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The one, the only


sniff sniff sniff ... do you smell islamic terrorism? I do.
9 Dead, 16 Injured In Van Attack In Toronto


Police in Toronto identified the suspected driver of a van that rammed into a crowd of pedestrians earlier Monday, and said they would not rule out terrorism as a possible motive.

The vehicle was driven by Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, north of Toronto, police said. Minassian allegedly drove into dozens of people intentionally, killing 10 and injuring 15 others.

“We don’t rule out anything,” Toronto Police Service Chief Mark Saunders said in a Monday evening news conference. “We need to follow what we have.

“Based on witness accounts, its very clear the actions definitely looked deliberate,” Saunders said.

Minassian? Armenian, Iranian? My bet still stands. And it’s a pretty good crumb cake too. Not that there’s much left of it.

Maybe it’s time we ban vehicles with fully automatic transmissions. You don’t need more than 4 gears, and you should shift them yourself, one at a time.


Nine people are dead and 16 others are injured after a van struck a number of pedestrians Monday in the Yonge Street and Finch Avenue area of North York in Toronto. One suspect is in custody.

Toronto police Deputy Chief Peter Yuen told reporters police have mobilized all available resources and that officers expect to be at the scene for a number of days to come.

“This is going to be a long investigation,” Yuen said. There were numerous witnesses and surveillance cameras in the area, he said.

BIG CLUE: The suspect in custody has not been named. Kind of like when there’s a news article about some corrupt politician, and her party affiliation is never mentioned. You KNOW it’s a Dem. Stories about criminals who happen to be black are often similarly forgetful. You know the drill.

The incident was one of the most violent in recent Canadian history.

A former Canadian university student last month pleaded guilty to killing six men praying in a Quebec City mosque in January 2017.

In September, a Somali refugee [ translation: black muzzie ] who was charged with attempted murder on allegations he ran down four pedestrians with a car and stabbed a police officer outside a sports stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.

“It’s unprecedented,” said John Flengas, acting superintendent in the city’s paramedic services. We’ve never seen anything like this in the city of Toronto.” [ Jizzies acting up, just like the paleoswinians who swarmed the Israeli border by the thousands on Passover/Good Friday? That’s their MO ]

... but back to today’s story ...

The incident occurred about 30 kms (18 miles) away from the site where Toronto is hosting a Group of Seven foreign ministers. [ uh huh, same MO ]

A man who gave his name as Ali told CNN he saw the van and that the driver appeared to have been targeting people. [ jizzlamic neighborhood? ]

“This person was intentionally doing this, he was killing everybody,” the man said. “He kept going, he kept going. People were getting hit, one after another.”

The driver, who authorities said hit pedestrians on a busy street north of midtown Toronto, was in custody after leaving a trail of destruction stretching up to a mile, officials said. The van has been located, Toronto Police media representative Gary Long said.
The suspect was previously known to Toronto authorities, according to a US law enforcement official briefed on the matter. Toronto police have not released the suspected driver’s name.
Authorities also have not said publicly if the collisions were intentional. But a law enforcement official briefed on the situation in Toronto told CNN the incident is believed to be deliberate.

Guess the Canadians model their national law enforcement on our FBI. OF COURSE THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS ONE IN ADVANCE. They always know, but NEVER do anything.

Betcha half a slice of my latest crumb cake that I’m right. All a you snackbar. Guaranteed.


Waffle House Naked Killer Caught. Guess What? FBI Knew All About Him For YEARS.

UPDATE: And here we go ...

Police say about 20 people were in the Waffle House at the time of the shootings. They included people of different races and ethnicities, but the four people killed were minorities_three black and one Hispanic.

I had written earlier that I was betting this guy was some hillbilly neo-nazi racist, but when I learned he tried to break into the White House and it was Trump, not Obama, who was President at the time, I erased it. Now it looks like I may be right anyway. It’s perfectly logical that a neo-Naz would be a radical liberal as well.

The man suspected of killing four people at a Waffle House in Nashville on Sunday was previously arrested by the US Secret Service for trespassing and being in a restricted area near the White House, authorities said. The AR-15 he used in the shooting is believed to be the same one his father returned to him after the FBI seized his weapons.

In July 2017, Travis Reinking told a uniform Secret Service officer that he must get into the White House to speak with the President, according to an arrest report. Reinking told the officer that he had to speak with the President and that he was a “sovereign citizen” who had a right to inspect the grounds.

Waffle House is an actively Gun Free Zone establishment, which has lead to them being robbed many, many times before.


The only way to properly describe the efficacy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the last few years is “wholly inexcusable”.

