Is it to the resistance in this country? I got tanks. I have this military armada. The message is a threat, but it’s always a threat when you roll out your military. But it’s to whom is the threat, and I suspect that the threat is to his fellow Americans. And I hate to say that, but I think that Donald Trump styles himself a tyrant, not a defeater of tyrants.”

No you fool. Americans like to see the military, first responders, pretty girls on goofy floats, and marching bands in a parade. Pipers. It’s what a parade is. Clowns on stilts and other politicians too, but not too many. Antique cars and fire trucks. Elephants! And big Clydesdale horses pulling beer wagons.

And it would be nice to see some of those trillions of dollars worth of hardware on display, just to show people that they actually run. No need to drag out hundreds of them like at Red Square, but a dozen or two would be outstanding.

What normal little boy (of any age) wouldn’t be over the moon to see jet fighters, giant bombers, and restored WWII planes doing slow flyovers at minimum altitude? Hella yeah!! USA USA USA !!!

And if the President of the United States gives a great rousing pro-USA speech, then all the better. Especially if he announces more tax cuts, de-regulation, or government cut-backs. That would be sweeeet.


The True Face Of The Left Is Shown Again

First Amendment? We Don’t Need No Stinking First Amendment


this is what you get when Jack In the Box mates with a rodeo clown

Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson stated Tuesday that those who mock members of Congress online should be prosecuted.

“Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace, and there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable,” Wilson stated as she stood outside of the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children in Homestead, Florida.

“We’re gonna shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted,” she added. “You cannot intimidate members of Congress, frighten members of Congress. It is against the law, and it’s a shame in this United States of America.”

It seems she can’t tell the difference between criticism and actual threats. But it frightens her when people object to her hateful slanderous diatribes, so arrest them all! Off with their heads!

And she’s dumber than half a box of rocks: “there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable” is the exact opposite of what she meant to say. Acceptable, you double negative dimwit.



The Pork Of Crime

We finally got around to watching Deadwood: The Movie tonight. We were totally addicted to the series when it first aired, but it’s been gone for ... 13 or 14 years now. It was powerful, raw stuff back then. And the new movie is even more of it. It’s a closing, a long goodbye, as the story arcs come together again 13 years later. Everyone is still there, if they’re still alive. And the dialogue is just as twisted as ever, Shakespeare bent around the horseshoe of late 19th Century Prairie. It’s magical, but really hard to listen to. I’ll have to watch the film at least once or twice more. It’s art, really.

And in the end, as Ian McShane’s wonderful character Al Swearengen lays in bed, possibly dying from liver disease, but maybe not quite yet, we get the closing credits and the singular folk music of Michael Hurley, thrashing his way through his unique song Hog of the Foresaken. Which is art too, but even harder to understand than the dialogue in this film

an’ The Hog of the Forsaken
got no reason to cry
he got to chew the angels
fallen from on high
he ain’t waitin’ for no answer
bakin’ woeful pie
pie of eyesight, pie blue-black
whoa that pie, the pie of bye-n-bye
an’ The Hog of the Forsaken
well, he ain’t like you and I
with bones always breakin’
an’ no place to go an’ lie
he sit in the bog so dark and wet
he got so much time
he ain’t even worried yet
The Hog of the Forsaken
he is the pork of crime

If you loved the series, watch the film. If you’ve never either, try and watch the 3 seasons of the series first. Then wait a month or three to let it all digest, and pull up this film.


[ massive snip snip of old posts, now pasted below the fold. Sorry, I had to delete a big bunch of them too ]


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  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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