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calendar   Thursday - June 25, 2015

Feel frustrated

Another night of summer league, another 2-5 loss for us. I don’t get it.

I’m bowling well, turning in a 590 series this week and something similar last week. Which means I’m averaging in the upper 190s, which isn’t bad. It’s way over the 160s number they gave me, mostly because of that night the lane oiler flooded the place.  So I’m developing, slowly. Except I keep leaving a pin. Bane of my existence. Oh, I pick it up, mostly. A one pin leave is a gimmee. At least it ought to be. All those people who are “I hate the 10 pin so much!!” are just hurting themselves. I know at least 3 methods of making that spare, but really, confidence is almost all it takes.

I have unusual ideas. If I were the Driver’s Ed teacher, my students wouldn’t get near a car for the first 3 weeks. Or even near pavement. No, they’d be out in the back lot, learning to ride little 80cc - 125cc 4 stroke dirt bikes. Which look almost like clown toys when ridden by adult sized people. They’re dirt bikes for 10 -12 year olds. Right. But we’d start in the dirt, learning balance and learning awareness. And shifting, and how to brake properly, and how to maintain your machine. And when the whole class can ride together around the track a couple times without falling over or running each other down, then we switch to little street bikes. And we take that all the way to getting our license. And then we do cars.

Teaching bowling would be similar. Here’s your ball. Stand here. Down there, there aren’t 10 pins. There are only 2. The 10, and the 7. Your job is to knock them both down, one pin per throw. And all we’re going to do is learn to throw the corner pins, until it becomes second nature from any spot.  Along the way we’ll learn a few kinds of release, and how to use targets, and how to put the ball where you want it. And maybe even how to get the thing revved up. But all we’d do is the 10 and the 7, until they become reflexive. Then we do all the other pins as singles. Then we do the 6 classic double leaves. Then, and only then, do we bring out all 10 pins together and work on getting strikes. But we start with the “impossible” and turn them “normal”, and suddenly the crybabies are all 190 average bowlers.

I teach pistol shooting the same way. Ears on, eyes on, stand like this, arm out, hand high on the frame, blah blah blah. And I don’t tell them to be afraid of the recoil or the noise. But I do put a full power .357 Magnum in their hands. And they shoot it, no big deal. Because it isn’t. At least not for the first 30 shots or so. But they accept the sound and the recoil as being part of what shooting guns is, and even the most skittish are over it all by round #6.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 23, 2015

The Strange Case of the Cosmo Killing Cats

I need to put up a fence to stop animals from landing in my garden.

It’s not that they can’t walk across the dirt. Some do that all the time. I don’t care.

And it’s not like some are using that soil as a giant litterbox. They’re not. Trust me, I would know.

It’s these three that live out here under the hedges. Cats who are mostly feral. “Scowler” and her two kids “Fred” and “Ginger”. Fred, because he’s a black and white, thus he’s in a tuxedo. And who wears a tuxedo with Ginger? Fred Astaire. So there ya go.

The problem comes from them really liking our patio. It’s a nice smooth sunny place, great for a nap or a feeding session. And a great place to mooch for a handout (don’t look at me, I’m not doing it).

Scowler is fairly used to us, and merely backs away when we use our own patio. Hiss hiss hiss, but she moves off only a couple feet. The kids are a different story. I saw a person! Panic!! I heard something! Panic!! And they go flying off the raised patio, leaping through the railing ... several feet down, SPLAT right onto my new lower garden, right on the nice Cosmos I planted. So now I have flat flowers. Gee, thanks kittehs. Thanks so much. All the other cats in the neighborhood just saunter by, doing the proper cat “I don’t care” thing.

So I think I’ll get a roll of 2’ chicken wire, and line the inside of the patio railing. Kittehs go flying in panic, hit the wire. No way through, so they have to go jump in a different direction. And if they take a leap overthe 3 foot tall railing, that’s a solid 6 feet down. Into the azalea. Which I don’t really care about. And my cosmos will be Ok.

I think I’ll also put in some punji stakes with some string to hold the flower stalks up.

