Death once had a near-Sarah Palin experience.

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oh noes not again!

And I lose control of the PC again!

L8ter. Maybe baby.


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monday eye candy

This woman gets better with age. A Goddess and not even a red head.

Which proves it takes all kinds to make Goddesshood.



Ha! Go ahead Drew. Try and beat this one but no cheating using a red head.


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call the police. there’s kids playing with play swords, one looks like a ruler. huh?

Didn’t I mention just the other day, as I was posting something pretty stupid, that we would not have to wait more than a day or 2 before something else even dumber would crop up?
And sure enuff.

Hells bells is there a guy here who as a little kid didn’t have a make believe sword and pretend to be a swashbuckler? 
In fact, I remember a toy set from one Christmas, mom got me a holster and gun, no moving parts and made from some material sort of like...? I wanna say plywood but that would be wrong. This was like sawdust and chips glued together. The name is somewhere in front of me and I can’t seem to grab it. So anyway, there was also a small sword in the set for times when I tired of being Tom Mix or The Lone Ranger.
I suppose looking back, nobody thought we might in accident poke out an eye or get hurt. And I don’t recall any of us actually hurting each other.
I don’t recall sword play at school during recess, but if it did, and if we were not supposed be, I’d bet ya anything nobody would even dream of calling the police.

But that was then, and I doubt anyone in the US school system would do so even today.
This is now and this is the UK where ..... one would be surprised if the fuzz weren’t called.

Police called after boy, 9, uses a RULER as pretend sword in playground game of ‘knights and dragons’

Kyron Bradley waved ruler while at St George’s Bickley in Bromley, London

His mother Natasha, 27, from Orpington, met with headteacher about issue

But police visited two days later to talk with Year 4 pupil about ‘behaviour’

School spokesman said police routinely visit to assist with ‘pupils involved in or at risk of offending’

By Richard Marsden for the Daily Mail

Police were called to a primary school after a nine-year-old boy was caught using a ruler as a pretend sword in a playground game of ‘knights and dragons’.

Teachers have been accused of overreacting after asking officers to speak to Kyron Bradley, who waved the ruler around as he played with two friends at St George’s Bickley CE Primary School, in Bromley, south London.

The youngster’s mother Natasha Bradley said she burst into tears after hearing police were being called over a ‘stupid game’.

Miss Bradley, a 27-year-old carer and mother-of-two, said she had attended a meeting with headteacher Geraldine Shackleton following the incident on April 27, and had assumed it had been ‘dealt with’.

However, she was then told that police officers were coming to the school to speak to her son, a pupil in Year 4, about his behaviour, on April 29.

Miss Bradley, from Orpington, said Kyron had only been doing ‘what boys do’ - playing at ‘swordfighting’ with a pal in the playground.

She said: ‘I explained to my son that it was a stupid game to play as he could have fallen with the ruler. He cried, but he understood.

‘I had already dealt with Kyron myself. Why the police were involved I haven’t a clue.

‘I was so disgusted with the way he was being dealt with I burst out crying.’

Miss Bradley told the News Shopper, a local newspaper in South London: ‘I am quite a strict parent. I am not saying my child is an angel, but he has never been in trouble for anything more than being a bit chatty.’

Another parent at the school, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘These boys were just playing knights and dragons in the playground.


Mom not too bright if she thinks her kid would have been in danger falling on a ruler. Anyway, I’m curious about any other kids being admonished this way, but there isn’t any followup so have no idea.


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calendar   Sunday - May 17, 2015

white folks burden, until no more white folks left

Well duh. Now isn’t this a surprise. Whodda thunk it?

1800 “feared”? dead.  I don’t fear that.  I’m sorry it isn’t all of them. 
What I fear is what they will do to the countries they will infest. 

The future looks bleak and frankly I do not see the white man becoming the black man’s burden.

btw .... I’ve looked really close but fail to see any humans in this photo. Therefore, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Just sink them. Problem solved.

Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe’

· 5 hours ago
· From BBC


Islamic State (IS) fighters are being smuggled into Europe by gangs in the Mediterranean, an adviser to the Libyan government has told the BBC.

Abdul Basit Haroun said smugglers were hiding IS militants on boats filled with migrants.

