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calendar   Sunday - October 18, 2015

and the gardener took another load away

Good grief, if I do much more of this digging stuff, I’m going to wind up being in shape! OMG.

Dug most of the front pit today. Although it’s “only” 4x7 it was still a lot of work. I got about 8 wheelbarrow loads out, and I’ve got about that much left to do. Still loads of broken shale in the soil. Still needs the breaker bar. But it’s progress!

Tired now. Made up some sausage biscuits for a late lunch, and I guess it’s dogs again for dinner. Unless she stops off at the store and picks something up on the way home. You never know.

Right. I’m going to grab a double handful of kitten and we’re going to take a bit of a rest. Well, I will. She’ll probably spend the whole time playing Kill His Thumb and Bed Mousies, two classic favorite cat games.


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I had to snag this

Found it over at American Digest ... a horror story and a great joke, in about 100 words. Superb.



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calendar   Saturday - October 17, 2015

diggin it

After a short frost this morning, we spent the afternoon working on the new parking space garden. Finished digging the side row, then went and dug it 4” deeper because the Asiatic lilies want to go in 8” down and even there they need a couple inches of soil under them to root in. So it was back to the breaker bar.

Right. So the lilies and the dwarf irises are in, flanked by 3 itty bitty ornamental grass plants that will eventually be 8 feet tall. And then it was time to fill in the trench. Which took hours. The “soil” that came out was literally half shale, so screening enough to give me about half a yard (4 bins full) of dirt to mix 1:2 with my first class topsoil took a lot of time. Call it an entire wheelbarrow full of rocks, about 4 cubic feet. And down the embankment they go!

Tomorrow I’ll get a jump on the forward central area. Nothing in there needs deep planting, so digging down 9” will be plenty.  A border of randomly colored hyacinths and a belt of daffodils goes in there, guarding the 3 kinds of tulips in the middle from marauding deer. At least, that’s the theory. The back central area will be similar, just different tulips and daffodils. The strip across the very front comes last, even next year if Winter comes early. That area’s for annuals, which is nearly a Who Cares situation.

Right now I need to take about 3 showers. The delightful aroma of organic fertilizer laced with somewhat composted cow manure ... an aromatic gift that just keeps on giving.


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a Brigitte Gabriel video

Until maybe a week ago, I had no idea who this lady is. Maybe some of you know. Anyway ... she sure lets the muzzie student have it.
It isn’t a new video so maybe you have already seen it.  But it was first time for me.



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muslim trust takes over three non religious schools

Don’t much care what the Dept. of Ed claims.  Not too sure I’d trust them or the folks they are defending here.

Sorry no link, trouble coming up with it but it comes from the Daily Mail and so screen shot is all I have.

So here’s something else for some parents to worry about.  Oh, but that might be another one of those dreaded “isms”, mightn’t it?



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Well now this is quite a story.
It came to my attention along with the rest of the country a couple of days ago.
This is also the same politically correct firebrand who led demands that a statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed from Oxford because it was racist.

Theirs is no question but that she is smart and a natural organizer and rabble- rouser, though I’d hardly describe her as “brilliant”. 
But then, so was Stalin and Trotsky and Hitler and Mao and Robespierre.  The list is endless.  Different color and race but she reminds me more of Robespierre than the others.  Can’t explain why tho. Anyway ...

Over time she has caused much trouble for many an innocent, and no kidding, some fear even among a few of her followers.

Though she is now known as Annie, she was born Arafat
Oluwatoyosi Teriba, in the London borough of Waltham Forest.
Little is known about her upbringing, but given what we know about her militant feminism, it is intriguing to note that her father, Olukorede, is not thought to live with her mother any more.

Off topic so forgive the detour but …. why are folks with names like these allowed into a western country without a name change.  It was done in the USA in the early days by immigration officials in some cases, and it seems to have worked.  Of course, in the early 20th and before, many immigrants were anxious to “fit in”, and so changed alphabet soup names on their own initiative. 