As our nation faces threats from some of the most radical political operatives that we’ve ever seen, we are simultaneously experiencing a horrific lack of judgement from the U.S. intelligence services that are tasked with keeping us safe.

Sure seems like. But to be fair, they’re far too busy trying to destroy our President. They don’t have time for penny-ante crap like murderers and terrorists.




Oh joy, it’s Monday. Yay. Sheesh.

Well, I kept my word yesterday. I’d had a text early last week; “Can you fix the ADA grab bar in the bathroom?” and I said sure, and then totally forgot about it. So when I got to work yesterday, there it was, and I hadn’t brought any tools with me other than a couple screwdrivers. So I dug around in their parts bin, found a couple little things and got to work. Lucky for me there’s a Home Depot right down the street. The grab bar had been installed using half a dozen tiny little plastic expansion anchors in the drywall, which aren’t very strong. And it’s a steel stud wall, which I hate. So now I’m the owner of a sweet little rechargeable drill and a few more drill bits. I hung the bar back up using massive mollies that use a 1/4” bolt. So you could easily hang on the bar like a jungle gym. It ain’t going nowhere, ever. But it was a stinker of a job that ate up more than 2 hours.

Right. A van full of salt buckets after shack duty this morning, and then I’m off for another visit to my dentist, Dr. Pain. Let’s hope the stitches can come out this time. My gums finally stopped hurting Friday, so let’s get that discomfort going again by pulling a dozen and a half strings out of my gums. Yeeerg.


Your Morning Outrage

I don’t have time to write about these stories right now but both are quick reads.

•  What the heck is with the justice department down in Broward County? Bitch Judge Fired For Despicable Rant Against Witness. Watch the video. What a witch.

•  Most expensive free snack ever. Airline gives out apple snack, woman fined $500 for it. Yeah yeah yeah, we have all these laws to protect us against pathogens coming in on foreign foods. But this is idiotic. And the inspector is the biggest douche ever. “So, was your trip to Paris expensive? Because it just got more expensive. I’m fining you $500 for this apple in your purse.” Fire that snot weasel, I don’t care what the law is. And you know what? With all the illegals crossing the border carrying whatever food they want, plus bales of narcotics, and half the population doesn’t even consider them criminals, this is a pretty damn asinine law at this point. Plus, come on, TSA steals anything they want from your luggage anyway, or forces you to throw it out. So they could have just let her eat the damn apple, or tossed it. But noooo ... gotta be a fuckwad. I’ve had my fill of excessive government. Fire this loser, subject the whole damn team to a massive “how to treat people decently” training agenda, and rework the laws. $1000 fine for undeclared food items, first offense, for non-commercial quantities? Get a grip. Yes, she was wrong. But the airline should have mentioned a “eat it, toss it, or declare it” warning. And the inspector should have had a little compassion and understanding, and not been a vindictive bastard. And let’s rework that law right the heck now.

guess I had time to write about things a little after all.



A Boy? Named Sky

FL Teen Shoots Student At High School Before Anti-Gun Walkout


I think that’s a boy. Maybe.

A suspect was in custody following a shooting at a Florida high school Friday that injured one student, police said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said the incident occurred at Forest High School in Ocala. Authorities said the suspected shooter, identified as 19-year-old Sky Bouche, was not a current student at the school. The suspect went inside the school and allegedly shot a 17-year-old male student in what was believed to be an intentional act. It was not immediately clear if the two knew each other.

The student was allegedly shot in the ankle, taken to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to fully recover. The identity of the victim were not immediately released.

OCALA, Fla.—A gunman who carried a shotgun in a guitar case and opened fire at a Florida high school has been denied bond during his first court appearance. A handcuffed Sky Bouche appeared Saturday before Judge Willard Pope via video conference at the Marion County Jail. The Ocala Star-Banner reports a second court date was set for next month.

Bouche told the newspaper he felt an adrenaline rush before Friday’s shooting that quickly wore off, and he was unable to continue with his plan. Bouche faces charges including terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm on school property.

The shooting at Forest High School in Ocala happened on a day planned for a national classroom walkout to protest gun violence and left one person injured. The school went on lockdown after the 19-year-old suspect, who was not a student, shot and injured a 17-year-old male student. His injury is not life threatening.

“Society has changed since I was a kid,” said Bill Woods, Marion County Sheriff. “This is not just a law enforcement problem, this is a society problem.”

As a result, Forest High School’s walkout was cancelled, CBS News’ Jericka Duncan reported. But for the second time in two months, thousands of students walked out of classrooms across the country, calling for action on gun control.