Annoying little cowardly beasties. It’s not like they haven’t lived their entire lives only 10 feet from us. Grow a pair already.

Flailing kittens from the sky
Panicked cats who jump and cry
Feral moggies know the way
The daily three who run away

Dirt and leaves stuck in their fur
One’s a hims, and two’s are hers
One dozen cats in chicken’s band
But only three in garden’s land

Trained to live on handout’s hand
No catching mouses in the sand
Cats who breed all night and day
No courage shown in any way

Half a tube of caulk and a “Gee, you’re OLD” for identifying the tune I stole to base my lyrics on. Hint: parachutes not included.


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You Tube Is So Off

Finally got around to doing a proper repair on the air conditioner yesterday. Sure, I’d fixed it with a bit of rope, but that was still really just a keep it alive situation. I still had to run out there and check to see if the fan actually started up every time the A/C kicked on, and if it started up in the proper direction. And that’s rather amazing, because the motor wiring has a specific plug connector that can be set for either clockwise or counter clockwise operation. But not both. But the rules go out the window when the parts are worn out and half fried.

So I searched through the catalog pages at Grainger and matched up a quality replacement motor. Then I found a run capacitor that matched the oval form of the old one in the unit and met the specs the new motor required. Grainger has everything, so it was just a bit of patience looking things up. And to me it’s kind of humorous, because my Sunday work is in the next lot over from their massive warehouse down in South Plainfield NJ, which I go past every week.

So the box arrives, the tools are gathered, the weather cooperates, and the fun begins. And the differences between reality and a YouTube HowTo video become apparent. On YT, it takes a quarter turn of the set screw to loosen the propeller, and off it comes. In reality, that bronze flywheel base attached to the raw aluminum blades has been held in place with that coarse threaded mild steel set screw up against the soft iron motor shaft for a couple decades, out in the weather and bonked around every time anyone does a service call on the system. So we’re talking about corrosion, or at least some oxidation, a bit of galling, some peening on the end of the motor shaft ... what took 4 seconds on video took nearly 4 hours in real life.

Copious use of my favorite liquid chemical, TSI-301 penetrating oil, got the prop loose on the shaft, but the hub wouldn’t come off past the end. It was flared. Peened? Burred? Whatever, it were stuck. That required filing down the whole end of the shaft and polishing it, so I was glad I remembered that my dad’s old Leatherman tool has a file, and that the propane torch kit has some crocus cloth. And it only took a moderate rummage about in the garage to find them. After a bit of filing and polishing, the prop came right off.

My other favorite liquid chemical is Caig Lab’s DeOxit. A 2oz bottle will last you forever, and you’ll use the stuff all the time with a mascara style brush and a Q-tip. It’s the greatest electrical cleaner out there. Right, so of course I cleaned up the contacts on teh old spade terminals when I moved them onto the new capacitor. And a quick dab of silicon to protect them from the weather. Done. Clean up the copper wire ends the steel motor wires (!!) have to connect to, use a couple waterproof goo filled outdoor wire nuts. Bundle up the wires in the bottom of the A/C with a couple of those little Velcro ties, and screw the lid on.

It only took 4 tries to get the motor mount hole spacing correct, from the 3 different settings on the motor and 2 sets of holes on the motor plate. Funny how when the 4.42 spacing is too small, the smaller 4.32 spacing is just right. Whatever, and now I’m grand master at removing studs and reversing assembly through bolts on motor housings.  And we have proper mountage. I hung a short length of PVC to protect the wires from the end of the fan blade, then positioned it out of reach. I didn’t need my bit of rope this time.  Top on, all assembly screws in nice and tight. And we’re ready. Fingers crossed.

Put in the safety breaker and it’s time to test it. Click pshhvoooooooo, and it starts instantly. Instantly. Not even any drag time while the motor ramps up to speed. Just off or on, and on it went. And it was spinning in the proper direction, thank you. And it makes far less noise now, thank you. And the A/C can safely cycle off and on without me having to be out there with a great big screwdriver to play Dawn Patrol Propeller Flipper for those times the old motor just wasn’t really feeling the need to spin.