Officials in Italy and Egypt have previously warned that IS militants could reach Europe by migrant boat.

However, experts have cautioned that it is very difficult to verify or assess such claims.

Mr Haroun based his claim on conversations with smugglers in parts of North Africa controlled by the militants.

He alleged that IS was allowing the boat owners to continue their operations in exchange for half of their income.

About 60,000 people are estimated to have tried to cross the Mediterranean this year, fleeing conflict and poverty. Since the 2011 uprising, Libya has been without a stable government, and the chaos has allowed trafficking networks there to thrive.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 live Investigates, Mr Haroun said IS used the boats “for their people who they want to send to Europe, as the European police don’t know who is from IS and who is a normal refugee or not”.

These militants often sat separately from the other migrants, he said.

Earlier this year, the EU’s border control agency, Frontex, warned that it was “possible” that foreign fighters were using irregular migration routes to get into Europe.

Egypt’s ambassador to the UK has warned of “boats full of terrorists” if the international community does not act, while the Italian government has expressed fears of militants infiltrating the boats, while emphasising that the boats are a humanitarian crisis.

However, experts have cautioned that both countries have an interest in influencing the international response to the Libya crisis, and that it is difficult to verify the threat without evidence.

Migrants in numbers
· More than 1,800 people are feared to have died crossing the Mediterranean in 2015 so far - a 20-fold increase on the same period in 2014
· At least 218,000 reached Europe by the Mediterranean Sea in 2014, and about 60,000 have this year so far
· Italy received more than 170,000 of the 2014 arrivals, large numbers of which were from Syria and Eritrea
Source: The UN refugee agency; International Organization for Migration


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in my other inbox

More On Baltimore

Big long graphic below the fold here.

See More Below The Fold


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sort of back

I am back home in Clinton, but I’ve got my usual weekend jobs to do.

We made great progress on the garden yesterday, building out nearly half of the lower extension and ripping out a couple of scraggly bushes we didn’t like. Edging stones halfway in, area weeded but not yet dug, sieved, or mixed.

And she’s got to take some online class this weekend for her job. Good material, but not exactly a modern portal. Won’t accept anything Mac-ish. Won’t work on Firefox. Runs only on IE. Which is why you should always keep a copy of that bugbear around, just in case. 

Right, so on to breakfast. And then the other third of the great eyeball lecture series.

Maybe Monday I can have my computer back?


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calendar   Saturday - May 16, 2015

Russian Ingenuity

I like Russians, they combine practical sensibility with shear lunacy.


Hat Tip:  Elena E.


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as hard to be rid of as cockroaches. oh ,,,, wait.  yup, roaches and other insects

One of so many cases just like this.  It never ends. And the civil right groups and their mouthpieces add to the state of affairs.
It can only grow ..... the public will become angrier but be helpless to do anything, because to even use the ‘N’ word, much less rightly lynch scum like this, also open them up to charges of hate crimes and hate speech.
May as well toss hate thoughts into the mix as well.  That’ll be next.

Somali rapist who should have been deported after being jailed for brutal gang rape in 2007 was allowed to stay in UK and became a drug dealer while claiming benefits

Abdulmajid Al-Amodi jailed for eight years in 2007 for raping 17-year-old

He was told by judge at the time he would be deported after he left jail

But he was freed after four years only to live on benefits and deal drugs

Home Office has refused to say why he wasn’t deported after sentence

By Amanda Williams for MailOnline

A Somali sex attacker who should have been deported after serving his sentence for a brutal gang rape was instead set free to become a drug dealer.

In 2007 Abdulmajid Al-Amodi, 26, was jailed for eight years after he was convicted of a gang rape of a 17-year-old student.

At the time, the court heard he was filmed, laughing making jokes about ‘roasting pork’ in a 50 second clip.

He was told by a judge he had behaved like an animal and his student immigration status in Britain should be revoked and that he would be deported.

Instead he was released after four years in prison and moved back to Hull – where he originally raped the teenager - where he became a crack cocaine dealer while claiming £140 benefits every two weeks.

However, Al-Amodi, from Hull, was back behind bars today after being found guilty of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

He was told by a judge he should be deported again.

