Sarah Palin is the only woman who can make Tony Romo WIN a playoff.

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you see what we have to deal with?

"You see what I have to deal with?” is a common phrase between blacks, used to show the level of racism/white-ism/general anti-blackness in their lives. Sometimes it’s used as humor. Sometimes not. You, white boy, will never know.

But what’s good for the goose ...


She honestly belives this. And she’s been elected. To Congress. Several times in a row IIRC.


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A Really Great Idea

from around the internet ... an idea attributed to NFL broadcaster Jiggs McDonald ...been out there a couple years, but it’s as good as new ...

Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario, says,

“I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the proposed mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.”

“That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque; thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy,” and the other, a topless bar, would be called “You Mecca Me Hot.”

“Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs.”

“Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret,” with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods.”

“Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop, “Koranal Knowledge “, its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called “Morehammered.”

“All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us.”

I think this is a good start; I’d add a radical womyn’s center that was also a tattoo parlor and a dog grooming shop.


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here we go again.  theirrrrrr baaaaaack.

Well gosh isn’t this a surprise.

Here we go again, and more than likely many of the same who were active the last time are at it again now.

See what happens when they are left alive and breathing?  They come back. Again and again.  Just as I have said they will. But then, you knew that also. Too bad the authorities haven’t cottoned on to the fact that killing these scum would solve the problem. And don’t use Syria or Libya as examples, cos those folks think dying make em something special.
But if you’re dealing with the likes of these scum, killing a few hundred (in the most painful manner possible) really would frighten the face covered vermin.  In the middle east they always expect to die anyway and most don’t have a cushy life to live.
But these asswipes do. These folks not only don’t expect to die, they doubt they’ll even get more than a minor boo-boo and a slap on the wrist.

Look at the bastard about to smash that window behind which are two women bothering nobody and having nothing to do with whatever (false) protest these shits are wailing over. Look at him. Does anyone think he cares about the possible outcome?

Now, cut his hands off, both of them, and he won’t be trying that again.

Police clash with student protestors as thousands march on Parliament Square and Tory party headquarters in anger over tuition fees and graduate debt

Placard-waving students carry out day of demonstrations in central London in protest at rising tuition fees
But the protests turned violent when lines of demonstrators attacked police lines and hurled missiles
The Metropolitan Police say they have made two arrests after three officers were injured in the clashes
The worst violence came as a group of students tried to storm the Conservative Party headquarters
Police confirm that six people have been arrested following today’s protests across Westminster
Two were arrested for assaulting police, two for affray, a fifth for criminal damage and a sixth for violent disorder
Three police officers were injured in Parliament Square however none of them required hospital treatment
A Starbucks Coffee shop on Victoria Street was daubed with paint by a protestor who was arrested for the attack

By Richard Spillett and Darren Boyle for MailOnline


Six people have been arrested after protestors on a student demonstration charged the headquarters of the Tory party in central London.

Armed with a large wheelie bin, a group charged towards police who were guarding the entrance of the building, which is near Parliament Square.

Officers forced them back and pushed people away, before more protestors tried to force their way in. Two people, a man and a woman, were arrested at the scene for affray, officers said. Two others were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. One protestor was arrested for criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon, while a sixth person was arrested for violent disorder.

Thousands of students have been marching through central London in protest against tuition fees and debt.


‘Various missiles were thrown at the officers and protestors pulled down protective fencing around the grass area in Parliament Square. A large group of protestors walked onto and have occupied the grass area. The officers withdrew from the area. Three officers suffered minor injuries.’

A breakaway group later attacked a nearby Starbucks coffee shop and threw chairs from another restaurant at police, witnesses said.

Protestors chanted ‘one solution: revolution’ and taunted police by shouting ‘there are many, many more of us than you’ at police.


50 more photos here


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deja poo two


At least this time around it wasn’t at Bill Ayers’ house. Or under the Oval Office desk.


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Juxtaposition In The News

Last Week We Had A Big Bare Ass

This Week We Have A Big Ass Bear


Eva Shockey knew she was placing herself in the crosshairs of anti-hunters before she posted a photo of herself posing with a 510-pound bear she killed last week to her Facebook page.

