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Arguing with a Progressive is like, well, arguing with a Progressive

Had a nice little Facebook exchange going with some SJWs this morning. They had posted a picture of that idiot girl that got fired as a House of Commons Page a few years back for holding up a “Stop Harper” sign, as though she should have been heralded as a national hero.

Rather than getting into a debate on the merits of such an action, they simply deleted my reply and the post (or plonked me, not sure which).

Bottom line: if you’re going to argue with a “Progressive”, you’d best adopt the Party line right out of the gate, or your opinion will be trashed.

A sad indictment of those that think they’re “doing the right thing”.


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What else would you expect from the schmucks at the EU?
And so far, due to their membership, this country now has to convince the mucky-mucks at the EU, that this tax isn’t right.  Lots of luck with that.
There are any number of things that in the view of the EU, are essential but apparently tampons are thought to be a luxury.
Any guess as to how many women were available at the EU to vote this tax in?
Actually, it is in but the argument is, the EU notified the UK that it was not complying with their tax law and must increase the ( VAT ) tax to what they believe it should be.  Being as how tampons are after all, a luxury denied to men. 

Tory Eurosceptics Are Uniting With Labour Against The Tampon Tax

“This is yet another reason why we should vote to leave the EU,” Tory MP Steve Baker told BuzzFeed News.
posted on Oct. 26, 2015, at 2:21 p.m.

Emily Ashton
BuzzFeed News Reporter, UK

Tory Eurosceptic MPs are using a campaign to abolish the “tampon tax” to push for Britain to leave the EU.
Eleven backbenchers have put their names to a Labour amendment in the House of Commons that would force the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the tax.

VAT is currently charged on women’s sanitary products because they are categorised as “non-essential, luxury” items. The 5% rate is the lowest possible under EU law.

But campaigners say the rate should be zero – and a petition to “stop taxing periods” has so far been signed by more than 250,000 people.
Labour MP Paula Sherriff has tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill – set to be debated on Monday evening – demanding that chancellor George Osborne negotiates a zero rate with the EU.

The Conservative rebels hope that by joining forces with Labour, they will pile pressure on David Cameron and convince more voters to support leaving the EU in the upcoming referendum.

BuzzFeed News understands that Tory whips were desperately ringing round backbenchers on Monday morning to convince them not to back the amendment.

In an attempt to ward off an embarrassing rebellion, the Treasury is expected to declare in Monday’s debate that the “tampon tax” is wrong and should go, acknowledge that the UK parliament can’t do anything about it, and pledge to talk to the European Commission and other member states about the issue.

read all of it here

And from the Daily Mail

Ministers facing revolt over EU’s ‘tampon tax’: Tory MPs to vote with Labour against VAT rules imposed by Brussels

Politicians joining forces to make PM renegotiate so-called tampon tax
Eurosceptic Tories teaming up with Scottish Nationalists and Lib Dems
Women pay 5% levy on tampons because EU says they are ‘luxury item’
Campaigners say average woman spends £492/year on sanitary products

By Gerri Peev and Claire Duffin For The Daily Mail


Luxury items ranging from ostrich meat and alcoholic jellies to boats and even helicopters are exempt from VAT.

But sanitary products qualify for the tax because they are said to be ‘non-essential, luxury’ goods.

There are three VAT rates in the UK: the 20 per cent standard rate, which applies to most goods and services; a reduced rate of 5 per cent; and zero-rated, which includes food and drink.

In 2000 the rate on sanitary items was dropped from the old top level of 17.5 per cent to 5 per cent following a campaign by Labour MP Dawn Primarolo.

But the Government has said it cannot go any lower because of EU rules which forbid scrapping VAT once it has been imposed or introducing new zero-rated items.

Five per cent is the lowest rate allowed under Britain’s agreements with European partners.

A wealth of luxury groceries fall among zero-rated items because all food and drink is exempt.

They include candied peel, herbal tea, exotic meat such as horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo, and ready meals.

Also on the zero VAT list are slimming meal replacement products, savoury snacks and alcoholic dessert jellies.