His family say they will fight the second deportation. The Home Office say they ‘are committed to deporting this individual’ – but only at the end of his sentence.

In the latest hearing a jury of five women and seven men took less than an hour to find Al-Amodi guilty of dealing drugs after a three-day trial at Hull Crown Court.

Sentencing Al-Amodi to two and a half years in prison Judge Mark Bury said the sentence meant he would be considered for deportation again: ‘You have been convicted on overwhelming evidence of street dealing.

‘Maybe you were drug running for someone. Your previous conviction is only relevant in as much as you fought a trial and the jury did not believe you then, as they do not now.

‘I make no assumptions about your national status. As far as I am aware you are Somalian national who was recommended for deportation in 2007.

‘Whether or not you were given British Citizenship after that I do not know. If you have citizenship then the under the provisions of the new UK Border Act you will now be considered for deportation.’

Crown barrister David Hall said he did not believe Al-Amodi was ever given British citizenship. He said he could not account for how he had slipped through the net and not sent back to Somalia.

The jury in the latest trial heard Al-Amodi was watched by two undercover police officer making three street deals in Waterloo Street, Hull before they moved in to arrest him on August 14 2014.

Outside court Almodi’s elder brother was anxious to find out where he would be sent to prison. He said his brother had not been granted full citizenship because he had not passed the written test. He said he had not been deported.

‘We left Somalia because of the violence there.

‘He cannot go back.

‘He has a girlfriend and a young daughter here. He will fight deportation.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘Foreign nationals who commit crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them – we have removed more than 23,000 since 2010.

‘The Home office remains committed to deporting this individual from the UK.’

He said ‘Non-EU nationals who are jailed for 12-months or more are routinely considered for deportation at the end of their sentence.

Almodi’s older brother Mahasmoud Abi Al-Almudi, 27, was recommended for deportation in 2006 by the same judge after being convicted of attempted rape. He too remains in the UK.

So then ...... the brother as well?  Hmmmm

Is the disgusting stereotypical behavior a result of a genetic predisposition to behaving like savages?
Dr. Jeff


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same story with added material and … what’s in a name? if ur queer, a lot.

I hope I’ll be forgiven the post on this subject for the second time in only a few days.
Aside from the fact that it is telling with regard to the culture, this is Richard Littlejohn’s column on the subject, which I didn’t have when I originally told the story.
It well worth your time reading his comments, especially as he’s a pro and put things far better than I am able to. As well, he touches on subject matter I missed.

So .... Heeeeeeeers Richard.

Fire up the Quattro...there’s been a ‘hate crime’: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN wants to know why a headteacher who used the term ‘special needs’ was investigated by police

By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail

As Benedict Cumberbatch discovered recently, keeping up with the acceptable language of diversity and inclusion is fraught with danger.

The Sherlock star fell foul of the speech police after describing black actors as ‘coloured’, rather than the latest de rigueur term ‘persons of colour’.

Even though he intended no offence — quite the opposite, in fact — he was forced to abase himself before the diversity nazis and the deranged social media lynch-mob.

Still, it could have been worse. Cumberbatch was lucky he didn’t end up in court charged with ‘hate crime’.

Use an expression which somebody finds ‘inappropriate’ and chances are the Old Bill will be kicking your front door down at six o’clock in the morning.

Headteacher Janet Felkin has just had to endure a six-month ‘disability hate crime’ investigation at the hands of the local council, the Department for Education and the ever-vigilant Sussex Police.

Her ‘offence’ was to describe an autistic pupil as having ‘special needs’. What’s wrong with that? It’s widely used official shorthand for children with special educational needs.

The Department for Education has legions of officials working on behalf of those with special needs. Sussex Police itself last month gave a £500 donation to a charity which ‘provides support for those with special needs’.

But why let the facts get in the way of a good witch-hunt? Under Labour’s lazily drafted, politically motivated 2003 Criminal Justice Act, the definition of a ‘hate crime’ is: ‘Any incident . . . which is perceived by the victim or any other person (my italics) as being motivated by prejudice or hate.’

In this case, the complaint was made by the father of the child in question, who also happens to be a parent-governor at Miss Felkin’s school, Blatchington Mill Secondary, in Hove.