The famous co-host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” told Field and Stream:

“My dad warned me before I even got involved with the show that I was going to have to deal with anti-hunters. I’m a huge target for them because I’m a smiley young woman, and I’m different than who they’re used to dealing with.”

But Shockey, 26, had no idea the flood of venomous comments would be so extensive, or that the story of her hunt and its aftermath would gain national attention in the mainstream news.

She killed the bear, the largest she had ever harvested, on the fifth day of a hunt with her father in Hyde County, North Carolina. Bears are responsible for extensive crop damage in the region, she explained on Facebook, and hunting helps control the bear population.

But this was such an impressive animal, and the photo was bound to attract lots of attention. Critics found their way onto Shockey’s fan page by the hundreds, and opened with both barrels. She spent most of the day removing the harshest comments “so other people don’t have to read them.”

Shockey told The Blaze that one commenter, in reference to a Facebook photo of her posing with her dog, stated that she “should kill that worthless dog you have instead.”

The hunter’s response: “Apparently hunting a bear, eating/donating all of the meat, and putting money towards conservation is a bad thing, but killing my puppy is OK. If this logic isn’t totally insane, I don’t know what is.”

That’s a pretty big bear, even for my rustic corner of NJ.

An earlier report on Fox News said she was receiving upwards of 5,000 death threats a day. I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty certain that the parents of that Indian guy who was eaten by a bear a couple weeks ago over here near Butler NJ weren’t among the threateners.


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I’m an idiot!

It was so simple to fix.

Been haunted with internet dropping on me. Took 5-10 minutes each time to recover. Had the ATT tech out twice for this. No joy. While they could see the problem they could not fix it. Even left me a spare modem. (shhhh! Not supposed to do that.)

I finally took a close look at my modem. Power? Check. Telephone? Check. What’s this third line? Unplugged it and no problem. 


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Smile For The Camera


This pupster knows when the paparazzi are nearby. So Hollywood.


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nearly there

Just another day or two and my family situation will be finished. I’ve been at the relation’s for nearly a week now, helping out. Things are looking much better, so maybe, just maybe, I can get out of here tomorrow.

Oy, the stories I could tell.


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How stupid are you?

I’ll admit right now. I could answer all of the political questions. Those are questions that can effect our lives. The celebrity questions? I couldn’t begin to answer. I don’t care about them.

We don’t have an ‘Idiot’ tag. Why?


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So bmews … whatcha think of this headline?

G20 summit: Cameron promises to fire ‘rocket boosters’ under controversial EU-US TTIP trade deal

Yawn? Really?

OK.  Does anyone (besides LyndonB who will know) have a handle on this thing?  Bet not.


TTIP is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
So far so good? Okay.  Besides some eurocrats, who is behind this deal that might happen?  If it secretly hasn’t already in some form.

It was officially launched by Obama AND … the European Commission President in June of 2013.

So what else makes it controversial?
Well, companies could challenge and ultimately overrule decisions made by elected governments.  Nothing to worry about. Right?

The EC bmews. EC.  A ruling body within the EU. As in, EU!
The European Union.

So then, and cos I do understand I am not the brightest spark on these matters,
something I have banged on about for how long now, is getting closer.

While the story here comes from a left leaning paper, and the comments by readers are generally anti USA, that does not make it less worthy of your attention.  Many of our critics make the claim that America only does that which is in its own best interests.  Well darn don’t that beat all?  And I guess we’re the only people, the only country on the planet, that has any self interest.

Just a heads up guys so ya know what’s in store.  And it is.

I’m not clear on the argument re. foods, the suggestion being that the folks here will import unhealthy food from the USA, where everyone is is grossly overweight. 

I can not imagine what kind of food the ppl here would be lost without. They already have more variety due to imports from Europe and a vast improvement in their own cookery, and much better supermarkets then are found where I’m from in Ca. Especially the German owned markets which btw, are killing the Brit ones on both price and a match on quality often surpassing the home grown.  What I’m trying to say is … the Brits really don’t have any huge or urgent need of imports from the USA.  I do of course, because there are still some things American I have trouble getting if at all. But I’m not starving and not unhappy with what is available.