Helicopters and aircraft used for passenger and freight transport – but not private use – and boats also qualify, although vessels used for recreation or pleasure do not.

Other 5 per cent items include products to help people stop smoking.



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the domino effect is threatening to destroy the Schengen Agreement. GOOD!

This invading mob won’t be stopped, and more will follow them in short order.
Europe can kiss itself goodbye.

In Germany yesterday, police kept a counter demonstration of leftists against some 200 members of an anti migrant rally of the right at bay.
The really depressing thing about this is that the patriots could gather only 200.  They were vastly outnumbered by the rabble on the left.  That should say something about euro attitudes. 

In London … anarchists and others identified as, “activists” attacked police as they tried to storm the Eurostar in support of immigrants.  These shits belonging to an anti capitalist movement called, No Borders, who do also do not believe in immigration control, in any form, went on a rampage. Few arrests were made, smoke bombs tossed and other items damaged and thrown at cops. Like the metal fences they tore down and threw at police.

These mindless bastards don’t really care that much about borders and immigration.
But it gives the average low life hooligan a badge, a cause to hide behind, like the word, ‘activist’.  Their actions are accepted as normal if not legitimate.  They know damn well nobody is going to shoot them or harm them in any way.  So, they do what they are allowed by a weak and soft willed culture that has taken root over the last couple of generations.

On the march to western Europe: pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks

· Battling howling winds, driving rain and icy temperatures, thousands of migrants today marched into Slovenia
· Photographed from above, the refugees formed a single column as they crossed into the country from Croatia
· It comes as Slovenia’s Prime Minister warns the EU will break up if leaders cannot agree on how to deal with crisis
· For more of the latest news on Europe’s refugee crisis visit
By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

Battling strong winds, driving rain, mud and freezing temperatures, these stunning photographs show a slow trek of thousands of migrants making their way to Europe amid the harsh conditions of the oncoming winter.

As one European leader warns the ever growing crisis will see the EU fall apart ‘in weeks’, tens of thousands of people are continuing to try and reach the Eurozone via the arduous Balkans route.

And as these pictures show, they are prepared to do so despite often overwhelmingly difficult conditions.

The column of migrants was filmed from the sky as it weaved through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, after having passed into the country from Croatia.
Tens of thousands of people are trying to reach central and northern Europe via the Balkans, but often have to wait for days in mud and rain at the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian borders.

Slovenia’s premier this weekend warned the European Union that it ‘is weeks away from falling apart’ if the bloc cannot agree on a plan to confront the sudden influx of refugees through the Balkans.

Nine days after Hungary’s move to seal its southern border drove unprecedented migrant flows into tiny Slovenia, Prime Minister Miro Cerar sent out a dramatic call to fellow central and eastern leaders in Brussels for emergency talks.

He said: ‘If we don’t find a solution today, if we don’t do everything we can today, then it is the end of the European Union as such. If we don’t deliver concrete action, I believe Europe will start falling apart.’

GOOD!  The EU deserves to fall apart.

Since October 17, more than 62,000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia, with some 14,000 still passing through the country on today alone.
Cerar said Croatia, which has already seen some 230,000 migrants pass through since mid-September, was still waiving migrants through into Slovenia without alerting Slovenia authorities.

Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have all now warned they could close their borders if Germany and Austria stop accepting migrants.
More than 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Following years of economic crisis, Europe’s governments are struggling to cope with an influx of people from countries including Syria, where Russia’s intervention has complicated efforts to end nearly five years of civil war.

Hungary’s decision to seal its borders left crowds of migrants camping by the side of the road in worsening weather.
As a result of their new border fencing, migrants switched to Croatia, which also imposed border controls, pushing them into Slovenia.
Now the domino effect is threatening to destroy the Schengen Agreement for passport-free travel within the EU.

GOOD! Schengen treaty pie in the sky and responsible for much of what you’re seeing today.  Think the Euro-weenies will scrap it?  I’d bet not.  Take a good look.
This is what open borders look like.

more at the source



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calendar   Sunday - October 25, 2015

Under Obama, Even The Cowboys Are Corrupt

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Guess They Don’t Hang Horse Thieves Anymore?