Right. So I got a couple of extra weeks out of the old bits, and now that Summer is here for real I’ve got the new bits in. I can’t say if the A/C is running on a full load of coolant, or whether the compressor pump or the evaporator end of things is fully up to snuff. But I can say it’s cool and dry in here this morning, and the A/C has cycled on and off safely any number of times. So It’s back patting time; we did it ourselves and saved at least $500. And it wasn’t even that difficult. OTOH, it did take about 4 hours, instead of the 4 minutes on the video. But to be fair, we took breaks for lunch, for a nap, to get some beer. And we weren’t working for a living. We were just farting around, learning as we went.

image  image


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On the way out of the house, must be somewhere soon when my eye caught the unread front page of the paper. The headline did what it was intended to do, and so here I quickly am. Quite often lately I have had to ignore much as you will know by my few posts.
But this grabbed me in all its insanity.

Oh ... totally off topic for a second. Just to let you know. Piers Morgan is very, very angry at us (Americans) and he is sick of our gun culture and is sick he says of Wal-Mart selling guns, and sick of our politicians and all their platitudes after crimes like the recent church killings.
Just to update you on this American wanna be anti-gun icon. Who btw has a pricey home in Calif. and splits time between here and the USA.

Wish that idiot driver pictured above, could have run into Morgan instead of that innocent young girl.

‘After losing Liberty nothing could be as bad. But, saying that, if you’re found guilty of harassment without violence it is a five-year sentence. The killer of my daughter only got four years.

Guilty of grieving: Nightmare ordeal of heartbroken father who faced jail - for the ‘crime’ of ‘staring’ at the family of drug driver who killed his teenage daughter

· Paul Baker’s daughter Liberty was killed when hit by a drug driver last year

· Robert Blackwell tested positive for cannabis after hitting the 14-year-old

· But Mr Baker has now been accused of harassing his daughter’s killer

· Police began investigating following complaints from Blackwell’s family

· One of the claims was that Mr Baker had given the family ‘hard stares’

· He was due before magistrates yesterday to answer a harassment charge

· It was dropped at the last minute, but left him feeling like the ‘perpetrator’

By Rosie Taylor for the Daily Mail

A grieving father last night said he had lost faith in the justice system after being accused of harassing his girl’s killer.


Police launched an investigation into Paul Baker, 47, following complaints from the family of death driver Robert Blackwell.

The 19-year-old tested positive for cannabis after mowing down Mr Baker’s daughter Liberty, 14.

He had also been speeding and lost control while texting at the wheel.

Liberty’s mother Maureen, 45, was so devastated by her death that she contemplated suicide at the spot where her daughter died.

But yesterday it emerged that police had conducted a lengthy probe into the complaints that her husband had given Blackwell and his family ‘hard stares’.

He was handed a summons in April – just six days after he and his sobbing wife attended court to see Blackwell jailed for four years.

Mr Baker was due before magistrates yesterday to answer the harassment charge, only for it to be dropped at the last minute.
The engineer said the threat of a jail sentence had made him feel like ‘a perpetrator instead of the victim’.



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calendar   Saturday - June 20, 2015

cookin with butter

6 minutes of cool

This is what happens when the coffee (ahem) kicks in


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calendar   Friday - June 19, 2015

an american lady of some derring do.  rip, elizabeth mcintosh agent of the oss 1943

The lady had quite a background.

Brits did her justice in their obit of this American and her derring do.

H/T iNews


Born March 1, 1915
Died June 8, 2015

Elizabeth McIntosh,: Journalist who became an agent for the Office of Strategic Services whose efforts were crucial in the war in the East

Elizabeth McIntosh, who has died at the age of 100, conjured lies in the line of duty for the US Office of Strategic Services and as an author wrote about the women who used their brains, and sometimes their bodies, to help the spy agency in the Second World War.

The daughter of a sportswriter, McIntosh grew up in Hawaii and followed her father into journalism. She reported on women’s issues for the Scripps Howard news service but grew restless after having witnessed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. A family acquaintance with connections to the OSS, which later became the CIA, asked her, she recalled, “‘Wouldn’t you like to get into something interesting like...’ You know, he didn’t say ‘spying’, but he just said, ‘more interesting maybe than the work you’re doing.’”