Colleagues say this particular individual — whom we can’t name without identifying his blameless child — appears to have a vendetta against Miss Felkin, and has filed a string of vexatious complaints against her over the past four years.

He reported her ‘special needs’ comments to Brighton and Hove City Council’s Partnership Community Safety Team. (Don’t you just love the Orwellian titles these jumped-up council commissars give themselves?)

But instead of telling him to get stuffed, the council began a full-scale investigation, which eventually involved the DfE and the Old Bill, who are determined to stamp out ‘hate’, even where it doesn’t exist.

A Sussex Police spokesman confirmed that Miss Felkin had been interviewed, but was anxious to stress: ‘This investigation was not into a specific person, but into a report that the term ‘special needs’ had been used at a governors’ meeting.’


What business is it of the police to investigate whether or not the expression ‘special needs’ had been used at a school governors’ meeting? And why, on the police’s own admission, did it take ‘a period of weeks’ to establish that no crime had been committed?

(They were probably deciding whether they could charge Miss Felkin with committing ‘misconduct in public office’.)

A half-wit with the attention span of a dragonfly could have worked out in ten seconds flat that there was no crime here.

Yet Miss Felkin, an ‘outstanding’ teacher with 40 years’ experience, was left in purgatory for six full months while lawyers acting for the council, the school’s governing body, the DfE, the National College of Teaching and Sussex Constabulary considered whether she was guilty of ‘disability hate crime’.

I’m still at a loss as to what was wrong with using ‘special needs’ to describe an autistic child. Then again, you can’t say ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ any more, either.

Yet these were introduced from the best of intentions to replace far more pejorative terms. Not so long ago, children with special needs were described as having ‘learning difficulties’.

That was abandoned when ‘LD’ became a catch-all term of abuse in the playground, just as ‘spastic’ had been in previous generations. Maybe ‘special needs’ is the new, cruel playground taunt. I’m not even sure you can say ‘autistic’ any more. The acceptable expression is now ‘on the autism spectrum’.

At least, it was last week. This week, who knows?

A vast bureaucracy now exists to police the language, to appease those who declare themselves offended and to punish transgressors who fall foul of the latest zealously enforced orthodoxy.

So it doesn’t matter whether a crime has actually been committed — just so long as someone claims to be offended, the police will fire up the Quattro.

Sometimes this has hilarious consequences, although not for those who find themselves on the receiving end. A few years ago, Northamptonshire Police investigated Basil Brush for ‘hate crime’ after a travellers’ activist complained about an episode which incited ‘racism’ against gipsies.

Regular readers may also remember the arrest of a beach bar singer on the Isle of Wight for the heinous offense of performing Kung Fu Fighting, the 1974 novelty hit by Karl Douglas. Police said they were acting on a complaint from a man of Chinese origin who had taken offense at the lyrics.

So far, so funny.

OK so at this point you’re wondering who the heck is Basil Brush. I had to look it up cos I’d never heard of him.
Well ... here’s what Littlejohn was referring to.

Basil Brush show racism row ends


Officers investigating an episode of TV programme The Basil Brush Show after a complaint of racism have said they will take no further action.

A member of the public reported a scene which showed a Gypsy woman trying to sell Basil Brush heather and pegs.

Northamptonshire Police received a complaint about the repeat episode of the children’s programme broadcast on digital channel CBBC.

Police said the complaint had been concluded without any arrests.

On Sunday, a Northamptonshire police spokesman, said: “The complaint was logged as an incident of a racist nature and our hate crimes unit is investigating.”

Basil Brush, who appears on morning TV show Saturday Swap Shop on BBC2 first appeared in the 1960s and is well known for his catchphrase, “Boom Boom”.

The programme has also been released on DVD.

Back to Littlejohn, different subject same pc lunacy

A vast bureaucracy now exists to police the language, to appease those who declare themselves offended and to punish transgressors who fall foul of the latest zealously enforced orthodoxy

One of the first acts of Tom Tugendhat, recently elected Tory MP for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling, has been to complain about a ‘homophobic’ street name in Sevenoaks, Kent.