Brought down by the politically correct dogma she preached: The very modern morality tale of the brilliant Oxford gay rights activist who apologised for ‘non consensual’ sex with another girl

· Annie Teriba is third-year history and politics student at Wadham College

· The 20-year-old activist was darling of Oxford University Student Union

· But she quit after she admitted sexually assaulting another woman

· She also confessed to another incident where she touched someone in a sexual manner without their consent during her first year at university
By Richard Price for the Daily Mail


Even if they didn’t know her name before this week, there are few students at Oxford University who would not recognise her on sight.

With luxurious braids hanging halfway down her back, chunky nose ring prominently thrust through her septum and loudhailer in hand, she has dedicated her life at the ancient seat of learning to making her voice heard.

Whether leading a sit-in protest outside the elite Oxford Union debating society or heading up a march demanding that a statue of the Victorian African adventurer Cecil Rhodes be torn down because it’s racist, Annie Teriba’s strident tones have proudly rung out.

Even for those with no interest in militant activism, the 20-year-old history and politics student was a familiar figure thanks to the raucous weekly dance parties she organised in Oxford.

Now, Miss Teriba has become familiar with a wider audience after she sensationally admitted sexually assaulting another woman, then resigned from all the prominent positions she had carved out for herself.

The specifics of the incident, which took place at a National Union of Students conference in May, remain shrouded in mystery. Yet Miss Teriba confessed online to a sexual liaison which the other woman involved subsequently complained had not been consensual.

Since she published her lengthy mea culpa this week — which has been given widespread media coverage — several of her erstwhile comrades at Oxford have turned their fire on her as a sex attacker.

She was elected as the Wadham College student union’s ‘people of colour and racial equality officer’.

Radical: Miss Teriba was editor of No HeterOx, a Left-wing magazine which courted controversy by purging white gay men


( Well, so much for racial equality. )

Miss Teriba had been a darling of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) — a separate body to the Union debating society — which oversees student issues for the university.

She spoke for OUSU with considerable vigour as Oxford’s ‘lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual women’s representative’ at a countrywide level during meetings of the National Union of Students.

One of the issues she spoke most passionately about was the problem of sexual aggression against women. Indeed, she had unflinchingly asserted the wildly controversial (and utterly unproven) statistic that ‘one woman in four’ at Oxford can expect to be raped.

Establishing herself as a star pupil, she became involved with Debate Mate, an organisation which uses debating skills as a way of overcoming educational disadvantage in some of the country’s most deprived communities.

She became a poster girl for the organisation and was publicly congratulated by the founder, Margaret McCabe, when she secured her place at Oxford.

Within a year of arriving as a Fresher, through sheer force of personality she had carved out a role for herself as the undisputed voice of the university’s black, ‘queer and trans’ [transsexual] communities, to use her own fastidious terminology.

She secured a place on the National Union of Students black students’ committee, and a leading role in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. She gave interviews to newspapers and appeared on Channel 4 News, giving her forthright views on equality.

‘She hates the Oxford Union [debating society] and everything it stands for — which is basically white privilege, in her mind. So you’ll rarely see her here. More often, she’s outside leading a demonstration with a megaphone.’



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calendar   Thursday - October 15, 2015

something in brown perhaps



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calendar   Wednesday - October 14, 2015

someone for everyone I guess

Subtitle: EWWW. Just EWWW.

On Wednesday’s The View, co-host Joy Behar gushed over Bernie Sanders’ performance at last night’s CNN Democratic debate and she proclaimed that the Socialist “aroused” her.

The liberal ABC host gushed that Sanders was so “menschy in that moment like a real guy” when he defended Hillary Clinton from scrutiny over her e-mail scandal and insisted that she “find[s] him to be eye candy, not ear candy, eye candy.”

Behar continued to swoon over Sanders as she eagerly said “I like an old Jewish guy who’s a socialist. That’s my type of guy. Everybody is talking about O’Malley and how hot he was, but to me Bernie is hot.”

Not to be outdone, co-host Michelle Collins showed her affection for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and his “rock hard man things”:

“There are some pictures, ladies, everyone gird your loins. That O’Malley, let me tell you something, if I wasn’t voting with my head, I think we know who would be getting my vote. I am in love. Look he his abs. That’s no dad bod....Those are rock hard man things.”

