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erosion of free speech

I found myself at the Spiked site and have no idea how I made that link.  Busy looking for something I read in hard copy, total student stupidity and usual pc at work.  But I found Spiked and couldn’t stop reading. 

What I have posted here is just a small part of what Mr. Adams wrote and posted.  I think many of you might find the site of some interest.  No doubt many of you already know about it.  I’m a late comer to the party.  Adams writes very well I think.  OK, so there were a few words I had to look up.
No shame in that. 

I hope you visit them and read this unedited from the beginning.



Islamism and identity politics – a destructive mix

The strange alliance between leftists and extremists is eroding free speech.

Alexander Adams
from Spiked

Towards thought reform

Post-liberal identity politics promises emotional justice, but it betrays its own partiality. It supports favoured minorities under the auspices of ‘hate speech’, but hesitates to censor blasphemy. Encouraging individuals to validate themselves through identifying with cultural subsets – and maintaining a double standard separating anti-religious speech from hate speech – strengthens the agenda of Western Islamists.

Another problem with pre-emptive censorship for the sake of protection is that it is effectively impossible. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists knew they were creating provocative images and could expect a backlash. Consider the case of Salman Rushdie. His book The Satanic Verses is a work of literary fiction. It included references to Muhammad dreamed by a fictional character in a delirium. It led to a fatwa being issued against Rushdie, subsequent attacks against publishers and the murder of a Japanese translator. Rushdie and his colleagues had no reason to expect that instances of blasphemous delirium in a work of fiction might provoke violent hostility. Due-caution caveats cannot be applied in practice as there is no way of predicting how any work of fiction or art touching on Islam may be represented or misrepresented by extremists. The only way to be safe from extremists is never to say anything that touches upon religious culture, never associate with anyone who has and never be in the vicinity of an exploding bomb. But even that position will not hold. 
Even if you avoid opposing extremists, the restrictions they force on others will affect you. Furthermore, accommodation will not work because Islamist demands will never end. Even if another image of Muhammad is never exhibited or published in the UK again, extremist pressure will continue, applied in other areas of the arts. Images seen as denigrating Muslims (especially Muslim women) will be targeted; ‘disrespectful’ art by artists of Muslim heritage will be threatened; artists who take an avowedly atheist stance will be subject to violent protest. There is no way of following ‘rules of safe speech’, because extremists make rules arbitrarily, opportunistically and unilaterally. What may be halal today may be haram tomorrow , with no possibility of reasoned appeal.
How can the apparently alien outlook of the Islamist radical find any succour in secular Western society? To understand how an extremist can be nurtured by a schismatic environment – part Muslim immigrant culture, part secular European – we have to consider the way social discourse in modern Britain changed in the 1970s and 1980s.

If that picture of identity politics and policed civility seems exaggerated, think back 20 or 30 years. Would you then have expected people to be sacked from positions in public and private organisations for expressing contentious political or social opinions, even in private settings? Now, those accused of infractions of civility are only offered the possibility of rehabilitation if they express sufficient contrition. These sound like the tactics of totalitarian regimes, where enforced self-criticism and public shaming were used to suppress dissent and discredit troublesome individuals.
However, these are now the norms we have grown to expect in Western democracies.

While many of us may feel confident that the evident extremeness of religious fundamentalism means it will never make inroads into our way of life, we overlook the willingness with which post-liberals (who are in the mainstream of society and in positions of power) offer concessions to religious sentiment and give away our freedoms to assuage their guilt. The freedom to speak our minds has already been snipped away by post-liberals, religious extremists, New Left supporters, commercial lobbyists, social conservatives and paternalistic governments.
The only way to preserve free speech is to exercise it. Otherwise, the opportunity to use it will be taken from you (by means both overt and covert), the channels of speech will atrophy, and when your time to speak comes, you will be unable to do so.


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Part 2 … hungary in the crosshairs

Everybody and their brother as the old expression goes, by which I mean the politically correct leaders of some other EU countries and the usual bullshit from the bastards at Amnasty Intl.  Oh how I’d love to ( censored ) those commie creeps to hell. Everyone is screaming RAACE!!!!


Hungary is doing what any country is supposed to do.

They are trying to protect their border and doing a better job of it than anyone else.

And perhaps they are a bit racist. So F*****g what?