More Corruption From “Most Transparent Administration Ever”:
OIC declines to investigate obvious corruption link

Another Obama Corruptocrat Gets Off Scot-Free

Obama Regime Slaughters Horses For Fun & Profit!!

BLM illegally sold thousands of wild horses for slaughter

The Bureau of Land Management, the agency tasked with protecting wild horses and cattle and their grazing lands, sold 1,794 federally-protected wild horses to a Colorado rancher who sent them to slaughter, a new report confirmed.

Between 2009 and 2012, rancher Tom Davis purchased the horses through the agency’s Wild Horse and Burro Program (WH&B) and wrongfully sent them to slaughter, according to the report from the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General. According to the allegations and news reports, Mr. Davis also had farming and trucking connections with former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. [Salazar was Secretary of the Interior at this time, which oversees BLM]

The wrongful sale also cost taxpayers $140,000 to deliver truckloads of horses to Mr. Davis. He paid $10 a piece for the horses, or less than $18,000 total, and made as much as $154,000 in profits by selling them for slaughter, according to the report.

BLM employees never attempted to verify the information that Mr. Davis provided regarding his intentions for the horses he bought, despite the unusually large number of horses being sold to him, investigators wrote. The agency also did not stop selling horses to Mr. Davis after receiving reports that he was sending the horses to slaughter.

The OIG declined to investigate Mr. Davis‘ ties to Mr. Salazar.

The investigation was referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado as well as the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney’s Office, which declined civil and criminal prosecution, according to the report.

“It took more than three years for the OIG to confirm what we’ve always known – that the BLM sold 1,795 federally-protected wild horses to a known kill buyer who sold them to slaughter,” said Suzanne Roy, Director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC). “Unfortunately, there will be no justice for these mustangs, who suffered a brutal death in Mexican slaughter plants. No one at the BLM is being held accountable for this betrayal, and Tom Davis is not being prosecuted for violating his contractual obligation to not sell the horses for slaughter.”

Snort. $154,000. She-it. Hillary steals that much every day. 


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china, golf and nuke reactor

I don’t play or follow golf, although we once lived in places right on the course.
Nice setting and housing assoc. took care of yearly painting if necessary and all the gardening.  Good life while it lasted and in all those years, which in truth weren’t too many and far short of what I’d have liked, only one ball came through a window.  Which was repaired by the assoc.  OK, so we did through our monthly contract with said assoc.

So generally, I skip over golfing news.  Don’t much care who wins what, but do understand that it takes a bit of skill to play well.
I like riding in the golf carts however.  In Palm Desert, lots of folks abandon their cars and do grocery shopping in their carts.  The super markets even have spaces just for golf carts.  Unfortunately, the markets back home aren’t as advanced as those here in the UK where, you can get home delivery and even the dairy still delivers if you want it.  But off the subject.
This is what I want to share.  Take a look, as Chinese buy up another bit of the island. Between them and the Arabs, there won’t be much left for the new immigrants. No worries.  They can always join the squatters and occupy whatever they want to, as a few of them already have.


By Chris Green

The historic club, regarded as the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, will charge existing members £100,000 to carry on playing.

Nestling in the Surrey countryside, its exquisitely manicured greens and fairways have long played host to elite golfers from all over the world, as well as a steady stream of millionaires – and billionaires – with a passion for the sport. Now, Wentworth is about to get even more exclusive.


New members of the historic club, which was founded in 1926 and is commonly regarded as the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, will now have to pay £125,000 for the privilege of playing on its hallowed courses under a shake-up ordered by its Chinese owners.
Wentworth’s existing members have also been told that they will have to pay £100,000 or face losing the right to play at the club, which was purchased for £135m by the Beijing-based Reignwood Group in September last year. Currently, the club’s 4,000 members pay a comparatively modest £8,000 a year plus a £15,000 joining fee.
Golfers who attended a meeting at the club on Tuesday evening were said to be “completely shocked” by the price hike, which will take effect from April 2017. Wentworth’s annual membership fee will also double to £16,000 as its owners set about upgrading its facilities, investing £20m over two years.
James Wyatt, one of the club’s current members, said there was confusion over whether the £100,000 fee was a one-off payment or a debenture which could be resold. “There was some doubt as to whether we’re looking at what we all think a debenture to be, or if it is really just a payment to the owners to fund their purchase and improvements in the club,” he told the BBC.

