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a daily mail comment, and not a pleasant one.

Caught this today .... hate to post it.

I understand similar happening in the USA as well.

Take a look at this.

Just think, a vomit/toilet culture has managed to do something that a superior Germany never achieved.


The answer may not be so easy but the solution is always here and handy.  The problem is that everyone who has a say in the decision has to worry about politics, world opinion, the euro-court and of course .... the lawyers on the left.

What the UK urgently needs is their own version of, the night of the long knives. 

Security services should be making these vermin disappear. 


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all it takes people, is a bit of empathy and presto. world peace. listen to mrs clinton

OK. Suggestions?

As a possible future head of state, maybe one of those states that hate us, she could get us all together hold hands and sing we are the world.

We didn’t “empathize” much with Germany back in the day.  Maybe if FDR had empathized more with Tojo and Hitler, war could have been avoided.
Think of the advantage if he had.
Generations of multi language speaking Americans. Sushi imported to the west 70 years earlier.
Supermarkets in the USA run by super efficient German markets like ALDI and LIDL.  German cars 70 yrs sooner. The VW Beetle in the 30s?
Who knows where we couldda got to by showing a bit of respect to folks who kill.

Hillary Clinton under fire after saying America should ‘empathize’ and ‘show respect’ to its enemies

Hillary Clinton, 67, spoke at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Claimed America should ‘empathize’ and ‘show respect’ to its enemies

Said US should use ‘every possible tool and partner’ to advance peace

Front-runner Democratic nominee’s remarks criticized as ‘naive’ online

Described as ‘irrational’ by ex-Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Oliver North

Some critics highlighted U.S.’s recent air strikes on the Islamic State

Clinton’s speech was to promote female leadership in foreign conflicts

By Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline

Hillary Clinton has come under fire after saying that America should ‘empathize’’ with its enemies.

Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. to promote female leadership, the former U.S. Secretary of State also said the country should show ‘respect’ to those fighting against it.

Using an approach she dubs ‘smart power’ - which women are apparently uniquely positioned to deploy - she urged Americans to use ‘every possible tool and partner’ to advance peace.

This approach means ‘showing respect, even for one’s enemies;

trying to understand and, insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view,’ she said.

Right.  How hard is that?

Hitler’s pov was that all Jews need to be dead, and the Japanese only wanted to kill the Chinese and almost anyone else who didn’t see their perspective on the world.

That’s the secret Mrs Clinton has stumbled on. It could work. If only FDR and Churchill had a bit of empathy. That’s all it takes.

Show a bit of that to the muzzies who have just killed two more westerners, along with many of their own ppl.

Oh if only people could empathize.

The front-runner Democratic nominee’s speech, specifically focusing on female leadership in foreign conflicts and relations, was held in the university’s famed Gaston Hall on Wednesday.

Within minutes of the 67-year-old’s appearance being broadcast, she was being criticized by social media users across America for her ‘ridiculous’ attitude toward the country’s enemies.

Many people condemned her comments in the context of the U.S.’s recent airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS), which has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria, Fox News reported.

Addressing Clinton directly, one Twitter user wrote: ‘You have NO understanding of ISIS or ANY of America’s enemies. Empathizing with killers only ensures your demise.’



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$10,000.00 awarded somali pukes in fine against france, for violating pirate human rights

Have I bored anyone yet with my non stop (it seems) stories about the euro weenie court and their F****** human rights issues?  Even where NO humans are involved.

Well this one should wake you up.

Now I know for certain the extent to which that court has sunk into the muck of political correctness.

I swear to you I really am speechless here.  I want to write a thousands words and can’t come up with squat.
Just too damn angry at the stupidity.


European Court of “Human Rights” orders France to pay damages to Somali pirates

The European Court of Human Rights says France violated the rights of Somali pirates who had attacked French ships and has ordered compensation for them over judicial delays.

The nine Somali pirates should get thousands of euros because they were not immediately brought before a French judge, the court ruled.

One is to get 9,000 euros (£7,000) and the others sums of up to 7,000 euros.

The judges faulted France for keeping them in custody for an extra 48 hours.

The pirates had held French citizens hostage after seizing a French-flagged cruise ship and a French yacht in 2008.