Hungarians have said and their PM has said it openly.  We do not want to become a muslim country. Should they not have that politically incorrect right?

Their prime minister has pointed at the problems faced here in the UK as just one example of many mistakes made with regard to migrants. Invaders to you and I and the Hungarians as well.

The video below at the very left wing Trotsky friendly paper, is worth looking at however.  It shows the Hungarian authorities are not willing to lay down like so many others and let the invaders use their country as a highway or a new settlement.  The ones who got through have caused enough problems already.

So F*** the UN secretary general and the Guardian and all the other bed wetters on the left who are so damned eager for Hungarians to give away their birthright to foreign invaders.

Hungarians know about occupation. Oh boy do they know.  They most likely treasure sovereignty, which makes me wonder why they ever joined the EU to begin with. 

The Guardian-Sep 17, 2015

The UN secretary general has condemned the Hungarian government’s treatment of refugees on its southern border.
Hungary’s treatment of refugees is shocking and unacceptable, says UN

UN secretary general expresses outrage over use of teargas and water cannon, as thousands of people enter Croatia

Hungary triggered outrage from the international community on Wednesday after firing gas canisters and spraying water at crowds of frustrated refugees who had briefly broken through a border gate in protest at being prevented from crossing from Serbia.

the video is here, the BS can be ignored

Now take a look at this.

Addressing Hungary, the UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, said: “I was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated. It’s not acceptable ... since they are the people who are fleeing the violence and persecution, we must ensure our compassionate leadership.”

I think what I hate so much is the BS.  Tens of thousands of them are NOT fleeing the things mr moonbeam says they are. I see an awful lot of military aged healthy looking invaders .  Why is it they don’t stay in their home country and fight or work for a way to make things better?  Dumb question. Sorry.  Those vermin have been that way for the last thousand years or more. Anyway, most likely they are avoiding military service in their home countries.  Sometimes forgotten but still mentioned in passing by a few (very few) reporters, is that the swarm invading Europe now are destroying ID papers and passports, thus making it more difficult for authorities to deport any. 

Hungary has portrayed its reaction as a legitimate response to an invasion, claiming without giving further details that a known terrorist was among one of the 29 people arrested during the clashes on Wednesday. In response, Serbian politicians condemned what they saw as an infringement of Serbian sovereignty.

Serbia’s prime minister accused Hungary of brutal and ”non-European” behaviour and urged the EU to respond. “We will not allow anyone to humiliate us. I call on the European Union to react, for its members to behave in line with European values,” Aleksandar Vučić told Serbian state television. “If the EU does not react, we will find a way to protect our borders and European values as well,” he said.

Yeah … and European “behaviour” so far has been to suck up and roll over. 
Two women in Germany have been told they must vacate their homes of 16 and 23 years, to make way for migrants needing homes.
I’d say the Hungarians know about that.

The leaders of the various countries being invaded, are not listening to their people. Except for the appeasers.  They have a voice it seems, that carries more weight. So far.

I’d have been very happy to see the Hungarians use deadly force rather than water.
With luck it may come to that, because killing invaders is the only way to stop them. It can’t be done with kind words and excuses and appeasement.
It just can’t!

And finally .... Back on this side of the English channel.

Groups of 100 well organized and armed migrants with rocks and whatever else is handy, and largely organized by a group of anarchists, Brits reported among them, invaded the chunnel, which is a rail link under the English channel linking France and the UK.
The vermin were able to go some ten miles in, blocking and delaying trains for up to 8 hours. This occurred last week.
Their friends outside meanwhile threw stones at trucks, and when a truck came to a stop they tried to board.
It’s so clear most are a lawless rabble, following another law all to themselves.  And all the while, the worthless UN secretary general bleats on about the poor badly treated migrant invader. 

The only good news to report from that sector, is that two vermin were electrocuted in the tunnel.  Sure hope it hurt and wasn’t over too fast.
I understand a third died as well but not clear as to how. Not that it matters.  Dead is good any way it happens to invaders.

and .... God Bless Hungary


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hungary in the crosshairs Pt. 1

It might just be me and the pc and software or…? 

Don’t know about others but since the Daily Mail changed things, it takes forever for their pages to load. And … I now get the addition of locked screens on some stories.
This one especially.