According to some reports, the new fees are an attempt by the club’s owners to reduce the number of existing members, allowing an influx of even wealthier individuals who can afford to pay six figure sums to play at Wentworth. Sir Michael Parkinson, a long time member of the club, has previously described the “barmy” policy as a “cull”.
Peter Alliss, the BBC golf commentator and honorary Wentworth member, said the debenture plan was “an extraordinary step”, adding: “there are very few people who have £100,000 to piddle away on their pleasures”.

complete version continued

But wait …. there’s just one more tiny item to share, no link and no long intro.
I thought you might find of interest that, according to the news, the present government has signed a deal with the Chinese.


Their investment is to be a third and will cost them $7b.  The French are involved too, but I can’t remember who the third party is.

I wonder who has the Alka Seltzer concession ... plop,plop fizz-fizz

Cheers All


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So this banana walks into a republic, see, and says to the bartender …

Funny Business? I Show You Some Funny Business!!

Comedian favored to win Guatemalan presidency with politicians in disrepute

A former TV comedian with no experience in government is poised to win Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday after a corruption scandal toppled the country’s last leader and fueled voter outrage with the political establishment.

Playing up his outsider status and promising clean government, 46-year-old Jimmy Morales has surged in opinion polls since a probe into a multi-million dollar customs racket led to the resignation and arrest of President Otto Perez.

Voter surveys show Morales is set to easily win Sunday’s run-off vote against former first lady Sandra Torres, who also vows to tackle corruption but is seen by many voters as part of the old political order.

As polling stations opened, many voters said they saw in the comedian an opportunity for a fresh start, and an end to the tainted political dealings that sparked nationwide protests and the eventual ouster of Perez last month.

“We’re tired of Guatemala’s old-style politics ... the wholesale robbery of Guatemala,” said 47-year-old small business owner Alejandro Cruz, after casting his vote in Guatemala City. “I voted for Jimmy Morales. I do think he will be victorious, and that today will be a historic day.”

Guess they’d better brush up on their banana (republic) jokes.



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A Glowing Report

First New US Nuclear Reactor In Almost 20 Years Soon Coming Online


[10/22/15] Federal regulators today approved an operating license for TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2, allowing the first new American nuclear plant to begin operation in nearly two decades.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission today approved an operating license for the second reactor at Watts Bar, nearly 43 years after the regulatory agency first granted a construction permit for work to begin on the nuclear plant near Spring City, Tenn. The license allows TVA to load nuclear fuel into the new unit and begin testing of the equipment and likely produce power by the end of the year.

NRC commissioners this spring authorized William Dean, director of the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, to grant the operating license once TVA met all of its regulatory requirements. The last nuclear unit to get an operating license in the United States was Watts Bar Unit 1 in February 1996.

“This achievement signifies more than a stage in construction for TVA,” President and CEO Bill Johnson said. “It demonstrates to the people of the Valley that we have taken every step possible to deliver low cost, carbon-free electricity safely and with the highest quality.”

Construction of both units at Watts Bar began in January 1973, but work was suspended in 1988 when TVA halted its entire nuclear program due to safety concerns. Watts Bar Unit 1 was finished and licensed in 1996, and work on Watts Bar Unit 2 was restarted in 2007.

Horry Clap. How on earth did Obama’s EPA let this one slip through the cracks??

Unit 2 (and the currently operational Unit 1) are both Gen II four-loop pressurized water reactors, built by Westinghouse. Generally, Gen II reactors are distinct from more modern Gen III reactors in that Gen III offers improved safety, increased efficiency, and simpler, more reliable designs. For example, four reactors based on the more modern Gen III design, known as AP1000, are currently being built in the U.S. Compared to a Westinghouse Gen II PWR, the AP1000 contains 50 percent fewer safety-related valves, 35 percent fewer pumps, 80 percent less safety-related piping, 85 percent less control cabling, and 45 percent less seismic building volume.