Um, was there a debate last night? I didn’t even know.


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what hailey knew in 1962

This is the best intro to the subject matter I can think of.  And look when it was published.

“Canada was still a promised land for many, and likely to remain so; therefore any government must handle its population inlet valves with extreme caution.  Too many immigrants from one source, too few from another, could be sufficient to change the balance of power within a generation.

Some people in the country wanted more immigration, others less.  The ‘more’ group
included idealists who would fling the doors wide open to all comers, and employers,
who favored a bigger labour force.”

From the book:  ‘In High Places’, by Arthur Hailey.
First published in,


Welcome to Britain 2015

Britain will need to build three cities the size of Birmingham by 2020 unless action is taken to tackle migrant crisis

· Experts have warned UK’s population could increase by 3million by 2020
· Current immigration would require building of 3 Birmingham-sized cities
· Prediction will heap pressure on David Cameron to take control of borders
· His pledge to cut net migration to tens of thousands has been left in tatters
By Ian Drury, Home Affairs Correspondent for the Daily Mail

How’s that for a compromise?  Cut migration to “tens of thousands”.
And where ya gonna put those 10s of 1,000s?
Easy.  Destroy more Green Belt property for, oh lets say 2500 homes in a crowded cathedral city like Winchester.  Pave over all that useless green stuff.

Britain will be forced to build three cities the size of Birmingham within five years to cope with current levels of immigration, experts warned last night.
Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of think-tank MigrationWatch UK, said the population could increase by a staggering 3million by 2020 – adding strain to the country’s creaking public services.

The prediction will heap pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to take control of the borders as part of his renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the EU.

Immigration now tops the list of voters’ concerns in recent polls – with nearly 6 in 10 saying tackling immigration is among the most crucial issues facing the UK.

But his pledge to cut net migration to the tens of thousands has been left in tatters after the number soared to a record 330,000 in the year to March – a rise of 40 per cent in one year.



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eye candy with a message ….

Same name but a different woman ....

It’s not so much the idea of eye candy, altho she is that I think.  No. It’s the attitude and outspoken manner she recently exhibited.

It’s sort of odd ....  can’t find the expression at the moment ....  I’m oddly surprised but can’t think why, given today’s world.

Well anyway ..... she was in a TV series I never saw, and didn’t even know who she was till today.  And all because of what she said in her Twitter page.  Which I didn’t see either.  But we can always count on the DM (Daily Mail) to be quick picking up on this sort of thing.
And I suppose many papers would be too.



She had some things to say about her former boyfriend, who she caught cheating. She is not the forgiving type.

Miss Hutton was replying to a fellow cast member who was critical of her with the following post.

We have a limited number of f***s to give in life’:
Pay attention of where and whom you give them to.
Make them count.


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it’s migrants that make a country prosper and grow.  send more. the island can handle it. uh huh

I guess it’s true. It hasta be cos it’s in the paper.

Anyway ... this is what was on the porch early this morning.

If you want the article, it’s here.

I won’t post the whole story as the photo says a lot.  If you listen to some of the panel shows on radio, or listen to news and the people being interviewed on the subject of immigration, you’d come away thinking that all the migrants were helpless women and young innocent children and old folks.  Sure, there are those too. No denying that.  But the live news coverage shows an awful lot of healthy looking and well fed males, even among many of the older ones.


The young and helpless fleeing war.  Yeah. Right. And as I was telling Elvis only this morning over tea ..


Residents in Longford, near Heathrow, say they are ‘overwhelmed’ with migrants who have turned their village into a transit camp. 


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calendar   Tuesday - October 13, 2015

another 90 second post

Clean bill of health for me from the doctor. My cholesterol numbers are hugely better and my blood pressure is quite a bit lower. Yay me.