And yet, somehow the little twizzle biter is doing media interviews already? What the ehck? PS, he’s not officially crazy. No kidding. He was just bored and lonely.

After his arrest Friday on terrorism and other charges, the 19-year-old Forest High School shooter who injured a 17-year-old student and caused panic for scores of children and their parents sat calmly in a room at the Marion County Jail and told his story.

Sky Bouche said he was sorry but he doubted that would change anything for the boy he injured. As for his own future, he had one word: “Solitary.” He talked about how he was raised, how he got a gun and how the shooting unfolded.

Bouche said he grew up surrounded by violence and mental illness, neglected but not physically abused, and felt the shooting was “pretty much” his only way out of the situation.

“My first memory is violence and conflict,” he said. “That’s my first memory. And no one will believe me. That’s one of the reasons people don’t think I’m serious.”

He dreamed of joining the U.S. Marine Corps to get away from the chaos around him, Bouche said, but that hope was dashed after, at age 14, he was evaluated for mental health issues under the Baker Act. He said he is not mentally ill.

On Friday morning, Bouche said he woke up, chambered a round in his sawed-off shotgun and then put it away. At that point, Bouche said, all he could feel was “this adrenaline rush.”

“It’s not anger, it’s not hatred, it’s an adrenaline rush that, you know, I’m about to do something. I spend most of my time in a room alone so I’m getting this rush, so that’s what I was feeling,” he said.

He got into his vehicle and drove to Forest, where he had been a student until he dropped out in 2016. The excitement was at a fever pitch, especially when he wasn’t confronted by a school resource officer.

“There was no one to stop me like I thought there would be,” Bouche said. He entered the school, went into a bathroom and put on his gloves and a tactical vest with more than a dozen shotgun rounds. He took the shotgun out of the guitar case he had used to carry it.

The students had just entered their classrooms, and Bouche said he was ready.

As soon as he got out of the bathroom, though, the excitement “went to like a dead halt and it felt like this disgusting feeling came over me.”

He did not know what to do, he said, “and figured, you know, if people just going to see, oh, this guy coming out with a toy gun, so I didn’t even think the gun would work. That’s why I pointed it at the door.”

After firing the shot, he saw a hole but couldn’t hear anything right away. He heard someone scream like they were hurt. But Bouche also said he did not know he had hit anyone until a news reporter asked him about it.

He said he “could’ve kept going,” because there were no officers around. He stopped because a girl was there and she didn’t run from him and she was crying.

That made him throw down the gun, he said, “I could’ve shot her, but I just, I don’t know, I just couldn’t do it.” After that, he surrendered to a teacher.


Bouche said he bought the gun without a background check in a private sale arranged through an online service about a week after the Parkland shooting so he could get it before he turned 21.

He said it was a 1930 shotgun and “there’s no paper on it.” Bouche acknowledged he should not have had the gun.

But he said the shooting wasn’t planned and he doesn’t have any hatred for people unless he becomes “really depressed.” Bouche said he didn’t have any friends, had a knee injury and was alone at home.

The knee kept him from training in martial arts. With nothing to do, he said, the depression and rage came back.

He went to the school to shoot people because he was bored and depressed. He bought the gun - an illegal short barreled weapon? - from some scumdog he found online. [ say goodbye to personal firearms sales and online gun ads after this ]

Is it just me, or a) are the folks in Florida seriously effed in the head, and b) do ya think maybe he did this to get his minute of fame while pushing the gun control issue by example?

Yeah I know, the naked guy shooting up the Waffle House in Nashville at 3am and killing 3 is a better story. But this one has a huge chunk of weird attached to it.
And it shows an all too common complete disregard for laws, morality, and other people’s safety that I think is awfully pervasive in his generation. These kids seem like automatons. Soulless robots.
Look at it: he gets a gun, takes it to a school, gets in and gets ready, but then has a moment of remorse. Golly, maybe this isn’t the right thing to do? But he does it anyway because the other kids would think he’s a wimp if he didn’t. Horry clap. Fool, you could have just put the gun back in the guitar case and gone home, and nobody ever would have known.



The Jersey Way

Paterson Cop Busted For Dealing Drugs. Two Others Busted For Robbing Motorists.

PATERSON — Trouble continues for the police department of the state’s third largest city.

Federal prosecutors have charged a 26-year-old officer with dealing heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine and marijuana. He even sold the contraband from his police vehicle, prosecutors say.

Ruben McAusland, a city resident, was arrested Friday by federal agents and charged with distributing and possessing with intent to distribute narcotics.