So anyway …. I wanted to post about Hungary, who have a 110 mile razor wire fence and now are closing the border with Croatia, and are much in the news. 

This is my third attempt to post this. This time I might make it. In spite of the DM or my computer.  I think it’s an important story, and Hungary is being ravaged by the media.  And not just the left.  The surprise would be if the left had nothing to say.
They are being raked over the coals because they are worried, as well they should,
about the future and the culture of their homeland.

I wouldn’t normally copy this much of a story, but I really think it’s worth it.

Read on.

Racist or just brutal realism? Hungary’s been condemned for building a new Iron Curtain to keep out migrants.

But its PM says he’s done it to avoid multicultural Britain’s mistakes… and his popularity is soaring
· 110-mile-long fence is brainchild of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
· The 4m-high barrier spans entire length of the country’s border with Serbia
· Waiting on other side of the barricade are squads of Hungarian riot police
· 82 per cent of Orban’s citizens are in favour of tighter immigration controls

By Paul Bracchi for the Daily Mail

The razor-wire fence has become a defining symbol of the migrant crisis. The barricade — 4m high and constructed in six weeks on the back of prison labour — runs the length of the country’s 110-mile border with Serbia.
The Berlin Wall, by comparison, was 96 miles long. This hinterland between Hungary and the Balkans was once the main entry point to the European Union for the diaspora pouring out of the Middle East.

Today, on the Hungarian side, waiting for anyone who breaches the barricade, are squads of police reinforced by SWAT teams from Hungary’s elite Counter Terrorism Centre (TEC).

The role of these officers, in black commando uniforms, is to ‘capture persons that pose a danger for themselves and the public’ — a mission statement that leaves little doubt about the way Budapest views the wave of asylum seekers we have all seen on the TV news.

There is another, more fundamental, sub-plot to Hungary’s brutally effective migrant policy, though.
It is encapsulated in Mr Orban’s inflammatory public statements about ‘Christian Europe’ being under threat. ‘If you’re being overrun, you can’t accept migrants,’ he wrote in a German daily newspaper.

‘We must not forget that those who are coming in have been brought up under a different religion and represent a profoundly different culture.

‘The majority are not Christians but Muslims. That is an important question because Europe and European culture have Christian roots. Is it not already, and in itself, alarming that Europe’s Christian culture is barely able to uphold Europe’s own Christian values? The people want us to control the situation and protect our borders.’

The Crusader rhetoric conjures up an image of Muslim hordes at the gates of fortress Hungary. Indeed, to understand the psychological forces behind the hatred you need to understand how Christian-Muslim conflict is deeply embedded in the Hungarian DNA just as mutual suspicion and hatred have historically existed between Arab and Jew in the Middle East or Catholic and Protestant in Northern Ireland.

Mr Orban is both reflecting — and many, would say, exploiting — this primal fear of ‘outsiders’, especially Muslim outsiders, in Hungary.

The origins of that legacy can be found in Mohacs, a small town on the Danube, near the Croatian border. It was here in 1526 that a heavily outnumbered Hungarian army suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Ottoman invaders under Suleiman the Magnificent.

The Battle of Mohacs was Hungary’s equivalent of the Battle of Hastings; one defeat led to the Norman conquest of England, the other to 150 years of Ottoman rule in Hungary.

The battlefield on the outskirts of Mohacs is now a memorial site. An inscription inside proclaims: ‘Here began the ruination of a once strong Hungary.’
Mohacs, in fact, marked the end of the old independent Kingdom of Hungary. In the immediate aftermath, Christian churches were converted into mosques, a poll tax was levied on non-Muslims, and Hungarian landlords were dispossessed.

Children in Hungary are taught about this at school, just as British children are taught about 1066. Foreign domination, first by the Ottoman Turks, followed by Austria, then — after World War II — by the Soviet Union, lasted almost five centuries, with Hungary properly emerging only in 1989 as a fully independent republic, following round-table talks which led to the end of communist rule.

Viewed through the prism of history, recent events in Hungary become, if not acceptable, then at least more understandable.
The politician at the centre of the controversy, of course, is Viktor Orban, who insists that Hungarians have ‘the right not to live together with populous Muslim communities’.

