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which way does it go again?

Was it “The Power of Truth” or “The Truth of Power”??

Google is the dominant search engine on the internet. Without question. Absolute domination.

Businesses can grow or die based on how they come up in a Google search.

More than 9 out of 10 people never go past the first page of search results, and I’d bet half of that 9 don’t even go halfway down the page. That’s why businesses exist to “seed” your business to the internet so that it ranks higher in Google’s databases, and thus comes out higher in the search pile. The blog email gets ads for this every single day.

Google is not at all political. Didn’t we see some firings there a year back, a bit of backstabbing to get rid of an executive or two who supported some legal political initiative that passed years ago, but is antithetical today? Oh, wait, sorry that was Mozilla, aka Firefox. Nothing to do with Google. Google must be pure as freshly fallen snow, I’m sure, and not involved politically a bit. Right?

Wrong. Guess again.

Guess which company was the second largest employee contributor to Obama’s campaigns? Guess who lent technical staff and leadership to those campaigns?

Guess who could make billions off of Net Neutrality and has been pushing hard for it?

Yep, you got it in one, both times.

Guess who has the ability, or damn close to it already in this dumbed down lazy age, to “determine” what truth is for a huge piece of the global population, simply by diddling their search results weighing algorithms?

Because if you don’t see it, it isn’t there. And if it isn’t there, it isn’t true. As the kids say “video or it ain’t real”.

All the more reason to use DogPile, or any of the other search engines. Even Yahoo. Except that none of them are even half as good as Google, usually. Truth has become a popularity contest.

Read an interesting essay on the whole thing, with a big lean towards the Obama Regime’s connections, right here.

… Still, all of this is easily forgiven compared to what’s coming next: politically filtered information.

Google says that in the future, its determinations about what is true and what is untrue will play a role in how search-engine rankings are configured.

Google has the power to bump an article it doesn’t like off the table and under the rug. Even moving information off the first page of search results would effectively neutralize it: According to a 2013 study, 91.5 percent of Google search users click through on a first-page result.

To put it mildly, your idea of whether Fox News or MSNBC is a more reliable purveyor of “truth” might differ substantially from your neighbor’s.

Google’s idea of ranking results based on truth is an excellent one that it should implement just as soon as it comes up with an absolutely, unbiased and objective system of determining truth.

I’m sure of it. Cough, cough, hack, snerch, ach, hem, cough cough.

You know, just a few years ago this would have been the grandest tinfoil hat theory of all time. Now, not so much. The only tinfoil is in the GoogleBlindfold™ they want you to wear most of the time.

PS - have you wiped your browsing history today?


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Hillary’s Private Spy Network

We now know why Hillary has fought so hard to prevent her emails from becoming public.  She was running her own spy network, outside of the State Department.

Emails disclosed by a hacker show a close family friend was funneling intelligence about the crisis in Libya directly to the Secretary of State’s private account starting before the Benghazi attack.

The deeper you dig, the dirtier she gets. 

From Pro Publica:
Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network

Just to make the mix a little weirder, the head of the network is Sidney Blumenthal, whose son has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel. 

Last item, the hack job on Blumenthal’s email account was committed by Guccifer.  The emails themselves have now been available for 2 years.

Check this from Gawker:

Who Is Guccifer, the Hacker Who’s Terrorizing Politicos?


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Purple Finger Time

[ Rats. I was hoping I could title this one “To the Bhat polls, Rabin”. Alas, Bhat is a boiled rice dish eaten in India, not Nigeria*. All I can say here is “Goodluck, Jonathan” ]

Nigeria Casts Their Votes

Nigerians brave Boko Haram to cast ballots

In northern Nigeria and bordering countries, a regional offensive is underway against the ruthless Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram. The campaign comes in the midst of a postponed election and a tightly contested presidential race.

After a six week delay, Nigerians will head to the polls Saturday to vote in presidential and national assembly elections. The security environment in northern Nigeria has improved over the last six weeks, yet Boko Haram still has both means and motive to disrupt and discredit the electoral process. This danger is particularly strong in Northeastern Nigeria where the militant group is trying to establish an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ under Sharia law.

