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calendar   Sunday - December 14, 2014

Saved By My Impatience*

I’ve got some bit of wonderware running on this PC, watching over me and keeping me safe from the bad outside world full of viruses, trojans, bad clusters, fragmented files, and grubby Windows registry entries.

Most of the time Advanced SystemCare Ultimate just runs in the background, only interrupting me 3 or 5 times a day to do minor database update downloads. And then I bring the tool up every other day or so to run an in-depth file scan and a windows tune-up/junk dump/malware scan. Takes a few minutes, big deal. So I did one the other day, and when it got to the Windows Update (aka Vulnerability Fix) it just sat there. And sat there. And sat there.

Eventually I grew impatient and forced a reboot. Which caused a warning message like “If you reboot now, you may loose Windows Update 12 of 15! Wait? Y/N” and I was all, Och, tohellwiddit!, and forced the reboot. So Windows restarts, and the restart takes a sidestep while Windows shows me a “Windows is finishing installing the most recent updates” screen, which quickly stalls on update 12 of 15. This time I hit the power switch. I am the master here, you, machine, will do as you are told!!!  So on the reboot of the reboot, it wanted to launch in Safe Mode but I wouldn’t let it, so it left me a message that I had Windows updates waiting to be installed. Fine. Whatevs. When I get to it beyotch.

So tonight I get an email from this left wing guy I subscribe to. Yes, I’m on the left’s mailing lists. Well, a couple of them. Not all, not by far. This guy is mostly centrist, and only gets rabid and foamy around the gums once in a while. Mostly I just delete him, but today he sent out a warning about Windows. And he was right.

Microsoft messed up the other day, and issued a bad update on December 10th. Update KB3004394 can give you problems, especially if you need to install new drivers for advanced graphics cards. It can also cause Windows to hassle you about Authenticity on start-up.

Microsoft fixed the problem immediately, issuing an update patch that removes the bad update and replaces it with the proper bit of code. This patch is update KB3024777. Both were done through the automatic update feature of Windows (which I have permanently turned off), through manual update efforts, or through middleware system protection/management tools like my Advanced SystemCare.

The good news is that this only applied to 32 bit versions of Windows 7, SP2, with some sort of Server setting I think? Whatever ... it does not apply AT ALL to Windows 8, and it was not on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS. Whether because I coincidentally stopped it, or because it was not a Win Pro update, or whatever. I never had the bad update, and I never got the patch for it. Happy me.

Check to see if you have the update. It’s simple to do: Open Control Panel, select Programs, from there select Programs And Features, from there select Installed Updates. Look down to the Windows Update list, and see what you have that’s dated December 10, 2014 or newer.

Here are two links - the first tells you the story, the second is the download page for the patch from Microsoft.

There ya go. Even a lefty can be right about some things, even if it’s non-political tech. Maybe there’s some hope for us after all.

* If this was a left wing hippie site, I’d do anything I could to make this a flower power story so I could change the title to Saved By My Impatiens. hohoho. hurhurhur. I think it’s past my bedtime.


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A Two For One Deal


A small suspension bridge somewhere. Interesting use of a 3rd cable set to stabilize the hand rails, which are actually mounted pony-style to the cross beams under the decking.

And Ariel seems to be pretty well suspended too. Looking good, as always.


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must not raise voice in anger or shout at prisoners, soldiers told.

I just don’t have the patience for a long rant tonight. Or even a short one.

That the world has apparently come under the control of the pol. correct left there isn’t a doubt in my mind.  Things get crazier and crazier.
And people are so intimidated by a simple threat of being called ‘racist’ that the authorities go to extremes to prove how fair minded and diverse they are.

Here ... allow me to give you an example.  I give you my word, I am not making this up.
A woman spent an hour in court giving evidence. A whole hour.  Nobody said a word cos nobody wanted to offend or be thought a raaaaacist.
Nobody understood a word she said cos .... she couldn’t speak English and was speaking a form of Creole.  But after an hour someone recognized the language and things came to a tired end. 

Recently …. soldiers were told not to wear the uniform in public as there was evidence that attacks were being planned here.

Last week the police were told not to wear uniforms off duty or from home to work, but to change cloths once they arrived at the station.

Now comes word that “cadets” are asked to not wear their uniforms unless in a group but not on their own.
And that isn’t all.  These are children school cadets and the word has gone out to make searches of training areas and accommodations before setting up camp sites.

There is to be no wearing of uniforms when traveling to and from cadet activities.