One thing they do worry about here is their national health being sold off to private American concerns. 

Do a bit of research on this.  You’ll find differing arguments naturally. But I’m a bit narrow in my approach to things.  Pres.Barry is leftish, so are the folks of the EU, big business aside.  That’s what I focused on.  If we do really more serious trade deals with the euros, will we eventually have to sign up to other eu mandated things that just are not a part of American culture?

Critics claim Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would put the NHS at risk of being sold off to American health companies and lead to lower food standards.

David Cameron has promised to fire “rocket boosters” under a controversial EU-US trade deal that he believes could be worth £10bn to the British economy.

But the Prime Minister admitted that he needed to persuade the public about the merits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Critics claim the deal would put the NHS at risk of being sold off to American health companies and lead to lower food standards, allowing less healthy US products into the European market.

Mr Cameron dismissed the criticisms as “weak” and any threat to the NHS as “nonsense”, saying: “It’s our NHS, it’s in the public sector, it will stay in the public sector, it will remain free at the point of use.” He insisted the deal could enhance, rather than undermine, “decent and robust” food and environmental standards.

But he added that it was vital for supporters of the deal to take on the criticisms before they gained enough traction to threaten public acceptance of an agreement. Public protests against TTIP were held last month in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Mr Cameron, speaking after a meeting between EU leaders and the US at the G20 summit in Australia on Sunday, said that there was agreement to accelerate what have proved to be drawn out negotiations.

The Prime Minister insisted that TTIP will be “good for Britain, good for jobs, good for growth, and good for the British economy”. However, there have been criticisms that the discussions have been highly secretive, leading to fears that the terms might not be as advantageous to the UK as the Government has insisted.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, said: “David Cameron is riding roughshod over the people of Britain by refusing to listen to their concerns over the threat this trade deal poses to the NHS.”

He asked: “If TTIP is not a threat to the NHS then why doesn’t David Cameron just make an explicit commitment to use his veto in Europe to get the NHS out of TTIP? The Government spent months trying to brush the threat of TTIP under the carpet but massive public pressure has forced the Government to admit the NHS is part of the deal. When you see the links that the Tory Party has to private healthcare you have to ask who is this Government really working for?”


Here are a couple of reader examples but ,,,, I’d like to hear from our LyndonB on the subject, cos far as I’m concerned, what he thinks on the subject will be the correct one.

GRINDELOW 6 minutes ago
Neither Cameron or any other UK politician or MEP has any influence on the TTIP negotiations which are between the US and EU bureaucrats. Some MEPs have said they haven’t a clue what’s going on.
I’ve no doubt Germany will be in on negotiations but as the the rest - forget it.
The EU works on behalf of big business which is why there are more lobbyists than bureaucrats with over 20,000 bureaucrats.
Today virtually all new wealth accrues to the richest 1%. The TTIP will create about 0.5% more growth but at the price of downsides in terms of more unemployment and loss of taxation inside the EU.

In today’s world this translates to more profits for big companies which will feed directly to the richest 1% whilst the hollowed out middle class will be left further and further behind.
The richest 1% believe in trickle down economics because they know it works fine for them because it there is no trickle down.

MONTY 30 minutes ago
The USA does not go into trade deals to benefit any other country. The benefit has to be for America.
The really troubling section of TTIP is the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)this is a tribunal set up to allow companies to sue governments for loss of profits or future profits. The hearings are held in private, in international courts at the World Bank in Washington DC, this bypasses the legal system of the country being sued, meaning details are often impossible to uncover.
The NHS can be exempted from this treaty but our present government does not plan to do this.
Under ISDS it would be possible for corporations to sue governments for changing work regulations or increasing the minimum wage. It is OK to have trade treaties but it is very worrying to have ISDS as part of such a treaty, this smacks of corporations trying to control governments and the citizens of a country.