She joined in 1943 and completed field-agent training in interrogation techniques, clandestine meetings and use of firearms. But cloak-and-dagger espionage or Mata Hari-style intrigue would not be her legacy. Instead, her fluency in Japanese and background as a reporter made her ideal for “morale operations”, also known as “black” propaganda.

Stationed in New Delhi and later Kunming, China, where she befriended the future chef Julia Child, she participated in efforts to forge fake letters, documents, pamphlets and newspaper stories with realistic-seeming tales of suffering on the Japanese mainland. Such accounts – of starving youths and young women so traumatised by bombing that they were unable to bear children – reached Japanese troops by radio, airdrop, mail and other forms of subterfuge.

Japanese soldiers were known to be honour-bound to fight to the death, and McIntosh played a role in falsifying instructions designed to induce them to surrender more quickly in Burma towards the end of that campaign. The forgery vastly reduced Allied casualties.

On another occasion, McIntosh delivered an explosive masquerading as a lump of coal – the device was dubbed “black Joe” – to a Chinese operative of the OSS. The agent took the dynamite aboard a train ferrying Japanese soldiers and waited for the opportune moment to toss it into the engine before jumping to safety. The train blew up as it crossed a bridge.

Recounting the story in 2011, she confessed to some initial guilt over the many deaths. But she quickly reconsidered, saying about the TNT, “I was just the one who handed it to the guy who did the job.”

One of her final operations involved funnelling misinformation to a Chinese fortune-teller whose radio show was a favourite of Japanese soldiers. She and a colleague drummed up various scenarios: an earthquake in Japan? Too commonplace. Maybe an earthquake and a tidal wave? They settled on something vague but catastrophic – “something we can’t even mention because it is so dreadful and it is going to eradicate one whole area of Japan.” That same day, the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, prompting a colleague to ask how she knew about the top-secret programme.

After the war and in need of a job, McIntosh had a brief, miserable stint covering fashion for Glamour magazine before moving on to writing jobs for the Voice of America and the US State Department. From 1958-73 she worked for the CIA on classified operations that often used her burgeoning literary career as a cover.

Under her then-married name of Elizabeth MacDonald she had written a well-received memoir, Undercover Girl (1947), which featured an introduction by OSS founder William “Wild Bill” Donovan. In the foreword, he called her “a very effective agent."As Elizabeth Heppner, a later married name, she wrote two children’s books in the late 1950s.

Her best-known book remains Sisterhood of Spies: The Women of the OSS (1998), which sketched the careers of many of the roughly 4,000 women who served the agency. Some were code clerks, analysts or secretaries in Washington. Others volunteered for riskier assignments. Virginia Hall, a well-born, multilingual Marylander who became known to the Nazis as the Limping Lady because of her artificial leg, helped Resistance fighter.

McIntosh lectured on the role of OSS women and became involved in a group called the OSS Society. “Betty McIntosh,” said Charles Pinck, president of the Society, “represented the important and unheralded role that women have played in the US intelligence community since its inception.”

Elizabeth Peet was born in Washington, where her father was sports editor for the Washington Herald. After high school in Hawaii, she graduated in 1935 from the University of Washington.

Her first marriage, to Alexander MacDonald, a journalist who served in the OSS in Thailand and later started the English-language Bangkok Post newspaper, ended in divorce. After the war she married Richard Heppner, who became deputy assistant secretary of defence for international security; he died in 1958. Her third husband, Frederick McIntosh, a former Air Force lieutenant colonel, died in 2004 after 42 years of marriage.

As a young reporter, McIntosh covered the Pearl Harbour raid and its aftermath, but she said her editors at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin would not run her story because it was too graphic in its description of blood-soaked children and other victims.

At her office, she wrote, “there were frantic calls from all sorts of women – housewives, stenographers, debutantes – wanting to know what they could do during the day, when husbands and brothers were away and there was nothing left but to listen to the radio and imagine that all hell had broken out on another part of the island.