The French military captured the pirates on the Somali coast in two operations, after the hostages had been released for ransoms of $2.1m (£1.3m) and $2m.

Indian Ocean shipping has been plagued by pirate gangs operating off Somalia in recent years, but international naval action in the region has sharply reduced the attacks.
Days in custody

Before transferring the pirates to France, the authorities held one group for four days and the others for six days and 16 hours.

But the extra 48 hours of custody on French soil violated the pirates’ right to liberty and security under the European Convention on Human Rights, the court ruled.

The convention’s Article 5.3 “was not designed to give the authorities the opportunity to intensify their investigations for the purpose of bringing formal charges against the suspects”, a court statement said.

The judges argued that the time between their arrest and transfer to France was already enough for France to draw up charges, instead of delaying for another 48 hours.

Court judgements are binding on signatories to the convention.

liveleak source


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brussels court outlaws checks on gay asylum seekers or those who claim to be

So again the euro court can decide for all the countries how it should be.
Thing is, there have been so many trying to get onto this island, that any old guise will be tried and often works.  There have been countless numbers claiming they were queer and would suffer persecution if not death itself, if returned to their turd world countries.  How does one prove that in a court?  So often, too often, many are allowed to stay their word being taken as probably true. 

Never mind for a minute the issue of same sex.  There have been actual ministers performing fake marriages because they believe anyone claiming they’ll receive bad treatment for any reason in the home country, has a human right to stay here.

The biggest problem is the idea that all member states must allow free travel among countries who are EU members.  Well, what about ppl seeking asylum who are not from EU countries.  In that case, Human Rights as seen by euro courts trump safe borders and national sovereignty.  There’s an election coming up soon.  All sorts of speeches and promises.  You know. The usual BS , and then back to business as usual.

EU Court of Justice outlaws ‘gay tests’ for asylum seekers claiming asylum on basis of homosexuality

By Europe correspondent Barbara Miller and wires

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled refugees claiming asylum on the basis of their homosexuality should no longer be subjected to tests to prove it.

The case follows controversy in recent years in the European Union over instances where asylum seekers were subjected to arousal tests or faced detailed questioning about their sexual behaviour.

The case was brought on behalf of three men whose asylum claims in the Netherlands were rejected on the basis that their assertions that they were gay, and would therefore face persecution if returned to their home countries, could not be proved.

The court ruled that while questioning asylum seekers about their sexual orientation was acceptable, questioning them about their sexual practices was not.

In the Dutch case, a court at the time said any attempt to verify the applicants’ homosexuality would likely violate the EU’s charter for fundamental rights, but referred the case to the ECJ to be sure.

The ECJ said interviews to determine “facts and circumstances” about the applicants’ declared sexuality were allowed.
But it stressed that questions about “sexual practices” breached their human rights.

Finally, the court ruled against what it said were offers by some applicants for “submission to possible ‘tests’ in order to demonstrate their homosexuality or even the production by those applicants of evidence such as films of their intimate acts”.

“The court makes clear that, besides the fact that such evidence does not necessarily have probative value, such evidence would of its nature infringe human dignity,” it said.

The ECJ added that it might also encourage other applicants to do the same, setting an illegal precedent.



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anarchist on the run with a price on his head that should be much higher

Yeah, no doubt readers are tired of the same old banging drum but damn if I don’t now even have a photograph of one of the major pukes I’ve told ppl about.

Anarchists aren’t anything new, been around since forever.  It’s just that as times became modern and technology advanced, so did they.

Some time ago I recall telling our readers that some of the riots we have had here, and much of the turmoil and property damage and general mayhem, was well organized by mostly foreign based scum who btw, made no secret of their doings.  In fact, I remember quoting one of them who said that anytime there was trouble anywhere regardless of the country, (including America) they sent their ppl to stir things up more, do more damage and train the willingly stupid.  Of course, they actually aren’t all that stupid or more of them would be caught.  The people who are dumb are the folks who run the joke called a justice system, because the police usually know who the top troublemakers are, and allow them to continue breathing.
Like the scum here.

While you’re all rightly concerned with the menace muslims represent, let me tell you because in all the time I spent in my home country (USA), I never read as much about these vermin or just how easy it is for them to infiltrate anything anywhere at will.  And they have boasted about it.
What make this latest instalment interesting, is that this miserable excuse for a human
has a price on his head.  Publicly.