While some media sources try to subtly stoke your unease by implying that the new reactor is out of date and therefore unsafe, keep in mind two things. One, that the original design was approved more than 40 years ago. Shifting over to a new Gen III design would mean that the entire development, inspection, and permitting process would have to begin anew, which could take several decades. Two, the reactor next to it, Unit 1, is also a Gen II design and has been chugging away for decades. So has nearly every other nuclear generator in the nation.

And of course there are those who object to the utility company running a little side business with the government. No, not cooking up plutonium for bombs. Just tritium for gun sights. Because we can’t use all that terrible radium like we used to in the 50s and 60s ...

TVA’s production of a key nuclear weapons component at its Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is expected to boost tritium levels within the plant above its prescribed limits this year even before the utility decides whether to more than double its production of the radioactive material.
In a letter sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and released this week, TVA says it expects its production of a bomb material for the military will boost tritium levels within the reactor core above the authorized annual levels sometime later this year. But J.W. Shea, vice president of nuclear licensing for TVA, said the release will not exceed any allowable levels for releases outside of the plant or pose any threat to TVA employees.

“There continues to be no significant radiological environmental effect associated with the Tritium Production Program,” Shea said in a letter to the NRC. “TVA has not, nor do they believe they will, exceed any regulatory limits for tritium release into the environment.”

But the notice of higher tritium releases within the plant’s containment system comes as TVA considers plans to more than double its production of tritium for the military. TVA is completing an environmental review of the impacts of producing more tritium for the military at Watts Bar.

Ok, they use tritium in H-bombs too. But it’s a second or third level catalyst or something like that. It ain’t the part that really goes boom.

So one new “old school” reactor coming soon, 4 new “modern” ones on the way. So five new nukes coming in the next decade? Awesome. That’s nearly 5% of the number we actually need.

Jenkinsville SC - Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station - 2 new units under construction, both Gen III designs, 1.1gW each, online before 2020
Waynesboro GA - Vogtle Electric Generating Plant - 2 new units under construction, both Gen III designs, 1.1gW each, construction began 2013

Click here for more on those projects.


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calendar   Saturday - October 24, 2015

good practie for me

As a team, we didn’t do so great at Cheap League last night, winning only one game for 2 points, 2-5.

OTOH, I bowled pretty well. The alley bought themselves a new lane cleaning machine this season, and it seems to be set to lay a pattern several feet longer. So down and in balls go down, but they don’t go in so much. In other words, the lanes won’t hook. I was able to beat that a bit, tucking in my pinky finger (this hurts until you get used to it!!) and holding my index finger a bit wider. That put a little more lateral spin on the ball without throwing it faster, as Low And Slow seemed to be working. A slight flip of the hand on the release, snap, and a big Ole! follow through, and the ball would run down the 8 board, flair in towards the pocket, and just be starting to turn when it hit. Plenty of strikes. If I threw to the inside or put too much hand on it, it would go Brooklyn, but that worked pretty well too. So it wasn’t a magic scoring night for me, I did manage a 635 series going over 200 on every game. Which is a nice bit of consistency I’m happy with.

One of these days I might get a new ball. I dunno. This one is going into it’s 3rd full season, with 3 summer seasons on it too. I’ve had it steamed and resurfaced once, but these reactive resin balls just absorb the oil and never really let it all go. They just get weaker as time goes by. 


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free guns for everyone

Well, free for some one. One. And they probably have to be American, living in the US of A.

But hey, free guns. An AR-15 no less. With just a click of the old mousey.


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calendar   Thursday - October 22, 2015

maple sugar eye candy


Justin Trudeau, the new Prime Minister of Canada, and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. Say what you want about their politics, but they sure are a good looking couple.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 21, 2015

and back I go

What, an evening off? Hella no. Time to go off to my other, other job.

A little here, a little there, and pretty soon all these little paychecks add up to one ... little paycheck. Still, it’s far better than no paychecks.


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fuhrer merkel in deal to hand turks cash and EU visas as insanity now firmly in charge

There are a dozen photos at the link.

This time in Slovenia. 