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calendar   Sunday - November 16, 2014

another sign of the times in the name of diversity.

Well now here’s something to shock all who see it.

Or maybe not.  Perhaps the shock should should be that it’s taken this long.

Or ..... perhaps it isn’t a biggie anyway.

However .... this is the part that gets me.  You too I bet.

Met has already been recruiting criminals to increase race diversity

Convicted drug users and thieves will be allowed to join police: Rules relaxed in bid to lure minorities - and London is already recruiting criminals

Candidates will be considered if they have convictions, cautions or fines

Offences are likely to include possession of cannabis and shoplifting

Met has already been recruiting criminals to increase race diversity

Forces across England and Wales will be encouraged to adopt softer rules

By Martin Beckford for The Mail on Sunday

Convicted criminals will be allowed to join the police under plans to relax strict entry rules that critics fear will undermine standards.

For the first time, candidates will be considered if they have convictions, cautions or fines for offences likely to include possession of cannabis or shoplifting.

The Mail on Sunday has established that Britain’s biggest force is already recruiting those who have been on the wrong side of the law in a controversial attempt to increase race diversity.

It can also be revealed that all forces across England and Wales will be encouraged to adopt softer rules on who should be ruled out from becoming a police officer.

The College of Policing, which sets standards for the profession, is to publish a code of practice in the New Year on the vetting of would-be police officers.

It will set out a relaxation of the current rules – which ban anyone with previous convictions, cautions or fines in all but the most exceptional circumstances – on the grounds that it is keeping potentially valuable people from becoming police officers.

Instead, the college will tell police chiefs they can take on applicants with criminal pasts, as long as they are open about what they did.

Those guilty of relatively minor offences, particularly those committed several years ago and which resulted in light sentences, are likely to be let in to forces.

Applicants who try to hide what they did, or who committed serious crimes involving violence, sex offences or fraud, will continue to be barred from a career in uniform.

And it will still be down to chief constables or personnel directors to make the final decision on a candidate. A spokesman for the College of Policing confirmed last night: ‘We are looking at reviewing the national standards around vetting. The current vetting standards are creating barriers to people who might be interested in policing. We need to look at this and apply discretion for minor convictions.’

But critics warned the move risked damaging public trust in the service, and claimed it was unnecessary as there is no shortage of highly qualified people who want to sign up.

all in the name of diversity. just another sign of our times


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is the only way still essex?  police response to rape of five year old not encouraging

As do many of you here at bmews, I belong to an older generation.  Hi tech in my world even before the first TV, was a washing machine that my Grandma did not have to wheel to the kitchen sink and hook up a hose for the water and drain at that point.
Radio was the major medium of entertainment back then, but by the time I was 12 or 13, TV was on the scene for a few hours a day.
I guess about the sexiest stuff young boys might have seen would have been in the movies of the day, and the Natl. Geographic, (YUK) and not sexy at all by the standards of today.
We did not have Playboy yet, porn was something some of us vaguely heard of without yet having seen it.
As things progressed the boys began to discover girls, and I would guess a good many girls wished we had not.

Now then ....  Having discovered the female sex the next major hurdle was just how to attract one of these new and exotic creatures and if that was done, what to do next.  Back then you’d be damn lucky to get a girl to say hello so lets not even discuss anything else of a most instinctive nature.

So here’s where I’m heading with this.


Yes, I suppose in many places where some kids grew up lots faster and had different family examples, many matured early and even those who may not have still had a keen awareness of sex.
But in our part of town, in our school (1st thru 6th grade) I do not believe one single young girl was ever assaulted nor would any of our group been inclined to commit such an act.  And if anything like that would have happened, there would not have been the tolerance shown today.
It might not have led the morning news unless death was a result, but there’d have been none of this oh well the boy was young (12).
Even in my day ...12 and up was no innocent boy.  A juvenile?  Sure thing.  Innocent or too young to know better?  No way.

Not long ago there was a TV show here, we haven’t a TV set and I doubt I’d have watched it. It’s a generational thing I believe.
Pretty much as I understand it, another sex driven program. I may be wrong but .... the girls I’d see advertised in the papers were.  Somewhat sexy?

