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calendar   Sunday - October 11, 2015

well, maybe

I was just sitting down at the PC to try to write some kind of post, and I heard the first few chords of Time Warp coming from the TV, and had to stop to rock out to Rocky Horror for a bit. Ok, the whole thing. For the millionth time I think, but so what.

And perhaps I’m a bit tired ... the two of us got the big garden project rolling today with no help from anyone, and shifted about a yard of iron hard soil after transplanting a bunch of tiger lilies and scratching the ground clean again. For once I played it smart, and didn’t overdo the hammer and bar work in the garden. The natural soil here is very hard and rocky, so before you dig you have to break it and lever it loose. I’ve got a massive 42” crowbar and a 4lb shorty sledge that gets the job done, but too much of that John Henry stuff plays hell with my elbow and tendons, and I wind up being sore for weeks. Who needs that? I can dig some more tomorrow and the next few days if the weather holds.

And tomorrow is a really busy day for me. Work, doctor appointments, more work. So even though the TV station is now starting up Beetlejuice, I’ve got to call it a night. Have to be on guard duty bright and early.

... anyway, I saw Riff Raff in the movie, the faithful handyman, and it struck me ... could there be a certain resemblance? Maybe a change in clothes and hairstyle, a bit less postmortem makeup?



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Piggin’ Out

Oh Yeah, Also Because It’s Halal


The federal Bureau of Prisons, a subdivision of President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, has banished all pork products from the menus in all federal prisons, according to a report in the Washington Post.

The government says it made the decision to do this because a survey showed that inmates do not like eating pork products.

The Council on American-Islamic relations said “we welcome” the move by the government to deny pork to prisoners, but warned that it might spark “Islamophobia.”

Here are excerpts from the report by the Post:

“The nation’s pork producers are in an uproar after the federal government abruptly removed bacon, pork chops, pork links, ham and all other pig products from the national menu for 206,000 federal inmates.

“The ban started with the new fiscal year last week.

“The Bureau of Prisons, which is responsible for running 122 federal penitentiaries and feeding their inmates three meals a day, said the decision was based on a survey of prisoners’ food preferences:

“They just don’t like the taste of pork….

“The National Pork Producers Council isn’t buying it. ‘I find it hard to believe that a survey would have found a majority of any population saying, ‘No thanks, I don’t want any bacon,’” said Dave Warner, a spokesman for the Washington-based trade association, which represents the nation’s hog farmers.

Prisons are the primary place where black men are converted to the pseudo-fatih called Nation Of Islam. “No thanks, I don’t want any bacon” said no one, ever. Unless they’re a terrorist in training, ie a convert to pisslam. Or an observant Jewish person. Or a Hindu. Or a Vegan, but they’re all nutso Progressives, right? But mostly, terrorists.

happy piggy gets a last minute reprieve from Obama. Guess he saved his bacon this time.


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calendar   Saturday - October 10, 2015

worst hillary allegation yet


We went to war in Libya and destroyed a nation state so that her buddy Sidney Blumenthal could make some money?

Hory clap. If true this is the worst bit of corruption in the history of our nation.

Follow the link.

Or read Trey Gowdy’s letter directly, and make up your own mind instead of being spoon fed.


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ex gitmo prisoner skips town a million richer, joins isis in syria

At the current rate of exchange, one million British pounds (£) is worth ($) 1,532,649,999.99 USD. 1,534,043.82 USD

HUGE thanks to Grayjohn who spotted my huge error.  Not a billion obviously but got by a sleeping me.

That’s the award to a former Guantanamo prisoner paid by the Brit taxpayer and there will be more. Oh boy there will for sure.
Why?  Because it’s charged that Brit agents turned them over to our CIA for torture.  Not only that, the Brits in some cases provided the nasty torture loving Americans the questions to ask their prisoners.  Brits can’t do torture ya see.  Never.  Against the law.

Hey gang.  Brits have recently jailed a Brit soldier for the killing of a wounded Taliban fighter.  I won’t go into it here, you can research the recent story and I hope you do.  It’s an interesting one.

So the Brits were witness to the questioning and the torture so he claims, and the evil Americans arrested the guy and took him to Guantanamo.
After two years, he was released.

And has since joined ISIS.