This is the third arrest this month of a Paterson cop. More than a week ago, Jonathan Bustios, 28, and Eudy Ramos, 31, were arrested and charged with pulling over cars in order to steal cash and firearms.

The feds say McAusland sold drugs to an undercover law enforcement source between October 2017 and this month.

In October 2017, McAusland is accused of selling about 35 grams of marijuana, 48 grams of heroin, 31 grams of cocaine, and 31 grams of crack cocaine for $50. [ $50 for that whole haul? Got to be a typo. ]

From November 2017 to January, he sold a pound of marijuana for $4,900, prosecutors say. In February, McAusland is accused of offering to sell a kilogram of cocaine.

From February to this month, he’s accused of selling heroin that was made to look like Percocet pills for $7 a piece.

On Feb. 11, prosecutors say McAusland met the source in his police vehicle at a supermarket parking lot near the Paterson Police Department headquarters in order to give him four sample heroin pills. On April 1, he sold him 1,010 pills for $7,000, prosecutors say.

McAusland has less than four years of experience and earns a base salary of $52,000.

What? Well of course they were mi-nar-a-tays.

McAusland, whose salary is $53,271, joined the Paterson department in 2014 and was part of the same police academy training class that included the two officers arrested last week on conspiracy and extortion charges – Jonathan Bustios and Eudy Ramos.

Bustios and Ramos were accused by federal authorities of making illegal traffic stops, then improperly searching vehicles and taking cash, drugs and other items from them. In one instance, Bustious allegedly agreed to drop a resisting arrest charge against a suspect in exchange for a handgun, officials said.


Drive it like you stole it


what is that, a ‘69? A ‘68? Charger, Roadrunner? Lo back split bench seats with a fold down armrest, automatic PRNDL indicator on the steering column, manual windows and steering. Aftermarket wheel and B&M floor shifter I think.


The messed up world we live in ...

•   Actress Allison Mack busted for sex slaver perv cult The actress who had the #2 role in Smallville for a decade is some kind of freak. The Hollywood sex slave cult NXIVM pretends to be some female self-help self-realization empowerment group, but does that through total submission, sexual slavery, physical branding, and humiliation. Hypocrisy much? I first read about her involvement in this group a couple years ago. We had two baby kittehs and I wondered if we could get them toilet trained, so I looked up “kitten training” and got back a huge number of bizarre hits. If even a tenth of this stuff is true, then mind controlled “Hollywood sex kittens” is a thing, and has been a thing, for many decades. That’s messed up. Whore your way to fame and fortune, as your master commands. Such empowerment and self-fulfillment.

“Smallville” actress Allison Mack was arraigned on Friday at a federal courthouse in New York following her arrest on sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor charges as part an alleged sex cult, Fox News confirmed Friday.

The 35-year-old was last seen in March running after purported cult leader Keith Raniere as police hauled him away from a $10,000-a-week Mexican villa where the pair had reportedly been hiding out.

“I have no comment on the arrest this afternoon of Allison Mack,” a rep for the star told Fox News. But the New York Post reported that Mack pleaded not guilty.

Raniere, the co-founder of the self-help organization and alleged cult NXIVM, stands accused of keeping numerous women as slaves and branding his initials into their skin.

•   Maybe not TNB, but a crazy nigga with a knife. One with a long criminal record. Man stabbed to death by stranger at restaurant with daughter on his lap.

A 35-year-old California man was eating at a steakhouse with his wife and 5-year-old daughter when he became the victim of a “random attack” that tore the family apart, police say.

Anthony Mele had his daughter in his lap Wednesday at 9:20 p.m. when Jamal Jackson, 49, walked into Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura, California, police said. Jackson was wielding a knife, police said — and just moments earlier, Jackson had been waving that knife around in front of the oceanside restaurant, intimidating people nearby, KEYT reports.

After Jackson entered the steakhouse, he approached Mele and stabbed him in the neck, police said. The family had just finished up dinner. Despite the fact that Mele was holding his daughter during the attack, neither the daughter nor Mele’s wife were injured. Mele, who did not know Jackson, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Mele died the next day from the injuries, police said.

•   Pudgy blonde actress Amy Schumer goes on Teh View to apologize for being white. ‘I Am A Caucasian’ — Amy Schumer Goes On ‘The View,’ Says A ‘Woman Of Color’ Should Have Played Her In New Movie

Amy Schumer confirmed she is, in fact, white Friday on “The View.”

She stated that she would have liked if a “woman of color” was the star the new movie “I Feel Pretty,” the movie that she herself, a white woman, chose to star in.
“No, it just made me excited for people to see the movie,” she said. “It’s not about an ugly, vile troll getting beautiful. It’s about a girl who really struggles with self-esteem, which is something we can all relate to.”