The program was .... and I believe it was also a slogan I never caught on to ....

The Only Way Is Essex.

Which is where this story originates. Doesn’t say a lot of good about the police there.  But we must not be too harsh as after all, the standards that once might have been in place apparently no longer are.

btw .... I kind of doubt any young girl of 8 would be articulate enough for the letter the DM says she wrote at 8. And the penmanship looks too perfect. 

The letter from a five-year-old rape victim that shames every police officer: Family’s agony as 12-year-old rapist is let off with caution and told: ‘Do it with someone your own age next time’

Couple’s five-year-old daughter raped by the 12-year-old son of neighbour
Told Essex police - what followed was catalogue of blunders and cover-ups
Three and a half years since the rape family are still waiting for justice
Family have spent £40,000 in legal fees and the culprit was only cautioned

By Mira Bar-hillel and Olga Craig for The Mail on Sunday

When Sara and Peter’s five-year-old daughter was raped by the 12-year-old son of a close friend, the couple were distraught. Not only had their youngest child’s innocence been shattered in the most unspeakable manner, but she had endured a horrendous physical and emotional trauma.

They immediately reported the assault to their local Essex police, in the belief that while they, as a family, would help their child come to terms with her ordeal, the force would pursue her attacker.

But the result was not the prompt conviction they expected. Instead – as documents seen by The Mail on Sunday make all too clear – they have been subjected to an extraordinary catalogue of blunders, cover-ups and betrayals by the officers they trusted to bring the culprit to justice.

It is three and a half years since the rape, and the family are still waiting.

In that time, Peter has been hounded through the courts, and the family have been forced to spend more than £40,000 in legal fees and lost countless thousands in earnings.

One senior officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’. Officers wrongly claimed that they had reported the case to the Crown Prosecution Service; omitted having the rapist’s name added to the Sex Offenders Register; neglected to take fingerprints, DNA samples or photographs; ignored opportunities to instigate a Section 47 child protection joint investigation with Social Care; and took limited disciplinary action against the officers involved.

And the culprit, who admitted the rape in a taped interview, escaped with nothing more than a youth caution, after being told by one police officer:

‘Do it with someone your own age next time.’

‘All of those who should have protected our daughter at such a vulnerable age have let her down,’ says Sara. ‘These people should be held to account. How can we ever have confidence in the police again? They dealt leniently with the rapist yet relentlessly pursued us.

‘Our family’s lives have been on hold. I feel like someone pressed the pause button on our lives and has never pressed play again. And our daughter believes no one in authority ever listened to her. Or ever will again.’

Their daughter, now eight, was so distressed at how she was sidelined that she wrote a letter to each of the child abuse officers involved.

Part of that letter read: ‘When I was five something very bad happened and it was your job to make sure he was properly dealt with and punished. But you didn’t do your job and you let me down.

‘This makes me sad, upset and angry because I am only a little girl. I am very disapointed (sic) in you. I hope one day soon he gets what he deserves.’

She got no responses.

She had previously asked written questions of Derek Benson, Essex Police Deputy Chief Constable. While Mr Benson replied, apologising, his response did little to convince Peter and Sara they would ever achieve justice.

In a handwritten letter, on Essex Police notepaper – seen by the MoS – he wrote: ‘I am very sorry for the mistakes made by Essex Police when we looked in to finding out what had happened to you… I am really sorry that you have had such a horrible experience and I wish you the very best for the future.’

The courts have banned identifying anyone involved – including on social media websites. Sara and Peter’s names have been changed.

The little girl’s ordeal began in 2011. The parents were friendly with a couple who lived nearby in a small Essex town. The mothers had known each for years and spent time in each others homes; the couples occasionally dined out together.

ONE sunny August afternoon, as Sara explains it, she and her daughter went for lunch at the friend’s house. All the children were in and out, playing.

Unbeknown to Sara, her friend’s 12-year-old son beckoned her daughter upstairs into his bedroom. There he closed the door and curtains, subjected her to porn on his laptop, then raped her. The next day the little girl told her mum what happened.