The CIA apparently have been very bad boys (naughty-naughty) but even worse, gasp, it is reported that Brit Intel knew torture was used, in many cases while the Brits did not themselves ask questions of some detainees, they passed on questions to be asked by the Americans and so therefore, the (once upon a time United Kingdom) is just as guilty as the evil American outta control CIA.

Even that isn’t all.
It’s reported in the media that Brit agents or soldiers carried out torture as well and an investigation is, as I write this, being demanded of Brit actions.

Certain people are now coming out of the wood work claiming they’d been tortured, civil rights lawyers are collecting evidence, one man says (might be true btw) that after he escaped from Gadaffi ‘s regime and came to the UK, the Brits returned him and he spent yrs in prison being tortured. 
So that’s all a bit of background.  But why quit here?

This is in the papers today, I thought you might be interested.

It’s in our Daily Mail and all can be found at the Mail on line.

Our faith condones raping underage slaves: ISIS publishes shocking guidebook telling fighters how to buy, sell and abuse captured women

The Arabic manual, titled Questions And Answers On Taking Captives And Slaves, instructs IS fighters on how to buy and sell women and girls who have been captured in war as booty.

The document, published by the Research and Fatwa Department of IS, gives its fighters the green light to turn captured women into slaves and concubines, and even give them as gifts to one another.

The document has been obtained by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute and translated into English.
British terrorism experts, who have studied the document, have concluded it is genuine.

They have condemned the manual – which answers questions dealing with sex with slave girls, their status as the master’s property, and how to beat them – as ‘disgusting’, saying it harks ‘back to the Dark Ages’.

In the guide, one question asks: ‘Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?’

The response is: ‘It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.’

Another asks: ‘Is it permissible to sell a female captive?’ The response is: ‘It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of.’

The document says that all ‘unbelieving’ women, including Jews and Christians, can be taken as captives and sold as slaves. However, it prohibits the enslavement of Muslim women, even if they have become apostates.

Here’s more but shorter.

‘I was waterboarded by UK Special Forces’: Pakistani captive details horrific abuse by British troops before being handed to US interrogators
Yunus Rahmatullah, released in May after ten years in captivity, says his British captors beat him, dragged him along the ground behind a vehicle and threw him in a pen containing dogs

And from a very right wing Peter Hitchens comes this headline.

PETER HITCHENS: Corrupted and defeated by our own shameful cruelty
The truth remains that it is more likely that an eagle will drop a tortoise on your head from the sky than that you will be affected by terrorism in your entire life.

I’ll just add this one but I could go on for pages of people confessing as if it were the inquisition. 

I saw British agents at secret torture sites, says boss of CIA’s brutal interrogation programme
Admission by Dr James Mitchell comes after an explosive report by the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared to go to great lengths not to implicate MI5 or the Secret Intelligence Service.

I’m almost at the end , I just want you to know these few are just that. A few example of maybe hundreds.
And all of this has led to something I want you to see.

Here bmews readers, is the result of all the mea culpas.

British troops are banned from shouting at insurgent terror suspects in soft-touch new rules for interrogation

Military chiefs have warned that troops are ‘no longer able’ to carry out tactical questioning, placing the lives of soldiers at serious risk. They have been banned from banging their fists and using ‘insults’.

The new rule of the day .... kiss, kiss


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calendar   Saturday - December 13, 2014

Holiday Treats To Eat

You’ll want to save this recipe. It’s so good, and super easy to make.

Granny’s Mincemeat Bars


Only an hour old, after cooling


By Monday Morning, and it’s just the two of us here

A family recipe handed down from my actual grandma. I’m getting into the holiday spirit, so I’m willing to share.
I made this today with vegetable shortening, and it came out great.

1 jar of mince meat, 25-29oz
3/4 Cup vegetable oil or shortening
3/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup molasses
1 & 1/2 Cup sifted white flour
2 cups quick cooking oats (quick cooking oatmeal)
3/4 Teaspoon salt

Cream shortening and add sugar gradually beating until fluffy. 
Add molasses.  Beat in dry ingredients.  Mix well.

[ lazy way: Combine shortening, sugar, and molasses in a medium large mixing bowl, go at it with the mixer until it looks like damp sand. Add salt to flour, sift directly over shortening mixture. Beat on high speed for about a minute. Pour oats over that. Mix it for another minute. ]

Spread 1/2 of oatmeal mixture over 9x 13 well greased pan. Spread mince meat over oatmeal mix and then spread other 1/2 of oatmeal mix over the mince meat.  Press firmly with a solid metal spatula.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 to 40 minutes. Let stand until cold.