One statistic, in particular, has been used to justify the government’s hardline position on migrants. The figure is 291,000 — the number of migrants who entered the country illegally this year before the border was fenced off. Of these, 80 per cent were single young men, according to the latest UN data.

The Hungarian authorities have no idea who these people are. They could be potential terrorists or economic migrants. But one thing is for sure, the Hungarians reason: they couldn’t have been genuine refugees, otherwise why would they have entered the country illegally?

Mr Orban has described this most recent ‘influx’ as an invasion. The figure he quotes (291,000) does not include genuine asylum seekers.

Under the EU’s controversial Dublin regulation, refugees have to claim asylum in the first ‘safe’ EU country they arrive in. Serbia is not in the EU and Greece, which would normally be responsible for registering many of those now crossing the Aegean Sea, is no longer considered a ‘safe state’ because of its austerity programmes.

So the burden has fallen on Hungary, because, geographically, it is first EU country that migrants travelling through the Balkans reach.
This, despite the fact that the country is run by an anti-immigration, Right-wing government. And this is the great irony at the heart of Hungary’s migrant crisis.

Will Hungary back down? Having spent the past week here, I can tell you that the answer to that is categorically no. The migrant crisis is a vote winner for Mr Orban.

Will Hungary be kicked out of the EU? Perhaps that question can be answered with another one. When was the last time anyone got kicked out of the EU? French President François Hollande says: ‘States that don’t respect European values should ask if they belong within the EU.’

We know Mr Orban’s response: ‘I think we have a right to decide that we don’t want to have a large number of Muslim people in our country.

I don’t see any reason to force us into a way of living together in Hungary that we don’t want to see.’ He has no wish to repeat the West’s ‘failed experiments’ in multiculturalism. In Britain, Mr Orban says, we have de facto segregation, with parallel societies in towns and cities.

Anyone who has been to Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, where even the ice cream lady wears a burka, might recognise what he is saying.

In Hungary, by contrast, less than one per cent of the population of just under 10 million is Muslim. There are a mere 15 mosques in the country. They are small, mostly based in converted homes, and are without minarets which, significantly, are not allowed.
The Muslim community is, to all extents and purposes, invisible.
The Hungarian Islamic Community (HIC) is housed in a mosque in an old pharmacy in the back streets of Budapest.
Muslim women from this mosque are reluctant to wear Islamic clothing on public transport. Two Muslim women were threatened on a bus a few days ago by a woman with a knife because they were wearing traditional headscarves.
For its part, Hungary is a predominantly Catholic country. Earlier this month, Pope Francis called on every Catholic parish across Europe to help alleviate the migrant crisis.

The tensions were laid bare in an extraordinary interview given by a Hungarian bishop. ‘They’re not refugees,’ declared Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary.

Like Mr Orban, he called what is happening an ‘invasion’. But he went further. ‘They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’,’ he said. ‘They want to take over. The Pope doesn’t know the situation. Most of them behave in a way that is arrogant and cynical.’
Back in Roszke, Jozsef Turi, who runs the village supermarket, showed me the bushes outside his shop where migrants used to hide when they saw police.

On other occasions, they came into his store to buy SIM cards for their iPhones and other mobiles. Some female staff were too scared to start work early in the morning in case they ran into them.

Over at Istvan Molnar’s home, there is a discarded blanket near a chicken coop at the back of his house where he once found a migrant sleeping.
Almost every night, he said, huge groups would pass by. Sometimes they would knock on his window and shout: ‘Taxi, taxi.’


Hope you have no problems with the link I have posted.  Sometimes (I finally got lucky) it opens all the way without freezing up.
I suppose also it could be my connection. But then, why not everywhere else as well? 

And by the way.  Speaking of migrants and invaders.  It’s interchangeable.

Groups of 100 strong and armed with sticks and whatever else is handy, and organized by an anarchist group containing some Brits, forced their way into the Chunnel, that is, the rail link that runs under the English channel to France.  They managed to hold up rail movement for some 8 or 10 hours.  They tore down fences, ambushed trucks by throwing stones and when trucks stopped they tried to board.  So those two things were happening at the same time last week.  As usual and especially when anarchists are involved, there’s damage.
There really is a crying need for some sort of military action that should be taken against all these vermin.  Hit squads that have as targets, anarchists wherever they are found, and migrants simply for target practice to hone their skills.