I guess the question could be, as the left will no doubt claim.  Did he turn that way due to wrong and mistaken arrest and treatment?
Or was he a jihadist from the get go?

Well anyway .... he got his cash if I understand this article correctly, and skipped a million bucks richer.

UK gave freed Guantanamo inmate £1million in compensation… now he’s fled to Syria and joined ISIS

Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith was caught in Afghanistan in March 2002
He was sent to the notorious Cuban camp, but was freed two years later
Launched claim against Britain saying agents knew about mistreatment
It is now revealed he escaped UK 18 months ago to join ISIS in Syria

By Ian Drury and Emily Davies for the Daily Mail


A terror suspect given £1million compensation by Britain after he was freed from Guantanamo Bay has fled to join Islamic State.

Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith was awarded the payout after being released from the US military jail in 2004.

The suspected Taliban sympathiser was flown to the notorious camp in Cuba and locked up after being captured in Afghanistan by US troops in March 2002.

But after intense campaigning by Tony Blair’s government, British citizen al-Harith – who had pleaded his innocence – was let out two years later.

He launched a compensation claim on the grounds British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment and was handed up to £1million of taxpayers’ money to stay silent.

But last night it emerged that, despite security services being fully aware of his previous detention, al-Harith was able to escape the UK 18 months ago to fight with IS in Syria. His journey has been revealed following an escape from IS-controlled Syria last month by British mother Shukee Begum and her five children.

Channel 4 News disclosed that Miss Begum, 33, is married to al-Harith, and had flown to the war-torn country to try to persuade the fanatic to return to the UK.

However, her attempts failed, and she endured a ten-month ordeal being passed between hostages and rebel groups as she tried to escape.

She reached safety last month when she was rescued by Al Qaeda-linked group Al Nusra.

Last night questions were raised as to how al-Harith was able to leave the UK to join IS and how his wife was able to follow him, placing doubt on the Government’s ability to effectively monitor terror suspects. It is not known if any limits were placed on al-Harith’s travel. Fresh questions were also raised about the preparations put in place by the security services ahead of the return of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guantanamo.

The father-of-four, 48, is set to be freed by the end of the month but his release has been delayed for at least eight years amid allegations the US is concerned about Britain’s ability to monitor terror suspects.

He claimed the Taliban locked him up and accused him of being a British spy. A few months later he was found in a Taliban jail by US special forces and transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

US authorities considered that he was ‘probably involved in a former terrorist attack against the US’. He was assessed as being an Al Qaeda fighter and considered a ‘high threat to the US’.

When al-Harith was released in 2004, he was repatriated to England and released without charge. That year it was reported he and three other detainees launched a legal action against the US government, each demanding $10million – £5.4million at the time. Mr Aamer, whose family lives in south London, will be released after a campaign by the Mail, which argued that although he had questions to answer about his presence in Afghanistan, it was an affront to justice to detain him without charge or trial.



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cracks close glass walkway in china

I do not think this is the same one that Drew posted the other day.
But it’s still pretty damn scary.
Only way I’d ever try walking across one of these, is if I were being chased by the most beautiful and sex mad female on the planet.


Tourists Freak Out As China’s Glass Walkway Cracked Underfoot

By Louise Chan, Tech Times

(Photo : LiuJie | Weibo)

Lee Dong Hai, a local tourist who was on the bridge when the glass panel cracked, posted about the incident on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Lee said that the bridge shook a little before the crack was spotted and panicked tourists began to scream, but he soon deleted his posts because of the attention the media was giving him. There were no reports of injuries among the tourists who were quickly evacuated when the incident occurred.

The bridge is constructed so that each panel of glass is composed of three layers and, according to a spokesperson from the Yuntai Mountain tourism bureau, only one of the layers was cracked after a tourist dropped a stainless steel thermos on it, hence, the tourists were not in any immediate danger.

The 900-foot glass bridge is located along the Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in China’s Henan Province and had only been opened to tourists since Sept. 20 but because of the incident, the bureau announced that the bridge is closed to the public until further notice.

The Yuntai Mountain glass bridge is only one among the several glass walkways being constructed all over China, but it is possible that this incident could affect tourism in other sites. Among them, one of the much awaited glass bridges set to open to the public this October, is the world’s tallest and longest glass pedestrian bridge located in Zhangjiajie National Park.