‘As a parent, nothing can prepare you for the sheer devastation of a moment like that,’ Sara says. ‘She was very upset because the boy had told her this was a game of husbands and wives and was to be a special secret that she must never tell anyone.

The next day Peter contacted Essex Police Child Abuse Unit.

‘My first discussion was with a detective constable who was rude and unhelpful,’ says Peter.

‘But a sergeant intervened and we agreed my wife would provide a statement regarding our daughter’s disclosures.

‘Shortly after we returned home from giving the statement, the sergeant telephoned and explained that the boy had admitted everything during a voluntary interview so our little girl would not need to be interviewed and he said he would report the incident to Social Care.

‘We thought everything possible was being done. Eventually we found out that this sergeant had refused a strategy meeting with Social Care which would have kick-started a joint child protection investigation for our daughter. His failure to do that had catastrophic results.’

Six weeks later, in November 2011, Sara came home to find an answerphone message from Detective Constable Tracy Bainbridge from Essex Police’s Child Abuse Unit. ‘She casually stated that the boy who had admitted to raping our daughter had received a youth caution for the offence,’ Sara recalls. ‘We were absolutely horrified. Somehow, the case had concluded.

‘Our daughter had been suffering terribly. At that time we believed she would never recover. She couldn’t bear to have her bedroom door closed. She was terrified of seeing her abuser.’

By now Peter and Sara realised their daughter probably couldn’t continue living so close to her abuser. Peter went to the friend’s house to explain this. And so began another distressing chapter in their ordeal.
One senior Essex Police officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’

One senior Essex Police officer admitted to the couple that the investigation of the case had been ‘piss poor’

Peter says that, though understandably upset, he intended to have a brief conversation which, he hoped, would help to clear the air. He told Essex police of his intention and invited them to send an officer. They declined.

‘I had a brief chat at the door with the boy’s father but he was extremely angry,’ he recalls.

The next day, to Peter’s astonishment, Essex Police contacted him as the friend had made a complaint. In February 2012, the couple received a letter from Essex Police warning them both over the alleged harassment of the rapist’s father.



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One More On Obama

Peggy Noonan has a nicely refined and direct writing style.  I like it.

Via Drudge, I got behind the WSJ’s pay wall and read her excellent piece titled:  The Loneliest President

Now I’ve found it in the wild and I’d like to share with all of you.

h/t The Patriot Post

The Loneliest President Since Nixon
Facing adversity, Obama has no idea how to respond.

By Peggy Noonan · Nov. 15, 2014

Seven years ago I was talking to a longtime Democratic operative on Capitol Hill about a politician who was in trouble. The pol was likely finished, he said. I was surprised. Can’t he change things and dig himself out? No. “People do what they know how to do.” Politicians don’t have a vast repertoire. When they get in a jam they just do what they’ve always done, even if it’s not working anymore.

This came to mind when contemplating President Obama. After a devastating election, he is presenting himself as if he won. The people were not saying no to his policies, he explained, they would in fact like it if Republicans do what he tells them.

You don’t begin a new relationship with a threat, but that is what he gave Congress: Get me an immigration bill I like or I’ll change U.S. immigration law on my own.

Mr. Obama is doing what he knows how to do – stare them down and face them off. But his circumstances have changed. He used to be a conquering hero, now he’s not. On the other hand he used to have to worry about public support. Now, with no more elections before him, he has the special power of the man who doesn’t care.

I have never seen a president in exactly the position Mr. Obama is, which is essentially alone. He’s got no one with him now. The Republicans don’t like him, for reasons both usual and particular: They have had no good experiences with him. The Democrats don’t like him, for their own reasons plus the election loss. Before his post-election lunch with congressional leaders, he told the press that he will judiciously consider any legislation, whoever sends it to him, Republicans or Democrats. His words implied that in this he was less partisan and more public-spirited than the hacks arrayed around him. It is for these grace notes that he is loved. No one at the table looked at him with colder, beadier eyes than outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid , who clearly doesn’t like him at all. The press doesn’t especially like the president; in conversation they evince no residual warmth. This week at the Beijing summit there was no sign the leaders of the world had any particular regard for him. They can read election returns. They respect power and see it leaking out of him. If Mr. Obama had won the election they would have faked respect and affection.