“It was then that I realised how important women can be in a war-torn world.”


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not to worry, it’ll get worse and forget about it getting better

Been a crowded week.

It isn’t so much here we go again as ..... here we still are .... with regard to migrants and gypsies and other euro trash but made worse by the flood of migrants from the turd world.  And they are getting more aggressive in France trying hijack trucks and cross into the UK. There are credible reports of the stabbing and beating up of truck drivers as the migrant scum try to avoid detention and get into the rest of Europe and the UK.

Meanwhile ... we are told there will be a referendum on, in or out of the EU in another year, and I have been interested by what I’ve been reading and hearing.  There are ways to put that to a vote I hear, where the stay in the EU crowd will want to word things so yes mean to stay in, not get out.

This island I believe is in for rougher time I fear.  The govt. has refused the EU demand that Britain take in ever more poor and tired and hungry, which includes those with cell phones.

France at the moment has closed off a border to them and Calais has become a war zone. And ....
I heard an interview on the radio this week, with one of the boat ppl pulled out of the water bur not allowed to travel freely. Yet.
His English tho accented was pretty good, and most interesting given that he kept referring to his, human rights. 

This photo is just a part of a London scene, in a park just yards away from Scotland Yard.
No surprise, they are from Romania including a family of 12.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of this country has caught a dressing down from the president of the European Parliament
over comments and speeches by anti EU citizens and lawmakers here.

Depending on who you listen to or read ....


Then on the other hand .....


PM’s reforms driven by lies and hate, blasts EU chief: President insists it’s ‘not possible’ for Britain to change its relationship

· Martin Schulz says there is ‘no chance’ of changing central idea of the EU

· European Parliament President to meet Cameron in Downing Street today

· Ireland has started making contingency plans for it UK leaves the EU

By Daniel Martin, Chief Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail and Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline

David Cameron’s mission to get powers back from ‎Europe is driven by ‘hatred’ and ‘lies’, the president of the European Parliament said last night.
Hours after meeting the Prime Minister, Martin Schulz said British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.

Let’s play that back one more time, shall we.

“British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.”

Ah ,,, revisit the first photo above. Or are they homeless Brits?  Hmmm ... don’t think so.  Whoever they are, lets not scapegoat them.
I think that says volumes about the EU and where they want Europe and the UK to be.  None of it sounds good.

The prime minister‎ has made restricting EU migrants’ access to British welfare payments a key part of that effort.

But his plan received a significant setback last night when Mr Schulz said: ‘There are attempts by people in Europe and also in this country to create new barriers between countries.

‘Stirring a feeling of panic over so-called benefit tourists from Romania and Bulgaria wanting to plunder the social systems of the host countries.’
The German socialist added: ‘Outright lies are told.

‘What makes me sad and angry in all this debate is the undertone of national resentment. Hatred is spread. People are used as scapegoats.’

‎He poured cold water on Mr Cameron’s plans for renegotiation, saying changes in the relationship between Britain and the EU were not ‘possible’.

Mr Schulz said Britain ‘belongs’ to the EU and said there was no prospect of treaty change to rule out ‘ever closer union’ because of near-unanimous opposition in European capitals.


Homeless ‘Romanians’ set up camp complete with double beds and comfy sofas - just metres from Scotland Yard

But lets not scapegoat anyone


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like, whatever



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still mr. busy

No, I’m not ignoring this blog on purpose. But I have an awful lot of other things to do, still. And she’s had quite a bit of time off of work, and when that happens somehow I wind up not spending hours at a time in front of the computer. Go figure.

So, what passes for news today? Let’s see ...


Stare lontano - la cagna pazza ha un coltello!

I think I have a few more flowers I can stick in the mud and see if they’ll survive. Looks like our month long dry spell is over, and over but good.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 16, 2015

Music To Build Glorious Film Around

See More Below The Fold


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The Morning After

Yeah, but OMG, what a night before!