Conducting elections amid a violent insurgency is challenging enough, but Nigeria’s situation is further complicated by the possibility of post-electoral violence. In the wake of Nigeria’s last presidential and national assembly elections in 2011, rioting by those dissatisfied by the results left more than 800 people dead. And tensions are high once again.

This year’s presidential contest is extremely close. While both the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan, and the main opposition leader, General Muhhamadu Buhari, have signed a peace agreement, observers remain concerned about how their political supporters will react once the election results are known.

On Monday, a political rally of General Buhari’s supporters escalated to violence. Participants slashed President Jonathan’s posters and hurled rocks at his campaign office in Kaduna, a city in the North that was an epicenter of violence in the previous election between President Jonathan and General Buhari. The stakes are even higher this cycle.

So, if Obama’s efforts to bring back psycho dictator Buhari fail, riots will ensue? Sounds like that side has “escalated” to violence ahead of time. Bit of a threat perhaps?

For Nigeria, this is a watershed moment—for national security, for the economy and for democratic governance. The West African country is an anchor in the region. It boasts the region’s largest population (about 170 million people), serves as a cultural driver, and pushes Africa’s economic progress. Yet Nigeria is plagued with severe corruption, violent Islamist terrorists and severe economic disparity.

And if Goodluck Jonathan wins, how will Obama punish them, like he tried to do when he blew it in Israel?


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weekend LA shopper


See More Below The Fold


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Obama’s Fat Cat Love

This has been an interesting week.  While I was wandering around Huffington Post, I came across this little gem.  It’s a beautifully detailed report about how the Obama admin has been negotiating a 12 nation treaty in secret. 

Primarily, it helps the top 1% become even wealthier and more powerful.  The real zinger is that it also establishes a corporate court system with the power to supersede national courts.

The secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has been in process for 5 years.  Everyone involved, including Obama, has been keeping a lid on it.  It is documented that many of the people who have been negotiating on behalf of the Obama admin, have received millions of dollars of payments from the companies who stood to benefit.

That’s just skimming the top.  This story has a huge amount of detail.  With even a casual glance, it looks to be dynamite.

From Huffington Post:

In sum, if corporations feel they have been denied “expected” profits by a government regulation, ISDS lets them circumvent a country’s courts and go to an international corporate tribunal with their grievance. But if labor organizers are murdered, workers and their families have nowhere to go.

Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From the Public

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — An ambitious 12-nation trade accord pushed by President Obama would allow foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment “expectations” and hurt their business, according to a classified document.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S.

Even WikiLeaks has part of the action:

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks editor said: “The TPP has developed in secret an unaccountable supranational court for multinationals to sue states. This system is a challenge to parliamentary and judicial sovereignty. Similar tribunals have already been shown to chill the adoption of sane environmental protection, public health and public transport policies.”

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter

The links come from the HuffPo article. 

Even the Mainstream Media sometimes reports the truth.  The Liberals just don’t want to see it.  Obama’s been a bad deal since day 1.  The less he accomplishes between now and the end of his term, the better.



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calendar   Friday - March 27, 2015

Guess I Missed That One

What the heck? Does Amazon now own PayPal?

I thought eBay owned PayPal, and was fighting Amazon tooth and nail.

I was just on PayPal. I hardly ever use it, so I wanted to update my personal information. When I clicked the Edit Address bit, up came the exact list of mailing addresses that I use on Amazon. Very strange,

If they’ve merged, I must have missed it.

I may have had Paypal exchanges with those same addresses too. But I didn’t get a list of places I’d done business with, I got a list of places that had been my Ship To addresses on Amazon.

BTW, a British Pound is only worth $1.52. Wow. If the UK has any good catalog stuff you’re considering buying, now would be a good time to go for it.


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Throwing Nigeria Under The Bus

Obama: Let Them Die Until My Guy Is Elected

Must Read links to three posts that show how US foreign policy has shifted to destroy Nigeria and Christian President Goodluck Jonathan, while David Axelrod’s goons push militant islamist communist candidate General. Muhammadu Buhari.

Six years ago if you had heard of a United States president behaving this way, you might have been shocked. But today, we are no longer surprised by Obama’s lethal perfidy. We watch helplessly and with horror as the world crumbles.

At least 13,000 civilians dead in Nigeria since 2009 and the US looks the other way because Obama wants to put a progressive Muslim in power.