“Also, I think it is fair to say that it’s a lot harder for other people,” she added, “and I recognize that I am a caucasian, like — I would love if this movie were starring a woman of color who’s had it way harder than me, and I think, I hope we get there. This is hopefully just a step in the right direction.”

Well, I guess you could give back all the money, and then retire to some log hut in the deep outback and live off of bugs and leaves, as penance for the crime of not being born rather darker. What an idiot. To be fair, she hasn’t yet - that I know of - decided she’s actually a member of some other species, or some kind of gender anomaly who needs to transform by getting a double addadicktome surgery and an extra eyeball, or that she’s actually a lesbian eskimo or a headhunter from Papua New Guinea with 11 past lives. So there is some small hope for her.

•   Pro Ball: Stoner Leagues 85-90% or more members of the NFL and NBA are total potheads, and it’s been that way a long long time.

Former NBA player Kenyon Martin, the No. 1 pick in the 2000 draft, said in an interview with Bleacher Report published Friday that he believes “85% of the league” smoked marijuana during his career.

Former tight end Martellus Bennett thought the number was even higher in the NFL, where injuries and physical pain are more prevalent.

“I want to say about 89% (of the NFL used marijuana),” Bennett told Bleacher Report in a separate interview among former NFL players.

Marijuana is one of the NBA and NFL’s banned substances, with a failed drug test leading to a suspension and fine — even for players in states where marijuana is legal. Former NFL player John Moffitt noted that the league is essentially “looking away” by only testing once a year.

Matt Barnes, another former NBA player who retired after the 2016-17 season, said he smoked pot before games throughout his 14-year career. He also said there was hypocrisy among NBA teams’ top brass when it came to marijuana use.

“The GMs, coaches, presidents (were smoking). I mean, it goes deeper than what you think,” Barnes said. “Some of the people that are cracking whips and suspending us are smoking weed.”

Once again, as always, the rules get ignored for the top jocks. Who are a pampered, brain dead crew of wastrels. Pity they never learned to read or even watch TV, where the ads for OTC pain relievers are on constantly. Take a couple Advil™ instead?

If you’re going to have these trained monkeys play sports, and you have rules that say that they have to live clean, then there ought to be a hair, urine, and blood test before each and every game. Fail it, and you’re in the no-paycheck penalty box for 60 days. Fail it three times and you’re out of a job. Either that, or toss the rules entirely, and let these people dope themselves into oblivion, do all kinds of steroids and performance enhancing drugs, and burn themselves to death. Who cares? They’re all disposable anyway.

Or society is such a mess. And we’re the good culture. Which means the rest of the world is 10 times worse. Crivens.



Desperate Acts Of The Petulant And Delusional

DNC Sues President Trump For Alleged Russian Collusion And Stealing The Election

The Democratic Party on Friday filed a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit against Trump campaign officials, the Russian government and WikiLeaks alleging a widespread conspiracy to tilt the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor.

Calling it an “all-out assault on our democracy,” the Democratic National Committee filed the civil suit in federal district court in Manhattan. The suit amounts to another legal broadside related to the 2016 race, on top of the special counsel’s ongoing Russia probe and the FBI raid on Trump’s personal attorney last week.

“The conspiracy constituted an act of previously unimaginable treachery: the campaign of the presidential nominee of a major party in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the Presidency,” the suit states.

It claims that Trump campaign officials worked in tandem with the Russian government and its military spy agency to bring down Hillary Clinton by hacking into the computer networks of the DNC and spreading stolen material.

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” said DNC Chairman Tom Perez in a statement, going so far as to call the alleged collusion “an act of unprecedented treachery.”

The suit names several Trump campaign aides who met with Russian nationals during the campaign, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, campaign chair Paul Manafort and campaign deputy Rick Gates.

“In the Trump campaign, Russia found a willing and active partner,” the suit claims. “In 2016, individuals tied to the Kremlin notified the Trump campaign that Russia intended to interfere with our democracy. Though multiple meetings, emails, and other communications, these Russian agents made clear that their government supported Trump and was prepared to use stolen emails and other information to damage his opponent and the Democratic Party.”

And all this is based on what? Oh, that their server was “hacked”, when it was shown more than half a year ago that the speed and amount of data could have only come from direct internal access. IOW, a thumb drive plugged into a terminal. And it was also shown that there were very few people working that night, and even fewer active terminals. One of which was signed into by Seth Rich. And very shortly thereafter, he wound up accidentally dead, shot twice in the back of the head in a “robbery gone wrong”, when nothing was taken from his person.