Cut in strips, or brownie sized pieces, and wrap in wax paper and store in covered box. Will keep a week or longer ( In 85 years we’ve never found out how long they keep. Generally they’re gone in 2 days. )

* Lightly dust cooled bars with confectioner’s sugar.
* Substitute 1/4 cup softened butter for 1/4 cup of the shortening.
* add 1/4 cup brown sugar and another tablespoon of molasses to make it a bit sweeter.
* I used large grained Kosher salt, but you could use regular salt. That will increase the salty aspect, which is fine with this sweet and fruity recipe
* Mix in a shot of dark rum, or a shot of Grand Marnier, to the mincemeat ahead of time. If you use genuine Kirschwasser, use only 1/2 shot. OTOH, you could sprinkle some booze on after they’re done, then seal it up for a couple days like rum balls.

Tips - Really grease that pan; don’t be cheap. If you use a glass pan, check things at 25 minutes; I did today’s batch in a glass pan for 40 minutes, and they were slightly overdone. 30 minutes was enough.

The very original copy of this recipe called for a box of mincemeat, but gave no instructions on how much water to use to reconstitute it. Nonesuch’s website says to add just 1/4 cup of water (or apple cider I’ve heard) to a 9oz box to give the same density as what comes in a jar these days. But volume-wise, you’d need almost 3 boxes worth to make this. Maybe mincemeat used to come in a much bigger box.


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calendar   Friday - December 12, 2014

kops miss golden opportunity as some suggest American cops should be this stupid also.

So as expected there are the usual comments like; American cops could learn from the cops here.
Yeah.  How to be stupid maybe.

So this creep with an air rifle and scope, but does one know for sure that’s all it is, manages a stand off for something like three hours.

Betcha some folks are already saying, yeah but they didn’t kill the shit cos he wasn’t black or muslim.

Take a gander at this lunacy.  Some day in the future this creep will do something that ppl will look back on and maybe think he should have been shot dead.  He outta be dead just for looking creep like.

See the link and all the photos. All those cops, an armed squad, this wanker is pointing a weapon at them but the keystone kops are oh so civilized, they don’t delete the bastard.  Jerks.

Terrifying moment teenage gunman took aim at police on Scottish island - and was seconds from being shot by armed officers

Samuel Barlow, 16, roamed around Shetland Mainland brandishing rifle at residents during incident in September
Every officer in Shetland was called to incident while specially-trained officers from Inverness were also flown in
Residents urged to stay indoors as police dealt with ‘serious’ situation which had a ‘major impact’ on community
Barlow - who admitted four charges of assault - was moments away from being shot during stand-off, court heard

By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline

This is the terrifying moment a teenage gunman aimed his weapon at armed police officers, sparking a major firearms incident on a Scottish island.

Samuel Barlow was moments away from being shot by specially-trained firearms officers as he roamed around Shetland Mainland, brandishing his rifle in front of frightened residents.

Armed police almost opened fire at the 16-year-old as he repeatedly pointed his rifle at officers during the stand-off in September.


But a court heard how it was only the professionalism and courage of officers - who initially had no idea what type of gun Barlow was wielding - which prevented the stand-off ending in Barlow’s death. 

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie told the Lerwick Sheriff Court: ‘I am not sure if the accused appreciates how close he became to being shot by police.’

The court heard how the incident - which lasted for several hours - had a ‘major impact on the community’.

At the height of the incident, every available officer in Shetland was called out and specially-trained officers from Inverness were flown in to provide back-up.

Residents were also urged to stay indoors as police dealt with the ‘extremely serious’ situation.

The shocking scenes emerged after Barlow, who was dressed in camouflage trousers and a beige top, was first seen walking with a rifle near Scord quarry, at the outskirts of Scalloway, shortly after midday.

Two police officers, alerted by concerned islanders, were unable to approach Barlow and had to take refuge behind a fire station building as he took aim at them.

After taking to the hills, Barlow appeared in the Westerloch area of Lerwick, the main town, later the same afternoon.

He walked through several people’s gardens, threatened locals and aimed his rifle at police officers who were trying to negotiate a peaceful solution to the stand-off.

Mr Mackenzie added: ‘999 calls were now coming in thick and fast, and a major police incident was declared. It is difficult to convey the concern that there was.’

At that stage, police did not know who they were dealing with and with what type of weapon Barlow was carrying, the court heard.