A political consulting firm founded by Obama administration confidante David Axelrod has been far more involved in backing controversial Nigerian presidential candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari than previously disclosed, according to a series of emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and interviews with sources on the ground.

Axelrod’s firm, the Chicago-based AKPD, has admitted to doing work on behalf of Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) party in the past, but claimed to have ceased its ties in March 2014 after the Islamist terror group Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls.

However, emails sent between senior APC party members and advisers show that contrary to the firm’s claims, AKPD has quietly continued to perform political work on Buhari’s behalf as he fights to unseat current President Goodluck Jonathan.

Sources on the ground in Nigeria and familiar with how the elections have been shaping up say Buhari has run an uncharacteristically disciplined campaign.

They have run … a well disciplined message campaign, running on a clear and singular message of change,” said one source who agreed to discuss the matter only on background. “It sounds very familiar to another campaign some Americans might remember from seven years ago.”

While the APC has had trouble displaying unity in past election bids, the current campaign has showed few signs of dissent, the source explained.

“It strongly points to coaching they ordinarily would not have had in past elections,” according to the source. “That’s really the clearest sign that I’ve seen and other have seen that these guys are running a Western-style, Western-directed campaign that has identified a message through polling and research.”

While Buhari has positioned himself as an agent of change, critics point to his controversial and oppressive rule over Nigeria in the 1980s.

Buhari’s military government was known for harshly cracking down on civil rights, arresting opposition forces, and intimidating critical journalists. Human rights activists routinely criticized Buhari’s military rule. Buhari was deposed in a 1985 coup.

When the notorious Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapped 278 school girls from the town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria last year, Michelle Obama began a Twitter hashtag campaign, #BringBackOurGirls. But behind the scenes, the Obama administration was undermining Nigeria’s efforts to take the battle to the terrorists. Obama refused to sell Nigeria arms and supplies critical to the fight, and stepped in to block other Western allies from doing so. The administration also denied Nigeria intelligence on Boko Haram from drones operating in the area. While Boko Haram was kidnapping school girls, the U.S. cut petroleum purchases from Nigeria to zero, plunging the nation’s economy into turmoil and raising concerns about its ability to fund its battle against the terrorists. Nigeria responded by cancelling a military training agreement between the two countries.

The Nigerian presidential election is coming up Saturday, March 28, 2015. AKPD, the political consulting group founded by Obama confidante David Axelrod, is assisting Retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim presidential candidate from Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram was spawned and wields the most influence. Buhari is well-known throughout the country, having led as “Head-of-State” following a military coup in 1983. He was dislodged following another coup in 1985.

Nigerian officials seeking to purchase weapons, especially Cobra attack helicopters, were outraged at Obama’s refusal to allow these transactions. Nigeria’s ambassador to the U.S., Professor Adebowale Adefuye, stated publicly that:

The U.S. government has up till today refused to grant Nigeria’s request to purchase lethal equipment that would have brought down the terrorists within a short time on the basis of the allegations that Nigeria’s defence forces have been violating human rights of Boko Haram suspects when captured or arrested.

We find it difficult to understand how and why, in spite of the U.S. presence in Nigeria, with their sophisticated military technology, Boko Haram should be expanding and becoming more deadly.

Another official quoted in the Nigerian newspaper ThisDay, stated:

The U.S. government has frustrated Nigeria all the way in our war against terrorism despite its public statements in support of Nigeria, as it fights the Boko Haram insurgents in the North-east… They want us to fight Boko Haram with our arms tied to our backs.

They have blocked us from procuring the helicopters and would not provide us with intelligence despite the fact that they have several drones and sophisticated aircraft overflying the North-east of Nigeria from bases in Niger and Chad where the Boko Haram fighters and movements are clearly in their sights.

Retired Col. Abubakar Umar, a former military governor, concluded that the Americans “have decided to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Nigeria.”

According to Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, more than 13,000 people have been killed in the Boko Haram insurgency since 2009. Some estimates put the carnage as high as 17,000 deaths.

Between July 2013 and June 2014 alone, an estimated 7,000 people died in incidents related to the insurgency. Boko Haram – which means “Western education is forbidden” – recently pledged allegiance to ISIS.