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Try looking under the couch cushions

Obamacare misplaced $2.8 BILLION in subsidies

Crivens, that’s $900 for every person in the country. Poof. Lost. Who’s running this show, Jon Corzine??

Hey, it’s our job to hand the money out, not to keep track of who we’re giving it to!

The federal government cannot verify nearly $3 billion in subsidies distributed through Obamacare, putting significant taxpayer funding “at risk,” according to a new audit report.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) released an audit Tuesday finding that the agency did not have an internal system to ensure that subsidies went to the right enrollees, or in the correct amounts.

“[The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] CMS’s internal controls did not effectively ensure the accuracy of nearly $2.8 billion in aggregate financial assistance payments made to insurance companies under the Affordable Care Act during the first four months that these payments were made,” the OIG said.

“CMS’s system of internal controls could not ensure that CMS made correct financial assistance payments,” they said.

Oh fer goodness’ sake. Purposefully inept much?

The OIG reviewed subsidies paid to insurance companies between January and April 2014. The audit found that CMS did not have a process to “prevent or detect any possible substantial errors” in subsidy payments.

The OIG said the agency did not have a system to “ensure that financial assistance payments were made on behalf of confirmed enrollees and in the correct amounts.”

In addition, CMS relied too heavily on data from health insurance companies and had no system for state-based exchanges to “submit enrollee eligibility data for financial assistance payments.”

The government does “not plan to perform a timely reconciliation” of the $2.8 billion in subsidies.

Which means it’s lost, and it’s going to stay lost. Forever.

Somebody better check the books at the Clinton Foundation again.

Isn’t this just too amazing? On the very cusp of the Supreme Court about to render their decision which could decide that every one of these subsidies was illegal/improper in the first place, and suddenly the government can’t find where any of the money went. Does this stink much to you?


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what am i to say?

I haven’t mentioned the Rachel Dolezal story yet. The one where the white girl convinced herself and everyone else that she was black that she wound up running the Spokane chapter of the NAACP?  I’m not sure that there’s any point. Look how high a white woman can climb if she just puts in the effort.

Miss Dolezal also complained to the police of being the victim of hate crimes by white racists, who she said had even left a noose in her garage.

All this posturing appeared to do the trick, helping to establish Miss Dolezal as a leading light of the black rights movement in America’s Pacific Northwest. She is the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Spokane, Washington state’s second- biggest city. She also runs the city’s police oversight committee and is an African Studies professor at the local university, where she gives impassioned classes on The Black Woman’s Struggle.

My God, she was super black. A combination Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, Condoleeza Rice, and Honey Bee* all rolled into one. She didn’t just have a stellar CV, she had a stellar CV for 5 or 6 black women. And it seemed like she had 4, maybe 5 paying jobs at the same time. All of that, plus she was the victim of hate crimes. Girlfrien, takes you a seat on da bus. ‘Cept, maybe it’s all bullshizz ??

A bit lost in that shuffle is the little nagging fact that the NAACP was actually founded by white people. So I’d guess they’re still allowed to be members? Wat. Evar.

Miss Dolezal is bound to fuel the growing furore when she addresses the media tonight at a meeting of her NAACP group. Deeply embarrassed to have been hoodwinked so easily, the national organisation has nevertheless supported her, praising her record and insisting that one’s racial identity is irrelevant in leading the group.

However, most people don’t believe for a second that she would have risen so far in the civil rights industry if she had been recognised as a white middle-class woman from a conservative family.

Unlike in many areas of life in America, being black is an obvious advantage in the civil rights industry where — to quote one commentator — it is seen as more ‘authentic’.

What’s peculiar about Rachel Dolezal, however, is that she is still insisting, even after her public exposure, that she really is black.

Whether this is a case of serious delusion or a brazen attempt to bluff it out is hard to tell.

At this point in time she’s had to step down. Because she’s a crazy person I think. Still, she ran the local chapter for some time, plus did all that other stuff. Glass ceiling, my ass.


No, the bestest ever part of this whole silly situation are the totally godless far leftists who are such self centered narcissists that they think they can pick their own race. Why not? It’s only a small step further than picking your own gender. And gosh golly, isn’t that not just feasible these days, but the socially required step to take!!