Hungary has posted signs and taken out ads , some in English.  While most invaders especially the younger ones can speak some English, I wonder if they can also read it.



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calendar   Sunday - October 04, 2015

short and to the point. and not a pretty one.

From the Peter Hitchens Sunday column at the Daily Mail.  Or as LyndonB refers to that paper, the Daily Fail.

A new look set to sweep the nation


A hijab-wearing model, Mariah Idrissi, has been chosen for a new advertisement by the fashion chain H&M

A hijab-wearing model, Mariah Idrissi, has been chosen for a new advertisement by the fashion chain H&M

A hijab-wearing model, Mariah Idrissi, has been chosen for a new advertisement by the fashion chain H&M.

I think we will be amazed at how quickly this becomes normal. It won’t be long before we have veiled Muslim Cabinet Ministers, TV newsreaders and judges.

It is all part of a slow but unstoppable adaptation of this country to Islam.

In my view it will eventually mean that non-Muslim women will come under pressure to conform.

If you doubt the power of this huge change, consider this. There are archive films available showing women in Afghanistan and the Arab Middle East dressed in Western styles.

It has taken only 40 years for them to disappear beneath scarves and shrouds. The process may be quicker for us.



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A fighting retreat

I want to thank Peiper for his intense coverage of the invasion of suicidal despondent sniveling Europe.

Because it really is an extended Last Post.

“We’re here live with General Custer at some hill called Little Bighorn, and there seems to be a problem.”

Enemy at the gates. For reals.

And when the crest breaks on this human wave ... lights out, game over, good bye. Granted, it will take a couple of generations for the darkness to blanket everything. But it’s going to happen.

But here in   StupidVille  America, what little coverage this onslaught is getting is fading away. Worse, the media has been more than sympathetic to the invaders. Gosh, the same way they seem to support the La Raza types who are eroding our country. It’s pretty much too late. We’ve committed suicide. Funny that, if there should be any history written (because anything that ever happened in the world outside of Allah is heresy and must be destroyed and forgotten) someone may notice that the other attempt at democracy, ancient Greece, also lasted about 200-300 years. And then the barbarians took over. Or the generational elitist rulers (ie kings) and political correctness. Same thing, kind of.

594 BC Salon creates a new constitution for Athens, and begins the experiment called democracy

399 BC Socrates is condemned to death for questioning conventional ideas (ie, death by PC)

338 BC King Philip II of Macedon defeats the Greek city-states and imposes his dominion on them.

And that was that.


How big is the human wave? This is just one pile of life jackets on tiny Lesbos in western Turkey

So I went looking for news on the invasion this morning. And all I found was ...

No end in sight to refugee wave that just keeps rolling to Europe
ZAGREB, Croatia – One month after the body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach — and a week after the European Union agreed to secure its borders — the refugee crisis has largely fallen off the front pages and reporters are going home.

But the human tide keeps rolling northward and westward, and aid agencies are preparing for it to continue through the winter, when temperatures along the refugee trail will drop below freezing. They fear the crisis may get worse.

“One thing is clear, the movement is not going to die down,” said Babar Baloch, the U.N. refugee agency’s representative in the Balkans. “What we are seeing right now ... it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

While more than 500,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe this year, more than double the figure for all of 2014, that is only a fraction of the people who are on the move. Some 4 million have fled Syria after more than four years of civil war, and 8 million have been displaced inside the country. And it’s not just Syrians. It’s Iraqis and Iranians, Afghans and Eritreans.

And that’s “conservative” Fox News. CNN? Crivens, all they can see is those po’, po’ refugees. They don’t get it. They won’t get it. They are doing their best to mislead everyone. As usual.

“A refugee’s journey ... an Afghan soldier’s trek to Europe” (he’s a deserter of course, but we get a few paragraphs of text to go with the video)
“Fleeing For His Life” (another deserter, only this story is all video)
“Europe’s Migration Crisis in 25 pictures” ( because you’re too stupid to read, and we’re too lazy to write. Besides, pictures are always a bit out of context, so you just react to them emotionally because you don’t have any facts to work with. Oh, and TRIGGER WARNING: we added that pic of the drowned little boy, but omitted all the pics of the rioting refugees fighting with police and dumping the food and clothing given them. We want your emotions to go in one way only, thanks. )

An aside ... high bandwidth internet has made for really lazy journalism. Damn near every story online is hooked to a video. Writing? Screw that!  Problem is, when you’re not getting the phat pipeline, you have a hard time following the stories. So of course, you go to the UK where they still know how to write and use a still camera, and you set your Socialism filter on 11.5 and hope for the best.