When these formidable jihadists rampaged through Nigeria, last year – kidnapping schoolgirls, slaughtering Christians, and burning down churches, the Obama administration’s primary response was a hash-tag campaign on Twitter. If the besieged people of Nigeria expected more than lip service from the United States in their battle against Boko Haram in the days and weeks that came, they were sorely mistaken. They got bupkis.

Clearly, a more serious response than #BringBackOurGirls was needed to combat the growing menace – but the United States all but abandoned their African ally.  Not only did the Obama Regime refused to sell Nigeria the arms it needed to fight Boko Haram, it blocked other Western allies from helping them, too.

Oh, and don’t forget the crazy Tuareg almost right next door in Mali, killing, rampaging, and taking slaves left and right as they set up their own African Caliphate ... and they’re now armed to the teeth with tons of weapons stolen from the fall of Libya. A fall enabled for no visible reason by pResident Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, deposing a quiescent dictator and plunging that nation into complete and unending fratricidal chaos. And this was before Boko Haram, and before Mali. Almost seems like they found the right domino and just gave it a kick. And then they just walked away.

The Tuareg have won in Mali. A treaty is being signed that gives them their caliphate, a Texas sized chunk of land they’re calling  Asswad  Azawad.

Ethnic divisions run deep in the northern desert, the cradle of a Tuareg separatist movement which has spawned several rebellions since the 1960s.

The 30-page peace agreement calls for “reconstruction of the country’s national unity” in a way that “respects its territorial integrity and takes account of its ethnic and cultural diversity”.

In deference to the concerns of the government about separatism, it does not use the word autonomy in setting out the powers the region will enjoy.

It proposes the creation of powerful elected regional assemblies led by a directly elected president, as well as “greater representation of the northern populations in national institutions”.

From 2018, the government will set up a “mechanism to transfer 30 percent of budget revenues from the state to local authorities… with particular attention to the North”.

This may seem rather innocuous, but the northern half of Mali is pretty much empty. Nobody lives there. No cities, no towns, no roads, no lakes, no farms. Just wildmen. Tuaregs. So 30% of the national revenue, even in poverty stricken Mali, is some major Danegeld. Tribute. Protection money.


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calendar   Thursday - March 26, 2015


Man I am getting tired of their shit.

Give me that old toe tappin’, truck drivin’, beer drinkin’, white pride-in’, muzzie killin’, hillbilly sound

MSNBC apologized after a guest said, “nothing says ‘let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music.” senior editor Jamilah Lemieux made the comment in regards to presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks on “CBS This Morning” that he switched from rock to country music after 9/11.

Cruz said country music’s response to the tragedy “resonated” with him more so than other genres. Lemieux’s comments on the MSNBC program “Now with Alex Wagner” were met with giggles from her fellow guests Michael Steele and Joan Walsh.

Lemieux added, “Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia, so he obviously doesn’t want to be a polarizing candidate, he wants to bring people together. That’s absurd.”

A few moments later, [ guest host Ari ] Melber addressed the camera telling viewers, “We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this program, a guest made a comment about country music that was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it.”

Nope. Apology not accepted, not that that was one anyway. That was code word racism and we won’t be satisfied until miss phony-African-name there prostates herself before the world, gets fired, and has her weave plucked out in public. By ducks.

And I think Lynchburg VA deserves a major apology and a few hundred hours of enlightening and educational community service, don’t you?

Lynchburg was named for its founder, John Lynch, who at the age of 17 started a ferry service across the James River in 1757. In 1786, the Virginia General Assembly granted Lynch a charter for a town, which took in the 45 acres of land that Lynch owned. Lynchburg was incorporated as a town in 1805, and as a city in 1852.

The Society of Friends, or Quakers, were the first religious group to settle in Lynchburg. The city’s first house of worship was the South River Meeting House of the Society of Friends, located on Fort Avenue. The Meeting House was restored and is now part of Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church. Lynchburg is often called the “City of Churches” for the large number and variety of religious buildings found in the city today.

Tobacco and iron were the chief products of early Lynchburg. The extensive use of Lynch’s ferry system on the James River resulted in Lynchburg becoming one of the largest tobacco markets in the U. S. The James Calloway Furnace, which operated around 1770 until 1779, and the Davie Ross Furnace, which was in business from 1781 until 1837, supplied the Continental Army with pig iron and cannon balls during the American Revolution.