Mr Mackenzie said there had been a number of occasions where officers had to decide whether to fire, he added.

Unhappy with the police negotiators, Barlow then moved out of view again. Officers decided to ‘move beyond containment’ and make ‘an aggressive approach towards him’.

Mr Mackenzie said: ‘This was a very dangerous situation police officers were in. At the very end, only as the accused was restrained, it was confirmed he had only an air rifle.

‘The accused owes the officers a debt of gratitude for their professionalism and indeed their courage. It was very close to a fatal outcome.’

At the hearing Barlow – who was described as an inmate of Polmont Young Offenders’ Institution, near Falkirk, Stirlingshire – admitted four charges of assault and one of abusive and threatening behaviour.

Barlow’s sentencing was deferred until January 7 for psychological and psychiatric reports.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan said he would wait for the psychological report before addressing the court in mitigation. His application for his client to be released on bail was refused.

Sheriff Philip Mann said he had no other option than to keep Barlow in custody and warned him that a custodial sentence was very much a possibility.

cops miss good opportunity to improve the community. see it here.


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a straight flush

Snake Me Once, And Snake Me Twice, And Snake Me Once Again ...

The plumber guy is gone now, and I have a cleanly draining sink. Yee. Ha.

Turns out I wasn’t doing anything wrong with my power snake auger yesterday. I just wasn’t doing it enough.

Plumber shows up this morning, brings his own powered drain snake. Runs it down, no clog. “Looks like a grease build up.” Ok fine. Puts everything together again, runs the water ... and it’s not draining. So he does it again. Nope. So he does it again. And then again. And that was enough. “Sometimes you have to just keep doing it.”

I see. I could have saved a chunk of money by just persevering.  So between the two of us, the sixth time was the charm. Yikes.

There’s a snarky remark to be made here about my drain cleaning efforts “not auguring well” for the foreseeable future, but I’ll let it slide this time. And another one about his drain snake being bigger. And several other “double intenders”.

Meanwhile, I’ve got 3 days worth of dishes to get clean.

And a new expensive bottle of bio-clean greasy pipe cleaner to use weekly from now on. Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Money well spent. I hope.

... and the first load in the dishwasher is draining ... and not a drop of water came up in the sink. We. Are. Good. To. Go.


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Your Morning Gak


I was going to call this “your morning wake up call”, but if you aren’t awake already, it’s too late. You’re probably dead.

So, here’s to the GOP, the Gasbags Of Putrescence. Who, having won a huge victory in the mid-term elections, put up a gigantic 3 second fight against Obama’s virtual, not actually existent or signed, Executive Order on amnesty before caving. And went right back to being the chumsy Old Boys Club, spending unimaginable amounts of money they don’t really have on things that make no sense. Business as usual, government by fools and thieves.

House Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama joined forces today to push their respective party members to provide 219 votes--one more than was needed--to ensure passage of an omnibus government funding bill that permits the administration to spend money implementing Obamacare and Obama’s planned unilateral actions that will effectively amnesty as many as five million illegal aliens.

The bill, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will allow the administration to spend $1,188,927,000,000 on discretionary government programs. It provides funding for amost all of the government through the end of this fiscal year--which occurs on Sept. 30, 2015--and for the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. 27, 2015.

Because it does not prohibit the president from using appropriated money to implement his plan to legalize illegal aliens, the president may move forward--drawing taxed and borrowed money from the Treasury--to carry out this plan.

The bill also allows the president to withdraw taxed and borrowed money from the Treasury to continue implementing Obamacare.

Additionally, the bill also does not prohibit the administration from continuing its annual federal grants to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Nor does it include language prohibiting the administration from continuing to enforce the regulations it issued under Obamacare requiring almost all health-care plans in the United States to provide co-pay free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

More at the link, but mostly the article then spins off into an anti-abortion death spiral.


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calendar   Thursday - December 11, 2014

Know When To Say When

Actually, I said $%^*!!##$@@@)~~!!#$%!

I surrender. I can’t unclog the drain. Time to call a plumber.


I even drove all the way to effin’ Flemington to get one of those 25’ auger things that goes on a power drill. I’ve been at this shite for hours. I could’ve sworn I ran the thing in a good 16 feet, back and forth, time after time, forward and reverse, which is much further than needed to hit the main drain line. I think. God knows. Everything else here is built ASAP (as stupid as possible) so I’m sure the plumbing is a total ... um ... Abyssinian Rig down under the floors.


I think I’ll pour myself a nice rum & coke & rum & rum.