So Europe is being swallowed. They are weak, they are cowards, they are fools. And this will kill them. I don’t want to see it happen, but really? Too fucking bad. The writing on the wall goes back to the 1972 Olympics if you had the brains to know how to read it. Further.

Problem is, the USA is being swallowed too. Worse for us, we’re being swallowed in 3 different directions. The Central American Swallow. The still small but getting bigger every year Muslim Swallow, and the ever present, never ending, completely invisible pro-communist Chinese Swallow. And nobody can talk about it and not be called a kook or a racist or worse. It goes against conventional wisdom. Just like Socrates.


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calendar   Saturday - October 03, 2015

overnight guest this time, and other stuff

Well, looks like the killer-diller hurricane isn’t going to wallop us after all. Poor chicken little weather wienies. They were so cranked up in expectation. But hey, it’s raining heavily somewhere, so ... floods!!

Actually raining pretty heavily here too. Dark, wet, windy, and bone chilling cold. Almost duck hunting weather. Not sure if it’s going to let up by tomorrow, but the rain has stopped and the wind is up, so here’s hope. Because, of course, we’re scheduled to finally dig the mighty front garden tomorrow.  Wouldn’t want to do that during nice warm dry sunny weather, would you?  Maybe I’d better sort some bulbs tonight to see what goes where.

Shakey the broken cat is back with us again. Looks like she’ll be spending the night. Again. Last night she got fed mightily, then given a soft towel pile to sleep in on the bathroom floor, with the heat dialed up to something sub-tropical. And a nightlight. Wouldn’t want the cat left alone in the dark. Tonight she’s graduated to a fleece lap blanket folded up on a padded shag bathroom rug, out on the kitchen floor by the heater. And is on her 3rd or 4th baby plate of special extra stinky kitten mush chow. At which point she’ll sleep again, but the important thing is that if momcat cruises by on the porch, she’ll be able to look in and see her baby. Gosh, we worry about the smallest details.

I’m thinking of having another one of those cider drinks. I can get cozy myself, and try to get into reading Clancey’s Executive Orders once again. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago when it came out, but by that point in the series of books I’d had my fill of magical perfect know-everything Jack Ryan, and that hasn’t changed much at all in the two decades I let the book gather dust. But I am a big fan of Mr. Clark, the baddest bad ass ever. Maybe it will take two glasses of my special cider.


Size Doesn’t Matter


Cats Is Cats

VICTORVILLE, Calif. – A mountain lion showed its climbing prowess by scaling a 35-foot utility pole in the California desert.

The Daily Press of Victorville reported Wednesday that the big cat apparently got spooked by a school bus and ran up the wooden power pole in rural Lucerne Valley.

The cougar stayed atop the pole all afternoon Tuesday but was gone by Wednesday morning.

A staffer for the newspaper snapped a picture of the cat on its rare public perch.

What, didn’t the locals try to lure it down with a bowl of milk?

Right. Hmmph. I see the cat has graduated to watching TV now, her and her blanket being a new lap accessory. Kitteh seems perfectly at ease with this new situation, and is diggin on Bruce Campell as Ash Williams in The Evil Dead.


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Here’s a link to the other nine photos of this pair, taken by cat owner Paul Mealey in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland




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a quick note. and all it takes is betrayal of your country

I came across this line late today while hunting for something else unrelated.
Couldn’t resist posting it, even if she doesn’t win. 

I guess there are a lot of well meaning ppl who are not necessarily left wing wankers, who want to help people and causes etc. 
And I also guess that what she tried, at the expense of her country’s future, could come under the heading of seeking peace.

I see things in a different light tho.  I think she created the 2015 version of a Munich Pact.  And for a very short time, that did work.
But we can all recall what happened next.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize after opening her country’s doors to desperate refugees

Ahead of the Nobel prize season, which begins on Monday, Germany’s influential Bild newspaper declared that Angela Merkel, 61, had ‘a good chance’ of being crowned winner of the Peace Prize


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Germany’s suicide note?