Lynchburg served as a major storage depot during the Civil War, as well as a burial place for many of those killed during the war. Confederate Generals are buried here, including General Jubal Early, who commanded the Confederate forces during the brief Battle of Lynchburg. The breastworks for the defense of the city can still be seen at Fort Early. Lynchburg is also known for its proximity to Appomattox where the Civil War ended on April 9, 1865.


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Red Herrings Or Treason?

Obama Caves To Iran, Sells Out Israel For Revenge

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands

The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration’s position in the negotiations.

U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities at the outset of a nuclear deal, a concession experts say would gut the verification the Obama administration has vowed would stand as the crux of a deal with Iran.

Until recently, the Obama administration had maintained that it would guarantee oversight on Tehran’s program well into the future, and that it would take the necessary steps to ensure that oversight would be effective. The issue has now emerged as a key sticking point in the talks.

Concern from sources familiar with U.S. concessions in the talks comes amid reports that Iran could be permitted to continue running nuclear centrifuges at an underground site once suspected of housing illicit activities.

This type of concession would allow Iran to continue work related to its nuclear weapons program, even under the eye of international inspectors. If Iran removes inspectors—as it has in the past—it would be left with a nuclear infrastructure immune from a strike by Western forces.

US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program

Obama revenge for Netanyahu’s Congress talk? 1987 report on Israel’s top secret nuclear program released in unprecedented move.

In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel’s nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent.

But by publishing the declassified document from 1987, the US reportedly breached the silent agreement to keep quiet on Israel’s nuclear powers for the first time ever, detailing the nuclear program in great depth.

The timing of the revelation is highly suspect, given that it came as tensions spiraled out of control between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama ahead of Netanyahu’s March 3 address in Congress, in which he warned against the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program and how the deal being formed on that program leaves the Islamic regime with nuclear breakout capabilities.

Another highly suspicious aspect of the document is that while the Pentagon saw fit to declassify sections on Israel’s sensitive nuclear program, it kept sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO countries classified, with those sections blocked out in the document.

The 386-page report entitled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations” gives a detailed description of how Israel advanced its military technology and developed its nuclear infrastructure and research in the 1970s and 1980s.

Or is this yet another in an endless river of daily acts designed to spin up Conservatives?

Let’s face it, he can promise the mad mullahs blueberry pancakes and hot camel sex twice a day, but it’s just words until Congress signs off on it. ( which is actually very frightening, because Boehner. )

And the “secret” info on Israel’s nuke program ... from 18 28 years ago? Is there any spy agency out there that doesn’t have that one yet? Seriously, maybe there was. But 18 years ago? Please. And in some twisted, inside-out leftard way, maybe it could even be seen as a deterrent? Hey Iran, you got maybe one, maybe two little baby concussion atomic bombs. Moshi over there had H bombs 20 years ago. What do you think he’s got by now, hmm hmm???  Not what I’d call a smart move, and I know I’m grabbing at straws.

But it’s either this, that the pustulant piss monger in chief gets his rocks off dropping these news turds on everyone, just to keep people cranked up, or I have to seriously start believing that the POTUS is an actual enemy agent out to destroy our nation and all our allies. Turbo douche, or traitor. I hate having to make choices like that.


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My Goodness

Heavens to Betsy. We’re having a thunderstorm. I don’t think we’ve had one here in at least 7 months. This isn’t a thundery area, hardly at all. Not like the lower Hudson Valley, famous for thunder since Rip Van Winkle and before. It takes a mighty loud and raucous storm to impress those of us who grew up near the Palisades and storm wracked hills along the river. Still, I’ll stay inside, warm and dry, thanks all the same.

Raining cats and dogs too. Guess the last of the snow will be washed away tonight. Which means my garden might wake up soon. Yay!! 


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Crass Humor, Cider House Rules Edition

Builders are busy building three new condo/apartment buildings down at the end of our village street. They’ve been plugging away at it all winter, and now have progressed to the plumbing and wiring stage.

I drove by just now and noticed that the electric work is being done by D & C Electric. And I thought the wiring in our condo was an abortion!

Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England.