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Invisible Bridge

You’ve heard about infinity pools, right? The ones where the edge of the pool seems to blend in with the horizon, and the pool sort of disappears ...


Here’s an infinity bridge.


Pretty hard to see, isn’t it? Maybe we should call it an invisible bridge.

Actually, it has the nickname of the Moses Bridge, because it parts the waters as if by magic.

Like everything else in life, it’s a matter of perspective ...


... because what they are calling a sunken bridge actually floats. The bridge is made of wood.


Pretty cool. This sweet bit of architecture spans the moat at Fort De Roovere, a 17th Century earthen fort in The Netherlands.


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A Moderate Muslim Speaks

A Crusade By Any Other Name

no no no, call it a “War On Theocrats”

but don’t mention that islamist theocracy is the only theocracy that needs fighting against

better than silence, I guess

Daniel Pipes: An Arab prince denounces Islamism

[ Sort of. Mostly. ]

In a remarkable but thus-far unnoticed address on Dec. 5, Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the crown prince of Bahrain (an island kingdom in the Persian Gulf and home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet), candidly analyzed the Islamist enemy and suggested important ways to fight it.

Prince Salman, 45 and widely acknowledged to be the Bahraini royal family’s principal reformer, opens his remarks by addressing the inaccuracy of the phrase, “War on Terror.” The time has come, he says “for us to get rid of” a term that dates back to 9/11. “It is a bit misleading, it is not the entirety and the totality of our conflict” but merely a “tool” and a tactic.

He goes on in flawless English [ Pipes, you RAYCIS bastard! ] to place the current conflict in historical context: “If I think back in the last century, we faced a very different foe. We faced communism and we faced it together. But when we faced communism we understood it as an ideology. Terrorism is not an ideology.”

He notes that “we are not only fighting terrorists, we are fighting theocrats.” As Salman uses this term, theocrats are men “placed at the top of a religious ideology who [have] the power by religious edict to strip someone … of their hereafter – and use [religious power] for political gains.” They are also tyrants, isolationists, and misogynists who will need to be fought “for a very long time.” He scorns them for being “very much like the seventeenth century” and having “no place in our modern twenty-first” century.

He urges us “to discard the term ‘War on Terror’ and focus instead on the real threat, which is the rise of these evil theocracies”; to this end, he proposes to replace “War on Terror” with his formulation: a “War on Theocrats.” This concept, he hopes, will make it possible to “start to put together the military, social, and political – and maybe even economic – policies in a holistic manner to counter this, as we did with communism.” In perhaps the outstanding line of the speech, he states that “it is the ideology itself that must be combatted. It must be named, it must be shamed, it must be contained, and eventually it must be defeated.”

Read the rest to see how he dithers and avoids “saying the ‘I word’ “, and also the interesting news that the UAE (United Arab Emirates, a country over there) has just placed CAIR (the American group Council on American-Islamic Relations) on it’s list of terrorist organizations. Dig that. A group of Arabs is calling a spade a spade, and labeling an American PAC a terrorist group. Damn straight, Skippy!


Meanwhile, perhaps coincidentally, the khanjars are out, as the OPEC states continue their backstabbing game of “Et tu, Achmed”:

Oil prices plummet worldwide as OPEC infighting intensifies
Open sniping between leading members of OPEC put new downward pressure on oil prices, with the price of benchmark U.S. crude falling another 5 percent, or $3.07, to $60.75 a barrel in trading Wednesday. Oil prices, which topped $107 this summer, have now fallen more than 40 percent since June.
In a clear dig at global leader Saudi Arabia, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Wednesday angrily denounced what he called a “conspiracy against the Muslim world” in the cartel’s failure to cut back production even as prices have plunged. With far lower production costs, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf producers can still turn a healthy profit even at today’s current depressed prices, while higher-priced producers such as Iran, Venezuela and Russia cannot.

Many in Iran, a Shiite-dominated regime, see the oil price fall as an extension of the battle for influence in the region with Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies in the region.

“The fall in crude price is not merely an economic issue,” Mr. Rouhani told reporters in Tehran. “Iran and people of the region will not forget such conspiracies — or, in other words, treachery — against the interests of the Muslim world.”

A top Iranian oil official on Tuesday warned an industry conference in Dubai that unless leading producers can find common ground, the world could be looking at prices as low as $40 a barrel in the coming months.