He has taken up the cudgels on behalf of a homosexual couple, Philip Tucker and his husband Ian, who are outraged at a cul-de-sac on a new housing estate being called Bangays Way. They claim the name is ‘pretty offensive’ and want it changed.

The road is named in memory of Frank Bangay, a well-known parish councillor who died in 1999.


Mr Tugendhat says his constituents wouldn’t mind if the road was called Frank Bangay Way. It’s the ‘s’ they object to. Philip Tucker said: ‘Many roads are named after local families but only one has got an ‘s’ on the end.’

However, the council points out that the name honours the contribution the entire Bangay family have made to the community over the years. The family name dates back to the 16th century.

Meanwhile, in late-breaking news, LGBT activists last night launched a campaign to change the name of Offa’s Dyke...

Offa’s Dyke is a large linear earthwork that roughly follows the current border between England and Wales. The structure is named after Offa, the 8th century king of Mercia, who is traditionally believed to have ordered its construction. Wikipedia

Queers will not be happy till all the rest of us are all as queer and politically correct as they are. That way, there will no longer be anything to offend them. But .... what then? With nothing to offend or change that might offend them, they might die of boredom.


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calendar   Friday - May 15, 2015

boat people and parliament gayest in the world. what the papers say.

Under a headline today that reads,

we find the following.

A staggering 30,000 migrants were arrested by police last year after being found in lorry trailers and cars whilst attempting to sneak into Britain.

Between 50 and 150 migrants are said to be arriving in Calais daily. This week, a number of migrants were filmed trying to board lorries in broad daylight. Previously they only used to try to stow themselves away in the night.

Peter Cullum, head of international affairs at the Road Haulage Association, said its members had reported a worsening situation in Calais.

‘The police are trying their best but they are overstretched,’ he said.

Another headline in another paper tells us that in another area of the world,


Talk, talk, zzzzzzzzzzz

The solution is sooooooo easy and sooooooo final. 
If Europe and the UK want to save themselves, all they have to do is start using those wonderful weapons so many billions of pounds and dollars have been spent on, use them to full effect, and keep on using them until there isn’t anyone left to use them on.
Easy.  Oh yeah, turn those nice things on the complaining left first cos you know they’ll be obstructive. 

Some interesting news from South east Asia and how those folks are facing the migrant invasion.
They are refusing landing rights, will rescue nobody, and have told them their boats will be pushed back out to sea if they try to land.

Malaysia turns away 800 boat people; Thailand spots 3rd boat

Associated Press

LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA — Rohingya and Bangladeshis migrants abandoned at sea by human traffickers had nowhere to go Thursday as Malaysia turned away two crammed boats, and Thailand kept at bay a large vessel with hundreds of hungry people.

“What do you expect us to do?” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar said. “We have been very nice to the people who broke into our border. We have treated them humanely but they cannot be flooding our shores like this.”

“We have to send the right message that they are not welcome here,” he told The Associated Press. Four days earlier, about 1,000 refugees landed on the shores of Langkawi, a resort island in northern Malaysia near Thailand. Another 600 have arrived surreptitiously in Indonesia.

Thai Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha also made it clear that his government does not have resources to host refugees.

“If we take them all in, then anyone who wants to come will come freely. I am asking if Thailand will be able to take care of them all. Where will the budget come from?” Prayuth said. “No one wants them. Everyone wants a transit country like us to take responsibility. Is it fair?” he said.

Southeast Asia for years tried to quietly ignore the plight of Myanmar’s 1.3 million Rohingya but finds itself caught in a spiraling humanitarian crisis that in many ways it helped create. In the last three years, more than 120,000 members of the Muslim minority, who are intensely persecuted in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, have boarded ships to flee to other countries, paying huge sums to human traffickers.

But faced with a regional crackdown, the smugglers have abandoned the ships, leaving an estimated 6,000 refugees to fend for themselves, according to reliable aid workers and human rights groups.

“This is a grave humanitarian crisis demanding an immediate response,” said Matthew Smith, executive director of nonprofit human rights group Fortify Rights. “Lives are on the line.”

Despite appeals by the U.N. and aid groups, no government in the region – Thai, Indonesian or Malaysian – appears willing to take the refugees, fearing that accepting a few would result in an unstoppable flow of poor, uneducated migrants.