Vladimir Putin delivered the unkindest cut, patting Mr. Obama’s shoulder reassuringly. Normally that’s Mr. Obama’s move, putting his hand on your back or shoulder as if to bestow gracious encouragement, needy little shrimp that you are. It’s a dominance move. He’s been doing it six years. This time it was Mr. Putin doing it to him. The president didn’t like it.

From Reuters: “‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ Putin was overheard saying in English in Obama’s general direction, referring to the ornate conference room. ‘Yes,’ Obama replied, coldly, according to journalists who witnessed the scene.”

The last time we saw a president so alone it was Richard Nixon, at the end of his presidency, when the Democrats had turned on him, the press hated him, and the Republicans were fleeing. It was Sen. Barry Goldwater, the GOP’s standard-bearer in 1964, and House Minority Leader John Rhodes, also of Arizona, who went to the White House to tell Nixon his support in Congress had collapsed, they would vote to impeach. Years later Goldwater called Nixon “The world’s biggest liar.”

But Nixon had one advantage Obama does not: the high regard of the world’s leaders, who found his downfall tragic (such ruin over such a trifling matter) and befuddling (he didn’t keep political prisoners chained up in dungeons, as they did. Why such a fuss?).

Nixon’s isolation didn’t end well.

Last Sunday Mr. Obama, in an interview with CBS ’s Bob Schieffer, spoke of his motivation, how he’s always for the little guy. “I love just being with the American people. …You know how passionate I am about trying to help them.” He said what is important is “a guy who’s lost his job or lost his home or …is trying to send a kid to college.” When he talks like that, as he does a lot, you get the impression his romantic vision of himself is Tom Joad in the movie version of “The Grapes of Wrath.” “I’ll be all around …wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there.”

I mentioned last week that the president has taken to filibustering, to long, rambling answers in planned sit-down settings – no questions on the fly walking from here to there, as other presidents have always faced. The press generally allows him to ramble on, rarely fighting back as they did with Nixon. But I have noticed Mr. Obama uses a lot of words as padding. He always has, but now he does it more. There’s a sense of indirection and obfuscation. You can say, “I love you,” or you can say, “You know, feelings will develop, that happens among humans and it’s good it happens, and I have always said, and I said it again just last week, that you are a good friend, I care about you, and it’s fair to say in terms of emotional responses that mine has escalated or increased somewhat, and ‘love’ would not be a wholly inappropriate word to use to describe where I’m coming from.”

When politicians do this they’re trying to mush words up so nothing breaks through. They’re leaving you dazed and trying to make it harder for you to understand what’s truly being said.

It is possible the president is responding to changed circumstances with a certain rigidity because no one ever stood in his way before. Most of his adult life has been a smooth glide. He had family challenges and an unusual childhood, but as an adult and a professional he never faced fierce, concentrated resistance. He was always magic. Life never came in and gave it to him hard on the jaw. So he really doesn’t know how to get up from the mat. He doesn’t know how to struggle to his feet and regain his balance. He only knows how to throw punches. But you can’t punch from the mat.

He only knows how to do what he’s doing.

In the meantime he is killing his party. Gallup this week found that the Republicans for the first time in three years beat the Democrats on favorability, and also that respondents would rather have Congress lead the White House than the White House lead Congress.

A few weeks ago a conservative intellectual asked me: “How are we going to get through the next two years?” It was a rhetorical question; he was just sharing his anxiety. We have a president who actually can’t work with Congress, operating in a capital in which he is resented and disliked and a world increasingly unimpressed by him, and so increasingly predatory.

Anyway, for those who are young and not sure if what they are seeing is wholly unusual: Yes, it is wholly unusual.


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calendar   Saturday - November 15, 2014

out of afrika, and lets not forget the bees.


H/T Lynne P.


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