A few days ago, Hungry finally closed their border with Croatia, which sent thousands of these lice in another direction. And they showed up here.

Fire tears through Slovenian camp housing thousands of migrants after refugees ‘torch tents in protest at a lack of food and water and delays processing them’

Hundreds of migrants including women and children evacuated as blaze ripped through camp near Croatian border
Cause of the blaze was not clear but migrants had been lighting fires outside their tents to ward off the cold weather
Slovenia yesterday accused neighbouring Croatia of sending thousands of refugees to its borders ‘without control’
EU leaders have been summoned to Brussels summit on Sunday in an effort to better co-ordinate flow of migrants

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline


invaders, pix and story continues

And as if things can’t get any worse .... Der Fuhrer, Frau Merkel of the former Fatherland now Germanistan, is concerned about the huge “influx” of migrants.
Apparently our Fuhrer in a skirt, (ok, she wears pants) was out of town when she invited all these scum to her country to enjoy the benefits of a rich and successful country.  Of course, it won’t remain that way, but she’s deaf, dumb and blind to the threat.  Europe is being over run and the UN has the gall to openly accuse Germany and the UK of not doing enough.  Good Grief.
Anyway .... Merkel has offered EU membership if the Turks stem the migrant tide washing away Europe.

Merkel pushes Turkey for EU migrant plan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has traveled to Turkey to meet leaders and hash out a plan aimed at managing the migration flow into Europe. It may include an aid package and revitalized EU membership talks for Turkey.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks on Sunday with Turkish leaders in a bid to stem the flow of asylum seekers and migrants entering the EU.

Prior to arriving in Turkey, Merkel said that “all the issues will be on the table,” including the conflict in Syria, visa restrictions and the struggle against terrorism.

Officials have said that the EU offered Ankara an aid package of at least 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion) along with easing EU visa restrictions for Turkish citizens and revitalizing EU membership talks.

However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that he was unimpressed with the EU’s initial offer.

“Europe’s security and stability is contingent on our security and stability. They have accepted this now,” Erdogan told an audience in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul.

“We are hosting 2.5 million refugees but nobody cares,” Erdogan said.

Turk/Merkel continues

And then of course ... there’s France, where authorities have taken Marine Le Pen to court and are prosecuting her for what they claim was hate speech.  Her high crime was to be critical of muslim prayer on streets, blocking pedestrians and traffic in some places, and saying it felt like a Nazi occupation. Or words to that effect. 
Here’s what you need to know .... and it is note worthy.  Even the public prosecutor says she has not broken any law.
BUT ... the usual ass wipes who are offended on the behalf of others, the usual folks who call themselves anti-fascists, thus justifying any outrage they commit, are the ones bringing charges. And her remarks btw, date back to 2010. 
See below.

French spend $1million a year to fly migrants away from Calais...then let them come straight back!

Scandal throws new light on policies that have overpopulated Calais
There are 6,000 migrants sleeping rough in Calais area trying to reach UK
French are pouring money into dispersing them around France using Beechcraft 1900 turbo-jet planes, at a cost of £2,500 an hour
But after a few hours at detention centre, almost always go back to Calais

By Peter Allen for the Daily Mail


France: Marine Le Pen goes on trial over Muslim remarks

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has appeared in court in Lyon, to answer charges of inciting racial hatred, for comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation.

She made the comments at a rally in the city in 2010 when she was fighting for the leadership of the party.

Ms Le Pen insisted on Tuesday she did not commit any offence.

And the prosecutor called for her acquittal, saying she was not referring to the whole Muslim community.

The National Front (FN) leader had only spoken about a specific number of people and was exercising her freedom of speech, Bernard Reynaud told the court.

The case was originally dropped last year by the Lyon court of appeal but revived by anti-racism groups who made a civil complaint.

Ms Le Pen’s anti-immigration and anti-EU message is attracting increasing support in France and her party is hoping to win two French regions in December local elections.

The judge in Lyon will deliver a ruling on the case in December.
Timing of trial

It was during a campaign speech in Lyon in 2010, a few months before she became leader, that Marine Le Pen spoke out about Muslims worshipping in the streets because mosques were full.