£10,000 which translates to 15,598 in American dollars.  And he’s on the run.
Maybe he’ll have an accident and die in a ditch somewhere.  Yeah. Keep dreaming.
If I were a millionaire and at my age with so little to lose, I’d make an offer no killer would not consider.  Cos that’s all scum like this deserve.  Not trials and jail. 

And it would not be quick either.

There should be shooting contests for the police with cash prizes for the highest kill rate among the groups this ass wipe associates with and encourages.  Known looters and rioters should be treated the same. It’s long past time for the V everyone flashes when they can’t pose for a photo without doing that, to stand for Vigilante.  It would be wrong to think the police have no idea who the leaders are or no idea and proof as well, of the very dangerous among us. They should be taken off the leash and turned loose on the sub humans.

Badger, the middle class anarchist with £10k on his head: Son of nuclear expert and poet wanted for sabotage

Officers appeal for information on Huw Norfolk, 27, known as ‘Badger’
Will be questioned over phone mast fire set in protest at Brazil World Cup
Also want to speak to him about vandalism at offices of Bristol Post
£10,000 offered for information but police admit he may have fled abroad

By Arthur Martin for the Daily Mail

A middle-class anarchist suspected of causing criminal damage worth around £300,000 has had a £10,000 bounty placed on his head.


Huw Norfolk, the son of a poet and a nuclear energy adviser, has been on the run for three years.

Known as Badger, the heavily tattooed 27-year-old has links to anarchist communities across southern England, Europe and South America.

Unable to track him down, police have taken the ‘quite unique’ step for a crime of this nature by offering a financial reward of £10,000 for information as to his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, his parents have been left to deal with the humiliation of a manhunt for their son and have been questioned by police at the £700,000 family home in Cheltenham.

His father, Dr David Norfolk, 64, is a Cambridge-educated company director who specialises in nuclear energy. His company, Norfolk Garrett Consultancy, advises nuclear operators on environmental regulations.

His mother, Gill Garrett, 65, is a poet, writer and former lecturer. The couple have told Avon and Somerset Police they have ‘no clue as to his whereabouts’ and have had no contact with their son for some time.

The Norfolks also have a 29-year-old daughter who is a volunteer officer in the health and social care sector and an accomplished archer.

She attended Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham, one of the UK’s leading state schools. Their son is suspected of setting fire to a communications mast in Bath which caused about £300,000 worth of damage and knocked out the power to thousands of homes.

He is also accused of causing criminal damage to the Bristol Post newspaper office during the August 2011 riots.

Officers are investigating more than 100 incidents that have resulted in a combined £20million worth of damage and say they cannot rule out his links to these other attacks. Police first appealed locally for information on Norfolk’s whereabouts in 2011 but it yielded no results. His last known address was in Bristol city centre but police said he had could have fled the country by now.

A letter attributed to him and posted online in November 2011 said: ‘My decision is not to comply with my judicial persecution.’ With little to go on officers decided to put the £10,000 bounty on his head.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Bevan, who is leading the investigation, said: ‘Norfolk is wanted in connection with these two serious crimes and we’re asking the public to help us to find him.

The arson attack at Bathampton mast on January 3, 2013, caused damage worth several hundred thousand pounds and affected TV, radio and mobile phone signals to thousands of homes and businesses, including sole and small-scale traders and independent businesses that rely on their telephones to work and trade.

‘It robbed many people of their only lifeline in the event of an emergency and put the lives of thousands of innocent adults and children at risk.’

He said the incident at the Bristol Post building, which saw windows smashed and paint thrown at it, caused thousands of pounds worth of ‘mindless criminal damage’.

‘Both incidents caused huge disruption to the lives of innocent people and we’re taking them extremely seriously,’ DCI Bevan added.

Norfolk is white, of a slight build and around 5ft 9in. He has green eyes and sometimes wears spectacles.

The anarchist is known to regularly change his appearance and give false details, including the name of Geoffrey or Howard.