See? Invaders can be pushed back. Some countries are willing to put their own people and country FIRST.

Meanwhile back at the UK ranch .... celebration time as ... in this latest headline of bragging rights.

and some are conservatives.

The article says that Britain now has the gayest Parliament in the world.


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Commencement Conflagration

Georgia Principal Fired For “Raycis” Commencement Remark

A Georgia principal was fired Thursday after making an offensive remark about black people during a graduation ceremony last week.

The board of TNT Academy in Lilburn confirmed that Nancy Gordeuk had been dismissed as principal of the school after her bizarre speech was caught on camera and widely shared on social media.
Gordeuk became upset when students began to walk out of the school building during the ceremony before the valedictorian got to give a speech. She began to yell at students and even called one man a coward.

“Look who’s leaving, all the black people,” Gordeuk said at one point.

OK, looking at the video of part of the ceremony, it looks like there was some heckler or somebody making a distracting scene, whom she called a “goober”. When that person appeared to be escorted away, Gordeuk said something like “y’all the rudest people”.  Now, I guess in small town Georgia, a “y’all” is the equivalent of a “you people”, and we know what a heinous and hurtful remark that is, especially since the principal was most likely speaking about the entire audience, a small but diverse group who were chatting away during the event and not really paying attention or keeping respectfully quiet. So the “y’all” remark was entirely true, but it got the extra-sensitive ones riled up and they walked out.

The principal by this point is incensed, having lost control of the situation and feeling totally disrespected. So she says into the mic during the first exodus, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people”.  And that was all it took to clear out the rest of them.

Gordeuk was principal of a private high school, some second-chance kind of place, called TNT Academy.  How much more perfect a name could you find?

Moron the story plus the infamous video rye cheer, y’all.

Another link.


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Freedom of speech seems to only apply when it suits the P.C brigade.

This article appeared three months ago, and here I am finally bringing it to your attention.  I have been very much occupied lately.

First, I think it’s funny and second, I believe it to be true.

OK, so perhaps there is a racist element to it.  So what?
And who knows better than the police who are out there in the thick of it?

Hey, I have a question for you all.

Is it automatic that a comment noting the racial makeup of a place is meant in a hateful way?  Disapproving?  Sure. But that doesn’t have to mean a person should have to answer for it.  Is what he said really a “slur” if what he said genuinely appears to be that way?  It may be a slur but, since so many so unfortunately look like apes, why is it wrong to acknowledge it?  And anyway, he made the comment in conversation, under stress and literally surrounded by, ape like life forms.  So what?
So a “tribunal” had to be called over a comment reflecting an observation.

Boiled down to one paragraph;

‘In early August 2011 after the shooting of Mark Duggan, there were several witnesses to DS Price in Lambeth commenting “It’s like being in Planet of the Apes” in reference to the numbers of BAME [black and minority ethnic] people around him.

Is there anyone who in the same circumstance would not feel the same, if they were a white person?  And I would not believe any die hard libtard who would say they wouldn’t think that even if they were too afraid to say it aloud.

Policeman ‘said London was like Planet of the Apes’: Tribunal hears of ‘racist’ slur after riots

· Managers failed to investigate policeman who made comment, tribunal told
· Policeman used phrase in aftermath of the 2011 London riots, it is claimed
· Black officer Derrick Quarm said the detective’s alleged comment was ‘overtly racist’
· Claimed it referred to the black and ethnic minority population in Lambeth, South London
By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail

Senior officers failed to investigate a policeman who compared an inner-city borough to ‘Planet of the Apes’ in the aftermath of the 2011 London riots, it was claimed yesterday.

Black officer Derrick Quarm complained the comment by a detective was ‘overtly racist’ because it referred to the black and ethnic minority population in Lambeth, South London.

But he said senior managers attempted to ‘bury the incident’.

DC Quarm said he found it ‘incredible’ that managers failed to investigate the comment – allegedly made in the days of heightened racial tension after the police shooting of Mark Duggan, which sparked the London riots and looting – for almost three years.

The plain clothes officer claimed it was investigated only after he included it in a report about his experiences of alleged racism, corruption and cover-ups within policing in Lambeth.