“I’m sorry, but some people are very fond of talking about the Second World War and about the occupation, so let’s talk about occupation, because that is what is happening here,” she told National Front supporters.

“There are no tanks, no soldiers, but it is still an occupation, and it weighs on people.”

Outside court on Tuesday she questioned the timing of the trial.

“We’re a month away from a regional election and this affair dates back five years,” she told reporters.

An opinion poll at the weekend suggested her niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen, could wrest control of the key southern region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur (Paca) from the governing Socialists.

Le Pen continued


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calendar   Tuesday - October 20, 2015

Canada This Morning

Vox populi

Canada, through its 42nd general election, has decided to grant Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party a majority government for the next four years. I will not bemoan that the fact that neither he nor his party were my choice in this election, nor will I succumb to TDS (Trudeau Derangement Syndrome) - a (substitute Harper) malaise that swept the land when his - Trudeau’s - predecessor won a majority four years ago.

I will, instead, offer some observations and prognostications for the near future.

1. “Canada’s Broadcaster”, the CBC, will receive its promised $250 million funding restoration, bringing its annual grant from the people of Canada to $1.25 billion. This will be its reward for fellating Trudeau and his party for the last 79 days.

2. The “National Organization on the Status of Women” will also have its funding restored. They will resume ignoring how some cultures/religions “bag up” their women, thereby allowing the multicultural ethos to trump their mandate. The niqab will become as commonplace in citizenship swearing-in ceremonies as is the turban, thereby perpetuating Canada’s tradition of discarding its traditions.

3. Canada’s ties to Israel will weaken and its association with Fatah will strengthen, all the while completely ignoring Article 12 of Fatah’s constitution which states “Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.”

4. Canada’s military will be gutted and possibly amalgamated (again). We will be told that this is in an effort to restore Canada’s “tradition” as peacekeepers and not warriors. The fact that this “tradition” has only existed since 1956 will be deemed irrelevant. This was the year that the US and UK maneuvered Lester B. Pearson into proposing a UN peacekeeping force in order to thwart the Suez Canal crisis.

5. Marijuana will be legalized. This is not a “bad” thing and was pretty much my major disagreement with Harper. The “War on Drugs” was lost long ago; it was a futile exercise that cost billions and did nothing more than ruin lives.

6. In an effort to appease its environmentalist base, the Liberals will gut the oil and pipeline industries. The revenues from these resources will be replaced by corporate and personal income tax increases, even with a projected initial $10 billion deficit in the first budget. Expect the GST/HST to rise as well.

7. “Blame Harper” will be the same mantra as kicked around by the US Democrats and their President in the first six years of his term whenever fundamental design flaws in their policies were brought to light.

8. Trudeau has stated that his first cabinet will be 50% female. This (lack of) chromosomal approach to governing will ensure that more qualified people are passed over in order to fulfill the promise. The selection of *anyone* for cabinet based upon sex or tint should be offensive to even those that preach “inclusiveness”. It is no different than choosing a “white male” because they are nothing more than that and to argue otherwise is nothing more than reverse sexism and reverse racism. It is an abhorrent notion brought to us by the self-loathing and must be discarded if we’re ever to move on in this country.

9. Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights act will be reinstated following its repeal in 2013. In part, the section stated it was illegal to communicate “...any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.” This section was used by a Calgary Imam ( in a suit against Macleans magazine (Mark Steyn) and the Western Standard (Ezra Levant) for their decision to publish the infamous “Mohammed cartoons”. The suit cost Macleans millions, ruined Levant, and the Imam’s legal fees were paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. Although the repeal was hailed as a victory for “free speech”, its reinstatement will herald a new Canadian “right”: the right not to be offended.

10. Just after the election, a friend posted “Harper will exit the Dictatorship (Conservative Party)”. Unfortunately, and under the Westminster form of government, the best Canadians can hope for is a benevolent dictatorship. The Prime Minister and his Privy Council direct caucus on how to vote in the Commons. In matters deemed “too important”, Parliament is bypassed altogether through the use of “Orders in Council”. The elder Trudeau was fond of this technique, passing, among others, an order to make it illegal to discuss or publish information about Canada’s involvement in a uranium cartel. All things considered, Harper paled in dictatorial comparison.