All it took was a stainless steel thermos?  Just one.
I don’t wanna even think about what else or ...... never mind.


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calendar   Friday - October 09, 2015

Austrian Member of Parliament Goes Ballistic on Muslim Hypocrisy. But nothing changed

While I applaud this fellow, whoever he is, I find it depressing that since this video was posted four long years ago, not one thing has changed except to get worse.


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An Idea That Fizzled


I never quite understood what made Tapiture any different than Tumblr or Pintrest. Or Imgur. All are/were picture sharing sites of one kind or another, and there’s plenty more out there.

Maybe Tapiture had a better format. I can’t remember. I know Pintrest, and several other sites, use that never ending roll along format that adds new content to a single page whenever you get near the bottom. For anything bigger than 3 pages worth, I hate that. It’s impossible to go back and snap something up. Sure you can, but it takes forever. Breaking the content into pages is just so much faster.

Oh well. We’ll put Tapiture in the pile with Socks the wonder dog salespuppet for online dogfood; the digital dustbin of the internet. It was nice while it lasted I guess.



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calendar   Thursday - October 08, 2015

that time of year

This morning it was wool socks and my winter parka over a long sleeve shirt.

This afternoon it’s shorts and short sleeves, and I’m still sweating it up out there.

Changeable weather, indeed.

At this rate, if the forecast for tomorrow is snow, I’d better start looking for the sunblock tonight.


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I find this story interesting, not exactly sure why.

Oh, an after thought.
Drew ... this is the guy you mentioned in an email, and I wrote to you about last night.

As I mentioned to Drew, I do not understand why we held him for 13 years if he wasn’t finally charged with something.

I’m always to be found defending or cutting tons of slack to our intel agencies, even tho of course they can make deadly mistakes.
But guys, who else aside from the help of our regular police depts. stands between us and the bad guys?
And on an international level especially when dealing with the threat of terror groups, shouldn’t we assume our ppl at the FBI and CIA and NSA have information on various groups and individuals that we just can’t even imagine?  While we all want an open society, and I am not always sure what that is, as it seems to change a lot.  But there are just things those agencies have access to that for reasons of state safety, if we were allowed to know, then the scum that want to destroy us and our way of life will know as well.
I think it comes to the fact that a general won’t send word of his plans to his foe. 

OK so, this guy has been held for a long time, and some papers here and most especially the Daily Mail, have been on a holy crusade to free.
They keep harping and banging on about America’s poor image and how our system is violating intl. laws, blah,blah and blah.
He has been called the last Brit to be held by the USA at Guantanamo. Well friends, he is no more a Brit than I am.  He was a resident of this country just as I am.  But the Mail likes to make things local and what better way than to claim he’s a Brit.

Last week he issued a statement, thru his lawyers of course, that if he should die before release, it means the Americans have murdered him. And he wants the world to know that.

To listen to this guy, or read his statements, you’d think his life was lived in a cage with no access to other humans. Ok, the cage perhaps. The thing is, based on what’s been coming out of Guantanamo, he sure as heck has someone speaking for him or passing on his statements.

Another thing ... the Mail is taking lots of credit for his coming release.  Through their efforts they would have the gullable believe, they shamed the USA
or Obama in particular, into freeing this guy, who says he is being held because the Americans are afraid of the secrets he knows and afraid that word will get out how badly treated prisoners are. All of them.

He is also saying that the Americans tortured him in the presence of British agents.  So all along he claims, the govt. here knew about the torture and
maltreatment of prisoners by the Americans.  If British agents like say MI5 or 6 knew, the government had to know.

Look for a future lawsuit against the UK, once he is finally let go.  I can believe torture was used at some point. But why do we hold on to a prisoner, give dates of release and then backtrack.
If he really is innocent as he claims, wow. 13 years is a long time to be held a prisoner.  But then, wouldn’t he say he was innocent anyway?

MI5 agents watched as I was tortured: British spies implicated as Londoner held for 13 years in Guantanamo speaks out

Shaker Aamer says British officer was in room while he was being tortured
The 48-year-old also claims a young British officer visited him in a ‘cage’
The incidents are alleged to have happened in US bases in Afghanistan
Londoner has been held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years without charge

By Sam Greenhill In Washington For The Daily Mail

The last ‘Briton’ in Guantanamo Bay has given the first detailed account of how he was tortured in the presence of British agents.