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ObamaCare Annoyance

I am being a good citizen and trying to use the page to set myself up for 2015. While it sure is better than last year, I’m still going around and around. I got everything done yesterday but I must have made a mistake, so today I have to delete that application form and do the whole thing over. There is no other way. Once the form is complete, you can’t change it. If you have to change it, you have to kill it first, then do the whole thing over again. Which takes quite some time. An hour or two, maybe more. Gak.

“Welcome to the Marketplace!”


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Well, this outta get tongues wagging. Not sure what I think.

The make up ppl say she isn’t even wearing actual lipstick.  Read the article for info on that.

There is no question in my mind that although she is already becoming a successful pre teen model, this is one very beautiful young girl.
Now come the serious question.

Can her look be seen as a sexy one?

Her mother says no and that anybody who sees her daughter as “sexy” is a pedophile.

Not so sure I agree.  I think a pedophile prefers children to begin with. Least that’s what I have read.  They target children almost exclusively. 

However, I think there’s a huge difference between criminal behavior or leanings to that, and seeing the image here as quite a sexual appearance for a 9 year old.

See the link and take a good look at all the photos.

One thing is certain tho.  She doesn’t get these looks from mummy.  There’s a goddess at work here somewhere.


EXCLUSIVE - ‘You must think like a paedophile to see sex in these pictures… go see a doctor’:  Mother of world’s most beautiful girl defends ‘provocative’ images that show her nine-year-old daughter in hotpants

Kristina, aged nine, is ‘world’s most beautiful girl’ with supermodel career
Mother posts images to millions of followers oan Facebook and Instagram
But critics say the pictures of nine-year-old in shorts are too provocative
Men have posted comments such as ‘sexy legs’ and mum was attacked
Today Glikeriya hits back at ‘paedophile critics’ with sick imaginations

By Will Stewart In Moscow for MailOnline


The mother of a child supermodel dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ has attacked ‘paedophiles’ who say she is sexualising her daughter by posting provocative pictures of her.

Kristina Pimenova is just nine years old but has become a worldwide sensation after pictures of her triggered a storm of criticism on Facebook and Instagram.

Today her mother Glikeriya Pimenova, who runs the social media accounts and posted the pictures, hit back in an exclusive interview with MailOnline, saying: ‘I do not accept those accusations about sexualisation of my child.

‘I am certain in my mind all her photographs are absolutely innocent. I have never asked her to take this or that pose, and in fact I must say she does not especially like it when I am photographing her, so I do it quickly and when she doesn’t notice.’

Innocent pictures of Kristina, whose impressive achievements have already seen her starring in adverts for Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Benetton, became the subject of disturbing comments online.

But Glikeriya, 39, told MailOnline: ‘You must think like a paedophile in order to see something sexual in these pictures, so it is time for you to see a doctor.

‘Some years ago I posted a picture of little Kristina on the beach in the Maldives hugging her three soft toys and laughing.

‘She was holding all her toys in front of her chest and hugging them, and you know what comments I got to this picture?


‘’Oh, she is covering her breasts because she thinks she has something to hide!’ Can you believe it? I think people who post something like this have serious psychological problems.’

Sipping fruit tea and clearly stung by the accusations, Glikeriya insists ‘All her ‘poses’ are natural. She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.’

Glikeriya insists the problem is a minority who visit their own prejudices onto entirely innocent and beautiful pictures.

Her portfolio from a remarkable six year ‘career’ is simply astonishing, including Vogue and Armani, yet critics see a dark side with one commentator branding a photo of her in shorts as ‘creepy’ while a male user wrote worryingly: ‘I like it’.

Sitting in a fashionable Uzbek restaurant in the elite Krylatskoe district of Moscow, Glikeriya calmly sought to correct what she sees as the misplaced criticisms of her own motives, and her daughter’s poses.

‘We lived in France when I was expecting Kristina,’ explained Glikeriya, dressed simply in jeans, a pink jumper and Loius Vitton scarf. At the time, her husband played for FC Metz.

‘I went to Moscow to give birth and soon afterwards returned to France, so Kristina was born in Russia,’ she said.

‘Until the age of three we lived in France and I was astonished to see the amount of attention she attracted from people who saw her.

‘In any public place we visited, people just surrounded her and keep repeating ‘Oh, such a sweet child’, ‘look at her’, and similar comments.

‘Kristina really enjoyed such attention but it was only abroad, I am afraid. When we came back to Russia it was a shock for my child.