11. Government scientists will be “unmuzzled”. The term itself is a canard, in that scientists in the employ of the Federal Government were directed though “official channels”. The extent of such “muzzling”, however, will be the subject of debate for some time to come. I suspect that as soon as one or more scientist(s) opine anything different than the Liberal narrative, the reaction will be swift and severe.

12. From Macleans magazine: “During a testy phone call, Justin Trudeau dismissed David Suzuki’s views on the Liberal climate change policy as ‘sanctimonious crap,’ according to Suzuki. Suzuki revealed the contents of the conversation during an interview on SiriusXM’s Everything is Political with Evan Solomon. Suzuki says he fired back, calling Trudeau a ‘twerp.’” This falling out between the (now) Prime Minister and the showman may or may not be fleeting. Time will tell on this one, but be rest assured that Trudeau - like Obama - will end up funding bone-headed “alternative energy” schemes in an attempt to reduce Canada’s “carbon footprint”. Interesting that footprint… few people realize that if Canada had not bowed out of the Kyoto Accord and had stuck to its original 2020 goals, transportation in this country would have come to a complete halt by 2020. In the unlikely event that Trudeau gets Canada back on the bandwagon, it will most certainly make for an interesting election in 2019. The fact remains, though, that if it weren’t for fossil fuels, “there wouldn’t be a single tree or whale left on the planet”.

13. The TPP will remain largely unscathed during Trudeau’s reign. Any Economist worth his salt will tell you that non-restrictive trade is for the benefit of all, in spite of any short-term pain. There are levels of specificity that cannot be explored during the course of an election campaign, and the TPP is a prime example of that. Stumping politicians would never play outside their base by endorsing something the electorate knows precious little about - but think they do.

14. Trudeau will not touch bill C-51 (which the Liberals helped pass) - or at least to any great extent. “Snitch lines” smack of Soviet Russia, but until the enemy within is countered, who knows what the best approach is? Those that think the enemy isn’t here (or in Europe, for that matter) are displaying a stunning naïveté. Islam - radical or not - is an expansionist political movement disguised as a religion, and any number of “Co-exist” bumper stickers aren’t going to change that. Beneath all the hyperbole surrounding C-51, it had one crucial element that was conveniently overlooked by the “progressive” movement: the ability of the Government to revoke the Canadian portion of someone’s dual citizenship when that person was convicted of a terrorism offence. To me, that was a good thing.

In the end, history will judge us. You can judge me in four years - when I repost this - to see how much of this actually came true.


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calendar   Sunday - October 18, 2015

A Standard Reminder

Just BMEWS giving you a little Early Warning reminder: in 2 weeks, on November 1, we set the clocks back an hour. Daylight Savings Time is ending, and we go back onto Standard Time.

Just to confuse everyone, in 1 week, on October 25, the UK sets their clocks back an hour, and ends British Summer Time. So I guess that means it finally stops raining and gets warm for a couple weeks? But, la di dah, they then go back not to Standard Time, but to Greenwich Mean Time, because they own the damn Meridian, so there. Long live the Empire and all that rot.

All around the world, this process goes on, starting with those damn fleabag Palestinians who actually lead the world in this one area, and make their time change at midnight on October 23, when Thursday becomes Friday. Huh, they probably have some kind of celebration, with the one functioning wristwatch in the whole damn cesspit being held up before the crowds and reset ceremoniously.  Then they go back to fighting amongst themselves and shooting rockets at Israel.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. It’s only true in the Northern Hemisphere. Brazil changed their clocks back last night.  The entire world’s schedule is located right here, except for the North Pole. What time is it at the North Pole? It’s time to go the heck home and get warm, that’s what time it is.

And Fiji, just to flip the rest of the world the bird for once, moves it’s clocks forward on November 1st.

But assuming you’re not in Fiji or at the North Pole, just remember Spring Forward, Fall Back, as lovely Autumn here demonstrates (clicky):


See More Below The Fold


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