Shaker Aamer says his head was repeatedly slammed against a wall while a British officer was in the room.

On another occasion, a young British officer in a red beret visited him in a ‘cage’. Both alleged incidents took place on US bases in Afghanistan shortly after his 2001 capture.

Mr Aamer’s account is one of the most serious allegations levelled at the security services for ‘complicity’ in the CIA’s notorious torture programme.

Lawyers for Mr Aamer – who has been held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years without charge or trial – say the 48-year-old British resident is being denied freedom to keep a lid on his claims.

But he was allowed to tell his story to a doctor who examined him last year and she has quoted him extensively in her medical report.

He was allowed to tell his story to a doctor who examined him last year and she has quoted him extensively in her medical report.

Californian independent psychiatrist Dr Emily Keram describes how Mr Aamer was beaten, shackled in painful ‘stress’ positions, deprived of sleep, given frostbite and mentally ‘destroyed’ by interrogators who tormented him by saying they would rape his five-year-old daughter as she screamed: ‘Daddy! Daddy!’

Mr Aamer’s medical report was commissioned by his lawyers and lodged with a federal court in Washington in April last year as part of a motion calling for his release due to his ill health.

Mr Aamer has been cleared twice for release from Guantanamo but has yet to be allowed back to South London where his 40-year-old wife and four children live.

Born in Saudi Arabia, he moved to London in 1996 and worked as an Arabic translator. Granted UK residency, he married a British woman, Zin, who was pregnant when Mr Aamer was captured in Afghanistan in 2001.

The child, a boy named Faris, was born on the day Mr Aamer arrived at Guantanamo in 2002. By 2007, a classified US military report had concluded Mr Aamer was a ‘close associate’ of Osama Bin Laden and a ‘recruiter, financier, and facilitator’ for his Al Qaeda terror network.

He says he was simply in Afghanistan doing charitable work, and was sold by locals to the CIA who were offering $5,000 bounties. Mr Aamer claims he confessed to being a jihadi to end his torture at a CIA ‘black site’ on the Bagram US airbase in Afghanistan.

Previously, alleged British complicity in torture has led to payouts of £1 million each to other Guantanamo inmates such as Binyam Mohamed, who was released in 2009. 

But Mr Aamer has festered at the notorious camp longer than any of them. President Barack Obama pledged to ‘prioritise’ the case in January, but nearly six months on he is still behind bars.

The Daily Mail has long campaigned for the closure of the inhumane Guantanamo prison and has championed the release of Mr Aamer.

The Mail has described Mr Aamer’s incarceration without trial as an affront to justice and called for his release as a matter of principle in a right-thinking democracy.

In a comment article last month, we said: ‘This paper has always accepted that Aamer may be a bad man.

‘But every day that he remains in Guantanamo without having his innocence or guilt tested in a court is a grotesque affront to justice.’


You’ve got me crying for you
And as I sit here and sigh,
Says I, “I can’t believe it’s true.”

I’ll tell my mama on you.
The little game that you played
Has made her baby oh so blue.

( Carmen Lombardo )


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the enemy within ,,,, is us?

A few days ago Wardmom said, among other things,

“civilized society is being destroyed by leftists within.”

And as if further proof were needed.
Which is just one example among many. 

Judge praises Human Rights Act for keeping terrorists out on the streets! President of the Supreme Court says laws gave courts the power to defy Parliament
· Lord Neuberger praised act for keeping terror suspects free from detention
· Said case in which Law Lords ordered that foreign terror suspects may not be held, adding it ‘vindicated importance of judges to the rule of law’
· His intervention risks plunging the judiciary into contentious political battle
By Steve Doughty for the Daily Mail

One of the country’s most influential judges yesterday praised the Human Rights Act for keeping terror suspects free from detention.

Lord Neuberger, the leading judge at the Supreme Court, said the controversial act had given judges the power to defy Parliament.

He singled out the landmark 2004 case in which Law Lords ordered that foreign terror suspects may not be held in detention and said it ‘vindicated the importance of judges to the rule of law’.

The decision resulted in the immediate release from detention of 12 terrorist suspects, including Abu Qatada, who then couldn’t be deported from Britain until 2013.