The force was described as ‘institutionally racist’ by the inquiry into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence and Mr Quarm said his experiences showed it had not done enough to combat racism among its own officers.

But his attempts to force Scotland Yard to address the problem resulted in him facing a campaign of ‘detriment and hostility’, he told an employment tribunal.

The former paratrooper said his senior officers falsely accused him of incompetence and lying in an attempt to discredit him as a whistleblower, and called their behaviour ‘classic school ground bullying’.

He was treated as a ‘troublemaker’, accused of losing evidence in a stabbing case and overloaded with paperwork to punish him for speaking out, he said.

Disturbingly, he told South London Employment Tribunal in Croydon that his senior officers’ behaviour had hindered his police work and even stopped him from preventing a murder.

DC Quarm, who has served in the Metropolitan Police for 18 years, said he had attempted to raise his concerns with the force’s commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, and other top-ranking officers.


Oh ... just in case anyone forgot those riots .....


And please lets not kid ourselves. Those riots and the looting and the burning and the assaults were not the result of that one fellow who it turns out was armed, and deleted by police.  That was the cover, the excuse, the justification for all that happened by the criminals among us, as well as anarchists who care nothing for the negro except as an excuse to cause mayhem.


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calendar   Thursday - May 14, 2015

Wonder How Much Singapore “Owes” Them?

Iran Navy Fires At Singapore Vessel, UAE Intervenes

Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces fired warning shots at a Singapore-flagged commercial ship in the Gulf on Thursday, before vessels from the United Arab Emirates came to the ship’s aid, US officials said.

The incident reflects rising tensions in the Gulf, fueled in part by the conflict in Yemen that pits Iranian-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen against pro-government forces supported by a Saudi-led coalition.

The Iranian patrol craft fired across the bow of the Alpine Eternity in international waters and the commercial ship then headed towards the UAE, two defense officials told AFP.

The Alpine Eternity issued a radio call for help to the UAE and the Iranian boats fired a second wave of warning shots, the officials said.

UAE authorities heard the radio call and deployed coast guard boats in response. The Iranian boats then departed the area, the officials said.

A US naval ship was about 20 miles (32 kilometers) away at the time but received no request for assistance, officials said. There were no American citizens aboard the commercial ship.

Notice that the article says “boats” - more than one, and “second wave of warning shots” - meaning a multi-ship salvo had been fired previously.

So this is quite a bit more dire a situation than last week’s single shot across the bridge of the Maersk Tigris. This was an ambush. A swarming. An act of war, of course, but who’s counting at this point?

Expect Obama to continue playing The Three Wise Monkeys.

The Alpine Eternity is an oil-chemical tanker that had last stopped at a port in Bahrain, according to the shipping website. The ship is listed as part of the fleet of Transpetrol, a commercial shipping firm that transports oil and gas, with offices in Belgium, Bermuda, Norway and Switzerland.

So now they’re going after the oil tankers.  The very lifeblood of the Gulf.

And we will do nothing. At all.



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german patriots labeled terrorists and nazis. some no doubt are, but that’s hard to avoid

Patriots trying to save their country, automatically labeled Nazis and terrorists themselves. That’s how I see it anyway.
OK, I concede some go a tad over the top. But after reading and seeing what I do here for so damn long, I’m less willing to accept they are all Nazis or neo Nazis or whatever else the left and the ppl in power call them.  There is a damn good reason for their hate and frustration, but the soft hearted bleeding hearts and German hating Germans just have to tag them as thugs and gangsters.
No doubt there are some of those in the crowd.  In the same way the people who want to demonstrate against something in government are infiltrated by thugs of the left, as in last weeks attack at the PM’s residence here where a number of police were injured by them. Unfortunately not one on the lefty shits was injured.  So no. I do not see the attacks by Germans who care about where their country is headed, as terrorists or Nazis.
I hope tho that in time, they will become better organized and try to keep out the ppl who will join simply to cause mayhem with no regard for their country.  And if a few hundred refugees from Africa and a few hundred more muzzies end up dead in a ditch, oh well. Yawn. Maybe fewer will make Germany their destination in future.