And if the Russians did get their hands on any actual federal government data, it came either through Hillary’s knowingly traitorous purposely unsecured bathroom server full of classified data (while the Russians were paying MILLIONS to Bill for speeches that never happened and/or making fat fat phat donations to the Clinton Foundation ... treasonous corruption much??), or through the jihadi spies that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a big pile of Democrats gave the congressional IT job to, and never did a moment’s worth of vetting on, and supported them even after they were found to be dirty, then managed to get her brother to lead the “investigation” (which, 8 months later, has not resulted in a single criminal charge that I’m aware of).

I am beyond livid. This is so childish, so stupid, so divisive. HILLARY LOST. Now shut up, grow up, and Move On. But they won’t. So it’s time to sic the law on them, and deliver a spanking so severe they’ll feel it for 100 years. Throw the case out, find all the plaintiffs immediately guilty of not just massive libel, but an attempt to overthrow the government and destroy the nation. Disbar their lawyers, strip them of all their assets, and send them to jail for 10 years without parole. Fine the DNC $500 million, as a priority 100% garnish on all current assets and future income. They can’t spend a penny supporting a single candidate anywhere until the bill is paid in full. And it comes with 10% APR. And then let the arrests begin, since it’s pretty much already been shown that it was Team Hillary who did all the illegal stuff, who first floated the Russian Thing, who set up that hot spy chick for that meeting with Jr, who funded the Steele dossier, who owned the DNC outright and controlled all their spending, who would have lost the primary to moron commie Bernie Sanders had she not had her troops conspire to torpedo his candidacy, and on and on an on. Put them all in jail, top to bottom, including the treasonous punks in the FBI and DOJ.

We’ve all had our fill of this infantile garbage. Mueller has been dicking about for a year and a half, and has come up with nothing. Please. You know what a sieve DC is. If he had anything, anything at all, even a parking ticket, it would have been the one and only story on the Enemy Media 25 hours a day 9 days a week. And we got crickets. Sure, let’s have another investigation. Let’s investigate the MSM while we’re at it, and see how many of those commie bastards we can throw in jail or stand up against the wall as well.

Yes, this is “an all-out assault on our democracy”. By the communists. In America. Who call themselves Progressives. And claim to be Democrats. And an all-out assault must be repelled with overwhelming and unyielding force.

I’m done. I want blood. Don’t drain the swamp: burn it to the ground and toast every last rat, cockroach, snake, and mosquito in it.



Is it Spring yet? Yet?? I saw snowflakes yesterday. Just a little light flurry, but come on already. It’s less than two weeks until May.  It’s just above freezing this morning, but at least the rain has stopped. I hope.

9:20am: With the sun up for a while now, we’re up to a sweltering 37°F. Woo, heat wave. So I guess I’ll go drive the van around and gather up some salt buckets, since the odds of any more significant snowfall at this point are pretty slim. Please. Please let Winter be over.


Teacher Suspended For Pro / Con Class Assignment On Slavery

A charter school in San Antonio apologized Thursday after a teacher’s assignment asked to list the positive and negative aspects of slavery a day earlier, Fox 29 San Antonio reported.

The eighth grade American History class assignment was titled “The Life of Slaves: A Balanced View,” reported.

Parents at Great Hearts Monte Vista Charter School were outraged after learning about the assignment.

“The assignment itself weighing the pros and cons of slave life and slave perspective quite honestly is just gross,” one father said. “There are no pros to one human being owning another.”

Great Hearts Texas Superintendent Aaron Kindel addressed the public with statement, reported.

“Our review of the situation found this incident to be limited to one teacher at just one campus,” Kindel said in a statement obtained by the publication. “It was a clear mistake and we sincerely apologize for the insensitive nature of this offense.”

The school has reportedly placed the teacher on leave while they investigate the matter.

The history book used in class, “Prentice Hall Classics: A History of the United States,” has also been removed and will be audited, reported.

“To be clear, there is no debate about slavery,” the superintendent’s statement read. “It is immoral and a crime against humanity.

Ask a question, get suspended. Try and make your students thing, get suspended. Deviate one step from the established norm and get shot down, because free thinking and and honest evaluation is not allowed. And burn the books, just to be safe.

I can think of two positive aspects right off the bat: regular meals and enforced peace. Neither of which existed in Africa at the time, and still don’t.