Abu Qatada’s teaching and training while in this country has been linked to numerous terror incidents, most recently to the ‘sunbed killings’ of 38 people, many of them British tourists, in Tunisia in June.

The Law Lords made their decision, now seen as the first successful use of the Human Rights Act against a government by judges, less than seven months before the 7/7 suicide attacks killed 52 people on tube trains and a bus in London.

In a speech to legal clerks, Lord Neuberger, who is president of the country’s highest court, praised the judges who made the decision.

In particular he congratulated Lord Hoffmann, the judge who notoriously declared in the case that the real threat to the country was not terrorism but anti-terrorist laws. Lord Neuberger said Lord Hoffmann had showed how judges were using their ‘fundamental right to freedom of expression’.

The intervention by Lord Neuberger, head of the court which is the successor to the Law Lords and which is designed to take the most important legal decisions, risks plunging the judiciary into a deeply contentious political battle.



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calendar   Wednesday - October 07, 2015



Pot-a-pult at it again!

Border Patrol Seizes 1,377 pounds of pot that was launched over border

Stone the castle!  {I don’t think this is what they meant!}

Border Patrol agents seized 1,377 pounds of marijuana in dozens of bundles that the agency says had somehow been launched over the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Agent Matthew Eisenhauer says agents using thermal-imaging cameras spotted the bundles apparently being launched over the border fence near Douglas Saturday night.

Agents responded and found approximately 80 bundles within 150 yards of the border.

Eisenhauer says officials aren’t sure how the bundles were launched over the border.

In previous incidents, smugglers have thrown drug bundles over the border or shot them over with devices such as air-powered cannons and catapults.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a frog! A frog??? Well, a flying Square Green Grouper. Don’t see many of them outside the Bahamas. ‘Specially not in west Texas.

Elsewhere in Narcoland Texas, other Border Patrol agents seized nearly a ton of grass when the mules got skittish and ran back home.

RIO GRANDE VALLEY – U.S. Border Patrol agents confiscated nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana in three seizures early Friday morning, a more than $1.5 million worth of marijuana bust.

Early Friday, agents assigned to the Brownsville Station were advised of possible illegal activity on the eastside of Brownsville, CBP says. As the agents reached the area, they saw a white SUV driving north from the Rio Grande.

Border Patrol agents say the alleged marijuana driver noticed the agents and decided to make a U-turn, headed back to the river. The vehicle was then submerged in water. CBP says the driver swam back to Mexico, abandoning more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana.

Before the largest seizure, agents confiscated two smaller loads of marijuana in Garceno and Escobares, bringing the total amount seized to nearly 2,000 pounds.

Every year along about this time it all goes dry
There’s nothing ‘round for love or money that’ll get you high
Henry got pissed off and said he’d run to Mexico
To see if he could come back holdin’ 20 keys of gold.

Now the road to Acapulco is very far indeed.
It isn’t any better if you haven’t any weed.
Henry’s driving hard and straight on twisty mountain roads
Fifty people waiting back at home for Henry’s load.

And now he’s rollin’ down the mountain
Going fast, fast, fast
And if he blows it this one’s gonna be his last
Run to Acapulco to turn the golden keys
Henry keep your brakes on for this corner if you please!



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brunch break

Done with the morning guard duties. Got enough shopping done at the grocery store. Made myself brunch, a primitive looking mini-pizza called a pizzatini from some local company down on Toad Lane. Not bad. Bakes up fast and crispy. It was much better when I added my own mozzarella and pepperoni.

Looks like we’re going to be cat people. I was outvoted, 1 to 1. Little Miss Dizzy is quite happy being an indoors cat. Warm, dry, plenty of food. She’s learning to use a litter pan, and now knows how to purr. Awww. But we’re pretty sure she’s completely blind, her hearing doesn’t seem so great, and she’s still got that nervous condition that makes her twitch, bobble-head, and walk in circles. She goes to the vet for a checkup and a quality of life prognosis on Tuesday. If this is from disease or a degenerative condition, we’ll do what’s best for her. The tears are flowing already over that possibility. At least she’s fared better than most of her siblings; last week momma cat was outside nursing all 4 of them. This one was left behind and we took her in. This week only 1 kitten is around. And we notice momma cat is pregnant again. 4th litter since Spring, 5th since Winter. Semi-feral cats are just out of control.