H/T ‘E’ Expatica


Four arrested in German raids on anti-Muslim ‘terror’ group

German police arrested four people Wednesday accused of belonging to a far-right “terror” organisation that acquired explosives for attacks on Muslims and refugee homes, federal prosecutors said.

The early-morning swoops in five states occurred with the country already on edge after authorities last week said they foiled a planned Islamist attack by a German-Turkish couple armed with a pipe bomb and other weapons.

They also came amid a rise in attacks on lodgings for asylum seekers as Germany takes in record numbers of people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

The raids turned up “pyrotechnics with large explosive power” that investigators believe were intended for use in attacks, said the federal prosecutor’s office in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe.

“To what extent the suspects had set targets or dates for attacks will be the subject of further investigation,” it said in a statement.

The four suspects, three men and a 22-year-old woman identified only as Denise Vanessa G., are accused of starting a “far-right terrorist organisation” called Oldschool Society with a larger group of people last November.

News website Spiegel Online said the group had an emblem featuring a tank, Germanic runes popular in the neo-Nazi scene, and two skulls with the slogan: “One bullet is not enough”.

Two of the accused, named as 56-year-old Andreas H. and Markus W., 39, are believed to be the ringleaders, using the titles “president” and “vice president”.

The fourth suspect was listed as 47-year-old Olaf O. All are German citizens, prosecutors said.

“According to the findings to date, the aim of the organisation was to mount in smaller groups attacks on well-known Salafists, mosques and hostels for asylum seekers in Germany,” prosecutors said.

In the case last week, the male suspect captured near Frankfurt had contact with the ultra-conservative Islamic Salafist community. Investigators believe the man and his wife had aimed to attack a professional bicycle race in the area, which was cancelled as a precaution after the arrests.

- Neo-Nazi violence -

The four far-right suspects were arrested based on warrants issued Tuesday by a federal judge on charges of founding a terrorist organisation.

About 250 officers from special units of police forces in five states and the federal police searched the homes of the four accused as well as those of five other suspects.

The investigation was launched based on information gleaned by agents from Germany’s domestic security watchdog, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the prosecutors said.

German investigators have been on high alert for violent far-right groups since it emerged in 2011 that a neo-Nazi cell calling itself National Socialist Underground allegedly gunned down 10 people, mainly Turkish immigrants, between 2000 and 2007.

Meanwhile violence against refugee shelters is on the rise.

Two German non-governmental organisations, Amadeu Antonio Foundation and Pro Asyl, said in a recent report that 25 such homes have been attacked since the start of the year including three with firebombings.

Activists blame the rise in attacks in part on anti-migrant sentiment whipped up by groups such as the high-profile movement PEGIDA, “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”, which organised a series of weekly marches that drew thousands of participants and intense media coverage.

Last year, asylum requests to Germany rose 60 percent to more than 200,000, leaving many communities scrambling to house the newcomers in old schools, public buildings, mobile homes and army barracks.

Overseas Development Minister Gerd Mueller said Tuesday the number could reach up to 400,000 this year.

The EU is demanding that Britain join in taking a quota of the boat darkies arriving daily.  Hells bells, there’s enough of the wire haired roaches sneaking in here daily anyway. And some with criminal records.  England is refusing to do so under the newly elected conservative govt.  Which as you will imagine is bring down on their heads all the vile accusations the left can dream up.  Ignoring that they, the left, were defeated in last week’s election.
To make matters even worse on the immigration front.  There have been a few killings done by criminals from Eastern Europe, who came here legally.
The catch is, the police in their home countries never shared any info about them or warned of their record.  One guy served just a few years for murdering his wife and was let free. So .... here he comes with no record of that and rapes and kills a young girl. And that’s just one story lately of quite a few of like manner.  People don’t have a sense that their country is theirs anymore, and their borders are wide open.  It’s a feeling that the word borders in this case might be more properly spelled as .... boarders!

How’s this for a laugh? NOT.
The Brits are training some Iraqi troops (it could have been libyans) I can’t remember but it happened recently.
Anyway ... a few of these guys are out after hours in town where ever the training is going on, and they raped a guy.
Really.  I think the Brits may have closed the facility now. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/14/2015 at 09:39 AM   
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