If a blond man with Scandinavian roots visits Japan and feels a gripping sense of belonging, such that he is certain he is among his own people, why can’t that man return to America, dye his hair, have facial surgery and be accepted as an Asian-American?

Why does factual history have to dictate current reality if a human being feels very deeply that that factual history is not in tune with his or her inner sense of self?

And to think it’s this same group that loves to call themselves the Reality Based Community. What farce! What farts! What rectally bubbling nonsense! Because you know what they’re really doing?

Hello God? Hi, it’s Timmy here. About that whole race, gender, and alignment thing? You know, the white male who digs midwestern blonde girls thing? Yeah. You were wrong. Yes, God, you made a mistake. I’m actually a black woman attracted to Bolivian chicle farmers. And PS, you don’t exist.

How’s that for audacity? Seriously. They’re denying the obvious and demanding we accept their let’s pretend playtime world view as reality. Until they sense some advantage in being some other flavor. It’s like buying a vanilla cone, but getting every flavor Baskin Robins ever made, whenever you want.

ITEOTWAWKI.  Come on. When even Fox Snooze is running editorials like

Why Rachael Dolezal’s assertion that she is black could pave way for folks choosing a ‘racial identity’

Scuuuuze me, but you don’t get to choose. Period. Ever. At all.

Gosh, don’t like living in a world where there is such an obvious benefit to looking a certain way? Fix it. Try unlearning a few of those “truths” that put one group so far up on all the rest. And one group so far down, even though it appears that that group designed built and maintained the vast majority of every aspect of civilization and daily life.

But what if you can think differently? The system is too big to change, but you can change yourself. Constantly if need be. Welcome to the Elizabeth Warren Paradox. Now let’s all get out there and game the system, being whatever race, gender, alignment, or religion that’s to our immediate advantage. By the hour if necessary.  Ivy League college need more Polynesians? That’s me Dean, sign me up! Mahkhi-hani aloopoo; that means thank you in my personal Polynesian dialect. Now, where’s my EBT and my gommint cheeze? A poor brutha can’t get ahead, white folks keeping da niggas down, sending all da gibbs to dem damn poly-knees-ian mutha fuggahs.

It’s stunning. The far left is going to try to force everyone to accept their infantile fantasy as a dynamic reality. Get bent.

How far can this go?

Hey, I wonder if they dream they can fly? Or walk for miles under water? Or break falling buildings with a single punch? Hmm, there could be a cure out there.  And I’m wondering if the disease is bigger, more widespread than we think it is. Over the past 3 years, maybe 4, there has been an annual assault of disposable summer blockbuster films where the teenage/early twenties cast has all sorts of super powers, either as X-mutants, vampires, werewolves, or zombies, or by comic book like characters, their powers granted by magical flying armor clothing, shields or hammers, masks, or accidental science. They can jump back and forth in time, they can move or break things with their god-like strength ... the list goes on and on. We get a few of them every year, but I’m pretty sure there’s been more and more of them lately.

So I guess teh next step is to go to super creatures? Why should we be bound by simplistic humanity? Here, this card says I can shoot lasers out my ears and I can smash bridges and highways simply by kicking them with my shoes. So you’d better give me what I want, right now. And how dare you ask me to demonstrate these super powers! Are you questioning my patriotism?


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calendar   Monday - June 15, 2015


very tired today. need more rest.

Hey, was that the greatest Game of Thrones episode last night or what? Killing of the main characters left and right. And Leona Heady, who plays mad Queen Cersei, must have been working out for the past three years getting ready for her final scene.  She was firm!  Now, finally, we’ve got a TV show to watch, as GoT has reached the end of the 5 published novels it’s based on. Only 11 months to wait until next year’s 10 annual episodes. 10. Gak, that’s so awful.

Maybe I can plant some marigold seeds or something. We gleaned thousands of them from a big bag of deadheaded blooms.  Spread ‘em around, cover them with a little dirt, press. Done. It’s just that I want to use “too wet out” as an excuse for schlumping off today instead.


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