‘I remember she was sitting in her pram as I pushed her, and she kept smiling to everybody who passed by, but nobody cared. She turned to me with pure shock on her face - what’s wrong?

‘But I knew she was cute and decided to give it a try. I browsed the internet and found the model agency for children with the most attractive and easy to understand website, and sent them Kristina’s photographs.

‘We were invited for a chat and she was added to their database. Her first photo session took place a little before her fourth birthday. When she turned four, we had our first portfolio done.’
I do not accept those accusations about sexualisation of my child
Glikeriya Pimenova

Her ‘career’ exploded as Kristina’s image was demanded both in Russia and worldwide. Her daughter’s Facebook has more than 2.1 million likes, and she has 315,000 followers on Instagram.




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Racist Death Protest

Whites Not Welcome At Die-In Campus Protest

How much more shit are these dumb-ass cracka fools gonna swallow? Lay it on ‘em, bro.

Columbia, MO. — Organizers of a recent Ferguson protest at the University of Missouri requested “only people of color” take part in the event’s “die-in,” one element of a larger demonstration that prompted at least two classes to be shelved so students could participate.

“During the demonstration we will hold a ‘die-in’ in the student center. We are asking that only people of color be the ones to do so,” event organizers stated in an email obtained by The College Fix. “We are asking non-people of color to stand holding hands in solidarity.”

“The ‘die-in’ is meant to represent black bodies that are killed unjustly. It was requested that others stand in a circle holding hands,” student Ebony Francis told The College Fix in a telephone interview.

When asked what he thought of organizers’ stipulation that only people of color be involved in the “die-in,” Beaman, who is white, said “if they are trying to make a message that is against racism, I think they may have failed. The email makes it appear as if white people are not victims of police brutality. Like it’s only a black issue.”

During the protest, organized by representatives from the Legion of Black Collegians, MU NAACP, and MU4MikeBorwn, participants chanted slogans such as “Black lives matter!” and “No racist police. No justice! No Peace!” and read the names of black people who have been killed in acts of violence by police and civilians.

One would have to assume that “civilians” also includes other black people, so long as they aren’t in uniform. So without mentioning that little fact, the reading list could be nearly infinite. And the dipshit moonbat undergrads wouldn’t know shit from shinola.

But it’s the exclusivity of this nonsense protest that’s drawing my ire today. Unity and solidarity are not welcome here.

And of course, the solution is beyond obvious:
a) Black people, stop breaking the damn law. Doing drugs, stealing shit, running hoes, rapin’, robbin’, bustin’ caps fo fun, taggin the walls wit yo colorz, carrying yo protection without a permit, beatin’ yo woman, drivin drunk, drivin yo beat-ass car with no papers ... all of that shit is agin da law!!
b) When the po-po catch you, stay caught! Stop right there, hands up, lay down. You know your granny’s gonna bail you out anyway, so take the ride downtown and get a free meal out of it.

One is really starting to hope somebody like Fox News puts together some stats that show just how few “unjustified” black deaths come at the hands of the Man every year. I bet it’s damn few. Of course, if you move the goalposts so far over the horizon that EVERY black death is unjustified ("How dare you shoot my boy, just because he was about to shoot that store clerk! He wasn’t harming you any! Why didn’t you just walk away!!??"), and all arrests as well (thank you Eric Holder) then you’re leaving it up to the white community to solve the problem. And we’ve been hoarding guns and ammo for years now for exactly this exigency.  Trust me black people, you do not want to go there.


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is it ever too early for eye candy?

When one does things in the dead of night cos one has insomnia .... sometime we forget the names and simply call em screen shots.

Not to worry. Drew will know.


[ Drew IDs the model as Ginger from Met-Art, and adds that she looks pretty good with straight hair too. Pretty good work {pats self on back, pat pat pat} considering Peiper’s post isn’t even up yet!! ]

See More Below The Fold


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Cheaper By The Day

$1.99 Gas !!!

And I thought things were really looking up when the price at our local station dropped to $2.53 yesterday.

A gas station in Oklahoma City has won the race to $2 gas. said Wednesday an OnCue Express in Oklahoma City dropped its price 12 cents to $1.99 a gallon, becoming the first U.S. station to charge less than $2 a gallon since July 2010.