More on Germany ....

They have taken in so many, in addition to the millions already living there, that the govt. of Mrs. Merkel has been insisting, one might say even threatening, other countries in Europe take in migrants on a quota.  Some have resisted, Hungary for one.  They don’t want to become a muslim country and have said so openly.  Of course that makes them ray-cists. 
The only light and it’s so far a very dim one, is that the migrant crisis will finally finish off the EU once and for all.
But don’t hold your breath on that.  There are just too damn many lefty libtards and their legal enablers still breathing.

In Belgium, volunteers have started to dismantle Belgium’s biggest refugee camp, when local families stepped forward to host asylum seekers living there.  A group calling themselves Civil Platform, decided to take down the tent city after a wave of bleeding hearts offered to take them in while their applications were processed.

Meanwhile, fighting continues elsewhere in Europe between various muslim groups.  Unfortunately, they haven’t killed each other. Yet.  But local hospitals have been quite busy.

Call to segregate rival refugee groups after clashes at German asylum centres

Angela Merkel’s open-door migrant policy and her calls for a “culture of welcome” are facing a growing backlash from within her party

Germany’s police said accommodation for refugees should be divided along religious and ethnic lines after violent clashes between refugee groups at asylum centres in recent days.
The latest violence occurred on Sunday night at a “tent city” housing 1,500 migrants in the town of Calden, north of Frankfurt. Police said rival groups of Pakistani and Albanian refugees attacked each other with clubs.

Fourteen people were injured in the clashes, which were broken up by police using teargas and pepper spray. “Between 60 and 70 people were involved. They attacked each other with clubs and threw things at each other,” a police spokesman said.

The incident followed similar violence on Friday at an asylum centre near Leipzig, where 200 Syrian and Afghan migrants attacked each other with table legs, bed frames and sticks after a dispute about who should be allowed to use one of the few lavatories provided in the accommodation first.

“The police have reached the absolute limit of what they can take,” complained the deputy head of Germany’s police trade union, Jörg Radek. “ We must do everything we can to prevent further outbreaks of violence.” He said segregation of refugees along religious and ethnic lines was essential.

. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition has offered Syrian war refugees the prospect of immediate asylum in Germany for the next three years. However, her open-door migrant policy and her calls for a “culture of welcome” are facing a growing backlash from within her own conservative Christian Democratic Party.

Erika Steinbach, another veteran conservative, said: “Life has not become easier as a result of the chancellor’s comments. I don’t know anyone who believes we can really bring the arrival of so many refugees under control – the people want a further influx stopped,” she insisted.

Well, if the people want to put an end to all this madness, they might return to a very good idea Germans had from the 18th to the 20th century.

They were known as Freikorps. Or Free Corps. Very effective I’m led to believe. That’s one option.  But the will has to be there and I don’t think they have that.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/03/2015 at 06:24 AM   
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a peek into an unwanted future …

Can’t say with honesty I’ve been busier than Drew last few days, but they have been frustrating. More on that later cos it involves problem solving.

There is so much going on that tries our patience.  But of course the main focus for those of us on this side of the water, it’s migration. Both legal and otherwise.

Because Germany has what appears to be a permanent guilt complex that sees no end, that country is carrying the brunt of the invasion.
As you all know, Frau Merkel, may shit be upon her, has invited the muslim world to resettle in her country because the Fatherland isn’t worthy of survival due to guilt for something or other, done by some other generation, the vast majority of whom are old and dotty or long dead.
She has come to realize too late, her offer was a tad too broad and maybe badly worded.  I kind of doubt she meant the entire mid east was welcome.

I saw a video recently, of muslim yoots born in Germany and who speak perfect German but .... aren’t German in any way. 
Almost forgot .... the newest figure of incoming has gone up. Well of course it has. It now stands at 1.4 million.

Here’s a small example.  Watch it all, listen to what these muzzie scum speaking German, say about Germans.
When I see stuff like this, I can not help but think, Genocide isn’t really a bad idea after all, if this is the future culture of Europe. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/03/2015 at 05:59 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - October 01, 2015

now i lay me down to sleep

Tired now.

Been going since 5:30 this morning. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my long days. Real long.