Righto. I haven’t heard back from this other chiropractor who sent us a “come on down” letter letting us know he’s “inherited” all our old doc’s patients, now that doc F has retired early and moved to Florida. So I’ll just keep popping ibuprofens and hope he can see me soon. And I’ll grab little rest periods between my morning work, my afternoon work, and (today and tomorrow) my evening work. So I guess it’s quick nap time for me. And the purr kitty. And then back at it to paint for another 4-5 hours.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 06, 2015


nope. nothing. I suck.

this isn’t fair to the readers. it won’t last much longer.

Time to sleep now.


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I ask you. Can they possibly get any dumber or more politically correct?

Is this what parents and some students are paying for and being educated to?

Good grief.  These are supposed to be …… I don’t know anymore.  Smart people?
They passed rigid tests I would think. 
I just plain do not understand how these young folks can buy into this crap. Can’t they think?  How in the world is a hat offensive or racist? 

And what’s with ableist ?  and transphobic ?

I bet ya if released today, they’d picket and demand closing of theaters showing
The Three Amigos. 

I remember going all the way back to the late 60’s when the Frito people were made to stop advertising Frito Bandito chips.  Does anyone else recall those commercials?

The Mexican embassy or someone or some ppl thought it denigrated Mexicans and made it look like all were bandits. In other words, they claimed the commercials were stereotyping Mexicans.  I guess you might be able to make a case for that although I don’t think the company had that in mind.

I also remember and I hope I spell it right, a radio commercial for Lufthansa in which a voice over encouraging people to visit and spend their holiday in London, ended with the tag,
Fly Lufthansa to London.  Our pilots know the skies of London.
Brit embassy didn’t take to that. It was removed of course but I still get a giggle remembering.

But this story is altogether on another planet.
These kids are not of our world.  And if they are of our world, oh boy. Are we ever in trouble.

Take a look at this.

University student union bans free Tex-Mex sombreros for being ‘racist’

The Telegraph

University of East Anglia student union officials orders Tex-Mex restaurant to stop handing out free sombreros to students
A university’s students union has banned students from getting free sombreros claiming they are “racist”.

Students were being given free sombreros by a local Tex-Mex restaurant in a bid to drum up business with a smile, before uni chiefs ordered them to stop - because it violates strict cultural appropriation rules.

The University of East Anglia student union officials even took the big floppy hats from students at the Freshers’ Fair, because non-Mexicans wearing the traditional item of headwear could be seen as offensive, according to a new initiative.

• Students’ union backs excluding white people from ‘anti-racism’ events
The Union has stated that the handing out of sombreros breached a key advertising policy which was sent to all stallholders before the event, prohibiting any use of stereotypical imagery in advertising.

It read: “Discriminatory or stereotypical language or imagery aimed towards to any group or individual based on characteristics will not be permitted as part of our advertising.”

The policy specifies 15 types of discrimination, some of which include colour, ethnic origin, and nationality.

The sombreros were seen as racist and a form of cultural appropriation, despite the fact that the restaurant’s website says it offers a “Tex-Mex experience.”

When Pedros were asked to stop handing out the sombreros they were amicable in doing so, although some students were less impressed.
Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, one first year who asked not to be named, said: “It’s ridiculous - it’s a comedy hat, not some sort of sacred religious dress.
“Who is going to get offended? Speedy Gonzales?”

Rafel Spilman added: “What utter b*****ks.”

But the Union defended their madcap stance on the floppy hat.

Campaigns and Democracy officer Chris Jarvis said: “We know that when it comes to cultural appropriation the issues can sometimes be difficult to understand and many don’t realise that they may be about to cause offence or break a policy.

“So we’re discussing internally how we can improve our briefing to both external organisations and our own members so that people aren’t caught out at the last minute.”

He added: “At the SU we want all members feel safe and accepted, so at all events we try to ensure that there is no behaviour, language or imagery which could be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist.”

The offending sombreros were being handed out at the University of East Anglia freshers’ fair in Norwich last week.
Pedros Tex-Mex Cantina is an independent, family-owned restaurant that opened in 1991 in Norwich.

source, the telegraph

starts with B, has five letters and ends in ks?  utter b*****ks.
Is that bullocks?  The paper couldn’t print out that word?




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Vietnam Homecoming
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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