In a post on GasBuddy’s website, senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said drivers in Texas, South Carolina and Missouri may soon see $2 gas as well. Areas near Houston, Spartanburg and St. Louis are currently the lone metro areas within 20 cents of reaching the milestone.

Gas prices have rapidly declined in recent months, following in the footsteps of a selloff in oil. On Wednesday, West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures recovered 50 cents to settle at $67.38 a barrel, but New York Harbor gasoline dropped to a five-year low of roughly $1.80 a gallon.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Americans are paying an average of $2.74 per gallon, 51 cents cheaper than a year earlier.


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Up And Away?

NASA to launch Orion capsule in short minutes.

It’s a test launch.

At T Minus 4 minutes, there was a little hold on the liguid oxygen valve on one of the boosters. Holding, with 1:15 minutes left in today’s launch window. Ready for recycle now ...


Watch it live online here

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – With the imminent debut of its Orion spacecraft, NASA is on a high not felt since the space shuttle days.

Shuttle veterans, in fact, are leading the charge in Thursday morning’s two-orbit, 4½-hour test flight, meant to shake out the capsule before astronauts climb aboard — eventually, perhaps, to visit Mars.

“We haven’t had this feeling in a while, since the end of the shuttle program,” said Mike Sarafin, the lead flight director stationed at Mission Control in Houston. “Launching an American spacecraft from American soil and beginning something new, in this case exploring deep space.”

Orion is set to fly farther than any human-rated spacecraft since the Apollo moon program, aiming for a distance of 3,600 miles, more than 14 times higher than the International Space Station.

That peak altitude will provide the necessary momentum for a 20,000-mph, 4,000-degree entry over the Pacific. Those 11 short minutes to splashdown is what NASA calls the “trial by fire,” arguably the most critical part of the entire test flight. The heat shield at Orion’s base, at 16.5 feet across, is the largest of its kind ever built.

Navy ships were stationed near the recovery zone off the Mexican Baja coast.

... Lovin’ it. The toubleshooting plan for the sticky valve is to pressurize the tanks and then cycle the valves half a dozen times. In other words, pump it up and give things a good shake. Rocket Science talk for “give it a kick and see if that fixes it”. ... 45 minutes remaining in today’s launch window ...

NASA is currently streaming video from their Ikhana drone over the splashdown point in the Pacific, code named POINT McGOO. Woo hoo!!

(wazzat? “Mugu”. Oh. Crivens.) Nevermind. It’s “Point Mugu”, off the coast of California.

Ikhana, NASA’s remotely piloted, unmanned aircraft system, will be used Dec. 4 to capture video of the Orion crew module Exploration Flight Test 1 as the module descends through the atmosphere into the Pacific Ocean.
The aircraft’s camera, mounted on the plane’s underside, will generate a live video feed of the descent. Ikhana was acquired by NASA in November 2006 to support Earth science missions and advanced aeronautical technology development.
While Ikhana loiters at 27,000 feet altitude, the infrared camera will detect the capsule. Once the camera has located and acquired the Orion module, the camera operator will switch to an optical camera that will observe Orion’s descent through parachute deployment and splashdown.

Ikhana is an MQ-9 Predator B drone, one of the big ones. Guess NASA had no real need for machine guns or MRAPS in the big government Big Government Big Stuff Giveaway so they took one of these babies instead.

... clock reset, 11 minutes to go ...

CRAP Today’s launch has been scrubbed. Better safe than sorry, the engineers are going to go and manually check the valves. So I guess that means the tanks have to be drained and so forth. Tune in tomorrow, and we’ll try it again.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 03, 2014

Mob Rule

Also known as ‘democracy’. Give us what we want or we will trash businesses in our neighborhood and blame the fact that businesses don’t immediately relocate to our neighborhood as racism.

What we seem to have in Ferguson, and other such places, is grown children crying. “I spilled my milk and it’s your fault!”

Now you’ve spilled your milk and somebody got shot and killed for it.

How does it feel Ferguson? It’s your fault that Brown had an attitude that he could attack a police officer.

It’s your fault, Ferguson, that Brown had the attitude that he could rob a store in your neighborhood with impunity.

It’s your fault Ferguson.