Clean bill of health for Miss Dizzy the kitteh from the vet. No bugs, no worms, no feline diseases. But sadly, she is completely blind. We’re going to keep her anyway. So she got her first bunch of shots. And a big (3") geodesic kitty ball toy with a bell in it. Which makes loads of noise rolling along the floor. She’s in love with it, and played chase and pounce with it for hours today. And is now out cold on the couch, sleeping like a log. The nervous twitching seems better, now that she’s had a week or so of quality food, as much as she can eat. We’ll keep an eye on that.

And I’m STILL wicked busy. Maybe by tomorrow afternoon I can get on top of the wave and surf it down, in hopes that things can get back to normal at that point. Or not.

I am so glad we didn’t have to have the kitten put down. She’s just too lovable. We had her nails cut too, which will help us. The little bastard plays pounce and attack with verve, and having paws full of needle sharp fish hooks was starting to get pretty ouchie.

And ... with that, it’s bad time for this Bonzo.

Oh ... we might have some guest posts from an old friend. Frenemy? I’ll pre-approve them of course. No promises when, or how many, or of what kind of content. Just a little heads up. 


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wageism and other stupid stuff cos ppl have too much free time

I can no longer recall the name of the book or the writer, but clearly recall one line.

It read, “The world is a mad green onion, stinking and reeking its way through stellar space”.

I am pretty sure that’s how it went.  And I believe it was more than 40 years ago I read it.  Or, possibly heard it.  Anyway, it isn’t a Piper original, and what made me think of that line today, are items I found in the paper. While I don’t know about the onion part, the mad part out front and center.

First and most maddening is the new law from California to take effect in Jan. of 2016.  The term “Redskins” is to be outlawed as racist and any school or any team in the state currently using the word, will be banned from doing so.
Of course all our regulars here at bmews will be shocked to learn that the white house is happy with the decision made by governor Moonbeam of CA., over this outrageously misplaced and totally stupid law.

The article said that native Americans the redskins were very happy with this decision which btw is the result I read for the first time, of a campaign started by a Washington newspaper 1992. 
How the hell is it that educated and articulate people can be so stupid?

Oh … and as a finishing touch, it is also reported that Mr. Obama has said that the deal to bring the Redskin team to a new stadium in DC, “must drop” the Redskin name.
I guess you folks already know about this but I’m posting it as further proof of how mad the culture has become.  I guess too that you know the redskin name can’t even be used for team mascots.

here for the article

And if that isn’t dumb enough for ya, besides dumb, this could be scary.
The feds are going to look into it.

Oh btw …. another ism has been introduced.
You ready for that?

OK, the following is really a load of rubbish but .... believe it or not after starting to read it, still believing as I do now that it is lawyer made crap and the less talented just have to have someone, anyone to blame, in spite of all that, it turns out to be a rather interesting article after all.
A load of crap?  Sure thing. Hey ...
If Hollywood is nothing else, it’s still and always will be about, $Money!
The way the questions were asked and the number of those interviewed, I’m sure you can smell a stitch up when you run across it.
I find it very difficult to believe that the folks who hire and produce and bring things together, sit down and plan to exclude women with talent.
Not in an industry where large sums of money are made and lost almost daily.  I just see this as a future cash cow for the whiners and the less talented.

So the EEOC with the force of the feds talks to 50 women. Yeah so?  Why not 150 or are there only 50 in all of lala land? And with the aclu in the mix, I see future lawsuits as hinted at here, without end.  Next thing will be, transgender directors discriminated against, then actors with two different colored eyes. 

Feds Officially Probing Hollywood’s Lack Of Female Directors

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will begin interviewing dozens of female directors next week in an effort to see what action, if any, it should take to combat discrimination against female film and TV directors. A letter from the EEOC went out to some 50 women late last week.

It could be the first step toward a class-action lawsuit against the industry.

“I would like the EEOC to take legal action against the studios, the networks and the commercial production companies to make them comply with the law,” said commercial director Lori Precious, one of the women the EEOC has called in to discuss the situation. “I hope they force people to change the way they do business because Hollywood is not exempt from the law.”