Works for me. Both parts. It IS a crusade, and the price of oil can’t drop fast enough or far enough in my opinion. Winter is upon us, and people need fuel oil at a good price. Plus, cheap gasoline and diesel will get the economy rolling again. Literally. Gas is now $2.49 or less around here, at just about every gas station in 3 counties. Good. That makes it only $1/g more expensive than it should be. Get the price down to $20/bbl so that only the Saudis are pumping, then suck them dry.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 10, 2014

I’m Bailing, RedHead Four Play

Seriously, I am bailing. Bailing out the kitchen sink. Got some kind of clog in the drain. Thought at first it was the garbage grinder, but the blockage is further down. Took apart the P-trap, got out a coat hanger, went at it. Dug it in all the way, about 2 feet. Went in several times too. Nothing. Put it all back together ... still clogged. Tried the old boiling water thing. Pot of water so big I could have done pasta for 8. Nope. Still clogged. Ran the dishwasher, in hopes that the hot water under pump pressure would blow it out. Nope. Just gave me a sink full of hot dirty water.

Umpteen trips back and forth with a plastic bucket, and I sort of have things figured out. The tub upstairs drains. The toilet upstairs flushes. The sink upstairs drains. The washing machine downstairs, on the other side of the kitchen, drains. The kitchen sink doesn’t drain. Which implies that the clog is under the kitchen floor, before it hits the main house drain under the hallway. So the clog is between 2 and 12 feet away from the P-trap.

So now what? Take a ride to Home Depot tomorrow morning, get one of those 25 foot auger snakes for $25. Fart around with that for a bit, hope it works. I really don’t want to have to shell out the cash for Roto-Guy to make a house call.

So, distracted by all this fun, which also kept me from even cooking dinner until almost 9, I made a terrible mistake. Carrying a bucket of dirty water up to the toilet, I glanced in at the TV. “Hey, it’s that big Red from that Dome show!”. Wrongo. “No” she says, “it’s that big Red from that funny gay show.” And it was! Maybe I should turn in my spotter’s card. And just bail.

image  image

So I dumped the bucket (didn’t kick it) and took a break and watched the new Adventures of Laura for a few minutes. It’s Ok. I give it more chance that that new The Librarians thing we tried to watch last night, which has the Double Death Whammy working against it - it starts Rebecca Romjin, who is so so beautiful but a total show killer. Time after time. And it’s a remake of that goofy shit Warehouse 13 only with better looking people. Oh come on. The premier episode featured the Artifact - called that by name no less - of King Arthur’s crown. And Excalibur was the Librarian’s sort-of magical dog-object-buddy. Until it stabbed him. A little. Gak. Loser. 7 episodes and then it’s into the toilet. The unclogged toilet. But at least I only confused the redhead (Lindy Booth) on that show with Fred for a second. Amy Acker lives on Person of Interest these days, but she’ll always be Fred from Angel to me. Even with a red rinse.

See More Below The Fold


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speed test

No, not internet speed.

Brain speed.

Doc sent me a link to a somewhat topical IQ-ish exam. 30 questions, multiple choice. 8 seconds per question. Yikes!

Don’t worry, you’ll score better the second time around. Probably. You will remember the answers geared for the kids though.

Smart or Stoopid. ( I’d tell ya ta click it, but if you can’t figure that one out, sheesh, don’t bother taking the actual test. )

Phooey ... I was hoping for a Wiley E. Coyote trophy. All I got was a brain. And something about 63% of the population.



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It’s Nowhere on both ends


Peiper’s corner of the world. It’s a bowstring arch box girder pony truss, a pedestrian walkway built around 1885. External lateral pipe struts were added at a later date to reduce vibration; not from the people walking on it but from the ground shaking around it. Earthquakes? No, trains. The building behind it is now a car park, but once was a railroad station. The railroad is long gone, tracks and yards as well, and even the name of the place has changed from it’s original Cheese Hill. Or ceoselJust this bridge remains. I don’t think it even has a footpath. It’s just a bit of scenic ... stuff.

Cities grow and shrink, and always change. And they change the landscape around them, for better or worse.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/10/2014 at 11:38 AM   
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Stay healthy

For those thinking about getting a flu shot:

The last time I had the flu was 1991. Collapsed on my mail route in a snow drift. Customer helped me back to my car. Returned to the office and the doctor sent me home for three days. Temp was 103º. Should have been hospitalized. Yes, I’d gotten the flu shot a week before. Never again!

Have I had the flu since? Probably. I shrugged it off as the common cold. I swear the gov’t gave me the flu that year. I’ve refused all flu shots since.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 12/10/2014 at 12:34 AM   
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