Opinions Versus Facts


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calendar   Tuesday - December 02, 2014

Tips And Then Bed

Arrgggh, it’s been a hard day here.

I sat down to write one of my junior opus blog posts this afternoon. Got about two hours into it, half a gazillion links opened as tabs, following down the sides and back of the story, trying to see if I could create something new or a crisp way of serving up the old. And then. BRRiitttd. Power failure. Mid afternoon on a cloudy heavy December afternoon in a room with the drapes drawn. Instant mineshaft. Dark as pitch. As is so often the case, the power comes back on again in about 20 seconds - I swear the folks at the power company are having their little joke - har har, we messed up all your digital devices and clocks and schedules etc - but then it blipped off again. And stayed off.

By 5:30 I was digging around for a flashlight for a sweater. We’re all electric here, so no power means no heat. And no oven, stove, microwave, or coffee pot.

By 7 I’d added a Polartec vest to my ensemble. And we decided we better go out to dinner. So we drove around until we found a place on a different power grid, and wound up having tortellini soup and a couple of nice calzones at the local Italian place. So that was nice. Got back here and the power came on just before 9, after I’d figured out that 8 low candles gives off a decent amount of light and provides a noticeable amount of heat. I was halfway through my playful thermodynamic back-of-napkin calculations ( result: 20 candles will keep a 10x12 room quite comfortable and bright, but you’ll smell like vanilla, bayberry, and sandalwood for a week ) when blblblbputblup, clink all the devices, telephones, and heaters came back on at once. And four hours later they’re still on. So fine.

That big post with all the research? Baah. Fuggedabowdit. Half the time those things don’t pan out anyway. Nevermind.

So. Tell me, do you read fiction, and if so, do you have a favorite author? Here’s a few of mine. Yeah, they’re all popular pulp authors. So? For me, Walmart is closer than the local library. Ok, they’re not highbrow stuff. But they all make good reading. I get the solid stuff from the library too. Hessler’s book on General Sickles, savior of Gettysburg was magnificent and very convincing. But it wasn’t a book I’d read more than twice. That rare one on Kings Arthur and Alfred I read this spring was very interesting. I gave both those books away.

These are some of my fun authors. Fun. Get it?

You know I’m a Terry Pratchett junkie. By nearly miraculous serendipity, I’ve caught his books in nearly chronological order completely by chance. I found Good Omens next to a couch at a really dull party I was made to attend in the early 90s, and it’s still one of the best reads ever. I’m proud to say I’m on my 3rd copy, the first two having been lent out knowing full well they’d never be seen again. So in a way I’ve watched him grow, from the silly early books to the really well written later stuff, and sadly, lately with the Parkinson’s, I’ve watched him grow old and be a bit past his prime. But his books are still like a visit with a cherished friend, which I return to again and again. Knowing full well he’s going to say the same stuff again as always, just as old friends and family do. “Did I ever tell you about that time I was pulled over?” “No, gosh, do tell!” (to self: Yes Dad, 50 times, we know the story by heart so well we all know where you’ll stop to draw a breath. But tell us anyway.)

Larry Niven was one of my early favorites when I lived for science fiction. Ringworld was such a big idea that it was mind blowing, but The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring were in some ways even better. Day to day life in a civilization living in a breathable, foggy, gas torus around a star. No real land, but ethereal, arboreal ponds, oceans, woods, meadows. Semi orbital life in almost no gravity, and everyone lives on gigantic redwoods miles long.  What an imagination. What a universe builder Niven is. Amazing. You know, I haven’t had any new Niven in ages. Maybe it’s time.

Wilbur Smith is my go-to guy for adventure here on Earth. And he is prolific. His 3 or 4 part series set in ancient Egypt, River God, follows the magical life of the most wonderful (and so modest. Not) know-it-all ever. Imhotep is just put to shame compared to Taita. And then there’s the Courtneys ... can anyone even count how many books in that centuries wide story arc? But his best works are the single book tales. Empire of the Sun, Sunbirds, and so on. Complete stories that will just suck you in and keep you fascinated until the end. Sure, there are a couple flops in there, and sometimes one has more than a hint of racism in it, but he’s been writing for 50 years now and times have changed quite a lot.