The heretical view—possibly based in reality given the huge investment involved—that the slaves were reasonably well treated in many or even most locations is simply not allowed. No, they were starved, beaten, raped, and tortured almost constantly, then worked to death. And melted down for glue when they got old or something. Which is why so many of them lived to seriously advanced ages after slavery ended, some still breeding even, at least according to the race agitators, who would have you belief that some people alive today are merely the grandchildren of slaves. But maybe they’re talking about a few seriously old folks, I don’t know. My mother is in her mid 80s, and her grandmother was born in 1875. 10 years after slavery ended. Granted, I’m old enough to be a great grandparent, if I’d had children young, who then went and bred young. Which is often the case in stressed populations. But that’s a side issue.





It’s not that I’m sinking so low, it’s the news, I swear. Pulled this story from today’s headlines.

Blow This
Uganda President Bans Oral Sex

because it gives you worms

Uganda’s President Wants to Ban Oral Sex, Says the “Mouth is for Eating”

“The mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex,” says President Museveni. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has issued what he calls a “public warning” against oral sex.

The president claims the practice has been pushed on Ugandans by “outsiders,” and argues that the mouth is solely for eating.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders,” he told the press during an address.

“One of them is what they call oral sex. The mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex, we know where sex is,” he continued.

According to the Daily Mail, back in 2014 Museveni stated that performing oral sex could cause people to get worms. “You push the mouth there, you can come back with worms and they enter your stomach because that is a wrong address,” he is quoted as saying.

That same year he passed the “Anti-Homosexuality Act,” which makes being gay illegal in Uganda, and makes it a criminal offense to not report someone for being gay.

It must be tough to be a comedian these days. No matter what outlandish thing you can think up as comedy, the real world does it better. Hey, remember back when Bill Clinton was so obsessed with school uniforms (pedo-bear?) and we were all like, Gosh, doesn’t he have anything more important to do? Right. Put that one in the box, because this fine young cannibal has that beat ...

Worms? Seriously? We have soap in our country. Reminds me of the punchline from some old dirty joke “Corn? I didn’t have any corn. I’m gonna get sick!” “Yeah, that’s what the last guy said too.”


GMO Will Save The World

Scientists Create Improved Plastic Eating Enzyme

better living through chemistry ... and biology ... at what risk?

A few years ago, at an Osaka, Japan recycling plant, scientists discovered a bacteria called Ideonella sakaiensis that eats one of the most common forms of plastic, known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET. That form of plastic is found in water bottles, food containers, and polyester. You know the items with the “1” symbol in your recycling bin? Those tend to be made of PET.

Researchers from Britain’s University of Portsmouth and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were trying to model the enzyme and ended up with a mutant strain of the same thing, with a crucial difference: it eats plastic even better.

“We hoped to determine its structure to aid in protein engineering, but we ended up going a step further and accidentally engineered an enzyme with improved performance at breaking down these plastics,” said NREL’s lead researcher Gregg Beckham.

University of Portsmouth professor John McGeehan, who conducted the research with Beckham, went even further in a statement.

“Serendipity often plays a significant role in fundamental scientific research and our discovery here is no exception. Although the improvement is modest, this unanticipated discovery suggests that there is room to further improve these enzymes, moving us closer to a recycling solution for the ever-growing mountain of discarded plastics.”

If this works, then in carefully controlled situations it could vastly reduce the plastic waste around the world. Maybe it could be applied to the vast floating islands of plastic garbage in the oceans, the containment and removal of which should be the main task of all the world’s navies.

On the other hand, if this enzyme is tough enough to survive in the natural environment, and it turns out to be both quickly functional and prolific, then it is already weaponized and could destroy modern civilizations. Imagine the USA if everything made out of plastic started to dissolve after just a few years.

I’d like to hear more about the end products. What’s left after the little bugs eat their fill? Do they excrete alcohol, CO2, or what? Do they convert plastic back into crude oil? When the plastic chow runs out, do they die off or do they lie dormant for centuries? Just how big a cure can this stuff be, and if it goes feral will it create a “disease” worse than it’s benefit?


Crivens, it’s Thursday already. I feel like I’ve missed half this week. Oh wait, I have. The car shopping thing ate up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I want a participation trophy for all the time I spent on that project.

And it’s cold, wet, and rainy today. Guess I won’t be driving around picking up salt buckets today.


The name tells the whole story

Lazy 911 Operator With Attitude: 10 Days In Jail.
Thousands of callers hung up on

A former 911 operator who hung up the phone “thousands” of times on people attempting to call in emergencies in Harris County, Texas has been sentenced to jail time.

Crenshanda Williams, 44, was found guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls Wednesday after “systematically” hanging up the phone on residents of Harris County, KTRK reported.