See More Below The Fold


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Decisive Storm

Camel Fight!!*

Arab Coalition Engages Yemen Rebels


Gee, maybe the Saudis are getting tired of all their neighbors having wars and revolutions (all driven by Iran) all the time. Click pic for a huge version.

Saudi Arabia deployed 100 fighter jets, 150,000 soldiers and other navy units on Thursday, after it launched its operation against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

The Saudi aerial deployment enabled the Royal Saudi Air Force to take control of Yemen’s airspace early Thursday.

Reports also emerged that top Houthi leadership Abdulkhaliq al-Houthi, Yousuf al-Madani, and Yousuf al-Fishi were killed, and head of the Revolutionary Committee for the Houthis, Mohammed Ali al-Hothi, was wounded.

Saudi allies including its Gulf counterparts - except Oman - also showcased their military power to curb the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from reaching Aden to dislodge Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who remained in the southern city.

The Gulf nations said they decided to “repel Houthi aggression” in neighboring Yemen, following a request from the country’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

In their joint statement Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait said they “decided to repel Houthi militias, al-Qaeda and ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] in the country.”

The Gulf states warned that the Houthi coup in Yemen represented a “major threat” to the region’s stability.

The UAE contributed 30 fighter jets, Bahrain 15, Kuwaiti 15, Qatar 10 and Jordan 6 in the operation.

On Thursday, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan also expressed their readiness to participate on the ground in Yemen.

The Western-backed Syrian National Coalition opposition group said it backed the Saudi operation and voiced its support to Hadi as Yemen’s “legitimate” leader.

The campaign has also received the backing of the U.S..

The White House on Wednesday said Washington is coordinating closely with Saudi Arabia and regional allies in the campaign, providing intelligence and logistical support.


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Oh Scheise

This does NOT bode well

One Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash

PARIS — As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.

A senior French military official involved in the investigation described a “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door, and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger, and no answer. There is never an answer.”

He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”

While the audio seemed to give some insight into the circumstances leading to the Germanwings crash on Tuesday morning, it also left many questions unanswered.

“We don’t know yet the reason why one of the guys went out,” said the official, who requested anonymity because the investigation was continuing. “But what is sure is that at the very end of the flight, the other pilot is alone and does not open the door.”

[ Rémi Jouty, director of France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis ] “I don’t like it,” said the French official, who cautioned that his initial analysis was based on the very limited information currently available. “To me, it seems very weird: this very long descent at normal speed without any communications, though the weather was absolutely clear.”

“So far, we don’t have any evidence that points clearly to a technical explanation,” the official said. “So we have to consider the possibility of deliberate human responsibility.”

Mr. Jouty said it was far too early in the investigation to speculate about possible causes.

Release both pilot’s names right now, Mr. Jouty. The world can figure out one possible cause in about a quarter second based on that.


The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps deliberately worked to destroy the plane while passengers shrieked in terror and the pilot pounded on the cockpit door, a French prosecutor said at a news conference Thursday in Marseille.

This was voluntary, this was deliberate,” Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said. “He refused to open the cabin door in order to let the pilot back in. I repeat. He refused to let the pilot back in. He is the one who pressed the button that allowed the plane to begin descending and lose altitude.”

The information was obtained from the cockpit voice recorder of doomed Flight 9525, which suddenly began an eight-minute descent before smashing into the mountains Tuesday. The data recorder has not yet been found.

Robin said the co-pilot, identified as German national Andreas Lubitz, 28, was not on a terror watch list. Robin said Lubitz said nothing during the descent, but could be heard breathing until the crash.

“The co-pilot is the only one in the cockpit,’ Robin said. “While he is alone he somehow manipulated the buttons on the flight monitoring system. He was alone at the helm of this Airbus 320.”

Robin stressed that the actions were deliberate. He said passengers could be heard screaming in fear.

“We start hearing banging, someone actually trying to break the door down,” Robin said. “That’s why the alarms were let off—because these were protocols that were put in place in case of any terror attack.”

French prosecutor Brice Robin gave further chilling details of the final ten minutes in the cockpit before the Airbus A320 plunged into the French Alps killing 150 people.

Revealing data extracted from the black box voice recorder, he said the co-pilot - 28-year-old German Andreas Lubitz - locked his captain out after the senior officer left the cockpit.