“We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your personal stories and the obstacles which you have faced in pursuit of success within your profession,” reads the letter sent out October 1 by Marla Stern-Knowlton, Systemic Supervisor of the Los Angeles district office of the EEOC.

The EEOC, Stern-Knowlton noted, is a federal agency charged with enforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employment discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion and national origin; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, which prohibits employment discrimination against individuals 40 and older; the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which prohibits wage discrimination based on gender; the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, which prohibits discrimination in employment against a qualified individual with a disability; and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008, which prohibits discrimination based on genetics.

In other words, the industry could be a facing massive, government-led class action on any number of fronts affecting the underemployment of female directors — from sexism and ageism to racism and “wageism.” Women currently receive only 16% of the episodic TV directing jobs, and last year directed less than 5% of the major studio releases.

The latest and most serious push for gender equality in Hollywood began when several female directors urged the ACLU to take up their cause. In May, the ACLU filed a complaint with the EEOC, requesting an investigation into “the systemic failure to hire women directors at all levels of the film and television industry.”


One last bit of idiot stuff.

A group of retired judges here in lala annex along with 300 lawyers and academics, have condemned the government for “taking in too few refugees”. 
These brain-dead twits can’t even say the words ,,,, illegal migrants.


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calendar   Monday - October 12, 2015

celebs to join 24 hour hunger strike, like anyone cares. but they don’t understand that.

Celeb loony tunes and other lunacy.

Cause the whole world revolves around them.

This’ll sure bring Obama and American culture to it’s knees.

I have a hard time understanding just what it is that makes some folks so exhibitionally schtupid.  Do they really honestly think they’re having an impact on the decisions of the govt.? Or even on Aamer?  I guess they must.
And as is their habit, the Daily Mail is again patting itself on the back for its campaign to force the release of, “The last British prisoner” held at Guantanamo by the ugly American. The media has referred to him as a Brit after the DM started the ball rolling.

Yeah I know ... I recently did this. Only days ago in fact.
This is an update to that story.  Celebs I never heard of except for maybe one, have joined the Mail’s holy crusade to free the last Mohican.  Ah, I mean last British prisoner.  Who is now on another hunger strike. Or maybe the same one he’s always been on.
So here, take a look.  Look at it this way.  It can often times be a gas to look at the self styled elite making jerks of themselves.

I grabbed this from Sky News, but they got it from the Mail who had it sooner. Anyway, the Daily Fail loads too damn slow and it’s becoming more frustrating to use their site.

The hard copy headline read; Shaker Aamer supporters to hold 24 hour hunger strike.

Celebs Join ‘Hunger Strike’ For Shaker Aamer

Supporters of Shaker Aamer, the last British prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, join a campaign to keep up the pressure for his release.

Celebrities and politicians are set to take part in a “hunger strike” in solidarity with Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer.

Actors Mark Rylance and Maxine Peake, as well as MPs David Davis and Andy Slaughter, and human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith have joined the Fast For Shaker campaign.

Mr Aamer, who was born in Saudi Arabia but has UK residency and whose wife and four children live in London, has been held in the prison for almost 14 years without trial.

Last month, US authorities announced he will be freed, but he could not be released immediately because Congress has to be given 30 days’ notice of his release.

Reports have emerged that the 46-year-old is on hunger strike protesting against alleged abuse at the military prison in Cuba.

Now supporters have launched Fast For Shaker to show solidarity with Mr Aamer by not eating for 24 hours.

Mr Aamer’s family, who are planning to join the campaign, said: “Thank you all so much for taking part in this fasting. We are touched.

“Our family we will be joining in the fasts with all of you. Let’s all bring Shaker home.”

Organisers said the initiative will start on Thursday and continue until Mr Aamer is released, with participants selecting a day to fast on.

Andy Worthington, co-director of the We Stand With Shaker campaign, said: “After the great news that Shaker Aamer is to be released from Guantanamo, we were all disturbed to discover that he is on a hunger strike, and wanted to show solidarity with him, and to encourage him to give up his hunger strike.

Below is somewhat better source than DM and has video if you’re so inclined.

More to see at SKY NEWS


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