Right. Got the ugly pavers back to Walmart. Talked people out of buying ultra-expensive granite blocks to replace them. Decided on using plain old mulch for now for the garden paths. Everything is ready for the Big Dig. Which is why there’s a hurricane on the way, right? It so figures.

I did my cleaning job tonight with a spray bottle of Windex and a roll of packing tape. Not on purpose! See, I cleaned out the old Satrun to use it as a truck to haul the pavers. At about 15lb each, I took 2 trips with 30 blocks. Didn’t quite drag the undercarriage on the ground, but it was low rider time for sure. Otay, got that done. Then it was off to dodge the raindrops and the cold breezes and do some more painting. I’m doing my best, but it still takes me about half an hour per garage to do the cutting in, the trim, and to slap a coat of paint on the wooden surrounds. And it takes a bit longer when there’s bad paint that needs to be scraped off. So it’s pretty much a full day’s work to do one of the 16 unit buildings here. So I think. I’ve yet to start one building and finish it in a day. Half a building this day, half another ... part time job, right? Right.

In other personal news, no new stray kittens today. Glad of that, but it’s bittersweet. Latent maternal instincts surfacing ... she wants a kitty so bad. And the half feral cat outside breeds them non-stop. Pretty sure Scowler (aka mom cat) is on her 4th litter this season. Right. So one of the kittehs got left behind out on the lawn, so we collected him. Or her. Poor little tyke. Took her inside, fed her, washed her, fed her, brushed her, fed her, petted her, fed her ... damn, you’d think this cat has never eaten before ... and even got some antibiotic ophthalmic ointment in her eyes. See, this one is the runt. And she’s a messed up kitten. Sad, but it happens. The cat is either blind or has misshapen corneas. Worse, she’s got some kind of nervous whole body twitch, or something like spina bifida. The cat is bent, and only walks in circles to the right. Please honey, don’t keep the broken kitten. Give it back to mommy cat, and let nature do what’s right. No!! No no no!

Yeah. So I go off to work Wednesday night, leaving her cooing and snuggling the little thing. I figured we were going to have a cat, and a cat with Issues at that. When I got home, she was out on the sidewalk with the kitteh and mommy cat. She did the right thing and gave her back. Felt guilty I guess. And after all that food, the little thing went straight to mommy’s nip for a quick snack. And then proceeded to not follow mommy home. Frustrating for us, frustrating for mom cat. But we left them to it. Well, worst case is that the cat got one really big meal of high quality cat food and kitten kibble mush.


Otay. Hey, you know what I really like about Fall? Apple cider. And you know what I really like about apple cider? Dark rum. Oh, they go together so well. The sweet crisp cider can almost completely hide a major wallop of rum. Or Jack. Or Jamison’s. But a dark golden rum has a sweet edge of it’s own, and the two combine with delicious stealth. Almost like those tropical drinks you get in the coconuts at Polynesian restaurants. Smooth. Half a glass of one is quite relaxing. Quite. Gets you sitting down, chillin, writing some simple blog post. And then the other half of the glass ...

... now I lay me down to sleep ...


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/01/2015 at 09:59 PM   
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No, this couldn’t be terrorism

13+ Dead, 20+ Shot On Oregon Campus

Shooter Targeted Christians



At least 13 people were killed and 20 injured by a gunman who opened fire Thursday at a southwestern Oregon community college, officials said.

The gunman was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police, Douglas County Sheriff Jon Hanlin told reporters at a news briefing.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the gunman was a 20-year-old male. Authorities have provided no further details about the suspect or his motives for the attack.

The FBI confirmed that it is now involved in the investigation.

The shooting was reported about 10:40 a.m. at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, about 180 miles south of Portland and about 70 miles from Eugene.

The school has about 3,300 full- and part-time students. Fall classes began on Monday, Freeman said.

“It’s sad that we’re now in that horrible club of schools that have had to deal with this,” Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman told the Los Angeles Times. “I hope communities around our nation will pray for us.”

“It’s a tragic event and we’re right in the middle of it,” County Commissioner Chris Boice said.

And the rest is just the usual crap. It will be interesting to see how the media buries the “fact” that the shooter - a person unknown to me at this time (but almost guaranteed to be white, right?) - was a lunatic leftist who was recently called to pisslam.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/01/2015 at 05:16 PM   
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