At that point, Lubitz used the flight managing system to put the plane into a descent, something that can only be done manually - and deliberately.

He said: ‘The intention was to destroy the plane. Death was instant. The plane hit the mountain at 700kmh (430mph).

‘I don’t think that the passengers realised what was happening until the last moments because on the recording you only hear the screams in the final seconds’. 

You sick bastard.


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Accidental Sport

Allentown Phantoms 1, Syracuse Crunch 6

We went to a fistfight and a hockey game happened by accident.

Man, what an ugly game.

OK, it’s farm league. AAA, or the Minors, or whatever the puck slappers call it. The Juniors. AHL, actually. So maybe you don’t expect too much in the way of quality precision play, but you have a good time. And we did.

And the brand new Allentown PA PPL arena is one of those just right buildings, the perfect size for a minor league hockey team. It holds maybe 9,000 folks. And it’s right downtown. Cross the street, in the front door, up the escalator, walk across the lobby and into the arena, and your seats are right there. Plenty of bathrooms and plenty of vendor points for food, drinks, and stuff. Plus a Tim Horton’s right inside. Public parking garage just a block away, $6 for the evening. But just a quick 3 blocks from the arena is another parking garage, same price, which is perfectly situated for a fast escape, even if you’ve been drinking if you don’t know the area. Leave the garage, turn left. And 8 blocks later you’re at the highway. Could not be easier.

But man, what an ugly game. We had seats almost right behind and a bit above the goal, so we got to see all the slams into the glass behind the net and all the dirty stuff that goes on back there. It was awesome. Goal seats are the best for hockey.

8,000+ Fans for 7th Straight Tilt in Downtown Allentown

March 25, 2015

Lehigh Valley, PA – In a chippy, physical affair that featured 91 combined penalty minutes, the Syracuse Crunch topped the Lehigh Valley Phantoms 6-1 Wednesday evening in front of 8,197 fans at PPL Center. The rough and tumble tilt boasted three fights, including two from Phantoms’ All-Star Brandon Manning, as the Phantoms skated in front of their seventh consecutive crowd to feature more than 8,000 supporters.
With the Phantoms down by just a single goal, Brett Hextall sparked some energy into both his teammates and the crowd when he dropped the gloves with the Crunch’s Jean-Philippe Cote a little over six minutes into the middle stanza. Hextall got in several solid swats before the linesmen intervened but continued to rev the PPL Center crowd pumping his arms on his way to the penalty box.
Syracuse 1 2 3 – 6
Lehigh Valley 0 0 1 – 1

1st Period-1, Syracuse, Mormina 4 (Kunyk), 11:46 (SH). Penalties-Laughton Lv (hooking), 1:27; Witkowski Syr (high-sticking), 4:27; served by Straka Lv (bench minor – too many men), 8:30; Lynch Syr (hooking), 11:00; Mormina Syr (unsportsmanlike conduct), 19:50; Lauridsen Lv (unsportsmanlike conduct), 19:50.

2nd Period-2, Syracuse, Marchessault 20 8:45. 3, Syracuse, Koekkoek 5 (Martindale, Gourde), 10:56. Penalties-Delisle Lv (hooking), 1:59; Cote Syr (fighting), 6:11; Hextall Lv (fighting), 6:11; Kunyk Syr (major – boarding, fighting, game misconduct – boarding), 17:33; Manning Lv (instigating, fighting, misconduct – instigating), 17:33.

3rd Period-4, Syracuse, Marchessault 21 2:19 (SH). 5, Syracuse, Courtnall 7 (Vermin), 4:47. 6, Syracuse, Martindale 11 (Courtnall, Dotchin), 8:12. 7, Lehigh Valley, Jones 7 (Comrie, Gordon), 9:22 (PP). Penalties-Ashton Syr (unsportsmanlike conduct – helmet violation), 5:26; Ashton Syr (tripping), 8:50; Hextall Lv (slashing), 13:28; Comrie Lv (hooking), 16:35; Richard Syr (roughing, fighting), 18:04; Manning Lv (fighting, game misconduct – third major/second fight), 18:04.

Phantoms mascot Melvin fires up the crowd with his t-shirt gun. It’s PA, so open carry is fine.


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