She was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months probation. Williams reportedly had an unusual number of “short calls,” which were no longer than 20 seconds. Prosecutors, according to the Houston Chronicle, determined she hung up on “thousands” of calls.

In one instance, emergency caller Jim Moten told KTRK he called 911 in 2016 after he spotted two vehicles speeding on a highway where people had been killed from speeding weeks earlier and thought his call had dropped after a few seconds.

Court documents, according to the news station, stated that Williams had taken Moten’s call and, before he could finish explaining his emergency, she reportedly said: “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.”

The dispatcher also hung up on a caller who tried to report a violent robbery, according to the Chronicle.  Williams reportedly spent a year and a half at the Houston Emergency Center taking 911 calls. She was caught in August 2016 and fired.

“The citizens of Harris County rely on 911 operators to dispatch help in their time of need,” Assistant District Attorney Lauren Reeder said in a statement. “When a public servant betrays the community’s trust and breaks the law, we have a responsibility to hold them criminally accountable.”

Williams’ attorney, Franklin Bynum, argued that his client “was going through a hard time in her life” when she hung up on the emergency calls, and said “punishing her doesn’t do anything to fix the problems that still exist at the emergency center.”

Yeah, well the people who called in those thousands of emergencies were going through hard times too. Instantaneous ones that needed a fast response. They didn’t get it. 10 days in jail is nonsense. Try 18 months. You did this kind of a job, you are given a sacred trust, and have a strong responsibility. There is no room for incompetence, laziness, or your uppity attitude. Nor is there any room for Affirmative Action hiring practices. Applicants need to be carefully screened and trained; only those high in intelligence, empathy, and patience are suited for this kind of work. Who cares what they look like or anything like that? What’s needed is the right temperment and mindset. Not that training the public a bit more about what 911 vs 411 is all about; when to call and when not to call.


Maybe it’s all that legalized pot he’s been smoking. Governor Moonbeam is off in his blinkered fantasy world again.

CA Gov. Brown: Sanctuary Cities Don’t Benefit Illegals

Like, dude, that’s totally what they’re for. Put the bong down, step away from the hash pipe.

California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday insisted that California’s “sanctuary state” laws do not benefit criminal illegal aliens.

While speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Brown was asked whether California’s “sanctuary state” laws favor the “rights of criminal illegal aliens over the rights” of law-abiding Californians.

Brown said that notion is “absolutely false” and claimed that there is not a “scintilla of evidence that would support such an outlandish” proposition.

The California governor also said that it is a “lie” to say that Fullerton’s Grace Aguilar would still be alive if the state had more stringent immigration enforcement.

Aguilar, who was just six years of age, was reportedly murdered this year while sitting in her front yard by a twice-deported illegal immigrant who was driving under the influence.

I’m not familiar with this case, but to make those murder charges stick they’d better be able to prove planning and malice aforethought, otherwise it’s just vehicular homicide.

And if the drunken beaner had been tossed out, and kept out by better border enforcement, that child would probably still be alive. So he’s tripping. Typical.


Read it the way you want: ambiguous headline too concise for clarity

McConnell Shuts Down Bill To Protect Mueller

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday thwarted a bipartisan effort to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s job, saying he will not hold a floor vote on the legislation even if it is approved next week in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

McConnell said the bill is unnecessary because President Donald Trump will not fire Mueller.

“We’ll not be having this on the floor of the Senate,” McConnell said on Fox News.

His comments came amid widespread opposition to the bill among members of his caucus, with several GOP senators saying the bill is unconstitutional. Others said it’s simply not good politics to try and tell Trump what to do, likening the legislation to “poking the bear.”

The bipartisan legislation was introduced last week as Trump publicly criticized Mueller, who is investigating potential ties between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign as well as possible obstruction of justice by the president. Trump, fuming about a raid of his personal lawyer’s office by a different division of the FBI, said last week that the Mueller investigation is “an attack on our country” and is “corrupt.”

Trump has also privately pondered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing Mueller’s investigation.

Within a day of Trump’s criticism, Republicans Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina combined two bills they introduced last summer to protect special counsels. They introduced the new bill along with Democratic Sens. Chris Coons of Delaware and Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican, announced that his committee would vote on the bill.

Ah ha. So a bill was introduced by RINOS and other Deep Staters to protect the leader of this out of control investigation. And McConnell torpedoed it. Which means Mueller is still serving at the President’s pleasure. Good. Let him twist in the wind over that one.

Still, a comma or a “that would” or a few similar short words would have made it easier to peruse the news headlines without any confusion. First world problems: I had to click the link and then read a whole sentence to learn what it was all about.



See More Below The Fold


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