Dean Koontz has been my scary story guy forever. Not that Stephen King can’t turn a spooky phrase - It was by far the most frightening book I’ve ever read, and that was ages before they turned it into a crappy film with old John-Boy there. “Down here, we all float.” I just feel King is too full of himself. And Dean is a dog person. And nobody on the planet writes a better story from the dog’s perspective, and those shaggy happy vignettes put an icing of charm on darker tales. Pity that Koontz’s publisher is out to make a quick buck, and often recycles old stories as new ones. So you have to learn to check the inside flap; if it says “first published in 1981 as some other title” put it back and find another. It’s not like he doesn’t churn out a new book every 4 months.

Anne Rice. Nobody else can be Anne Rice. And nobody can be gayer than her swished out narcissistic Vampires. Still, when I can get past that aspect, the tales are often pretty darn good. I’ve read them all, but every once in a while I pull out one of her more obscure books, like Ramses, Pandora or Taltos and have a good weekend read. Servant of the Bones I think is one of her very best and deserves a spot on your Must Read list.

James Paterson for a good detective drama. He’s readable. That’s about all I can recall right now. So maybe he’s not that great. James Rollins hatched a few amazing adventure/sci-fi novels, but I think he’s being pushed to produce, and that leads to a lesser product.

Janet Evanovich, when I need/want a quick bit of silly. Her ever growing series on Stephanie Plum - 22 books now I think? - are all great weekended novels for the beach. Stephanie is such a goofball, a total “Joisey Goil” in need of a good man and a good donut - and a good car for once! - as she nearly accidentally solves murders all over her corner of NJ’s run down capital city Trenton. You can’t help but love her, but with grandma and her .45 long barrel in tow, you’d be smart to get out of the way.

Ok, my lovely cup of PG Tips tea seems to have emptied itself while I was typing away. Guess it’s time for bed.

And tomorrow I’ve got to get up early and go have another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat, but I have to turn around and drive back here so we can up until the next morning, but not because we have to go to court. *.


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calendar   Monday - December 01, 2014

so I guess white lives don’t matter … no white protesters anywhere burning anything

a joke for the jail time.

He’ll be out in three. And at some point it’ll all be the victim’s fault. 

Anybody here ready to believe he doesn’t have a criminal record?  I didn’t see it in the article, but would be willing to bet he’d been done for this sort of thing before but got lucky no deaths.


You took two lives, not one’: What judge told drugged driver who killed dancer and her unborn child after ploughing into her at 70mph

Paige Jackson, 22, was 28 weeks pregnant when she was hit by the car

Was killed instantly and emergency caesarean section failed to save baby

Floyd Mangove, 22, pleaded guilty to cause death by dangerous driving

He was sentenced to seven years in prison at Leicester Crown Court

By Andy Dolan for the Daily Mail


A dancer and her unborn baby were killed when a drug-fuelled driver mounted a kerb in his car, flew through the air and ploughed into them at more than 70mph.

Paige Jackson, 22, who was seven months pregnant with her first child, died instantly after being hit by the Volkswagen, which took off and spun 360 degrees after crashing into a sign in a 30mph zone.

Floyd Mangove – who had been drinking and smoking cannabis – has now been jailed for seven-and-a-half years, with victims’ relatives applauding the judge as he said: ‘I’m treating it as the death of more than one person.’

The 22-year-old, who had danced professionally and aspired to be a model, was killed shortly after setting off from home to walk to McDonald’s, where she was working extra shifts to earn cash in preparation for the birth.

Care worker Mangove, 22, who had climbed behind the wheel that February morning after a ‘rough night’, failed to negotiate a gentle right-hand bend before ploughing into the road sign.Martin Hurst, prosecuting, said: ‘His wheels locked and he mounted the pavement, demolishing a road sign with two upright posts which acted as a ramp, causing the car to take off and rotate 360 degrees, landing on its wheels.

‘In the course of the flight he struck Paige from behind, causing massive injuries to her head, abdomen and leg.’

He said the baby, who would otherwise have been born normally, died despite doctors’ best efforts. Mangove was arrested at the scene and found to have 142 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 80 micrograms.

He had been smoking cannabis. CCTV showed Mangove, from Leicester, was driving at between 71mph and 88mph in the build-up to the crash in the suburb of Aylestone.

continues here


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